Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

KMH2: Esh's Niche ;O)

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Hello KMHians

I hope as the rocking shows,you too are having great time! A little chit chat and a little views, always bring the best out of one self!
Myself, I am quite a passionate of writing and I usually like to watch a show as a critic!
After having the crazy sleepless nights and watched KMH1 in 3 days,it was so fun to the extent that kin thought I was having feverSmile
Ab kaise kahun ke mein kmh ki bhukhaal thBig smile
I usually like writing a lot on the reel theme in KMH and how it fits in the broader image! I believe this is why I love to analyse the characters and scenes and anything in KMH in a very delicate manner!
Some friends suggest me to have a corner for myself and continue all the pool of my thoughts in it! I was thinking it is a good idea and therefore created this one! Looking something weird but funny and I turn up with Esh's NicheBig smile
I always welcome your says in my 'take' so feel free to write about it!
I have like 200posts already posted and I am thinking as a start I will have the main ones here!
So the thread will have:
(1) my first entry in IF
(2) character analysis
(3) some other i think important in KMH2
(4) The whole jungle scene
(5) and as for episode in weekend i will watch first 10 and have a batch analysis in a way
(6) yet some important scenes that I highlighted in the daily thread I will have it here too
(7) what else? lolz
I hope you enjoy them! I will continue update this one if I write something new!

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Great Idea  Clap Keep It Up Deear Star

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My first Entry: Overview of KMH1 and feels for KMH2

(that was on RKA 12/11/10)
Hi Dudes and Dudies
Thanks for sharing the post,sanjukta! I will like also to share my opinion in relation.
It is true like others,I am waiting the story to unfold a little more to understand what is the concept of the show. KMH1,I hope you guys agree with me,it was on a successful run because of those factors:
(1) mindblowing background setting
(2) the way the story is being told - though quite inspired from some bolly movies it was still the AMAZING effect - i still enjoy to watch
(3) The character of Arjun - hey karan,if u read this mesage,please don't get me wrong,I am quite fan of Jane Austeen books and many characters are actually inspired from her book's characters,well not only in KMH1,even in Geet,another show I love. Arjun is very much similar to Mr Darcy of Pride and Prejudice and I love iit,really.
In short,Arjun's character was also one of the character 'the real masculine character - he likes to appear hard but he is actually so soft.' - Arjun Punj played by Karan was simply OUTSTANDING!
(4) The character of Arohi -wow,I love this character a lot, among all my favourite shows, Arohi Sharma remains my favourite female character that is ever described. Kritika,I was really happy for you that this was your first show and you were able to act all emotions,it was very HEART TOUCHING. I enjoyed it as well,again,please don't get me wrong,slightly inspired by Elizabeth(another character of Jane Austen) - still positively very COMMENDABLE. I am actually really like Muskaan and Nikki characters in DIL MILL GAYE as female characters and I like GEET and MEERA character in GEET,but AROHI SHARMA actually just had all the ingredients of all of these wonderful character,as one it is said - SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL.
I applaud the performance of these guys as well. Purvi,wow,I mean she maintains the character of voidness and how slowly she fell for Salil,this was amazing and Salil,well,sweet and lovely character.
All of them add to the flavour of KMH1.
(5) I name this show as a JOURNEY OF LOVE
I agree that there are many romance shows,many family dramas,all of them are good in their way but KMH1,I just love all the 'lessons' it taught - from the mother's letter to the unconditional love between the main lead. In this part.I will like also to share how much I feel it was a good thing to show that Arohi's father -even if he was someone self respect,he does not mean that he is always right and how much people never try to know someone but judge somebody in first impression. Natasha,that was the most lovely negative character I enjoyed watching, she was really funny,practical and cool. I like the way she warned Purvi.
I like also they show a love story between DK and his separated wife - even if they were distance away for years,they remained true.
Overall,the whole concept was good. The yet nothing new from Ekta's Arjun vs Karan concept.
The way the story was shown,it was really like every beating added to a fragrance and like I like to say hats off to GEET successful team,it was the same hats off to KMH1 successful team.
Overall,I watched the show online in three days it was just like the feel the show wanted to give us,like drowning in pages of a beautiful novel that definitely recommend to be read and watched as I would rate the show a 4/5.
KMH2 promos were really so cool that give a good laugh at,which makes one feel it might be a comedy romance. It may be,I can't say for the moment as I am watching bits by bits daily making me still trying to feel where the waves are.
Karan,again,please don't take it wrongly,you know you are doing a fantastic and awesome performance but I feel Arjun's character this time is very much inspired to be from some Amitabh Bachan movies- you know the young very protective towards family paying a debt as for what he is now,not afraid of anything because he does not expect anything from life,just live for the family. It is a good character in a different perspective.
As for Arohi,she turns to be a sweet and this time CHIRPY funny character. Awesome performance by Kritz. The character gives me a good laugh at it.
Actually again both of you are just within society norms are world apart but in reality you guys are so similar,in the love to your respective family,ur clean heart,in brief,like THE CLASH OF THE TITANS is on the society's point of view but indeed it is actually the meeting of MIRROR IMAGE! Again Arjun is good in hiding his real personality and project the hard image but now gangster image.
You guys are doing a FANTASTIC job.
I like their concept because it is just the contrary image of SALIL PURVI. Two extremes and looking forward that they will have a pssionate love between them later - sort of the concept of LOEVE TO GROW AFTER WEDDING. And Rajveer actually counteract Arjun in the sense both of them are showing a very hard outerface personality whie inside they are very good at heart.
What a cool performance of Puneet as Siddhart,the charming guy, a sort of in response to the Karan character in KMH1 but he needs perfection,actually I am looking forward for more a Simi Sid story later on because they are also similar to personality. Arohi actually thinks of him as a nice funny guy who he is but he is seriously in all perfection and behave according to the society norm type of guy,coincidentally this is the same type that arohi is allegic to. However Arohi is now thinking in her family point of view and ofcourse giving him a chance.
It is funny though to see the Arjun Arohi bumps and how unconsciously Arohi is affected by Arjun words - especially the wedding day - about the weight and size comments and how unconsciously Arjun is trying to create distance between Sid and Arohi. Again in response to KMH1,when Arjun was initially very much touched by Arohi's words,here it is initially Arohi.
The comparision I am making is not actually to see about their outperformance but rather to see how the show with the same title,even on a different concept,it is on track with the title.
The lounge version of KMH in season 2 is equally cool suiting this story.
The show starts by a drop of blood,making me and other avid readers realised the inspiration from Romeo and Juliet feud type family and there will be a time to choose between blood related relationship and love. Secondly the gangster vs police type make me equally feel it is quite inspired from Ocean 11 type of story , from recent KIDNAP movie or the evergreen DON movie. The concept is quite tight and it feels that there is some difficulty to open avenues in such concept. The danger is the show can be affected as it might turn monotonous. I hope the script writers are taking care of this. Now the masquerade party,that was a cool one, again sort of romeo juliet encounter and how beneath their masks they unveiled their true self and when they are infront of each other,it is ultimate feeling that for the moment is thought to be hatred but in truth is the 'beichaan''restlessness' of seeing someone your heart is pulling you to with someone else.
The two extremes,again show how love has filtered into them in a subtle way without even realising but how much they are pulling in like magnets. I guess the realisation will be the first mini climax.
The story seems to be equally to the same intense as it was in season 1 and we are patiently waiting for the first bell to ring,lol.
Please stick with the concept and I hope it unfolds nicely.


