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AR FF -||MY Bride||- |Link to 2nd Thread pg 155| (Page 84)

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Pls post na Maha.. we r waiting.. are u updating today

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Originally posted by Hello_01

Hey guys
i m riting still only half way done Ouch it will take time - as i m realli tired - i guess 6 months hard work's tiredness is coming out badly, nowLOL....
only 5 pages riten yet - least this part requires 11 !! uh getting how much is left overLOL
Soo today veryy late or moriningConfused


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welcome back plz update soon but no reply for update sorry in advance

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7 -- An Unexpected Turns...


Reaching Ooty, Riddhima jumped out of car and shuddering due to immense cold. Yet smiling at the beautiful cottage in front of her, "Is it yours Armaan?" she asked, sparkling her eyes as she wandered it from one corner of cottage to other; It had stairs at one corner with few wood chairs with a pale door on a corner. Two storey cottage which had to two gallery's one of each room.

"Yes, mine – only mine" pause, "but now ours…" he placed his black jacket on her from behind. She smiled and pulled the jacket close to her chest due to constant waves of wind passing by. "Thank you" she pointed her eyes to the jacket, "and this cottage is beautiful – I like small elegant houses." She mentioned to him, seeing his gaze fixed on her; she turned around, as she heard Muskan shouting at the top of her voice while fighting with Rahul. Simran, Atul and Anjali managed the bags out from the car –

Simran Picture

Madhura Naik
"Muskan – don't you want to see rooms?"Riddhima hold her hand and tried to take her away. "Wait Riddhima, this bas***d – is irritating me for no reason. Let me end this for once and for all." Muskan pulls her arm out of her grasp. "And you dog!! How dare you call me gawar? Haan? If you belong to a royal family doesn't give you a shitty right to disrespect others!" Muskan frowned feeling hurt – humiliated as she heard Rahul telling his so-called girlfriend Simran that Muskan and Anjali belong to a middle class, a bit illiterate family, and are friends of Riddhima from hostel. And getting out of car she had sworn to strangle his neck for saying anything about her and her friend.

"I just said that you belong to a normal class family." Rahul defended, falsely.

"Middle Class!!!" Muskan pointed, "Oh Please Muskan. You really show how uneducated and low class family you belong to." Simran stepped in combing her long hair that was placed on her right shoulder.

"Oye chipkali!!! Shut up! I know your class – you belong to a more lower class – your parent can't even afford a full length cloth for you!!" Muskan turned around and retorted to Simran.

"Gross! Such a cheap girl – Whole trip is going to stink!" Simran rolled her eyes, settled her purse on her wrist and walk pass Armaan and Riddhima,. The other four stood with their eye brows cocked.
"Muskan, I would suggest you to stay in your limits. Behave your self – I won't tolerate any sort of nonsense when it comes to Simran!" Rahul pointed a finger.
"And you won't dare to speak again about me or Anjali! or else you won't be able to see the sun of next day" Muskan pointed him a finger too.
"Bass. I think it's quite off enough for a day!" Armaan walked in, "Muskan go in with Riddhima and Rahul pick the bags!" Armaan picked two bags – one of his and one of Riddhima.
"Chal Muskan…" Riddhima holds her hand and walks ahead – Anjali and Atul followed them and in end Armaan and Rahul came. "Try to behave when you talk to girls. You are nothing – if you don't have Malik name after Rahul. So better not make fun of others family name!" Armaan timidly talk and left a sulking Rahul behind.


Viewing the small cottage, girls were delighted. "This is my room."
Armaan informed about the room downstairs, "Rahul and Atul you take upstairs room and all girls can take the other room beside Rahul's room." Armaan spoke placing his bag in his room and taking Riddhima's bag upstairs. "Armaan?" Riddhima stopped him, "Yes?" he smiled turning around, facing her. "Muskan's bag too please…" Riddhima used her strength and pulled Muskan's bag near stairs. "Stop Riddhima, I will pick it up." Armaan walks down again picks the other bag too, "Damn – it's heavy Muskan!" He commented, as he saw her sulking while settled on couch.
"Why do you get a separate room?" Simran asked, "Excuse me?" Armaan turned his eyes at her – blankly. "Well, why do you get a separate room!" Simran asked. "Simran stay quite!" Rahul pulled her elbow from behind as they climbed stairs.


