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AR FF -||MY Bride||- |Link to 2nd Thread pg 155| (Page 92)

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
nice 1
hate rahul 4 doin dis but i knw he wil love muskan 1 day
n ar toh kya bolu...... always romantic
do pm d next part

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awesome part
cont soon

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Lovely update

cont soon

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awesome update
loved it
loved AR
armaan sooooo sweet
love RM fights
h8 simran
poor muski what rahul said was wrong
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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hey dear thanks for the pm
the part was really great and nice
armaan and ridz r so cute and lovely
rahul is really mean to muskaan i hope he realize his mistake soon
i hate simran she is really idiot
pleaseeeeeeeeee continue soon
love ya

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I Hope my voice didnt break glasses of yours houseLOLLOLROFL

Maha Updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Please have some mercy on yours readersCryCry

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Hayye main mar jawa Maha..That was so great!
Awesome re...So cute and romantic,and all the more sensible!
The plots turning out to be wondeful,and of course,your writing style is superb..Keep it up!

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@sameera – I don't have Rahthod name of Arman from the very beginning – I guess uh hav mixed up two stories; from start Arman is the Prince buhh his name is Arman Malik still


8 -- I Can't breathe

Finally Opening the door of the room, Riddhima rushed and engulfed a crying Muskan in her embrace, who sat on bed crying her heart. "Muskan, please don't cry – he isn't worth it… forget it" Riddhima soothed her; Anjali sat on other side and hugged her too.  "Don't cry Muskan, you are one of those who are meant to make others cry yaar!" Anjali cracked, making others chuckle and Muskan too.
"You are right! I am meant to make Rahul cry…" Muskan rubbed her cheeks, and smirked. "Poor Rahul!" Armaan Mumbled, "Yeaa… poor!" Atul chuckled and both turned around and left the girls who planned the death certificate of Rahul.


"Armaan lets go out – for lunch and…." Atul was interrupted. "Yaar you take the girls out, I have to go to industry for inspection." Armaan replied. They settled in the lounge – with a coke tin in hands and flipping channel to a news channel.
"Armaan?" Riddhima called, as the three ladies walk down. "Are we going out??" She asked smiling at him. "We just came right now Riddhima!" he rolled his eyes, teasingly. "But I meant all of us! Me, Anjie – Muskan Atul… you!" she frowned. "I need to go to industry for 2 hours – you all go with Atul." He answered, listening to current headlines.
"Why not we go to the industry, along with you?" Riddhima asked, as they all took seat on the couches. "What will you all do there? I am going for work not for sightseeing Riddhima!" Armaan answered, shaking his head. "No I will be fun. I need to look up to your business record. Wanted to know about someone – let them come with us – they would look around the place too." Atul interrupted as he remembered something.
"Who is this someone?" Armaan asked. "Aree Mayank Sharam – had applied for a marketing manager post and in his CV he wrote worked as Marketing Manager in Malik enterprise; in ooty. So you know just to confirm it!" Atul replied, sipping his coke.


"Riddhima tell him na – we will go around the ooty on our own – we don't need them." Muskan nudged her. "What? I am not going to say it… Anjali you say it…!" Riddhima nudged Anjali. "No way your Malik is always ready to pounce and shout likes a loin! I hate it! You do it!" Anjali whispered back.
"You both are such a big coward!" Riddhima whispered to both. "As if, you are not!" Anjali retorted, "Not as much as you are!"Riddhima glared at her with a frown. "Okay than prove it and tell him!" Anjali tricked her.
"Oh I will…" Riddhima retorted back, falling perfectly in her plan. "What's cooking up there?" Atul smirked as he notice the three head joined and some mumbling and whispering going on.
"We…. Uhmm I was thinking, noo! We all were thinking to go out… alone – I mean, uh both can go to industry – and we three just roam the place near cottage…" she ended, sighing a deep breath in end.
"No…" Armaan got up with a smile to her. She pouted, along with Anjali and Muskan, "Please na Armaaan!" Riddhima winced. "No Riddhima…" he smiled at her, and told her calmly.
"Why Not? We are not kids – we use to roam around Shimla too; at night hours – and this is just day time." Anjali rebelled. "No…" Armaan answered back and went to his room, closing the door behind him.
"Armaan!"Riddhima winced, pouting standing at his door and knocking. "we are going! I don't care what you say! You can't boss around us!" Riddhima fought with him through door.
Getting no response, she turned to her friends and to Atul, who sat on couch staring at them. "Atul we are going…" Anjali tried her hands. "You weren't here on my responsibility – the one who has brought you just said no – if you go, I am not responsible at all!" Atul smirked at her
'O' face.