Topic2: dated 25/11/10)

Arjun Singhania as Bunty&Arohi Aluwalia as Babli

Hi mates, I was still trying to link the promos before the show started with how the story is developing.

The first link attached was the title song of bunty aur babli.
And the second link attached is the bank robbery promo of Arjuhi.
I will attached the other two as well because they are so cool,lol:
When the show started I was still trying to link the promo with the story development and keep on seeing how these dudes have come in their Bunty aur Babli avtar.
Then realised,it does not mean the same avtar as in the movie,well our Arohi as Babli is effortlessly seen - her vibrant,chirpy,funny,cool,lovely,cutie,sweet,hilarious,smart,innocent,friendly nature is clearly depicted.
But what about our Bunty? Our Arjun as Bunty?
Initially I was thinking that Bunty and Babli of the movie came from different places but when they met,they were quite similar and how they became partner in con,lol. The story keeps on developing until what we watched yesterday (Arjun's first smile - wohoo), Arjun - the fearless good natured protective introvert nature can actually be described as Bunty. With a very masculine character of Arjun is really a very Bunty character- he conned our Arohi easily:-) when he kidnapped her.
Like Bunty aur Babli when they met,they realised how both of them are good at something(there were con people and other characters similarities),here also,as viewers we can see how these both have similarities - it is yet for the characters to realise - from their caring nature and love towards family and friends,to their obeidiance and make sure of not hurting the one they are holding(here in the case is family). It is yet for the characters to realise their mirror image for them to carry us like what we have see as the promos.
They are rocking and cheers for their good performance! Definitely being entertained!
(reply to Shibz  & Olly)
I am on the same opinion with both of you!
Yeah KMH is defo my fav on Ekta's concept and especially when she tries not to do a sequel and please viewers by the same romance,how will that be,they were married in the very first season and a sequel meant continued romance as husband and wife,well,it would not have been the same fights we like to watch and it would have been then more focused in family matter rather their love story.
So she came up with a new story- branding this jodi as the new iconic romance avtar. Keeping in mind the title of the show but in a different perspective and how bondage occur and then realised nothing exist as bondage,(since bondag means just linkage) but after a while realised,oops,it has been love,cupid was having a huge control in our
When KMH1 was more focused in important lesson in real life,she tried to show as much reality and sensible matter in there making the show more of a 65% reality and 45% reel,that was very sweet to watch.
This time she just changed this,the concept is the same as the title but taking two extremes where the real lesson is less emphasised and keeping the ingredient to be 80% reel and 20% real. Yet it is entertained and as Sibz said,she kept the linkage between episodes pretty well.
Again - it is like a novel that viewers are reading page by page.
She argued and justified pretty well her scene. For instance the filmy rain sequence of the day before,we all enjoy it. Yet there is an element attached to it - FILMY and this make someone said 'copied from bolly,' but she pretty well showed the scene - having a character that believes a lot in background music and filmy theme(our Arohi),the sequence compliment well. Yet the filmy feel from Arohi is very much linked to show her innocence in her character and therefore,making all perfect blend.

Topic 3:

KMH: The new literature book recommends to every1 (28/11/10)

Hey friends, hope you are having a nice weekend,enjoying chilling outside and all the emotions that Kitani Mohabbat hain is adding to us to the extent it feels the soul of the show just like those actors who are playing this beautiful role or perhaps like Ekta where she is the one taking into consideration how the scene  should be shown! The show is new,vibrant ,addictive to the extent of understanding  what is portraying,how the story is unfolding and how we are attached with the characters and events.The dialogue adds the flavour to it. The background music, the
background setting,the body language of the performers,the symbolic significance of  some of the peak objects(flowers,knife,blood,handcuffed,fire....), the specific players the filmy song and the occasion,the plot itself, and what the camera focuses about..
All make me smile in a way,recalling few years ago where I was studying some  literature book and where as part of the exams taken,we have to understand the era  the plot was,the characters portrait and description and analysis, the significance of some  scenes,the author's psychhology,the way it is written and the perspective it unfolds. I find myself enjoying Kitani Mohabbat hain as a critic,this is how normally  I appreciate a show,but Kitani Mohabbat Hai has done more effect than this, it actually make me empathise so much to the characters that when I watched the   show, I drowned myself into the characters. Dangerous but Commendable! How on a show, I am not only being entertained but also mesmerised in the scene,at times in laugh or at times as gasps or sigh. Kitanni Mohabbat Hain is considering every aspect to attract their viewers to it and it is doing it successfully,  I hope the show to continue in this direction and this forum is full of constructive critics and making the journey as viewers on a beautiful but tight concept! Looking forward with hungered eyes for whats next! Thinking mostly that this sizzling adventures of the players are actually what we are watching is with the same zeal.
Ekta: Kitani Mohabbat hain?
Mine: 'mohabbat' se zyada;-) on the concept of the show!
Topic 4:(28/11/10)

