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Originally posted by Hello_01

Originally posted by sjain

hey r u planning to update today??????
yes but late Smile much time ..1 hour 2 hour ????

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Wish you a Bright, Happy and Prosperous New Year 2011 with God Bless...Smile

Update soon...:)


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waiting 4 n update dearSmile

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5 – Step after Step, Armaan.

It was a good start of a day for girls. They talked – talked, and talked with lots of roaming around in the city. "I am tired with this shopping. Let's go home… I need my bed." Riddhima winced again, dragging her feet to match up with her two idiotic shopaholic friends, who were few steps ahead of her – obviously ogling at shops and their random dresses hung out on statues... "OMG look at this dress…." Muskan commented to gain attention of Anjali; a statue of girl again - wearing long stain dress.

"OMG Hell that's pretty. I am buying!! It is mine!!" Anjali commented, as both of the girls viewed it from outside the glass of shop – Soon Anjali rushed in through the glass door and asked for the dress.


"Guys Please lets go – I m tired." Riddhima stood behind them, wincing as usual for the umpteenth time. "Riddhima stop being pain in my ass, and let us enjoy." Anjali commented, frowning entering another accessories shop. "Ayee pick up the shoppers properly yaar – you are almost spoiling things that are inside it." Anjali added, seeing the shoppers that Riddhima held were almost being dragged on floor.

"Hell with your shoppers! I am going! If you want to reach to my home safe and sound both off you shall follow me or else road beggar might volunteer and kidnap you, and you shall see that I don't give a damn about it!" Riddhima blasted at their faces in the middle of mall...

Both of them stood there with blank face, staring at her and the next second began to laugh like manic, "Riddhima… dear, please we have much more brains than you have! We would even seduce that beggar to save our life unlike you, who might end up being raped" Muskan teased her back, picking her purse that fell down due to all hustle.

Riddhima growled at her friends, but she in mind whole-heartedly agreed that her friends were wittier than her. She cursed herself for not learning such things from them though she had spend most of her days with them only but still she was so different – so dumb when it came to smartness... "Please guys, let's go. My feet are hurting badly – we have been roaming around the city from 9 in morning at its almost 5 in evening. Please have mercy on me, let me go – you both can come back and stay whole night in the mall. I don't care! I swear I want to go home, now…"pause, "and OMG, I need to go to washroom too" Riddhima told her friends.

"Okay… let's go Muskan; she won't let us have fun in peace. We both will come tomorrow and won't bring her." Anjali consoled Muskan who was actually as stubborn as Riddhima and wanted to stay for at least 2 more hours. But somehow tomorrow's promise made her quite.



Riddhima smiled as soon she fell on her bed and her eyes fell on her friends, settled on floor, fidgeting with shopping bags. She sighed and looks up at ceiling though she regrets going shopping today but she felt contended with the thought that her friends were here, with her for support, for the love and care she needed... She couldn't help but feel over whelmed, turning over to their side - she settled her weight on her elbow and stared at her friend

When she felt her phone vibrating, picking it up she answered, "Hello?" pause "Hi… Armaan." Riddhima replied hearing him on other line. "Today…. dinner?" Riddhima looks up at her friend as she settled on bed with crossed legs and Anjali and Muskan on her other sides.

"I will let you know in a while…ok bye." Riddhima ended the call abruptly. "What was that about?" Anjali frowned at her.


"I was thinking to consult with you two first." Riddhima frowned at her back. "What was there to consult about?" Muskan frowned deeper while sitting beside her on other side but pulled her knee up to sit in comfortable position. "Yea, you should go! He is a nice guy!" Anjali added with a secretive smile.

"What is cooking up in your dirty minds guys?" Riddhima questioned, startled at her friends calmness, last time as she remembered they reacted as if it was death or life matter!!

"Nothing, last day the way he confessed had melted our hearts" Anjali stated. "But don't forget that you need to tell him today about how he should slow down and give you some time and space!"Anjali guided her. "As I know how these guys are! They need one thing only! And you have to tell him about it!" Anjali said.

