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waitingggggggggggggg BlushingBlushingDay Dreaming

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hey Maha...

at wat time u r goin to update???

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Originally posted by Hello_01


waiting 4 it ............update it plzzzzzzzzzSmile

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Making Rahul eat his food, Muskan didn't dare look up in his eyes, she sat beside him on bed, and took care of his needs, on the other hand he didn't dare to speak to her too – a fear that she might storm out of the room, which was the last thing he wanted. Finishing up with food, she cleaned up the things and walks out of the room quietly, leaving a guilty Rahul behind. He made himself comfortable on bed once again, and looks up at the ceiling, shots of previous situation blinking in his eyes.

Soon after a while Armaan and Atul walk in, "How are you?" Armaan asked, settling near his feet, "I am good bhai… don't worry." Rahul replied, looking downwards. "Why did you go for a race anyway?" Atul asked, pulling a chair from study table and settling on beside Armaan. "I was angry… simran suggested a bike race – and I said just said okay…" he told, acknowledging his mistake.

"Do you realize you could have lost your life…?" Armaan spoke, gravely. "I never wanted to do – the morning scene and Simran's pressure lead me into it…! And I am sorry!" Rahul rubbed his forehead, as it began to hurt. "I am sorry? That's all you got to say? You are sorry?" Armaan blasted, getting up.

"What if you had died in that accident?" Armaan added, when Riddhima Muskan and Anjali walked in, "I didn't die OKAY!" Rahul lowered himself on bed more and massaged his head, due to pain.

"Armaan! Stop it! He isn't that well!" Atul stopped him and to this Armaan walks out of the room, Riddhima, who tried to go after him but he made his way out of the house quite fast. "Atul Armaan left the place and went out!" Riddhima informed, "Don't worry – he will be around soon…" Atul sat beside Rahul on bed, and softly explained him what he has done, was wrong and explained that believing on girl like simran was so wrong.
Muskan and Atul had stayed back in room, while Anjali and Riddhima stayed downstairs as Riddhima got call from her mom; ending up the call by giving her mom good headlines of the following trip, she relax when Anjali asked, "Riddhima – you like Armaan?"  "Yes… I do like him." Riddhima replied, blushing, looking on the other side, while Anjali hugged her in an understanding manner, "Don't think much… go with flow…." Anjali said, flipping the channel to a cartoon channel
"Did you tell Armaan, about your parent behavior with you?" Anjali questioned, eyeing Television. "Do I have too, I guess he must have notice how distant my family is from me – but haven't you notice a change in their behavior Anjali? I mean, there solely business was to provide as much facility I want – at my hostel! They never tend to come – but they always sent money, before I even needed just because I don't have to make calls. And today, they are calling me asking me how the trip is going? I guess by accepting this marriage with Armaan had made my parents get close to like never before – I just wish, they realize how much I need them. How much their small calls makes me feel that I have someone out there waiting for me…" Riddhima told Anjali.
"I know Riddhima, I have been noticing your parents too – that day, uncle hugged you and said you are one of the best daughter – who had gone on the path that they set for you. I am happy at least now they are showing up the love or whatever, and that had brought some glow on your face, either it is your parents love or Arman's!" Anjali joked.
"Anjaalii!! Riddhima smacked her and scowled, "whaat!" Anjali giggled. "Okay so, call Armaan! Where is he?" Anjali added, changing the topic. "Atul said, he will be around here…" Riddhima reprimanded. "Atul is mad! You call him; he must need someone beside him!" Anjali forced her to call. "Okay okay… wait," Riddhima smiled as she dialed his mobile by hers.
"He cuts it!" Riddhima frowned and looks at Anjali, disapprovingly. "Call him again, and make him straight that he can't do that!" Anjali forced her to call him again, "Yea… he can't do this to his soon to be fianc right?" Riddhima dialed, but looks at Anjali for approval. "Absolutely, that's like my girl." Anjali patted her shoulder, with a grin.
"Hello, Mr. Armaan Malik, whosoever you are! You CAN NOT cut my call! Okay!" she spoke with authority, "Yes you better be sorry!" Riddhima replied after hearing him apologies on other end, Riddhima let out a giggle along with Anjali, and targeted next question, "When will you come back? Everyone is asking about you!" she said, "Okay… No… Yes, Rahul is okay and he is taking rest for now…" she replied to his question, "Okay byee." She cuts the call, as she heard him copping some nonsense in end; according to her but as per others it was proving his love for her. "What was so hurry to cut the phone…?" Anjali joked, "He was saying nonsense!" Riddhima gave a cheeky smile while flipping channels. "Oh I love you Riddhima, muaahhh muaahhh muaahhh muaahhh!" Anjali mimicked Armaan.