KMH: Arjun Punj & Arohi Aluwalia

karan kundra surnomme arjun ponji

Meet our KMH characters,though played in different season but still we love them!
Interestingly I felth that our Arjun Punj and Arohi Aluwalia share quite much of similarities in their characters! I hope you mates will also understand what I am writing about!
Nor emphasising on the similarities in all four of the 2 seasons characters,but what I found similar between these 2.
I personally felt the innocence I found in the chirpy character of Arohi Aluwalia,I felt the same for Arjun Punj! On a retrospective note,flashback to when Arjun just fell in passionate love with Arohi and there was the innocence in his character that made him innocently react to the new feeling,the funny bit when each time he was telling Arohi Sharma that first time he is feeling this while she must know,trying to learn from his buddies and innocently also how he was going completely towards Arohi from sharing his childhood picture to continual talk and admiration of her. Our Arohi Aluwalia , we have seen innocence in her character as well,have not us? From the very first scene when she got immersed in the flute music played by Arjun Singhania to the recent scene where she was boosting herself as a hottie to Arjun Singhania. On numerous note,we saw this bit on her,not forget the filmy character of hers add to the innocence. Even Arjun Punj at times behaves filmy way - the sharing of coffee to his disguise to meet Arohi Sharma when Arohi's dad was burning with anger.
Prompt Judgement
Starting with the new season,we can keep track the flaw in Arohi's character about she jumps into conclusion without knowing in depth. We saw the same thing from the initial Arjun Punj,his dislike towards Arohi based on a his image he built about her - before the office scenes,the very first scene when Aryan Ved talked to Arjun Punj about tried to give Arohi a chance but based in his own judgement,he shunned. There were other instances it was shown too- from his harshness when he thought Arohi's love was a plan from his mother to all the crazy things he did later.
Lol - it is a funny one - leave Arjun Singhania and Arohi Sharma apart but if Arjun Punj was played beside Arohi Aluwalia - they would definitely shared this tag line ' anger to nose,' lol
Close to proximity
Similarities I wanted to draw to see how the story will develop - how this love story will be - background and style will be different but feelings and path of their love are the same!
I try to match this logic to this tme with the sort of close to proximity character match,that in this season the story can develop where Arohi who will love Arjun more than he can think of,I mean it will be sort of more Arohi's approach to Arjun!  Huh, I mean the invisible hand help that Arjun did to Arohi later on,it may be this time Arohi does it to Arjun! Lets see
What do you think guys?

Topic 5 :(28/11/10)
Karan Kundra as Arjun in Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2A still image of Kritika Kamra
 The second fold on the character similarities is the one of season 1 Arohi Sharma and season 2 Arjun Singhania.
Well,their character similarities mostly relate to the maturity in their character.
Arohi Sharma was the sensible practical sweet loving cool mature girl and even some relate for Arjun Punj but in Arohi's character it was more flamboyant. Now the same maturity I can see in Arjun Singhania's character!
The second similarity in their characters are not only all of them are sweet but they are of more calm character,yeah I agree that Arjun Singhania depicts a young angry fearless man but in reality he is calm natured and though not showing,quite full of emotion. I agree to some extent that even Arjun Punj was calm natured but Arjun Punj character at start was more of a moody one,moody and angry! Arjun Singhania and Arohi Sharma are both very cool and a sort of reflector!
Both of them were more of a character of never try to hurt someone.
The calm caring nature makes me feel Arjun Singhania will initially quite laid back in love and more of receiving! Definitely both of them melt for the good natured and innocence in their respective co-personnage. They were more on the appreciation of the relationship side and felt compared to the continuous giving and loving from their passionate partners.
All of them were undeniably beautiful characters and how love does not only change one's perspective towards life but also the nature of the person.
What doyou think Guys?

(Reply to madhurameshan)
Well don't forget his 2 buddies,they will never abandon Arjun Singhania! Reversal role also in the sense,Arohi Aluwalia who will perhaps this time leave her family for Arjun Singhania until they see the personality she saw!
Arjun Singhania,rectified,the bit of young angry man,he is not,Arjun Punj was the young angry man but Arjun Singhania is the young fearless and cool minded man!
Just like we saw a drastic change in nature and character of Arjun Punj when he was in love with Arohi - the second climax - where Arohi forgives him and their love increase unconditionally where we saw Arjun a complete different person-soft,caring,loving and romantic!
I think that Arohi Aluwalia too will have a personal development groW*H in this love! Arjun Singhania,in his side,he will need to take a look and see whether RPS really love him or he is making him to pay his indebtness for lifetime! The family he holds so much,do they really love him or is it just on a material basis? But no doubt,the sister loves him and his younger brother is quite neutral in it! He has definitely got a new life and family when RPS took his buddies and him from the streets,definitely got a new house and well being,in material sense but still the question remains 'WHERE IS THE LOVE?
Topic 6: On Pranii's post 'sweet fragrance of love - flower meaning) (27/11/10)
Hey Pranii
I totally agree with you! It is very sweet post and not to forget the colour significance - 'white' which defines purity and innocence!
Like you said KMH1,Arjun could not see Arohi sad and sent her favourtie flowers to cheer her.
And here,after an original stylish cutie  sorry from Arjun Singhania,who has not only touched Arohi's heart but ours too, we got another amazed stylish one from Arohi! Well Arohi in her innocence,in her thoughts,she needs to give back a sorry in style and in her mind it comes with 'flowers'. Flower does suits the sweet personality of Arjun Singhania and adding with the lovely flower significance,you gave us, flower always spreads fragrance and 'lovefelt' vibes in any occasion. In this sorry occasion,they set in the forest background and the way the camera positioned gaved us the 'green' background,adding to the cosmos and individual significance!
'cosmos' wised it means in the carefree peaceful deep atmosphere of the nature that all add to the very pure aspect of life.
'individual' with the new beginning of friendship and relationship in the very carefree deep nature - the question is a new one - from the bloodhsed perspective now adds to the 'society norms', forest does not follow any society norms,their development in this relationship starts in a very carefree place - what will they do - will they bind themselves towards the constructed goodness and evilness that the society defined,will they imprisoned their feelings and obliged towards duty to the society and family principles or are they going to be like the free birds,now respecting each other,that will go in a deeper flavour in their relationship - a way - to stay to this carefree aspect and let emotions overwelmed them and guide them being with each other's side!
And a little more research for this one:
I was so happy with this flower significance that I went to look for what about the violet orchids and the meaning to see it fits KMH1 journey too,here what I found:
Orchid: A symbol of perfection and nobility,Rare beauty, love, refinement, beautiful lady,mature charm
Violet: Symbolize faithfulness, humility, and chastity.
No doubt this flower really symbolised the journey of KMH1.

GLADIOLUS: Strength of character, remembrance, infatuation, splendid beauty, give me a break, I'm really sincere, flower of the Gladiators, admiration, tells recipients that they pierce the heart like a sword. Because the gladiolus has blade-shaped leaves, the name comes from the Latin word gladius which means sword.