"But guys... are you okay with me going out with him?" Riddhima frowned deeper at their calmness. "Chill yaar Riddhima we are perfectly okay. Stop getting suspicious! Didn't we say that last day we did felt that he could be a nice guy! So relax! And go for it! I mean, you are soon going to get married. So get use to such unexpected plan of your prince!" Muskan commented as she swing around the room due to the music lingered in the air.

"You are acting weird! And you both are making confused! I thought you both will suggest me to cancel this date because you hate him..." Riddhima spoke her heart out. Settled on bed with cross leg and pouted lips.

"we don't hate him" both retorted and then giggled, "we both were highly excited to meet him if you remember last hostel days!" Anjali replied, making Riddhima go daze as she remembered her first encounter with Him.

"It's just me and Anjali thought that he was doing all this to make you realize that you shouldn't have said no to him. More like revenge but last day the way he confessed in front of all of us... we thought and concluded the very moment that he deserves a chance! May be he really had fallen for you.... but at the same time, he don't have to win our trust – he has to win yours... you can't always give in to moment just because he want it!" Muskan smiled making Riddhima blush as everyone in room knew that Muskan was referring to kiss that Armaan and Riddhima shared.

"Look Riddhima we are your friends – we want good for you! We care for you! And you know that! We haven't slipped out of institute – and took a month off and flied here for fun! We really were worried and thought he is doing all this to help his desires calm down.... and we just want YOU to gain more than enough trust for him before being submissive to any kiss or whatever! You getting?" Anjali placed her phone in her palm. "And now you can call him and say yes for a  date!" Anjali smiled.

Riddhima on other hand, was taking catch of everything – she really worked out her mind and thought that the kiss they shared was not per her will, he had actually dominated her and provoked her to kiss him, which now looks so wrong – but at the same time she couldn't deny the fact that her first kiss with him had evoked more sparks in her heart....

She remembered that she was going to tell her friends about her dreaming; about him on the last day in institute but at that moment a mishap happened. Coming out of her thoughts she thought to tell her friends about it before it's late. "Uhmm guys – I have something important to tell you..." Riddhima saw them staring at her blankly. "The day I left institute, I was going to tell you both something important..." Riddhima stammered not knowing how to say it.


"Yes Yes! I remember! What was it about?" pause, "those dark circles and tension that roamed in your little brain!" Muskan asked, smiling.

"Well, the day Armaan came.... it all started from that same day that I started having nightmare of his.... dominating me in any manner! I use to avoid sleeping.... I had started to have his vision while we were in middle of lecture.... I use to feel him around me! I know! It's weird! That's why I didn't told you both because I knew you would think I have gone crazy! I have lost it and all!" Riddhima babbled.

"Are you serious?" Anjali with a shock face asked. "I mean you started to like him – from the very same day?" Anjali asked sitting beside her. "I didn't state that I like him!" Riddhima frowned, "I said I had nightmares related to him..." Riddhima explained her thoughts.


"It's was not nightmare! It was you who had started to feel for him too!" Muskan jumped on the other side, "I can't believe you actually had started to feel about him..." Muskan change the topic and smiled excitedly

"I have NOT Muskan....! It's just that he is in my dreams just to increase my pain!" pause, "it does not mean liking! It's more of irritation!" Riddhima tried to explain her friends how wrong they thought

"Shut up Riddhima! We know that having dreams and some one's vision doesn't mean that you hate him – it means that you had started to develop a feeling for him, and actually are attracted towards him!" Anjali explained the other side of coin.

"No yaar... wh..." Riddhima was interrupted by her phone buzzing with a Name A in it! "whose A?" Muskan frowned, "Armaan!" Riddhima smiled and picked it up

"Place it on loud speaker..." Muskan grabbed the phone and placed it on loud speaker. "Hello?? Riddhima?" the phoned spoke, Armaan! "Hi... yes Armaan! Uhmm sorry I got late in calling you back! I was about to call you!" Riddhima grabbed words and spoke.