"Come on Atul…" Anjali tricked him, settling beside him. She pressed her lips on him, "huh-uh….!" Atul gripped her by shoulder and pushed her back a little. "Stop tricking me Anjali!" he moved forward, bending over her – he kissed her full mouth.

"Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww" Riddhima whimpered, turning around she bumped in a muscles body. "God!! Anjie Atul guys you are disgusting…" Muskan turns to other side and walks out to of the cottage –
Armaan swiftly held her in his arms, and softly pulls her in the room; closing the door, and locking the knob, he held her in his arms, "what are you doing Armaan?" was what Riddhima could utter only.
Standing in his arms, in a semi dark room, light passing in through windows – she could just ask and stand… gulping – and looking up at him; "I might say yes, only if I get that sort of treatment." He whispered lowering his head – nuzzling her nose with his. She gasped and pushed her head away from his reach.

"I don't want to anywhere… please leave me…" she placed her hand on his chest and tried to back him off. "Okay, it's you wish – but you know if you really want to go anywhere with Anjie and Muskan, you just know where to come." He grins and moved apart from her.

"But this is wrong…!" she complained. He was walking up to washroom, but turned back at her, "what is wrong? The kiss?" he smirked at her. "No… I mean you bossing around me!" she rebelled.
"I am not bossing around, Riddhima. I just kept a condition…" He walks up to her, "you are here on my responsibility – and what if someone kidnaps you!" he added, matter of fact.
"Why would anyone bother to do that!" she asked, crossing her hand on her chest. "Because you are going to get engage with Armaan Malik, The Prince… the Owner and handler of a big Malik enterprise. You see too many reason, and top you still in Teenage!" he teased, "totally immature!" he added, jokingly.
"I am not immature, and I would turn 20 next month!" she announced glaring at him. Her eyes pop out next second as he pulls his shirt out, throwing it on bed. She gasped so loudly that it was audible to him, he chuckled and turn to look at her – she stood in middle of room, and he at a corner of bed. Walking up to her, she spoke, "I would wait outside…" she turns and walks up to door when he held her hand.
"Wait a second." Grasping her wrist – he swift her around and makes her bump up in his bare-chest. "If you are that mature enough that why do you shy so much when I am around you" he whispered whispering in her ear, rubbing his pointed nose.
She gasped with close eyes, her heart had began to race the moment her hand landed on his chest; "see you are losing it Riddhima, if you are mature enough – then prove it; kiss me…" he knew, he was not being logically correct – but girls of her age, take Anjali – she kissed Atul, randomly; she looked mature enough among three to handle any sort of situation while Muskan was just building herself and Riddhima was aloof, and hardly bothered about anything, it might not be shock for him to say that she had never even thought how mature her friends already were and she still a bit nave when it comes to her age group.
Many People their virginity before they turn 18 and here she was shy of a small kiss. He never forced her in it; but next month they were getting engaged and then probably wedding… she need to get more relax and comfortable with him… and it was just one of his way
Going down her ear lobe, he kissed it…every so lightly. "Say it Riddhima… are you mature enough to kiss me… can you Riddhima?" he tested her, rubbing his lips down to the depth of her neck. She hissed – groaned her nails pressed over the front of his chest, a try to push him apart… "Armaan" she whispered in a hoarse voice. "Are you Riddhima….?" He moved up kissing her chin, jaw and moving to her left cheek. His hands wrapped over waist even more tightly as he pulls her closer, her nails dig up more – making him frown….
