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AR FF -||MY Bride||- |Link to 2nd Thread pg 155| (Page 32)

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nice part i loved it can u please pm me the next part

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@preet... i m sorry, i forgot to thank you before - but its not late now tooTongue. Thanks for that Beautiful Siggi You made for Me, Knowing how much i like Kasu... Big smile I really Like it ... Thanks ALOT....I loved it Embarrassed
@ bary -swetha, yr i promise - i m updating the part the way i had thought - i havn't edited or changed my mind, swear to GodLOL.... LOLWink

@kashful - how do u write such seductive and sensous parts? LOLLOL okay, you won't believe at times i find my parts awful! i don't how do you guys like it so muchLOLLOLLOL

and LAST Time, Guys - My Name is Maha ! NOT Maya !LOL

3 – I am confused.

"huh…" she spoke, frowning at him – a try to tell how much she want to punch his face right this moment, shaking her head she turned around and walks up to door when Armaan grabs her elbow and swifts her around, his one palm landed on his waist with that he jerks her towards himself, she gasped loudly due to sudden act. Her hands fell over his chest, she pushed his frowning – wrinkling her nose as if she was terribly being forced into something she didn't wanted. "Please…" he spoke at her, pouting his lips. She heard him and saw his tongue wet his lips – licking the corner, as his eyes brushed at her luscious lips.

"Please…" she pleaded with fear, shuddering to get out of his hold, when she felt how passionate and uncontrollable his hold and eyes looked.

"Please Please" he tried again, expecting a yes. Being a prince – he had never been rejected so he expected a yes right now to. She pressed her lips together – pushing her head back, when she saw his hand moving to the back side of her figure, grabbing the centre portion of her back – her end of spinal cord, pushing her closer – her eyes spoke out at once that how much she was regretting this moment, as tears began to flow down.

His hands left her in a jerk. She also took two step back with her hands trembling a bit – she tried to clear away the tears, because her friend Anjali had always told her that crying in front of boy would always tell the boy that how weak the girl is… so being a strong woman, she tried remove those tiny tears off her face when Arman walks up to her.

"Sorry I am sorry… Forgive Me Riddhima" he stood in front of her, "I accept I went overboard I kind of lost myself – I can't tell you how strong my feelings are for you" he helplessly confessed seeing her fearful face. He felt bad, he didn't wanted her to run away from him… he wanted her to open up to him – talk to him, tell him what ever she wants. He was able to put it in words that he just wanted her to Be with him…. Shaking his head, he again apologized. "I am sorry…" he saw her rubbing her tears away. "OK promise, I won't do this again… Sorry" pause "See I hold my ears too." He hold his ears "Do you want me to do sit ups?" he added, he heard her chuckle – he smiled at her at the same moment "You know, it's a very shocking thing that a Prince of a Rajasthan asking to sit up… only if his princess wishes It." Seeing her lowering her head, with a blank expression after this sudden act of his – her behavior had changed a bit though.


Actually her behavior was fluctuating, what do expect from a 19 year old girl. She might blush when a man holds her hand – at the same time she might fear if he kisses her too. She might be afraid of this marriage but at the same time Might be looking forward to it…. Who knows what's going on in her brain because she is somewhere in the middle of Mature and immature age…


And Arman really understood it, ignoring his own pass by comment he starts to avoid any more awkwardness and promised himself not to do such things till she is willing to do so. He was about to leave the room but stayed at doors, he spoke again, "From Heart Riddhima, Sorry."


"Hmmmm." Riddhima Replied, she thought not to pull it more as it was turning out to look really useless. He had asked for forgiveness, from heart and she had decided to forget the issue… she turned to see him at door, she walks up to him with lowered hear. "I think we should go down now…" she spoke to him, as she stood at door beside him


 "Please can we talk? I know you don't love me neither like me….. But I need to talk to you…. About us" he spoke, as he saw her stopping – he walks up to her, pressing his lips together. "For a while…. Only." He added. "Even I want to talk to you too…" she replied, he nodded and both settled in the room at different corners to have a conversation.

She took a seat at one edge of bed. He smiled and stood across the room, near window. "I really like you… and I am not so bad that you are scared of me… seriously, tell me what's your problem?" he asked, politely staring at him
"It's all of a sudden…. Why me? I mean, you can get any other girl… you are prince…" she started, not herself knowing the exact reason for her disapproval for this proposal. But then her own brain worked and a thought came in her mind that the only problem she should have was study, which was handled by Arman now -  remembering her past  resolution, haven't she promised herself to go and get married to a person chose by her parents. Then why was she trying to back out or not accept him? He is her parent's favorite one. So she shouldn't be having problem, logically. Thinking about all; she almost forgot she was here to have a conversation with him…


He saw her lost in her own thoughts and he tried to break her trance, "I told you, I like you… I haven't slept peacefully after the day I led my eyes of you. I want you all for myself." He sighed, trying his best take control over his heart.


