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neww ff Der na ho jaye kahi... (Page 18)

love_u_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 February 2011 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
Next Part-41



After 1 min: naku comes out...

dutta says "hey jaan are you okay or not...what happened to you...? How many times i have told you to take care of yourself but you are not bother to listen me...."
naku says "sahib i am fine...dont worry... today is so hot na that why i was feeling low..."
dutta says "whatever you are coming me to doctor today.. i will not listen to you now...."
dutta took naku to hospital....

In Madhu room:
baazi makes madhu sits on the bed... he puts both of his hand to her face....
baazi says " see madhu i know that you love me but i dont love you, but that doesnt mean that i dont care about you...I always consider you my best friend....please try to understand...."
madhu {rucha gujarati} says "okay i understood but tell me how should i make understand to my heart which takes your name when i thought about spending my life...."
baazi says " shabd loves you madhu and i have seen love in his eyes for side love will a hurt a you a lot rather than someone broke your heart..."
madhu says "baazi i cant live without you..."
baazi says "i know but this is something forcing someone.. i cant keep you happy if i dont love you..."
madhu sees "ok baazi i understood everything and from today our relationship of friendship is also we are strangers.. and i dont like talking to strangers...."
baazi says "no madhu you cant do this..."
madhu says "yes i can do when you can..."
baazi says nothing and goes out from there and madhu wipes her tears..

Doctor is examining naku and dutta is sitting outside.... doctor smiles and let naku stand and both of them come outisde..dutta let dutta sits...
dutta says "doctor how is my wife he okay now?
doctor says "relax Mr. dutta..your wife is fine.. congrats your wife is 2 weeks pregnant..."
dutta looks naku and feels so happy and naku also... SmileSmile SmileSmileSmile
dutta says "thank you naku thank you so have give me a greatest gift of my life...."
naku feels shyEmbarrassed and hugs naku...and dutta kisses her forehead and hugs her tightly
doctor says "i have to talk something with you Mr. dutta regarding medicine... naku u sit here..
dutta says "everything is fine doctor...."
doctor says "Mr dutta see your wife is very weak and she dont have strength to bear the certain complication also.. It can be complicated also.. You have to take extra care of your wife... see that she should not get any kind of stress otherwise it can harm your child...."
dutta gets shockedShockedShocked.. says "okay doctor i will...."
doctor says "these are some medicine give her these in time and take care of her food... dont worry every things gonna be alright....come for routine check up..."
dutta says "yes doctor...i will"

dutta goes to naku and smiles and take her to room...they reach home and give everyone good news.... everyone is happy accept the three evils...madhu is also happy but she is sad and hurt.. baazi can feel her sadness....

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 February 2011 at 1:51am | IP Logged
LOL!!!! Nakku pregnant....... OMG!!!!! beware of ETs..........Baazi made Madhu clear with his stand........... Dutta happy with the news of pregnancy.......... continue soooooooon........
love_u_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 8:05pm | IP Logged
Next Part-42

dutta and naku comes to home...aayi sahib naku ki nazar utarti hai....babi naku ko ghar karti hai... kala makes faces... dutta and baazi are smiling and madu is also happy but sad... she hugs naku and apolozise to naku for behaviour...naku hugs madhu...


All the guests are coming madhu and swarali is sitting putting mehandi in their hands,,, baazi and shabd is there...swarali is smiling and madhu is sad..

a girl sees madhu mehandi...
a girl says "madhu jiji aapke haatho ki mehandi ka rang kitna chadha hai...lagta hai shabd jiju aapko bahut pyar kartey hai...."
madhu says nothing and looks at baazi...
swarali looks very happy.... baazi is also smiling but sad for madhu also....


{a group of girls comes and sings}
mehandi Ni Mehndi …. 4

Tere Hatthan Vich Phul Bann Khildi
Mehndi Badeyan Naseeba Naal Mildi
Te Gaadha Rang Je Chadhya Ho Gayi Balle Balle Oye Oye Oye Oye
Mehndi Ni Mehndi …. 4

Hey Yo, I'm Telling You So Let's Go {a girl and sings this stanza}
Feel It In The Tempo
We Not Care About Them, We Just Super Like Nintendo
We Gonna Buzz It Off, Feel The Music In You Bones
Dj Play That Tune Give Me Something New
We're Gonna Party All Night Long

iba Meri Biba Jo Aayi Hai Cham Se, Biba

Enna Tu Sohna Hai, Panga Toh Hona Hai {naku comes and sees dutta and dance}
Dil Ne Toh Khona Hai, Bach Ke Tu Reh Zara
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Dil Se Gaya Rola Pe Gaya
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Dil Se Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya

Biba Tere Haathon Mein Mehndi Damke, Biba{naku sits to madhu and swarali and sings}
Hoye Biba Teri Aankhon Mein Sapne Chamke, Biba

