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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#*Devil's Den#*Red Vs White..Annie U Gimme FRIGHT! (Page 3)

Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 8:48am | IP Logged
 W*H was tht seducing BG used for Err-Jun nd Un-veshaaROFL
-She wearss Cheap maal which can be torn off so easilyy..She is not MSK's sister Humara Maan wears the BEST for hhimself but gifts the CheappROFL
-And the Humraaz scene err Noo Comment
-"Hi I am annie mein Apne BHAI ki shaadi ke liye planning....."Apne Bhaii wat does she think her bhai is SRK tht he will knwLOLThankuu for putting sum understanding in her bheja 3 TIMES he said the same thing but she does NOT understand huh she is NOT msk's sisterr..MSK himself confessed he is very intelligent and there are some invisible fans of hsi intelligence tooLOL..but Un-vesha is nott...
-I hate hit miss gamess..Angry
-Boliyee GITHLOLMeethi Meethi Baateen Yeah RIGHT..this is perfect when geet said previously in kuch toh hua hai sequence tht " I will keep talking and you will just stand there saying hmm ha hmm haa" and kurri tries to bring him on ZameennLOL
-And theree Kurri u r doing big Nuksaan of his buziness he came to get the budget file and he has a video conference with Mr.Ajit todayy but ur Bulava made him run to you for an important miting huh KC paani mein jaa rahaaa haii..
-The way Errr-jun was rolling his eyes wen Un-vesha realised tht she did her stripping buziness in front of tht mirrorrROFLROFL
-OH Helooo MADAM One way mirrors are not for gals to do stripping in fornt of it and then go nd blame the bholaa bhaalaa err-jun who surprisingly found it temptingg
-Ok on one side he was very striaght-forward in telling her the sole purpose of the one-way mirror then on the other hand he suddenly bcumss a despoo such a perv
Nikunj was a bit overreacting theree by screamingg TUM and the hand actions...She is trying to improve but she needs to work on her modulationn instead of screaming the noise bursts my speakerss...Ouch
-Roses ka Confusion-
U nd Me, Me and You
 Kabhi Hona Nahin
Because All I want is
Your KhushiiBig smile
So MSK didn't knw she was purchasing those coz he likes it hmmm I don't think he is tht Naadaan...LOL
tht bacha party wid phool were the same tapori ones on railway stationLOL
-And when she was abt to fall he catchess her aww Loved tht and I always love his GITHs..Loved the Concernn thereEmbarrassedand both holding the tummy togetherEmbarrassedBig smile
-and here we go again Hey BHAGUUU Inka abhi yeh haal toh shaadi ke baad
-You want Ek Dusre ki KhushiBig smile
BUt then we will end up doing Khud khushii
-Ok Finally they stop their Fightss..Aisi Choti Choti baatein to GHSP mein hoti hi rehti hai..LOL
-Precap-Mundaa planning tht he will make her wear bangles during SR but don't you take stuff off during Normal SRs..woah Munda is already thinking of all the actions he is gonna perform wondering whether he has practiced it with Dummies tooROFL
Ahhh it started snowing heree as soon as the episode started! Symbolism Queens Can u plz explain the symbolism hereConfusedLOL
New VM

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 8:49am | IP Logged

I liked today's Maaneet's scene, the episode was good coz of their scenes, I can't tolerate Annie, she is too much.......

But I feel it's enough of forhead kiss, there should be much passionate moments, he never even kissed her on cheeks or neck, what the hell, they seem like school bachchi.........
I want to see her too kissing Maan on his cheeks Embarrassed
Their fight was funny, they r fighting for eachother, not for their own LOL
I have not much to say, I would give today's episode 8/10, can't be more coz of Annie's weirdo scenes AngryDead

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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Hello Nissar, CVs, Barry, friends et al, a fairly good mid-week episode.

We have continuation from yesterday…hmmm…I like how GHSP has been consistent in the past few days on showing continuity in the epi.

So Maan is still upset abt the mobile…loved the way he keeps turning around to look at Geet….as if to underscore that he is still mad at her…n oh btw does she see it ? Of course, Maan, Geet's already feeling guilty about it….can't u tell ?

NE's strip-tease :)
I must say, she does it with much more pizzazz than Dev. I for one will never trust a mirror in passing again…LOL ! U never know who's watching on the other side ! I actually liked this scene. NE did well…n so did Arjun…I mean which hot blooded male wouldn't. But Arjun, keep an eye on those emotions….come out of the deep freeze. You hv the resources …. Utilize them.

Loyal big bro drops by to bring along the forgotten file.

NE meets Arjun…recognition dawns. Oye Arjun, enuff with the saaf saaf labzon mein samjhana….Barry ki hoye ? Cat got NE's tongue. Either you or Arjun were lost for words…U made Arjun say the same thing 3 times !!! My poor brain can't handle it.

A funny thing happened to MSK on his way to the MDs office

Geet ! calling on her new mobile. Liked the convo. Maan chala apni Ms HP se milne…file de gaya Arjun ki secy ko.

For a minute there, did Arjun misinterpret NE's hesitation to leave ? Nah !!

So she storms back into his office to confront him about the mirror. Don't blame her. But NE, the hand gestures need to be refined. And while u r at it…also work on increasing the facial expressions bank….so u will have to rely less on the glowering.

I heaved a sigh of relief when NE picked up both the files, especially Maan's project file. Just hope Arjun doesn't waylay her on the way and NE forgets it again.

Liked the BG score. So Arjun what's going on in that mind of yours. Pursue NE as a potential GF imaane-aitbaare or manipulate her ? Me thinks, we need Geetu's heart vs brain convo…this time for Arjun.