"Yes I am…" she whispered, her hand moved up to his cheek – keeping her hand over it, she encouraged him to lower his face right down over hers. And he did, moving forward, she kept her lips over his – softly pecking it, with close eyes – both gasped and then Armaan losing in the pool of passion, explored her even more; kissing her lips outlining it perfectly by his lips – he nibbled her lower and then upper lips, making her do the other way that had led them to a passionate make out….
Riddhima's mind got heaved with her own thoughts and his passion over lapping her. She couldn't think straight except pulling him closer by keeping her hand over his smooth shaved cheek, deepening the kiss was what they thought.
Armaan was the first one to move apart, holding her waist tightly, staring down at her moist lips – he could feel her eyes close and her hands flatly kept over his bare chest. Her body softly pressed up with him, he explored her face expression – her deep breathings, and her closed eyes and perked lips.
Bending over, he softly licks his own lips, moistening it, before finally kissing her again. Riddhima who had not yet swallowed the first kissed was tasting the second, she was too overwhelmed with the affection to push herself away. "You need to say stop…. Or I won't stop…" he mumbled between the kiss, thrusting his lips over hers. "You have to sa..y it Riddhima…" he told her again, pushing her all the while till her back softly yet firmly felt wall behind her.
Getting his words in her mind, she repeated, "Stop…." She whispered, backing her head with close eyes. Sighing, he kept his head over her shoulder and took deep breathes to control his desires and passion; her skin hair had perked up – as she felt his breathe pleasuring her skin… "Armaan….. You need to stop…" she gained senses but still felt his hand had locked her hands on wall.
"I have stopped few seconds back, Riddhima…." He whispered, kissing her nap, kissing all the way up to her earlobe down to her nap… "I can't… breathe…." She confessed, trying to move his head away by lowering her head – as she shuddered, remarkably.
"First say, I love you…" he whispered, kissing her collar bone. "Please Armann…" she whispered, ever so softly. "Please Riddhima…" he kissed her neck bone, her beauty bone. Not hearing any response, he moved his face away, standing straight in front of her, his body brushing hers – looking down at her face, he smiled as he saw the blood arousing right on her cheeks – bending down he kissed her left cheek, "I love to see you blush…." He whispered and took step back…
She looks up at him, he stood few steps away, smiling at her, her eyes did took a quick escape of his perfect muscles up figure. "Go before I do what I was doing…!" he told her, as he caught her on him.
"jaa rahi hoon!" she rushed to door and ran out, to see Atul and Anjali cuddled up in each other arms. "Guys get a room please!" Riddhima twisted her nose and went out to sit with Muskan on the wood chairs, outside the door.
"Yea right, same as you did!" Anjali taunted, teasingly. And Riddhima rushed out.


"So…. What's wrong Muskan?" Riddhima saw her gloomily sitting on a chair with her legs raised up. "Huh? Nothing… was just thinking…" Muskan replied, "Why are you all red...? You guys make out too ?" she asked, teasingly.
"uhmm… well. Uhmm vo hua yun Muskan… I – he pulled…" Riddhima was lost at words, "Leave it – you would take ages in telling me that you shared a kiss! Chill Riddhima big deal" Muskan relaxed her and stared at sky. "So you like him now? Right?" Muskan asked.
"I do like him…. I don't if I love him…" she told Muskan with a slow voice. "Oh time will tell you how much you love him – when you start getting the J factor naa.. then…" Muskan was interrupted.
"J factor?" Riddhima asked, "when you start getting jealous by every girl around him naa then it would confirm that you had fallen for him badly enough…"Muskan spoke.
"Bass…. This would tell me about my love for him?" Riddhima asked, confusingly. "No many things, like you really like his company – do your heart think it is write – see he is destined for you now and sealed by your parents… it's good to know that you have started getting feeling for him – just go in flow… don't burden up or jumble up your thoughts okay… go with the flow…" Muskan shared her thoughts. To which Riddhima nodded in agreement.

