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('*.KaShappy Birthday Nori!We Love You All.*) (Page 8)

-Aliya- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 March 2009
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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
I LOOOOVE ya Nori!

Happy Birthday Norrriiiii!

ya birthday sig gift from me made by Faiza (fizii)


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.JustaDream IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 November 2008
Posts: 36079

Posted: 18 December 2010 at 3:05am | IP Logged
December 16, an adorable, beautiful, gorgeous, funny, and intelligent girl was born. <3 Ahhh!! Its Damn sweet Blushing Day Dreaming Thanku!!
I first new you as angeldmg16 and now, I know you are truly an angel who was God's gift to me as one of my closest best friends! Embarrassed Aww Zaynoo thts so cute yaat thanku so much !! Muah I love all of our memories together, be it on the Heaven, or even on YM. I love tht too Embarrassed We've had such loooong chats, so many jokes, so many smiley fights, gosh, I love them all! SameBig smile Your presence makes me smile, and you have ALWAYS been there for me. Aww Zaynoo I am really GladEmbarrassedWhen I was confused, you'd always helped me out.  Same as u do for me EmbarrassedLOLWhen I was weak, you always made me stronger. U did the same too! Ermm When I had a frown on my face, you'd turn that frown into a loud laugh. LOL ROFL ReallyErmm LOL Actually, that laugh usually ended me up on the ground, because I would laugh so hard! ROFL
OMG, remember that on "ROCK ON" smiley? I could NEVER do it right, and you'd do it with in seconds! ROFL
It's like /m|
wait no, /m\
or wait, maybe this \m/
Ofcourse i remember ROCK ON emo ROFL U always 4gt how to make den i will show u and den u do the same but again it didnt come ROFL We did this almost 4 or 5 times in our chats ROFL
I thk its \m/  Ermm
and i really Missed Our ramdan Sehri Chats Disapprove
My adorable bestie NORI! It's your BIRTHDAYYYY! <3
I hope you have an AMAZING. AMAZING. KaSh-filled birthday! I wish you ALL the happiness in the world, all the success, joy, laughter, love, health, wealth, and don't forget KaSh, in your life! Never Ever Approve
Always keep smiling because I love you that way! Embarrassed
Love you LOADS, and LOADS, and LOADS!
Thanku so much Zaynoo
I love u too
Muah !!

Oh, and eat LOTS of cake. :D
It's my mom's birthday on your birthday too, so now doubt I'm having cake. :) I'll even eat an extra piece of cake... in your name. Big smile
Awwwww its Aunty Bday too thts so cool Big smile
 Belated Happy Birthday Aunty !!
And i love ur Daughter Embarrassed

Zaynoo <3
Thank you!! Zaynoo
I love u too
And sry for replying late u knw na i am lil bit lazySleepyROFL

I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,
I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

Your heart and values seem so right,
We share our views without a fight.
Our memories live with eyes so true,
Adventures grow in a life's canoe.

I wish you more than words can say,
That you will never, cease to play.
Happy birthday for today,
I'm here for you, on this special day.

From Ayesha/Aish
Thanku so much yaar
Missed u alot Come back Soon
Dear Nori,

Million's of Greetings
Thousands of Colors
100s of Wishes
Kilogram's of Sweets
Lots of Smile
That's What I wish for you.
Happy Birthday Angel.......


May God bless you Nori...Hug

with lots of love n care,
srishti...your kashti...Tongue

From Srishti
Mine KaShti EmbarrassedHug
Thanku so much
Love the sig's
Thanks and its 16 dec Approve
Happy Birthday Noooorrrriiiii!

I don't know where to start from. Hmm.. i met you like a few months ago after my 'comeback' to the KaSh Heaven and I would have never thought we would become such good friends. You were one of the first few people i met when I came back together with swanz & riya and you guys really made me feel re-welcomed yeah. I've enjoyed all the times we've talked in the heaven or on Skype. ahh Skype.. i miss talking to you on Skype & listening to songs & interviews of KaSh! hopefully we'll do that soon again sometime.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, have a great birthday. Have loads of cake, party hard! I really hope for all your wishes to come true! =)

Love, Anu[*Adorable_Anu*]
Anuuuuuuuu!! HugWhere r u now days I missed u Disapprove
Thanku so much Muah !!
I really Enjoyed Our Heaven and Skype chats missed demOuch and yaa Please come back soon to Heaven Evil Smile 
Hope to talk with u soon!!
Hi Nori <3

Happy Birthday Hun :) Hope you have an amazing birthday and may you get everything that you wish for. Though we kind of are not in touch anymore, I wish you nothing but happiness and success. I loved our chats in OHC and KaSh heaven once upon a time. Anyway party hard babe and have fun cos it's your special day!

