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AR FF -||MY Bride||- |Link to 2nd Thread pg 155| (Page 128)

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Originally posted by Hello_01

Hey guys,
i knooow uh all r waiting, but i m still riting the part -- its not even shhapped up in a proper form - i was busy shoppingConfused, but today i would stay here late - and would update by nite, but it would be late, possibly near 12 - 2 ! in night, i am sorry, to keep uh wait for 2 days - i m sorry but uh shal get the next part soon at that to todayBig smile...
Thanks for waiting, but yrr spamming mat karnaa pleaseTongue(as uh hav started it on pag, 128Tongue),LOLLOL
Love MahaEmbarrassed

Hayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee waitingDay Dreaming

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hey waiting 4 it plzzzzz do update it dearSmile

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1 baj gya Day Dreaming

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Day Dreaming

waitng fr the update....

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11 – I Love You, Armaan.

After the long lasting dinner – where Riddhima was shielded by Armaan, due to continuous teasing session applied by every single person, on every irrevelent thing!

Finally Armaan exclaimed, "Me and Riddhima outside the cottage guys!" He held her and pulls her along with him, "Armaan! No…" she tried to get herself out of his grasp and save herself from more embarrasment. "Have funn!"Atul Commented on them, whistling shamelessly. "Oh we will!" Armaan muttered, closing the door of house he left her hand, and sat down on wood stairs, "Come..." he patted the place beside him, she looks away -rolling her eye ball side way, and slowly pulling a strand behind her ear, she adjusted herself down beside him, with shyness visible in every action of her.

Riddhima looks around the place and at sky, "It's so peaceful here!" she mentioned, looking at the few lost stars twinkling in sky, "Yeaa… and you beside me makes it more peaceful!" he hold her hand, pulling it, softly under his arm and bringing it out – he caressed her fingers, bending down he softly kissed her knuckles… she trembled and pulls her hand out and entwine her hands, on her lap, looking down with shy smile plastered over her lips. "Riddhima can I ask you something?" he spoke, looking around the place but not her, "Yes…" she looks at him,  as he avoids eye contact. "Do you regret… what happened in the room?" he wanted to confirm, though this was the last thing Riddhima wanted to talk about. "Ar..maan…" she was interrupted, "Yes or no… Riddhima…" he turns to her – cups her joined hands by keeping both his palms over her hands, she breathe heavily. "No… I don't regret it!" she let it out, closing her eyes shut, but gasped aloud, as he pecked her lips, softly, "I love you…" he whispered over her lips, kissing it ratter brushing his lips over her and moving away – he saw her eyes still close and she breathing rapidly. "Armaan…." She called him, softly, as she felt his arm drawing, snaking at her back and pulling her closer to him as they sat close to each other, "hmmm…" he nuzzled his nose in her hair and dropped a kiss there. "I needed to talk…" she whispered, with close eyes – feeling contended with him being so close, cherishing the moment she open her eyes to find him looking at her – she was half falling on him, due to his arm around her back, but she had kept her entwined hands in middle to stop from the bodies to smudge as one... "I am all eared…" he whispered, rubbing his nose on her long silk jet black hair, inhaling the fragrance of it.  She twisted her head backward in order to move his face away, but he bend more over her, still nuzzling over her hair, right beside her ear… "Armaaaan!" it was more of irritation, that came out of her mouth. "yeaa….! Don't move back, that would pull me more close to you.." he commented, whispering in her ear, he kissed it lightly, moving to her lob, she scowled, "what are you? Magnet!" she retorted, "oh yess!" he grinned pecking her neck corner, "stop it… please… I need to talk..!" she pushed him away, by keeping her hands on his chest. "Ohhkay!" he made her sit straight, while he just holds her one hand in his hand and stare's at her. "Anjali… said, you should know about this…" She started, rolling her eyes to opposite side of where he sat, he frowned at her distant act – she had slightly created a space between the two, "about what?" pause, "About your old affairs, believe me Nott interested!" he commented, "but then only you said you don't have one!" pause, he bit his nail as he put his thinking cap, "that means you lied! You lied!"

