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AR FF -||MY Bride||- |Link to 2nd Thread pg 155| (Page 38)

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:55pm | IP Logged
hey dear awesome and great part
love the way armaan makes ridz feel nice
i hope everything went good
love ya

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Posted: 25 December 2010 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
awesome ff
loved it
keep it up
update the next part soon
add me to ur pm list

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Hey Maha.
This part was superb. Loved the way AR talk about everything and Ridhima clearly stated her fear. I can understand getting mrd at 19 is a big job. I mean she didn't even know any men in her life  (not even her damn fatherAngry) . Arman is cool and naughty tooWink. I know he will make her happy and understand her very well. Cant wait to see AR's engmnt and mrg ahead .. And yes RM's meeting ... I hope there will be another love story tooWink

Continue soon... Happy Holidays

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Hey Maha......First of all toh Thank you so much for accepting my buddy request and sending PM to me for this partBig smile..........the update was superb yaar.....loved every bit of itThumbs Up....I can completely understand the Ridzy confusion....Waiting for  more AR momentsDay continue sooon....

Take care

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I was bored - so i typed it an early part
4 – Her Friends and Our first Kiss!

As soon Armaan stopped the car outside Riddhima's house, She was about to jump out when Armaan holds her hand through wrist. "Can get a minute with you?" He asked. "Uhmm…. Yes? What is it?" she turned and faced him, taking a sigh. "Uhmm…Girls? Could you please…?" Arman rolled his eyes as he saw both the girls settled on back seat looking at the hand Arman was holding on to."Oh well, yes why NOT!" Anjali blasted and jump off the car and Muskan did the same, closing the door hard - Which made Armaan wrinkle his nose, in annoyance. "Your Friends are annoying…." He commented.

"Did you stop me to bitch about my friends?" she frowned, at him and pulls her hand out of his hold. "Oh no, I stopped you because I needed to ask something that Will you go on date with me? Today?" he asked, smiling at her showing her best dimples.

"I don't want too…" she mumbled lowering her head. "We will get time to know each other…" he requested, pleading. "I will ask mom then..." She replied... "I will do that – you just tell me will you come?" he asked again. "Do I have an option!" pause, opening the door she slipped down the SUV. "I will be ready by 8." She faintly smiled at him and waved a hand at him.

"Okay I will see you then… Thank you." He smiled and drove off to his place."What was he saying?" Muskan jumped making Riddhima startled "Oh God Muskan you have to stop jumping up in front of me like all of sudden!" Riddhima scolded her, keeping a hand on her heart to pacify her heart beats.
"Come to the point Riddhima! If you don't want to tell us than why on the earth you called us for help! You know it was not easy for us to ask our parents to lie to Head mistress for getting us a holiday!"Anjali blasted at her at once.
"Anjali you made your parents lie – so that both of you can come here?" Riddhima asked shocked out of her wits. "Yes…. But look at you! You are hardly bothered from our presence!" Muskan spoke disappointingly and took her bags inside the house. Riddhima followed her angry friends, pouting her lips.

Riddhima notice how sweet her mom was to her friend, and she was about to arrange a separate room when, "Mom we will share… I mean they will be in my room, only." Riddhima spoke smiling at her mother.

"Oh okay… Enjoy kids."Padma turned to her Maria – the servant. "And Maria please see to it that they get what they need." Padma told the servants. "Yes Ma'am… don't worry." Maria smiled.

"Okay Riddimaa I need to leave with your dad – we be back after dinner. Do eat all of you and sleep… Don't go outside for roaming around the city! You can get your friends out tomorrow!" Padma spoke strictly. "Mom... Uhmm Arman asked me… for a dinner today… should I say him No?" Riddhima stammered.

"Oh Really!" Padma smiled. "No Riddhima you should go!" pause "After all they have asked for it. We cannot say no to them, Okay." Padma said, "I will pull out a dress for you before leaving okay."Padma walks up stairs to her room, while Riddhima took a sigh and turned to walk after her with her friends, who stood frowning.
"Guys please!" Riddhima said with annoyance. "Why is everyone after me? Please let me breathe for a second in peace! First him! Then My parents! And now look at your faces, growling at me!" Riddimaa blasted with annoyance and walks up stairs. "I don't want to go! He is forcing me into It! My heart isn't like thrilled about it!" Riddimaa babbled to her friends
"Do the honors and follow me!" she added to her friends, who quietly followed her – frowning "Was it a right decision to come here Muskan?" Anjali asked as they both walk up stairs.