Riddhima breathed heavy, it was an unexpected response from a guy she had ever got. I mean, she had never got any sort of response from guy, her breathes tangled up together. She tried to join bit and pieces. She Tried to Look everywhere except him, who just stared at her, bluntly while sitting on a window...


"Riddhima, I know it's all new to you – it's all of a sudden for you, you are at very nave age of your phase. Believe me, I don't expect anything from you except you being beside me…and rest I assure - and I promise to keep you happy." He said, walking up to her he kneeled down in front of her while she was settled on bed, he holds her hand in her lap, by overlapping his palm over her.


She stared at their hands joined up together as one. She couldn't help but feel a good spirit bubbling up in her heart. Though it was new for her but still she felt so connected to this, Blood rising up all around her face, due to closeness. She sniffed her breathe in her back and let it out, gasping.


"You really need to work over your word things." He chuckled, falling on floor on his hips, as his knee cap hurts. She Looks up at him – letting out a giggle "I mean you don't – don't Response to me at all! Am I that scary?" he asked her, still holding her hand, as he made his hip comfortable on floor.


She giggled again – relaxing herself in her place, "No…. No...You are…Not scary." She looks down as he squeezed her hands.


"See, you are stammering… I am scary" he pouted, sounding disappointed.


"No you are not…" she joined the words together and said it, to make him feel good, least. Next second she saw him grinning and she passed a confused look to him and thought that why did she respond to him as he wants? Was she building a space for him in her heart? She gulped, as she did know she liked the attention this Man was giving her, but she was scared to what if it didn't work out?


"I…" she spoke, trying to pull her hand.


"You want to say something?" he asked, grasping her hand tightly, seeing her nod in yes "oh then I think the time to take to speak might take whole night in just completing what you want to say…" he teased.


"No I won't…." she frowned, biting her whole lower lips, he amusingly looks up at her, smiling at her innocent face yet a very cute-frowning face. "I wanted to say…that I shouldn't have thought of objection at first place because I had always thought to go for an arrange marriage, the news was all of a sudden that's  why I was reacting so immaturely – and as you are chosen by my parents and if they agree for you to be the one…. Then I can assure that no more objections from my side…. As I don't have much to say…… and..." she started, not knowing how to lead this conversation.

"Hmm, speak out all…" he encouraged her.

"I mean, I am nineteen – will turn twenty next month, and had never been in any sort of relation, not even talked to a man before till now. I am not sure I can handle such a big relation so soon. I can't withdrew from this marriage – no matter how bad or how hard I want to because I forgot that I had promise to listen to my parents wish. I just need one thing from you… and that is time…." she gulped, looking down to meet his eyes, who were at her with a calm look. 'He don't even look like a prince, just like another man of this planet.' She thought…


"miss-soon-going-to-be-twenty!" he remarked teasingly, "it's weird to know that you never came across a guy, though I did saw lots of girl sneaking out of your hostel." He chuckled… trying to change the topic to a bit lighten thing.


"Oh yes, my best friends Muskan and Anjali – also sneak out! I don't know where but some famous disco of Shimla at night hours!" she joined the conversation, happily.


"Really!" he showed enthusiasm "Then why didn't you join them?" he asked, confused why did she stuck up her life in books. "Just because I wanted to win my Parents trust!" she replied, what her heart said.


"Did you break their trust?" he frowned, still holding her hands in her lap, sighing heavily and praying for a No in response. "No…" she replied "I don't feel like talking about this…" she said, again tried to pull her hand from his grip which second to impossible, frowning as she felt him digging her life – which she didn't wanted to talk about.


"Okay…." He smiled happy to know that she was intact and a true soul. "So you didn't party at all! Never went for a date?" he asked and she replied by shaking her head in no.  "Okay did someone ever kissed you?" he grinned as he heard her eyes popping out and she sniffing her breathes in, harshly.


"Okay I get it, let your breathes out, you are not kissed!" he rolled his eyes, as her faced had replied it all – he didn't wanted to hear a no, chuckling he started again.


 "Which clearly makes sense that you haven't done s…" she pushed his hand away – harshly, making his stumble over his knee and he fell down on carpet while she ran out of the room, all red and full of embarrassment across her face. Stopping at the top of staircase – she breathed hard, rubbing her cheeks lightly from her cold palm she slowed her pace on stairs – not to make herself show how shameful she felt this moment.


Reaching at the end of the staircase, Rahul walks up to her and ask for her hands, so he could lead her to elders – lounge area. Riddhima faintly smiled and placed her hand in his, sitting beside her mom and Rahul sat beside her. Naina asked Riddhima about Arman. And she replied saying he was in washroom... Her mind was filled with air – she felt daze and uncontrollable. She had been sitting quietly beside her mother and Rahul was blabbering about his life and Arman's.


