Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

new os, bound by love

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Bound by Love

It was raining cats and dogs. People preferred to stay inside their homes rather than straying outside. Rains brought frequent power cuts. Modi mansion was not an exception. Kokila was frustrated and angry. Her Dikri's marriage was just few days away and the whole lots of work was pending. Above all these power cuts make her restless. She turned towards Gopi and yelled: Gopi vahu what are you doing? Don't stare at my face. Go and light the candles and diyas around the home. Being the ever dutiful daughter-in-law, gopi finished her work. It was only after dinner and cleaning she realized that she had forgotten to put a candle in Ahamji's room. She also remembered Koki telling that Aham will be late and not to put up dinner for him. She thought maybe she will have time before Aham comes so she goes to light the candles.

On reaching Aham's room, Gopi places a candle by the bedside. Still there was no brightness, so she lighted another one and another, she got carried away that she lighted around two dozen candles. When she lighted the last candle, Aham entered the room. At first he thought that his room was in fire. But his eyes fixed itself on the figure in the middle of the room. She looked like Sita during her agnivrevesh. He could not revert his eyes from her. Aham's heart was changing after the dandiya dance. After seeing that Gopi bearing insults for the sake of his family he began to respect her. It was true that he loved Anita, so he had thought. But the innocence of his illiterate wife was wielding itself into him. Now to see her like this mesmerized him. He moved towards her. Her terror strung him like a scorpion string. He lifted the pallu from her face and tried to memorize it. How foolish had he been to cry for something lost while his whole happiness was glaring before him. He had never known anyone so sweet, innocent and caring combined together.

Gopi thought she would leave before Aham reached his room. She was terrified to see him in the room.  She hid herself in her pallu bracing for a yelling session, but it did not come. To her joy Aham came near her and removed her pallu. She was lost into his eyes. When he hugged her it was as if she was surrounded by radiance. Being so innocent and dutiful she accepted her husband's desire and wish. It was late in the night when Gopi woke up with Aham's arm  around her. A radiant smile played on her lips when she thought what had happened. She sent a silent prayer to kanaji to making her life beautiful. She wanted nothing more than her Ahamji's love. Jut than Aham's phone started to ring. Being uneducated and not knowing who was calling, she picked his phone and attended the call. Before she could answer a female voice cried: I love you Aham, I love you. I don't care even if you are married to that stupid girl. Just divorce her and marry me. I m more suitable than her. Tears started to stream her eyes.  What has happened? One minute before she was in heaven now she felt as if in hell. Just than her eyes fell on the diary of Aham. Without waking him, she went and picked it up and opened it. Instead of her marriage picture, she found Aham and another girl, probably Anita together. Gopi's world came shattering. Oh god what had she done. From her tender age all she had known was insults and sufferings. She had never considered it important. She knew who she was. But now, when she had surrendered to Aham and only to know that he loved someone else broke her heart. The thought that what he did might be a spur of the moment and to face his regret was unbearable. Till this time she had never thought of leaving the house but now it was time. She wanted to leave not only to save her integrity but also Aham of his regret. She cannot bear to see it in his eyes. Silently she opened the door and began to run. She did not know which way she was running and where when a car hit her. All she saw was a bright headlight before she fainted.

Part 2

Meera Sharma was busy with her work. She was the CEO of vrindavan chain of hotels. She was a perfectionist and hard task master. Her father Kishan Sharma was the founder of these hotel chains At present she was in one of her rages. Meera's rage was famous with her employees. Because, she was such a sweet person and got angry only when the job completed was not up to the mark. When she got angry only her mother can cool her. Today was the worst. She was planning a new range of beach resort and the Modi enterprise was given the contract. Though she was against it her father had agreed because of some previous friendly relations. Now when she looked at the building plan, her anger was at its peak. What the hell they had sent. If this is called building plan, it will be reckless. Meera punched the phone and called her assistant Dev and yelled at him: Dev call this guy, Aham and tell him the contract is off. I don't want this kind of rubbish for my business. Cancel all engagements, I m going home.

