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Dutta, a Tauntrum Throwing Kid !!!

Anu-Reddy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 7:30pm | IP Logged

After an emotional rollercoaster that we had yesterday, we needed a bit subdued version today and thats exactly what we got tonight.  No tear-jerking nor any hair-raising scenes, neverthless a wonderful episode , which showed Dutta some "light" yet again.  Wont go in detail abt the whole episode. Will just glance thru the scenes and expressions of importance.

1) Nakku's memories of how Dutta felt full only when he ate Nakku's haath ka khana , was kind of  Deja Vu of the good old days. If u remember that scene , Nakku was hiding from Dutta (because of her face's secret) while Dutta was showering love. He at that time wanted Nakku to serve him food, be around him while Nakku was running away from him. Now its the role reversal, Nakku wants to be with him, serve with her own hands , make sure he has eaten but then Dutta is running away from her, hiding himself behind the "hate" . What a turn of events !!! Ouch.
2) Nakku's "If I loose hope, how will Bappa help me" was wonderful to listen to.  Her whole life is based on that "hope" , how can she let go of that?. Madhu seems to be learning the art of living, hoping, trust, faith, love thru the talks she has been having these days with Nakku & Baaji. Good for her, she will come out of her groove, "No one cares for me" and try to be a good human & a caring person, irrespective of what others do for her.
3) Pendulum mom is back to her pendulum acts LOL. Again "Raath gayi baath gayi" and so AS and her "Oh how I love to see u all smiles" wala crap talk Silly. Please AS decide if ur for Nakku or against her.  Iam damn confused. What made u think that Nakku is not involved in any "Suresh" business?ShockedConfused. The way u went all doubtful back to ur room, suggested that u will atleast Q and ponder abt Suresh's claims but here u r, back to kitchen all happy-wappy?Shocked Did "Jagadamba" appear in ur dreams and tell u that Nakku is sane enuf? ShockedLOL
4) AS says, "Kaash humara beta tumse jeena seekletha" LOL. Beta baad mein seekhega, pehle aap seekiye tho sahi TongueLOL. Bas ek jatka and u back to ur pallu-stuffing, weird-looking, suspicious self. Its u who need a makeover abt "prespective abt life". Dutta phir bhi young hai, seekhega very soonTongue aap aapka sochiye LOL.
5) Kala's "Uske zindagi mein grahan lagjaatha hai" was ahemm......alright. We all know abt it by now but what caught my eye was from yesterday Kala unknowingly is taunting her own self LOL . Yesterday she called herself , "420" though she thought she was using that for "Suresh" LOL, and today she is calling herslef "grahan" LOL. Kal patha nahin kya kehegi apne aapko, "Manhoos" ?? TongueLOL
6) Kala is amazing at infllicting pain ..... a very slow poision in other words. Look at the way she says, "Apne kamre mein baitkar kya kya sochraha hoga".  She is trying to torture Nakku by getting her to wonder, what pain she got onto Dutta.  But unlucky that she is, she doesnt know what transpired between D-N after the letter kissa LOL. Kala the artificial woman, for whom every emotion is for selfish needs, couldnt no wonder see Dutta's pain when he mentioned abt how letter doesnt bother him. She as expected thinks "letter" and "its contents" disturbed her bro LOL. Someone should throw a glass of cold water on her face so that she wakes up and smells the coffee LOL. She is the real cupid in this show LOL. Nakku's response "Iam out of his room , not out of his life" was such a eye opener for Kala LOL, I mean if she could see that is LOL.
7) Loved and loved the mocking, "Oh is it so?? I didnt know that haha" wala expression on Kala's face when Nakku was saying , "Aur jiskisi ko bhi saab pe buri nazar hai bappa ke nazar uss par hai". Seriously have to give it to AG for that exp LOL. The way she bends a bit forward, trying hard not to smile with those tightened lips and then relaxes the eyebrows once Nakku is done with the line........... was just plain awesome !!!.
8) The smile that Nakku-Kala shared at the end was just perfect. One smile can have several meanings. Nakku's smile conveyed her "belief in her love" while Kala's smile conveyed her "ignorance" Smile . Kala is so blinded by her arrogance and hatred, that she is ignorant to the one genuine feeling that runs the world, thats tying her bro and the girl infront of her, Love. She is the most dumbest of all when it comes to emotions and its so strange to see a person like her who doesnt understand the strength of love , feel so much pain at the loss of her dad that she is holding the grudge for it for yrs together.
9) Dutta at his room lets know Chaskar that they will go together to meet Shirke. Now wait, didnt Dutta the other day tell Chaskar to go meet Shirke and deal it himself?ShockedLOL  He even handed over the diamonds to Chaskar too isnt it?. Looks like  Dutta srsly wants to avoid Nakku and if he is at home, he will feel her absence in his room and hence got the bahana to go out of the house, is it? Wink LOL
