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Chapter 134

Ashi  : (Cursing the phone) ''What the? What do you mean by 'no signal'? Nothing works when you need it to.'' (Remembers how Yuvi had walked off from there) ''Psycho. I know he's not lying, but, Kabir aisa kuch kyon kahega? I'm sure it's a misunderstanding. I should try and call Kabir from the room, shaayad vahaan signal mil jaaye.'' (Shrugs and starts walking to the hostel room)


Yuvi : (Lies down on the bed and mutters angrily) ''I can't believe it. Ashi mujhpe zara sa bhi trust nahi karti. Aur karegi bhi kyon? She prefers Kabir to me, doesn't she?'' (Runs a hand through his hair, trying to calm down) ''Maybe koi misunderstanding ho .. but.. '' (He becomes angry again) ''But she should trust me, na? Afterall .. After all, I am her boyfriend, and Kabir is her ex.''

Sid : (Walks out from the bathroom) ''Yuvi, tum itni jaldi vaapis aa gaye? Abhi toh sirf 3.30 baje hain.'' (Teasingly)

Yuvi : (Angrily) ''Shut up, Sid.''

Sid : (Sits next to him) ''Vaise, I thought tum aur Ashi aaj poora all-nighter maroge, you know?''

Yuvi : (Gets up and walks toward the window) ''Leave me alone, Sid. And Ashi ka naam bhi mat lo.''

Sid : ''Kyon, kya hua?''

Yuvi : ''She doesn't trust me, Sid. She doesn't trust me at all. Maine usse Kabir ke baare mein bataya, and she didn't believe me. She believes him, instead.''

Sid : ''Ohhhh.'' (Nodding) ''Tujhe toh pata hai na, dude, meri life mein ladkiyaan hi nahi aati..toh ladkiyon se related problems kaise aayengi? Aur agar problems nahi aati, toh solutions bhi nahi aate. I'm sorry, Yuvi, ismein main tumhaari koi help nahi kar sakta.''

Yuvi : (Sighs) ''Tum kyon sorry bol rahe ho? Sorry toh mujhe hona chahiye .. maine socha ki she loves me, but love ka basic meaning hai trust, and agar vo mujhe trust hi nahi kar sakti, toh is relationship ka kya faayda?''

Sid : ''Aisa mat bol, dude. Yaad hai tujhe aur Ashi ko milaane ke liye maine, Vrinda aur Meher ne kitni mehnat ki. And you love her, dude. Tum is choti si problem ki vajah se sab kuch khatam nahi kar sakte.''

Yuvi : ''But she doesn't trust me. If she trusted me at all, vo mujhe call karti, mujhse sorry bolti. But no, she doesn't even care. Maine soch liya hai, Sid, jab tak vo khud mujhse baat nahi karti, mujhpe trust nahi karti, tab tak main bhi usse baat nahi karunga.''

Sid : ''As you say, brother. But don't shut her out. Usse bolne ka chance zaroor dena.'' (Yawns) ''Ab humein sona chahiye. Kal weekend hai, isliye jaldi nahi uthna padega. Good night, bro.''

Yuvi : ''Good night, brother'' (Thinking that sleep was miles away from his mind right now)


Ashi – (Sighs in relief as Kabir picked up the phone) ''Kabir, I've been calling you since ages now.''

''Aur tum mujhe subah ke 4 baje kyon call kar rahi ho?''

''Mujhe tumse kuch poochna tha.'' (Pauses) ''Vahaan pe sab kuch kaisa hai ?''

''I know something's upsetting you. Tumhaari awaaz sunkar pata chal raha hai. Kya hua? Yuvi ke saath koi problem?''

''Kya tumne Yuvi se ye kaha tha ki we spent the weekend together?'' She blurted out.

Silence from the other end.


''Erm, Ashi, kya Yuvi ne tumse ye kaha?''

''That's not the point, Kabir. Tum bas mujhe itna batao, kya tumne Yuvi se ye kaha tha?''

''Haan, but Ashi, I can explain.''

Ashi didn't even hear what he said after that. Her mind was reeling. ''Oh no. Oh shit. Oh damn. Hey bhaggu, ye maine kya kiya. Kabir, I'll call you later. Mujhe abhi Yuvi se baat karni hai.''

''But Ashi-''

Ashi hung up before he could say anything, tossed the phone at the bed, and crashed into Vrinda.

