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AR FF -||MY Bride||- |Link to 2nd Thread pg 155| (Page 110)

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hw is humari maha k mood today??SmileSmile
tk cr

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r u goin to update 2nite??

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Originally posted by kash_arsh

hw is humari maha k mood today??SmileSmile
tk cr
Very much better, LOL thanks for the concern sweetheartEmbarrassed - i m almost at the end of the part - and uh shall get an update between 1 or 2 hours for sure!! Embarrassed
Originally posted by saniashzadi

r u goin to update 2nite??

yes probably, after an hour/ or 2!! Smile

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will b waitng ....Big smile

coz nw em in bad mood and need argent distraction....LOL

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yaaay we r going to get an update today .... looking forward to it.... 

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from the time i have seen u online i m just refreshing the page again and again.... as i cant wait to read the update n to be the first one to comment on it 

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10-Knotted up in Emotions.

It was pitch black outside the cottage, and there was no sign of this Man, Riddhima felt really weird in calling and asking about his whereabouts. I mean she isn't his wife, yet!! So she didn't felt the need to ask and on top she didn't wanted him to think that she being bossy here! So letting it be, she pursued her attention to the card games with everyone, it was kind of unexpected to find out that all of them knew how to play, black queen – flash, and other games! Though Riddhima was much more interested in other games like board games! But all in all, she did what others said!

"Where is Armaan? Isn't he coming?" Anjali asked, looking into her cards, as they all settled in front of the Television in lounge on carpet, by pushing away the centre glass table. Riddhima's attention was taken when Atul began to answer, "He might be late…"he was interrupted, "How much late?" Riddhima asked, trying not to be much serious or furious either. "Don't know… call him na!" Atul wrinkled his nose and concentrated on the cards being thrown or taken. "Why can't you call him?" Riddhima frowned at Atul. "Why can't you? Are you scared?" Atul retorted, after the comfortableness grew between them in industrial area – they had built this talking-zone more promptly in the rest of the day, and now they had got more into teasing session – on the name of Arman and Anjali, respectively. Atul being shameless would accept and throw more witty retorts to her while she would remain mum when he would get out of reach or end up smacking him up, while Anjali, who kept saying that Atul and Riddhima were acting like kids and on per Riddhima's pressure, they both ended up calling Anjali 'a boring Aunty', that was heights for Anjali she had stopped talking to them till; she found them on knees asking for her forgiveness. They all were having blast but somewhere deep in Riddhima's heart, she knew if He was here she would have been enjoying a bit more! But nevertheless, she had a very good day around them…

"Yea Right! Me and Scared and that to off that Prince! In your Dreams!" she twisted her tongue out at him. "So you aren't scared of Armaan!" Atul asked, in a final tone. "Nope! Not even a bit!" she replied placing her game, "I won!!!!!" she exclaimed, "Show everyone!" Riddhima wriggled in her position as she showed her 13 cards game in an order! "Oh shit yrr! She won 3rd time in a row! And Muskan is to be blamed for this they use to play this stupid game whole Night! And Muskan was her mentor!!" Anjali collected everyone's card, shuffling it – she heard Rahul – as he wanted to tell one of his college story, which had taken Muskan's attention too while on other end, Atul and Riddhima leaned their back on couch behind them, still settled on floor. "So you not scared of your soon-to-be-husband?" he asked, edging her totally. "Why are you asking it again and again?" Riddhima frowned at him, "I want to confirm before proceeding!" Atul grinned at her, "Okay proceed!!" she smiled straighten her back and straightening her legs straight on floor.

"as soon, the bell rings, you walk to open it – kiss him, where ever you want, I prefer cheek would be less embarrassing, and then say 'hey honey, How are you' and give him a side hug, and take his bag and bring him in like a true wife!" Atul smartly talk to her, trying best not to make anyone hear it – so they all could enjoy the show with shock faces. "YOU!" she almost shouted, "must be joking!" she lowered her voice and muttered to him. "it's as true as your existence." He replied, "No way, I wouldn't do that!" she crossed her arms on chest. "Then it is settled that you are scared of him!" he retorted back and asked for cards from Anjali, who passed it while listen to Rahul with concentration. "But that is not even connecting Atul, I mean, you should dare me in such a manner that would prove that I am not scared of him!" she pointed out, pulling her knee up.