Closing her eyes for a second, she had an unexpected vision of being in his arms and she leaning over his shoulder while his hands tighten around her waist, in vision. Breathing heavily, she opened her eyes to see Rahul frowning at her. "Okay that means rude that I am talking and you are thinking to sleep?" Rahul pouted his lips. Riddhima shook her head in No, "I am sorry Rahul. My brain was occupied in something else." Riddhima replied. "Oh, so you are thinking about Arman bhai haan?" Rahul teased her, nudging her softly. "No…. Uhmm I need to go to washroom" Riddhima said to her mother. Soon Rahul called a servant, who guided her to a common washroom.


Standing in front of her a large mirror – staring her image in it, she could feel her body responding to whole situation. She was young – vulnerable, she knew it and at point was scared not to make any mistake, not to disappoint her parents. She scolded herself for disobeying her parent's choice till now. Apologizing herself, she concluded she would give to this decision of her parents as per their want no matter how much she is willing to go against it.


Opening the water tap – she threw water over her face, looking up in mirror she saw her image and the vision again on the same mirror on her left side that had Arman and her, in each other's arms. Shaking her head, she took a clean towel and softly cleaned her face by it.


Walking out she walked to lounge area to join others, sitting beside her mother again – she found Arman and Rahul settled together beside, she heard Billy, who stood up the moment Riddhima comes, "Okay so, we had decided that after a week – we arrange a grand engagement party and after 3 weeks the wedding" he announced and hugged Shahank with happiness.


"Shahank, I wouldn't get anyone better than Riddhima. She is perfect! And she is best for my stupid son." Billy laughed as he saw Arman wincing at his father.


"Billy!! Arman is best and I am really happy to get Riddhima for my son" Naina got up, "And Riddhima beta, I promise he will keep you happy too…" she made Riddhima stand up and hugged her; she drew her eyes down as she hugged Naina. Arman was staring at her, smiling till Rahul coughed, deliberately just to get a tough punch from Armaan.


Everyone exchange happiness with sweets. Arman was forced to make her eat and vice versa when Rahul placed this idea out. Riddhima being the shy material just stood with lower head and waited for what other wanted to happen. Armaan picks up a big piece of sweet and walks up to her, grinning knowing very well how she must be feeling.


For the first time he thought the way she thinks, pushing his naughty idea of stuffing the whole piece in her mouth. He broke a small piece of it. "Here…" and forwarded his hand, she opened her mouth as he makes her eat. She withdrew an inch backward; she felt her cheek circulating blood, ghastly. On other hand, Arman was all heated up with small intimacy. She took a small piece from his palm and placed it in his mouth.


He knew how hardly he kept his hands in up to him, shaking his head he whispered before turning around, "I might die with this feeling that you are creating in my soul." He kept the rest sweet back.


She gasped with an unknown sensation in her heart, at the same time that sensation had a fear – her brain worked a bit fast this time and she thought worst that he might force her in this marriage , avoiding his gaze she kept on thinking what worst she could put herself into from this marriage.


Walking behind elders for Dinner she found Arman beside her. An awkward silence passes through the duo but Rahul's ongoing comment was a pain for them. They weren't talking though they shared a ting of smile to each others.



If she thinking from the other way round, than for the first time in life she was getting someone for herself, on whom she can rely whether he wants or not, but then at the same time she thought that was this till he gets what he wants? She wasn't a kid – she knew – she had read his eyes today, how he wants to claim her, by every mean.


Thinking about her ugly past – she really was worried about future. She had always wished god for a very caring, loving husband. But the doubt that crossed her brain was…. Is Arman The ONE?


Rolling under the blanket, she could still feel his sharp gaze – intense gaze on her. What was she going to do? Did she really want this? Her heart was filled up with a new feeling and fear, but it could be because she had never interacted to man before, it could be mere attraction…


Sighing, she laid straight and looks up at ceiling. Knowing one thing that her acceptance or disapproval hardly mattered to her parents. Her heart twitched, as she had whole life cried for someone to hug her, caress her in arms. Wishing for her mom to walk in her room and embrace in a soothing hug, which could hush her fear away and show her new thought – clear her confusions and misconceptions.


She shakes her head, at her silly thought. It was silly because it had been 19 years of her life and still she wasn't expecting this fact that her parents really didn't look up to her.

Turning around she heard her phone buzz. Muskan



Standing at Airport, she couldn't believe her luck the moment Muskan called – she had been thinking that is it real? Are they really coming to see her?. Though she might have not got her parents love but she had got immense love of her friends. Seeing her crazy friends laughing and rushing out of the Airport, she smiled more, forgetting who was beside her she rushed and hugged both her friends – all three shriek with happiness.


