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NainaSengal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged
ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*
sorry fpr ebing late.....amazin update inally kala ka sach bahar agya hai.....cant wait now for tasha romances....upload asap.....*hugs*

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Rose_Petal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Rose....I tried to post earlier but the server went yes...mimi is late and sorry.

As for the update.....I am so happy that Dutta and Naku left PN! Here is a big hug for you Hug...if somehow you make them change their minds and do a U-turn I want my hug back though. No, never mind, keep it. Big smile I'm hoping for a super romantic update next keep Tasha to themselves. LOL

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 12:42am | IP Logged

@ sophie ...glad u liked roops kala confrontation and dont worry about who is sundar just be glad that baaji was not behind roops pregnancy lol ...and u better start preparing ur self to see maya with baaji more often lol ...thanks for ur sweet comments

@ usha ....thanks so much for enjoying the updt and the dialogues ...spent a lot of time on thinking about that car convo ..glad u liked it

@ suvi ...yah the updt was a little sad but u should be happy that now dutta knows about kala and tasha have left PN for good ...what can i say about kala ...she is like that

@ sinak ...thanks a lot for appreciating the updt

@ priya ..hey thanks a lot for liking tasha hug was an emotional moment for them ...glad u enjoyed it ..will updt soon

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 1:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiran255

Oh god !
i am seeing Rose throwing chappals and sandals at me !
let me duck 
oh me up right side , left side 
the chappal just touched me ! hey kiran this was hilarious ..i have never n will never do such a thing  lol

OH honeyyyyyyyyyy 
let me xplain myself !ok i am all ears
was so happy that finally in top 3 
so resrve my place and run awayyyyyyyyyyyyy :p n then i guess forgot

Now back with the bang !

First of all 
love the lenght of the UPdate :D thats a relief to know i thought may be u guys would find it long n boring
Now start say start kartay hai ! absolutely ... i m excited

Ahhhhhhhhh "Its morning and tasha return back to PN after spending the night at  alibagh cottage."

As u are too sharmily , i inside my mind will think what happened at night :P i know u can imagine better than my writing so didnt get into the details lol
i like that in their romace they dont forget a very imp thing 
that is Roops preganancy 1 yup roops pregnancy is imp

ahan Kala Roop confrontation !
Finally Roops get her sences back and knows Naku is right !
though im feeling bad for her 
she is helped by some one who she alays create problems for 
and her own sister didnt even bother to help her or even stands for her !well thats how kala is ...blinded by her revenge and anger

i hate the words when she say 
  "yeh toh hona hi tha , dutta aur nakku ko toh alag hona hi tha"ha ha how could that happen when rose was around ...IMPOSSIBLE kala madam
GOd hate her so much 
she has become blind in her rage of revenge .. i know but still i would say she is better than kala in the show ...there kala has gone full crazy ..wanting to kill dutta
she uses her own sister secret to apart tasha but never thought what if all comes out 
and her own sister will be in dep shit !
Bad kala u are pathetic 

and Yayyyyyyyy Rose !
i want give u a jhappi and a pappi for making Dutta n AS listen to what Kala really is ok i will accept ur jhappi n pappi happily ...thank u so much
i love how u just make kala mold 
her voice changed , trying to make Dutta understand !typical kala
Loser kahin ki !
and yes A chanta by As !
well deserved i m sure u must have wanted more than just one slap
good work ASClap

Now OMg Cry
dutta sad and when Naku enters and question him 
and the way he hugged her 
its just the beautuy of their relationship !yes too scared to lose her
and the way Dutta say 
do u trust me and ask her to pack her belongings they know each other too well

omg after that all so sad 
AS is a true loveable mother <3
and Dutta replies to her !
and Baaji a friend rare to find 
is ready to go with him anywhere dont tell this to sophie but recently i have also started liking him not as much as i like dutta but still he is cute 
but love the way Dutta told him 
he should stay and he agrees !
a friendship in which being together is not everything
butready to be  seperated for each other :)yah agree with u and they will meet on and off

and car scene 
awwwwwwwCryyaar why ru crying so much ...i know a little emotional
but naku assurance Big smileabt all the realtions in his life 
make me so happy ..baaji and nakku are his true pillars of strength
and wohoooooooooo 
kya home select kiya hai .. i knew u would like it
alibagh cottage 
ahem ahem stop doing ahem ahem lol

and this dialogiue of Dutta makes this update amazing
         "aaj se hum yahan rahenge. Yahan meri subhah suraj ki kirnon (rays) se nahin balki teri aankhin mein apne liye pyar dekhkar hogi aur raat chaand ki chandni mein nahin teri bahon mein kho kar kategi."
awwwwwwwwwwwwww u wont believe it took me 2 days to think proper dialogues for tasha in the car n on reaching the cottage ...phew ....glad u liked it