10) Dutta's "thinking" look after he puts down the phone , why do I feel he was lost in Nakku's thoughts there?Tongue.  Loved how he stops fidling with the phone when Madhu calls "Bhiaya" and loved to bits the look on his face when Madhu tells him that she got the bfast for him on Nakku's behest. Dutta knew that Nakku would send him food. He had no shock nor surprise in his expression. Instead it was plain as if he was expecting it by default. But then his pride takes over and he doesnt want to eat, so starts walking off LOL. Someone should show him yesterday's clip LOL, he was so ready to eat Nakku ka haath ka bana puranpoli LOL.
11) Madhu is getting better by the day and have to say today she did what she should be doing, getting involved in this story and be a positive influence in Dutta's life.  Dutta as expected tries to neglect her talk until she mentions, "I was all alone my life, but u inspite of so many ppl around want to be alone. Why?".  Dutta's biting the teeth with an exhale at the end of that line, was indicating he is frustrated and is not interested in that talk but he stops walking because he could feel she will not stop until he stops and listens to her.  Madhu says, "Akelapan pareshaani ka ilaaj nahin hai". It reminded me of Nakku's "U drink because u want to forget ur pain" the first ever serious TaSha convo at the bar. Dutta is always figuring out ways to avoid his "akelapan" and "sorrows" by either drowning in daaru or staying alone.  The slight down-sideward-low look he had when Madhu was talking abt how she was younger to him meant that he was interested in her talk. He wanted to know what his not-so-known sis thinks abt. His  expression "I dont want u to talk abt it" with a side-bend and roled head, when Madhu says "Iam not so young that I cant see ur love" was one look to die for and what do we get in response from Madhu?Tongue A sideward look , with, "Pls listen to me and understand me". Have to say I loved the actress there at that look.She was on par with MR at that expression.   Madhu's line which connects to him the most was, "Aapke dil mein bhabi keliye pyaar hai". Now what does he do? Moves his eyes away from that intense-serious look he was giving Madhu prior to that because he doesnt want to give in to her "u love her" talk. He is frustrated listening to this line, that he loves Nakku. He wants to avoid ppl who would make him realise that line and hence he shouts "I dont have time for such nonsense" and walks off. He is infact trying to shove off any "triggering emotions" that may arise in him as a result of that line and hence that walk away from home.
10) Looks like its not Baaji's mann but Dutta's dil which is not in Danda anymore LOL. Poor guy what will he do now? Ghar mein koi na koi uske peeche pada hai that he loves Nakku LOL. Sochega nahin tho kya karega bechara LOL.  Three women, one for love , one for hate and one aheemmmmm for fame (TongueLOL kya Madhu is doing it all for good name dont u think? LOL) , howering on his brain LOL No wonder his julfein went all over and onto forehead too LOL. He was so looking like a Devdas LOL. BTW Dutta is the most longstanding Devdas i suppose LOL. Dus saal se jo peeraha hai LOL 
11) The way Dutta gets into the jeep, adjusts himself nicely behind the wheel and drives off while the Nikamme BGs run after him, "Bhaou, Bhaou" was literally hilarious  LOL . Shukar hai atleast they had the brain to follow him instead waiting for him there LOL.  BTW how reckless of D that he left a 3 crore deal and run off with Jeep leaving everyone around bewildered? LOL.
12) Chaskar's "Bhaou ur in ur own troubled  world, I will take my chances"   , why do I feel that he is seriously inviting trouble now?Tongue LOL.  Chaskar chaar paise keliye Dutta se panga lena chahraha hai, ab zinda hi nahin bachega tho paison ka kya karega Yellow-Shirt-Bandar? LOL.
13)  Dutta was pleasantly surprised to see how the shop keeper recognized him. Shopkeeper keeps calling his wife to fetch the water for Dutta and Dutta as he is, the one who jumps to conclusions without knowing the full facts, repeats the act, says, "Why cant u go fetch the water urself? Why do u want ur wife to get it? Do u think she is ur slave that she  will come running?". LOLLOLLOL Now what do I say to that?Tongue. Iam sure this line has been enuf dissected at the forum todayLOL . Dutta and talking abt women and particularly "wife" and the respect they deserve?Shocked LOL. Biggest joke of the monthROFL
14)  Dutta realises that the man is crippled. He understands the love the two share. Sply when the shopkeeper says, "Mere peeche bahut baar jagda bhi karthi hai". It was like someone was telling him how a wife-husband should be. He yesterday failed as a husband when Kala was taunting his wife. It was all coming back to him. How no matter what one should stand by their spouses and make sure they are respected enuf. Best part of the episode for me has to be the "No" nod that  Dutta gives, without much thought when Sonali asks, "U tell me ,did I do anything wrong?". This act of his gave away what he really wanted to do yesterday, what he knew was the right thing to do but yet he failed to.  Sonali was what Dutta shouldve been yesterday. She tells him why she fought with ppl. Ppl asked her to leave her husband as he is crippled and go marry someone else. Kala indirectly was saying the same yesterday or meant to say something of that sort. Sonali said she felt like throwing chappals at those ppl, while Dutta stayed mum, and instead asked Nakku to go to the person she wants to. What a revelation this has been to him. Final blow, Sonali's, "How can I leave him? Its a bond for life" was such a pat on Dutta's face. He promised Nakku once that he will stand by her in all phases of life. His promises at the marriage were all shouting its a bond for life. Now what does he do? Leave her crying over some allegations while he stays mum. He should seriously be ashamed of his yesterday's acts. Hope he corrects himself atleast now.