From Sary
Sahar <3 Thanku so so much!!
I am really so Glad to see ur Post Embarrassed I loved Our chats too
Hope u talk with u soon!!
Aww thanku for the KaSh avi !!
I really Love it
Will def use it Embarrassed
On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy..
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!

May you have an awesome blossom birthday Bond!!!!!!...may all your wishes come true...Keep Smiling
god bless you...
From Nikki
Kareenaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Hug
Thanku Very Much !!
Wohoo Cake Sig its so lovely Thanks!!
Will def use Big smileEmbarrassed
- KaSh BOND 2310 LOL

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.JustaDream IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 November 2008
Posts: 36079

Posted: 18 December 2010 at 3:44am | IP Logged
Wish U
Many More Happy Returns Of The Day


"Happy Birthday dearest friend,
To me you are heavens end,
I've never known a brighter spirit,
With all good thoughts and deeds of merit.

A kinder person I've rarely known,
Your friendship true and love you've shown,
So today my special friend,
With all my love I do send.

Special bouquets of all God flowers,
Filled with prayers with all His powers,
To keep you safe throughout your days,
and strength no matter what comes your way."

Wish U All The Success N Happiness In Life Yaar...

Have A Wonderful Life

From Hima
Hima!! Thanku so much
Love the KaSh sig Embarrassed
And Yaa we born on same date
So Belated Happy Birthday to u
Thanku !! 
Rinkuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Hug 

My honeypie, My chocopie, My bond, My behennaaaaaa!! Big smile
Oyee HoyeeeeeeEmbarrassed 
Look at the date, Its your freaking BD! (:
Have fun on your special day, May all your dreams come true & Pary hard Wink
Awwwwww Thank you!!

I wont be able to wish you on your Birthday cuz of some probs but always remember, I love you Heart You'll always remain in my heart behennaaaaa :D Its okay yaar!! U wishes tht means a lot for me thanku !!
You're one of those KaShians who is so awesome. Please remain the same, Don't change yourself ;)  lolz No i will not Never everEmbarrassedLOL
Thanks for being a great friend of mine Hug Awww Thanks to u too Big smileYou know, I love you na? Day Dreaming Yess i knw u love me and u knw I love uEmbarrassedLOL

Watch LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF KaSh stuff & your Birthday will be Awesome, Yaa Ya Did the same!!Cool I bet. Big smile
Even though, It's like just 3-5 months we've known each other or maybe less than that, we've already become really good friends Cool AH GOOD TIMES xx 
MemoriesDay Dreaming Our chats on heavenEmbarrassed Our Mafia Family LOLROFL
I like it how I call you & V faltu people, haha MY FALTU PEOPLEEEEE! Big smile
FaltuuuuuuuuuuuuShocked U really call us this?
I never knw this Ermm

So NOORIIIII, Always remain the same, I can hit you hard if you don't ROFL Remain the same awesome KaShian and a great friend Big smile Love you A LOT!! :)
Awwwwww Sure Rinku Will remain the same
and if u hit me hard den i will do the same with u Evil SmileROFL JokingEmbarrassedTongue
Love u too
Thanku so much!!

Have fun,
Rinky (:
Treat ????????Shocked U really want?
OKayy wen u come back will give u treat @ Heaven OKayy EmbarrassedLOL
Love u!!

Many Happy Returns of the day Nori. May u get all the success and happiness in life.
Tada ur sig

Since i made u a bday sig m expecting one in returnWink
Amnaaaaaa!! Thanku So much!!
AHhhhhhhh Such a KaShsome Sig
Thanks Ya Sure Will def makeEmbarrassed
EmbarrassedEmbarrassedHey Nori ....it is always lovely to talk with you ever....I love your blushes...for KSG dialouges lolz....then masti ..your vm...siggie Avi..the time we spend on Aakdd...All the celbration awards n all...you are a real angel n a sweetheart too...
OOps I forget today is your birthday ....So i should wish you 1st happy birthday Nori .....I hope you get all the things in your..meeting KASH ..your  dreams come true soon....(i know reading this you must be blushingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)So heartly best wishes from alll...n me tooo..
N Plz ya do leave a piece of cake for Me n KSG tooo hahahah

here is the smaal gift for you on behalf of Aakdd
Luv Dhruvi
I love ur moments too!! Han han Drooling and Blushing Over KSG.EmbarrassedWink !!
Thanku so much Dhruvi !!
Awwwwww The VM so amazing Thanks a lot
Love it thanks to u and AAKDD MembersEmbarrassed
Love u !!