Haan Tez Tadaka Hai, Bilkul Patakha Hai {dutta comes to naku hold her hand and dance with her}
Daala Kya Daaka Hai, Dil Pe O Jaaniya {swarali stands up and sings for baazi...}
Aankhein Yun Seke Hai, Daane Yun Phenek Hai
Chup Chup Ke Dekhe Hai, Keh De Khul Ke Zara
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya {girls make madhu stands and she sings and dance}
Dil Se Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Sab Se Keh Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya

Mainu Luteya Ae
Tere Nakhre Ne Maar Suteya Ae

L I V E Lively, S T O P No Stopping Me …. 3
L I V E Lively

Pao Ji Shaguna {aayi shahib, meera and mohini comes and dances}
Baabul Tera Mehlaan De Rangle, Biba
Bue Vicho Sapne Hain Langne, Biba
Mehndi Kehndi Mehndi Kehndi, Mehndi Kehndi Mehndi Kehndi

Dekhe Teri Aankhon Se Nazaare, Biba{dutta revolves around to nakku and dance}
Ho Chamke Hain Kal Ab Saare, Biba
Mehndi Kehndi Mehndi Kehndi, Mehndi Kehndi Mehndi Kehndi
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Dil Se Gaya Rola Pe Gaya
Rola Pe Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya
Dil Se Gaya, Rola Pe Gaya

You Got To Do, What You Do {here all comes and dance baazi, shabd everyone dance}
To Get You Much Higher
Don't Do What You Do And Grab That Light Of Fire Now
Do What You Do To Get You Much Higher
Don't Do What You Do And Grab That Light Of Fire Go
Don't Do Don't Do Come On, Bib

{everyone comes on the floor and dances...including kala, roops, shalini and leela, with suraj and raj, kishore, babi, sethji, ganpat {talli hokar}...everyone...}

after the function:

madhu apni jewellary utar rahi hoti hai.. dutta comes to madhu...

madhu says "bhau aap kya hua mujhe bhula liya hota..."

dutta says "meri behan khush toh hai na is shaadi sey..."

madhu says "ha bhau mey bahut khush hu...."

dutta says "tera yeh bhau hamesha terey sath hai kabhi bi apney aap ko kamzor mat samjhana..."

madhu hugs dutta and crys...

In the mid night...

madhu is in his room. she is writing a letter... 

"bhau mey nahi janti mey jo karney ja rahi woh sahi hai ki nahi lakin mey is bhoj ke sath yeh zindagi nahi gujaar sakti.. mey aapsey aayi sahib, sab sey bahut pyar karti hu. lakin mey apni zindagi ghut ghut kar nahi ji nahi sakti...mainey apni zindagi kisi aur ke naam kar di hai... mujhe maaf kar dijiye bhau maaf..."

madhu puts that letter on a table and drinks a posion bottle and she lay down on a bed... she is remembering every moment spend with his family and baazi..."

after sometime"

naku comes and knocks the door of madhu... she opens the door and sees madhu lying on bed...she comes to her and see... naku is shocked to see madhu and a letter in table...she shouts so loudly...dutta comes runing with baazi...

dutta says "kya hua naku...tu theek toh hai na...

naku points out at madhu...baazi sees madhu and dutta also and naku collaspe there..

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
A nice updt............Mehendi ceremony.......... all happy except Madhu sad and Baaji worried.................
OMG!!!!!!!!!! Madhu couldnt take the pain any longer.............. she luved Baaji so much............ he try suicide by consuming poison.......... Nakku fainted............. Cliffhanger!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaajal, plzzzzzzzz updt sooooooooooooon............... cant wait.......... toooo eeeaaaaaaagggggggeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr................

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
 undefined jus read las coupl of chtrs n der reli gud..finaly madhu confesed her luv 2 baaji..feel sory 4 both...baji is rli sweet n lyk da way he explnz that hes her bff n cares bt dsnt luv her lyk dat..i think madhus acting abit immature tbh...tho i do feel 4 her
kalakuty ne yahanbhi apna zehar ghol diya..chrail kahin ki...
luved tasha scnes soo romantic.. undefined luvd hw D asd hw dey shud strt planin bout kids hehe...  
yeaahh nakus pregger!!undefined
nice song choic...
omg madhu W*H she comits suicde!! hope shes nt dead...OuchOuchOuch
tbh now i want baji 2 mary swareli(woteva shes cald lol)...i think shabd wil care 4 her mor..spesh cz he luvz her n baji onli sees her as a gud friend...
wonderful update kajal..continue soonEmbarrassed

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love_u_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
Next Part-43

In Patil House:

Dutta sees naku and madhu.. Dutta gets shocked and baaz is surpried..baazi sees the letter and put letter in his pocket.. dutta hold naku and baazi hold madhu..Both run to hospital...