Riddhima turned her head at him frowning at him, her head has numerous wrinkles as he kept on chanting all sort of nonsense, "will you shut up?" she asked, "uhmm… yea." He pulled out his lips up from one corner, trying to be embarrassed though the cheekiness that his smile displayed made Riddhima's heart go away, least he did mumble a sorry and then told her to continue.

"I wanted to tell you something about me… today… After… you know…" pause, pulling a strand behind her ear, she tried to make him relate to the sweet confession which was still not a Proper one-confession. "Oye Hoye..." He smiled, looking at her with the best smile he could give, with a sigh. "Armaan… before you it was always Muskan and Anjali…" she tried to put one and one together, "I had been sent to boarding when I was hardly 5 years… My parents are workaholic – both! They really Enjoy going to parties – functions either business or personal. I…. I was never allowed to come home…" she wandered her face eyeing the garden that was in front of the cottage, he frowned at her last statement. "Mom and Dad use to send a hand full cash every month! To my caretaker, till I was 13 after it the money was in my hand…. But I was never allowed to come back!" pause, a tear prickled out of her eyes, brushing down her eyes – she was embarrassed as he quietly removed it with his thumb and kissed her forehead by taking her in a side embrace. "They do love me… I know, but its just – I was not allowed to come back in till you sent a proposal to my house – I was given a very luxury life, with a good quality of education and great friends – everything was and is perfect – but the parent factor misses in my past – they never came to meet me nor I was asked to come back, in summer holidays – the management keeps summer activities which unwillingly I had to take as Muskan and Anjali use to go back to their houses…" she sighed, keeping her hand on his chest and on her hand she kept her head, while his arm soothed her back constantly. "I knew I was not welcome in their life – I knew this from a very small age, I cried till 13 – but after it I was stone, I never thought over it – but today I accept it that they don't need me…. And now I don't care…" she let out of soft sob…

"I never wanted to mention this – and spoil the moment, as you are too happy… today but I needed to tell you about my past – Anjali said, It is important for you to know everything about me. And now except this – you know everything about me…"she ended, as she calmly rested on his chest, he was quite – he didn't knew how to react – how to console her heart, he knew it would have been difficult for; he had cursed her parents a million times as he felt her tears soaking his shirt in middle of her story. Though he remain quite in order to make her say it all in one go… he wanted her heart to cry all for once as he didn't wanted her to cry over her parents after today…

Some kids accept that their parents are dead so they are dead! Some leave their child at orphanage – as they don't wanted, so they know they are unwanted child, and Thinking of Riddhima he was confused, why? Why were they so heartless, ruthless parents – was Riddhima even their child? If not then why would they adopt one? And if they wanted to adopt one why would they again throw the child away to a hostel… It was complicated and he wanted to know this from her parents – but right now he wanted her to Happy again!!
"Riddhima, I am happy you trust me enough to share this sensitive part of your life. And I am happy you are moving on, I promise…" he moves her away, cup one side of her face; with his palm and makes her look at him "I Promise to love you so much that you won't even remember them nor Anjali neither Muskan!" he joked, "and after Marriage tou Rahul and Atul will be out of question too! It would be just you and me and we both locked up in our Room!" he grinned goofily.