Riddhima's heart beat stopped, she turned to look at her friend, Anjali. A tear shed off her eyes, "Anjali?" Riddimaa said standing right outside her door.

"What Riddhima? I have started to doubt that we were the last thing you wanted to see. I mean, you look quite happy with all this drama! Then why bother our lives." Anjali debated. Muskan quieted both of them as Padma came out with the dress.

"You will wear this dress tonight. Okay Riddhima." Padma smiled and showed it to her friends. "WOW! It is so elegant!" Muskan commented as she touched it. "Yea the white bead work in center is really beautiful." Anjali touched the stone work.

"Mom you can't be serious! I have never worn such things!" Riddimaa frowned at the dress, and especially at the deep neck shaped from front, and not to forget bare from arms and back. "Oh come on Riddhima, You have never got married before but you are getting married now. Then wearing such cloth isn't a hard task, now is it?" Anjali spoke, sarcastically.
Padma saw the stiffness – awkwardness among friends and excused herself immediately after settling things with Maria about Riddhima's going time and changing. "Anjali please understand, it's not in my hand… I can't disappoint Mom and Dad." Riddhima started after closing the door of her room, as soon her mom left the home premises...
"Then take it in your hand! Try to take the matters in your hand Riddhima." Muskan commented while placing her laptop on a study table in the room and opening it "I don't have that gut to do it! I can't…. and I don't want to do it! I want to make mom and dad happy. I want to make them proud of me. So I can win their love back." Riddhima sat on bed with her hands covering her face. "It's been years that I have been yearning for my parents love! You both always had parents who loved you both a lot… I envy you guys for getting that much love and I don't, you both will never understand how much it's important for a person! I haven't done anything that bad in my life that my own blood parents hate me! I want their love no matter how far I had to go!" Riddhima cried "and this marriage is a very small sacrifice." She added, as she began to cry with hiccups.
"Come here… we will show you something." Anjali spoke politly this time as for the first time Riddhima had told her best friends that how much she yearn for her parents; Anjali rubbed a palm over her shoulder and made her settled down in front of laptop "What do you want me to see?" Riddimaa asked frowning – crying, she turned her face around up to see Muskan stand behind her chair and smirking and Anjali loading up few pictures "What?" Riddhima asked in annoyance. "Armaan was right! You guys do annoy by this blank faces of yours!" Riddhima commented
"Oh now see. Even when he is not here – you aren't able to get over the hunk! In institute you were like – The prince is a moron, you were not interested etc etc…" Muskan taunted.
"Riddhima see this!" Anjali changed the topic and showed her some random Google pictures; which were of Armaan, holding girls (American women) in his arms, girls were mostly in bikini suit or low cut dresses. She showed Riddhima numerous pictures of his in which he was making out with a girl on couch, who hardly wore anything.
"Look at his hands! How is he snaking it around girls body!"Muskan spoke in anger. Riddimaa quickly felt disgusted when she saw him in a picture; he was kissing a girl, almost making her lay down on couch and he on top of her. "What is he? Casanova moron!" Riddimaa blasted as she got up, ragging in anger
"Exactly! That's why we are here!" Anjali stood beside her with Muskan. Riddhima heard her phone vibrate; she was highly annoyed after seeing the bunch of pictures. She picked up the phone and saw it was none other than him only! "WHAT!" she blasted as she picked the phone "LISTEN ARMAN MALIK! I HATE YOU! DON'T CALL ME AGAIN!!" Riddhima closed her phone and threw it on floor which broke in to two pieces.
"I am angry really angry – if he came in front of me. I will kill him!" Riddhima paced in room, while Muskan and Anjali settled on bed, rolling their eyes. "You know I am proud off you that you actually blasted on Prince Arman Malik!" Muskan commented and fell on bed laughing… "Indeed!" Anjali giggling
Riddhima stopped at once and turned to see Anjali smirking and Muskan laughing. Riddimaa angry face turned to a calmer face which was transferred into a fearful face "OMG!" Riddhima whispered, "Tell me this is a dream…" Riddhima whispered. Anjali chuckled, walking up to her, she pinches her lightly "what did I do Anjali….!" Riddhima cried, and rush to her broken phone. Settling on floor – she began to join the battery back inside and the top cap of mobile, praying to God for its safety.
"You will not call him back!" Anjali kneeled down in front of her, asked to just make sure. "I have to apologize! What if Dad got to know off this? OMG…. What will I do? OMG dad will be very upset with me… mom will hate me" Riddimaa cried and dialed Armaan's number which came engaged.
Muskan and Anjali looked at each other "Riddhima no one will hate you! Please stop this! Tum pagal ho gaye hou!" Muskan tried to console her, settling on floor on her side. "I don't want to lose my mom dad Muskan…. I need them! Please help me… I hope Arman is not upset with me… please Arman pick up the phone." Riddhima kept on dialing his number which was engaged.

