Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

16/12 - Epi 35 - Analysis & Discussion

ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.

Note : Since there are few more options to be considered for the name of the thread we will give it a few more days and then announce the name in the weekend thread. Will discuss about that later in the thread. For now pour in your thoughts about the episode.


Finally got time to edit my post, hahah i love that when i have college i am always updated and always here, now that vacations are going on, i am somewhere else only LOL sorry! Embarrassed

Gauri and Arjun - aww Arjun found another person to open up, this really touched me. Yes, shes the wrong person but he doesn't know that, he has always considered her as a friend, and from their FBs its obvious that Gauri did the talking and not Arjun, today Arjun talked and told Gauri wat he feels. He has never ever opened up to anybody, but now we see Arjun opening up to his sister, then to Gauri...that stone of a heart has started to soften and understand feelings. He has realized that this girl is too special for him and he is ready to leave everything for her, something like KMH1 Embarrassed
Gauri AngryAngry I will kill u!!!!!! AngryAngryAngry how dare you break that globe????? AngryAngry oh oh oh where did the letter go?? i didn't see her tear it, i really just want to know where it is, will it be like Arohi finds that letter some day, like maybe at the party???D'ohi feel this party is abt to change a few things...parties in her show always have something going on...i wonder wats on Ekta mata's dimaag now
but i hate that Censored how dare she do that to Arohi!!! SHEFU!! where are u??? Cry i miss her so much!!! she's such an awesome friend who actually understands Arjun and Arohi and gives the most amazing advices even tho she's studpid LOL
ROFLGauri cracked me up when she was thinking that Arjun was about to confess his "love" for her
ROFLROFL thanks Gauri for letting me able to use this emoticon Dancingnot the dancing one i mean the ROFLROFL oh god that idiot!!! im sorry but this actress is really bad with the negative expressions, it was so forced and so bad....the eyes need to be sharp, those didn't look sharp and with attitude...i was laughing when she talked all by herself ROFL

Arohi and parents - omg the dad!!!! yeh dusra kaali charand nikala!!! or should i say safaid chamka
ROFL i wanted to kick him!! Angry
but i loved Arohi in this Clap this is what i have been wanting to see!!! i had a post on Arohi too about the dads,and this is exactly wat i wanted to see!!! good job Arohi!!! im glad she said that in this generation nobody thinks like that and yes nobody does. but the dad started the emotional attyachar and wat could Arohi do???Angry

Chiku -
ROFLROFL this guy is awesome!!! hate him love him cant ignore him....ROFL ok just a little note my bro knows this guy ROFL well when they were little...he has even come to my house ROFL oh god i wish i was there when he did...but the story in my mind is vague as to what my bro has said about this guy, but ehm sounds nothing like Chiku ROFL

Price tag is back
ROFL Rs. 25,000 for a personal trainer at the gym ROFL ehm yes Chiku i thought i saw a little difference in ur body....ROFLROFL
and then he was aaram se having snacks also
aww Sanchit!! i wish there were bro-sis scenes like we had one when Arohi came back from spending a night at Arjun's cottage
Day Dreaming he's so caring and so sweet!!! he is waiting to fight with his sister...sighhh i miss doing that with my brother, that idiot got married and mom restricted me from fighting with him ROFL meri kyun band bajayi mom?LOL
DJ is awesome Clap wat a karara jawaab to Chiku, i understood when u said re-engagement ROFL buddhu samjha hai kya DJ ko chiku???ROFL she's far smarter than u are my friend Tongue