Arman, who had accompanied her to Airport as her parents forced. He walks up to the girls, he holds their trolley "Ahem, Sorry to disturb you all but this is really embarrassing now!" he said, and walked ahead till his guards ran up to hold trolleys.


Girls quieted down at once, straightened their clothes and walk slowly behind him. Riddhima walks in centre of her two friends, "Why had you brought this stupid guy?" Muskan whispered.


"I didn't okay! Mom and Dad forced!" Riddhima frowned at Muskan.


"Why can't you just object and stand up for yourself once in a life!" Muskan spoke in an audible voice, which made Arman frown as he did heard.


"Yes Riddhima, why are you always scared of your parents? Who don't even Love you? I hope you are not adopted or anything!" Anjali spoke angrily walking ahead to the car, leaving an almost crying Riddhima back with Muskan, who circled an arm from behind on her. "You know her na! she is Anjie Yaar… come on… don't cry" Muskan was trying to sooth her


Arman turned his face back to look at Riddhima; his eyes couldn't help but notice the water developing in her eyes. He walks up to her, and spoke to Muskan, "Can you give us a minute."


"Uhmmm…Okay…" finding no gut to speak to a guy, she walk ahead to car where Anjali stood, huffing and puffing.


"Riddhima its okay… Relax." He kept a consoling arm around her shoulder. Don't know what happen to her in a mere second that she turned and hid her face in his large frame, shoulders.


He was taken back, but thought she might needed, her friend's words still hit his brain though he couldn't put his finger on it. Rubbing her back softly, he spoke softly "you want to talk?" he found her head shaking in no. "Okay may be later…" he responded, caressing her back. "We need to go, your friend's eyes might come out from shock!" she looks up at him confused - still in his arms; rubbing her own cheeks to remove her tears before the people sees her crying "actually I feel they are to shock to see you in my arms…" he spoke bluntly, still an arm around her waist


She jerked and turn to see her friends, their mouths were opened up and they were staring at her, Riddhima shook her head "Shit Shittt !" she cursed and rush to her friends, and a grinning Arman walks behind her slowly "she Likes You Arman! Now chill dude!" he talk to himself. "She is just confused…." Pause "not a bad start…." He smirked as she started explaining her friends.


"I can seriously explain!" Riddhima spoke, placing every word thickly.

"Go ahead!" Muskan still shock stared at Arman, who was coolly walking up to them

"I was unconscious!" Riddhima declared.

"THAT'S IT??" Anjali busted "GOD! I can't help this woman! Let's go Muskan!" Anjali pulled Muskan in back seat.


"Let's go…" Muskan replied…. Leaving a frowning Riddhima with pouted lips – Riddhima sighing, disappointed and confused how she could lend his shoulder for a sob. She settles in the front seat while Arman drive and Guards followed them in other car.


The journey back to Riddhima's home was a quite one. She didn't know what to explain what to tell? Her friends were finally here to help her, but now she had to tell them – that no matter if she liked him or not, she can't back out just because she want to fulfill her parent's wish.

She was confused, on one side her friends pulled her to stand – other side her parents wish, which makes her think that finally they would give her the love that she is seeking for and on other side Arman pulling her to show her his love… for her. Frowning she placed her head on glass mirror with close eyes.


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reserved...yeah i'm first..:)
now u see how eager and tempted was i to read the next part...LOL

hey Maha Tongue how r u doing..???
and now...omg... first u stopped the previous part at at wrong time where u made like they were finally gonna kiss and Ridz was convinced for the mrg..but in this part...u made our lil bride cry...Cry very bad Maha very very bad...LOL u r not supposed to make the brides cry...Wink
the part was amazing..:)Tongue luved how AR both talked about their feelings, insecurities, confusions... well in that department it was more from Ridz of courseLOL
but really nice part and i hope she doesnt back at now from the mrg..:(
but luved the part when Ridz hugs Armaan at the airport...Embarrassed
but i wonder if Ridz is really the adopted child..Shocked omg..Shocked hope not though..:)Smile
thanxx for the pm and updating such wonderful part..:)
tc and continue soon..:)
Preet <3Tongue

P.S. u r most welcome for KaSu siggi but honestly i didnt made it but did found it on mai iown though...but when i saw i remembered u instantly... Tongue

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Lovely update
cont soon

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Hi Maha How R U so cold yaar but ur ff is really a mind blowing one  cool one so Armaan want Kiss oye hoyye  how many question he ask thank god at last she shared her feelings so now AR get married easily   ohh madam confused hai  so sweet to see she feel comfortable when she hugged him Anji-Muski don't make her more confused plz continue it soon & thanks for the pm


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awesome part
riddhima is always confused soul but cant really blamed her
muski n anjie are here to hilp her hope we get some hilarious scene with armaan

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loved the part a lotSmile
wanna read whole of the story  todayLOL
plzz update soonEmbarrassed
n merry christmas

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