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ff forall part 3 on pg 15 (Page 15)

-shamima- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
Awe loving the couples and the families my fav is the modhi family they're too cute and awe KaSh together as amraj and akshita too cute and awe loving how the story is going and how they're going to meet in the wedding and hmm is that akshita armraj is seeing tying her dori anyways great update and continue soon Smile

kashkasukajenn Senior Member

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 11:31pm | IP Logged

Part 3 -

amraj then enters he room and sees a girl from behind trying to tie her dori he walks closer and closer as he sees this unknown girl struggling to tie her dori  and then he accidently drops something on the table in that room and by hearing this noise the unknown girl quickly turns around
and the it felt as though everyhting stopped amraj completely forgets everything like where he was,what he was doing here everything his mind just went blank and he didn't want this to ever stop
he then looked at the girls eyes
they were beautiful and he never wanted to stop looking at them he just stared at them and then he looked at the girl smile and he could see she was feeling shy but he still didn't stop looking at her
for a while they were completely lost in each other eyes and then amraj just closed his eyes for a second to make sure he was not dreaming but then he opened them again he saw the beautiful girl had dissapeared
he then smiled and said iam going to find this girl he then he got whatever he needed from that room and went back to the bride
amraj-here u go jia
jia-thanks amraj
amraj- no way jia i should be thanking u
jia-laughing why
amraj- bcz f u I have found something very special
jia- oh really u want to tell me what u have found
amraj-even i don't know but its gonna be mine
jia- right ok amraj tell me when u do findit
amraj- i will and ill get going now also have to check on jai
jia- laughs alright amraj take care
and as soon amraj comes out of the room
he looks downstairs to see if he can see the girl
but no luck
story moves to drhuv
drhuv goes up the stairs and starts to look for akshita and pia
where r these girls he said smiling to himself
and then he enters the room to see a little girl crying
drhuv goes up to the little girl and asks her what wrong girl- we r playing hide and seek but i can't find anyone
drhuv starts to smile and says thats its its such a little thing
what the little girl asks him
drhuv- i used to be a champion at hide and seek
little girl - really will u help
drhuv- maybe if u listen to me
little girl- what do i have to listen to
drhuv-tell me ur name and smile
the girls face lightnes up and she starts to smile and says my name is taani
drhuv smiles
thats a beautiful name
now come on we will look for the others
ok lets go said taani
drhuv said u look  in these rooms(pointing to the right side)
and ill look in the other side ok
taani - ok
so they start looking but couldn't  find anyone and know drhuv couldn't see where his little friend taani went  as well so he got worried and started searching for her instead taani he said as he checked every room and then he went into this one room where he said taani but got no response however as soon as he was about to go out of the room he heard a yes drhuv smiled  that he had finally found his little friend taani but was shocked to see that his little friend taani was downstairs with her friends so who had replied to his hello
he turned around and  then straight away he had  accidentally  fell onto this girl
everything happened so fast that before they knew it they were in each others arms
precap for next update
taani and drhuv become friends
amraj searches for ms beautiful
pia searches for her mr right
abhay sees pia and falls in <3 with her straight away and also tells his sister sapna
rohit was about to go flirt with pia but is stopped by sapna
and then preeti and rohan finally meet
and sanjana helps prem
plss comment

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kashkasukajenn Senior Member

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -shamima-

Awe loving the couples and the families my fav is the modhi family they're too cute and awe KaSh together as amraj and akshita too cute and awe loving how the story is going and how they're going to meet in the wedding and hmm is that akshita armraj is seeing tying her dori anyways great update and continue soon Smile

hahaha well i have updated so enjoy readingggg yess amraj and akshita r liked by nearly everyone and i think the modi family is everyones fav :)

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KW_rocks Groupbie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 2:47am | IP Logged


Thanks for the update. loved it.
So , Dhruv & Tanni.Embarrassed
Egarly waiting for next update. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon.
And thanks for the PM & once again "update sooooooooooon"Wink
kashkasukajenn Senior Member