Arjun-Mikhael and his chamcha
ROFL - what an awesome scene!!! the lights are off, the lighter is on....Mickey Mouse's chamcha asks why are u sitting in the darks o he shuts the lighter and the lights go on!! It happens only in India, oh sorry it happen only in Ekta mata's show ROFL
i loved the look on mickey mouse's face
ROFL he was so scared!!!!!!! deserved it...TongueClap
i really really really loved Arjun's lines....he is already tensed and if a tensed person is aggitated more they will do something without thinking and i was thinking about myself in this scene how that happens every morning
ROFL my mom just triggers me and i blast off without thinking ROFLROFL
and then i loved the line Arjun had that he is ready to die for his family but nobody will be able to kill him ClapClap and we saw that, Kali the "professional"
ROFL shooter missed so much ROFLROFL
I loved Karans acting today, just awesome!!! was a treat to watch him
Day Dreaming

now i'm looking forward to the party, i was decorating the X-mas tree today and i was like omg Arjun should dress up as Santa ROFL he'd be the most adorable Santa ever!!!!!! and i would love to sit on his lap and get a photo taken Blushing and that would happen only after i faint looking at him Day DreamingDay Dreaming

ah can't wait for the party!!!! this party is going to be awesomeeeeee Big smile
and i wonder wat that Censored of a friend will say to Arohi about Arjun!!!! AngryAngryAngry im sure it will be something so rude that Arohi will break down more and hate him even more CryCryCry

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anitaksureshAllwaysindianchandni2825Du_NishSHIKHA19Anchi.Praniirasika_DSpayal_4.Mandy.Mahak SinhaAnjalii...xXxshibz

shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 3:26am | IP Logged

guyz..i m shocked!!! Gauri is double faced?!!! she turnin into a vamp was talked bout by others earlier though i thought it was Ekta's shows' purani formula so expected sumthin different here...but Ekta must b missing her old bringing the tracks back.. Dead
i dun beleiv she lied to Arohi dat she is ashamed to have loved AS?!!Shocked n i believed her...AngryOuch so bholi bhaali i amEmbarrassed thought der were enuf complications in Arjuhi love story hence Gauri was kicked outWink but!!Angry very smart creatives..!!Evil Smile now dis should only help Arjuhi's love get more intenseEmbarrassed Gauri will only end up regrettingTongue hope so.. n den wen she saw Arjun's call on hjer phone..her face blossomed..leaving be shocked..Shocked
i understand Arjun had jus her number through whom he could connect to Aro but he has totally lost it in love wit Aro, he doesnt think even once dat Gauri might not like the fact that he loves Aro now wen he had once told her that he can neva love her...! couldnt he sense teh excitement in her voice wen she recieved his call? ye Arjun bhi na..Stern Smile but i guess he always thought of Gauri as a friend n used2 hang out wit her...not dating really but Gauri had dis strong crush over him.. i understand Gauri's jealousy now... n Karan aka Arjun was too good wen he was tellin her bout his feelings for ArohiDay Dreaming soo is so obvious for Gauri to b angered now.. i did want her to know bout Arjuhi but i thought Aro will tell her or she would cum to know later but din think Arjun would say it so soon...btw...He looked dashing..!!
Day DreamingBlushing love his attitude...He is back to his old self but a lil changed Arjun now.. coz now...Arohi resides in his HEART!!HeartDay Dreaming
so their family party is cancelled o wat?LOLLOL its chiku's friend's engagement party all possibilities for Arjuhi!! i m looking forward to some zabardast scenes now
Day DreamingEmbarrassed
if i hav to predict then i guess Aro will ignore Arjun der wich he might hate n then u know.. he will see to that he gets to talk to her...!!
Day DreamingDay Dreaming or Arjun will feel jealous seeing Aro wit chiku..ahem ahem... or Aro to make him jealous might purposely go close to chiku... well Arjun might not back out..instead he might ask her y she is marrying Him of all the ppl? he cant even protect her... n that she deserves sumone better..then Aro might ask Arjun..."tell me whom i deserve den..? u?"WinkTongue
btw chikuLOL aww..he wants to become macho for herROFL

but hey ppl..i cannot relate wit Arohi's family...y are they pestering her? as Aro said.."koi ehsaan nahi kar raha hai mujpar" .. Arohi's parents are worried bout her wedding..thats ok but y dey dun want to listen to wat she has to say bout y she doesnt want to marry chiku? n DJ? she knows that chiku ran away from the place wen Aro's life was in danger...then how can she still think that marrying chiku is teh right thing to do? She who gave Arohi lectures bout love n life partner earlier is now a changed character?Confused y cant they give her some time? y dis urgency for marriage? its not like she will not get a groom at all..ppl are broadminded in today's world.. but i m this the same family hu pampered her always? they are ready to get her married to a guy like chiku who cant protect her? is she a burden for them if she neva gets married coz of the kidnap issue?
aint the bua also at home? now i guess dey somehow will connect dis to her bua's to y she is unmarried yet..Ermm fir bhi i dun like the family's behavior now..UnhappyDisapprove

i think i m done...!!