Guys when reading this I said WOW,well done Ekta,even the flower they used share the sword meaning,the bloodshed feel continues to prevail.
I like this show guys!
KMH1 'was a journey of love.' for me in a very sweet way!
KMH2 seems to be a 'journey of passion' where blood drops intensify the love
Topic 7: KMH songs (28/11/10)
Here is a note only on the songs:
I really love the lounge version of the KMH title song- the upbeat mix with romantic chilled version make me listen to it hundred a time a day,lol and I never get tired! Absolutely blend in with the new storyline of the show!
I loved all the songs in KMH1 they were intense lovely and powerful!
Lets start with Season 1!
Title Song - Kitani Mohabbat Hain
'it is so soothing and touch my heart to the extent that really drowns me in love,lol. I actually can feel every word in the song,it is too romantic and true to real love with emotions only heart can explain.'
Tere Ishq Mein Mohe Rang Dale
'Listening to this,it is like,haye haye haye,mujhe mardala. It just spreads the essence of chastity and purity of this love and the selfless surrender of each other. It is so passionate to listen.'
Title Song - Kitani Mohabbat Hain(Extended version) -milke bichalke ....
'This song when I listened,I still praise the lyrics who wrote these words,making me wonder whether only it is power of words or did he really feel it! Every word in the song is so true that overwhelm me.'
Title Song - Kitani Mohabbat Hain(concert version)
'it was more of the style that share happiness and enjoyment. Nice version and I found myself telling me perhaps I have gone bonker which make me listen all the time all the versions of the songs and I am not tired. I wonder whether I am in love,lol.'
Background Music-the initial one when they were in love -hmmm hmm hmmm
It was so nice to listen to this and do you know how I was listening this music in this situation! I was so much in the characters,that I kept my hand in my heart and I can felt the beats of my heart and warmth that it brings to me.
Background Music -SalilPurvi
It was so sweet and nice and very much compliment to their love story!
Other background music
In general,all of them were nice and suits and defined the scenes very well!
KMH2- the lounge or sufi version
It was so cool,guys,I actually love it,the way it carries the word 'awaangeee chane lagui,sason mein khushbu aane lagui..,' it was amazing! It gives me the dreamy feeling and bring a smile on my face because the song carries me in 'his' thoughts! Lol. I felt the cheerful nature in this song that I sing along! Now the song ends with 'mahiya mahiya,' showing to me that someone goes to the extent of craziness that it sacrifices everything for his/her love! It gives me the passion feel indeed!
KMH2- Duet extended version
It gets the feeling of the 'grandeur' and 'classy' of the story to be! Romantic but then express with emotions from a burning heart!
The bit where the female singer sings 'dekha falak dekhi zamine,koi nahin tumsa kahin.' OMG,it is when the girl sort of goes so deeply in love that she will stand to it!
and when the male singer 'kaise kaheee kitani mohabbat hai' in the way like he does not know how to express,that was amazing too!
Background Music:Flute version of KMH old track
I personally love the flute version and flute always depict the picture of 'Lord Krishna,' in the sense that is very peaceful with nature,good natured,lovely,attractive to,calmness with a wave of burning with fiery eyes! The sound of music just adds to the theme of innocence that is continuously emphasised in the show!
Background Music:The bloodshed 'dholak' theme
It does give me goosebump! The music is amazing,thrilling and shows the passion and bloodhsed theme to prevail! It gives me a sort of theme of fear of whether this love will need to escape death? It shivers me thinking,is it out of duty,one need to get shot! It is surely a love story where it is complicated in the sense of practically nothing is in their favour! It therefore keeps the quest to know whats next,to enjoy KMH2!
Other background music
Chiku as funny is indeed funny,lol! and others too are nice!
Well not to forget the 'lalalala' as a melody of the innocence empathising Arohi!
Topic 7: On Olly's Post - Arjun as a withered flower
Nice one!
Yet I was thinking is it the withered flower or the bud that never had a chance to open? remember his dialogue about he is cold hearted but 'shayad ek dhadkan baki hein.'
I personally felt he became orphan quite early making him unable to open this bud. The seed seemed watered to the bud and when the bud has to open,other life facette probe to him! He seemed he became an orphan and therefore let the bud froze. He has to struggle to live this life and take care of his 2 buddies who he felt very protective towards. From child itself,he is not only positive towards life but he has to show his 'boldness' to survive. On streets,he has to struggle for a living and when he was bought home,he felt that the bud could open because he was going to receive back family warmth!
But no,money came in and Mr Singhania kept this 'boldness' in his character alive! Constantly reminded that in order to receive something,you have to give another thing. Shrewd Singhania gave him shelter and material success in return of life indebtness to him! Arjun did not take it wrongly,he genuinely love his family because he knows without money,life would have been different and he was still with his buddies too, In this material pleasure,he is ready to sacrifice his life for them,ignorance of the shrewd mind of Singhania, Mikha'il developped a cold war towards Arjun,making him reminded he is not blood related and he is a stranger. He receives sisterly warmth though and she is genuine but still he was so blinded towards duty that he never open up. He finds happiness being himself with his friends but the real happiness in him actually open when someone has come and melting him. Waters the bud by her innocence and chirpiness! Feeding the bud by her spoilt and happy go lucky character! Regularly felt the breathe and windblow by her hilarious fights. Her touch is like the bee who has come for pollen and when she actually slept in his chest,the full of warmth and heartbeats of Arjun open this bud! He was so happy and pranked to Arohi,something he does not do with buddies! He liked to see her face reaction but then got hurt that the very same person who is spreading fragrance in him thinks so low and cheap of him! He could not bear it,he drinks to sober because he is hurt and he could not control himself to make the same person to understand him! The sorry flower scene from Arohi just acts also as an outer picture! The bud is growing and turning in a beautiful flower and getting flower from her actually means a lot! Some manifestation of happiness and gazement that is in Arjun's heart!
Topic 8: Shared Article : Infactuation vs Love (28/11/10)
"Is it love you're feeling
or just an infatuation?"

by Ann Landers

"Infatuation is instant desire - one set of glands calling to another. Love is friendship that has caught fire. It takes root and grows, one day at a time.
Infatuation is marked by a feeling of insecurity. You are excited and eager but not genuinely happy. There are nagging doubts, unanswered questions, little bits and pieces about your beloved that you would just as soon not examine to closely. It might spoil the dream.
Love is the quiet understanding and mature acceptance of imperfection. It is real. It gives you strength and grows beyond you - to bolster your beloved. You are warmed by his presence, even when he is away. Miles do not separate you. You have so many wonderful little films in your head that you keep replaying. But near or far, you know he is yours and you can wait.
Infatuation says, "We must get married right away. I can't risk losing him." Love says, "Be patient. Don't panic. Plan your future with confidence."
Infatuation has an element of sexual excitement. Whenever you are together you hope it will end in intimacy. Love is not based on sex. It is the maturation of friendship that makes sex so much sweeter. You must be friends before you can be lovers.
Infatuation lacks confidence. When he's away, you wonder if he is cheating. Sometimes you check.
Love means trust. You are calm, secure and unthreatened. He feels your trust, and it makes him even more trustworthy.
Infatuation might lead you to do things you will regret, but love never steers you in the wrong direction.
Love is elevating. It lifts you up. It makes you look up. It makes you think up. It makes you a better person than you were before."


this is an article I found on the net and thought of sharing it with you!