"Anjaaaalii!!" Riddhima smacked her again and again, "Ouch Riddhima… chod! Pagal! Ouch ahahahhah" Anjali tried push her apart. Beating her black and blue, not letting a chance to tickle her or either smack her.


"Aree what's happening down here?" Atul smiled walking down the stairs. "Riddhima had lost it Atul, save me!" Anjali laughed trying to push Riddhima off her, while Riddhima had landed on top of her and was hitting her, "Riddhima leave her, and you both might get hurt…" Atul laughed, as he walks in the kitchen. Finally, after hearing Anjali apologizes she let her go…

Riddhima breathed heavily – straightening her hair she walks in kitchen for water.


Reaching home, Armaan saw Rahul coming down with the help of Atul – he thought to volunteer himself for help, but then the morning insult had really upset him; he coldly, without giving another look to anyone walks in his room.

 "I can't believe, when we can on the stupid light why are you making me search it from torch!"Anjali winced looking through a drawer and then the other, "Because by torch we get the feeling of detective and with open lights we don't feel anything!"Riddhima replied smartly, crawling over bed to reach to other side of the bed where Anjali was busy, "I am tired." Riddhima added, "Can we please on the lights now and take what we want and rush before he comes…" Anjali started to walk to plus when door opens and he saw two people with torch in his room. "What's happening?" Armaan frowned, "Ahhhhh!" both shouted, "Ayee Stop shouting!!" he glared at them, opening a yellow light that was fixed up on roof, "what are you both doing in my room! You robbers!" Armaan joked.

"Wo… Wo Riddhima will tell you – I need to go…" Anjali stumbled over one of his bag as she rushed out – "Ahh – I will be back in a minute…" Riddhima rushed after Anjali facing the door while Armaan's back faced the door; when, his arm came across her way and stopped her keeping an arm around her abdomen and pushed her in the room, while his leg kicked the door close. "Tell me now? What were you to digging up?" he kissed her ear, from behind, "N…nothing at all…" she stammered, and tried to push his hand off her abdomen. "Don't lie! I heard you to searching for something… batoo!" he bit her ear lobe. "Muskan, we were searching Muskan!" Riddhima spoke, "ha ha ha!! You were searching Muskan in drawers!" Arman laughed in her ear, making her kick her head mentally, 'How stupid can I get!' she thought. "Leave me! I need to go!" she struggled in his arm, he stood behind her and kept on pushing her in his arms from their! "do I look stupid enough to leave a rubberier who was doing robbery in my room… hmmm" he questioned her, swapping her around in his arms, making her face him, "I wasn't stealing anything… I promise!" Riddhima looks up in his eyes, with honest and innocence. "Then what were you two up to??" he asked, kissing her cheek. "We need the keys of car…." She told him honestly, as his fingers got tight on her waist, "Why?" pause, "they are here with me!" Armaan added, fishing it out from his hip pocket. "Ohh hoo! You have it – and we searched the whole room!" Riddhima hit her head, and by digging her elbow in his chest – she tried to push him away when he pulls her closer with one arm around her waist and other holding the key securely.