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kmhkmhkmh Newbie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 3:58am | IP Logged
Oh Gooood...i cant wait for todays Episode...ITS GOING TO ROCK!!!

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:47am | IP Logged
ClapClapStarStarOh Goodness! now we are getting more negative characters! chalo bas yehi kami reh gai thi! hamarey arjuhi ki judai kafi nahi thi kya Ekta ji and Imagine waloooo? :-( *sob* *sob* now there's gonna be nothing but misunderstandings, tears, guilt, and some more tears..tears on screen and off screen :'-( CryCryCry
I dont understand teh logic behind ...arjun's decision of discussing things with gauri..but then i guess when you're in love, you do things dat dot make sense to the world, but to your heart, there's nothing else that's right! Confused
I just hope that things dont get too too complicated that it seems impossible for them to get back hurts to see them apart..we wanna see more of them in single frame, not akele akele plz...SleepySleepy
For both of their actings ...i seriously have to look for new adjectives...i just wanna say both ofyou are JUST perfect...ARJUN'S INTERACTINO WITH HER BROTHERS..was deffo the highlight of the epi today..excellent, the way he handeled the si...tuation with them..A-M-A-I-S-I-N-G...Karan bhayya, u can't get better than this..:-) toogood..mmmuahClapClap
Kritika di..ur transition from the chirpy bubbly arohi to someone who's fed up with just flawleess..I keep saying that you put life in that character..whether it's the old arohi or the new arohi..ur interactions wid ur DJ was amaising and also wid ur dad..:-)
I'll keep going on and on, but i'll stop..Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving such beautiful performances...God bless you..:-)ClapClapStarStar

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kkrock Groupbie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Arjun bhi na.... Venhe knew it ki gauri lvs him den kya need tha urse batane ka ki he lvs arohi... N dat gauri ...kya palti hai...huhh!!! Ab pata nhi kya kya khegi arohi se n misundrstndng increase kregi...jus hope arohi uspr believe na kre... I reaky likd dat arjun n michael convo.. Karan was so perfect in dat... Wel da show is getng interesting..m luving it.

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Loved Arjun's part in this episode. Just loved his gesture today.   Yday I thot arohi might try to reach  arjun since she had once used gauri's phone  but arjun doing that  and that too in complete lovey dovey mood Day Dreaming .   He even bought a gift for her and was remembering all of arohi's sweetness  when they showed the flashback of arohi holding  the broken globe I wish they had also repeated the  line'apna khayal rakhna'.   He is unaware  of gauri's thoughts  and goes on about arohi.   'purani yaade jab taja ho jati hai to muskuraliya karta hoon'  kya smile tha Tongue .  He neither had a reason nor a memory before to smile,   now he  has loads to remember and will get that involuntary smile often. .  Arjun completely lost in arohi realising his life was
nothing before she came into it Embarrassed
.   Line noteworthy  'main arohi ke  liye sab kuch chod dunga',  it wont be this simple, there are strong  singhania bonds that will not let him loose.   A note and a gift for arohi  how sweet of himClap.  and alas to whom did he give the ever selfish gauri.  uski band doosri post mein bajayi hai. Embarrassed
Now Arjun's turn to bajao mickey and taklu jija ki band. direct attack no beating around the bush     and he does that with full  attitude  ClapThumbs Up   'agar mein tumhare jagah hota to mauka kabhi nahi gavata'   'kuch kaam khud karlene chahiye'   un dono  ki vaat lag gayi Clap'mere sabr ko aajmao mat'  Thumbs Up  warning de diya samajhlo,    us nalayak jija ka asli chehra aagaya samne when he said  arjun ise maaf kar do  as if he had nothing to do with it.   'main pehle hi bahut pareshaan hu'  aww he is more worried about how Arohi is than their conspiracy.  Embarrassed 
Coming to Arohi ,   she not able to forget or forgive him and now even DJ knows that Arjun actually saved her life.   But Arohi's stand against chiku didnot last long,   the emotional atyachar from her parents was stronger than her will.   I feel for her,  but luked like she gave in too soon.   do teen aasu dekh liya dad ka to pigal gayi Ouch ,  now she is ready to be with chiku, who by the way is still in his price tag world ,  habits die hard na he doesnt realise what he is talking and when  Thumbs Down
I loved Karan's  lines and attitude today  Thumbs Up   both with gauri and with the clowns.   loved DJ  she is  able to understand Arohi and even advised chiku not to take her anywhere,  lekin oh kaha  sunne wala tha,  kahe ka reengagement Confused,  ab kal party hogi kaha par?  m guessing arjun will be there and will expect her reaction to the note and the gift.  Ouch.   Will this lead to the misunderstanding track Ouch.   

