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Originally posted by BUBLAI

@eliza ..:  liked both the parts .. the way vrinda was waking ashi up was hilarious ... she actually blew the horn ... LOLLOL ab ashi kumbhkarni ki tarah soyegi toh woh bhi kya karegi ROFL... loved the way vrinda was so worried abt ashi-yuvi ... she is really sweet Tonguepata nahi pri ko confidence kab aayegi Confused
ashi was so sweet to not lose her temper while trying to manaofy yuvi .. she was really patient ... ranveer-tia's reaction to their fight was LOL sach mein yaar pyar ke second day kaun fight karta haiLOLLOL but they do ... they are so incomplete without their fights ... for a moment i thought jas sudhar gayi -- so foolish of me .. LOL ''i am in love'' -- yeh gaana toh abhi anthem ban gaya ... reminded me of PKYEK LOL ashi aakhir apne tarike se yuvi ko mana hi leti hai ..
pitaaaaa!!!! thanks for the lovely comments....
y dnt u go next?


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 I am going next Tongue

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PART : 138

As Kabir left from there , Yuvi and Ashi stared at each other .It was not at all difficult for Ashi to comprehend that Yuvi's facial expression changed after Kabir's visit .She put her hand on Yuvi reassuringly and said ''chale?''

Yuvi looked at his hand and nodded . While walking together towards the shed ( where Asked Kabir to wait via sms ) , both were silent. Ashi couldn't take it anymore and she broke it : "Yuvi … tum itna serious kyun behave kar rahe ho ? I know that you don't want to meet kabir abut I want to … only because I want to know why he said so . I trusted him a lot Yuvi , as a friend . So why did he just break it so casually ?''

Yuvi  kept looking at Ashi but said nothing . Ashi continued , '' Yuvi, I never loved Kabir. He was always a very good friend of mine and I would have liked it that way forever if he didn't end up doing something like this . But no one can ever take your place . Your place is so secured inside me that sometimes I fear it . I never thought Kabir would end up doing something like this but if everything gets solved … ( she pauses … she thinks '' I really hope it does '' ) then I don't want to make a choice between both of you . Both of you are an important part of my life and I love both of you .Definitely I don't love him in the sense that I love you , but as a friend definitely I love him too . Yuvi, I am telling you all this , not because I want you to trust me but because I wanted to share it with you because somewhere I can feel , you will understand ''.

Yuvi didn't say anything. He just hugged her tightly . After breaking the hug, he slowly bent over , looking in her eyes and planted a kiss on her cheeks . After sometime he broke off and said '' Ashi. Thanks for considering me such an important part of your life and I can understand how difficult it is for you to make a choice . I will never again ask you to do it . But one more thing , aise emotional speech tumhare wackiness ke image ke saath suit nahi karte ( Ashi was glaring at him ). (Yuvi just laughed ) … ab chalein ! nahi toh tumhara dearest lambu kharein kharein langra ho jayega . I seriously hope he has some good explanation . '' ( Ashi kept glaring at him and Yuvi pulled her with him to the shed )

''Duh-ha!  Kabir … tumne ek baar bhi ye kehne se pehle socha nahi ? '' – said Ashi , almost with a heightened B.p .

'' Par ashi …. I am trying to explain it from the past half an hour that I tried to know Yuvi's feelings for you , So I said this . But before I could tell him the truth , he went away from there ''

'' Par janne ke aur bhi tareekein hote hain Kabir. I hope you know that . Tumhare is jhooth ke wajah se I refused to trust Yuvi. Aur tum keh rahe ho that you did all this only to know his true feelings for me '' –retorted Ashi .

'' Haan Kabir . I can understand that tumne shayad yeh sab sirf isiliye kiye so that you get a clear idea about my feelings for Ashi … but I agree with ashi that saying such a big lie was not a solution to this . Ashi trusts you so much but tumne aisa kiya '' --- intervened Yuvi .

