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Maahzabeen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 3:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drmaha

omg it was so romantic... Blushing Blushing
mayank ko tu moka chayei aur ab tu nupur bhi... Day DreamingBlushing
loved it...
thanks for the pm/...
thanks dear Hug

Maahzabeen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 September 2011 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Auroni.92

Hmmm just one word Romantic...BlushingBlushing
love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 September 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Romantic n hot os..

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Amrita plz do write more OS
i hope u'll post another OS soon
take care

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-Samira- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2011 at 3:00pm | IP Logged

Amrita sorry for the late comment

both last 2 OS'S were verry romantic
n amazingly written
waiting ur next 1 thnx for the pm

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Maahzabeen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 3:28am | IP Logged

Hello sweeties HugHug

Iam back with another OS. well its not an OS but twoshotBig smile. as i was writing it, it became too long and i thought to complete it in two partsLOL. so here iam posting this 1st part now! and second part will be up in the eveningEmbarrassed.
till then enjoy this part. well there there is nothing like to enjoy in this partEmbarrassed. i just as boring as possibleBig smile. but this was bugging in my mind since few days and iam having exams from 21st, so thought to share it with you all now only!Big please bear it with meLOL
P.S.- it is not at all related to me. but yaah its related to one of my closest friend. her story is not ended yet but i have written the end of the storyBig smile

"The person you are maintaining distance, is the person having some special place in your heart."

How much absolutely this quote fits to my situation! Ah! No!! Not again Nupur. Here i go again thinking about the ever smart mayank Sharma. Well I am nupur bhushan. Final year MBBS student, head over heels in love with mayank Sharma but this my heart knows. My mind says something else.

Whenever i see mayank infront of me, don't know what happens to my heart. I feel like its true that heart plays guitar whenever it identifies the loved one. But my feelings are onesided only. Mayank is a true Casanova. Extremely flirtarious, hunk , handsome, drinker, smoker. I wish i could give him a long lecture on the complications due to alcohol and smoking. *sigh*. And also i want to slap his current girlfriend Sheena because atleast she can tell him to quit alcohol and smoking.  But it cant happen because i never talk to him. Whenever i cross him or he is around i just behave like that no one is as egoistic as I am. I always show him attitude and maintains a safe distance with him in the college. Even iam not sending him request on facebook just because i want him to send me request. Daily i would check his profile but never sent him friend request. Thanks to facebook that it doesn't show the profile visitors!

Yaar Nupur! Atleast ek baari jaakar baat to karne ki koshish kar us se.. said my best friend gunjan.

Haan gunjan..jaise wo mere liye hi to baitha hai. Ki nupur aayegi to mai dher sari baatein karunga us se... i said sarcastically to her.

Jab tu us se itna pyaar karti hai to atleast friendship to kar hi sakti hai na.. gunjan said as a matter of fact.

Oh ho!! Gunjan...kitni baar bolu k i don't love him. Cant you see what kind of boy he is? Total bad boy.. i said hiding my feelings for that BAD BOY.

And for your kind Information nupur! YOU ARE FALLING FOR THAT BOY ONLY. Shouted a pissed gunjan on me.

Well she was right. I loved him so much but always say to my friend that its just i like him because...ummm..ummm...huhh.. i also don't know the reason.

One day one of my friend was having severe pain in her abdomen, so we are going to the casualty for the painkiller injection which was near by our hostel. And there HE was! Just outside the casualty, talking to some of his friend. Today was his practical exam and might be he was discussing about that only. There was a happiness on his face, this means that his exam was very good. I felt content thinking this and thanked God. Well have i told you that he is extremely good at studies. Oh man! How can someone has so many qualities. Good and Bad both in the same person. Seeing him a warmth started radiating on my cheeks. And due to that my cheeks were red! And this was not unnoticed by gunjan. She nudged me to go and talk to him.

Arey mai kya baat karu us se abhi????!

Ye bhi mai batau?? Hey bhagwan!!!!! Puch us se ki exam kaisi hui??? Tabhi to baate start hogi...

Okay! I said and made up in my mind to talk to him today finally.

But as you know iam extra egoistic and that too with mayank in front of me, i dint go to him. My head was straight when i passed him and made sure that he also thinks that iam not at all get affected by his presence. But i was watching him from the corner of my eyes and realised that he did notice me! My heart was dancing with joy. But again i thought that love is blind! Our eyes see what we want to see when we are in love!

When my friend was done with injection, while returning back i was wishing that he is present where he was before but luck is not with you always.

As Dil to bachcha hai ji and a baby keeps weaving many dreams and wishes, like that i also keep wishing that one day i would be the best friend of him.

As i was thinking about him one day as usual my phone rang.

Hello! I said.

Hello nupur..I am rahul.

Hey rahul..wassup...ajj mujhe kaise call kar liya. I asked him as i never expected any of the guy of my class to call me as iam one of the reserve types.

Arey mujhej girls se ye puchna tha ki we boys are planning to keep a batch party this new year's eve as this is our last year and since 1st year there had been no such party in which there is interaction between the batch mates. Said rahul explaining me the reason to call.

Oh! Okay yaar we have no what can i do for that??

Can you ask all the girls and temme by today night??

Yaah sure yaar!

Okay then talk to you later! Bye! And with he disconnected the call.


Lagta hai bhagwan bhi yahi chahta hai tum dono ek saath ho.. said excited gunjan to me.