"This is my House – I keep you here. If you hold any problem, then you know the way out!" Armaan answered, Opening the door for girls room – keeping Muskan's and Riddhima's bags at a corner of the room.

Armaan stepped in and makes space for other girls to step in. "Only one bed?" Simran growled again, "we are four!" Simran spoke to the point. "Simran you and Anjali – can manage up on bed. I and Muskan would manage down." Riddhima settled on carpet floor in front of her bag, and took out one of her relaxing, comfortable dress out.
"You all are slim enough to fit in this queen size bed." Armaan frowned at Riddhima's suggestion, "Everyone needs their own space Armaan!" Anjali pulled a sweater shirt and shorts.
"Heyy! I need to go to washroom first." Simran stopped Riddhima from going in. Riddhima sighed and kept her clothes on bed and settled beside it, Armaan had walked out to see Atul and Rahul. "Anjali she is going to spoil the very first trip of my life." Riddhima commented, falling back on bed with her legs casted down, looking up at ceiling.
"Don't worry, Riddhima. We all are here na, and stop compromising bed – at night I won't move a bit to give you space beside me." Anjali lay beside her. "Hey why won't you? In hostel you gave me space in your bed when I had night mares!" Riddhima frowned and pulled her face up to look at Anjali.
"That was another life and this is another!" Anjali looks up at the ceiling. "What does that means?" Riddhima frowned, "nothing, if you get nightmares – go downstairs to that Malik's room! Smjhii!"

Cough Cough

"Do come down for breakfast after you all change in comfortable dresses." Armaan spoke and left with a grin over his face. "He heard it!!" Riddhima groaned and Anjali laughed. Muskan stepped in, "Why was Armaan smirking so much? Did you kiss him again?" Muskan asked.
"Shut up Muskan!" Riddhima retorted while Muskan giggled as Anjali told her what had happened a minute back.


Riddhima stood at the staircase with her dress in her hand, "Rahul?" she called him – seeing the three settled in lounge watching television. "Jee?"  Rahul turned to look at her, "can I go in your room. I need to use Washroom – and no one is letting me go to the one in my room." She complained, pouting her lips at him. Rahul laughed and nodded approval. She stepped in the room, twisting her nose – as she saw their cloths scattered all over the room, shaking her head she went in the washroom.


Stepping out, clad in a Patiala Salwar with a white plain shirt. She frowned, seeing Armaan in the room. "Hey…" Armaan spoke, eyeing her from toe to top. "I was about to come down…" she replied, moving her fingers in her tangled up wet hair.
"yea… I know, I came to call you for breakfast. You took quite a lot of time in here…" he smiled at her, walking up to her. She gulped and stepped back, "let's go…." She wandered her face to door. Stopping in front of her, he sighed making her gasp in reciprocation. Looking straight in his eyes, her breathe increased, "I am hungry…." She spoke.
"You are beautiful…" he licked his lower lips, and caressed her cheek with his knuckles, closing her eyes she felt her skin hair rose up due to intimacy. "Armaann…" she whispered, feeling his other hand caressing her arm to and fro.
Pulling his face down, close to her cheek – he left a raspberry there. Letting his lips linger there for an eternity, she jerks – her head which  banged with wall behind her and his lips caressing her cheek, inhaling her fragrance – he felt his sense turning dizzy. Turning his head his lips caressing her cheek bone, going down the lane – he kissed her earlobe, sucking it – biting it ever so lightly.
She gasped with close eyes; her hands casted down, straight. Her eyes shot open as she felt him suck the water drops falling off hair, "Cough!"


"Both of you come down, after getting yourself back before Muskan come up here and shouts her throat out" Atul spoke, as he saw Armaan stood there shielding Riddhima from Atul's gaze.