"well yea you got a point here, then let's take it like this; as soon, the bell rings, you walk to open it – kiss him, where ever you want, again, I prefer cheek as it would be less embarrassing, and then say 'hey honey, How are you' and the change is that  after how r you, you would say, 'why are you late' which won't be in a sweet manner – aggressive, full of anger – frustration that a typical wife faces! And then not letting him come in, you would tell him if he wants to come in then he has to do ten sit up! Now isn't this much more fun? And more daring? Little sis!" he grinned at her, as she had dropped her jaw a bit, which he closed it with his finger, Her eyes popped out more as the bell ring.

"NO ONE will open the door, except Riddhima!" Atul shouts, stopping the servants, his voice so clear that Armaan on the other side could even hear it – and knew something fishy was going to happen.

"Are you serious?" she asked, getting up on her feet. "Never before!" he spoke, smiling at her. "What is going on Atul?" Anjali asked. "I dared her something – you all must see…!" Atul gossiped the three. They chuckled and looked at her how slow she was walking to the doors.


Armaan just passed a nervous smile down at her, bringing his feet close to each other, afraid that she might kick him where she shouldn't, she passed him a nervous smile, and walks a step closer to him, he twist his eye brows and looks at her every little action specifically. "uhmm…" he grunted, as he saw her getting up to his level on her toes, kissing his cheek, "Hey..." she whispered, missing out the awkward word 'Honey'

Armaan relaxed, smiling happily he stepped forwards with utter confusion but never the less he bend down and kissed her cheek to smiling goofily – he tried to step in when Riddhima pulls her leg out and keeps her hands on both side of door! He frowned, 'oh gosh more to come – I am worried' he thought, gulping. "WHY ARE YOU LATE!" she shouted, Armaan stumbled a step back.

The four got up – hiding their smiles they stood at a far distance right behind Riddhima just to have a good look of Armaan. Who looked horrified, more of scared now? "Uhmm – had… inspection … work … machine... Stopped and then…" he stumbled as he saw her hands on waist and her feet tip toeing floor, like a Hitler. "I don't want any excuse – you will be punished!" she frowned and at him, "10 sit ups!!" she added, "Excuse me!" Armaan frowned, getting back his sense, what the heck!!! Why am I dancing on this 19-year-old-girl's-finger!! And what the heck! Why am I stammering! And Fu*k I won't do sit up's! Shit what's happening! "Move!" he retorted. She gulped. "No! First you have to…" she was interrupted when he softly moved her arm away to step in with a smile. And he did step in, frowning at the four, who stood holding their grins high.

Riddhima stood where she was, with a pout on her lips and stares at his back angrily. Raising her leg – she felt like kicking him again, and she was perfectly going to aim it, when she was about to; his sixth sense worked and he turned to her, "Riddhima!" he glared at her and then at her raised leg. "hheehee" she laughed and pulls her leg down, "my knee was hurting I was just bending it up and then down…" she tried to cover it.

"What is happening to all of you? Have you all lost it! Or have you all  got yourself drunk?? Especially you Riddhima! What is all with the kicks? Mind you one more time and you going get a kick from my side! I won't think twice before doing so – so don't!!!" he pointed his finger at her as he stepped closer to her with every word, "I am sorry…" she lowered her head, seeing his eyes boiling up in rage, she was now feeling awkward – embarrassed, she felt such an idiot and immature person right now – she felt he was So right that she was such a kid at times, but then only people says that everyone should keep a child alive in their soul to have a pure soul… hearing him talk she shook her head from thinking stupid! and stood there with a head lowered, he turns to four, "And Atul tell me what was all this right now? Why do I feel you are influencing her!!I mean, from morning I am noticing you two sticking up like bee and playing pranks on every living being you pass through! Is this a way? I mean, you are quite much elder here to others, in order to stop them you get involved and play pranks over my workers? What if they take it seriously and end up going on strikes! You know due to this fun you all having can cause so much pressure over us! So much trouble over us! And Rahul, were you here to learn how to do inspection and check over work – or drool over games with immature pile?? And Atul? Didn't you needed to check over some guy background??? Seriously, had enough of you all!!" he shouted and stormed in the room.

He had been tired of all the work and over top cleaning up over the mess they had been creating and over the top they were spoiling his angel Riddhima which he didn't wanted, he liked his shy sweet loving caring sweetheart Riddhima, what was all with the kicks? He questioned, and stepped in the washroom.