"Wow! You spoke a whole sentence without stammering – that's a good start!" he joked, making Muskan giggle which only made Anjali glaring at her to keep hush. "Do we have guest in this conversation?" Armaan asked, through phone...

"No No! Why are you saying so?"Riddhima badly stammered. "Oh here it comes again!" Armaan teased her on her stammering habit. "Rahul is saying 'Hi Muskan Love you...'" Armaan spoke, hearing his brother and then passing on a message. "Ayee khotta! Idiot! How dare him!" Muskan blasted!

Only to get a tight smack from Riddhima and Anjali at the same time, "Do you really have to speak up! Muskaaan!" Riddhima scolded her. "But yar - How dare that Rahul say so! I will kill him – last day he was flirting to! Moron! Malik sons are bloody morons!" Muskan got up and stomped out of room

At the same time Riddhima changed the loudspeaker, to stop herself from anymore embarrassment, "I am so sorry about it! I really am embarrassed! Sorry." Riddhima placed phone on her ear and walk out to the room gallery. Anjali smilingly, knowingly left after Muskan, to inform Padma about Riddhima's current plan and to console a sulking Muskan!

Soon enough, Riddhima joined and told her friends and mum, "I told him – I am okay with the dinner, he said he be here at 8!" Riddhima spoke while settling herself on chair for breakfast.

"Okay! I am happy that finally you both getting time to know each other" Padma smiled at her dreamingly, taking a seat too. "You know kids, when I was getting married to Riddhima's dad – I didn't even have a chance to speak to him – those rituals and traditions always made me angry! That I won't even get a chance to see or talk to a man whom I had to get married..." Padma told with faint smile.

"Wow! Really then when did you really saw uncle or talk to him first time?" Anjali linked up to conversation biting her jammed toasted bread, when Shahank joined to see all of the women having a good start of day. His eyes fell on Riddhima who was smiling at her mother conversation, looking interestingly. He felt contended – and felt that something heavy had pushed from his chest, he knew that she would cop up soon with the marriage proposal and he was happy that had started to understand and involve in this situation though he had no plans to cancel marriage as he wanted her to get married there. For two reason, first - for her beautiful future! As he knew every day there are no knocks of prince at door asking for a proposal of marriage! So he had to say yes!

And second, for the sake of his name in business world! He knew it is all around that buzz that Malik family getting a daughter of a business tycoon Gupta with a merger of one of few industry, owned by each. He knew it would be a highlighting day once the children got married!

"What are you talking about?" Shahank asked, settling down."Good Morning uncle! Aunty is about to tell us when both of you first met!" Muskan answered excitedly.

"Mom tell na!" Riddhima was irritated with the suspense! "Okay it was the first night after marriage when we actually talk!" Padma spoke out

"WHAT?" the girls shouted, "Easy girls easy!" Shahank glared at them, "it was not like today! When girls date around – and tell parents that they want to marry on their own choices!" Shahank exhaled a sigh.

"But you see Uncle, Riddhima is today's girl – but she is marrying as per your will!" Anjali butted in. "Yes, she is! She is my daughter and knows that I would always do right for her! She knows about our family honor and pride!" Shahank smiled widely at Riddhima.

Riddhima felt her heart swelling up with happiness. She couldn't feel contended with the thought that her dad had started to acknowledge the fact that she was doing this for him, them! Biting her lower lips, a tear stroked down from the corner of her eyes, a hand collapsed over hers. Riddhima look up to see it was her friend, Anjali.

Riddhima smiled at her, assumingly. "Seriously, Padma are not we proud of our daughter? She is the best daughter anyone could get! I mean, today when girls don't even care about their parents wish – our daughter is actually following our wish!!" Shahank spoke, making Padma nod in agreement.

"Thank you Riddhima, for keeping our head high up!" Shahank looks up to her, only to see Riddhima looking up in his direction, with glisten of happiness shining in her eyes. He knew her daughter needed a soothing hug, don't know what got in to him, and "come here..."he spoke softly.

