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Originally posted by Hello_01

Originally posted by zara-20k

w8ing for uptd.yaar
Today at night Smile

yeyyyyyyyyyyyyy we will get update todayDancingDancing.......................

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yyaaaaayyy we're gettin a update
cant wait! :)

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kab updating?? waiting?Day Dreaming

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thanks for all the lovely commentsBig smileEmbarrassed thanks alot - i appreciate the response i m gettingEmbarrassed thank uh...
12 – I always needed him!

It was their last night here in Ooty – so they all had decided to let it be a resting and relaxing day, as they would leave early morning, due to the reason of getting less traffic on road, and probably after reaching home much of work will be pending! So a day, settled at home is what was required. Anyways, it was again the hot coffee in everyone's hand and they all on floor – playing card games, though if anyone notices that the majority games Riddhima was winning anyone would call her to be a gambler, though here they were not playing it with money, it was simple win-lose game!

"Riddhima, yaar please get up and sit at couch and stop playing for a while – I am bored that you win every time!" Atul commented, "Humph! Looser!!!" she showed an L shape from her fingers at him, "OYee!" Atul glared at her, she showed tongue and laid on 3 seat couch side way, facing them, Armaan was right in front of her but his back was at her, after noticing the fact that she was right behind him, he leaned back on couch on which she was settled, "massage me, please…" he looks back at her, requesting with a cutest smile at her  - she smiled back and began to ruffle, pull, and massage his hair, "Armaan…" she whispered, in his ear, he nods his head in asking what, "take that card 3 hearts you already have 2! I am sure 4 might be in the deck! And make a new set! Your card is on hold – if you wait for the one you particularly waiting you would lose! Make a new pair of three cards that is possibly available in deck!" she whispered, while giving him a life time massage. As following Riddhima's strategy he picked a new card, a card of heart, and waited for its other card to land! "SHittt! I won!" Armaan shouted, Riddhima giggled! "I won!" he commented, turning around, he pecked her cheek. "Armaan!" she pushed him away, "I bet she helped him…" Muskan rolled her eyes, commenting. "No I didn't!" Riddhima protested, "Then why do you get a kiss?" Anjali teased, "I mean, you got a thank you gift in a special manner! That's what we are thinking!" Anjali smirks making Riddhima look down, in embarrassment.

"I didn't know you wanted a kiss Anjali!" Armaan crawled like a baby towards her, crushing the cards through his knee, on the way. "Oyyee! Stop!!!" Atul holds him and push him away, "I am allowed to kiss her only – and you Anjali have to live with my kisses all your life! No other man! Get that" Atul retort in a straight, with gush of strong feeling in his heart, Armaan cock his eye brows, "All you're Life?" Anjali's reflection of face which had always showed a tight expression of how bold she was - was turning to a calm face still poise. "Yes… All your life!" he collects the cards. "Atul?" she spoke, shock to say anything else – her eyes were still stopped on him, while he didn't dare to look up and kept on shuffling cards. The other four were staring at them, three trying to hide their smile, except Riddhima who was looking clueless with a worried look on her face. "Come over here…" Armaan whispered to Riddhima, patting his lap, she shook her head and stay where she was on couch though not laid on it anymore, "comme!" he winced, "No…" she winced back, "Pleasee…" he requested pouting his lips out. "pleassee…" she pouted her lips out more, which was beyond cuteness for him.. "aww…" he turns to face her half way, pulls her off the couch down and forces her over his laps, his arms circles around his waist, "Armaann!" she frowned all struggled for a while, but at the end softly huffed in his lap, in a defeat!!

"Come on Atul… say it! You tou blushing worst than Riddhima do!" Muskan commented! "Shut up, I am trying here okay!" Atul threw a cushion at her, Anjali was still looking at him, ignoring the world around her, she Need to know that is he that serious about her – all her life she had dated men/boys, had kissed one or two – but was never in a serious relation, she never felt the need to continue her past flicks but today she won't deny the fact that she really wished that before leaving Ooty Atul shall confess his feelings, and right now – she knew he is the one, she felt this relation much better than any in past! She had never felt the enchantment of love around anyone except him and if he really does like her than what else she could wish for?