Vrinda : ''Ashi, tum itni subah kahaan jaa rahi ho?''

Ashi  : ''Yuvi se baat karne.'' (Impatiently) ''Hato raaste se ..''

Vrinda : ''Ashi!'' (Refuses to move) ''Tum itni jaldi Yuvi se milne nahi jaa sakti. Vo abhi so raha hoga. You should wait.''

Ashi : ''Oh, you don't understand, maate. He's mad at me, I need to talk to him.''

Vrinda : ''Agar tum usse abhi milne jaayogi and uski neend disturb karogi, he will be madder at you.''

Ashi : (Pauses) ''Would he?''


Yuvi : (Getting up from the bed and looking at her angrily)''Main itni achi tarah so raha tha, itne ache ache sapne dekh raha tha, tumhein mujhe uthaane ki kya zaroorat thi? Just, what do you want, Ashi? Shed mein jo tumne kaha vo kaafi nahi tha, ki ab meri neend se bhi tumhein koi problem hai? Get lost, Ashi. Go away. Dobara kabhi mujhse milne ki koshish mat karna!''

*Nightmare ends*

Ashi  : (Gulps) ''Would he really be THAT mad?''

Vrinda : (Nods) ''Trust me, Ashi, sabhi ladke aise hote hain. And agar vo tumse gussa hai, toh you can apologise to him tomorrow morning. It's not like he's running away or anything.''

Ashi  : (Sighs and sits on the bed) ''Point.''

Vrinda : ''Ab, kal weekend hai. And you need to catch up on your sleep. So jaao.''

Ashi : (Nods) ''So jaati hoon.'' (Still thinking about how angry Yuvi was, and if she'll have to face him like that in the morning)

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alrite am here again
the fake fite was very much fun to read and the cuteness was over flowing-

Yuvi : (Frowns) ''Tumhein meri arms mein girne ka koi shauk nahi hai?''

Ashi : (Looks away) ''Duh uh. Ek baar sunai nahi deta kya? Nahi hai.''

Yuvi : ''Pakka?''

Ashi : ''Pakka.''EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

and u say u cant rite such parts... u seem to be a master here ashu... are u still 15? i seriously doubt


god.. i hated ashi wen she didnt trust uv, she didnt 'didnt turust him' just tht she cldnt say tht kabeer was wrong then....

bada dil tootne waala part tha, seriously dunnow wht will it be for me in rcc2


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for the sec part
bohot chota sa part tha
wanted more of it chicklet...
i so love u for getting sid in here.. one of my fav character, kya ho gaya usey? uski koi khabar bhi nahi hai na.. :P
poor uv.. he is soo cute.. ashi doesnt trust me... and why will she? she likes kabeer more... i wld so want to go up there and pull his cheeks!!Embarrassed

finally ashi learns bout it all... i still dnt want kabeer to be a villian in front of ashi... he is nice, he did have a reason to do tht... nvm... nw tht we r encing rcc, we shall get a glimpse of kabeer in rcc 2
i so so so loved the nightmare.. so ashi'ish..
she keeps dreaming bout weird things bout uv, last i saw was her eating grapes in the maharani position and the other girls on with a knife to stab baby yuviLOL ashi and her dreams..

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OMG!!! akanksha ... bechare logon ke beech itne jaldi jhagda karwa di .. aur thoda love enjoy karne deti Wink... that was really sad that ashi didn't believe yuvi ... i feel she could have been more convinced that there is definitely a misunderstanding ... and this network yaar ... sach mein kaam ke time kabhi nahi lagta LOLLOL ... sid was really sweet ... he was so thoughtful .Tongue

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am going next..
2am tak

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part 135

"ashi.. get up.. you have a lecture to attend" screamed vrinda "and YUVI.... ashi… u rememeber?" Ashi refused to barge out of the bed, she just had a mere 2 hr sleep. She cldnt hear vrinda at all. All tht ashi could hear were irritating squeaky voices. Vrinda had been screaming since the past one hour. Vrinda had a scholarship examination to attend, but all she was worried for was ASHI. She could sense something wrong, and she even knew that ashi had to talk it out to yuvi. She finally decided to do it.