Riddhima got up and walk up to him slowly, trying her best to control her tears, but it started to shed the moment she felt his strong arms around her petite figure, pressing her in his arms – he rubbed her back to make her stop crying. "Didn't I spoil your day? I am sorry! Beta!" He consoled her."No Dad.... you made my day!" Riddhima hugged him tightly, crying.



"I am nervous!" Riddhima spoke as Anjali did a light make up to her. "Don't be! Be confident and tell him what you really want! He will understand!" Anjali made her wear pear of pearl earrings. "What if he says no? About me asking about time!" Riddhima said, getting up as she pulls her dress down to straightened it up.

"Call me up! I will give him a good hand of mine!" Muskan chuckled as she commented but got a smack response from Anjali.

"Stop it Yar!" Riddhima scowled shouting. "Ab chalo. He is waiting outside!" Anjali spoke, taking Riddhima down. Riddhima sighed and stepped out of the house, "Guys – I hope you both don't get bored!! I will come soon." Riddhima hugged both and turned and walks up to him.

He stood in a normal dark jeans and a white shirt, button's opened up. She sighed and closed her eyes for a mere second, to save the moment deep in her heart. She couldn't believe that he could look such a charming man.

Biting her lips, she felt her neck and cheeks getting heated up as she felt him taking two steps towards her with an intense gaze on her. "Heyy..." he whispered, pressing his lips together, sighing – he moved his face closer to her.

She was startled as she saw him lowering his head to match her height. She moved to steps backward, with shock in her eyes, "Uhmm we are getting late... Uhmm shall we leave?"

"Uhmm.... Yea sure!" Armaan frowned, turning his back to her – he opened the door of car for her. She gulped and made herself settled on the passenger seat.

Getting in car, he drove it to the restaurant. "Riddhima do you want to say something to me?" he asked, seeing her playing with her fingers while starring down at her palm.

"Huh! Oh... Yea... vo" she closed her mouth as she saw him smirking. "Nothing..." she replied, knowing he would make fun of her!

"Ok sorry – tell me what it is?" Armaan asked, smiling assumingly. "It's nothing serious, I just wanted to talk about us..." she whispered, looking down, wishing herself to hide anyhow inside this seat. "What is it about?" he frowned. "Are you thinking of tomorrow's kiss?" he added, frowning while looking at her.

"I did say before that I need time – and this all is too fast... I want that you let me get comfortable with the fact of marriage and not force me into anything in which I am not willing to do." She said, sternly – with no feeling.

Armaan felt bad, he turned his face and look out through his door window and then looking straight on road while driving. "Do you feel... that you were forced by me last day?" he asked blankly.

"I don't know... may be... but you did provoked me..." she whispered, sighing at how difficult the environment was getting, even his presence was making her feel suffocated now. "Really?" he chuckled, and stops the car outside a restaurant. Turning to her side he moved closer to her – her eyes almost darted out...  seeing him moving closer to her, she backed and pressed her head on the glass of her door. "What are you up to?" she asked, gasping for air.

"Provoking you yet again..." he grinned and lowered his face over her – brushing his lips with hers. She closed her eyes tightly – inhaling and exhaling deep breathes... "You can't! I just told you not to do that!" Riddhima argued with panicky, as close her eye with fear.

"If you just look up – you would know how badly you are provoking me by this fragrance of yours – by this innocence of yours!" Armaan whispered, softly nibbling her lower lips – she gasped loudly, making him suck her lower lips, passionately

"Please stop...." she breathed harshly. He stopped smilingly and came out of the car to her side and led her in out of the car... "You are all red!" he teased. She sighed and lowered her head as he tangled her arm with his and gave car keys to car parking guy.


"Okay Riddhima... we really need to talk; I just did that to make you realize that it's not me provoking you! It's you who is provoking me!" he started as they settled on a table – a bit isolated from others.

"Armaan... I just need time. I told you it's all new to me. I can't cop up with it! At times, it makes me feel guilty because my heart is not working on my command...." pause, "is your heart dominated by me?" Armaan butted in.

Leaving Riddhima startled, "Nae.... no essa nae hai.... I didn't said that..." she knew he was right – he had dominated her heart by every mean!