"I guess, his dam has finally broken – its better we get in our control before he kicks us all out on road!" Atul announced walking to a scared Riddhima. "Let it go, sis, you are exceptional – he would never throw you out!" he joked, circled her shoulder. She bit her lower lips as he took her along with him for one-on-one game of cards, she agreed, while other three went in kitchen to look up to food.

Muskan had stopped talking to Rahul, as if he didn't exist at all – though she had been with him in his injured condition, but now it was not the same as it looked like. She had fairly, rightfully ignored him – though he would talk to her, stay around her – while she would reply without emotion – sleeping over in his room, was an accident on her part – but giving him night snack was he, who had come in her room and shook her from her sleep for it – and now the whole day, he had been talking to her – to ask for a forgiveness, though he hadn't said 'I am sorry' Muskan, not even once. And she being the daughter of a Punjab jhatt – won't let it go so easily. And Rahul had expected this, but somewhere he himself was shock that why he couldn't utter a typical word sorry – that would surely melt her heart, everyone heart do melt!!

Anyways, in kitchen, he tried his best to make her feel good through his existence but there was a frown over her head and here he was a bit confidence that it was because of him being in the same room. "Rahul, Stop eating from the salad, I have just finished making it!" she shouted at him, he threw the half eaten carrot on table and went out with last glares at her which she promptly passed back to him.

"Should I go and apologize?" she asked Atul, as they played game. "If you want to… then go!" he smirked, not looking at her. "Reply me straightly!" she frowned at him.

"Think about devil – devil appears!" Atul loudly commented, as Armaan walks out of the room in knee length shots of commando color and a black lose shirt. "That's the last thing I want you two thinking about me! And creating one more plan against me!" Armaan smacked Atul's head from behind as he settled down on couch, while Riddhima and Atul sat on floor.

"Armaan… we were joking! Why are you getting so stiff – I thought you were enough sporty to take such sort of joke, but seriously you act worst than a child!" Atul taunted, in a teasing manner, Rahul came angrily out of kitchen and sat down beside Riddhima, and tried to help her but she glared at him, "Rahul!! Stay away – you are almost telling him my game!" she scolded him, elbowing him. "Oucch! Yaar, I am soo fed up! Everyone is soo rude to me!" Rahul confessed as his heart got heavy and swelled up with loneliness.

"Yea just the same as you had been rude to Muskan!!" Atul commented, cocking his left eye brow while his eyes stuck in his cards, when Riddhima jumped, "show!! I wonnnnn Again!" Riddhima placed her cards down and showed him her game. "Shit yaar I lose again! Riddhima you are a gem here ehh!"

"Yeaa! I know…" she giggled, mixing cards and shuffling it, "I want to play too!" Rahul said, as after Atul's comment he felt guiltiness swelling up in his heart up to his throat. He needed to distract his mind or else he might die in this guilt.

"I am too tired…!" Riddhima got up and sat on a single couch and looks at the Television on which Armaan was concentrating! "News channel… eww!" she muttered, and hung her head over the couch. As she heard, a melody from Television when Armaan changed channels, she couldn't help say, "Once upon a Time! Film aarahi hai!!" she exclaimed, walking up to him – she snatched remote, but he snatched back. "NO!" he glared at her, "Areee! Give me that!" she came forward to take it – when he turned his arm behind his back, hiding remote. "give me the remote!!!" she whined, bending over him, she lost a grip on one of her knee and fell straight on him, his one hand went over her back to make her stable but he moved back leaning on couch, "ATULLL Help!" she shouted as Armaan leaned back with Riddhima on top him – "aye aye Captain!" Atul kept the cards down, Rahul stood up too...

Smartly Atul moved a hand from the little space between Armaan and couch, "chod remote!" Atul commented as he tried to pull the remote out of Armaan's grip. "Riddhima!! bhai is ticklish!" Rahul rebuked, "Kameeno! Mera dost hou ya Riddhima ka!" he commented wincing, to get out of their hold Riddhima who laid straight on him with her legs attached together, and her toes touching the ground, she kept her arms on his chest to pull herself up, when his arm around her waist got tight.  She looks down at him, frowning, she saw a smirk plastered over his lips, she moved her arms down to his waist side's and began to tickle him, "Fu*k" he jerked. She didn't stopped and kept on tickling him till he left the remote that Atul got –

"Riddhima stop!" he winced, holding her wrist he turned her around and threw her on the rest of the couch away from him and he himself stood up, heaving for breathe! While she rolled in giggles laid on couch, "OH MY God! That was sooo fun!" she commented, she looks up at the guys staring at her and chuckling while Armaan did chuckle but at the same time kept on moving his hands on his waist side to ease the pain."You! Rahul…" Armaan went and punched his stomach as he tried to hold back his laugh but burst up, "Sorry bhai… ouch!" Rahul huffed after being beaten up by Armaan... Atul was flipping channel back as he loved that movie. "I found it!" he commented as he sat down on the couch where Riddhima laid, but got up and sat straight beside him to watch the movie. Armaan frowned at the two and went at sat on the other side of Riddhima, Rahul sat on the single couch, taking heavy breathes.