Oh please gunjan! Don't get hyper. Ye sirf ek party hai. Nothing more... i said but my heart wad repeating the lines of gunjan. I was thanking God continuously for this chance.

After discussing everything with girls i called rahul and told him and the party was fixed.

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Maahzabeen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 3:29am | IP Logged

i was nervous that day! What will i say to him. Wont it be weird that i would go and talk to him on my own. What if! he will show attitude??

Arrghhh! Nupur please! You are going for a simple party and thats all. You don't have to think about him so much. Just go and enjoy!

With this i get off my bed and got ready for the party in white churidaar with some silver red work on the salwar. Kept my hairs open as i liked them as such. After final touchup i just left with gunjan to the party.

Party has been already started. All were dancing on the floor. As i descended the stairs, just for the flicker of second i saw that he was staring at me. But this ego dint allow me to look towards him. He was looking as usual smart in the white shirt and blue denims. *sigh*.

As we entered the area we were given some cards with a number on it. May be some game were also arranged, i thought.

Party was in its full mood. All were enjoying, even i was enjoying it with gunjan inspite of his presence. But was stealing frequent glances to him. and don't know if i noticed that correct or it was just my illusion but he was also glancing at me now and then. Uff ye meri button aankhein bhi na kuch bhi dekhthi hai.

After some time the host announced that there is some game in which we have to be in couples and couples would be decided by the numbers written on the cards. Hey don't think that i got mayank as my partner, that happens only in films. After searching for my partner i got to know that vikram is my partner. We wished each other good evening but my eyes was looking at him and he got sheena as partner. I hate Sheena and her luck! Well i was disheartened but next thing which happened was unexpected.

Arey nupur tumhe nahi mila kya abhi tak partner????

And here i think that eyes become blind when we are in love but my ears are also not helping me either.


I came out of trance and saw him standing beside and asking me with a million million dollar smile.

I saw gunjan smiling from a distance seeing me. I signalled her to shut up.

Haan mil gaya na mujhe partner! Iam with vikram and smiled seeing vikram.

Oh okay! He said gazing dangerously at me.

But i had left from there.

Oh God! This attitude. I just want to detach my sinful tongue from my body. Its not daily that The mayank comes himself to you and ask you such silly questions that too after knowing that i have got a partner.

Before the game started, my dress was spoiled by some girl as she spilled her drink on me. So i excused and had gone towards washroom.

While going i was pulled inside a vacant room and i could hear the door being locked. And i was pinned to the wall fiercely.

After opening the eyes i realised that it was none other than mayank who did pull me inside the room.

Whats your problem haan?! He asked me in anger.

Wh..what have i done?? I asked cluelessly.

Ye jo tum mujhe itna attitude dikhati ho wo kisliye???? Cant you see that i wanted to talk to you...whenever i came to you, you just showed me attitude.

I was shocked.

That day also when you were going to casualty, you dint see me while i was watching you with a foolish smile. I thought you will talk. But no you have this damn attitude na!

Look nupur Iam mayank Sharma! The Mayank Sharma.! Ladkiya mujhse baat karne k liye marti hai aur tum mujhe attitude dikhati ho??

Look mr.sharma! iam not those girls who will give away their ego just because to talk to you.

I said angrily, as he had hurt my ego.

Achcha Ego?! Why ego?? Mai tumse baat karna chahta hu to tum natak kyu dikhati ho???

Maine kab tumhe natak dikhaya??

Achcha aaj jab mai aaya tha asking about partner then dint you show attitude???

Mayank at that  time i just replied normally.

No u dint. U just ignored me nupur!

Its not like that mayank!

To fir jab bhi mai tumse baat karne aata hut um bhaag kyu jaati ho????

His face was so close to me that i can see my reflection in his eyes. And his hands were on my waist which were extra tight at that time and were hurting me.

You are hurting me mayank!

Realising his grip he just loosened it and looked towards my eyes cupping my face in his palms.

Iam sorry nupur! Its just...just..just...

Kya hai mayank..say it clearly...

He sighed as if collecting some courage to say something. This was making my heart go thump violently.

Dekho nupur!! I don't know what to say! But i like to see you. Whenever you are around me, don't what happens but i feel that happiness. Whenever you come to college in salwar, i liked to watch you and when you wear those skirts showing your white legs i feel to slap all the guys who drool over you! Don't know whats this but whenever you ignored me my heart was broken into million pieces and when today i really talked to you, and you ignored me , my anger raised to its heights. I don't know its right or wrong...but bbut but..iloveyou...

What!!! i cant comprehend the words which he just said so fast.

Nupur... I Love You!

Is it true? Have i heard it right???? My dancing mind asked from my heart.

Mayank pinch me!


Pinch me i said.

Ouch!!! I screamed.

Oh mayank! You don't know  how much i love you. I just don't know what to say but I love You too mayank. Its not that i show you attitude but don't know what happens to me when you are around. My shell comes whenever you are around. I fear rejection from you.

And with this i hugged him tight. And he hugged me back! I felt my shoulder getting wet. He hugged me tight this time. We pulled away and he asked me can i have the pleasure to call you as my girlfriend from today and forever???

Yes ! i replied.

And he just sealed my lips with his.

so friends this was it,i know the end was rushed but couldnt think of something read and post your valuable comments either good or bad! atleast do press the LIKE tabBig smile
n i just wish that my friend's story should end like this only.Embarrassed
AmritaBig smile 




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