"Armaan?" Atul asked, confirming his presence to them. "Yea yea... coming!" Armaan replied, and looks down at Riddhima who had lowered her head to hide it from Armaan too. Hearing the door shut after him, "I am sorry… I really didn't mean to do anything which you don't want. I am …. Sorry" Armaan held her face, by capturing her left cheek through his palm. She bit her lips, "I am sorry Riddhima…" He apologized making her look up to his guilty eyes.
"…. It's okay…. It was not your entire fault…" pause, "I didn't stop you too." She replied turning her eyes to other direction, "can we go down – I am hungry…."she added before he can proceed any more talking.
"Yes…" he replied, and walks ahead while she followed her down the stairs to kitchen. Where Muskan and Rahul are bickering and fighting up with Simran.
"So what's in the food?" Riddhima asked, ignoring the idiots. "Nothing… how does it sound?" Atul replied with his head in his hand. "Awful!!" Riddhima replied, sitting beside him on counter, as he gave her a hand to jump up the counter. Armaan walks in and stood on the other side of her, with his hand on her thigh – looking angrily at Rahul and Muskan, who were shouting at each other and throwing food.
"Your friend is mad Riddhima!" Armaan looks at Muskan, disgustingly. "As if your brother is anything better than her Armaan!" Riddhima rolled her eyes, and frowned at her body bending over her, "why are you bending over me?" she whispered to Armaan, knowing very well that Atul sat beside her on the marble counter.
"my wish…" He whispered back, winking at her. She shook her head and, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." she shouted making Armaan stumble over his place, Atul closing his ear and the four in front of her stared at her shockingly.

"Sorry about that…" she passed a cute – innocent smile to Armaan and Atul, who chuckled and shook their head, with a sigh. "How dare you four destroy the food? What will I eat?? You know Muskan I haven't eaten from last Night!! I am hungry!" Riddhima scolded her friends.

"I thought Rahul app mature hou! But you disappointed me too." She kept a hand over Armaan's shoulder and other on Atul leg, sliding herself down the counter – she went out and settled on the couch. Flipping the channel, she heard the four idiots blaming each other for the destruction of food.


"Let's go out… I am going to die with hunger!" Riddhima moan as the cooker was taking ages to cook again. "Let's go Riddhima." Armaan got up and pulled her up too. "What about us?" Rahul asked. "Your punishment is to do waiting for the cooker to cook!! Atul you come along us…" Armaan looks at Atul.

"Do you think, I am such a romance killer? No naa! Then you two head off!" Atul chuckled as Riddhima scowled and walks out.


"Where are we going?" she asked, looking around the places as Armaan drove car on roads, "to a restaurant…" he replied, smiling at her. "It's cold here, but it's not snowing! Will it snow? This season?" she asked, excitedly. "It does snow in this season and why aren't you wearing anything on top… I gave you my jacket!" he looks at her, in a simple cotton dress. "It's okay; I don't feel much of cold." She replied looking out the view.


Getting over with Breakfast – Armaan asked, "Riddhima do want to view ooty's famous lake?" Getting up she nodded in approval. "Okay… after it we will go home before other dies with imagination of us two out." He giggled.
"So tell me about yourself…" He started, "About me? You know Armaan. Let it be you this time…" she smiled at him as they stepped out of car to view the most beautiful lake with water fall over a corner. "About me… hmmm I studied out in London, had great friends – great fun of life – got whatever I wanted. Best parents, to fulfill every need… and after completing my double graduation in business field. I came back to take care of my dad's business. And that's it…" he smiled leaning over the pole as she threw stones in water to reach it as far as she could.
"Oh that's great… how many girlfriends?" She asked, grinning. "Manny…" He replied. Taking a stone from her hand and throwing it really far. "phir bhi… how many?" she frowned, at the description.
"20plus…" he replied. "God that's too much… what did you do with them? Is really important to have one, lingering right under your arm?" She asked.


