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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 2:26am | IP Logged
@ suvi ...yes finally tasha meet and glad u liked it ....nakku wanted to fix dutta with maya ... i know bad idea thats why didnt let it happen and sorry but in my tasha moments tasha only hug each other very rarely they go beyond that and thanks for ur comments

@ naina ...glad u lied the updt and oh god u r so worried about the father lol ...will let u know soon

@ priya ...thanks so much for appreciaiting the dialogues , song and everything ...will updt soon

@ lifu ...glad u liked the emotional reunion of tasha ...will updt asap and thanks for ur comments

@ sinak ... glad u liked it ...thanks
@ rubal ...thanks for finding it interesting
@ divya ...yes now everything is clear between tasha and u will know about roops story in the next part , thanks for ur comments.
@ yuvika ...thanks so much for appreciating the dialogues of dutta , wanted to bring out his pain , hope have managed to do that.
@ shallymann ...u will know about roops pregnancy in the next updt and thanks for liking this part
@ sophie ...yes tasha are back together and thanks for appreciating the dialogues so much and maya is a nice girl and glad u will not hate her anymore. so sorry for making u cry and hope u enjoy the next part as well

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
me thinks you gonna update soon, so should I stick around and wait?
stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 September 2008
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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 2:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Suvi7884

me thinks you gonna update soon, so should I stick around and wait?
no no havent even started writing the next part ...will take  some more days ...may be thurs - fri...not before thatSmile

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 3:17am | IP Logged

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tinkerbe11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 March 2011 at 8:22am | IP Logged
Hey, all ur ff, and your tasha moments are indeed sweet, I really enjoy reading your updates.

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 September 2008
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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 2:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiran255

HEyyyyyyyyyy ROse ! hey kiran

A question for you !go ahead
How can i write long comments ?just like i write long updts its not that difficult
when u make me speechless and breathless with ur updates !speechless is fine but i didnot write anything that should make u breathless although u tried to coax me into writing something like that lol

What can i say about todays update?whatever ur heart says
hmmm lets see beautiful hmm no powerful  or pure !hmmm how about subtle romance
The update has so much love surrounded by pain in it k my eyes were teary because true love is like that and todya my friend u have yet again touch the chords of my heart !

The way u described Dutta pain :(and the way he questioned her , he want to know 
why she did this ti her  and the song selection woooooooooo sorry for making u cry again didnt mean to
sooooooo apt glad u could feel duttas pain

thank God he  has Baaji , a friend who can he always trust ., 
who is always there for him :)yup dost ho toh baaji jaisa

Best scene :
Dutta was there the whole time when Naku was in danger but when he knows she is out of danger , he goes away i just thought had it happened in the show dutta would have reacted like this
he was angry with her but in pain he cant leave her :(
awwww my Dutta <3

Love baaji Naku convo !
the way Baaji tells her abt why she did it and Naku replyy 
she wants her Dutta to be safe from her misery and want him to hate her :(
   am super sad :(thanks so much for understanding nakkus pov
and the way she demanded she wnt to go to Dutta !so like nakku isnt it cant live without her sahab
love it 
she knows where she can find him she always know where to find him
and then 
the journey of true love begins 

DUtta dialogues 
OMG amaing , brilliant ! so happy to know u found them so good hope did justice to his current state
you are giving competition to Anil Deshmukh(i swear u are getting too good with dialogues )ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockednow ur making me speechless
that scene is just MAGIcAL ! feel relieved to know that u enjoyed their subtle romance and i think tasha themselves make a magical pair

Love it Love loveit !thank u thank u thank u
Superb JOn Honeyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

this indeed is what Tasha all about !
Ready to be fanaa for eachother :D absolutely a match made in heaven
LOve it :)

Oh Rose You have again prove to the world !
That no one can or will beat ur title of 
                      * FANTASTIC ROSE *omg this is so overwhelming and scary at the same time , hope to live upto ur sky high expectations everytime
soo love it 
stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 September 2008
Posts: 15716