''Guys ! I know ke jo maine kiya who galat tha. But trust me my intentions were not wrong . I knew how much Ashi loves you Yuvi and I felt the pain that she was going through when she learnt about you dating Jas ( Yuvi looked at Ashi with eyes full of pain , Ashi smiled slightly at him ) …Uss time mujhe kuch nahi soojha and I said whatever came to my mind . I tried clearing the misunderstanding but never got a chance to do so . I tried explaining ashi too but then you too got back together and I didn't want to lose her friendship .( He was looking down ) . Kal jab ashi call kit hi , I tried explaining her par she didn't wish to listen . I can totally understand her . I am really sorry guys …. Please forgive me ''.

Yuvi put his hands around Kabir … '' Dude , itna guilty feel karne ki zaroorat nahi hai . I can totally understand that your intentions were not wrong , its just the means which created the mess . Today , I understood that you will never do anything to hurt Ashi ( Kabir smiled a sad smile ) ''.

Kabir thought that it is really hard to imagine his life without Ashi . He will always remain a loyal friend of hers and will never let her down . She is and will always be very important for him .

Ashi just smiled seeing both of them and said '' Yes kabir , Yuvi is right . Me too understand it completely and I forgive you " ( She gave him a side hug ) ….

Yuvi just smiled seeing them and understood what Ashi told him before coming here .'' It's honestly very difficult to choose between your love and such a sweet friend .'' – he thought .

Yuvi : '' Chalo … ek problem toh solve hua … ab dusre ka kya karein ?''

Kabir : '' Dusra problem ?''

Ashi : '' Jas ''

Kabir : '' Jas ? What did she do now ?''

They told him the entire incident that happened earlier that day during the auditions . Kabir listened to it carefully and said '' Don't worry guys . I know how to deal with her . You guys don't worry . I'll try asking sahil about some help and we will surely fix this . She won't be able to do anything to the band . I'll look to that ''.

Ashi : '' btw , I'm the fourth member in the band . Pri chickened out and I'm in to rescue the almost-sunken ship '' …. ( she declared gladly … yuvi just shook his head and Kabir smiled and congratulated her …,.She gladly accepted it ) .

Kabir : '' Ok Guys ! bye now …. Will try my best to fix jas … see you all later ''

Ashi and Yuvi bade him good-bye .While leaving the shed , Yuvi was walking in the front . Ashi pulled Yuvi closer , turned him around , put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on the lips.

After they separated , Ashi said : '' This is a big thank you from my side for whatever you did today … thanks a ton for understanding me yuvi "

They both smiled at each other and left the shed hand in hand …

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omfg arpita....
abhi uth and didnt expect this part to be up... and what a surprise it was..... eah and every detail, without lil bloopers too.... arpu, r u sure this is ur frst time? each and every word so convincing, thier dialogues so well written, the conversation so intense, all the credit goes to the written materal, the written style... it was just awesome...
i never knew tht we had such and awesome writer here, ur getting better in the second post itself? god.. u gotta be kidding me.. pittta!! uve really impressed meHug
u so very well managed to get both the kisses i wanted in this part..
one tht ashuu left outAngry tht lil monster who loves annoying me by getting so many issues wen i ask her for a sensible cute part* Angry
nvm, lets get bk to ur part.. kabeer not being a villain was also very convincingly written.. i see the pkek waala kabeer here, and so love himEmbarrassed
he explained his grief also very sensibly and the best was yuvi understanding ashi to the fullest..
badle mein usko uska gift bhi toh mila!!LOL 
jas ki toh ab khair nahi... am waiting to see her reactions wen everything will fall back on her head..

now lemme get bk to the most important part.. wer the hell is my second part.. jas to mazza chakaao part..
arpu go fast... aur tum ol bhi nahi dikh rahi.... agar aaj hi part nahi mila toh in ashi's wrds- tumhara murder pakkaLOL

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thankyou so much eliza for such sweet comments ... Tongue Thank God you liked both the kisses .. Wink especially tumhare liye hi toh tha ..LOL yeah , I am struggling with the second part ... will update it soon ..