"What's so good about this movie?" Armaan asked, looking at her, as she paid attention to it. "shhhuhhhh!" she moved a hand in air – in his direction as she saw the dark, handsome guy placing a filmy dialogue to a petite girl, dressing in a saree – with a style of 70's… Soon Muskan and Anjali joined, and saw everyone busy watching movie while Armaan sat their frowning at Riddhima, side way. Anjali chuckled, as tip his arms. Armaan looks at Anjali, who cock her eyebrow in action to ask, what happen?

Armaan called her closer with a nod, she brought her face closer, so that Armaan could tell her the problem, "Your friend is a pain – she like that actor more than me – here I am available for the romance and she is busy passing a dreamy smile to that dimwit!" Armaan whispered to Anjali, who giggled as she twisted her head to look at Riddhima and softly laughed at the dreamy face of Riddhima.

Jesus! This girl is really a nave! Anjali thought and told the Problem to Muskan who sat beside her on two seater couch. "Uhmm Riddhima, Yaar I forgot the torch in Armaan's room bring it!" Anjali winked at Armaan before saying it, Armaan's eyes popped out with sparkle and excitement.

"I aint going! Muskan you go!" Riddhima wrinkled her nose and concentrated on movie; keeping her arms on her knees, she entwined her fingers and kept it under her chin, staring right at the T.v!

"Riddhima I am tired, at least do something!"  Muskan commented at her laziness. "Urghhh!" Riddhima groaned and went to Armaan's room. "Thanks guys, you really are great – even more than these two idiot!" Armaan hit Atul on his head as he ran up to his room, after Riddhima went in!

"Oyee Teri tou!!" Atul tried to go after him when Anjali stopped him, "you are not going in that room, in fact no is! They had not even sat and talk properly whole day – as You Mr. Atul joshi was stuck up with Riddhima like UHu glue! So let them stay there!" Anjali sat beside him and put his arm around her from back, "yeaa. Riddhima is such a sweetheart!" Atul commented pulling Anjali closer to him, she stared at her while cocking her eye up, "she is more of little sister Anjali!" he rolled his eyes, in excretion. "But she is full on a masti girl – I like this Riddhima more, in starting she was so uptight! All shy!" he commented. "Yeaa…. Even I felt so – when she had first time come to my house – she was even scared of bhai!!" Rahul spoke, "I know! She called us – and asks for help as she wanted to come out of this marriage!" pause, "but not now…! She had started to like him; Riddhima is a very nave person! And except me and Muskan, she never made friends! She had always tried to be a good daughter rather you say, a perfect daughter, to win her parents heart…" Anjali was interrupted, and the film was last forgotten.

"Win? Did she done anything to lose?" Rahul crossed questioned, "I don't think we should be telling this as it's her personal thing!" Anjali quivered in her place, "we won't tell her!" Rahul rebuked, "Her parents don't love her!" Muskan jumped in the conversation

"What rubbish!" Atul frowned, pulling his arm out from Anjali's back "Yea… they don't Atul – from past 19 years, her parents were so busy that wasn't even allowed to come home in 19 years!" Anjali replied. "I still Remember, we were probably 5 or 6 years old when I last saw her parents, they never came or not allowed her to come – they had a very busy life in which they partied had fun! But Riddhima was never a part of it! Anyway let's not get into it – by accepting Armaan as their choice she has started to get the lost love of her parent, though as much as you find it rubbish the truth is it is as real as it is! We have been with her and today if we are here and left our studies in middle for her is holds the solo reason that she needs her friend as she never found friends in her parents!" Anjali ended,

"But she looks happy now!" Atul compelled, "Yeaa she is happy – she is accepting what world is giving her Atul! She is still working over this relation – so you stop sticking to her and let her be more with Armaan!" Muskan rolled her eyes, trying her best to end the topic.