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 2:59am | IP Logged
Part 4-
Drhuv then falls onto this beautiful girl and before they knew it they were in each other arms and on carpet of  the room .Drhuv then sees the girl has got her eyes tightly closed and is sturggling.He thought as if he was hurting her and so he got up staright away and lend his hand down to the floor so the girl could get up
drhuv-here hold my hand
the girl slowly opened her eyes and saw this unknown guy was offering her his hand so she slowly took hold of his hand and started to get up
drhuv-Iam so sorry are u ok
girl-yes Iam fine
drhuv-I was actually looking for taani my little friend and then I heard a yes  and I turned around and before I knew it all this happened
girl-smiles its alright I mean mistakes happen she said sweetly
drhuv-yeah i guess they do he said touching his hair
in his mind drhuv was thinking to ask this nice girl what her name was but he was too scared to ask as he couldn't even remember the last time he had said hello to a girl and asking a name he thought it went a bit too far
dhruv- ok I should go now
he was about to leave yet again but then he heard a sweet excuse me
girl-ur mobile dropped on the floor
drhuv- ohh thank u
girl-thats ok she said and was about to leave
but then drhuv said excuse me
girl-yes she said turning around
drhuv- ur name he said in a polite manner(he couldn't believe he had just asked that)
girl-taani she said poiltely and aap ka she asked
drhuv - drhuv he said drhuv modi
a background noise calls  taani
taani- i have to go iam so sorry
drhuv-when will we meet again ( drhuv couldn't believe himself)
taani's heartbeat's were racing so fast
taani- soon she said running away
drhuv smiled like he had never before
taani felt as though her heart had skipped a beat
they didn't knwo if it was love or if it was attraction but all they knew it their hearts were racing like never before
scene shifts to pia and amraj
both bump into each other
pia- iam so sorry r u k
amraj- no iam not
amraj- bcz iam in love
pia-woahh ur soo lucky how does it feel
amraj-like heaven (he thinks what is he talking about and to who)
amraj-excuse me who r  u
pia- ohh iam so sorry iam pia modi
amraj-hi amraj grover
pia- so continue
pia-ur lovestory
amraj-oh that what about it
p-well I hope u don't mind telling me ur lovestory
a- I don't mind or anything but why do u want to hear my love story
p- bcz i live breathe laugh only for love and i <3  love stories
a-well aren't u cte
p- what
p-so go on now tell me ur lovestory now that we r friends
p-yeahh friends no jsut pls start
amraj thinks in his head this girl is crazy
a-i got to go now
a- i have to find someone
p-ohhhhh someone special iam guessing
a-how do u know
p-well how u bumped into me by mistake bcz ur thoughts r somewhere and ur somewhere amd plus  ur in love and if i can't see ur ms right next to u then u have got to be looking for her if u really love her
a-uff so filmy I mean so cute
p-awww thanks ur very sweet
a- i know i mean thank u
p-so either u tell me ur lovestory or Iam not leaving u alone
amraj was so crazy to find is dream girl he didn't want to waste time bcz he thought she could like leave and stuff
a-listen how about this u help me find where my angel is and then later we both will tell u r love story
p-sounds like a deal to me but who is angel
a-thats y I call her
p- awww ur too cutee
a-thank u but iam not cuter than u :)
p- ok anyways what does she look like
a-big brown eyes,fair complexion,beautiful body,black hair
p-ok ok Mr she soundsss so beautiful but what is she wearing
(he goes in flashback and remembers)
a- she was wearing a pink lengha and has a mag tika on her head
p- right that helps
a-what do u mean
a-more description of the pink well it was like a baby pink i think all I know is she is the most beautiful girl in the world
p-ummmm excuse me
a-oops sorry i mean after u
p-yeahh thats better
pia mobile phone starts to ring
p-hello di what do u want
  upstairs know
Iam kind of busy
only for 2 minutes promise
ok iam coming
p-sorry dude my sis needs me upstairs fro like 2 minutes but I will be back either u can come up with me and search for angel upstairs or just wait here for me actually just come with me