All had decided to call it a lunch time – either they come or not! It had been limits for Armaan by noticing Rahul's irritating, annoying attitude which was intolerant. "I am soo not going to bring him to any sort of trips after this – that Simran is doing nothing but spoiling Rahul's mind. I mean…." Armaan interrupted.



"chod na… he is a kid!" Atul patted his back, sitting beside him. "No he is not Atul! 22 year old boy can never be a kid Atul – I mean, I would say these girls are more mature than him! How stupid and blind can he be! Doesn't he know that simran is using him? A blind can see it too!" Arman served himself.



"Armaan you know, me and Atul heard that simran saying to Rahul that they both can share the room and that too yours, while you and Atul in one room and we all three in!" Anjali gossiped him. "What!! Did she really say that?" Armaan looks at Anjali and then at Atul. "Anjali chup raho – Armaan but Rahul said no to Simran! He is not bad – she is making him!" Atul replied, eating his food.


 "I Think…." Riddhima looks at Armaan, who was staring at her, attentively. "Give him a chance to learn on his own – people learn by their mistakes and if they don't mistake they would never realize their faults." Riddhima said, biting her lower lips and staring at him back.


"Hmmm, I guess you are right Riddhima…" he genuinely smiled at her, and ate his food, winking at her softly – making her blush. "Did you saw that! OMG! Did you saw that?" Atul laughed banging table with his fist.


"OMG ARMAN Malik – did you just DID that??" Atul asked, making Anjali and Muskan giggle too, Armaan noticed his mistake too and closed his eyes and cheekily smiled – "At one point he was cursing Rahul and Simran, he was at a stage to boil!! Bubble up!! And blast Bhoooomm!!! He didn't even hear me… but when The Riddhima spoke just a phrase he was all Ga ga…. and said yes Riddhima you are right!" Atul imitated, the whole situation bring Anjali and Muskan to wits.


"Shut up Guys…" Armaan glared at everyone, while Riddhima had lowered her head, with a glint of blush visible and a smile could be seen. He shook his head and concentrated on his food; passing glances at her and she did the same, but whenever she got caught she would highly restrict herself not to look but end up stealing one more glance.


Feeling Anjali's nudges, Riddhima just glared at her, finally when all three girls cleared up the mess along with the help of one servant, they noticed Rahul Simran walking in the house. Rahul drenched in blood, a cloth over his forehead that he held himself. And on other side, Simran held him with told annoyance, "Rahul….Keep that blood stain hand off my dress…" Simran winced, as she led him in with his arm around her shoulder and his hand kept brushing her dress.
Armaan cursed and rushed up to him, "HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" Arman blasted at simran, moving a hand from Rahul's back, he supported him and when she was pushed away Atul held Rahul from other side and took him upstairs to his room.
Muskan and Anjali helped him, while Riddhima just stood at table shocked, affected by the sudden change of environment. As heard her name being shouted by a crying Muskan, "BRING ICE and Cloth!!!" Muskan shouts from stairs.
"Yes… Yess…" Riddhima ran in the kitchen, almost knocking off a vase, apologizing to the servant she took the cloth and ice offered to her. Walking upstairs she was pushed by simran – who walks up to everyone. Anyways, Walking in Riddhima saw behind Simran, she saw Rahul lay on bed, with no shirt and only jeans. "We went for a bike race – he was over taken by another sporty rider… and then he lost balance and bumped the bike to a tree – actually he got the head wound through tree while I have few scratches here" Simran pointed on her bare arms. "Can someone dress this first please, it hurts…" Simran winced unreal.
"Shut up!" Armaan turned and blast on her, making her almost trip over her own feet's. "Riddhima! Ice…!" he coldly told her, she quivered but reached beside him on floor and passed him cloth first – he cleaned it neatly, she bit her lips as she saw the wound and bit wood piece pierced in his skin. Her eyes stroked fresh tears – as she began to hiss along with Rahul in pain.
 She kept a soothing hand over his arm – and kept on rubbing it softly while Arman stood up on his feet and cleaned his wound properly. Riddhima still sat on top corner of bed beside Rahuls head, while Arman stood on the same side of bed, caressing his wound with ice water and a clean cloth. Muskan sat on the other side on bed, while Anjali and Atul took Simran out of the room due to her constant shouts and curses.
"Let him rest…." He spoke after a good time, when the wound was cleaned up and he been given a pain killer. "someone should be here – what if he needs something…" Muskan looks up at him, with hope."Okay… you sitting?" he asked her, directly. "Yes… I can." She tried to show, no desire to sit – but her eyes gave it all to the other two. Armaan nodded and helped Riddhima get up, walking out – Armaan closed the door and then he walks ahead of Riddhima. Riddhima followed him downstairs, she didn't knew what to do – she knew he would be wrecked to see Rahul in such a manner; in matter of few days – she had gotten so much attach to Rahul that it brought tears in her too then he would have been pierced many needles by seeing Rahul in such condition.
"You! Going back today – I will arrange tickets and all the requirements!" Arman glared at a meek Simran, who shivered just by his hard glare and thick voice.