"But if we look at it from the other corner, I feel Riddhima is more of forced in here!" Rahul frowned at Muskan, "even if she is – she has accepted it just to get her parents back!" Anjali replied, "But does Armaan know – that she doesn't love him as much as he does?" Atul asked frowning at the truth came up to him – he knew Armaan had told him this – but he wanted to know everything. "Yes – the day Armaan and his family came to ask her for marriage proposal Riddhima told him and after it again and again – finally they both settled on giving this relation a chance." Anjali replied.

"Oh…. So should we help them?" Rahul asked, "No… let them do it on their own!" Anjali smiled at Rahul. "This torch was all part of your act to send her in room and then Armaan after her!" Atul grinned getting Anjali back in her arms, as in discussion he had withdrew his arm of her.

"Yea, well YouR friend complained me – how you two idiot brought her attention to a film!" pause "she can watch films at home too! Here let her be more with Armaan!" Anjali replied, leaning over Atul's chest as she raised the volume of film

"we are so intelligent enough, Nahi? Watching film plus romancing too!" Atul commented kissing her forehead "Yea Right!" Anjali replied, sarcastically, "No let me watch!" Anjali added. Muskan and Rahul sat on the opposite sides but kept on passing silent stares to each other while watching the film.

While as this was happening here, on other side, Riddhima had stepped in the room, looking at the torch, finding it near the study table, she let out few cruses for ruining her film as she took hold of the torch and turned around, she let out a gasp to find his manly lips right in front of her eyes, her eyes grew big, "Ar…maan…" She spelled out his name, quivering at his sudden presence.


His gaze fixed upon her so strongly that she felt he could see through her eyes and visualize what is going on in her mind right now! He took the torch from her hand and threw it on the bed behind him. "We haven't talked at all… whole day…" he said in a dark, seductive, passionate voice. He steps closer to her while she moves back, arching her back on the study-table behind her and they both stare deep into each other's eyes. Lowering her eyes due to shyness she first felt a light kiss on her cheek and then he trails his lips slowly down to the cheek bone, moving to the ear lobe, she gasped, as he had actually found out,  already that it was very sensitive point to kiss and every time he would kiss her  near ear or her lobes, she would end up groaning… the touch of his lips was ever so lightly on her skin today – he wasn't imposing his lips on her skin, he was just brushing it all over the places, and due his light touch of lips, she was letting out soft  breathes which he could feel on his skin; as he spell her name out in a hoarse voice - he heard her responding to it, by letting out his name with a moan, her hands were holding the table for support as his hand laid softly at her waist and her head inclined up a bit!

She was burning in his passion, desire and he could feel it by her parted lips, as she stood with close eyes. Without thinking twist, he adjusted her face, by holding her chin softly, he kept his lips on hers, and this kiss was stronger than anything they had ever shared in the past encounters. It was more like a dream, as they both willing kissed each other, for her it sure was like a dream except this time she was finally living it with open heart.


From the moment she had met him in hostel, she had dreamed about this, the difference is in past she had called it to be Nightmares and Now it was a heavenly dream that anyone would dream off. She couldn't even remember the count of this dream after they had clashed in hostel!!

Though it was just a normal kiss, only a kiss, but for her it was worth an experience as she tastes the enchantment of his love. Though the bubble had started to form in her heart of Love – but still she wasn't going to say it aloud, either it is a case of shyness or matter of teasing the lover!

"I love you" he said to her huskily kissing her neck, descending down to her jaw and caressing her soft skin of her waist, though over the shirt, not under! The shirt was etching his hand palms, but he knew it would be too fast to do that! He couldn't stop touching her. "I love you a lot!!" he rasped again, acknowledging the fact that she was into the moment too! He could feel her shivering hands clutching the shirt, at the waist sides.

She pushed away from him slightly and looks up into his eyes from a second as he stare back with intensity, seeing his eyes burning for her, she lowers her eyes and breathe heavily… she was at a point that had left her breathless, though he himself was breathless, but she was nearly unable to stand anymore. "You have never confessed your feelings for me… should I take it as you don't love me?" he whispered, "Nahi… it's not… like this…" she whispered, afraid and nervous of what to say and how to say!

