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AR FF -||MY Bride||- |Link to 2nd Thread pg 155| (Page 64)

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Originally posted by Hello_01

hey sorry - i know i m being late at updates

Its just due to studies load, have last presentation on Saturday, that is tomorrow. After it this weekend an Update is for sure - either Saturday nite or Sunday !!! Smile
Really Sorry guys, but i did said that my schedule was going to get very odd... this month is  going to hectic as i have papers from 17 Jan - 24 Jan - after it uh shall see my quick quick updatesWink
Promise to make up for these late updates After 24 Jan Big smile
Love Maha
PS: About Comments and few who asked questions to me related to FF shall be answered along with coming Update Smile Thanks for such welcoming comments, hardly expected!!! i mean people had finally started commenting on my FF ! LOL THank you for all the love and appreciation. Won't dissapoint you all ! Embarrassed

awwwwwwwwww choo chweetttttt.. Hug

hw was ur presentation today?? n gud luck for ur xamsThumbs Up
we will wait... no issues... tk ur time Smile

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Part 1

Awesome update

Loved it

Armaan asked her out and she said no

She's having nightmares of the prince

Her parents called her back home


Can't wait 4 da next part

Con soon

Thanks 4 da pm

Part 2

Awesome update

Loved it

Aww armaan sent the proposal

He loves her

So cute

He convinced her by offering her further studies

He wants a kiss

Can't wait 4 da next part

Con soon

Thanks 4 da pm

Part 3

Awesome update

Loved it

He asks so many questions

Thank god atleast she shared her feelings

Aww she hugged him

Anji and muskaan are here

Hope they don't make riddhima more confused

Can't wait 4 da next part

Con soon

Thanks 4 da pm

Part 4

Awesome update

Loved it

Armaan asked her out on a date

Armaan naughty boy

She was so angry at him

She doesn't know how to kiss

Love her friends they so understanding

Can't wait 4 da next part

Con soon

Thanks 4 da pm

Part 5

Awesome update

Loved it

Riddhima tired of shopping

Yay going on a date

Her dad proud of her and hugged her

She was so happy

She is happy with him but needs some time

Can't wait 4 da next part

Con soon

Thanks 4 da pm

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update please...=)


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omg lovely maha . dying to read nxt part. add me nd do om

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update updateDisapprove

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Originally posted by saniashzadi_10

hey maha...

a verrrryyyy happpy new year t u....

update is really nice...loved the way story is moving...jst one question...r u focusing on how ridz falls fr armaan r the complications or hesitations new bride feels after her marriage...plz do ans it...

update nxt part soon



Hey Sania
Happy new year too.
actually this story is really a simple story that how young girls are forced to Marriage at such a senetive age. believe me seeing my few friends getting married at a very critical age of 19 ! and starting a life - is realli hard.Smile
the main aim of my story is too show how and what will Riddhima do? will she be able to accept this marraige and move it in a smooth way like a normal marriage or will she end up messing up her marriage, if truly speaking at 19 mostly girls are dreaming - and thy don't Just DREam that a guy would knck at door and say i love you marry me??LOL
so here i come, and say - wat if a guy comes and knock saying 'I am aRman and i love you will you marry me!' so uh see - right now a teen girl of 19 like me would jump and reply 'OMG - ARman? yes yes ! i wilLOLLOLl' but wat if some one really come right at ur door !
rite now!!! uh hear a bell and some one ask for ur handLOL ... and set a date that after month you going to be my wife and the girl has realli less option of saying no due to empowerment of Parents wish and command .... so basically a falvor of hesitation before marriage and after marriage is my focus here -- as i hav seen a very critical face of my friends marriage....
so Riddhima will go through the same phase, but the only difference is that i  am phobhic of dreamy world where every thing is nice nice LOL, would show less complication and more of love here! Tongue
i hope that helps you know the real aim of this ff...
and YEs, My Presentation went well guys - thanks for askingBig smile

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6. A start of a Trip – Ooty.


Two days went by Armaan Thought to text Riddhima or call her. Don't know why but he wanted her to call him, though at the same time he knew she won't even if she wants too. Sitting in lounge with family he sighed and places his phone on the side table, beside couch and heard his father decide the next trip of his professional visit.


"Dad, don't you think Rahul should get a chance too. I mean it's been a year that he is working under me and I think, it time for him to go and look around world… and have his own little fun, with work too!" Arman spoke, as he knew Rahul really wanted to go on this professional trip to one their industry in abroad.