He made arrangements for her, "Get out of here! Pack your bags – a taxi will be here in 20 minutes – if you don't leave in that taxi than I would throw you out of this house, and I swear on Rahul I will – you are NOT welcome here anymore!" Armaan blasted at her.


Anjali coming down from stairs with two bags being slid down the staircase, ruthlessly, "Rahul will be very angry – when he comes to know that you all threw me out!" Simran retorted to Armaan. "Believe me lady, you should be happy you going on two feet's rights now! If Rahul had gotten a bit more serious than this; dden God and only me knows how far I would have gone with you!" Armaan raged in anger.


Simran quivered, walking past him quietly – she took her bags and walk out of the house, waiting for the taxi outside the house. "I will call office and tell them that I would come for inspection tomorrow…" he informed Atul as he made his way to his room. Riddhima quietly stood at a corner and notice whole situation.


Riddhima looks in his direction and then at Anjali…. Debating should she go or not. Anjali blinked her eyes, in an approval and she walks in the room, without a knock. A whimpering voice from washroom could be heard, her eyes got moist as she slowly walks to the washroom… "Armaan…." She knocks…


"Yeaa… coming just a second." He replied, walking out he saw Riddhima at door right in front of him, biting her lower lips. "I am okay…" he mumbled and settles on bed at an edge. "Do you want water…?" she was confused – she wanted to soothe him up but how was the question.


"Yeaa… it's on Right side table beside bed." He whispered, bending his back downwards – and keeping his face in his palms. "Hmm…." She whispered, forwarding the glass, "Thanks…" he smiled and patted the place beside him. Quivering a bit, she took a space beside him, "He is okay…" she said, seeing his eyes locked on floor, staring at vacuum.



"yeaa…." He replied, looking down, his eyes could tell – he was over thinking something, "You know when he was born I was 4 or 4 in half – I was soo happy to see him; his tiny hands – his feet's fingers they were so small, dad adjusted me on a couch and kept Rahul in my lap – I was feeling so blissful that moment; from that day Riddhima he had always been my son – and today seeing him like that actually made me realize how mom dad use to get tense up when I would not receive their phone calls… I found myself responsible for this now Riddhima… only if – I had not let him go out today…." He was interrupted.

"It was destined to happen Armaan… and I guess, as I said – Let Rahul learn by his own mistakes, or else he might curse you all his life to put him in a shell…!" she kept a hand over his, caressing it with her thumb.

He gripped his sigh, and looks at their joint hands, "I am worried about him Riddhima – I hope he don't hate me for sending Simran Away…. No one of you stopped me while I literally throw her out…." He told his new problem… "I want good for him…" He added.

