Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Ria Ka Adda:15/12:Kambakht Ishqqq... (Page 2)

Love14 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
@jyoti06....great take on 2days episode, now the depth in story is slowly creeping in........... & yes i agree its going a bit faster, but i dont want it to be slow either........u see like other shows.... i stopped watching geet becoz of its slow pace

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
ROFLROFLROFLROFL  Thenks Jo!  So, u say i shud watch?  But, me is sloooooooooooooooooooo.... i can't handle phaaasssssssssssssssst u know
p.s. i ve to come later nyways...i am on hotseatLOL

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti06

Compliments for Today..
Loved the whole heart-to-heart talk between Dadi and ArohiThumbs Up;It was really very emotional and touching and dialogues were very good here especially when Arohi says "He touched me..but not my body but my heart and soul"EmbarrassedClap;Kritika was very good in this emotional sceneEmbarrassed;This scene actually reminded me of DDLJ scene when Kajol's character Simran was pouring her heart out to her mother about RajEmbarrassed;The scene sort of proved that Arohi has developed very deep and intense feelings for Arjun and its almost impossible for her to wipe them off from her life nowEmbarrassed;Dadi's words of advice were good...not over the top filmy but exactly how a modern day Dadi will talk to her GranddaughterApprove
Another good scene was Arjun and his Sister conversation..very real and matured with some good dialoguesThumbs Up;Loved the way for the first time Arjun is shown opening his heart out to one of his family memberEmbarrassed;Arjun's sister is the only person in that house who cares for all hv their selfish motives behind it was good to see such a scene between Arjun and his sisterThumbs Up...
 Last scene between Gouri and Arohi too was quite interesting especially when they showed the irony in their thoughts..while Gouri has lost faith in love and dreams ..Arohi has just started to dream and love...and the reason is that one single person in their life.. ArjunCool..Today Arohi is standing in the same place where Gouri was standing few days back..only difference is that in this case Arohi's love is not one-sidedWinkEmbarrassed...
Complaints for Today..
Even though I loved today's episode but I feel somewhere the story is going too fastOuch...Dunno why CVs r runinng with the whole confession and realisation phase at a jet speedConfused...Show is just one month old and already we hv Arohi confessing her love...Arjun-Arohi both realising thier love for each other...and Arjun changing overnight(its only 2 weeks of kidnapping if I m not wrong which changed himStern Smile) 3/4th of the story is already over in this caseConfused...thats the problem with BT soaps,...they run too fast initially and in the later stages keep on dragging with illogical tracksOuch...I hope they don't show a ArJuhi marriage becuase of Arohi's badnaami nowLOL..that will b very cliched CVsOuch
These were my favorite scenes too, with Arohi and Dadi, Arjun and his sister, and Gauri and Arohi. Kritika and Karan once again did a great job.
I agree, the story is going too fast but I like that the show is not dragging, it keeps me interested.

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
good one guys!
@ jyoti - I have a whole topic on the jungle sequence,hope u gonna like it too;)
i have nt watched but just wrote about Arjun's character in the daily discussion thread and thought of getting the views here too:
Part 1 Arjun as Arjun
uno i was thinking in another perspective!
Arjun is shown of a character who has always need to prove himself while Arohi is shown always been surrendered with love and hapiness!
Putting this character in a broader image, it is true that some way or another, God tests the capacity of someone! Life is a learning cycle and someone 'ripened' by facing struggle in his/her life!
The maturity of Arjun can be said that this guy has always need to prove himself! He has to build a shield within himself to survive and to those who hold closely! This is how he develops the strong fearless character in him! He is not an angry man but he has grown to a smart charming person! He is shrewd because he knows perfectly what image he projects to whom! No one until Arohi came in his life for him to show this hidden real soft self of him! RPS took Arjun home because of that shield he built around him! The sparkling lion nature who knows how to defend himself and how to defend others! High IQ in a way as he is supposed to think like a criminal's mind that make him always outsmart the law! He has developed to be a daring person,mature and mysterious charm! Someone that is attractive in others' eyes as he is supposed to have the physical beauty that match to his mysterious personality! He has always been focused as he knows that this life he is indebted! In a very young age,he had to make a decision - to grow a gangster on the streets as there are two more friends he will not leave or to have a shelter of the family! Arjun seems he has never known his family which is why he does not know his birthday! He never really knows what is a family like and when he reaches the Singhania family,for him he is getting other toddler of his age and will grow beautifully! he least expected that his bringing here is only for him to stay the way he is! fark itna hein,street mein no paisa aur Singhania family he will never lack wealth! He has grown a sort of inculcating in his mind that he will need to pay this favour till death! Even the Singhania let him think like this! He has never complained of anything,he is happy the way he is because if some actions can bring advantage to Mr Singhania,so why not! Then he is still with his friends and his sister is so lovely! So finally it was not a bad decision for him to opt in here!
Yet, Arjun never had an opportunity to let the 'bud' open! Despite living for others, he has kept the voidness and numbness in his life! Why? Does an orphan does not have the right to smile? Does an orphan does not have the right to live his life? Can money buy everything?
Arjun becomes someone who is daring but timid! Timid in the sense he fils himself with introvert nature and learn he can't trust anyone,even if his family stands by his side! The only one he can share some sweet words remained his bosom friends!
A moment came in his life where a girl comes in his life! Start as a stranger who just crossed his way to the extent that the last job that was very crucial because of this girl could not succeed! Fit of rage in his smart mind,he knows that there is only one way to save his 'saviour' - that of a filthy idea - but it is not filthy in a criminal's mind - 'ek sauda - ladki ki jaan for his father.'
Kismat ka khel they ya kuch aur? Dushman ke aag mein,pyar ho rahe they, koi aur se nahin,khud dushman se! Kyun????????
Arjun was already touched by the sweet words of a mysterious girl in the masquerade party where he just wanted to talk endlessly! He has no idea why he was pulling towards this girl like this! On one side he was happy that this girl is different,he sense what he holds most! He find a click in between then! Not knowing that Arohi is the same girl,he gets the click back with Arohi next to him!
Awww her innocence and childlike purity in heart and character have been drugs to him! He was being blown away to the extent he feels she is someone who he can be he! the 6 days turned to be the days where he was Arjun as Arjun! Happiness and togetherness felt his life when he is with Arohi! To the extent that he was not being abl to hear Arohi thinking of him as a vile person! He showed her  he is not! He has not realised whether it is love or something that he is strongly attracted! He felt as safe as a child in a mother's lap! He knew that this person will never hurt him! Sense back to his own action! He realised that the person who will not hurt him in his life,he is hurting the same person! He is using this person for his saviour! He can not feel a tear in her eyes but then he is the one deceiving him! Our Arjun has been kissed by an angel! A breath next to her is like water to that bud in his heart that could not open! Abundance of love,he can only feel with Arohi! Arohi is his worship in a sense! Arohi is also the shadow of Arjun,she will not let death to come to Arjun! Arohi does not realise what she is for him(will come soon about Arohi) but the  6days the audience gets to see the real Arjun! A kind heartred soft natured guy who was being healed from voidness with Arohi! The guy has fallen in love just like the bee who comes for the pollen of the flower! In Arjun's side,it is slow and steady! He actually mesmerised and captured everything of Arohi to the extent he forgot that once he was the one who attacked Arohi! The flute music actually depicts the calm and soft character of Arjun who is looking for a hand to eliminate the darkness in him!
Arjun means as his name 'white' with Arohi and rests is for him now to decide is RPS his saviour or Arohi?  
I forgot to add,the struggle that Arjun has been thriugh,make any hardship for him able to bear! It is yet another struggle for him! Despite him not wanting,he must knows just like he puts sincerity and devotion in his work he does and is a winner! With the same sincerity this struggle too will be him as a winner!
have your views too guys!