Waise, I think there is a lot of potential in the NE-Arjun track. NE has improved a lot since her OTT entry. Arjun seems to have a good screen presence. So CVs how are you going to use this thread – positively or negatively. Chemistry needs to be worked on.

What's ur fav color – red or white ?
So now Geet wants to get something for Maan in return for the mobile. What is a better way to say it than with flowers. Again a very nice justification…if u can start drinking tea I can buy white roses.

Baby makes its presence felt….so chill mom n dad…quit arguing. Par nahi.

Back at the mansion continuing the flower tiff…now its on to choosing a wedding card.

Each has their own way of choosing their card. Geet, very openly going thru them and selecting a red one. Maan, forcing himself not to select one but still staring at his fav colored card…..LOL ! Oh, I loved Maan's expression.

Off with the wedding…Dadi is enjoying it. These 2 UDPs better smarten up…LOL…I think they do…the way they gang up together…mazaak kar rahe the dadima ! Maan pips her at the post this time with the card. But Dadi ….

Back @ the maika
Poor Geet, she has good intentions at heart u know. But so does Maan.

Geet walks into her room, decorated with red, flowing curtains, a freshly made bed with new, red sheets n cover … a symbol of Maan's love … a symbol of his passion ? Hint, hint Nissar. Geet is touched by the letter on her desk from Maan. Loved the symbolism of the 2 roses – one white, one red – purity & simplicity, love & passion…united.

Precap – Has some good dialogues…looks like Barry is going to make us happy tomorrow. Besides, Maan mentioned SR ?!!!! Oh the collective imagination is soaring new heights :))))

Nissar, CVs, Barry – a good mid-week epi …showing all the common tiffs an engaged couple goes thru prior to shaadi…but now we want to see once again the old Maaneet chemistry burning up our screens. Take it up a notch !

Gurmeet, Drashti – V nicely showing the pre-wedding nok-jhoks…very natural. Luv it.
Arjun-NE – Good job …crank up the expressions a bit … good potential in the romance
Nissar, CVs, Barry – didn't find any noticeable slip-ups but yeh dil maange more in terms of storyline, Maaneet chemistry, moving the story forward....punishing Dev and Sasha ... ending this year on a happy note…and ringing in the new year with Maaneet as a married couple.

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Blueberry_07 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 November 2009
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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 8:53am | IP Logged
ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRJUN & NE ---- Acting wise was bad. I thought Pikunj was improving last week but Today she went back to square one. Those shocked expressions (?) N then enlarging her eyes bigger n bigger. Followed by the exit out of Arjun's cabin. TOTAL Awkardness! Wasn't flowing at all.
So based on what i saw, has Arjun already fallen for NE?? Just by seeing her tidy herself up thru the mirror?? Was that an indication to prove to us, that YES NE is Maan's sister? (The half striping) ROFL NOT required at all! Scene was bad in Humraaz itself n then u guys decide to do a remake of it!  BG music for them was freaky. It felt like Arjun was a pervert having wrong intentions with that BG score. LOLLOLLOL Maybe he did have them?
Their encounter reminded me of M n G's first meeting in Delhi. Hence i suppose the scene didn't gel well with me coz we've already seen it before n the FIRST ones are always better!
RED n WHITE ---- Didn't quite like the roses scene. BUT the invitation cards took it all! Perfect comic timing GC n DD! Loved how they were bickering when Dadi Maa was on the phone. I love this part esp.
I think two-three days of nok jhok between MG is enough already. They can't be silly n childish all the time. Hoping for Maan to bring up the dropping of charges on NT issue to Geet soon. I hope he hasn't gone ahead n already dropped charges against NT! That would be BAD! He HAS to seek Geet's consent first!
One more thing i love : The fact that both of them wanted to choose the other's fav colour. It was nice. But didn't they realise it during the rose scene already? Why did it happen again for the invitation cards?
So now Geet's problem is Maan never lets her do what she wants. Wasn't that the problem yst already? So they drag such unnecessary issues for days but REAL ones, like the gaining of justice by Geet, was done in a matter of two days? LOL
Overall, loved the second half better! Invitation cards scene was THE BEST! Fab acting as always!
I still don't like Dadi maa. I think she's one conniving lady! Two days back, she mentioned abt Geet being part of her family. I didn't buy that sentence one bit at all. Still feel she's only n ONLY doing this for Maan's happiness.
Dadi Maa's happiness = Maan's happiness = Geet's happiness.
If lets say, the next day MSK decides to not marry Geet (over some random reason) she'll be the first one in line to support decision. I don't think she'll question Maan's doings.
Ahh post became so serious. ROFLROFLROFL 
Will end of with, Arrrrjun RaTOAD ROFLROFL n NE you guys r a couple match made in HAIRven ROFLROFLROFL

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Arwen. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:33am | IP Logged
why arent u guys coming here Ouch?

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Anvi2009 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:37am | IP Logged
posting from previous den:

Ok, so in 3 episodes they fought on:
cell phone
wedding preparations (choices)
wedding card

I bet on their SR night too they will fight, and we out here will bang our head in the den. LOLD'oh

Seriously, NOW THEY NEED TO STOP FIGHTING ON EVERY SINGLE THING. Can we get some passion before marriage PLEASE. Add some masti if you want. 

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:37am | IP Logged
Im here, me here!

Ok so he is not kanjoos, now he will gift her gold too!  decorated her room in red!  Wow red is the color of passion and my favorite color!

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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Hmmm...Geet's room decorated in denotes passion, Nissar says it stands for love...Maan mentions SR....equals passionate love ?????

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