"Do you feel something when I am so close to you." He whispered, moving closer to her, as his hand went up to cup the side of her face. Her eyes closed down automatically and he leaned down to her. "Yes…" she replied, tilting her head a bit to prompt her lips up and softly pouting her lips, puckering it out! She hadn't realized, but now as she stood in front of him as she felt his hand on her, she just realized that she had always wanted to be caressed and loved by someone in an anonymous way! And somewhere deep in her heart she was waiting for someone to come and leave her daze with desires and passion of Love! For so long, this feeling that every girl feels, the one that she had kept deep in her heart – locked up, was now opening up and now she could feel it being released. This simple desire that was now slowly swelling up her heart, and shouting out loudly that she had fallen for him, badly enough!!…she wanted to do this, and now, she was getting her chance. It didn't matter they had friends outside, or that they were standing in his room. It didn't matter that she was nave and he was a true heartthrob-full of experience. This is what she actually needed, a partner who could love her the most, that she could even forget that her parents didn't loved her and now when she had got what she desired for, she made a resolution in her heart that she would not back out, but don't know why her heart stopped her not to confess her true feeling right now! Armaan knew she was on the thinking business but he needed one more kiss, just one more!!  He just couldn't get enough of her not yet! Not yet at all! "I… need to go…" she finally settled to let the confession be in her heart for one more day or two, but Armaan stopped her when he lowered his lips to her. It was barely a kiss; he put light pressure against her parted lips, as he slowly brushes his over hers. Riddhima made a small noise; it sounded much like a whimper to him, she moved her hands to his chest, as she tried to push him apart –she was already breathless from first – she didn't knew if she could take 2nd without fainting, but he promptly clutched her hands to his chest.

Still holding her hands, he parted away, keeping her forehead over hers, he heard and felt her breathes – her chest was walking all way up and then going down with a thud! He leaned back looking at her rosy face; he placed another kiss on her lips – more of a peck before speaking. "You… need to stop this…or I will…" she said, gasping, breaking her face away from his, taking her hands out of his grasp, she clutched table behind her for support, his hand moving towards her hands,  gently touching her outer side of hands locking it on table, as he leaned into her. His finger brushed against her hand and he felt her in taking breathe. He leaned in slightly a bit more, brushing her body with her, his breath whispering against her skin. "Or?"

She wanted to come up with a smart - witty response, something that would show him that she was getting annoyed but she wasn't!!! they both actually knew how much they both were enjoying this particular intimacy after staying away for a whole day, he would have accepted the fact of missing her rather he had actually accepted the fact but Riddhima – she felt it was too early to open up her feeling to him. However her brain if she even wanted to this proximity was too much of a distraction and all her senses were out of control now, Riddhima whispered, "I don't know…" not even knowing what he was saying and what she was replying.

Armaan sighed, his hands moving up her arms slowly, noting the length of her arms, as he caressed it. At the back of his mind, a voice was telling him that he shouldn't be doing this. He shouldn't be touching her, not now at least. He had to ignore his feelings, the desires that flared up inside him – desirable every time he saw her every time he stood so close to her. Armaan leaned closer dumping his whole body over her, his face inches away from hers. Her eyes were lowered and he softly placed a kiss on her cheek. When she didn't raise her eyes to look at his - he kissed her again on cheek, slowly dragging his lips over her cheek, dangerously close to her parted lips. "Look at me... He whispered his voice throbbing, heavenly. "Riddhima…" ending it on her name passionately.

No matter how hard she tried her voice was lost, she could gather words to speak, and finally not able to resist his advances. She looks up at him, her heart clenched at the sight of passionate green eyes. His mouth crashed into hers and Riddhima found herself intake breathes at the feel of his lips pressing across hers. Her mouth still open as his tongue traced the line of her lips, Riddhima felt the fire of him burning her soul yet it felt so good!

His hands went to either side of her face, gently holding onto her cheek bone and feeling her delicate skin, Armaan found himself move closer to her, like there was any more space between the two! This was what he wanted, this is what they needed, he had accepted though she was lagging behind!

Breaking apart, Armaan swallowed when he felt Riddhima's hands, which had been gripping onto his shoulders; move down his chest, snaking around his waist as she kept her head on his chest, breathing heavily as she leaned over him for support, her eyes still shut!. He had realized that they were standing, pressed up against at table behind her, in his room but she was still dizzy to realize it! She was intoxicated by his love! She couldn't deny the fact that right now she felt that she finally found home – his arms were her home, she would wish to die in it, but she wasn't going to say it! Not yet!