Love it so much ! and i just love ur comments so much
cant wait what are they upto in alibagh cottage hmm will try n write something romantic ..ok
na koi pareshan karay ga
sorry me in naughty moood no no i like u in this mood
but my dear Rose u re in Fantstic mode 
cuz if u are not 
how can u write such a fab update !yaar sometimes i think even if i write something ordinary ur comments never make me feel so ...cant thank u enough for it ...thanks for ur encouragement
Fabulous update BY one and the only 
Fantasticccc ROse "D and superfantastic comments from kiran

i love the lenght of ur update and i love the length of ur comments lol ...but dont think the next one will be really long
i hope u also feel the same about my comment :D WITHOUT ANY DOUBT

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 2:05am | IP Logged
@ shilpita ...thanks for reading n liking all the missed parts . no its not the end but soon it will be .

@ shallymann ...glad u liked the updt

@ yuvika ...yup kala will realize her mistake hopefully soon

@ suhana ...glad u like roops and kalas  confrontation ...kept it short n to the point didnt want to drag it ...yup kalas truth is out and so are tasha out of PN ...thanks so much for ur lovely comments and dont worry as to who is sundar ...he is just the one whos baby roops is carrying one imp lol

@ lifu ...i know ur happy to see tasha out of pn and all alone in alibagh cottage expecting some romantic moments lol ...will try n write something nice for u ...thanks as always for ur comments

@ mlshe happy to know that u liked tashas dialogues so much ..really had to crack my head hard to come up with something romantic lol

@ geet ...ohh u felt nice after reading it ...thats what i felt after writing it ...thanks

@ khushi ...yes kalas truth is out in the open breaking dutta heart but no worries nakku is there to support him ...thanks for ur comments

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spandana11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
Hello RoseSmile sorry for the late replyConfused, awesome update ,enjoyed reading it ,written very well ,oh dutta came to know about kala truth,he felt for a sec step son of his houseCry,good nakuu was with him ,sad dutta was heart broken ,but nakuu will take care of himSmile The way dutta hugged nakuu very emotinal after that they we he asked nakuu about leaving house also very emotional you brought it so wellClapClap,oh tasha leaving PN  dutta want to be in another houseSmile,wery nice jaldi next part update karoSmile

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 12:49am | IP Logged
@ divya .... thanks so much for ur comments , yah tasha are now all alone
@ bluepal ...yup dutta knows about kala and has left pn . hope u like the next part as well . thanks
@ azymishi ...baaji is dutta true friend thats why wanted to accompany him but dont worry i made him stay back so that tasha can have sometime alone.
@ naina ...oh hug u too and no need to be sorry , glad u enjoyed the updt .
@ neverforget ...thanks so much
@ mimi ...oh god mimi and her server go down at the wrong time lol ..its ok and i will keep in mind not send tasha back to PN anytime soon coz dont want to lose ur hug lol
@ spandy ...ohh i thought u missed the updt but glad u read and liked it , thanks a lot. yes everything is now all clear and nakku is there to support our dutta so need to worry.

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 September 2008
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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 3:00am | IP Logged