"What are you trying to say to Anjali?" Riddhima asked, calming and blushing less in his lap, more of getting comfortable about being so close to him around friends, "I love you!" Armaan replied, kissing her cheek from behind, "Armaan, I am talking to Atul! "She pushed him back by her shoulder edge, "aree I am also replying for Atul to you!" Armaan, "He wants to say I Love you to her!" Armaan teased Atul and told Riddhima, "Shut up Armaan!" Atul looks at them, growling! "Atullll!" Anjali got up scowling even more than him and starts to walk to kitchen, when Atul pulls his weight up by getting up - holds her hand at right time and swift her in his arms, she winced softly as his fingers draped around her pettiest waist, "I love you Anjali Sharma, will you spend the rest of your life with this idiot?" Atul asked, holding her tight in his arms, staring at her passionately, "never got this much strong feeling around women Anjali that you give – today is our last day here, and soon we leaving to our respective places and soon after Armaan Riddhima wedding you might probably leave to Shimla back to your hostel – but I don't want you to go… I want you here – all your life with me! Will you be part of me for the entire life of yours?" Atul tired to get one and one together, "Yes…." She whispered, first time in her life a tear shed of her eyes, Riddhima and Muskan hadn't expected a yes, and over a top Anjali crying! But still they were happy for her,

Armaan helped Riddhima stand and got up too, Muskan and Rahul got up on their feet too from each other's side, awkwardly, still not on talking terms. "Congrats dude!" Armaan parts them and hugs Atul, "Congratulation Anjalii!" Riddhima hugged, and so did Muskan, "Now only Muskan is left in our group!" Riddhima commented, "We will match her up with Rahul!" Anjali commented back, laughing, "That is not funny!" Muskan shouted and walks in the kitchen. Rest shuddered, while Rahul looks down a bit disappointed, but still let a shudder pass through his heart and ignoring her, he heard Armaan saying something…


Calling it a night after a while, they decided to wake up again after 5 hour; so they could leave early at 6 in morning. "Riddhima… ek minute!" he stopped her, while everyone walks upstairs, smilingly.  "haan?" she asked, stopping right outside his room. "Uhmm… I wish we could share room…today also…" he passed a cheeky grin "no…Good Night!" she turned to go, when he claims her wrist and twist her towards him, and press his lips on her, smooching and pecking it lightly, she stiffed, taken aback but sudden kiss, but he felt her relaxing and about to respond, and that was the time when he pushed his lips away from hers, she frowned at him but looks down, turning crimson, "If you want… a proper kiss…" exaggerating the word 'kiss', she looks up frowning more, "you need to share room with me! Deal?" he added, "No way! And Good NIGHT!" she pushed herself from him and went upstairs huffing and puffing all the way, passing one or two loud curses to him, while he just laughed and replied a Good night to her before going into his room.


It was approximately 5:45 when bags were ready; everyone was dressed up to leave, except Riddhima. Who said she won't get up or get out of the bed till the alarm rings the bell, which was set at 6! Armaan was really irritated as the clock was ticking every minute really slow – and this is the thing he hates the most, and that is WAITING!

"Armaan, let me go!" Anjali stopped him and began to go upstairs, but Armaan was never the less he still followed her – "I will bring her Armaan! You wait!" Anjali spoke, still leading, "No… I want to come!" Armaan protested, and he did look a bit pissed off, his voice could tell it – and a fight was the last thing Anjali wanted.

"Riddhima!!!" Anjali straightly went, pulled her blanket off her face – and saw her sleeping with alarm placed on her chest with her palm possessively holding it – afraid anyone might change the time of alarm to wake her up. "Get Up Riddhima! What is all this nonsense! Armaan is waiting – everyone is waiting! Show some maturity in yourself! It's not your hostel room, where you would skip a class just because you are sleepy!" Anjali shook her bad, "StOoopp it!" Riddhima and laid on her stomach with her back facing them, and Anjali end up smacking her back hard, "Anjali…. I have a solution!" Armaan who had been smiling right from the moment he stepped in the room, he whispered something to Anjali, and she ran down giggling. He grinned, and moved closer to her, forcing one arm below her waist and other holding her legs, softly making her jump – he picked her properly in his arms, "Anjali let me sleep please!" she mumbled, and dragged her head, over his chest, smiling she clutched the alarm. Armaan walks out of the room, down the stairs, where Anjali stood with one of his jackets. "What am I doing here?" Riddhima blasted as Anjali makes her wear the jacket as Armaan holds her refraining her from any falls. "We are leaving!" Anjali replied, smiling, "chalo Chalo!" Armaan pushed her out of the house from back, "Par… mera bag…. Aur vo… yea sab…" Riddhima tried to speak when Armaan makes her sit at the front seat.