"uh-uh! Sweetheart, it's not for you – Actually does anyone of you have a license?" he asked, keeping the keys back in his pocket, securely – and rolling his arms around her again, pulling her closer in his arms, and staring at her glowing – expression-full-face! "Nope, we thought to give it a try! We were getting bored, so thought to do something!" Riddhima replied, pushing her hands at her back and pulling strangling his each finger out of her waist, "Leave me naa!" she winced as her all attempts failed, badly.

"Why should I?" he teased her, "because I am saying so!" she retorted, glaring at him. "What should I do if you saying soo!" he smirked, "I am you're so to fianc and Anjali said You have to listen." Riddhima spat it, angrily. "ahaha – you friend is mad! Its other way round, you got to hear what I say! 1st because I am eldest to you and I am man!" he triggered her further, he was happy she was being more open and more of comfortable with him; he was actually looking forward to her – every minute.

"What man! Huh! Don't dream anything okay, mai nahi sunna wali hoon!" she replied back, frowning at his egoistic reply. "achaa! We will see!" he lowered his head to kiss her when she jerked her head back and soon kept her both hands on her lips, and stared in his eyes, that sparkled with naughtiness! "Riddhima, what is this! Haan!" he left her waist and tried to pull her hands away, when she pushed him and ran out, "Riddhima!!!" he struggled to get, she showed him tongue and ran upstairs…

He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair, ruffling it – he walks out to see, Atul and Rahul watching Television – he thought to join them; when Rahul's phone rang. He looks up at Armaan with a small smile while Armaan didn't return at all. Settling on a single couch – he heard Rahul speak on phone with Simran, but his eyes was fixed on Television.

"Yes Simran, I know….no I haven't, nor I will – why because….. I am over you… yes simran I mean it, yes I dump you! Why? Because you ruthless creature were more worried for your dress than me – I was dripping in blood but you were busy about your hair! I dump you because you tried to fill my ears against my brother – and I dump you because, you knew I was going to do this – so you did collected the diamond necklace from shop before calling me! I dump you because you never waited for me to get up and left….. I know he threw you out – but if you really cared you would have stayed out and wait for me to get consciousness! You are ruthless bitch! No I won't think over anything!"Pause "No we won't meet there!" pause, "We never were in love Simran – it was always me who thought we are in love, it was only my side Love Simran!" pause "Try not to call me again – or else that necklace would be also taken away!"Rahul cuts the call, and saw Armaan staring at him.

Silence evolved in the room,

"What's all about this necklace??" Atul saw Brother staring and thought to change the topic, "After bhai cleaned up my wound, I and Muskan were in the room, and I had got the call from our family jewelers shop. I was going to propose Simran, though I knew somewhere Simran was more close to me due to money – but you know in front of heart people fail to understand that from money we can buy anything but we can't buy a person. Thinking that – I thought providing every small thing to simran would fall her in love with me one day, but at bike race, when I got crushed up in a tree – all the time she cared about was her dress, her self – her dignity, her hair, her bruises, everything started from her and ended on her, I who was their bleeding hold really less importance. In those mere seconds I had learned what I was losing up for her. She never loved me, it was always me…" Rahul ended, with moist eyes. "I am sorry bhai…" Rahul apologized, Armaan smiled softly at him with a nod.


"Let go out for dinner…" Anjali suggest as the three girls walk down, she thought how perfect now it felt three girls for three guys, two gone – and one to go, that is Rahul – 'Oh wow, he smiling at Muskan, and oh wow! That's better as she is not responding, good going Muskan!' Anjali thought, playing a match maker role.

"Yea and after it we will go boating! The same one where I and Armaan went it was great – we all will have fun!!" Riddhima threw herself on couch, making Armaan chuckle, at her childish. "But we already went their Riddhima – somewhere else!" Armaan suggested

"But Anjali and Muskan didn't naa! We all will go!! And I want to view it at night hours!!" pause, "bass please… we are going!" she left it, orderly. "Okay we will!!" Atul replied, before Armaan would leave another query.