Anjali sighed and settled on her hip, on floor with cross leg and stared at Riddhima with pain – and suffocation. "This is wrong!" Anjali said, feeling her own eyes water. "Shut up Anjali! Just quite, enough of your shit!" Muskan scolded her, and wrapped Riddhima in her arms.

Hearing a screech of cars, Riddhima shudder in fear. "OMG…. He told my parents… they are back" Riddhima got up in fear, while her friends got up to. They gulped, "Where should I hide, should I jump off the window…" Riddimaa panicked. "What should I do? What? Help me guys!" Riddhima stopped when the room door opened up with a thud.
And an angry Arman walks in with Rahul following him, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?" Armaan shouted at Riddhima, making her almost shatter – her feet twisted and she fell back on Muskan, who holds her on time from back. "I NEED AN ANSWER!" Armaan raged in anger.
Muskan frowns and pushes Riddhima to side and took the lead, "HOW THE HELL YOU SHOUT AT MY FRIEND!" Muskan shouted at the top of her peak. Maria ran, huffing puffing. "OH NO my child… please stop." She stopped Muskan, a frown and fear caressed everyone's forehead except the two, Armaan and Muskan. "I am Sorry Sir, I apologize on her behave…" Maria apologized to Maria. "Maria you can leave please… we will deal this on our own." Arman sincerely spoke to the lady-servant. "But sir…" Maria protested. "Leave Maria…" Armaan sternly spoke. "Yes Sir…" Maria looks at Riddhima who was in a daze, holding on to study table chair for support, and breathing heavily.
"And listen both of you. Don't interfere in my and Riddhima's life! Get lost!" Arman told to Muskan and Anjali. "Why should we get lost? Because we have the energy to fight and tell you how wrong you are enforcing this marriage on Riddhima." Anjali stepped in.
"It's none of your business!" Arman spoke, glaring at Anjali. Rahul frowned as this part was new to him, he thought both loved each other, anyhow he took his brothers side and spoke,
"Bhabhi can you tell us why did you cut the phone and fought with bhai on phone." Rahul walks up to her made her settled on the same chair. She cried to him, Rahul did not need any more answers his eyes had already stopped at laptop screen. Taking a sigh, he spoke "its okay… Bhabhi I understand." Rahul kept a hand on her shoulder; squeeze it in an understanding manner. "Bhai… your call!!" Rahul smirked and took laptop in his hand and brought up to Arman.
He frowned and saw the pictures that were loaded through
Google "Rahul put this away and rub of your grin before I punch you hard on that ugly face of yours." Arman pushed the laptop and walk to Riddhima who was crying.
"Riddhima…" He started just to hear her cry more loudly, he sighed and settled on knee in front of her. "I am sorry… I shouted at you, I was angry because I had called you to tell that I would be busy and won't be able to make up for the date today, keeping my phone on loud speaker. I was with bunch of people in office – they all heard it… I was quite ashamed that's why I was all charged up right now. I am sorry about it" he spoke looking up at her, still settled on knees
The three were shocked to see him on knees with his hand on her knee as she cried, "I love you – I really do. You know that right?" he asked, not getting any response he continued. "I know you hate me right now. I can't do much of justification because all the pictures are true – I was a bad boy! Very bad boy – and had done so many bad things in life that I don't even remember the count." Pause "I just want to say that it was my bitter past – I am a changed man and totally in love with you… and if you want to test me you can…. But please you can't think of leaving me. You are mine and you shall remain mine." He ended, pulling her cold fist in his hand.