"Armaaaaaaaan!!!" she scowled at his cheapest statement ever! Moving his hand off her face, she began to hit him, "You are soo disgusting!" she hit him his chest, arm. "Ouch… Riddhima… what was so disgusting – I was being so polite and consoling you and yoouu mean girl…" he holds her hand in air, and accusingly commented. "Leave my hands Armaan! Here I was so serious and you just thing about all the crap in the world!" she complained, wincing as he still hold her wrist in air and her palm were rolled up in fist. "Aree – see I like you more with a frown, not with tears… and in tears you won't even laugh – so the best thing was to irritate and make you angry – and see…. I did it!" he smirked; turning her both fisted arms behind her back and pulled her body close to him. "ahh Armaan! What are you doing! Leave my hands!" she winced more and troubled him badly as he tried to hold her lips under his. "Riddhima… I need a kiss…" he whispered, frowning at her. "I don't want to give!" she retorted, frowning badly. "But what about me?" he made a small puppy face, "no..." she remarked.  "Please…" he begged, "only a small one…" he added, perking his lips out, "ok…." She whispered, closing her eyes, she waited for him to pleasure her with his lips…

Moments went by but she didn't felt his lips over her, frowning a little – she opens her eyes to find him looking at her, his arms still around her, holding her hands at her own back, his face was hardly an inch or 2 away. She could even feel his breathe on her skin and so could he. "Why not for a change, you kiss me…." He answers to her not-even-asked-question. "Ah… Armaan… I need to go… leave me!" she lowered her eyes, heat rising up in her neck – she couldn't hold back the gush of flow that circulated around her veins and perfectly displayed up at her cheeks. "Why is it so hard Riddhima…?" he teased, jerking her in her place, which made her look up at him, frowning, "fine… I can't wait…" he placed his lips on her, her heart started to beat louder, and breathe began to gush out from of her lips, Armaan looked at her once as his lips still over her, smiling as he notices that she was waiting for him to go on with the kiss but he softly moved his one hand off her back to hold her face in it and he lovingly, rubbed the corner of her lips with his thumb, "I love you…." He whispers, the nervousness yet a willingness that her expression holds made him give out his heart to her, though his heart was only hers – when he felt her one free hand fist his shirt right over the place of his heart, a new enhance of Love over powered both, and soon he placed his lips on her mumbling another I love you, as he pressed his lips together on hers, smooching it, perking each of her rose in between his manly lips, he bent over her, steadily... her eyes were still closed, while his other hand was still locking her one hand  at back, and through it he pulled her even more closer, making her chest brush his manly chest, both shivered with the extent, their hearts began to race even faster, as they began to feel each other heart tangling up together. The night and its ruthless wind did no good to their desires that was increasing with every smooch or suck they made on each other's lips. Riddhima let out moan, as Armaan unconscious lip brought her lower lips between his teeth; unhappily he parted his lips from her, and kiss her lower lips to remove the  blood oozing out. "Sorry… got carried away…" he whispered right over her lips… her eyes were still shut and her lips were parted away from each other, as he was busy breathing in and out, "I love you…" she whispered, falling her head down on his chest, his heart started to pump more and swelling up as he heard her, it was first time she had told him how she felt, his eyes softly prickled a tear, pulling her closer by waist , he pulled her up and made her settled in his lap and hid his face in her long jet black hair, brushing off his tears in it he her breathes, while she heard his – both were inhaling and exhaling, heavily while enjoying the closeness of each other, after the kiss, Riddhima hadn't looked up once, but stay in his arms with close eyes.

"Don't you think – I did correct by bringing you on this never ending trip?" he asked, pushing her head away, "we have to leave in two days!" she replied, looking at him. He was astonished to find; her whole face, almost red!! "OMG, Look at you Riddhima! It was just a kiss that had left such a color over you!" he smiled, loudly. And pecked her forehead and both cheeks, she lowered her eyes, and keeps her hands over his shoulder for support as she felt his legs moving right below her.

"After Two days, we have so much to look up too!" he sighed, looking at his phone buzzing an alarm, "Its 12 at night!" she stated, shockingly. "yeaa… time just flew away nahi?" he commented, making her stand – he stood up too. "hmmm…" she starts to walk beside him as they stepped inside the house, "I guess everyone went to sleep… and we should also call it a night…" he stops at his door – kissing her forehead, he mumbled a goodnight and she reciprocated a reply with a smile to him.