"At that age, it felt important to have one – but all these relations were just flings… nothing else…" pause, "and I what I did with them? Well the same what a normal couple should do…" he smirked at her – as she frowned deeper. "The thing you did in Rahul's room? Few hours back" she asked, looking at him, blankly. Flashing the moment she had with him.
"May be…." Pause, "but what I share with you hold a different prospection… they all can never be compared to you Riddhima… I love you – I never loved them…" he replied.
"Did you…." She left it unspoken, "did you what?" he asked. "Nothing, Atul is your best friend from London times?" she asked.
"I never did it Riddhima" pause, "I am virgin…" he whispered in her ear, she turned red as raspberry and tried to walk to other place.
Walking ahead, she went up to the boats; "you want to go in for a boat ride…?" he stood right behind her. She nodded and stepped ahead to create space. "On one condition!" he eliminated the distance.
"What…" she spoke, hoarsely. "I want you in my arms while boating." Pause, snaking from behind he held her waist and bumped her body side way in him, "like this…. Deal?" he smirked down at her, her hand on her chest and her face lowered a bit, on his shoulder. "Okay…." She blushed and sighed.


Riddhima really was enjoying her life today, in someone's arm. She felt secured and loved by him. No one had really cared about her that much. He was taking care of her so delicately that at times she felt she might break into two pieces… Her heart has swollen up with the care – affection, for which a girl really carves for; and now when he is here – why was she thinking so much? Why was her heart and mind dwelling?
She had started to like this new sensation passing through her, accepting her liking towards him – she was going to give her best to make this relation work out in its best way. Her thoughts were bothered when a girl fell of the huge boat, everyone panic and shouted. "Armaan!!" she exclaimed, as her eyes were on her only, thence the girl was standing up at the corner viewing for a photo that her boyfriend/ friend may be taking and right now the girl was in see shouting for her life.
"Crap…!" Armaan frowned; his hold tightened around her waist, pulling her deep in his embrace, "Riddhima don't even move!" He scolded her as she was bending over the latch to look at the girl being pulled by a white tube.
"I am just looking over their Armaan." She tried to push his arm of her, as it had gotten tighter. "I said naa don't!! What if you fall!" he scolded her strictly. "Stay as you are! It isn't a circus going on that you need watch it!!" added.
Riddhima turned startled, and her water tank burst out of her eyes. She sobbed softly, trying her best to stop them – rubbing her cheeks through knuckles. His arms securely around her waist from behind as he waited patiently till the boat was back to the port.
He pulls Riddhima out of the boat carefully. "Riddhima…" he held her arm, and turned her around, her back touched car, while she stood in front of him. "I am sorry but I genuinely was very scared, I didn't wanted you to fall… you know… I mean, what if you have got yourself hurt… I would have to give answers to everyone… you are my responsibility from now and I need to take care of you… you getting na? I didn't mean to dishearten or ruin your pleasant mood." he stopped her at car.

"It's okay Armaan… it's not your fault… let's go home." She smiled at him, as she understood his worry. "You really okay – or just saying it for the sake of saying." He stopped her, from getting in car. "I mean it… Armaan… par ab please chaplain? It's getting chilly!" she shuddered with the flow of wind.

"Yes sit sit…." He made her sit inside the car. Making her sit, he moved forward to plug her safety belt. "I will do it…." She stopped him when his eyes locks in hers, telling her not to stop. Her heart raced as she felt his face so near to her. She stared back with a ting of blush forming over her cheek.