"Can you forgive me?" Arman said. "Every person has a right to get a second chance. Please trust me, I will make sure – that the trust is never broken." He added, looking up with plead – request and love in his eyes for her
No response, on the other hand Anjali and Muskan were in tears with such a beautiful confess, they had thought of him to be a brute – rude idiotic prince, who was going to destroy Riddhima's life but he actually turned out  to be a romantic guy– they had seriously not expected this from Arman. Rahul's eyes fell on Muskan, "heyy" Rahul whispered to her; Muskan turned and glared at him, went and stood with Anjali. Rahul smiled and shook his head.
"I am sorry Riddhima. Please say something…" he pressed her hands and looks up at her. Her tears had dried but she still had lowered her eyes. "I promise it was past – I have stopped seeing girls after my eyes fell on you. I can't even think of touching any other girl except you. Believe me, I only wish to kiss you – make out with you…" he teased her knowing she would react.
She looks at him and pushes her hands out of his grasp, and got up – she went to her friends and stood behind them. "Oh no… yar! Your friends our quite annoying! Keep them away from this" Arman commented, at least he saw the glint of smile on her face, which means he was kind of forgiven him.
"OYE! Who do think you are!" Muskan blasted at him "Prince Armaan Malik! Don't you know!" he retorted, "Listen! Stop teasing my friend or else!" Anjali started
"Or else what? What will you three 19 years old teens do to us?"Rahul stood behind Arman and rebuked them.
"I would punch you so hard in your pit that you would be icing it all night! And ahh don't forget I can do the honor to kick you in between legs!" Muskan boldly spoke when Riddhima kept a hand on her elbow from behind "Muskan bass kar! What are you doing? If Mom found all this naa – she will kill me and you too!"
Riddhima spoke in a lowered voice.
"What are you? A nut case? Don't you have shame?" Rahul started again, knowing how scared Riddhima was but he can't help but like this curly hair girl and her sharp tongue. "Besharam Larki" he was trying to place salt on wound now, purposely.
"Seriously Riddhima, how come such girls are your friend!" Arman started, as Rahul nudged him from behind to do so. "What do you mean? At least we aren't like the bimbo's you use to roam around!" Anjali commented, frowning. All the talking was done by Anjali and Muskan while Riddhima was just worried what if her parents find out.
"Huh! You can't be one of those! You don't have the guts to be one of those!" Rahul commented. "OMG! Look whose talking!" Muskan stepped and stomped her feet on his… "Oww! You bitch!" Rahul pushed her back through shoulder and was about to hit her when Riddhima came in between and thought to end this right away "Rahul!!! Please move a side. Don't you Malik know how to respect girls?" Riddhima scolded Rahul – glaring at him, and passed an indirect comment to Arman too, who did understood it.

"Bhabhi your friend hit me right now!" Rahul frowned at her red faced Bhabhi. "So what? Girls can hit! Boys can't!" Riddhima announced, soon both girls stood behind her and said yes. Finally Riddhima took part in it and for a change thought to have fun too. Though a fear was there too of being caught right now by her mom dad but she pushed it away for a while