Reaching up in her room, she was shock to see Muskan and Anjali sleeping with open arms and leg all over the bed, leaving not even a single space for her. Staring at the couch, she frowned as first it was a two seater couch, not her size, and second it has filled suitcases over it. Sighing walks in the washroom to change in to a more comfortable cloth.

Walking out of the room, closing the door behind her softly, making sure not spoil their sleeps, she walks down stairs, wearing a knee length tight white pajama and a light grey loose shirt, that was coming down to her thigh and had a very irregular shape which made her look a bit shabby, but still damn cute and adorable yet to sexy for a guy to handle! Lol.

Reaching out for a three seater couch, she settled at centre and softly lies over the couch straightly with her head gone deep into a corner and her leg straight pulling up on the arm of couch; keeping the shawl over knee she pulls it all the way up to her neck and closes her eyes for the dreams to come which she was lasting to vision! Smiling softly she fell into sleep due to tiredness either mentally or physically. Though she was a bit uncomfortable but the whole fun at factory and then games with friends, those lovely moments with Armaan had worn out the poor soul…. Drifting in her memories she waited for yet another beautiful day to rise with new glints of happiness in her life.



As the sky changes it colors and night passes on to Morning, Riddhima smiles as the cold wind entered the room, making her face tingle a bit and she changed her position and turned around, her hand landed over a warm texture, she felt as if she felt wandered her hand over it, smilingly, she wrapped it in a hug and pulled the quilt over her properly. Smiling more she nuzzled her nose at the fluffy thing that touched her nose, feeling the itch on her nose, she nuzzled her nose on it more, believing it too be a fluffy pillow.

"s.t…op it…" she heard, frowning she felt the fluffy pillow and the warm texture thing moving away from her, she pushed herelf after it hugging it tightly she tried to hide her face in THAT pillow, smiling again, she wrapped her leg over it. "Riddhima…!" she heard her name – making her shock, she felt those things changing the position, almost throwing her on bed with them on top, "what are you up to Madam?hands over my back and in my hairs from back?" her eye shot open as she saw him, ARMAAN on top of her, his legs bending over her knee, that were placed on the other side of her thighs. "ahhhhhh…. Uhmmm uhmmmmm!" her shouted was stopped by Armaan, who kept his hand over her mouth, "Have you lost it!!" he scolded her bending over her a little – glaring at her, her eyes were almost out with shock and his were equally matching her, "uhmmmmmmmm!" she tried to speak, and glared at him and used her hands to pull away his hand, "Promise not to shout!" he asked, tightening his old "phhhummmmmmm!" she glared more and hit his arm, harmfully, "say it naa!" he frowned at her, "uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" she tried to tell him that his stupid hand was stopping her from speaking, "oh hehee sorry" he passed a coy smile, "Cough ! Armaan!" she angrily looked at him, "KYaa..?" he asked in same tone but with a smile, "What are you doing in my BED?" she glared at him, trying to push him away, but he stood over her in a doggy style, with his palm straightly over bed for support below her arm pit, "actually this is my room!" he grinned down at her, kissing her forehead, "and between Good Morning!" he lowered his face and kissed her cheek, "Stop it!!" she smacked his  arm, "how did I come here?" she frowned and pushed him up to his place and created distance between the two, "I took you in my arms and brought you here!" he replied, getting up from bed, he helped her sit on bed, with her feet's touching the carpet.

"oh I remember, I fell asleep….", she started, "On couch," he replied, interrupting her, "can I ask why were you on couch?" he walks to the wardrobe, but turns to look at her with his arms over other side of his waist, softly cocking his one eye brow up, "uhmm…" she looks down, noticing the fact that He is Not wearing a thing called shirt and was roaming around the room in front of her in a three quarter. "What? Speak up!" he frowned and starts to walk up to her, "Armaan! Wear a shirt first…. We will talk later!" she stated and almost getting up from bed, she ran like a kid, but he ran after her and holds her even before she could open a door, "Oye… hoyeee…." He commented, pushing her on back on a wall beside door. He pressed his lips together on hers, his eyes were closed for the first time, as he deepened the kiss, holding her hands, he kept it on the other side of his waist, he found her hands trembling but never the less he removes the distance and moves his body closer to her almost grinding her in wall, he felt her chest falling up due to intensity of moment, her eyes were shirt as he kept on pushing his body over her. "I love… you…" he whispered.