Instead of feeling guilty  and pushing himself away as he made a promise to give her as much space as she want  he didn't even regret the moment between the two, and why should he! He loved her – he had yearned to this from the day he saw her! And he knew somewhere she might end up hate him for doing this! But leaving it all at a side of mid, he just traced his finger across her lips, staring into her eyes, watching for a change that would tell she didn't want this to happen right now!!.

Riddhima stared at him, her mind racing really fast; trying to figure out how should she react to whole situation? His arm dropped to her shoulder and then slowly wrapped up around her small frame. Pulling her against his chest, Armaan sighed with happiness as he felt her clutch onto him. "I want you. I need you I love you Riddhima and this fact will never change. I won't let it change! I am sorry if you regret this – but I don't Riddhima, if you don't want this just tell me I won't do it again, but please just for my sake don't leave me – I won't do it again, I promise just don't leave me I love you a lot…."Armaan confessed yet again, stroked her hair with his free hand, reassuringly pressing light kisses on her head and accepting her presence in his heart!


Slowly taking his arm away from her waist, Armaan waited for her reply, "Is it early if I say I love you…" she whispered in his chest, she thought he was the best person to talk! No Anjali! No Muskan! This time – it's just Him and She! She needs to pull out her insecurities and tell him her emotions and feeling that he held for her. He parted slightly, and looks up at her, with tears circling inside his eyes, "Repeat IT!" he commended more off! "Is it early…." She was interrupted; she shyly lowered her eyes as he said, "Just the three words!"

"I Love you…." She whispered as he circled both arms around her with a swelling forming up in his chest, "I had never thought you would say it till we turn 50!" he joked, as she smacked his chest, "say it Again!" he spoke, looking down at her."Bass! Okay… record it and keep on hearing it then!" she frowned and pushed his arm away! "You so badly know how to destroy the romantic moment!" he frowned down at her, "but still recording isn't the bad option though!" he grinned, "Let me go now!" she pushed, and walks up to door, "par record tou kardo!" he walks after her – "Armaan please!" she blushed as everyone turned to her

"My torch?" Anjali grinned at pinkish Riddhima! "Anjali forget the torch – I have news!" Armaan walks up to everyone "Armaan NO!" Riddhima stopped him, "OMG! Don't tell me Riddhima is Pregnant!" Atul commented, while everyone rolled off the couch with laugh "OH MY God! Atul…. That was hilarious one!" Muskan patted his back while holding her stomach

"HA ah! That was not even close to funny! She Said I love you to me" Armaan smiled widely at his friends, "Armaan!!" she smacked him from back and ran in kitchen. "WowW! Really Riddhima?" Anjali passed a side hug to Armaan and ran after her in kitchen and Muskan followed her steps. "I need to celebrate this day!" Armaan Hugged Atul, who softly and happily patted his back, as he hugged him, "Congrats Bhai!!" Rahul came forward and hugged him! 


"Did you really?" Anjali asked, "I just said, "Is it early if I say I love you…" she replied, "and then he said repeat just the three words, I did…" she blushed "Idiot you do love him right?" Anjali smacked her forehead, as she tried to confirm, "I do feel enchanted by his name – if you ask me …. What is love…? I would say Armaan!" she hugged Anjali as she boldly spoke to her; she wished she could talk to him like that, but time would do that too…

"OMG! Our sweetheart is really in love Anjali!" Muskan hugged both, "Yeaa! The nerdy girl of her gang fell in love finally!" Anjali commented and Riddhima hit both of them for laughing! "ok ok no more fight! What else you did in room? Kiss tou kiya hoga haan!" Muskan asked, "Muskaaannn!!" Riddhima whined. "Bata Na Riddhima – hum SA kya sharam!" Anjali forced!! Promising them to discuss at sleeping hour, Riddhima began to drink water due to thirst – and soon they all settled for dinner...


I wanted this part from long time - i hope i was able to plot it nicely, hope you all like it....


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OH GOD !!!!    that was one of ur best parts till date...... wow... wow .... wow

wat a really beautiful and sensuous confession.... it was just out of the world...... amazingly mind blowing or i would say mind blasting.....




the way to wrote the whole thing was just to beautiful n i can say that i did see every scene.... u made me see all  that .... WOW.......

Out of the world..... 

Thanku for the beautiful update....... it was worth the wait and i can tell that ur mood good as well..

i want to request that plzz make riddhima tell all the truth abt her past  to Armaan becoz i really want to read how he cares for her after that..... he has the right to know that all now....

Love ya loadssssssssss 
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