"Excuse me? Who says that?" Arman asked coming and standing right in front of her. "I say so…" Riddimaa boldly spoke. "Then let me tell you that it's nothing but a shit!" Arman retorted, he was amazed where this was leading too, he knew it was childish – but it was fun too.
"Okay then I dare you to hit me! Prove me that, do you have the guts to hit me Prince Malik" Riddhima challenged that left Armaan shock. Anjali and Muskan frowned and stare at Riddhima and then at Armaan. Rahul cocked his eye brow waiting for his brother to response.
"Do you want me to hit you?" Armaan confirmed. "Yes!" Riddhima spoke firmly, thinking he would never hit her – she trusted him that much and knew how much he loved her... she was surely accepting this fact of being loved by this guy "Okay… in front of everyone?" his mind worked out at speed of tripled and now he thought she was probably testing him. So he thought to tease her in response.
"You have to hit me – if you have guts, right now and right here" Riddhima frowned, seeing him smirk. "Okay… Rahul beta… move back a little…" Arman winked at his brother, who moved back immediately. He holds Riddhima's hand and pulls her in his arms, she gasped and wiggled in his hold, "Leave me… what are you doing…?" Riddimaa tried to push him away. "get ready to get hit from me" he spoke, in a hoarse voice, Riddhima gulped and look up in his eyes with the same fear that use to wander in her eyes in past. She felt his snake arm around her waist
And then there was a pin drop silence, Riddhima lost herself yet again in his eyes, the other three were just smiling while looking at them and then there was voice…...
He left her as she pushed him while whimpering in pain with her hands on her hip; Armaan and Rahul laughed their lunged out. "Kyun Riddhima? What now…?" Armaan laughed but she hid her face in Anjali's neck, and sobbed softly. Anjali pointed her hands palm at Armaan to stop because she knew Riddhima took it way to seriously. Anjali was more mature in the group of three girls, though she herself loved the way Arman teased her retorted her dare back – as she had been with guys of Arman age. And she knew something of such kind might be coming.
Armaan shook his hand and told Rahul to go out "Anjali Muskan could you guys please give us 5 minute?" Arman asked them for the first time, with request, as he knew they had lots of importance in Riddhima's life – and he was accepting this fact.

They nodded and left, Riddhima who still had her back at him – felt humiliated, "Riddhima it was joke – you need to take a back seat and look around world. Why are you always worried about one thing or the other" he softly turned her and took her in his arms.

"I hate you" she replied to him, in the best way she wanted too. "Seriously, I know that – can't you try making this relation work out?" Arman looks down at her, as he embraces her in his arms. "It will never work… we are poles apart! I would never understand your nature… I am from a very different planet for you… we can't join as one" Riddhima explained, trying to come out but she was way too tired now to respond.
"Trust me… we will join as one. I just need you to be a little bit free and open with me. Tell me that you didn't like by joke right now and I will never do it again, you need to tell me what you like and what you not and the vice versa. It's just three – four days we met. And if you give me your hand and tell me that you approve this relation and want give it a try, then I promise I will shower you so much love that you won't even notice the world around. It would be just you and me." Arman whispered, breathing on her face.
"I will try to open up with you… and talk more…" she replied, staying mum in his arms – not protesting to come out, for the first time she felt calm here and she wanted to stay, no matter what other thinks – what he thinks. She wanted to be here, because she wanted to be here – All was tangled up but now she had thought to give this relation a chance. "So you are willingly giving a chance…?"He asked for assurance. "Uhmm yes… a chance…" she replied, lowering her eyes.
He didn't let go of this – he did notice that she was not protesting, her hands were fisted and placed on his shoulders. He has placed his one hand on her back and other on her side waist. "Try now…"He tested her, smiling at her. "Uhmm… why did you spank me?" she frowned up at him as she asked openly.

He chuckled, "I couldn't slap you! You know – I love you, so this was the last thing that I did for the sake of proving that I do have guts but I don't like to hit women – you didn't like my act, I am sorry and won't repeat such ridiculous again" he whispered, rubbing his pointed nose on her cheek, making her close her eyes and moving her face backwards, but he didn't stop from moving forward and rubbing his nose on her face, both of them were lost in the moment with eyes close, when Arman turned his face and placed his lips on hers, all of a sudden.