"ashi, uth rahi ho ke nahi?" vrinda was breathing hard, "one----two------and----- three"

"aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??!?!?!?!" ashi got up with a strt, "MAATE, PAAGAL HO GAYE HO KYA? I got tht air-horn for timbo, the pollution freak.. and tumne iska inauguration mujhse kia??"

"ashi, tumko uthana tha… its already 8.. ur class was at 7.. remember?

"heyy bhaggu!!! And YUVI.. maate, utha nahi sakti thi? 2 ghante pehle horn nahi bajaa sakti thi? Oh sorry, hamaare gaay  maata ke sirr pe horns hai na… TOH BAJAATI KAISE??" she yelled.

"ashi, listen, don't get hyper, go after this class, break hoga. And listen, talk it out.. please fir se jhagda na karna.."

"maateeee.. tumko kya lagta hai? Main koi jhagda queen hoon?" asked ashi wen the door just opened

"ho nahi, toh plz ban jaao… tia aur uske angels ke beech bada fight ho raha hai class mein, tum aur aag lagaao…please.. kuch toh happening ho is school mein.. half day mila hai.. chalo jaldi" said MP.

Ashi didn't take much time to get ready, she got in her uniform, brushed her hair, wore her favorite perfume, pulled out her gloss and kissed in the air "yuvi!! am coming!!" she danced.

Vrinda (all worried)- "ashi… books leti jaao, and plz, hyper mat hona"

Ashi&MP (irritated)- "haan maate, bye"  



Tia- "but pri, tia rehegi tumhare saath, u can do it"

Pri- "nahi tia, main band ke dresses mein moti dikhoongi"

jasmine- "ab jo sach hai, who hai naa.."

tia (wiping pri's tears)- "shut up jas.. atleast she knows bout brands and fashion more than you.. she can even qualify to be your tutor there.. look at what your wearing? Fancy market se khareeda hai kya?"

pri- "sirf dressing sense pata hai, par I don't get my size,, toh kya faida.. tia.. I cant do this"

ranveer and yuvi were busy witnessing the girl conversation. Ranveer trying to handle tia and yuvi busy rubbing his temples when ashi entered the classroom.

"heyy guys! Heyy yuvi" she sat next to yuvi, who refused to look at her, or even answer back.

"yuvi.." she nudged him.

"priyanka, just give it a shot yaar, no ones a trained performer here. You just need to sing, and we all know your good at it" said yuvi

Ashi could clearly see yuvi ignoring her, she knew he had a reason and she had to make it up to him.. but how.

"yuvi, mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai" she whispered in his ears

He looked at her and said it loud and clear, "aasshhii, mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni hai.. can we concentrate on the current important wrk?"

Ranveer and tia exchanged glances trying to tell each other- "lo… fir shuru ho gaye"

yuvi- "toh finally pri, will u do it or not?"

pri- "am sorry yuvi" and she left the classroom.

It was a half day that day, every one were busy thinking of who the fourth person in the band could be. Ashi was busy trying to talk to yuvi, and he wasn't giving her a ear. The whole class was present then, all of them knew of yuvis band, yea even jasmine did. She had heard it from her fellow mates. Ranveer was still friends with her, and she didn't want to lose the last friend she had in this school, so she decided to remain shut.

"yuvi, ab irritate mat karo, suno meri baat" she whispered again

"irritate? Kaun mein? Mein irritate kar raha hoon? Baat karni thi toh kal fone kyun nahi kiya?" he whispered back, "kyun? Network nahi tha?"

"haan… NAHI!! Mera matalb haan..tch, yuvi.." she ran behind him again

"mere peeche peeche mere dog ke tarah ghoomna band karo ashi.. atleast dogs are trustworthy..imean they trust you" he snorted

"faithful yuvi… dogs r faithful" she tried not to laugh

"OKAY guys, aise kuch nahi hone waala, we need the fourth member, and soon. So lets hold an audition." Said ranveer.

"wow thakur!! I told u! u r the smartest guy in our school.. I told u right?" ashi patted his back, "auditions on the marble stairs in half and hour" she announced.