"uhm… Rahul?" Billy questioned, frowning at Arman. Passing a suspicious look to Rahul, who was settled with Naina and trying to pass an innocent look which made Billy shudder at him in response. "I don't think so! He is quite young to go for it! And that to alone! That Malaysia industry need to be inspecting especially heard there are some mechanical problems and along with it union workers had created some hurdles too! I don't think Rahul can do it!"Billy spoke the facts.


"But Dad… I do inspection here too!" Rahul got up and sat beside Billy. "Rahul here you have me or Armaan!" Billy rolled his eyes. "Dad, Trust me!" Rahul said. "Okay spill the beans! Why are you so desperate to go?" Billy turned his attention to Rahul.


"Okay dad, I will take Rahul along with me! Does that work? Now please stop digging up things." Arman stood up with his accessories, stuffing his phone in his pocket and wallet in other one. "But who will help me here?" Billy frowned harder at Armaan.


"Dad? I just came to your empire business world 4 years back! How had you had managed in past?" Arman stared at his dad, blankly. Standing right in front of him, with Rahul settled beside Billy, passing a wicked smile to his brother.


"Uhmm… okay I manage! You both can go to Ooty!" Billy shuddered and asked Naina for Tea… Arman left with a naughty smile, knowing very well how he had manipulated is dad, and at the same time he didn't even find out the reason of Rahul going…. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Rahul shouting out for him.

"Bhai! Thanks a ton!!" Rahul said. "No need…" Arman smiled and stood beside with his back on car. "Who is coming?" Rahul asked standing in front of him. "Atul yaar. HE said, he would make up today anyhow as he wanted to know the story of my sudden marriage!" Armaan informed, looking at his mobile in intervals.


"Okay even I am coming with you guys!" Rahul announced. "kyun? Don't you want to inform your girlfriend simran about your program being final!!?" Armaan spoke sarcastically. "Oh yes… it will take a minute… do take me okay…" Rahul said to him while dialing his chick number.


Rahul walks back towards Armaan, who stood beside a chubby man – with a formal hair cut and a smile plastered over his face, as he kept hearing Armaan with amusement.


"And after meeting her… I was sure she is the one. She don't love me Atul – but I know she do feel's for me… and seriously I am going to wait for that day when she fall in love with me…" pause, they settled in car, with Arman driving. "And seriously that day will be a precious day of my life." Arman said smiling at Atul, who smiled back encouragingly.


"I am confused Armaan! Why this sudden Marriage? I mean… you are known for dating… you could have date her and found out… what if after marriage you come to know it's just another attraction of yours! I mean, she has not even seen her part of world - and you are tying her in chain – don't you think she deserve a chance of dating – knowing people…" Atul thought over the situation.


"Don't you think I thought about this? I mean I not self obsessed! I asked her out, she said no – I sent raj. He went to ask her…." Armaan was interrupted.


"Excuse me? You sent your body guard?" Atul and Rahul shouted at the same time. "Big deal!!" Arman frowned at them, "I always do that!" Armaan added "Armaan you are ridiculous! Dating and being in relation was the ultimate thing in your life – and still you don't know how to take a girl to date?" Atul laughed, while Rahul giggled.


"Any sensible girl Like Riddhima would have said no!" Atul pointed out. "But why Atul – those chicks at strippers club use to be obliged!" Armaan frowned. "Are you comparing those prostitute strippers with Riddhima?" Atul frowned harder, glaring at him

"OMG No… I AM sorry… what am I saying…" Armaan stopped the car, with a jerk. Keeping his hands on his face – he calm himself, and was disappointed by himself for even thinking such think. "It's okay… It was not intentionally…. Relax" Atul rubbed his shoulder. After relaxing for a while, they decided to go to open caf…


Sitting across a caf with coffee… Armaan just stayed mum… having his coffee. "Armaan you need to talk about it… I can see your mind and heart is quite occupied with her… but at the same time, I don't know but I feel you are going to mess it up!" Atul said, placing his wallet and mobile on table.


"I like her – Love her. Aren't these words enough to prove that I truly am serious?" Armaan asked Atul. "Well if you are telling me, then I trust you! But when it comes to girl – they take ages to trust because they are scared to trust as they think – boys might turn ruthless and break their trust… You don't know Armaan how girls break down once the man break up or leave them in middle of their journey… they get wrecked… may be Riddhima is afraid…. She might be having a second thought before trusting you…" Pause "You have to win her trust…" Atul said, looking at Armaan, who was hearing him intensively.


"So what should I do – to gain her trust…" Armaan asked, "Be around her – give her most of the time of your life – talk to her, share your view – listen to her point of you and for god sake stop imposing your views on her. Give her time – have fun with her, show her the world that she has never seen. Take her out and Leave her back home intact! Once or twice." Atul laughed at his own phrase of 'Leave her back home intact! Once or twice.' While Rahul giggled as he kept on texting his girlfriend.