Rukmini was shocked to see her daughter home so soon. Immediately she realized her mood and set to pacify her. After sometime, Meera complained to her mother about what happened at the office and the irresponsible nature of her father in choosing partners for important work. Rukmini was fascinated by her daughter's anger. Her mind raced back to the incident which happened seven years back………

Rukmini and her husband Kishan was an ideal couple. They had everything they wanted, money, fame, and a beautiful daughter Meera.  When Meera got married they were happy. Their son –in-law was like a son to them. Soon they learnt that Meera was to become a mother. Life was so beautiful. Suddenly everything crumpled. Meera and her husband Jai meet with an accident and were killed on the spot. Rukmini and kishan were shattered. They did not know what to do and felt helpless. After finishing the last rituals of their loved ones they were returning home, when they hit a girl. At first they were terrified. They took her home and treated her. From her mangalsutra they found that she was married, her face was sweet and innocent. When the girl opened her eyes she could not recall her past. The accident had made her lose her memory. Rukmini and kishan love broken heart found a balm in it. They named her Meera and taught her everything. It was seven years since that fateful night, but how much Meera had changed. She filled their void life with happiness and love. Since they did not know about her real life, knowing she was married, they informed her that she was a divorcee which she had believed.

Kishanji came towards them with a smile. He said to Meera: Beta I know why you are angry, why you don't give them a second chance. I have asked Aham Modi to come in person to explain what he had done. He will be here tomorrow. Just calm down. Meera replied: as you wish Papa. I agree because of you. Personally I don't want to get involved with these kind of work.

Aham Modi was on his way to meet the CEO of Vrindavan. He could not understand what all this fuss was about. He never made mistakes. That too the past seven years he had learnt his lesson to stop making mistakes. Yes. Seven years. It has been seven years since he had smiled. Seven years since had forgiven himself. It was a perfect night for him. He had received all the love in the world from Gopi. He felt himself to be a complete man. When the sunlight woke him up, he was happy with all the wonderful memories. Immediately his business brain assessed something was wrong. First Gopi was not in his arms. Next his mobile was on the floor and finally his diary was open along with Anita's photo. More than that, koki was banging the door telling him Gopi is not found in the house. Aham's world came to a standstill.  When he went to search for her all he found was her shawl soaked in blood. From that day he lost intrest in life and happiness. He was a man without a soul. To this day he lived with the memories of the single night her shared with Gopi. He never and will never regret it. Now he could not assess why this CEO was making a fuss. So collected himself back to business attitude.

It was already eleven and Meera was getting restless. She was angry since her work was delayed and to top it all this Aham Modi was ten minutes late. What does he think of himself? It will be good if he reaches before my temper becomes worse. Just then her assistant announce that Mr. Modi had arrived.

part 3

Aham entered the CEO's cabin. He had expected her to be middle aged and had know her perfectionalist attitude. What could he do if the flight was late? The sight which welcomed him was something he will never forget in his whole living life. In middle of the room, in the CEO's chair sat Gopi, yes his Gopi. But wait was it Gopi. Yes the face looked the same. Except that nothing was similar. Her attire, her hair style, her slang more than that her eyes, her eyes were not soft, innocent and smiling like Gopi. Unable to contain himself, he moved forward near her and took hold of her arm and questioned: Gopi? What are you doing here? Where have you being? Don't you know how I have searched for you?

Meera was already in a foul mood at Aham. First his project was not good; next he was late by ten minutes now he was addressing her with familiarity. She pulled her arm and pushed him. The wrath in her eyes made Aham to take two steps backward. She shouted at him: who do you think you are? How dare you barge inside and talk like? Do you know who I m? Don't you have any manners?  I m Meera Sharma, the CEO of this company. Aham was stunned. He had never seen this much of anger. No, this must not be his Gopi. His Gopi never knew to raise his voice, maybe he just caught carried off on seeing the resemblance. So he apologized: sorry mam, just thought you resembled someone dear to me.