A little beyond KMH fictitious story, though the idea of love prevails,thought of having your views on it!

Topic 9: Quiz : Arohis and Arjuns
Hey dear
I thought of letting a thread open when I signed out!
After watching 22 episodes of KMH2,
I thought guys,I will like to get what is the image these characters portrayed to you!
(1) Arohis
Arohi Aluwalia/Sharma
(i) If you have to describe Arohi Aluwalia/Sharma in three words,they are ..............................
(ii) the far most best trait of Arohi Aluwalia is ......................./the best traits of Arohi Sharma were..........
(iii) the least best trait of Arohi Aluwalia is ......................../any flaw in Arohi Sharma trait?
(iv) Your favourite scene of Arohi among the 22 episodes is ..........................your scenes you remembered most about Arohi Sharma are
(v) Arohi - as dressed in home (salwar) or in cottage (casual)/for Arohi Sharma,will be the current ,after 2 years in saree ? lol
(vi) A sentence if you have to comment on the sorry style of Arohi will be?(for both)
(2) Arjuns
Arjun Singhania//Punj
(i) Arjun - shaven or bearded?
(ii) The best dressing style of Arjun Singhania/Punj you like most?
(iii) The best dialogue you have heard from Arjun Singhania so far/ the best dialogue you remembered from Arjun Punj
(iv) The best trait according to you that truly depicts the masculinity feature of the characters
(v) The funniest dialogue from Arjun Punj
(vi) The scene that you empathsed the most with on the Arjun SInghania's character
(vi) The best scene that you remembered of Arjun Punj and the far best one from Arjun Singhania remains ....................................
I will have my answers later!
Topic 10: KMH1 - some funny scenes link
Hi friends
was enjoying to have a laugh on funny scenes of KMH1 and thought to share with you too and enjoy some good laugh on our old arjuhi,this season it gonna be dominated by arohi's dialogue!
Missing most of them and those of Salil and Nikhil and Aman are missing but still enjoy

And I wanted to add this on KMH1:
I will defo to add these words from KMH1 that really touch my heart a lot:
'so want to add the few beautiful words of Arohi Sharma's mother's letter in this oneas I want to see how this will be shown in this one,the words are very close to my heart,I tried to have it as signature but cant,had part of it but now Arjuhi recognised their love and they are facing the same situation, I want to see how it goes from now on with these words:
''mein chahti hoon tumhe jobhi sapna dekhaho, wo pura hojaye,Par wo sapna hi kya hein jo koi tere sath na dekhe,Meri tamana hein koi aisa aye teri zindagi mein jo koi sapnon sebhi zyada rangeen banade. Jab kabhi tujhe aisa lage zindagi hathon se chooth rahi hein,to dor,dor beta dor''
English translation: 'I want that whatever dream you have come true,but what is the use of the dream when no one is there to watch it. I wish that such a person comes in your life that will be more colourful than your dream. Whenever you feel like life  is moving on and leaving you behind,so run,run child,run'
German Translation(google): 'Ich will, dass was auch immer Sie trumen wahr geworden, aber was ist die Verwendung der Traum, wenn niemand da ist, sie zu beobachten. Ich wnsche, dass eine solche Person in Ihrem Leben, sein bunter als Ihr Traum kommt. Wann immer Sie wollen das Leben ist Bewegung auf und lassen Sie hinter sich, so laufen, laufen Kind, laufen'
Spanish Translation(google): 'Quiero que todo lo que sueo que se han hecho realidad, pero lo que es el uso del sueo cuando no hay nadie all para verlo. Me gustara que esa persona entra en su vida que ser ms colorida que su sueo. Cada vez que sientas que la vida es seguir adelante y dejar detrs de usted, as que ejecuta, el nio corre, corre '
French translation: 'Je veux que tout ce rve que tu as devenu ralit, mais pourquoi rever quand il n'y a personne pour le regarder. Je souhaite que quelqu'un vient dans ta vie qui sera plus colore que ton rve. Chaque fois que tu sens que la vie te depasse et te laisses derrire, alors cours, mon enfant cour,cours! '