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Nimz-KMH Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:16pm | IP Logged
Nice post Jyo and the rest.......ClapClap
@Mehr, yup your lucky nughes worked!Smile exams went well...and i'm finally done!DancingParty
Epi was good today as well.....
My fav part was definately Arohi & DJ conversation. Aro touched my heart today, she is so broken from inside...she couldn't put her feelings in words or was advised by DJ to control her emotions but on the other end, Arjun was telling his sis what she had been feeling all along. That I liked alot! Thumbs Up 
Then came Aro's mom, I liked her today. She could sense that her daughter is not completely ok and the moment when DJ took her out of the room and she kept looking back at Aro was emotional.
Breakfast scene was OTT. I mean if no one was going to have breakfast then why sit at the table in the first place. And then all ended up at the sitting areaConfused......grand party organised for AroConfused. I don't think they need a party to make her happy but then something might happen during the party.
Rudra PS was as usual was mindblowing!Thumbs Up Selfish to the core!!Big smileBig smile but he has a very strong and interesting role. Arjun's mom actually talkedParty!!
Gauri & Chachu:
Some of us already had talks about girls best friend aka Icecream in CokeConfused. If anyone plans to try it do let me know how it tastesBig smile.
Is chachu finally feeling for his bewafa biwi????ShockedDancingPartyChalo, he realised biwi is not that bad after allWink. I was just wondering how come she got over Arjun so fastBig smile.
The story is getting interesting after the jungle drama! upcoming epis will be more interesting. I'm just waiting to see how this party is gonna turn out. Ekta mai ke dimagh main kuch toa chal raha hai...........Big smile

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shiviloveskmh Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
yesterdays episode was emotional n heart touching....   Cry Cry
both arjun n arohi wer feeling d pain....its gud dat arohi opened up wid DJ n arjun wid sister... Luvd d convo of arohi wid dj.. N best was wen arohi said "haan usne mujhe chuha hai par mere mann ko" Clap
n arjuns eye wer speaking d pain he was feeling...
Evrythng was perfect.. Dey made me cry alot was so heart touching epiisode...

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
@Eshu11: I enjoyed reading your perspective on Arjun's character. Thanks for sharing!

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sumz3 Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:21pm | IP Logged

Today's episode was a good episode. I enjoyed it.

Thoughts, feelings, flashbacks and emotions were good and appropriate.

Arohi was brilliant in executing her emotions aptly. Thumbs Up

Arjun was good too; I see lots of improvements in his expressions now. The teary-eyed was brilliant. Thumbs Up

Yes, I noticed the sister was always caring towards Arjun, even in previous scenes and am glad that Arjun has someone to share his thoughts and feelings with. It was nice to see his sister pointing out that Singhania name is the one thing that is ruining his happiness and in turn Arjun responds, that he will never turn his back on Singhania.

Hmmm…so they (Arjun-Arohi) share yet another similarity ….tug of war. Love Vs family …they have never lived for themselves but for their family and now they will be faced to choose between family or love. Is there love strong enough to withstand against family? After all it is family that has been most important to them.

I saw many hints why Arjun's dad took in Arjun and today it was crystal clear. Arjun's dad's character I like… what an awesome villain.

Arohi-Gouri convo/scene … brilliant … both on different ends with their perspectives, today and on the opposite sides again before Gouri's wedding. 

Coca Cola and ice cream were one of my favorites! Yum! Reminds me of my childhood. LOL

Overall, I really liked the episode! Good job. Thumbs Up

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