Happy Birthday Angel ooh so tell me exactly how old are you now don't hide from me. Alright Sure its 19 nowEmbarrassedLOL You are very special person cutey cute you are an Angel you are amazing and not only me but everyone here will agree with you i still remember how we met for the first time aww i was lucky bcz now i have you as my frnd and little sister you knw its amazing how we all met because of KaSh and seriously i love KaSh more that because of them i got youz all as my family. May all your dreams and wishes come true and you recieve success and happiness all your life GOD bless you enjoy your day fully and send me my piece of cake or else i will eat up your head and you don't want that ryt, mwahhhhhhhhhh luv you Angel we all love you

I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday's done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

Thanks a ton BD!!
Love u alot yaa i remember our first meeting We met Lucky for sureEmbarrassed
Aww thts so sweet of u BD
Love to be a frnd of us
u r such a amazing person!!
thanks for the Awesome msgEmbarrassed
Love u !!
Thanks !!
Muahhhhhhhhhhhh Hug

Happy birthday nori jaani
May ur all wishes come true

luv fizii
Fizii thanku so much yaar
Love the sig thanks!!

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.JustaDream IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 November 2008
Posts: 36079

Posted: 18 December 2010 at 3:58am | IP Logged
Happpy Birthday Darling
[Message from Ash..saying she is extremely for not being able to leave a birthday message for you...because she is really busy!!And she has only been able to make a KaSh sig for you ]
From Ash[naughtyash]
Ashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Hug
Its alright Jaani I can Understand
Thanku so much for the beautiful sig
Love u!!


Instead of counting candles,Party
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.
Consider special peopleParty
Who love you, and who care,
And others who've enriched your lifeParty
Just by being there.
Think about the memoriesParty
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.
Another year is a happy gift,Party
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"

Wishing you a very happy Birthday Noori
 Have a rocking day and an awesome year ahead. May all your wishes be fulfilled.
Love youuuuuuu!!

Huma!! Welcum back and thanku so much yaar its really means a lot for me
thanku  Love u!!
My Dearest Norz,
 Many more returns of the day hun... hope you have a wonderful day filled with laughter, love, happiness, and cake!  Hope you get to celebrate along with KASH!!!WinkWinkWink! Awwwww thanku Sue Ahhh With KaSh Sure SureBlushing Bring KaSh fot me naEmbarrassed Well, it was a pleasure getting to know you!! Same here  You are totally Rocking sweetheart u r Sweetheart too who is highly talenten.. Hehe same to u  I am just fida of your all creations and keep them coming..my dear shweeto <3 Thanku so much yaar and I love ur creations tooEmbarrassed
May the year and many to come be filled with happiness, prosper, laughter, fun, love, and suprises.  Thank you for being a wonderful friend!
Thank you!!
With much love HugHugHug,

~Your Dearest Sue ~ 


Awwwwwwwwwww KSG Blushing Blushing Blushing
Thanku so much Sue Totally Love it
Love u !!
 Hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.
Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true
May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
Have a wonderful day and fabulous year.
MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY TO U...may all ur wishes come tru,n u get all the happiness in the world
Priyaaaaa!! Thanku so much for the lovely n sweet cmmnts...really liked itHug

I don't know if I'm late or not but here is my birthday message and siggie :

May all your wishes and dreams come true. God Bless you on such a joyous day & I'm sure you'll have a fun-filled day. I've had so much fun KaShing with you & I'm sure we'll continue to do so for many years to come. Once again Happy Birthday my friend !! Hug

Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go shawty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday !! "

From Evie
Eveeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Hug
No No u r not late i am late to replying msg's ErmmLOL
Thanku so much Evee for the beautiful msg
Love the Sig
Shona Looks So gorgeous Embarrassed

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ASALUV IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 February 2008
Posts: 15034

Posted: 18 December 2010 at 10:13am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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jesss. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2009
Posts: 23129

Posted: 18 December 2010 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Happy bday!
Lovely siggies!

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romiebee2002 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 February 2009
Posts: 26249

Posted: 18 December 2010 at 6:38pm | IP Logged

Wishing you a very

Happy Birthday Nori


~Roma ~
( P.S.Did I tell you how much I love your creations?LOL)

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.JustaDream IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 11 November 2008
Posts: 36079

Posted: 19 December 2010 at 3:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by TaniShaKaShid

KaShappy birthday Nori. May u have a great great greatttttttt day wid family & frnds. May all ur dreams cum true n u bcum da happiest person in dis world. Love u... Muaahhzzz... Srry cudn't make ny bday gifts 4 u as I'm kinda busy dis days... Will make sumfin for u later pakka...:D
Thanku so Much Tani Hug
I am really Glad tht u commented !!
Yaa Yaa Sure
Dont wryy Embarrassed
Love u!

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