He closed the door of car, and stopped her from anymore speaking. She pulls her glass down! "I HATE YOU ALL!" She shouted. No one obliged to answer her back, and went back in to get bags and lock rooms, while she fisted her palm and waited to hit it to someone! Someone who is Most Deserving candidate! And that would be, "Armaan!" she whispered, devilishly – and waited for him!


"Riddhima yea bag….  *Punch* oouuuch!" he grabbed his nose and the small hand bag that he was passing on to Riddhima fell down, "Kya huuaa?" everyone ran, "What was that about…." He cried, it was cold and it was hurting very badly, "as you spoiled my sleep!" she commented and rolled her glass up – smirking and mentally patting her back for doing such a courageous act, "urghh! Ice pack Rahul!" Armaan cried, and Rahul ran inside the cottage to kitchen.

Getting pack Armaan just went and set on the driving seat, beside Riddhima and didn't look at her for once but right she was equally not interested. Anyways, everything was in car – cottage was locked, and soon everyone jumped in the car and the car was on road.

Riddhima had fallen asleep, as soon the car started, she was really sleepy and she didn't even got a glass of coffee or a tea nor a water – it was a bad start, she knew, but right now all she wanted was a 1 or 2 hour sleep. Everyone had fallen asleep, except Poor Armaan who was driving, with a smile, he was happy with the outcome of this trip – she had came soo close to him in this 7 days journey, she had told him that she also feels for him, they shared kiss, he was really impatient for the day when she comes to his home as his wife. Looking at her he – he found her changing her position towards him, smiling, he softly pulled a strand away from her face that was disturbing her, sighing his mind wandered on the previous moment that happen back there in Ooty flicked in his eyes.



"Are we home…?" she asked, rubbing her eyes, she stretched her legs and arms, "almost!" he replied, "do we have water…?" she asked, "yes, behind your seat, blue bag… mila?" he asked, driving while she turned back to find it, "haan…" she replied and pulled the bottle from the corner of bag. After Drinking water through it – she asked, "You want it…?" "Yea…" he holds the bottle and drinks it quickly. Passing it back to her, she closed it and kept it down. Taking a yawn – she looks out of her window. "Oh I miss Ooty!" Riddhima felt warm, as she saw home coming near, "me too…" he whispered, looking at her while she was looking outside…

Reaching Riddhima's home, Riddhima shook everyone, Armaan and Atul came out of the car and strolled girls baggage's inside the home, where Shahank was already standing – welcoming everyone inside, "Hello Uncle How are you..?" Armaan kept the bags beside door, inside. "Hello Hello…. I am all good – and all of you look very good after this trip am I right?" Shahank grinned, "Oh yes, It had been the best trip – we enjoyed a lot…." Armaan hugged him and then Padma who just came to greet them…

"Hello Papa…" Riddhima spoke, smiling, pulling the huge jacket of Armaan around her close. "Hello Riddhima…" he chuckled and took her in a side hug, "why are you still in your night suit?" Shahank asked. Riddhima felt weird but hugged him back, it wasn't usual she gets a best welcome. "Don't even ask Uncle! She wasn't even getting up! We had to pick her up – throw her in the car! And in return she punched Armaan on nose…!" Muskan blurted it all out, "Shut up Muskan!" Anjali scolded, and looks apprehensively at Shahank, who softly moves Riddhima away and looks at her, "Riddhima you should not do such stupid acts! Apologize to Armaan!" Shahank control his angry voice, but spoke firmly. "Ohh Uncle – not a big deal! We all were having fun!" Armaan was not expecting Shahank to be like this, but when he remembered Riddhima's side of story, he jumped in to save her – as he saw her smile vanishing the moment Shahank moves her away from him, "Still Armaan beta we apologize at her stupidity."Padma insisted, "Aunty its okay! I liked being punched by Riddhima!" Armaan joked, Riddhima's expression was noted by everyone, except her parent, who found their daughter wrong, and while everyone did cursed Muskan to burp it out, on first!