"At least for now – arrange coffee please!" Rahul winced, pulling his head back on couch. "Yeaa… I need one too!" Anjali added, "Riddhima it's your turn, me and Muskan did a lot from morning!" Muskan commented. "Fine!!" Riddhima dragged her feet's too kitchen.


"Rahul Atul Armaan? How much sugar?" she asked from kitchen. "One!! Everyone!!!" Armaan replied, after hearing them. "Okay!" she replied back. 

Talking about random staff, Riddhima fell for a short nap with her head on couch after coffee off course!! She had been so tired – and had not slept a wink after coming from home – a smile pleasured her lips, a satisfaction touched her heart and soul – she had never been at such peace; falling for more comfort in her position, she stirred and kept her head in Anjali's lap, who soon began to massage her head, from time to time.

Anjali always had a different relation with Muskan and Riddhima, especially. If a person steps in their life at first, the person might think that Anjali is using or bossing around – but as the person, like all boys stay in their life for a while – they had eventually understood how much Anjali is important in their lives. Any happiness or Problem, it had to be shared with Anjali, no matter what!! She was a bring, who would always show up whenever she was needed, after her it was always Muskan in Riddhima's life – For Riddhima Anjali played a mother role, a fragile and modern girl and Muskan was more like a brave bold dad – who would protect her. Maybe that's why Riddhima didn't miss her Parents that much!!

The time had made Riddhima understand the perspective that her real parent didn't care much; either she exist in their life or not! The only thing they cared was, she is alive and the money has been sent to her! Other than it, her parents hardly cared, this truth was known to Riddhima from very early age – and now she is finally accepting it, without tears!

Shaking her up was the last thing anyone wanted to do, but it was time for her to get up and come out from dreams, as they had to leave for Dinner. Summing up the day in a refreshing dinner, they had fun – enjoyment with lots of masti… with lots of make out, ONLY of Anjali and Atul while the other four just turned their faces away, or mostly girls faces turned white – with no blood! As all were not so bold and happening like the two!!

Riddhima was the first one to hit the bed, after the great food and a great boating ride, where also Armaan had hardly let her bend down and stare at sea, but when she did – she would end up getting one or two scolds from him; which had ultimately blown her mind – and she had went and settled on the available wood seats, far from Armaan, who was wincing and calling her time to time from opposite direction, but she hardly paid heed to him.

Muskan was the second one to hit on the bed, as soon Rahul fell for a sleep; Armaan too call it a night – seeing Anjali and Atul engrossed in each other while watching film. The house had fallen asleep and there was a silence creeping up at different corner of house; when Riddhima woke up sweating to herself, she pulls her knee up and move forward to hold her friend in a hug but just to find the place empty. Getting involved in her dream, she let out a soft sob, wincing while calling her friend's name. as she walks with trembling legs to washroom, she checked to find it empty. Tears stroke her eyes, when she walks out of her room, "Mu…skan" she called. "A..njali…" she called out again and again, turning the knob of Rahul's door, she found it locked, knocking few times, she found it deserted, walking down the wood stairs, she found the wood voice, really creeping. Sobbing to herself yet Calling for them softly, she cried and walks to Armaan's room straight as the lounge was very dark, and along with that she prayed Armaan was their least! For her, her room was empty, and her friends were not with her – and now after them Arman struck her mind – she opened the door of his room and steadily walk to his bed, gulping – she called him, "A..rma.n." she went near his bed, she could notice – feel the movement on bed, opening the lap that he had on his side table – she notice his calm face, he was in deep slumber, she heavies a sigh and relax as she found someone at least, but where were her friends, she sobbed and kneeled down on floor – looking at his calm face.