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Anjalii...xXx IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Reserve...yet to watch epi...Tongue

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 9:56am | IP Logged

this one is for gauri , sorry for making a khichdi of  gore gore o bhake chore song.

             oh  Gauri Gauri TongueOuchTongueOuch  
             akal ke maari    Stern Smile
             pakki baat  kabhii to  karo  WackoAngrySilly
             oh chachu pyare  Unhappy 
             kaha phasa re     D'oh
             apni biwi ko sambhaala karo  Nuke
             baar baar palatna acchi nahi   Angry
             kabhi bhi teri baat sacchi nahi   Clown
             bhram mein ye tera jeena  khud se jhoot kehna  Thumbs Down
             apni jindagi ke liye acchi nahi  Smile
             Arjun ko chodo  Approve 
             pyar unki na todo   Embarrassed
             kabhi dil se bhi socha karo Geek
             oh gauri gauri , akal ke maari , pakki baat kabhii to karo. Angry
ROFLROFLROFL  maine kal hi kaha tha  after few episodes  she will again say I love Arjun,  I was wrong ,  it took only few minutes ROFL.    First of all she is happy that he called Shocked  is ladki ko shaadi ka matlab bhi pata hai? Confused  I dont even want to count how many times she toggled, thats all shes been doing.   She said flat lie to rajveer she doesnt love arjun anymore and again now to arohi, but arjun ki awaaz sunte hi palat gayi Dead.   Not her fault though , It is the same charm that has affected Arohi too,  but Arohi is genuine , this girl is fake,  today it was clear that she doesnt want Arjun's happiness either,  Its always been about her. 
Her turning negative was expected but so soon Shocked.  She is freakishly jealous and the valid point she has is Arohi knew abt garui's stupid love and Arjun also knew she was crazy for him so it is natural to get irritated in being a messenger betn them ,  so  deny that u wont help clearly .  Instead planning a rift , forgetting that she is still married
and the reason being after getting divorce she can do what she wants and can win Arjun back Dead no respect for marriage , herself or to ppl around her.  The only thing that can save her from doing all this is some BIG shock where she will realise rajveer's importance, and he will want to give their marraige a chance,  that will open her eyes and snap her out of this stupidity and show concern to rajveer,  I was really hoping that their life is gonna be allright Ouch
gauri  Angry  how could u break the gift, Arjun's first gift for Arohi Embarrassed ,  you cld have atleast kept it with you  for now and when ur akal thikane aajata , u cld have given it to arohi.  and letter phaad diya Shocked  u cld have atleast read it out for us, we wld  love to know what he wrote for Arohi. Day Dreaming.   Hope she doesnt succeed in her plans and Arohi abhi bhi dil ki sunegi and arjun who started expressing himself will never stop Embarrassed

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