Posted: 09 March 2011 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
@ azymishi ...glad u could feel the emotions and thanks for ur comments
@ usha ...yuo this time tasha will be together forever no more twists n turns hopefully
@ suhana ...thanks so much for appreciating the dialogues , yes maya is a positive character so u can breath a sigh of relief that she is not after dutta and about roops childs father u will know soon
@ mimi ..i didnt get it when u said nakku got away easily ... u mean u wanted to see her repent more ...yup maya is nice so why do u want her to go away dont worry she is not after ur suds but glad u liked duttas reaction
@ spandy ..ohhh thanks so much for enjoying the emotional updt . feels great to know that u liked duttas dialogues so much . will updt soon so that u can know whose child roops is carrying
@ khushi ...yes tasha are finally back together and maya is not interested in dutta . thanks for ur lovely comments
@ geet ..seems like ur enjoying tasha romance a lot  and cant enough of jappis lol
@ bluepal ..thanks a lot for appreciating tasha reunion and will updt soon
@ tink ...hey thanks so much for appreciaiting my updates , hope u like the next part as well

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 September 2008
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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 2:05am | IP Logged

Its morning and tasha return back to PN after spending the night at  alibagh cottage. Dutta decides to fresh n up and have word with his parents regarding roops pregnancy and marriage. The scene shifts to kalas room where roops enters with a cup of tea for her surprising kala with her sudden visit.

Kala : kya baat hai roops aaj itne din baad mere kamre ka rasta kaise bhool gayi?

Roops : tai aap bhale hi bhool jaayen lekin main kaise bhool sakti hoon ki meri behen hain. Main toh bas yeh dekhne aayi thi ki kal raat ke drama ke baad apko raat ko badi chain ki neend aayi hogi aakhir aap bhau aur nakku ko alag karna chahti thi aur wohi hua.

Kala ( closes her eyes in contentment): haan bahut khush hoon aakhir mere barson ka baadla pura ho gaya , jo aag seene mein jal rahi thi kal raat ko thandi ho gayi.

Roops : aur iske liya apne kya kuch nahin kiya , maya ko laye bhau ke beech jab woh nah ho saka toh meri pregnancy reports ka faiyda uthaya. Aap achchi tarah jaanti thi ki vaheni pregnant nahin hain aur woh yeh sab mujhe bachane ke liye kar rahi hain phirbhi aap peeche nahin hatti.

Kala (opens her eyes in rage): aaj kal yeh vaheni vaheni kuch zyada nahin ho raha ?

Roops : ho raha hai , aur kyun nah ho jab meri apni tayi ne mera saath nahin  diya jab mujhe unki sab se zyada zaroorat thi badi aasaani se keh diya ja kar abortion kara lo , ek baar bhi mere pyar ke baare mein nahin socha humesha apni nafrat ki aag mein jalti rahin.

Kala gets up in anger and turns her back to roops.

Roops (teary): bilkul issi tarah apne mujhse muh pher liya tha jab maine apko sundar ke baare mein bataya tha , kitni aasani se apne keh diya ki hum dono ke beech jo kuch bhi hua usey bhool kar main abortion karwa loon aur main toh karwa bhi leti agar vaheni us din mujhe hospital mein na milti. Unhone mujhe itna bada kadam lene se roka , sundar ko US jaane se pehle mujhse shaadi karne ke liye raazi kiya aur woh har farz nibhaya jo apko nibhana chaiye tha. Lekin apse woh bhi nahin dekha gaya aur bhau ke saamne itna bada tamasha kiya jiski wajah se vaheni ko ghar chod kar jaana pada.

Kala (smirks): yeh toh hona hi tha , dutta aur nakku ko toh alag hona hi tha. Itne saal meri aayi baba ek dusre se alag rahe us dutta ki maa ki wajah se toh woh khudh kaise apne pyar ke saath reh sakta tha.