"Acha Chalo, Armaan beta… Rahul… come on in please, have breakfast then leave…" Shahank made space and welcomed them, "Nahi Nahi Uncle… we will come some other time…" Armaan tried to excuse… "No Armaan … we insist! Everything is already ready… please all of you come on in!" Padma spoke. Armaan thought that it was better to stay and check if Riddhima needs him though he knew Anjali and Muskan were here but right now, he felt that May be this time she expect him to be here for her… thinking of it, he passed a nod in agreement and told Rahul to lock car before coming in.

Every one followed Shahank and Padma while Armaan and Riddhima were after their friends, "Acha Riddhima sunno!" Armaan whispered, Atul, Anjali and Muskan look back them smiling and walk ahead… "Hmmm…" she smiled at her friends and stopped beside Armaan, "Tum theek hou?" he asked, standing beside her, they both are facing each other, "haan Armaan… I am happy you stayed back!" she softly holds his hand and press it softly, "Thank you…" she added, and walks ahead, Armaan smiled and walk after her to dining table, Shahank took the head seat, and Armaan took a seat beside him, while Riddhima sat far to opposite side of Shahank's head chair, rest settled randomly.

"So Armaan, Your father was saying it was more of business trip…" Shahank asked, "Yes, it was. But in free time we went at different places of Ooty. Everyone enjoyed a lot, Especially girls…!" Armaan spoke. "Riddhima tou went for boating twice! It was really fun! We all enjoyed too much!" Muskan spoke, while having her breakfast. "And did you shop Riddhima…" Padma asked, "Haan mum…" she was interrupted, "Nahi Nahi aunty! We didn't get time for shopping at all!" Armaan spoke, looking at Padma, and then softly eyeing Riddhima not to mention, she lowered her head, frowning yet confused. Padma and Shahank went through a suspicious thought but they had to let it go for the moment, due to presence of their Son-in-law!

"OH really, did you went to famous places of Ooty?" Padma asked, "Oh yes Aunty! We had gone on foots to different places of Ooty! Famous ones!" Atul stepped in, the conversation went on and on, till, Armaan got up and excused himself, "I need to go to washroom!" he said, "Riddhima, guide Armaan to the lounge Washroom!" Padma said. "Jee…" Riddhima hurriedly got up, and went up to Armaan. As soon they were few feet away, "your shopping bags are in my bag – they are not for here, once you get married and come to my home then you can take those cloths!" he teased, but he was serious about the fact. "But I want them now! I bought to wear it tomorrow or day after tomorrow!" She winced "nope! Those dresses are for my beautiful Wife, who shall be named as Mrs. Armaan Malik" he went in washroom, leaving a disappointed Riddhima.


Armaan had left with Atul and Rahul, soon after a formal good bye with everyone, though Riddhima just mumbled a bye from very far, Armaan wished to kiss and hug her before going but he knew soon tonight they were going to meet. Cards were distributed, half around the country, and few even outside. There was lot to look up to, their Engagement ceremony will be held after 5 days, and so keeping a stone at its heart he recuperated a smile to her, and went away. "Riddhima, I am really disappointed in you! You punched him? Is this a way to behave with him? Soon you are going to marry him! I won't tolerate this behavior next time! It was Armaan, who had saved you this time! I don't want this reckless behavior of yours next time. You are 19! Agreed that does not mean you prove yourself to be so dumb!! Within three weeks, you are leaving this house – going to someone else house – your name will be changed but still you will be Shahank Gupta's Daughter! And I want you to keep my dignity Alive, for heaven sake!" Shahank scolded her, while Anjali and Muskan stood behind her quietly.