He moved back, but placed a soft kiss on her cheek, "I love you…" he whispered on her ear, kissing it too… he closed the door and walk to other. She gasped with her eyes almost darting out – her chest rose up and fell back, she could tell how swelled up her heart was. His confessions, his pot-ration of love, left her speechless – she was worried will she be ever ready to return it to him.
"What do you keep on thinking all the time?" he asked as his car raced on road. "Huh? Uhmm kuch bhi tou nahi." She replied, looking outside the window.
"Riddhima don't open the window, its already cold – we will fall sick." Armaan complained. "pleasssseee" she requested, turning a puppy face on – she looks at him with the best pout she could give to him.
"Are you testing me by perking you lips like that?" pause "you know I could always kiss it – if you want it!" he smiled as she scowled and hit his arms. "That was so disgusting!" she muttered, trying her best – to make it audible to him too.
"Hahhah ….. I know, but you can't pout okay! Let few things be very clear."Armaan spoke.
"Like…" she asked, looking interestingly at him. "Like you can't show your flesh at all…" her eyes pop out, "What? Really god woman, I can't control – you should try not to get ready all the time – that leaves me out of control too – buttttt when you aren't ready – it makes me more out of control...
"Armaan!!" she scowled with an open mind. "and when you wince or groan your expression turns me on – I mean when open your mouth like :O with big pearly eyes, mann…. I lose my…." She opened the door and rushed in the house while he laughed his heart out.
Till Atul opened his door and asked him, "what did you do to that poor girl…?"
"aree I was teasing her and she got embarrassed!" he looks up in her direction and he, Atul went in too. "She is a sweetheart. My sweetheart!" he smiled dreamingly. "Bas kar…! Let's get in… its turning colder…" Atul pushed him in and follows.

"Aur we went boating – it was fun; there a girl fell while posing for pictures… it was fun… I liked it – we all will go again…" Riddhima told Anjali and Muskan. "Good you enjoyed. We got soo bored!" Anjali complained.

"Don't lie Anjali – we went for a walk – you kissed me, I kissed you we make out in garden…owww!" he felt Anjali kicking his feet, while Riddhima and Muskan giggled.
"What did you do Muskan?" Riddhima asked, "I tried my level best to not let that idiot Malik and his bitch make out ATT ALL" Muskan laughed,
"I knew it – this bitch sat in middle of couch just to stop letting us come close." Simran and Rahul walk in arm in arm inside the kitchen. Armaan rolled his eyes, and stood quietly beside Atul and Riddhima, on other side of Atul Anjali stood.
"Don't call me bitch – you daughter of a bitch!" Muskan shouted back, "I knew your type of girls, you are jealous that Rahul had found his love in me – you wanted him to fall for you, you doing all this for money. Right! Give her some cash Rahul – feed her mouth!" Simran commented.
All of them look at Muskan, who turned startled – Armaan looks at Rahul to shut that Simran; but the unexpected thing was, "How much do you want to get out of my life?" Rahul questioned her.
Muskan gulped stepped ahead and slapped Rahul on his cheek, and rushed out of kitchen to up in the room. "You bitch….!" Rahul rubbed his cheek… "Muskaaan!" Riddhima ran after Muskan.
"You did wrong Rahul! You are the worst person I came across!" Riddhima said, and rushed.
Armaan was highly disappointed, "I feel like giving you one more slap but that would nothing just bring dirt to my own palm… I can't believe you just did that!  You really like this girl" Armaan pointed at simran, who cock her eyebrows. "I never told you Rahul – but when you get eyes, you will know who is behind the money…!" Armaan passed a disgusted look to simran and walk out while Atul and Anjali walk away too.
Silence scared simran, "Ohh Rahul – lets go out and get some fresh air… baby…" Simran said. "yeaa… lets go" Rahul pulls her out of the house, he did heard the bangs of door – "Muskan open the door…." But he still went out with simran.
PMs in Morning... realli sleepyLOL -- sorryyyyOuch

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Updatedd ! :P

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This was really a cute part Maha!!!! Loved all AR scenes but Ek baat to batao... yeh Rathod ek dum se Mallik mein kaise change ho gaya????Wink
Over all the part was awesome!!!! Do continue soon and Thanks for thr PM.

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that was great part....... 
truly loved it...........i cant belive that rahul can be so insesetive.............i am glad that atless armaan is on the nice track...............
cont soon
lods of love

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hey maha.....
awesum awesum UPDATEClap
loved ARz romancee!!
and armaan'z rules were sooo cutee
and why d hell is rahul such an ass!!
hated simran n rahul
n sooo happy dat ammyz soo bttr off
loved anji's line
abb darr lage toh uss malik ke kamre mein jaanaLOL
or the lyn wich said dat!!!
lovvvvedddd it, culd imagine ammyz wide grin at dat
plzzz DO UPDATE SOONNNBig smile


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