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PART : 139

Ashi and Yuvi went back to where Ranveer, Tia , Pri and the entire gang was sitting and looking worried ...

Tia : '' yeh lo , in dono ko abhi yaad aaya ke band ko kitna bada problem hai ''

Ashi : '' Timbo ... itna sarcastic hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hai ... Hum dono jo kaam ke liye gaye the , it was equally important too .... and humlog iss problem ka bhi more or less solution dhoondh liye ''

Yuvi :'' haan tia ... Ashi thik keh rehi hai .. We had a talk with kabir and he promised to help us with this ''.

Ranveer : '' Ab Kabir ko iss mein involve karne ki zaroorat kya thi ... aap logon ko nahi lagta ... aap log bina baat ke iss issue ko kitna badha rahe hai ... I think a talk with Jas will clear all this ... Woh zaroor maan jayegi ..''

Vrinda too agreed to whatever Ranveer has said .

Ashi : '' Shut up you both !!! .. Jas is not that simple as you both are thinking her to be ... Trust me she can create a lot of problems if she intends to do so .... Maate .. tum apna gyaan kabhi aur sunana ... now I don't have patience for this ... and Thakur ... achanak se why your brain has stopped working ... isiliye kehti rehti hoon ... iss timbo ke saath maat raha karo ... dekho , bhukatna humlogo ko padh raha hai ... ''

Ashi : '' You punk !!! Tumne Tia ko aisa kaha ... sirf Ranveer kyun ... tumhare bagal mein bhi jo khada hai na ... woh bhi uchhal raha tha Jas ko band mein lene ke liye ... uss ko kyun kuch nahi keh rahe ho ??? why are you always after Tia .. ??? Why huh ?

Yuvi : '' Now stop both of you ... we need to deal with this patiently .. lets think of a strong plan to teach Jas a lesson ''
All sat down together , with their thinking caps on ...

Meanwhile, Kabir went to Sahil's place ...
" par sahil ... ek baar yeh bhi toh dekho ... that whatever she is doing with them is totally unfair ..''

'' i agree with you bro ... but I have nothing to do with her .. Yeah , when I first heard about her and Yuvi , I wanted to get back at her ... but Dude .. yeh mujhse nahi hoga ... she didn't love me sincerely but I did ... may be I still do ... i just can't expose her secrets to get back at her .... ''

But ... sahil ..''

'' No kabir ... I am not stopping you guys from  doing  whatever you want ... You all go ahead with some other plans ... I am sorry ... I am not a part of all this '' Sahil just left from there ...

Kabir : '' Jas ... you must be a really lucky girl ... you just gave up on just a great guy for God knows what ... but what will I tell Ashi now ..Afterall I promised them ..''

While the entire gang was discussing various ways , Ashi's cell started ringing ...'' It's kabir ''
everyone looked at her impatiently to finish her call ... but Ashi's facial expression told them that something's wrong ..

Ashi : '' Okay Kabir .. I 'll talk to you later .. and you don't feel bad .. chalo bye ! ''
She kept her phone down and told them that Sahil refused to help them and they have to think some other ways ..

tia : ''dekha you punk .... tumne toh more or less solution dhoondh li thi ... but I can't see 'more' or 'less' .. anything ''

Ashi : ''okay .. I agree ... I counted a lot on sahil ... but don't worry guys .. I 'll  find out something ''
she leaves from there ...

Yuvi : '' I 'll be back in a bit ''
He too went after Ashi ...

Ashi was going towards the shed ..
Yuvi : '' wacko hold on ... I am coming too ''

Ashi turned back and smiled at yuvi ..

Yuvi : '' tum Tia ki baat ko itna seriously kyun le rahi ho ..?''