Roops : aapko shayad yeh pata nahin lekin kal raat ko vaheni ne zaher kha liya tha us inspector se milne se pehle aur mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai ki iske peeche bhi apka haath tha. Apne hi bhau ko jhoothe khoon ke ilzaam main phasana chaha jiski wajah se vaheni ki jaan par ban aayi.

Kala (shocked): kya ? nakku ne zehar kha liya ? lekin mein kabhi usey marna nahin chahti thi aur mujhe kya pata tha ki woh itne kamzor dil ki niklegi , khair jo hona tha woh toh ho gaya ab kya kar sakte hain aur waise bhi mujhe pura yakeen hai usey kuch nahin hua hoga , drama karti rehti hai.

Kala without feeling guilty about her actions walks towards the table, takes her tea cup and stands near the window.

Roops (amazed): tayi aap kis miti ki bani ho ? apko bilkul bhi sharam nahin aayee us more ko wapis la kar, agar aaj vaheni ko kuch ho jata toh ? itni nafrat bhau se ? lekin apko shayad yeh jaan kar dukh hoga apke saare plan humesha ki tarah fail ho gaye aur bhau – vaheni  phir se saath mein hain.

Kala turns around in anger and is about to answer back but the tea cup drops from her hand when she sees dutta and AS standing at the door step. Dutta unable to believe all that he heard has tears in his eyes on witnessing the real face of her beloved sister. Kala quickly walks up to him.

Kala : bhau meri baat sun

Dutta (heart broken): tune mujhse kabhi pyar nahin kiya?

Kala (trying to cover up): tu galat samajh raha hai , meri baat toh sun (and cups his face in her hands)

Dutta (teary): aaj tak tere dil mein mere liye itni nafrat thi ?(removes her hand from his face)

Kala: nahin nahin aisi koi baat nahin hai , main kyun tujhse nafrat karne lagi

Dutta : kitna vishwas karta tha mein tujhpar lekin tune ( unable to complete his sentence turns around and leaves the room)

Kala: AS  bhau ko …( AS slaps her hard)

AS (disgusted): yahan hum tujhe roops ki shaadi ki khush khabri dene aaye the lekin nahin jaante the ki tune apne andhar dutta ke liye itna zaher bhar rakha hai . sharam nahin aayi tujhe itna sab kuch karte hue.

The scene shifts to tashas bedroom. Dutta still in the state of shock sits on the bed and covers his face recalling kalas bitter words against him" yeh toh hona hi tha , dutta aur nakku ko toh alag hona hi tha. Itne saal meri aayi baba ek dusre se alag rahe us dutta ki maa ki wajah se toh woh khudh kaise apne pyar ke saath reh sakta tha". Never had he imagined that his sister would be his biggest enemy and would hate him so much. suddenly he feels unwanted and a misfit  in this patil family after all he is the step son of this house and no one can change this fact. His thoughts get interrupted with the door knob turning and nakku coming out after taking bath. Nakku adjusts her saree facing the mirror and asks " kya hua AS se baat hui roops ki shaadi ki." On not getting a response she comes and stands in front of him. Dutta looks at her and realizes that because of kalas hatred towards him,last night he would have lost nakku forever . a chill of fear runs down his spine and he hugs her tightly around her waist. Nakku confused with his sudden action runs her fingers through his hair then slowly lifts his face and caresses it to find him really sad which worries her a lot. Dutta stands up and asks " vishwas hai mujhpar?"nakku without blinking her eyes " khudh se zyaada."dutta holds her by her shoulders "pyar karti hai mujhse?" nakku places her hand over his " sabse zyaada." Dutta smiles a little " toh phir aaj bina kuch puche meri baat manegi." Nakku nods her head " hum dono ka samaan jaldi se pack kar , hum yeh ghar isi waqt chod ka ja rahe hain." And goes out leaving a shocked nakku behind.

The scene shifts to the hall where the whole patil family has gathered and dutta announces that he has decided to leave PN along with nakku.