"I love you too much…" he parts away, and kisses her near her throat and at nap, "Armaaan…." She let out a loud moan with her hand travelling rather snaking – touching his muscles softly all the way up till she reached his nap at back – rubbing his hair, she felt his teeth pleasuring at that is when she cried, out with pleasure and with intensity…

"I am sorry to hurt you…. He smooched her nap, where he bit her, leaving a love bite, she was gasping with every wet kiss. Parting away he stares at her, her hands lingered over his nap, her knee's has gone weak, "you are…. Crazy…" she commented hugging him, feeling his muscles tightening as she ran her arms around his arms around his waist. She was astonish to find that her movement did left an effect on him, never the less – feeling less shyness, she circled a her arms around him, "you have to live with this crazy person and his crazy behavior all your life madam," he hugged her back, hiding her in his arms, "I would change this crazy person into a decent man in matter of days!" she gave a witty comment, "Oye hoyee Riddhima, not bad – not bad at ALL!" he moves her away and looks down at her with impressive look. "Thank you…" she let out a giggle and her eyes fell at his ever so perfect chest, "uhhmm.." she looks side way, "wear shirt please…" she added, "oh why? Your hands are on my waist – so no need to cover it anymore," he moved closer, grinning down at her. "Armaan please naa…." She tried to push him away, keeping her hands over his chest.

"What will I get – if I wear a shirt…" he played his move, "oh no… please, let me go – if anyone saw me naa, tou it will be really embarrassing…" she looks at wall watch, "OH My God, any one might have got up by noW!" she tried get out of his hold.

"Okay – fine go…!" he pushed her away, opening the door he saw, Atul and Anjali standing there with a very big smile, "oh Good Morn… never mind – I can see it was really good!" Anjali commented, eyeing him from head to toe, and then gave an improving look to Riddhima, "wow, you look sexy!" Anjali spoke, and straightly went in the room and sat on bed, Riddhima gulped and passed her a nervous smile, she closed her eyes and prepared herself for scold and embarrassment both she wished the floor could open and she could push herself deep in it as Atul entered, whistling all up to himself.

"Okay, it's not like what you two think!" Armaan saw them settled on bed with cross legs and Armaan and Riddhima facing them, "actually four!" Atul said, telling Armaan to look behind, Armaan closes his eyes as he saw Muskan and Rahul stepping in, smirking at the two poor soul. "Guys, stop acting like stupid not so good detective!" Armaan walks to wardrobe and wears a random white tee shirt; on it was written I am straight! "yea right! We could even hear you too smooching Armaan, it was audible right outside at lounge!" Atul commented.

"Oh shut up! Did I ever tell you how you and Anjali smooch all around the house?" Armaan retorted they fell silent as they heard a soft sob, turning their attention they saw Riddhima's hand covering her face as she softly sob. "Riddhima…" Armaan walks up to her, but as she heard her name – she turns and runs out of the room, Armaan ran after her, as she ran upstairs – he was just a foot away, when she closed her door right on his face!

"RIDDHIMA!" he banged the door, "Riddhima… open the door please!" he lowered his voice as he heard her cry a bit audibly. Everyone had ran after her, when Atul pushed Armaan away and plugged an extra key in the door and open it, it was Anjali who walks in and hugged a crying Riddhima, who sat on bed while crying, "I am sorry… sweetheart, we were just kidding – I am sorry…." Anjali rubbed her back, soothing her, calming her down but soon Riddhima rolled her arms around Anjali, and sobbed under her head, "I won't do anything like this again… I am sorry…" she mumbled.