"I haven't done anything so far!" Armaan felt embarrassed. "Lair! Haven't you kissed Bhabhi at her home?" Rahul butted in – only to get a smack from Arman, in response. "Shut up you jerk! Shall I cancel your trip? To ooty?" Armaan tested Rahul, who zipped his tongue the next moment with a sorry.


"Anyways, now maintain a distance from her. Till you don't think she is waiting for some sort of response…" Atul spoke. "Okay…. I will." Armaan drank his coffee, thinking over things. "and If you are thinking that she will call then you can keep on dreaming about it! Go and call her – she won't!" Atul spoke, turning his attention Rahul, who began telling about the morning event at home. Armaan sighed and dialed her number walking away from them – he heard her phone ring.


"Hello Riddhima?" Armaan asked, as the voice wasn't Riddhima's. "Muskaan? Where is Riddhima?" Armaan frowned, as he heard Riddhima's friend Muskan annoying him. "Could you get her on line?" Armaan spoke, annoyingly


He heard her same something that made he got angry but he calmed and repeated her, "Fine… saying it….Pleaaaaaaassse…." Armaan repeated the word. "Hello? Is that you Riddhima?" Armaan heard the phone being transferred to someone.


"Sorry about that Armaan!" Riddhima spoke from other side.


"Can't you keep your phone in your hand?" Armaan asked frowning at her making her frowned too. "Armaan I am at home – I can place my phone where ever I want!" she retorted.


"Whatever! Why were you not calling me? I was waiting for it!" Armaan asked, pouting as he walk outside the caf, randomly while talking to her. "Why should I? I didn't want to talk" she retorted back smiling at her friends, who were giggling.


"You didn't want to talk?" Arman questioned, stopping for a second. "Nope… anyways, why did you called?" Riddhima repeated the line that Muskan just passed her. "Like my wish! Should I have a reason for calling you?" Armaan frowned at her and at her behavior.


"I am busy…" Riddhima read the other paper passed by her friends. "Fine Bye!" Armaan cut the call and the three laughed all to themselves….Armaan stormed back to his friend.


"Kya hua?" Atul asked, "Let's go…!" Armaan announced. "Kidhar?" Atul asked, keeping money on table. "She is busy and I want to see in what!" Armaan pouted. "Oh God, no we are not going there!" Atul sat in car, and fought with Armaan on their way to Riddhima's house. "Then get out of my car! I want to go! She has not called me at all and once I did; she showed me a shitty attitude!" Armaan groaned, "Why can't she be like any other girl! Who --- who drool over me! I hate the fact that I fell in love with a girl, who is so not interested in me!" Armaan cursed his heart – while Atul kept on telling him that it is one of those wrong things that he should not do… but Armaan cared less about right and wrong and did what he actually wanted…


And as far Rahul, he was enjoying though he had a thought to meet that curly hair girl, whom he love to tease – his new centre of attention… Stopping his car outside her room he corrected his cloth while walking towards the door followed by other two, "I still think we should go back…!" Atul spoke one more time, only to get a disgusting look from Armaan.


Seeing a servant, Maria opening the door and welcoming him and his friend, "Maria is Padma aunty at home?" Armaan triggered an involuntary question. "Yes sir, she is in here…" Maria guided them to drawing room.


Padma was slightly surprised but greeted him whole heartedly and so did Armaan. "Actually, Aunty I don't if you would allow this or not…. but I thought to ask you once may be you might say yes…" Armaan spoke unsure of what he meant.


"Armaan you can ask or tell us anything… please settled down and tell me what's wrong…" Padma made him settled down and she herself sat beside him.


"Actually Aunty me and my friends our going for a business trip tomorrow – for 5 days…. And I was thinking if Riddhima and her friends could make it up too…" pause, he found Padma frowning. "I promise to take care of girls… its just me and Riddhima aren't much comfortable and I was thinking that before engagement we could know each other a bit more… only if you say yes… or else no problem, honestly." Armaan gulped a sigh down back his throat…


"It's okay Armaan, good to know that you thought of our daughter… I will just go and ask Shahank… theek hai ! till then have something to eat…" Padma said, as she got up and Maria pulled a food trolley in the drawing room.


"Jee…" Armaan got up and saw Padma walking up with three girls stood their frowning at Armaan. Padma smiled at Riddhima and walk away to Shahank.