Nakku sitting near the window of her room looks down at the album in her hands capturing the beautiful moments of the past six months. Her face breaks into a smile on seeing the holi picture where dutta is giving her a side hug on their first holi after marriage. She remembers the day she had invited the whole patil family for holi at their alibagh cottage. She was busy with the preparations when dutta came with color in his hands and moved to apply it on her but she stepped back and continued to do so till her back touched the wall behind " sahab nahin , rang nahin lagana , mujhe pasand nahin hai aur abhi sab aate honge , mujhe bahut kaam hai." Dutta smiled at her innocence " holi par rang nahin toh kya pathake jalaunga aur waise bhi mujhse pehle koi aur tujhe rang lagaye aisa toh main hone nahin doonga." she gave him a helpless look then closed her eyes tightly " theekh hai , lekin aaram se aur pyar se lagana , mujhe bhooth nahin bana dena." Dutta chuckled , filled her mang with red color and then kissed both her cheeks softly before brushing his colored hands against them. Nakku opened her eyes and bit her lower lip shyly " holi Mubarak ." she looked around to put color on him but didn't find any "mujhe bhi rang lagana hai , kahan hai?" he showed her his empty hands and smiled at her. She thought for a moment then stepped closer , stood on her toes to reach him , held him by his shoulders and then rubbed both her cheeks against his " apko bhi holi Mubarak." Dutta couldn't stop himself from taking her in his arms but the ringing of the door bell put a halt on their romantic moment.

She rushed down to welcome the whole family , dutta slowly stepped down and his eyes got filled on seeing them all once again. He missed them a lot and today thanks to nakku the whole family was standing under one roof. Soon the whole house echoed with laughter and happiness. Nakku offered sweets to everybody but found baaji missing so went out in the garden in search of him. She stopped in her tracks when she saw baaji throwing color on maya " baaji , yeh kya kiya ? tum jante ho main rangon se nahin khel sakti." And tried to wipe away the color fallen on her forehead but baaji held her hand " rehne de , achcha lagta hai." Maya freed her hand " iska matlab samajhte ho?" he ran his fingers through his hair " ab itna bhi yeda (stupid) nahin hoon ki  yeh na samjhoon ki jab ek ladka ek ladki ki mang bharta hai toh uska kya matlab hota hai , lekin tu yeh sab kab samjhegi?" tears rolled down her eyes and baaji brushed them aside before pulling her in a hug. Maya too wrapped her arms around him while nakku cleared her throat loudly breaking their magical spell " lagta hai ghar mein roops ke sath sath ek aur shadi karwani padegi."

Nakku moves her fingers on the next picture. It was taken on roops and mayas mehndi ceremony where all three of them posed with their mehndi clad hands. Nakkus mehendi came out the darkest and was teased by everybody when AS said " dutta tujhe bahut pyar karta hai yeh toh hum sab jante hain lekin ab toh teri mehendi bhi yahi kehti hai." This didn't go unheard by dutta who was walking by but stopped when AS said this , nakku couldn't meet his eyes and lowered her head. At night nakku was taking out her necklace when she felt his fingers on hers , she looked up in the mirror to find him standing behind her, she dropped her hands and dutta removed the necklace slowly then moved towards her earrings and took them out carefully, the color of her cheeks now matched with the color of her mehendi perfectly he turned her around and held her palms admiring the beautiful design on them " iss mein apna naam dhoondh kar batao." He now looked at them carefully and moved his index finger on her palm to search his name unaware that this act of his was making her ticklish, he lifted his head and found her pressing her lips hard to control her smile"kitna time laga rahe ho ? abhi tak nahin mila." Dutta strained his eyes but failed to find his name then taking a deep breath said "mil gaya." Nakku looked at him excitedly but he left her hands and pointed towards her heart "yahan likha hai." Nakku shook her head and smiled at his clever answer, dutta raised his eye brow " kyun nahin kikha wahan?" she simply nodded her head in defeat and thought he knows very well how to get his  way out

Nakku gets emotional on seeing roops wedding pictures. She had asked dutta and nakku to do her kanyadan instead of her parents which touched dutta a lot. On the same day baaji and maya also got married so it was double celebration for the whole family. After everyone left the venue tasha stayed back to fulfill remaining formalities like paying off the bills and all. Nakku sat near the mandap waiting for dutta so that they would return back home. Dutta looked at the holy fire still burning and remembered the way he married nakku without her will just to punish her. He went close to her and held her hand "pichlee baar jab maine tujhse shaadi ki toh sirf tujhe sazaa dene ke liye, pundit ne humein saath vachan lene ko kaha lekin maine sirf ek vachan liya , tujhe barbaad karne ka par aaj apni galti sudharna chahta hoon , ek baar phir ek dusre ko saath (7)pavitra vachnon mein bandhna chahta hoon. Mera saath degi?" nakku with tears in her eyes held his hand tightly and walked towards the holy fire "main vachan deti hoon kabhie aisa kuch nahin karoongi jisse apko yah apke jazbaton ko thes (hurt) pahunche." Dutta glances at her "zindagi ke kisi moad par tera saath nahin chorunga." She smiles at him " kabhi koi mushkil aayee toh hum ek dusre ko sambhalenge." He clutches her hand firmly " humara rishta badlte mausam ke saath badlega nahin balki waqt ke saath aur ghehra aur mazboot hota jayega." Nakku nods her head in agreement " apki ek muskurahat ke liye main kuch bhi kar jayegi." He smiles at her " aur main tera har aansoo apni palkon mein sajaa loonga." Then both of them took the last oath together"humare rishte mein kabhi koi galat fahemi (misunderstanding) nahin ayegi , hoga toh sirf ek dusre ke liye pyar ,vishwaas aur izzat."