"Riddhima you don't have to lie! I know you do feel something for me in your heart..." pause "See Riddhima – I know you need time. And as I said, I am ready to give to time.... I will maintain as much distance as much you want... but at times I do loose up the control, I can't control and I am not ashamed to declare this fact – and at times if you get to know that I went overboard you just have to remind of it... will this work...?" Armaan asked.

"Uhmm, okay.... I will try!" she responded. "Okay so end of this topic?" Armaan asked, seeing her nodding and eating with lower head he smiled and started a new topic, "how is your preparation going on for engagement?" he asked. "I don't know... I am not doing anything in particular... do I have to do anything?" she asked, gobbling her food slowly.

"I don't know! It's my first time too..." he responded chuckling. "Ok so you never had boyfriends...." he started a conversation. "No I never had one…" she replied, smiling at him. "But you had many...!" she spoke sarcastically.

"haha... Yea. Hell a lot!!" Armaan chuckled but seeing her blank face, he thought to make few things clear. "Riddhima... I don't know if you trust me right now or not... but the least I could assure you in the simplest manner is that I love you! You might find it a three letter word but believe me – your name is being called out from my heart every moment... the very first time – when you landed up in my arms – I felt.... I felt that you were my better half, you were the thing that missed in my life.... I started having vision of yours! I use to see you in front of me! I had started to have dreams about you!" pause, "at a moment I thought I have lost it! And I consulted a doctor too..." pause, he saw Riddhima staring at him, startled.

"even he said it is normal... to be attracted to girl... I thought it was merely because you rejected me – but after two weeks when I saw you going out of institute to city library – I had almost felt soo contended to see a sight of yours after 14 flattered my heart to no zeal" Armaan poured his heart...

"Talking to my best friend, Dad...! He helped me and showed me the other side of the situation!" pause "I took another week to realize that I can't live without you! I chose one of the best employee's of mine to dig out information about you.... and you see I went for the easy way of getting married to you! One thing that I was clear that you were not going to say yes to me for a date!" Armaan concluded

"Why are you telling me this now Armaan...?" she asked, "I want to tell you that I really love you and I can't think of loosing you no matter what! The thought that if someone else send a proposal to your house before me! Then? I would lose you forever! So being on the safe side – I sent my parents to your house..." he added, trying his best to justify his act, though he knew that he was forgetting the fact that Riddhima was being ignored but now he was scared to lose her.

"I know you don't love me.... but you know I will keep you happy and you may also fall in love with me... soon... we just need time to work this relation out! And I m already to do anything in making this relationship worked out! Because that's what my heart and soul wants..." Armaan spoke again...

"I don't know what to say Armaan...." She replied, cleaning her face with napkin and heard him order desert... she was tired from hearing what he wants!

"Let's just go with the flow... you need time – you get my whole life." Pause "but I just want one thing..." he added, gaining her attention, fully. "You beside me in every happiness – in every hurdle... do you promise to be there all the time... and I would give you your share of time?" he asked.

Seeing her smiling, "do I really have a option!" she giggled. "No you really don't have one" he teased. "Okay so no more confusion?" he asked eating is ice cream. "No not yet..." she retorted, "may be later!" she added.

"Heyy! No more yaar! Please... seriously what do you want me to do to get your trust? Shall I climb up the bill board and shout out loud to prove my love?" he scowled.

"May be...." she got in the rhythmic and teased him, "Riddhima ! for god sake don't test my patience!" Armaan groaned- keeping money inside the card – both walk out the resturant, teasing eachother meaningfully– it was surely a new start of their relation which had brought a changed Riddhima; a quite confused Girl giving a chance to this relation and taking a step forward.

Sorry Again for late update...


PM in morning Smile Sorry have to do other work too

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r u updating???

Big smile

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Originally posted by saniashzadi_10

r u updating???

Big smile

yes i updatedSmile

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Yayy u updated :) great part though very nice :)

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nice part..................really wanna c their progression soon........update soooonnnn........


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