Riddhima eyes shed tears, "I am sorry Papa…" she mumbled, with lowered head, "I won't do anything like… this… again…" she cried, and turned to leave. "I am NOT done yet!" he stopped her, speaking in a high pitch voice. "What else did you do around there?" Shahank asked, "Uncle…" Anjali walks ahead, "Anjali beta, you are a guest! Please be a guest! This is  personal!" Padma insulted, Anjali nodded and told Muskan, "We will take a leave than aunty…" Anjali spoke, boldly; she was not one of those who would hear any sort of bullshit. "Beta, I didn't ask you to leave! You can live here!" Padma spoke in a concern voice, "Anjali Muskan! Please go up to my room" Riddhima softly told her friends.  "Riddhima we will wait outside the house for you!" Anjali spoke in a final tone!

Muskan was confused but still picked her luggage and walk out the door, Shahank saw the door close, "Hello Atul…………." Anjali dialed,


 Shahank shuddered – he didn't care about those two, the thing he was concerned about was his reputation! Only! "Yes Riddhima! What else you did there?" Shahank spoke, standing with his arms crossed at his back. While Riddhima stood in front of him, with lowered head, "Papa, me and… Armaan… went for boating alone, and then after it with everyone… then… we all went to his industry and then we all went to famous points of Ooty and after it, we stay at home or went to restaurants…" she complied it, "and what did you all do at his work place?" Shahank asked, "We all sat in his room only Papa…" Riddhima lied, scared that he might get hold of it. "Okay! You can go to your friends! If they want to live here they can!" Shahank went away and Padma followed him, while Riddhima ran out.


"You! BOTH ARE NOT LEAVING ME!" Riddhima rubbed her cheeks, and found them settled in a car, she could visualize Armaan there, and she ran to the other side of the car, where two of the people with her friends stood, Armaan who was hiding himself behind the car, embraced her in his arms, quickly. "It's okay…" he whispered, hugging her, pressing her close to him… "Armaan… vo…" she tried to tell him, "Its okay, Riddhima hota hai - Forget it Riddhima… Just forget it okay!" he parts her away, cup her face with his palms, makes her look at him, "I love you! I will always be there for you! It's about 3 weeks hardly! I am always here for you – don't cry!" he kissed her forehead twice, "Promise me you won't cry after this…" he asked, "I will try!" she whispered hugging him hiding her face in his chest, "Soo now what?" Armaan asked, looking at Anjali and Muskan.

"I am NOT Going in that house! Junglee hain yaar vo log! I felt Riddhima was standing in some court! Telling what she had been doing in Ooty! I mean, they could have showed a little decency thinking that her friends are here in the same room – not to make her embarrass! But noo! Ruthless people! Such parents think of one thing, Fame, Money! Greedy A**h***s!!" Anjali cursed them aloud, "Anjalii!!" Armaan stopped her as Riddhima began to cry more, "bass that's all she could do! Cry Cry and some More cry! For God Sake Riddhima start to take initiative for yourself! No one is going to stand up for you!" Anjali shouted at her, as Riddhima hid herself in Armaan's arm. "Anjali enough!! That's enough! Seriously!" Armaan stopped her, angrily, hugging Riddhima tightly. "I just Request you two to please…. For Riddhima – For me… stay with her till Marriage! After it, we will arrange an apartment for you both! So you can continue your studies here!" Armaan spoke, "Yes Anjali! For your friend do it!" Atul spoke, finally, who had been trying his level best to cool her pressure, and "I am staying with Riddhima! Hell no, I am afraid to leave her alone here!" Muskan spoke, making her mind! "Par Muskan, Haven't you heard the way they talk!" Anjali protested, "It's not about them Anjali!! Riddhima NEEDs us!" pause "what part of it You don't get it!" Muskan added, "Once she is with Armaan, then we will leave the house!" Muskan spoke again, "Okay…" Anjali understood the circumstance, it was first time – that she had ignored Riddhima's point of view, "I am sorry…" Anjali mumbled and took Riddhima in a hug, pulling her away from Armaan! "Sorry…" Anjali holds her ear; Riddhima chuckled while crying pushed her hands away, "its okay…" Riddhima mumbled and hugged her. "Achaa… Riddhima, Do come at dinner at my home, my dad has invited all of you at dinner! Theek hai!" Armaan ruffled her hair, kissed her cheek "and promise me you won't cry!" He asked, "Promise…" Riddhima whispered, soon Atul and Armaan ran away, before Shahank gets hold of them.