She was scared, not finding Anjali or Muskan – she at the same time thought to inform Armaan about the current situation but seeing him asleep – she was doubtful of waking him up and get scolds from him, she needed a hand not a fight. Gulping she muffled up in her own, when she notice his eyes slowly moving – as if they were distracted with the lamp light beside his face, opening it fully – he was taken back to see her, rubbing his one eyes, "Riddhima?" he questioned, rather than her to himself! "A..rmaan…. Muskan Anjali… I can't find them … they are not in room… I searched…" she hiccupped gaining voice and more tears, Armaan got up pulling her up on bed he made her settle down on bed beside him, and filled her a glass. "Relax…. Have water first…" He made her relax, and rubbed her back as she choked over water, he focus on his table watch, "Its 3 at night Riddhima, they must be around the place… may be washroom" he coped, "no … I checked, they are not in washroom, I knocked Rahul's door, it is locked…" She passed the glass back to him. "Okay, let me make a call…" Armaan knew what was cooking up; He took her in his arms – side ways, hiding her in his arms as he calmed her down, "Hello Rahul? Where is Muskan…?" Armaan asked, "Okay – I should have guessed it," he heard other line and close the phone, "she is with Rahul – they had a night snack – and she was soo tired that while hearing Rahul's no stop banter – she fell asleep over at couch. And Atul and Anjali outside on couch, they must be smooching each other! You prefer watching?" he teased her.

"No…" she grumbled while hiding her face in his shoulder, "come on get in here… for a while! Then you can leave when you feel good, okay" he summed. "No…" she replied, and tugging offs her arm from his waist, gaining her consciousness. "No… uhmm okay, why were you searching for them anyway?" he entangled on arm around her waist, and handled her body perfectly, fixed under his guard. "I… I had a bad dream." She replied, as he separated a lock of hair, away from her face through his free hand. "Really, and you ready to sleep in the empty room upstairs, yet alone again." He spoke in an hoarse voice, looking deep in her green eyes which turned fearful in a second, "I will wake Anjali…" she tried to get up… "no you won't… she might hate you for destroying her moment… my option is still open… no touching no masti!! You can get in bed, and rest be assure that you won't have bad dreams the moment you step in to the sleep with me, here." He kissed her cheek, as she was thinking over it, holding her petite figure through one arm, he saw her nod in a dreaming manner, "should I take this as a yes…?" he asked. She nods once again and he gets separated from her, pushes himself back and provides plenty of space for her, "get in…" he smiled, assuring her as he saw her being doubtful. She keeps her head down on pillow with her back at him, "do you want me to hug you or you going to the other way round?" he began to tease her, and bringing her to almost an edge.

"I still think – I will wake Muskan… she isn't in any sort of relation with Rahul… so waking her up won't make her angry at me, for any sort of reason right!!"Riddhima began to get up, when he wraps his arm around her, "Muskan do like Rahul, that's why in the middle of night she is sleeping in his room, peacefully… may be she gets mad at you!" he whispered from behind, as her spoke in her ear.

", please keep yourself at a distance…" she manage to speak, with her heart throbbing in her chest, "Only if you close your eyes and sleep." He smiled, as his little princess quivered under the quilt. "I am not comfortable…" she replied, honestly and pushed his arm away from her waist.

"Okay…" he respected and pushed himself away from her, he was afraid that this progress in their relation might not leave any wrong doubt in her mind. So basically, he thought to give her the space and stay with her too at the same time. "You lay on that side of bed, and me here" Armaan moved to other pillow – bring a lot of distance between the two. "Thanks…" she muffled softly. Feeling her heart rust him now more blindly, she had thought he would kiss her – a bit disappoint was there but much was that he won her heart, she felt blissful in that moment, "It's okay, and please go to sleep…" he softly informed and laid straight, heaving a sigh to control the gush of happiness.

Riddhima on other hand, felt the butterflies flying in her – she appreciated the fact that he was being such a great person and finally now she volunteering to trust him, smilingly, she fell to sleep with his presence beside her, she could hardly believe the fact that she was in HIS bed – but she could surely realize that his presence did gave a lot of reassurance – protection – a person, whom she can – she should start believing and trusting, as living a whole life a person rarely finds a true soulful person, and here if she didn't gave him all the trust than she might lose him at the end of the dawn, and that was last thing she wanted to lose someone on whom she had started to reliant on him more and more by every passing minute of her life.