"What was that about?" Riddhima walk in the drawing room. "Well don't forget we have an engagement lined up - so a small trip before it will be beneficial for the chance we are giving to our relation…" Armaan grinned at her.


"I am going to tell Papa… that I won't go!" Riddhima turned to go when Armaan holds her wrist from back, turning her around he crushed her in his chest, making her gasp – and her eyes got widened up as he turned her wrist on her back – pulling her closer to him.


There was a fake cough but Armaan thought to ignore it, while Riddhima was lost in his oceanic eyes. They stared at each other as if it was the last thing for them to do – giggles were forming up in room when they heard a stern voice, "If this going to happen on this trip than I am sorry Armaan – I won't leave my daughter with a unsafe guy like you…" Armaan heard Riddhima's dad and jerked her off him.


"I am sorry Uncle… it was unintentional… it won't happen again." Armaan apologized at once as he missed out the teasing part of shahank's voice. "Armaan, we are okay until and unless you both get a chance to know each other more…" Padma stepped in to their rescue. "Thank you aunty…!" Armaan smiled fully


"It's okay Armaan…" Padma left them to doors and asked him, "Muskan and Anjali will be coming too – is that okay with you?" Padma asked. "Off course Aunty even my friend Atul and Rahul is also going." Armaan reassured her before leaving.



Riddhima, Muskan settled on couches at 3 in night with their bags at one corner. "Is he even coming? Is he sleeping?" Muskan blasted. "I don't know Muskan! Don't annoy me – and let me have some last minute sleep!" Riddhima lazily moved and kept her on Anjali that sat on the other side of Riddhima – already half asleep.


Muskan fell over Riddhima – keeping her head on Riddhima's lap. "Call her yaar! Ask him – if he is not coming then I am going to bed!" Anjali said, "It's already, 3 – he said he will be here at 3 so we can reach ooty till 6" Muskan groaned.


"Okay, I am calling…" Riddhima pulled her mobile from her jean pocket and lazily dialed his number, "Hello Armaan? Are you coming – listen, if you are not then we are going to bed. We are really sleepy! Hello? I accept an answer! Hello?"Riddhima shouted, annoyed by her sleep broken due to some stupid guy!


"Riddhima, if you shut up and let me speak than I would tell you, that we are outside your home – please open the door!" Arman Replied through phone. "Oh sorry uhmm wait…" Riddhima pushed Anjali and Muskan and rush to door.


Armaan cuts the call and smiled at her, "Good Morning." He spoke. "Good morning…" she replied and left the door ajar – "Are we leaving right now?" Riddhima asked, as she felt him behind him.


"Yes… please collect two three bottles – Atul and Rahul are asking for it – and we forgot!" Armaan said as he took bags, "Anjali and Muskan GET up!!" Arman shouted at them. "OH!! Here comes the moron!" Muskan mumbled – pushed Armaan and walk out. Anjali followed her step, slightly pushing him she walks up to car.


"Bitches!" Arman cursed them under his breath and took bags to car. He walks back inside the home to help Riddhima for left over bag and bottles. "Riddhima?? where are you going?" Armaan saw her climbing stairs again – forgot my purse and wallet and need to inform mama too!" Riddhima smiled down at him and rush up to her room.


Closing the door she rush to mirror correct her hair with shaky hands apply a transparent gloss – picking up her accessories and make up things, she stuffed it in her large bag with her wallet, glasses and all other things. Looking at her image for the last time she smiled and walks out towards her parent room.



Coming down with her half sleepy Mom, Riddhima hugged her before leaving, "Armaan do inform us – after you guy reach at the hotel." Padma said, waving at them. "Yes aunty, I will make sure someone calls you." Armaan hugged her softly and left with a good bye. Padma felt an unknown happiness that the love this guy showed, no matter how much she ignored her own child – but somewhere deep down she knew that Armaan would give her daughter all the happiness that she fail to give.


A tear formed at the corner of her eyes, feeling guilty to keep her baby away from herself but at the same time she knew her daughter has expected the fact that her parents were this way. And Padma also accepted the fact that she was okay without her daughter. It is this way…. So it is!


Making Anjali and Muskan settled at back seat with Atul and Rahul. Armaan asked Riddhima to sit in front with him. "Anjali – could you move your butt a bit their…"Atul winced. "Why don't you move your ass a bit to other side, Atul?" Anjali retorted.


Muskan, who was quite sleepy – kept her head on Rahul's shoulder and drifted off – and Rahul who was equally sleepy circled an arm around her waist and pulled her closer in his embrace.