Topic 12: The whole Jungle Scene (10/12/10)
Still from Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
I believe like me,all KMHians enjoy the whole jungle scene! As it has ended,I wanted to have some of my own say on the whole jungle scene! Like me,I believe,all of us have fun watching the fun side and the way how love has filtered between the two main protagonists. It was mesmerising and magical,from the hilarious start of the mission patao to final pat gayeTongue.
I read in one article about KMH2 first 15 episodes were about fun and family drama and after the 15th episodes,the actual story of Arjuhi starts. I don't remember whats the 15th episode but I will definitely consider the jungle scene the start of the Arjuhi story where they are definitely the characters of pages writing by the line of destiny (ok,arohi ki tarah,I won't say by,the concept is unfolding like EKTA ji wantROFL)
I will start with those episodes I remember and it starts where Arohi remembers that she has seen this fearless eyes somewhere but she did not remember where.
Before getting to know Arohi's character,we would have said can she be really so forgetful? Then as the story unfolds,see the beauty of the creative team,they well blended all the scenarios with the character description of Arohi! This was actually the first hint of the 'child like' innocence of Arohi! Previously we saw her bubbly,chirpy,hilarious,caring and sensible but we never see the real Arohi self,what we saw was all her traits! The journey to the jungle scene had the background music of the sufi version of KMH and then in the audience's mind,somewhere it knocks the words of Arohi in episode 1,that who knows a new story starts on the highway! As like she said,a new story started on the highway - their journey to the jungle and not on the motorway! That was quite original!
So then we see the denial of Arohi while Shefali,who is a bag of flirt,was enjoying to admire Mangliram;-) Just like any other girls, I believe, Arohi was not feeling comfortable initially because even if she came across Arjun but he was a stranger to her but then realised she had no choice but to stay! She even tried to runaway while fooling Shefali about grand design collection but then the jungle seems to be a puzzle of pyramid that the way out is only known by Arjun and they decided to return! Actually she mostly run away as she felt for a minute scared the knife stabbed in Arjun's chest! That was a sweet scene where it showed how body language wised,these 2 people are the main protagonist of a new story that fate has predestined and they are just puppets played in. Their eye lock scenes actually had the significance of how fast they are attracting toward each other when they are still strangers and the knife stab was just a way to show this swift attraction! The knife stab also had the significance of the bloodfeel passion that prevail from the start -  a sort of the same feel that one has when one watches the real version of ROMEO & JULIET!
I personally felt,Billu and Makhand and Shefali were intentionally choice of characters to be the audience of the story in the story,well,ok,because Ekta decidedBig smile,no infact,I was looking at the story point of view and saw these characters perfectly suit the story!
Guys,for a while,forget this show is a Season 2 and that we all knew it is the love story between Arjun and Arohi,let's look to it very afreshly and like readers of a story where we did not know on the characters! We do have a hint that Arjun Singhania and Arohi Ahluwalia are the main characters because from the start they are in a way crossing each other's life and then they are the most repeated characters that we watched,which explain they are the main lead! From the very start,the image that both of them projected to the people and how people perceive them,we can easily find,they are world's apart! Arohi Ahluwalia as the happy go lucky type aur Arjun Singhania as the hard mature gangster type and from the start there is already a line cross in term of feud,that is left,to be explored,between the family and therefore if these 2 persons met,how will it be? Is it the 21st Century Romeo and Juliet?Laila aur Majnu? Paul et Viriginie? Well I am puting my faith on the concept development team to give us a twist because all these stories of passionate love were between teens while we know that ARJUHI are young adults! Even if love is ageless,truly,even passionate love story does not mean to have an ending like these well known lovers because all of them did not give their love a chance firstly - they died just when the love was an ehsaas,they never live this feeling to the maximum and prefer to escape to death because of the circumstances that were there were like this! These lovers were predestined star crossed lovers who did not give a chance to life and faith in love but like the nature of human brains,we carry mostly beautiful memories and their death remain like the symbol of the intensity of love,that,as they will justify,that if they could not live together,then at least they died together! In then,their death turned to be a winning situation as it also highlights the end of the feud between family!
Here is a beautiful quote(from Honore De Balzac) that explains love theme of our beloved Arjuhi
Love has its own instinct, finding the way to the heart, as the feeblest insect finds the way to its flower, with a will which nothing can dismay nor turn aside.
As the underlined words,the words are very common as the scene prevailence that viewers got to watch. Well insect has been replaced by knifeWink.
This is a very powerful quote for the meaning of what happened to Arjuhi. The man and the girl become the leading characters of a lover story and as Shefali puts it,without themselves know they are the main leads because the story has already started. The audience feels the beats of the story that is forming and the scene was so well done that the eyes of the audience is shown by the characters play in the show,Shefali,Billu and Makhand are the audience of this story and like the viewers of the show  or like readers of a novel, we have started seeing this story in the eyes of the present audience of the story. The audience was nothing more than true people that hold the characters very closely. They are the characters we met with the main lead as from the first episode hinting us that they are persons that the characters care and trust the most. And Shefali,well,like we have seen in first episode,she is more practical outgoing girl who does not believe in fictitious love stories. She has been chosen by fate to witness with her own eyes that such story happens as well. Shefali has been carried in the dreamland of Arohi for her to see that real love still exist and secondly to be the character that will never betray Arohi or will never let Arohi weaken. Shefali is portrayed as the easygoing cool minded fun girl who does not need to talk a lot but few words she say,as she is someone,true and has the same purity and clean heart as the main lead,Arohi,her words and well she was also the epitome of experience,even if virtually she experienced these feelings(4 bfs by smsROFL) but emotions can not be betrayed and marked Arohi a lot! It was not a coincidence for it is Shefali who has accompanied Arohi in Arohi's story. Shefali is the character that has her own charm and fun personality that make the viewers love her to be with Arohi! Shefali was the one who made Arohi to understand and trust her feelings and to let her go forward. Blind trust to Shefali's words show how innocent Arohi is and let us wonder,is she being the happy go lucky type of girl and one who she considers friend,she lay blind trust to? It adds more in the innocence and clean sweet personality of Arohi. Daring and Kiddie => dangerous combination!
In the other hand, Arjun was accompanied by his childhood friends who he love more and blindly trust them too. They are sort of the guardians of Arjun. Yet these 2 characters are from the guy's side who will never leave him and go. They are genuine and true friends that will never advise Arjun wrongly and hold Arjun in understanding his own feeling. Yet as they are gangster clan,so their style is hard words but with no hard intentions,when Makhand said to Arjun do something for Arjuhi to stay as they ae indebted to RPS. It was their style to make Arjun to approach to Arohi.
And in the same kidnapping sequence, we got to find how 'do dil mil rahe the' One of the heartwarming scene was the handcuffed scene where how Arjun was letting his heart absorbed the innocence and chirpiness of Arohi! It was shown how at first he will remain outside because Arohi does not want to go inside to how in the sleep,Arohi just go next to him. Very subconsciously but it was like soullike attraction that make her behave out of feeling cold go next to him. The way she slept on his chest was just like the watering of the seed carefully to bloom a beautiful flower. The admiration of Arjun to Arohi just like he started to feel more after seeing her in the white saree. And then how a joke that turned bitter force Arjun to come out of his shield and split his true nature to Arohi. Arohi's attraction to was like the bee who was in the pollen and the tear of drop that flowed down of her cheek,to wash away all her misunderstanding towards Arjun and so does Arjun to Arohi and a tear of drop for a new emotion to feel in her heart. Without wondering,they just felt so good being with each other side.
And then come the stylish sorry scene as the next big scene in the forest that was awesome that was just like NAture and angels were showering blessings on them and made them to perfectly fit to each other. Like a sword they don't know why they are just going toward each other and this love is like a blunt sword that bleeds feeling of love! Getting drown more and more in the innocence and real self of Arohi,appreciating more and more the transformation of the real Arjun who is living his life for the first time with thi girl,was just magical. The peace,love,connected emotion, innocence, sweetness, dreamy, awesome atmosphere keep the whole scene praiseworthy.
The next big happening in the jungle scene was how twice Arohi saved Arjun's life and making all the indebtness to his dad a rising question to Arjun in the future. Also just like Arjun could not see a tear in Arohi's eyes now,Arohi is also his shadow that will not let death near him. It was all very lovely well blended with the very nature feel that is blessing the lovers and how Arjun has started seeing the rosy nature of life,a perspective he was shunned from.
Th bullet scene where Arjun saved Arohi's life proved how much Arjun is totally Arohi's and this was more romantically expressed at the cliff where he expressed how much he held her. In five days or more how two strangers become so connected just like they know them from ages and how love is giving them a new perspective in life. Both of them know they have feelings towards each other but they have not expressed towards each other as Arjun is true to himself and will definitely want to tell the truth first.
The coming of Chiku in this cottage was a question to both Arjun and Arohi. Though in a lght heartered way but for the characters to realise that they are different persons now. They are no longer the same carefree persons who will just do anything for everyone else happiness except themselves. Arohi realised she is a changed girl as she will not be able to accept Chiku as she is wholly surrendered selflessly to Arjun and Arjun realised he will not be able to let go Arohi for someone else as she is his angel.
The whole jungle scene actually raised many wonderful thoughts in the audience's mind!
(1) both of them were living a life within society infringement and they were right in the perception of other persons who they love/indebted to.
In the jungle,they were left by themselves,independent from those they hold and breathe life like only ARJUN & AROHI and not like ARJUN SINGHANIA & AROHI AHLUWALIA.
Arohi and Arjun are very self mirror image,the jungle was their sight for them to live free from the society manacles and breathe the bigger picture of life that is filled with love of innocence and shower blessing like fragrance of soiled earth and flowers or nature.
It shows love is not mechanised! Those who were supposed to be the clash of the titans turn to be soul mates! The only difference remains the way they brought up. Arjun brought up with each breath he has to struggle to show himself up and for his friends. He was received to a wealthy family but brought up like a fearless tiger who is entirely indebted to his father in the black business. Arjun becomes an introvert character. As for Arohi, she was always surrounded of love and happiness. She was brought up fill with positive vibes and made her become the carefree extrovert character. Yet the introvert and extrovert character do not mean that their souls are different! The body and personality traits are different but their inner self,they are the same! Both of them have in a way live a life for their surroundings and even being happy as others were happy,they themselves were lonely characters. They were never happy for themselves but always got happiness when they spread it to others.
The five days they remained free from the world's conception and under the blessing of LORD is enough for them to see very individually that this is their life and they have a right to live their life as how they want! It is good to make others happy but then there is other facette of life and life is live only once and should be theirs! It was a self journey towards their own self that they have carried together!
(2) COHABITATION - is it that wrong?
The five days together can be said that they were dating and cohabiting together,even unawarely but the fact remains.
'Dating does not mean to meet a dude and have some fun time in a resto or shopping mall ' (Chiku/Arohi) and definitely does not mean 'having coffee together and hang out in shops,galleries' (Gauri/Arjun)
Actually the above means more 'hang out' but 'dating actually means more than that,a step beyond hang out and where two persons get to know each other  and find themselves on a romantic interest level.'
It just happened to Arjuhi and their place incidentally turn to be a jungle but they are actually blessed knowing each other in a place where there is no restriction and barriers that just adds to the intensity and prowess of the feeling they are having toward each other.
Secondly,there was also a line of cohabitation in the story. Is it really wrong? I will like to situate it only in the scene they show and not in long term! I am talking on cohabitation with the person who will tie knots to you for sure in future and he is serious and definitely commited to you. One truly said the charm of love dies within wedding because loving and living with the person is different. So is it wrong if living and loving the person just to know more on him and accept him with his difference and he respects your difference too before tying knots? In KMH1,there was this dispute too which is why Arjun had to leave his own rented home,lol because society definitely has a wrong perception of it. Sharing a home with a man does not mean having intimate relationship with him. Just like Arjun and Arohi had different room because chastitiy and chivalric values should never be erased! These are parts of self esteem of someone but then sharing food,sharing some moments to know him,his habit,his likes,dislikes,seeing the flaw in him, sharing the same savings to buy commission, and he being here for you when you need someone to talk or you being there for him when he needs a hug. Chastity and chivalric are measured mostly by the purity in mind and respect toward each other and towards this thought,chastity as it very much linked to should be keep undoubtedly as chivalric values and chastity too are both sides of the same coin. Sharing five days with Arjun was like she was managing their home and their mutual understanding and stand to each other brings fragrance and blessed this cottage that turn their home definitely.
In order to end it, I feel the fairytale just like one of my favourite Shakespearean play ' Mid summer night dreams.'
Have your say and views!