Meera replied: Mr. Modi, I don't mix family and profession. Take your seat and be careful because I will not tolerate such actions again. She then dialed for her father and started to proceed with the meeting. Meera took the proposal sent by the Modi's and threw it at him. Mr. Modi (whenever she called him like that he winced by the harshness in her tone, he would have given the whole world if she had called him Aham) this is the proposal which we received. What did you think before sending it? Did you know about our reputation before doing this? I have heard that you are a hard worker and do your work with your heart. But look at this. This is pathetic. I never expected something like this from your company. What do you say about it?

All the while Meera was talking, Aham could not concentrate properly. His senses were rising. Oh god what temper this woman had. He then looked at the proposal and was shocked. It was not something which had been designed for Vrindavan. In fact it was not a building sketch. It was his scribbling when he was upset. Then he realized he had misplaced the original proposal because he was upset. He was upset when he had heard that rashi and his brother jigar had become proud parents. His wish for Gopi was so strong then that is why he had done this mistake. So again he had to apologize to her: I m really sorry ms. Sharma there had been some mistake and this is not the original copy. Here is the proper proposal. Meera said: I m not ms. Sharma but Mrs. Gupta and held her hand to receive the file. Just than Aham saw the scar in her hand. It was the same scar which the cracker had left its mark. He himself had treated it and how can he forgot. Unable to control, he pulled her hand to check it. Next thing her knew was a tight slap her received from Meera. She threw his file and shouted: Out. Get out of my cabin before I do something rash. Aham was too shocked to react. She kept on shouting: are you going out r shall I call my assistant to throw you out? Unaware of all this Kishanji entered the room. He was surprised to see his daughter shouting at her client. To pacify her, he took Aham to his room and sent her home, because at these times only Rukmini can pacify her. On questioning Aham did not tell him the whole story, just informed him of the misplacement of the proposal and it became the reason for Meera's anger.

Kishanji apologized to him for his daughter's behavior and requested him to come home for dinner. When they reached kishanji's home Meera was nowhere in sight. Rukmini had sent her out since she was not pleased at having Aham home. After some costmary talks, the started their dinner. All the while aham's eyes were searching for Gopi, he had realized that it was his wife, but why is she behaving like that. His mind was puzzled with many questions. Half way through their dinner Meera entered with a six year old boy. He was so sweet and kept on blabbering about the outing and was taking mama, this and mama that. Both of them stopped short at seeing Aham. For a few seconds everyone where speechless. The resemblance of the boy to Aham was so much they looked like father and son. Even Meera was confused. The elderly couple saw some light in the puzzle. Aham was so taken aback he was speechless. How is this possible? This was the only question running in his mind.

After dinner Aham requested that he had some questions to ask them which they agreed. Soon the whole puzzle was in place. They knew that Aham was and is their daughter's husband and Anush's  father. Aham's happiness knew no bound. But all this zeroed back to Meera. What will be here reaction?

Meera had heard to all the conversation and her mind was blank. Within her heart she knew that the reason for shouting at this man was because he created unexplained emotions. She was scared of them. To mask it she had shouted at him. Still she did not remember anything. When Aham came to talk to her she told him: Mr. Modi, I heard everything. But frankly, I don't remember anything. I had lived a life thinking I m a divorcee. I don't know whether I want to be with you r whether I will be like my old self. If you want to be my husband, you have to accept me as I m. may be in future I might accept to love you. but at present I don't think it is possible. Above everything, I will come with your for the sake of my son, so that he will not be brought up without a father.

Aham smiled and replied: Gopi, yes your name is Gopi and get used to it. I just want you back in my life. Without you for the past seven years I was like a mad man. I don't mind that you have forgotten your past. I promise you that I will bring back with my love. Once I had failed to show you my love, but I will not do it again. Will you trust me?

Gopi/Meera replied: yes, I will trust you.

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I love it...but then you knew that, didn't you? WinkLOL  Thanks for putting it here...
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Thanx shruthi 4 putting it here
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wowow! this was awesome! thanks for putting it here :)
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Thanks for posting it all together dear... you are the best... while i have the chance.. let me think of something else for you
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loved it
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thanx shruthi....loved it
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wowowwowowow thats all i can say more plse love it

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