With the passing hours, and sun booming in the room – they both stirred up in their places, and opened up their sheds to see that they both were facing each other – staring, he smiled greatly – while she blushed and lowered her eyes, "Good morning…" he whispered softly.

"Good Morning," she replied back, pushing the blanket off her. "Did you have the bad dream again…?" He asked getting up off the bed, "No… not really… thanks…" she started to walk out, profusely blushing with her back at him, "Believe me the pleasure was all mine." He commented walking in the washroom, smiling to all himself.


The day started with quite a joyful start, Riddhima shook Anjali, who was laid on top of Atul – Atul shamelessly stole number of kisses from Anjali as they walk up stairs, following Riddhima, "Where's Muskan…?" Anjali asked, finally push Atul off her and looking at a grinning Riddhima, who knock Rahul's door, "In here!" Riddhima replied. "What? Really? I mean what they two are up to!" Atul frowned as the door got opened up by frowning Rahul, "what are you all up to?" Rahul asked, Atul pushed him away to see Muskan crawled up on the couch.

"You made her sleep on couch? Shame on you – if I had Anjali here na tou she would have been there with me!" Atul pointed at bed, "Shut up!!" Rahul and Anjali shouted, making Muskan gets misbalanced at her place. "Kya hua?" she asked, straightening her dress.

"You fell asleep here – while we were having snacks and talking!" Rahul pulled the blanket from her, as her feet's stumbled in it, saving her from any sort of falls. "yeaa…. I guess!!" she rubbed her head, as she walk out of the room with a smiling two other girls behind her.

"So…?"Atul asked, grinning… "Shut up Atul!" Rahul frowned, lying down on bed. "


Enjoying the most of the day at Armaan's firm, with lots of masti – they tried their best not to annoy Armaan at all but Riddhima had most often triggered him, which had left him blown off but he could dare say her anything now can he!! – but in return he would just glare at her and she would just go away to other mischievous by mumbling a Sorry, in a most cutest manner possible that would make him so helpless that he would just shake his head and wait for another mischievous act of her and Atul!!!

He had never imagined that Atul and Riddhima would team up and have fun together, there nature was poles apart, but as then he thought – the other side of coin of her nature had always left him speechless – may be this is her real side, she was opening up… he knew, the real Riddhima was deep in here that only Muskan and Anjali were known about and now he was happy to see her having fun and enjoying to herself. While the past record always made him amazed that a nineteen year old girl can't be dead core serious now can she be!! He was happy to see a revolution in her, proceeding for another machine, he saw Riddhima Atul laughing, while greasing Muskan's and Rahuls face just because they fail to kick Armaan on his butt!! It was basically going on a truth and dare game, which Armaan had been known the moment Riddhima had come up behind him and kicked him – making him shock outta of his wits, but she ran away saying it was Rahul and Muskan who dared her to do so or else they would grease her face with machine oil.

Armaan had remained mum, as he stood between a 5 workers, who were trying their best not to laugh. Then he himself shriek into giggles he saw her greasing Rahul and Muskan's face with machine oil a punishment to their team, – he knew Rahul couldn't dare do butt-kicking – so it was fair enough! He chuckled and forced himself to concentrate on work.

She had turned to be a Big distraction for almost half of the industry – she had given the most harmful dare's to all of the friends while she did her part of dare so smartly, ending with a cute puppy face and sorry in a melody that she end up buying everyone's heart.

Daring Atul to ask a worker to take out his shirt for him, had blown off the worker, but somehow Riddhima had apologized to worker saying that it was all her fault and if he took her like her daughter than he would forgive Atul. Seeing Riddhima shed tear, crocodile tears – the worker had nodded his head and began to work. They were worried if Armaan came to know that worker was upset by their act then he really might blow away. So ending their stupid game, they all sat down on floor while listening to each other's story.