15) Finally Dutta , remembers the one man who had the most positive influence in his 30 yrs of life,  JagtaapDay Dreaming. Srsly that was such a calm-pleasing effect just seeing Jagtaap on screen todayEmbarrassed. The man had some aura around him. Dutta remmembers Jagtaap's , Sonali's words abt love, shaadi ,  which triggered him to finally remember the promised he made when he proposed to Nakku. Thank god finally Gajini slept off and the good-old memories rushed back LOL
16) The best part of LTL has always been the gestures and today it was Nakku's intuition when Dutta walked into the house. She felt his presence., Madhu wondered "LOL Looks like Bhabi has seen lot of bolly movies" LOL.  Ahemmmmm ok I agree that was me and not Madhu LOL. Instead she was confused and I felt she was learning the little nuances of life and love thru these interactions. I am glad she is because when Baaji gets married to her, she will shower the  same amount of Love that Nakku showers on Dutta TongueEmbarrassed. B deserves it btw Tongue
17) Cutie pie Dutta LOL . What? Confused? ShockedLOL Arey baba, the way he called out, "Nakusha" and the way he lifted the plate up and banged it down, for Nakku's attention, he seriously was like a cutie pie LOL Day Dreaming  . If getting drunk jagoes a kid in him and makes him seem such a kid , I would say bring it on and give him a glass of whatever brand drink he drinks every time he asks for water LOL. BTW what is this amnesia with him?. He remembers that Nakku came to him last time when he threw the plate on floor but then he forgot it when he was sober? ShockedLOL Dutta not only has two parts in his brain (good and bad) to store the respective memories, he seems to have two parts one for sober mood and one for intoxicated one LOLLOL.
18) Dutta expects Nakku in the kitchen but Nakku is adamant that she will not go feed him until and unless he calls her in his sober state. Loved the way she told Madhu, "Iam not mad at him, but I dont want to go now .  He is intoxicated and is calling for me but I want him to do it in sober state. I would run to him when he does that".  She is standing by her decision, not to mellow down and feed him in his senseless state. Because by doing so she will weaken both of them. Dutta will use "drink" as a pretext to get close to her and she will see that "sensless" love as real and feel hurt when he mocks her down in his sober state.
TidBits :
1)Madhu stole the pink dress LOL. Ofcourse she is a don's sister so "steal" karna tho bantha hai nahin? LOL. Its the same pink dress that she tried when N-D-B-M-R went shopping before TaSha's shaadi LOL. If u have forgotten let me remind u that D trashed the shop wala and stormed out of the shop without buying anything that day but somehow that dress magically appeared on Madhu today LOL. Kahin yeh tho nahin ki Baaji jaakar kareed laya Madhu keliye, sply since he was so latoo over her at that dress-trial scene LOL
2) Dutta ke ghar mein khana ho na ho, he is so busy batoing daan-waan to othersLOL. Samje nahin? Yaar look at the vehicle that Shirke used to leave the deal place LOL. Isnt it the same vehicle which D-N-B used when D-N were coming back from Jungle?.
3) Dutta bana Romeo and so symbolically left his hair wavering LOL and hence the jhulfein on his forehead LOL.
4) Nakku assured AS that Bappa will take care of her son as per her prayers LOL. Someone should tell Nakku that its not Bappa but "Jagadamba" for AS LOL.
5) Dutta left Baaji out of work , looks like Baaji is making good use of the time , is relaxing and hence stepped out of Pagal Niwas LOL. Thats why he wasnt seen in today's episode LOL. Cant blame him , he might have been itching to run from that pagal niwas for the last 10 yrs or so LOL
6) Nakku's bullet wound healed off magically LOL.  Comeon its been just two days and there is no sight of wound on her hand LOL. Is Pagal Niwas importing water from Jungle's Magical River?? ShockedTongueLOL. Only magical water can heal any wound within minutes LOL
7) Dutta not only fired Baaji from the security job but also seems to have fired all the servants too LOL. No wonder we see Madhu ji bailing chapathis , serving food, setting up table LOL 
8) Nakku's outhouse room got a makeover is it? ShockedLOL Somehow it looked a lot neater today LOL. Symbolism ki heights kya? I mean when Nakku was dark, they wanted to show her house all untidy and when she turned fair, just like her wardrobe, her house too got cleaned up ?ShockedLOL. Nakku is sure Dutta's patni LOL. Both live and dress up symbolically , as per their moods LOL
9) Nakku vowed yesterday that she will come back to D's room only when he calls her back, u all know that LOL. Do u want to know whats her trick? She plans to woo him, thadpaou him LOL and hence she runs out of Dutta's room (after she wiped off ger tears yesterday), straight to the nearby beauty parlour and gets a new hairstyle LOL. Pyaar keliye kya kya karna padtha haina LOL
This is a stupid post and I dont know why iam posting this LOL.
Ur comments Smile