Ashi :'' Hey bhaggu ! Yuvi .. tum yeh poochne ke liye itna bhaagte bhaagte aaye ? tumhe sach mein lagta hai ke mujhe , Anvesha Banerjee Ray ko Timbo ke stupid accusations se koi fark padega ... I am worried about you Yuvi .. tumhare band ke tumhare dad ne waise bhi pehle itna kuch kar chuke hai ... I just hope ke iss baar koi problem na ho "

Yuvi : '' toh main bekaar mein hi pareshan ho raha tha ... Jas ko aur mere dad ko ... do ko hi lesson teach karwana is very necessary .. come lets go inside the shed ... and discuss it properly "

Ashi : '' duh-ha psycho ! toh tumhare paas pehle se hi plans the and you are telling it to me now ... how thoughtful ! ''

Yuvi was looking at Ashi who was slowly turning red with anger ... he just smiled and hugged her slightly and gave a peck on her right  cheek...

Yuvi : '' Oh !! How I love you when you are completely red with anger .... ab bahar kharein kharein hi discuss karna hai , ya aandar bhi jaa sakte hai ? ''

He dragged Ashi inside the shed ...

Ashi : '' okay ... ab aur meri patience mat test karo ... and shoot jo bhi your plan is ''

Yuvi : '' Itna impatient kyun ho rahi ho ... afterall it's a masterplan ''

Ashi : '' okay , ab bolo bhi ... nahi toh i'll eat you alive ''

Yuvi ( pretended to be scared ) '' Okay so ... mera dad ka election campaign hai aaj shaam ko ''

Ashi : '' Toh humlog kya waha nautanki karne jaye ... come on yuvi ... isn't your dad enough for it ... now don't tell me he needs more of that ''

Yuvi : ''thodi der ke liye can you just stop talking and let me finish '''

Ashi : '' Okay fine go on ."

Yuvi : '' Toh mere paas dad ke kuch aise pics which he would never like others to view ... last weekend when I went to my house , I found them hidden inside my dad's personal file ... I decided to take a few of them to show them to mom , but later dropped the idea '' ( he felt a bit sad )

Ashi : '' why ? uss pics mein aisa kya hai ??? "

Yuvi : '' that I can't tell you now ''
( He sensed that Ashi didn't like his reply ) Come on Ashi .. I didn't want you to feel bad ... i'll definitely tell you all about it .. but not now .. mere life ke kuch aise sach hai , which I too feel to share them with someone special ... and now that I found her , I'll not shun her away from anything that concrns .. just give it a little time ''

Ashi : '' I can understand Yuvi ... I won't force you ... you can take your time ''

Yuvi : '' okay , now coming back to the plan ... i will go to my dad's office , and try bringing more pics and scan them and put them in a CD ... My dad will be having a presentation today ... we will have to change the CD and ruin the campaign and put the blame on Jas ... while I'll be going to my dad's office , you guys go to the camp area , and get hold of the original CD and wait for me ... we will have to do some copy pasting before playing the presentation ... aakhir , campaigns are the most important part of my dad's life ... usse ruin karna will be fun ... may God save Jas after that and afterall logon ko bhi toh pata chalein , politician YD ke chehre ke  peeche ka sach '' Yuvi grinned ..

Ashi : '' I am with you Yuvi.  I'll go and inform the others and bring to to the campaign directly go and collect more pics ''

Yuvi smiled at Ashi's excitement , gave her a kiss '' Bye love ... see you in the campaign ''

Yuvi rushed out from there and Ashi went and told the plan to the others .. all were excited except Ranveer : '' Aap logon ko lagta nahi hai ke Mr. YD ke campaign ko ruin karna kuch zyada ho jayega ? ''

Ashi : '' I know Ranveer ... but I have to settle some other scores with her too ... so why not do it at one go ''

Ranveer : '' par personal grudges ke liye itna bada kuch ''

Tia looked annoyingly at Ranveer ... '' ashi leave him .. Tia is coming with you ... jisko nahi aana na aaye ... tia ko koi fark nahi padhta '' and she stormed off from there ...