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Character Analysis: Part 1 Arjun as Arjun (15/12/10)
uno i was thinking in another perspective!
Arjun is shown of a character who has always need to prove himself while Arohi is shown always been surrendered with love and hapiness!
Putting this character in a broader image, it is true that some way or another, God tests the capacity of someone! Life is a learning cycle and someone 'ripened' by facing struggle in his/her life!
The maturity of Arjun can be said that this guy has always need to prove himself! He has to build a shield within himself to survive and to those who hold closely! This is how he develops the strong fearless character in him! He is not an angry man but he has grown to a smart charming person! He is shrewd because he knows perfectly what image he projects to whom! No one until Arohi came in his life for him to show this hidden real soft self of him! RPS took Arjun home because of that shield he built around him! The sparkling lion nature who knows how to defend himself and how to defend others! High IQ in a way as he is supposed to think like a criminal's mind that make him always outsmart the law! He has developed to be a daring person,mature and mysterious charm! Someone that is attractive in others' eyes as he is supposed to have the physical beauty that match to his mysterious personality! He has always been focused as he knows that this life he is indebted! In a very young age,he had to make a decision - to grow a gangster on the streets as there are two more friends he will not leave or to have a shelter of the family! Arjun seems he has never known his family which is why he does not know his birthday! He never really knows what is a family like and when he reaches the Singhania family,for him he is getting other toddler of his age and will grow beautifully! he least expected that his bringing here is only for him to stay the way he is! fark itna hein,street mein no paisa aur Singhania family he will never lack wealth! He has grown a sort of inculcating in his mind that he will need to pay this favour till death! Even the Singhania let him think like this! He has never complained of anything,he is happy the way he is because if some actions can bring advantage to Mr Singhania,so why not! Then he is still with his friends and his sister is so lovely! So finally it was not a bad decision for him to opt in here!
Yet, Arjun never had an opportunity to let the 'bud' open! Despite living for others, he has kept the voidness and numbness in his life! Why? Does an orphan does not have the right to smile? Does an orphan does not have the right to live his life? Can money buy everything?
Arjun becomes someone who is daring but timid! Timid in the sense he fils himself with introvert nature and learn he can't trust anyone,even if his family stands by his side! The only one he can share some sweet words remained his bosom friends!
A moment came in his life where a girl comes in his life! Start as a stranger who just crossed his way to the extent that the last job that was very crucial because of this girl could not succeed! Fit of rage in his smart mind,he knows that there is only one way to save his 'saviour' - that of a filthy idea - but it is not filthy in a criminal's mind - 'ek sauda - ladki ki jaan for his father.'
Kismat ka khel they ya kuch aur? Dushman ke aag mein,pyar ho rahe they, koi aur se nahin,khud dushman se! Kyun????????
Arjun was already touched by the sweet words of a mysterious girl in the masquerade party where he just wanted to talk endlessly! He has no idea why he was pulling towards this girl like this! On one side he was happy that this girl is different,he sense what he holds most! He find a click in between then! Not knowing that Arohi is the same girl,he gets the click back with Arohi next to him!
Awww her innocence and childlike purity in heart and character have been drugs to him! He was being blown away to the extent he feels she is someone who he can be he! the 6 days turned to be the days where he was Arjun as Arjun! Happiness and togetherness felt his life when he is with Arohi! To the extent that he was not being abl to hear Arohi thinking of him as a vile person! He showed her  he is not! He has not realised whether it is love or something that he is strongly attracted! He felt as safe as a child in a mother's lap! He knew that this person will never hurt him! Sense back to his own action! He realised that the person who will not hurt him in his life,he is hurting the same person! He is using this person for his saviour! He can not feel a tear in her eyes but then he is the one deceiving him! Our Arjun has been kissed by an angel! A breath next to her is like water to that bud in his heart that could not open! Abundance of love,he can only feel with Arohi! Arohi is his worship in a sense! Arohi is also the shadow of Arjun,she will not let death to come to Arjun! Arohi does not realise what she is for him(will come soon about Arohi) but the  6days the audience gets to see the real Arjun! A kind heartred soft natured guy who was being healed from voidness with Arohi! The guy has fallen in love just like the bee who comes for the pollen of the flower! In Arjun's side,it is slow and steady! He actually mesmerised and captured everything of Arohi to the extent he forgot that once he was the one who attacked Arohi! The flute music actually depicts the calm and soft character of Arjun who is looking for a hand to eliminate the darkness in him!
Arjun means as his name 'white' with Arohi and rests is for him now to decide is RPS his saviour or Arohi?  
I forgot to add,the struggle that Arjun has been thriugh,make any hardship for him able to bear! It is yet another struggle for him! Despite him not wanting,he must knows just like he puts sincerity and devotion in his work he does and is a winner! With the same sincerity this struggle too will be him as a winner!
have your views too guys!