Riddhima lead them inside the house, Padma was settled in lounge area, and she did look at them apprehensively, but turned her attention to television. "Riddhima, I am sorry I behaved like that…" Anjali apologized as soon they entered the room, "It's okay… Anjali – and I am sorry for the behavior my Parent showed to you both – I am really sorry!" Riddhima replied. "No yaar! Not your fault! Come on ek group hug!" Muskan patched the group again, and they spoke, talk shared every little detail.


At Malik house,

Armaan had excused himself and told he and Riddhima would walk around garden; everyone had finished having dinner, and was busy scheduling things, works and all after 5 days the engagement event was going to occur… Anjali and Muskan didn't came as per Shahank they weren't invited, though they swallowed the insult for Riddhima sake, and stay home though Atul had gone over there to entertain them for a while!

"Armaan…" she started as they took the seat on a white swing available in his garden, "hmmm…" he replied, wrapping an arm around her from back and pulling her closer, "Thank you…." She whispered, with close eyes as he nuzzled his nose in her hair, softly, "Kiss Liya?" he asked, for what? "For being their when I needed you…" she whispered, tilting her head to other side, opening more of her to him… but she felt him stop and making her look at him, "I will always be there when you need me…" he kissed her forehead, and stared down at her raspberry. "I love you Riddhima…" he bend down and pecked her lips softly, moving away, he holds her in his arms, "Did anything happened after it?" Armaan asked, "Nahi… we stayed in room and chatted!" she told him, keeping one of her hand beside her face on his chest, "After five day we will be engaged." Armaan changed the topic… "hmmm…" she closed her eyes and stay in his embrace that's what she always seek for and that's always she felt the need to fulfill and today her soul was thrilled and happy to find what she always needed.

"Always be with me when I need you, Armaan…" She whispered, looking up at him, "I will Riddhima… Promise." He bends down and pressed his lips together on hers. And they sealed their love with trust for each other.


Love MahaEmbarrassed


PS: those who want me too rush with the story, i just need to say, the marriage will happen soon ! but at it's own pace - rushing in story means, it will end soon - and i guess you all don't want it - so, i guess the pace i  m  already using is perfectly fine, i know you all naughty people want them to get marriedEmbarrassed, but everything happens at its good time - so wait for that moment  and enjoy with the love before MarraigeEmbarrassed!

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yay u updated i vil get back n comment n yeah m d first one. Dancing
hey d update ws superb. n no need to hurry wid d marriage n all.. i no dat will proceed to its ending. ur pace is perfect gal. i like it dis way. pre wedding mulaakats n shaitanis n arrangements though m dying to see dem as husband n wyf but still continue at dis pace only. loved d way ridzi is opening up. n felt sorry for muski n anji.. i hope ridzi's parents parents realize soon on wht dey r loosing... n yeah aww atul n anji's confession ws chooooooo cute n loved armaan's pulling ridzi in his lap. awww n ridzi punched ammy. roflLOLLOL... hate shanky padma for making ridzi cry but wht fear wen armaan is here n i loved dere promise wala seal in d endBig smile..again d part ws amazingSmile

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awwwwwwwww..... wat a lovely update....
I absoulty loved the last bit..... can relate my self to riddhima in that bit.... well we do need anybody when theres a problem....

Armaan was there for her and that made her trust him even more....

WOW.... loved the whole update



TALIAH Embarrassed

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hey maha di  (i hope i can call u that)

have been reading this ff from quite some time
nd i must say i really loved the story
sorry for being a silent reader
but now toh i could not resist
the starting in the hostel and the bonding between riddhima anjali n muski
made me miss my hostel too from where i just returned... u know maybe u may find it stupid but i had tears in my eyes as when i read about the threesome i miss my friends!! hehe
their frndship is awesome
then all the AR scenes are just great!! Clap
i loved the kicking out scene of simran!!!!! she was too much irritatingAngry
AA n RM are superb
hope RM get together soon
the day in the factory was sooo funny
riddhima kicking armaan,hehe
atul-riddhima ki bonding is cute
all in all i love your writing
so plzzzzzzzz mujhe na next part padhne ka bahut mann ho raha hai
sooooooo plzzzzzzz update soon
n if possible do PM me
thanks for listening to my bak-bak
take care

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