All of them , except Ranveer went to the campaign .Meanwhile Yuvi sneeked into his dad's office and collected more pics , scanned them and copied them in a CD .. and reached the campaign grounds ...

He met with the gang outside the campaign '' tum log bahar kyun khade ho ? CD mila ke nahi ? ''

Tia : '' no Yuvi ... not yet ... Ashi gayi hai andar CD dhoondhne par abhi tak aayi nahi .. ''

Yuvi : '' okay , don't worry guys i'll just check ''

Yuvi went to find Ashi in the CD room but saw his dad there and could see Ashi peeping from behind the curtains .. Yuvi understood what has gone wrong ... he started diverting his dad's attention by flattering him while Ashi managed to get away from there ... later Yuvi too got out from there and they did all the editing and all in Tia's laptop and Yuvi went and kept The CD on the right place ...

When the video was telecasted , Yd and all the people present there was shocked ... YD felt humiliated and very angry , and all the people insulted him and showered abuses on him ... Yuvi's plan was successful but still half the job was left ..He asked all the others to go back to Maurya and he will see them later ... He went to his dad who was fuming with anger ... his dad wanted to know the name to did all this ... Yuvi gladly told him that ''Jas is behind all this .... she always wanted to humiliate you to take revenge from me as I didn't choose her .. She knew how important you are to me ...''

YD got very angry and immediately decided to go to school ... He took Yuvi along with him and went to meet Jumbo ..
In Jumbo's office ... Jas , YD , Yuvi < Jumbo and all others were present ...

"aapke Maurya mein students aajkal yeh sab bhi karne start kar diye ... Yeh ladki ne mere itne saare mehnat ruin kar diye ... just because my son rejected her ... she is not even upto my son's standard ''
Jas : '' par maine aisa ''

YD : '' ek dum chup ... I don't want to hear any of your explanations .. yahan pe khare itne saare log , sab jhooth bol rahe hai .... aur sirf aap , maharani ji sach bol rahe hai .. ''

Jas started crying and was shivering with fear ''

YD : '' i hope mr. jamwal ... you will look into the matter ... kal se mujhe yeh ladki iss elite school mein dikhni nahi chahiye ... and i'll make sure she is out of Mumbai too '' ( to jas ) '' mere bete se door rehna ... aur kal subah har nwespaper mein tumhari apology chahiye ... agar mujhe kal 1st issue mein nahi dikha then you just wait and see ...''
YD stormed off from there ... Jas went back to her room crying and the others cheered at their success ...

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged finally abreast wid every part.AGAINApproveDancing
omg omg omggggggggggggg....akiiiiiiii ur every part was sooo vivid..i mean it was like i cud see what was written..der was a clear imagery in my head that was soooDay Dreaming esp d midnite picnic part..usme toh balle balle types ho gayi!DancingDancingDancingBlushingBlushingBlushing one thing da i never get is how cn u  A 15 YEAR OLD..a baby! write such mushy mushy ultra hyper parts!! u wackoooooooooooooooooSillyWacko
as for d audition part..its actually a track in d story..but it comes towards d end of remix!LOL
as for u lizzzie!tumhe bahut jald interior designing chhod ke writing pursue karni chahiye..god u n ur liners!
tia ke ghar me cat n dog sath reh sakte hai but ashi yuvi sath nahiROFL mila kaha se ye tujhe???ROFLROFLROFL
uff..uske baad d nice nice twist u get!!lmao..arent u both d bestest!!!!
te amo!!!!HugHug
@arps: arpssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss why did u stop writing????? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..ur part was stupendoooooooooo..plz write more naaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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ohhh arps u did wrote LOL
ill read dem tmrw pakaBig smile

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