This came to her with a sudden surprise; she wasn't really expected this. She felt daze – her head got heavy, her eyes were still closed but she didn't responded as he kept on probing her lips – smudging, smooching, sucking it… but she just stood there like a statue in his arms, as he cuddled her. "You have to kiss me back…." He replied, sucking her lower lips, pulling it out – chewing it. He left her lips and both panted for breathe.
 "You didn't kiss me back… was I not good?" he smirked down at her – holding up his breathe. "No… you were good" she replied with her eyes dazed up, she panting badly – her head swing a bit, she kept a hand over her head to shake herself. "I don't… know how to kiss." She replied rubbing her face.
Armaan smiled at her look, "OMG… Seriously Riddhima, don't faint okay…" Armaan giggled and shook her. She blushed and hid her face in his shoulder; he pulled her closer and breathed her scent – fragrance of her thick jet black hair. "You are beautiful…." He whispered, pushing her hair away, he kissed her neck, making her shiver.
He pushed her apart and placed a hand below her ear; on neck for a good grip "you will kiss me this time…" he spoke, firmly. She was about to protest – "Just do the way I do… kiss me…" he added and placed his lips on hers. Pecking it lightly, he felt her pecking his lips, he smiled and sucked her upper lips, and she copied and began to suck his lower lips.
His hand began to caress her back as he got involved in the kiss with her – Riddhima breathe hard and tried to push away herself and unconsciously she was doing what he wants her to do.

But she knew, she liked this kiss too, denying this fact and saying that he forced her would be Wrong!  At the same time, she wanted to back out but her heart was probing her to kiss him more, and mistakenly she bit his lower lips.

"OMG WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?" Muskan blasted inside the room. "HOW DARE YOU FORCE MY FRIEND INTO THIS?" Muskan rush up to him, she kept a hand on his and turned him around.

she saw his lips swollen up, especially his lower lips which had a bit of blood oozing out. "It was mutual – you can see!"Arman smirked at Riddhima's friends who were too shock.

"Bhai we need to leave… dad calling us!" Rahul said, grinning ear to ear, Arman walks out after pecking Riddhima's cheek for last time. Rahul walks up to an embarrassed Riddhima, "Bhabhi I apologize if bhai's past had hurt you a lot – but trust me, he loves you a lot. Trust me on this… I have seen the change in him… he is not same anymore."Rahul said to her, "Bhabhi…?" Rahul asked, as he was waiting for a response.
"Yes Rahul… I trust him. Don't worry. I just need more time – to accept all this." Riddhima turned her back at him as she was really ashamed of him due to her swollen lips. "Okay Bhabhi… take care." Rahul chuckled and went away after winking at Muskan.


"Guys…. Don't ask me anything okay…. He was the one who kissed first…" Riddhima rush to mirror and was shock to see her lips in a bad shape. "God Riddhima, you kissed him back? What have gotten in to you?" Anjali smirked, "Have you started to like him?" Anjali asked, out of blue.
Riddhima stopped and turn to look at Anjali with frown. "Have I?" Riddhima questioned them and herself too, feeling confused.
"You responded…. Have you started to feel something here…?"Muskan poked at her heart area. "I do feel good around him…" Riddhima confessed to her friend, "is this liking?" pause "Loving?" Riddhima asked.
"Don't go fast with him. Go slowly or you might burn yourself in his flames. Tell him that you need time and its all knew too you! Or else you never know, today he kissed tomorrow he might take you to bed!" Anjali brushed her hair while talking how boys our….

They had a huge discussion whole night as the date had got cancelled – so the girls had long time to catch up with and tell each other everything in detail. And Anjali being a bit mature on this topic helped Riddhima how to answer back at times and how to control at times and tell him not to do so or say things.



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YAYYYYYYY awwwwwwwww lalalala EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedDancingDay Dreaming

right now i m going thru all kinds of emotions LOLLOLLOLLOL

silly meLOLLOL

maha loved everthing.... thankkkkkkk youuuuClap

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hey....Smile part was so cute,romantic bhi tha.........Embarrassed she was sharing her feelingsto ARMAAN....that was awesome........Embarrassed loved their banter...and the way muski and anji talked to ARMAAN was hilariousLOL ....and they dint went for DATE....Unhappy  is ok may be in next update............... omg the KISS was...Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed..... naughty boy ARMAAN taught her how to KISSEmbarrassed Wink .... plzz plzz update soon.......Smile 

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