Armaan frowned and sat down on carpet beside her leg and kept a hand over her knee. "Riddhima look at me…" Anjali parts her away, and makes her look at her, "you DID NOT do anything wrong! You getting me? You didn't do anything wrong sweetheart. Okay…" Anjali asked, Riddhima just lowered her eyes, "oye my princess, I love you friend Anjali so we kiss too! You two love each other so you two kiss too! Riddhima don't stress yourself – and we are sorry, to spoil such a perfect morning of you two love bird. "You forgive us Riddhima?" Muskan asked, ruffling her hair, "I am sorry…" Riddhima mumbled…

"You didn't do anything Wrong Riddhima!" Anjali lunged out loudly, which make Riddhima listen to her properly. "It's a Normal thing to kiss your loved ones! And he is going to get engaged to you after a week! GoD!! We were joking! What parts of you get from it?" Anjali got up, scolding her bad enough.

"Anjali…. Guys, can you give us a minute?" Armaan stepped in, "yeaa… we all are out!" Atul took an angry Anjali out, while other two followed them out closing a door. "Hey… do you love me?" he asked, cupping her face and making her look at him, she nodded her head in yes, "say it!" he commanded, as he wanted to know – his own heart was at stake was if she steps back, but he was soo wrong, "I love you, Armaan, I really Love you…Armaan" she jumped and wrapped her arms around his neck, "I love you too Riddhima… and please don't regret what we did – it's just a way of speaking out about our love for each other…" he kissed her neck, and pulled her in his lap, "what if mom and dad finds out Armaan…?" she parts away, still all teary… "We won't tell them Riddhima! It's our little secret…" he rubs her tears and sucks few of the fresh ones, making her gasp. "What if, other tells them…" she spoke, still unsure.

"WE WON'T TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT - RIDDHIMA!!" she heard them shouting from outside, "ALL OF YOU ARE PIGS! GuyS! EAR DROPPING! SHIT WITH YOU ALL !! GET LOSTTT!" Armaan shouted back at his friends. Riddhima hid her face in his neck, embarrassed yet again but the smile was over her lips this time, "you don't cry when people tease you over your finance Riddhima..!" he added as he heard all of them going down stairs, "should I fight with them?" she asked, still her face near his neck, with close eyes, and he softly rocking her in his lap, "no… we tease them in return to make their mouth shirt – like I mentioned About Atul and Anjali, You should have seen their faces!" Armaan giggled, "Anjali would never feel a glint of embarrassment! She is very bold!"Riddhima parted, giggling.

"She was Riddhima, okay next time when we get caught and then they catch us – then do see okay!" he smirked, jerking her closer. "There is never going to be next time!" she commented, slapping his cheek, lovingly, "oye hoyee!" he kissed her palm, from which she slapped, "this is the three time in a day you repeated that word!" she lowered her eyes, pointing out the fact. "and see yet again you are blushing just like the first time, he pecked her lips, but she pushed him away as he was getting daze in her, "oyee!" he commented as she jumped off his lap and ran to washroom. she laughed and closed the washroom door over his face, "I will get hold of you next Time Riddhima!!" he banged washroom door just to hear her laugh in return, as he rubbed his nose, feeling the door hardly closed over his nose! "oww.." he mumbled and began to walk out of the room!


its more like a filler to the story - as uh all needed a partTongue - sorry if uh don't find it much to your expectationOuch i did my best, lets see Smile

PM will be sent in morning Embarrassed sorrryyyyyyy


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yay i m 1stDancing
the part was awesome ,cute, romantic, superb ,amazing ............ClapStar
one of the best part till now Big smile
the way u portrayed riddhima's character so nave, sweet just loved it Tongue
AR moment was out of the world just perfectEmbarrassed
hats of to uClap
continue soonSmile

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the part was amaazing.....

luved the AR scenes
continue soon

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YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY yipeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy

cute one mahaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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