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Liz ..First things first, I can't stop ROFLing on your comment. I nearly choked on water. ''She keeps dreaming bout weird things bout uv, last i saw was her eating grapes in the maharani position and the other girls on with a knife to stab baby yuvi'' ROFLROFL Btw .. baby Yuvi sounds so adorable, I don't think I remember him being a baby in that dream! LOL

Now .. coming to the part, woah, Liz, tum kya likhti ho !? I try to write wackypanti, but kuch nahi likha jaata..I'm more for mushy-mushy, but I don't enjoy writing romance. :P But tumhein jo acha lagta hai, tum vo hi itna acha karti ho !! I love the oneliners, by god! Big smile  Oh sorry, hamaare gaay  maata ke sirr pe horns hai na… TOH BAJAATI KAISE??'' ROFL And this another one : ''Main koi jhagda queen hoon?'' LOL

Aww, Yuvi is ignoring her! *Sigh* Bechaaaaari Assshi!! Unhappy You know, I always wanted to do something I'm going to do in the next part.. I mean, not do as in doing myself, but do as in I've always wanted to see Ashi doing something like that ..Bas zyaada TiaRaish na ho jaaye. :P Vaise, nahi hoga..I'll try and keep it Ashi-ish .. and uske alaawa.. we have the 'surprise' too... Dude, now I'm excited.. like good ol' times..when you kept me up at nights for an update! LOL

Aww, evil Jas .. But Ashi  bhi Pri ko aise hi taunt karti hai, no? Toh agar main Jas ko evil bulaaun, am I calling Ashi evil indirectly? Nah .. It's all about the intentions, right? And Ashi wants to help Pri .. So, EVIL JAS. Ouch

PS - Mast part tha .. totally awesome! Big smile

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Part 136


"yuvi, I know its totally my fault. I should have trusted you. And I did. I mean, I didn't tell you that you are lying, I just said there must be some sorta misunderstanding." Ashi tried explaining yuvi while he sipped his coffee. "kabeer is my friend too. The same goes with him yuvi.. I have to trust him too. Yuvi, u remember wen things wer not going fine between both of us, it was kabeer who supported me. He was there in my worst time. When I learnt about you and jas.. he helped me to come out of this."

"he helped you come out of me, and you still wld trust him and not me?? right?" said yuvi while he was busy stirring his coffee, so fast tht he cld make a cyclone out of it.

"yuvi.. I was to come and tell u about how I felt for you wen jas announced about u both seeing each other. And u did say tht u loved her.. I needed a friend then, and it was kabeer."

"ashi, the question is not bout how good a friend kabeer can be.. the question is- how could you not trust me?"

Yuvi completed what he had to say and stood, "auditions!" he reminded her and left.


Marble stairs

"banna, wheres ashi?" asked ranveer, "isn't she supposed to be our manager?"

"in the canteen.. leave her, lets strt the audition.." he took the list of entries from tia, "sheila.. you can start, and minnie, you go next"

"tia, plz take care of this, I'll just go and get ashi, pata nahi kya hogaya hai dono ko... ek din mein kiska jhagda hota hai??" ranveer whispered, putting tias hair behind her ears.

"yeah, tia thinks ki ek ghar mein ek cat and dog reh sakte hai, but ashi uv?? NO WAY!" she replied


Cafe coffee day

Ashi was busy looking at the cups on her table, "I know I should have trusted him, but ab kya karron,,, yuvraaj dev, mein kya karoon jissey tum theek ho jaao?"

"heyy bhaggu.. ashi?? Itni caffeine? 5 cups of coffee? Aap theek toh hai na?" ranveer pulled a chair and got seated net to ashi.

"duh uhh.. meine sirf chaar cups peeye, ek cup yuvi ka hai" ashi took the last sip.

"bas keejiye ashi,4 ya 5 cups.. aise bol rahi hai aap jaise aapne tia ke paanch nahi chaar dress kaate.. 5 ya 4, murder toh aapka hi hona hai na?" he smirked

"thakur.." she smiled, "how important is trust in a relationship?"

"ashi, when you love a person truly, madly and deeply, you automatically start trusting that person. Be it your friend, your mom or your love. Its that simple" he smiled.

"and what if I.. sorta.. misunderstood you know' like refused to trust him?"

"then what do you think now? You should have trusted him?"

"yes.." she nodded

"so you accept its your mistake?"


"so talk it out ashi.. half of the relationships break due to lack of trust and lack of communication"

"aur kitna COMMUNICATE karoon? Kab se uska personal network ban ke uske peeche peeche jaa rahi hoon, he refuses to listen."

"did u apologize?" she nodded "Say a sorry ashi.. y is it so difficult to apologize?"