In Hospital:

Dutta and baazi are standing in from ICU annd naku is general ward and she is examing by a lady doctor.Suddenly shabd come there holding his court on his arms...baazi looks at him and get worried and tell dutta in his ears...

shabd says " bhau aap yaha kaisey naku vahini theek toh hai na..."
dutta says "ha woh madhu aur naku dono ki tabiyat theek nahi hai..."
shabd says "kya hua madhu aur vahini ko...i mean aap logo ne bataya kyu nahi.."

Suddenly nurse come:
nurse says "doctor sahib  jaldi chaliye, patient ki halat bigadi ja rahi hai...lagta hai zehar sarey sharir mey phel gaya hai..."
shabd says "sister patient kaun hai..."
nurse says "dutta bhau ki behan madhu patil..."

shabd gets a big shock and looks at dutta and baazi.He ran to ICU with sister.. A lady doctor comes and sees dutta...
dutta says "doctor sahib naku ab kaisi hai..."
doctor says "dekhiye bhau mainey pehaley hi kaha tha ki aapki biwi kamzor hai usey kisi baat ka stress ya sadma nahi lagna chahiye... philhall woh theek hai magar aagey sey dhyan rakhiye...aap kaisey laparwaaha hi skatey yeh aapki biwi aur bachey ki jaan ka sawaal hai....
dutta says "doctor mey aagey sey dhyan rakhunga, mera bacha toh theek hai na...."
doctor says "bacha theek hai lakin plz aap thoda samjhiye..hum aur risk nahi le saktey..."

dutta looks at doctor with teary eyes... doctor goes from there...shabd comes out from the eyes...dutta got nervous and baazi looks at him...
shabd says "aap logo ney mujhe sach kyu nahi bataya..."
dutta looks at him and baazi also...
dutta says "meri baat toh suno...."
shadhAngry, says "itni badi baat hogayi aur aap logo ney zaruri ahi samjha mujhe batana, agar mey yaha ahi aata toh mujhe pata hi nahi chalta..."
baazi says "aey shabd hum bahut pareshaan hogaye they..abhi dekh na vahini ki tabiyat kharab hogayi...bhau kya kya dekhta..."
shabd says "kher mey samaj sakta hu...abhi madhu theek hai lakin report aaney ke baad hi hum usey discharge kar denegey..."
baazi says "lakin bhau do din baad toh ghar mey shaadi hai...hum sabko kya kahengey..."
shadh laughs and says "meri life bi ajeeb hai dosto pehlay ghar waalo koi time nahi de paata tha kaam ki wajah sey aur ab shaadi bi... yeh saala pesha hi aisa hai...koi baat nahi hum shaadi ki tarikh bada detey hai....

Aayi sahib comes with meera and suraj there.... she is very worried and comes to dutta and baazi..."
aayi sahib says "dutta ab naku aur madhu kaisi hai...tumey humhey bataya kyu nahi..."
dutta says nothing ad hugs aayi sahib and start crying...baazi puts his hand on dutta shoulder..
dutta says "aayi mey zindagi kabhi itna nahi dara agar aaj naku, madhu aur merey bachey ko kuch ho jaata nah toh mey bi mar jaata..."
aayi sahib says "dutta sambhal ko sab theek ho jaayega beta..."
nurse comes and says dutta to meet naku....dutta goes in and others are outside...
dutta sits besided naku and says "aey naku tuney toh mujhe dara hi diya tha..."
naku smiles and put her had on dutta cheeck...
dutta sees naku with teary eyes and kisses on her hand....
naku hugs dutta tightly....
naku says "sahib mey theek hai ek dam theek..."
dutta says "naku mey tere bina jee nahi sakta...aur agar aaj tujhe kuch ho jaata toh mey bi jinda nahi rehta..."
naku puts dutta hands on her tummy and says "aapka ji yeh nanha munna hai na apni aayi ko bahut tang karta hai... sun rahey ho na tum beta dekho tumne apney baba ko bi dara diya..."
dutta kisses on her tummy and says "aey beta apni aayi ko tang mat karo tu mera sher hai, bas tu ab jaldi sey aaja hum doo milkar meri biwi aur teri aayi ko tang karengey..."

naku wipes dutta tears anh hugs him...baazi goes to madhu room...madhu is unconsicous... baazi sits on the table... put his hand on her hand and start crying,, baazi tears fall on madhu face and she opens her eyes slowly slowly...

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 3:20am | IP Logged
OMG!!!!!!!!! so many things happening in Duttas life......... he was completely broken......... God!! why did Baaji hide the letter?? Baaji in tears........... Madhu cumung to conciousness........... hav a feeling Baaji too luvs Madhu but may be he is not showing bcoz she is his best frnds sis..........
A nice updt.......

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 3:41am | IP Logged
brilliant updates der...pls pmme if u upload pls....

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