"Armaan, Rahul might have understood it too – and if he hasn't then we all are here for you and him, don't worry – let him rest and you rest too…" she tried to relax him. "Nothing would happen, the one who loves you can get angry on you but can never hate you…" she moved forward and dropped a peck on his cheek, making him stare at her with a relaxation which was evitable in his eyes, she smiled and lower her eyes, with a glint of blush.

He moves closer, held her face by cheek bone and dropped a raspberry on her forehead, "I love you…" he whispered lingering one more kiss over their before parting away. "I should go…." She whispered feeling his face so close.

"Yea…" he whispered, leaving her face – he saw her getting up, "do you want som…." She was interrupted by his phone call, "Wait a second…" he replied to Riddhima and picked up the phone. Listen to him – cancelling his inspection at industry, she thought to leave, turning around she felt his hand grasping her pushing her towards him hard, unconsciously, making her wince softly as she banged with him – crashing him on bed with her landing straight on him, "ahh…" she whispered, but frowned next minute noticing him smiling at her while still on phone, "Yes tomorrow afternoon I be there…." Armaan spoke, she tried to get up – placing her arms over chest – but to pulled back – she looks up at him questionably – "don't go" he mouthed, as he listened to other side on phone, she blushed as his free hand caressed her hair locks falling on him, rolling in on his fingers – he smiled at her.
She gasped, feeling his knuckles caressing cheek, "Okay…. I will be there… bye…" Armaan shortly cuts the call and turned her around, bringing her on her back on bed and he mounting on top of her, "Armaan…. I need… to go…" she whispered. "I know…." He kissed her cheek, hushing her hair away, he kissed her jaw  to ear lobe, nuzzling her nose in the deep hallow of her neck, he heard her gasp and rose hand to his arm, "Let… me go…" she gasped, arching her head back, giving his excess deep in her, unconsciously.
"uhmm" she moaned as he kissed her throat, biting her lips she breathed heavily and twisted her head to other side, and groaned his name loud – "before the call you wanted to ask something…" he pointed out, pushing himself back – as he felt her out of breathes… "I…" she couldn't speak – in a day a lot had happen and she just need to get out of here for some fresh breathe – she could breathe anymore, that's what she thought – her chest has been heaving up due to his kisses, her mind was filled up with clouds and she felt daze; she wouldn't be shock if she fainted the moment only if he hadn't stopped,
"Yes… you…" he caressed her lips corner, parting it from her teeth – "I need to go out….I can't…" she could state her situation. He smiled knowing how dizzy she looked. He got up and pulls her up on her feet, holding her waist – shaking her by her waist he saw her dropping her head on his shoulder, blushing profusely – as she clutched his shirt in her fist. Breathing heavily she took her few minutes to relax in his embrace, "I am sorry – I got carried away…" he whispered, kissing her hair. She just replied by shaking her head in no.
"You won't say anything; I assume…" he spoke, holding her in his arms, she replied in a yes by nodding her. "You want water?" he grinned as he teased her, she shook in no. "I need to get out of this room…" she whispered, trying her best not to show her smile, but as her lips tingled up with his shirt – he could feel her lips curl up in a smile…
"okay…" he walks out of the room with her and saw Anjali and Atul settled on couch in each other's arms, while watching a Hindi movie. "Me and Riddhima are outside – for a while…" Armaan told them as he led her outside, Anjali who smiled as she saw Riddhima hiding her face in his chest as they walks out… "Kyya?" Atul questioned, seeing a smirk plastered on her face.

"Nothing – I guess Riddhima getting comfortable with Armaan – and I am happy this trip working at its best way possible." Anjali replied keeping her head on his shoulder, as he pulls her closer by her waist. "And what about our relation?" Atul questioned, kissing her neck, "what about it? Today you are with me – tomorrow you are not… I can't really think about our relation because noticing your attitude, I don't keep much expectations…" she replied, closing her eyes as she felt his lips making strokes at her neck, "then you should start keeping expectations, I am really looking forward to this relation" he placed his lips on her and involved her in a small yet a passionate kiss; "You destroying my film, jerk!" Anjali pushed him away, making him chuckle and teasing her time to time.

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