Ashi rolled her eyes, "jee thakur, ill do tht.. ab chalein?"

"chaliye" he waved his hands


Back to the marble stairs

"aao na, gale lagaao naa.."

"next" called yuvi.

"yuvi, yeh sab kya hai? Ek bhi dhang ki singer nahi hai yahaan pe? U gotta be kidding me.. sab ko warm water gargle bhi karwaya, tia guesses the noise of them gargling was better then thm singing" she hid her face behind yuvi, as he  hid his laughter behind the writing pad.

Sid- "dude, maya ko bulao, am sure she sings well, maine usko already select kar liya hai"

Yuvi (whispering)- "sid, yeh tumhari girlfriend dhoondo audition nahi hai.. band ke liye hai.. get serious."

Ranveer (entering with ashi)-"banna.. hw is it going on?"

Yuvi (looking at ashi)- "ab tak toh great chal raha tha.. aage pata nahi"

Tia- "theek? Yuvi theek?" (holding her head) "ranveer hold tia, tia is going to faint"

Ashi (rolling her eyes)- "nahi timbo nahi.. tum mar gayi toh hume 2 lead singers chahiye hogi.. u can faint after the show.. please..pahlease tia, pahlease" (she imitated tia) waise yuvi, auditions theek kaise jaa rahe hai? Lagta hai gaane se zyaada tum un ladkiyon pe dhyaan de rahe ho" she smirked

Yuvi (still not paying attention)- "next..jasmine.. huh? Jasimine?"

Jas (she smiles)- "yeah, its me."

Tia- "jas, no1 has invited you here, am sorry, you cant give the auditions"

Jas-"please be fair guys, let me try atleast, and then you all can decide"

Ranveer (holding tia while she gives him THE looks)- "yes jas, you can sing, we wont be unfair with anyone"

Ashi- "no thakur, she wont sing. She cant be in the band."

Yuvi (almost pouncing on ashi)- "why cant she? She has already given her name.. come on jas, show us wht u have"

Jasmine clears her throat and begins. She strted with humming the tune and then she sang

Zara zara bahekta hai, mahekta hai

Aaj to mera tan badan, main pyaasi hoon

Mujhe bhar le apni baahon mein'.


As she ended, she cld hear everyone clapping for herm she was so sure she wld get into this wen she saw tia and ashi, ashi stood still and tia strted, " look jas, I really liked the way u sang, your voice, your rhythm, everything was perfect. but u know sweetie, tia cannot stand you.. so u cant be in our band"

Ashi stared at tia and smiled to herself, 'I so didn't need to say anything. Love you timbo!'

"tia. You are being unfair now. She was the last entry, and she was the best up till now.." said yuvi

"haan tia, aap unfair ho rahi ho!" snorted ranveer

"theek hai boys. If you want jas to join the band, so search for one more singer then. And a lyricist too.. tia will nt rite any songs for your band, and nor will she sing in it. How does that sound ranveer and yuvi?" tia spoke  while she filed her nails.

"tia, now your getting mean, look, she has the best voice in all the students we've heard.." looked at tia, "yeah, best after you," then looked at ashi, "so we need her in the band! Right ranveer?"

'best voice? My foot' thought ashi.

"and what about the girls we haven't heard?" screamed tia, "TIA DOESNT LIKE HER FACE!! tia rejects her.. next audition tomorrow.."


"mic check. 1..2..3..4.." ashi checked the mic

"wacko! Wht r u trying to do? Y r u checking it.. there r no more entries for today" screamed yuvi

Ashi ( on the mic)- "and then when I said that i loved you, I really meant that. (she smiled and strted)


aaj kal tanha main kahan hoon
Saath chalta koi
Uski hame aadat hone ki
Aadat ho gayi
Woh jo mila hai jab se 
Uski sauhbat ho gayi

Ek zara masoom se ke 
Dil ki aafat ho gayi
Sun le zara
Sun le zara
Dil ne kaha
Itna bas mujhe pataa hai

I am in love
I am in love
Tu hi bataa jaane 
Kya mujhe hua hai


She went upto yuvi, held his hand "am sorry yuvi" she said, and before she could say another word, yuvi took her in his arms and kissed her on her forehead. "wacko tht you are.." he whispered.


"am sorry jas, we found our fourth band member.. and guess what, she sings better than you, and'. I EVEN LIKE HER FACE!" tia snorted

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