AS (crying): dutta yeh kya hai ? kala ki galtiyon ki sazaa tu humein kyun de raha hai ? tu kyun humein chod kar jayega , agar kisi ko jaana hai toh woh kala hai.

Dutta takes her hands in his " aayee apko aisa kyun lagta hai ki mein apko chod kar jaa raha hoon , main toh sirf is ghar se door jar aha hoon lekin apke dil ke kareeb toh hamesha rahoonga. Apne humesha mujhe saghi (real) maa ka pyar diya , kabhie yeh ehsaas nahin hone diya ki mein apka apna beta nahin hoon, yeh sab mein kaise bhool sakta hoon."

Nakku comes down with packed bags and takes AS and damodars blessings before leaving. Roops all teary goes and hugs dutta " bhau yeh ghar chod kar mat jao , humein apni galtiyon ka ehsaas hai aur hum apse bahut pyar karte hain , aap dekhna ek din kala tayi ko bhi apne kiye par pachtava hoga , please aap aur vaheni yahan se mat jao." Dutta wipes away her tears " arey pagli main kahan tum logon se door ja raha hoon aur main janta hoon tu mujhse bahut pyar karti hai isliye ab rona bandh kar aur waise bhi abhi toh mujhe teri shaadi ki kitni tayaariyaan karni hain."

Dutta and nakku begin to leave when baaji also comes there with his bags " arey bhau tu mere bina jaa raha hai?" dutta stops and turns around " baaji tu hosh mein toh hai ? tere aur maya ke bharose hi toh hum dono yahan se jaa rahe hain . yeh parivar jitna mera hai utna tera bhi hai , agar mein yahan nahin hoon toh is parivar ki zimmedari tujhpar hi toh aati hai." Baaji agrees  reluctantly and gives him a tight hug.

Dutta places the bags in the car and gives one last look to the house when his gaze falls at the balcony where kala is standing who is trying hard to feel happy because today dutta is out of this house, her family and her life but fails to feel so.

Dutta starts driving and stops at the traffic signal observing the crowd crossing the road. When the signal changes all the cars start moving but dutta remains lost in his thoughts , nakku taps him on his shoulder thus bringing him back to reality " sahab kahan kho gaye the?"

Dutta starts driving " kuch nahin bas yeh bheedh dekh raha tha aur socha ki is bheedh mein har koi kitna akela hai , yeh jo saare rishte hote hain , kaanch ke khilone ki tarah hote hain , pal mein toot sakte hain aur us ek pal mein insaan achanak akela ho jaata hai." Nakku understanding his current state of mind presses his hand resting on the steering wheel " sahab apka aur kala tayi ka nafrat ka rishta sach mein kaanch  ka hi tha jise kabhi na kabhi toh tootna hi tha aur aaj uske tootne se aap akele nahin hue , kala tayi akeli hui hain. Apke saath toh pura parivaar hai par aaj unke saath koi bhi nahin hai isliye aap apne aap ko akela mat samjho , aaj ke baad apke rishte aur bhi mazboot ho gaye hain."nakkus true and inspiring words make him feel better " nakku meine bina tujhse puche itna bada faisla le liya tujhe bura nahin laga?" nakku nods her head in negative " ghar chodne ka faisla toh maine le liya ab tu bata kahan jana chahegi?" nakku leans over him and rests her head on his shoulder " sahab aap jahan khush rahein , jahan muskurayein meri manzil hai wahin , jahan apka saath ho mera ghar hai wahin." Duttas lips curl into a smile and he drives to their alibagh cottage where they have always spent some close and special moments. Dutta stops the car outside the house and takes her out  " aaj se hum yahan rahenge. Yahan meri subhah suraj ki kirnon (rays) se nahin balki teri aankhin mein apne liye pyar dekhkar hogi aur raat chaand ki chandni mein nahin teri bahon mein kho kar kategi." Nakkus face beams with love for him and she embraces him tightly praying silently for a blissful married life ahead.

Lots of Heart
So how was it ... i know not as good as u may have expected but still do post ur sweet comments

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