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ltl_fan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
Thanks Anu for the post.  My ltl dose for the day is not over till I have read your comments and analysis LOLLOL
AS is the thaali ka baigan.  She surely can't decide whether Nakku is in her good books or bad.
Thats probably from where Dutta learnt the trait - kabhi gussa to kabhi lovey dovey.LOLLOL
Honestly where has Kishore disappeared to - don't tell me he has also been tasked to hide on the terrace along with Annay and Leela's daughter.  Maybe due to the budget crisis of PN they may have fired the baby sitter and Kishore has been tasked full time job to watch the kids.  They may have also fired the servants as no one to help Nakku in the kitchen.LOLLOL 
It was sad to see Nakku back to the outhouse room and that too so alone - wish Babi was their to offer her lap.LOL  Actually maybe Dutta (in his drunk mode) might come looking for Nakku in the outhouse.  If that happens I will run and lock them in the room.  Kala will never suspect Dutta being in that room.Wink

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rama_2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
not stupid anu.... but a much required post.......keeping us pondering on the highlighted points ...thoughout the day....
luved AG today.... for the new look and her expressions especially beautiful words she was describing about her self..... (Grahan)....
The sweet NO nod of Dutta and the romantic BG score during that scene took my heart away...   the plate throwing ...ziddi kid was too good... hope CV's  bring out the kid in him when Tasha unite in showing us how he wants to be pampered vice versa pamper naku too..... OH tt would be a treat to watch....  am all excited for it
was jus abt to leave for office.... n saw ur post... the last line sought of triggered me and cd not restrict myself from reading n commenting..... just made it in time to work ....i thought i wd be late

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vahgar Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:49pm | IP Logged

Hi Anu,

Enjoyed reading your post, it has become a habit now, After watching the episode, am always on IF looking forward to reading your post. Somehow the episode is not complete without your post.
Love the way you analyse each and every expression of the actors....... very insightful....... Keep writing... am sure a lot of us are enjoying reading your post.
It was very Cute to see the Nod Dutta gave Sonali , his true feelings were expressed......
and the last part where he throws the plate was also too good, can't wait to see his expression when Madhu comes to serve him food....... Smile

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anu-Reddy

Thank god finally Gajini slept off and the good-old memories rushed back LOL

This to me sums up the episode today; awesome dialog Anu :) Love ur updates really!
So Mr Dutta has finally started missing his beloved and is yearning for her. Oh, how I love this serial, it is driving me crazy day by day, and gosh the romance has not even begun yet. Just imagine our BP once it goes on full drive.
I mentioned in another post that unless the home base is sound, the work place in this case, when Dutta embraces Naku wholeheartedly, his work will also improve, and he will not be so "lost in space".

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Alamelu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
Same here, always looking forward to reading your post after the episode.....wonderful as always....hilarious, and well analyzed

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anu-Reddy

7) Dutta not only fired Baaji from the security job but also seems to have fired all the servants too LOL. No wonder we see Madhu ji bailing chapathis , serving food, setting up table LOL 

Yeahhh, I was wondering where Govind and Shambhu were! LOL BG types nikamme naukars never doing their job...each person living in PN is a world-class freeloader LOL

Word @ everything about AS. Psychiatrist Baaji was taking a holiday, but as soon as he comes back, I think AS should seek help for the mind-boggling case of split-personality disorder that she is suffering from.

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
haha that he totally is! And it amuses me to no endLOL.....he's a first class adorable one though :P...always throwing tantrums to get his wayLOL.....but the thaali throwing today just to get Nakku to come to him was seriously hilarious.....unprecedented new level of tantrumsLOL

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