Nakku closes the album and keeps it aside, she feels something which makes her go back the memory lane once again. Some months back she was waiting for him when he came back home really late. He slowly crept on the bed and laid next to her thinking she was asleep but felt an envelope under his pillow. He took it out and read the contents of it again and again when nakku whispered in her ear " shaadi ki pehli salgirh (first marriage anniversary) par kaisa laga yeh tohfa." Dutta looked at her in amazement  she lifted her hand and kept it on her stomach "yeh sach hai" tears welled up in his eyes and he smiled through them , nakku couldn't stop herself from getting teary as well when he enveloped  her in a hug and buried his face in her arms " isse achcha tohfa toh kuch ho hi nahin sakta." Tears rolled down his face and he pressed his lips on her forehead gently.

The baby kicks again to break her thoughts and she caresses her stomach lovingly with a smile on her face. Dutta stands in front of her with a glass of milk " phir se bhool gayi peena ? tabhi yeh tujhe lath mar raha hai." Nakku takes the glass happily and drinks it pulling him down so that he sits next to her. She rests her head on his shoulder " waqt kitni jaldi beet jata haina nakku ? aisa lagta hai ki kal hi baat ho jab hum PN chod kar aaye the." Nakku moves back and asks " hum kya wapis PN nahin ja sakte ? main janti hoon apko unki bahut yaad aati hai ." dutta takes her hand " kuch rishton mein dooriyan zaroori hoti hain aur waise bhi tu hi toh kehti hai ki bhale hi nazron se woh mujhse door hain lekin dil se toh aaj bhi woh mere kareeb hain . ab chal so jaate hain bahut der hogayi." They both stand and he without informing her picks her up in his arms and places her on the bed carefully " jabse tu maa banana wali hai tabse aur bhi sonee (beautiful) ho gayi hai ." and winks at her. Nakku lays her head on his chest while he plays with her hair looking at the ceiling " nakku ek baat bata , baby aane ke baad kahin tu mujhe bhool toh nahin jayegi?" nakku lifts her head and smiles at the thought of him getting possessive about her" main apse humesha itna hi pyar karungi." He narrows his eyes " itna nahin , isse bhi zyaada , main har cheez bardasht kar sakta hoon lekin tere pyar main kami  kabhi nahin." She embraces his face in her hands " aisa hi hoga , nakku saans lena phir bhi bhool sakti hai lekin aapse pyar karna kabhi nahin."

                               THE END   

I am so sorry to wrap up sweet tasha moments abruptly but with the news of mishals exit from the show I cant write further , hope u understand, he was the inspiration behind my writing. It was a wonderful journey but didn't know that it would end like this. I have always written what u have wanted me to write and have taken ur valuable opinion whenever needed but this time please excuse me for taking such a big decision without informing u in advance. I am really very very sorry.


pinky sonee khushi madzy kiran  yuvika akybaby ashleydevlin aarathi azmishy jorda bluepal bushy geet cindy divya nimmoh lifu made4eachother sheeba mlshe moully naina nazia neverforget mithai priya mimi saimeen shikha shilpita shweta sinak sophie spandy suhana suvi dibya usha archanamania meetpremeer jessdutta abhiani skavitha rama_2010 kalywayne meghaparti divy609 betty sasha nileshni latula sweet berries sia shallymann mahhirokzz kinno

and all those who pressed the like button

Thank you so much for your love and support. Without you all sweet tasha moments would have been nothing, I will miss you and your lovely comments.

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