Armaan who had found out about the mishap had came down the industry area, where the workers were working – he had to talk to them, his temperature was brought down when he saw them settled on floor talking to each other, walking up to them, "What have you guys being doing around here? Especially you Riddhima? Did you guys asked a worker to take of his shirt? Is this a play ground! Atul I left you here to have a hold of them and you are playing along with them! How stupid can all of you get!!" he pulls the key out, "This is car keys and home key, get up – go for lunch and then Home! I will come late!" he gave keys to Atul, and went away angrily

"Armaan! Sunnn! Sorry yrr!" Atul tried to stop, everyone's face fell – but Riddhima felt the worst. "I guess, he be okay by evening, let's get going… before he kill us all!" He chuckled and led everyone to car.

"Atul I will go and meet Armaan first…" Riddhima stopped and turned to go in, "Let it be Riddhima, he is angry – he might shout more on you!" Anjali stopped her – "I won't be able to keep up with the guilt till late… I need to talk please!" she rushed in, Muskan spoke "Let's wait till she comes back!" Muskan settled inside the car.

"Excuse me where did Armaan Go?" she asked the lady that set into a furnished office beside the suffocated Industry! "ma'am he is busy – but he is at 5th floor!" Receptionist informed. "Thank you…" Riddhima smiled and rushed in the lift. Her heart raced at different opinion, most of it said, Not to go and few were left over to be confidence and apologize!

Walking out of the lift she gasped, in fear – scratching her head, she saw small office in the centre with lots of people working at staring at her, she bit her lips – and smiled back at them, "hello…" she mumbled as all of them tilted their head up and smiled at her – few eyeing them from toe to up!

Getting uncomfortable she gulped and was about to take one more move when a hand from behind grabbed her arm, and pulled her in a compound room that had cleaning things, it was more of store room! - a hand was kept over her mouth to prevent her from shouting, "What are you doing here!" she heard the familiar voice, relax she sighed with close eyes till he left her and turned her, "I asked you! What are you doing here?" he frowned, seeing her smile. She shook her head, "I am sorry – about the way I behaved here from morning... Till now! You must have been very much embarrassed. I apologize, please don't be angry at me…" she moved closer and hugged him, Armaan who was taken aback by the hug, just smiled and ran a hand over her back,

"It's okay, I can never be mad at you for more than few seconds! But get it straight Riddhima, you can't kick my butt in front of someone! And that to in front of my employees!!" he pushed her aside, and pouts his lips, she let out a laugh but kept a hand over her mouth as he glared, with a frown caressing his cheek,

"Sorry! If I hadn't than everyone would have greased my face with machine oil and you know its soo ewwww!" She explained, "Yea I know! But if you really are sorry than to compensate it – just kiss me on cheek and you are off the hook!" he replied, grinning.

"No…" she lowered her head "than you aren't forgiven!" he replied, crossing his arms over his chest, "Okay…. But first close your eyes!" she spoke, gulping her nervousness.

"Okay!" He closed his eyes and lowered his head to her level, feeling her fragrance getting closer and closer – he smiled and felt heavens when her soft petal caressed his smooth shaved cheek, making his dimple form up, he sighed, "I like those dimples of yours!" she commented and ran before he could even open his eyes

"Riddhimaa!!" he ran after her but she jumped in the elevator. Leaving Armaan behind with a goofy smile, he turned around to see the staff in other room, smiling at him, "Get back to work Guyss!!" he shouted and walk to the third room of glass door from where he had seen Riddhima.


I wanted to add more to this part - as i put everything in end quite fast just to give uh all an update :/ but its okay... its fairly good enough part, hope uh Enjoy...

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it was simply awesome...asusual....:P

i loved each n every bit of the update..Tongue

aw.AR moments were cute.....Tongue

thanx for the pm....:)

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Wow This part was Rocking Maha!!!!!
Loved the way you showed increasing comfortableness and trust in AR;s relationship and the other couples too!!!!!
Awesome Part!! Good Job!!!

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awwwwwwwwww scha an ultra cute part...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedlovely as well as trust build ed up

loved every bit of it BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

thanks maha SmileSmile

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