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wow! great idea :)) i too wanted to do batch-epi analysis. wil do it with u when i get time :D This is really going to be so much fun and enriching. looking forward to it :)
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Monday, 4 October 2010

Fiery Eyes

Like the fiery lioness,she was the queen of the forest,
Her eyes were full of quest,
She was happy to see that the nature was by her side,
As the thunders and lightnings were mild.
Like the dahlia, she grew beautifully,
To the eyes of beholder, she was admired naturally.
She kept her smile like a baby,
And her temparament was also very funny.
Life was full of colours for her, 
Experience was her master.
With blessings showered from everywhere,
She was aware,
She is made to be at somewhere.
This was where her dream, 
She realised it like a film.

Delicacy and elegancy enhance her personality,
Assertiveness possessed to her by being friendly.
She loved to watch birds that are flying up in the sky,
For her, her limit was up above the sky.
Peaceful by temparament
People are drawn to her by amazement.

Such a time came when these eyes burned with passion,
She gave a thought to herself, 'hey is it an obsession?'
and she gave herself the answer, 'no it is absoulte determination.'
Her depth in her eyes showed the truth in her inner self,
it was as if an act of theft,
as her eyes blazed with motive to win,
that of prayer and blessing,
for justice to be done to good people that do not deserve pain and suffering.

Eyes blurred but dried with this kindled fire,
She continued to tread on with this desire.
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Again guys, I have to post one of my poems here! As you can see I wrote that while ago and I have no idea that time that these themes are in KMH2!
Truly speaking this poem was meant for another purpose!
Actually it was a child's love to her father but then as you can see,perspective can be changed and it suits the character of Arjun and Arohi and basically what happened in the 'jungle' as well!
I actually removed my pic and inserted a drawing that my cousin had,just to keep myself away from any personification!
I wanted to insert the poem before i started wrinng on Arohi!
Another surprise for me guys were if you look at my blog I was going to write a story 'Chapters of A life,'which I have already have the character descriptions saved as drafts!
I guess it is of no use of writing now because both KMH love themes have already talked on what I was writing,even if I was starting from the start: like crush (i guess we can say gauri to arjun)then love (arjuhi season 2) the love comes again (arjuhi season 1)as main theme.
I had already described my main female lead there and I wll share it with you guys
 Guys read on the character and you will realise why I shared it with you! Btw wrote that on 05/10/10 - i had no idea of KMH then.
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I definitely need to share this introduction of my script with you! Despite it is different, you guys will realise this theme in relation to Ahluwalia's family!

Date: 05.01.1999

'Beti wake up it is already 7.30 a.m and you have to dress to school for 8am,' hears Mr Dwivedi sighing to her daughter while he was making himself ready to work.

'hmmmm pa,I am coming,' replies the sleepy newly titled teenager.

'Diaaaaa wake up or else I will come to throw water on you,' shouts Mrs Dwivedi from the kitchen when she was washing the dishes before she goes to ready for work.

'yesss mom i am already up,' says the dreamy girl.

Mr and Mrs Dwivedi belong to the working class family who enjoys share an equilibrium the family and work life. Mr Dwivedi is a cool jovial man who does not enjoy so good health but still is among the person that you are sure to have a bright day if he is the man you see first in the morning. With the very simple and down to earth nature of Mr Dwivedi, he loves a lot his daughter and family. He always try to do something to cheer her doll-like daughter. Mrs Dwivedi shares some personality resemblence to her husband in the sense that she is also a very down to earth and lovely lady. However, kids are quite afraid of her because of her firm attitude. She has the character that any man would have liked to have as wife - she is not only very involved to her family but also she is a very far sighted and mature lady. With Mr and Mrs Dwivedi who share a sort of perfect parenthood, it is good to hear how does their 13 year old daughter perceived them as they are not so worried about their 15 year old son, Abhinav.

Wait, actually where us Abhinav, we know that their daughter is still dreaming.

Let's go back to Diya's room.

Shhhhhh, don't make any noise, slowly and stealthily, Abhinav enters his sister's room with an alarm clock, he waits near the bed only to hold laugh of what he is hearing as usual his sweetheart sister is not so sweetheart when she talks in the dream. What is she saying,let Abhinav shared that to us, we are keen,shh guys, hear this:

'babe,i love u too,we are going to meet in the bus today after school,muahhhhh,' mumbles the girl.

'JAAGTE RAHO KUMKARAN,' says Abhinav loudly in her sister's ears

'hmmm babe we will be continuing the report later,' sighs the girl



triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggg triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggg the alarm clock rings next to Diya's ear which ofcourse only Abhinav has patience to do for his sweet sister.

This is only when Diya jumps from the bed by saying to herself that she has already brushed her teeth and she is ready to school when she sees her brother laughing to her and teases her 'kaun hain jo sapnon mein aaya,di?'

'What are you talking about and what the hell you are doing here,' she screams to Abhinav by throwing her pillow at him.

'Get ready first diya and we will settle this after school,' says the practical handsome young boy.

'guess you are right,' answers the tanned skin girl with long curly black hair and black eyes that glows in her round-face.


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