"Wait a second… how do you know each other as far as I know, I never introduced Atul… Yet!" Armaan frowned as the car was on the road, moving at its good speed. "Yea…. Anjali?" Riddhima turned back, glaring at her.


"What?? He had come to the club; where I and Muskan use to go – from hostel at nights!" pause "so we had hanged around for a week- a year back." Anjali told, moving closer to Muskan and making space for Atul. "And Atul, What have you got to say about this?" Armaan asked.


"Nothing yaar – I went for a conference in Shimla 6 months back – I met her there… we collided basically and had fun…!" Atul closed his eyes, "FUN??" Armaan and Riddhima shouted. "Gross! You guys! Not That! Just hanging around!!" Anjali retorted


"I am telling you Riddhima – say no to Armaan! He is influencing your poor innocent brain!!" Anjali added. "Shut up!" Armaan replied, "Make me!" Anjali teased back.  "Okay, stop it and let me take a nap!" Atul frowned, pulling Anjali's thin arm – he made her fell over his chest "what are you doing…?" Anjali asked, as her eyes grew bigger. "Nothing, we have to stay close as its cold out there!" Atul spoke, smiling cheekily, as he wrapped her arm around his waist and wrapped his arm from behind on her waist.


"You are flirt!" Anjali giggled and kept her head over his chest. "You too!" pause, Atul spoke. "And we both actually like this fact about each other, right?"Atul asked, staring down at her lips as she tilted her head to look up in his eyes. "Yup, totally….!" Anjali giggled.


Riddhima was still staring at Atul and Anjali's little interaction – with dreamy eyes and a cute and a incredible sloppy smile, till Arman nudged her through his elbow "Phsss phsss!" he whispered, Riddhima turned at her – her face turned to frown "What?" she whispered, "stop staring at them – they might find it bad!" Armaan whispered. "I was just…. Looking…" she sat straight, but pulled her legs up next second. "Can I on the heater?" Riddhima asked, pulling her palm below her legs to warm them.


"Oh yes yes…"! Armaan answered and at once on the heater, smiling at her. "Why have you stopped here?" Riddhima frowned as he got out of the car without replying and walks up to Rahul side of car. Opening his door he shook Rahul, "Aye Rahul!!  Get up and go get Simran! She must be waiting!"


"Yea …. Going." He slightly pushed Muskan, making her frown, "who is simran?" Muskan asked Armaan as soon Rahul left to bring Simran... "His girl friend!" Armaan answered and walk after Rahul to get bags. Muskan sulked and digested the words, she knew – she was attracted to this Malik chap! But she was too stubborn to accept it and over the top – he has called his girlfriend too, boiling a bit, she said Riddhima that she was coming to front to share seat with her and, Riddhima said ok.


After Simran was out of her home and her bags were in bonnet, she got in beside Anjali and Rahul jumped in after her. "Where is Muskan?" Rahul asked, but quieted as he noticed her on front seat adjusting with Riddhima, "Muskan you can come back – there's enough space." Rahul spoke… but Muskan obliged to ignore him.


Armaan got in his seat, and cocked his eye brow, "What?" Muskan blasted at his expression he shuddered, and started the car, Muskan took seat with Mirror, and pushed Riddhima to Armaan side. 


"Riddhima – take this up, so I could pull the hand break down…" Armaan pushed her thigh. She got alert and pushed his hand away and pulled her leg up, he chuckled and pulled the hand break down. She brought her leg down but a bit far from his gear. Though her half thigh was on hand break portion, but he rarely needed it right now.


His constant change of gear make him brush his hand on her knee area, she tried to keep it far but Muskan constant change of position irritated Muskan but Armaan was entertain with this little scene. "Muskan I m going back…! Armaan stop the car!" Riddhima blasted, "what did I do?" Muskan frowned.


"This hand break is hurting me – I can't take it for three hours journey… Rahul make space for me!" Riddhima said, as Armaan stopped the car. "Yea, simran sit over me, baby…" he shook simran from her sleep and took her in his arms. "What yaar Rahul…" She winced but slept the next moment.


Riddhima kept a leg over her seat and jumped back between Rahul and Atul, as Atul had almost taken a sleeping Anjali in his arms too… unconsciously.  She sat in between the couple and kept her head on Rahul shoulder and went to sleep. Armaan smiled as he saw Muskan fuming in anger and saying "Moron Rahul!"


'hmm… so there starts another piece of story…'  he thought and started the car…



i don't know, if i matched up your expectation - but i want everything at it's own paceEmbarrassed - avoid mistakes, havn't checkedTongue



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AR_Sparkles 16 3619 23 April 2010 at 1:44am by MaNaLoVeKaSh

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