I want u to meet me didi she dosen't believe in lovestories and all but when she sees u she will surely believe pls come
a- alright but just for a little while
p-ok pia says sweetly
so they go up the stairs
my sister was in room 208 pia tells amraj so iam guessing on the left
so both amraj and pia reach room 208 they knock on the door
a-remember this will be quick
someone says come in from inside
and so pia and amraj go inside too see pia sister
di pia hugs her quickly
and when amraj sees her he was about to faint it was his beautiful angel
and when she looks at him she gets all shy and quickly runs to the balcony of the room
pia follows her sis to balcony
p-di kya hua
a-nothing don't worry
p- so come one I want u too meet my friend
so she grabs amraj and takes him to the balcony
amraj couldn't believe his  angel was right in front of his eyes
he saw how beautiful she looked in the moonlight and how angelic she was looking he knew she was feeling shy because of what had happened before between them
p-di this is amraj and amraj this is di I mean akshita
amraj didn't say anything but just stared at akshita and her innocence and akshita who couldn't look into amraj eyes bcz she was to shy quickly made eye contact and said hello
pia mobile phone rings
bhai she says whats wrong Ok iam coming
p-di I'll have to go bhai is calling me
akshita was about to follow pia
p-ahh di u stay here and listen to amraj's lovestory and so later on u could tell me plus for once bhai has called me for his problem ussually he calls u so I would like to help him out for once
u stay and listen
pia then leaves the room quickly closing the door of the room
both amraj and akshita were left alone in silence in the moonlight both were dressed beautifully like a bride and a groom
akshita couldn't make eye contact with amrajbut amra couldn't stop looking at her her shyness her innocence her beauty
amraj then moves a bit closer to her on the balcony abd she quickly tries to go out of the balcony and was about to leave and then amraj just holds her hand tightly  she was shaking
but akshita keeps her face towards the door while amraj looks outside
amraj- aren't u going to ask me what my lovestory is about
akshita didn't move it was as though she had froozen amraj holding her hand made butterflies happen in her stomach she didn't no what to do
so then amraj turned around to look at her
he then let go of her hand
akshita quitely turned around she loved it how amraj stopped her she didn't want to leave at all as well
she then whisphered very sweetly so whats ur lovestory about
amraj- u mean our lovestory
akshita's heart started to dance when she heard such a thing
ours she said in a shy way
amraj then holded her hand again and made her come close to her akshita didn't stop she just closed her eyes and slowly walked closer to him
amraj was in love with her he knew it that it wasn't attraction but it was love her innocene and shyness was driving him crazy in love he was falling for her more and more by the second
and akshita didn't know what she felt for amraj but all she knew is that amraj was someone special to her
amraj-today i meet a girl and just by looking at her once i had fallen madly in love with her it wasn't her looks though but her innocence her angelic looks her talktive eyes
akshita felt as though it was harder and harder for her to breath as amraj spoke she felt as though she was in deep pain that she couldn't leave and then a tear just ran dwon her eyes
sorry guys ed of part 4 hope u enjoyed pls comment

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MidnightMusings IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 2:59am | IP Logged
The Precap??? Hurry up dear, update soon!!!

Amraj is really funny, i expected him to beat Prem..... lol

Amraj n Akshita!!!!! Awesome

N we want more of Dhruv n Taani yaar!!!

Thanks for d pm dear!!!!
bAkChOd. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 3:00am | IP Logged
aww.......such a cute story.....plz continue soon.and add me in the pm list.......u didnt pm me the  first &second part u pm- ed only the 3rd part 
MidnightMusings IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Oops i missed that part!!! Great dear!!! Thanks for reminding me..... I love the way, ur story is proceeding!!! keep it up!!!

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