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PART 118

She barely had time to speak before she was crushed by him. He took her in such a hard embrace that it hurt. But she didn't mind. She rested her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes, drinking his scent in, his concern for her, his worry, his affection.

He closed his eyes, too, as he made her sit up, still not breaking the hug. He wanted to live in this moment forever. He had run away from this closeness too much, fearing the consequences. But right now, he didn't care. He could have lost her; he could have lost his whole world, all because of that one mistake. His hold on her automatically got tighter as he even thought of what could have happened.

''Err'Yuvi.'' She whispered, barely audible. But her mouth rested near his ear, so he could make out what she said. ''You are hurting me.''

Yuvi loosened the hug, and moved back. ''Oh. Sorry.'' He cupped her face, looking into her eyes. ''Are you alright? I'm really sorry for that. I'm suck a jerk.''

''Duh uh. Ofcourse you are!'' Ashi glared. ''I could have died, psycho!''

Yuvi didn't answer, he just looked down. Obviously guilty.  She bit her lip as she regretted what she just said. ''Yuvi.'' She placed a hand on his shoulder, gently squeezing it. ''I was kidding, dude. Chill. What happened to your sense of humor?''

Yuvi looked up. And Ashi was shocked as she saw a lone tear trickling down his face. ''Hey bhaggu, tum ro rahe ho! Tum ro kyon rahe ho??''

''I could have lost you, Ashi. I-''

Ashi cut him off, hugging him tightly again. ''It's alright, Yuvi. I'm fine. Alive. Safe and sound. Relax. And stop crying, dude. Trust me, agar Maurya High ki ladkiyon ko pata chal gaya ki Yuvraj Dev rota hai .. your repu is finished, dude. Not sufi.''

Yuvi just hugged her back again, his arms resting against her back. ''I am sorry, Ashi. I really am. And I really don't care what those girls think.''

Ashi broke the hug, and looked at him with widened eyes. ''Not cool, dude. You have no interest in girls. Tum gay kab se ban gaye?''

Yuvi glared at her, and she laughed. Yuvi just shook his head. ''I mean, mujhe UN ladkiyon mein koi interest nahi hai. I only care about this one girl now.''

Ashi's smile faltered. ''Who? Meher?''


Vrinda and Sid rushed back to the pool as Vrinda filled him in about what happened. But when they reached there, they saw something that totally surprised them.

''Awww.'' Vrinda smiled when she saw them hugging. ''So cute.''

''I thought they broke up.'' Sid said, puzzled. ''Wasn't Yuvi supposed to be with Jas instead? And Ashi with Kabir?''

Vrinda frowned. ''They love each other, look at how Ashi is laughing, and Yuvi is just shaking his head at her. So adorable!''

''Arre, but Vrinda, tumhein kuch nahi pata. Yuvi never loved Ashi. Neither did Ashi love him. It was a deal, right from the beginning. But abhi.. '' He scratched his head. ''Abhi toh the deal is over.''

''Toh abhi in dono ke beech chal kya raha hai?''

''Bhaggu knows!'' Sid imitated Ashi, and Vrinda laughed.


Before Yuvi could say anything, Vrinda's laugh interrupted them. They looked at the corner where she was standing with Sid.

''Spying on us?'' Ashi raised a eyebrow.

''Ashi!'' Vrinda sighed. ''I went to get help. But abhi toh doesn't look like you need help or anything.'' She grinned. ''I mean, you look perfectly fine.'' She said, pointing a glance at Yuvi.

''I'm fine Vrinde, chill. I'm just soaking wet, that's all. I need to go back before I get-'' She sneezed. ''Sick.'' She frowned.

Yuvi  took her hand in his. ''Are you okay?''

Ashi flinched by his touch, took a deep breath, and nodded. ''I'm fine.''

I only care about this one girl.


Ashi shook her head as those two lines played itself again and again in her mind. ''Vrinde, I am going back to my room. Aaj ke liye I'm soaking wet already.''

''I'll be there in a while, Ashi.'' Vrinda answered. ''But Yuvi can drop you back to your room.''

''No.'' She snapped. ''I am sure he has some more important stuff to attend to, some more important girls.'' She frowned and stomped off.

''What is her problem?'' Sid scratched his head as she left.

Yuvi sat there, near the pool, his eyes near leaving the water. ''She thinks I love Meher.''

''What?'' Vrinda asked. ''Do you love Meher?''

''No, I do not.'' He sighed. ''Jas told her I love Meher, but Jas knows who I love.''

''Let me guess, it's Ashi, right?'' Sid raised an eyebrow, and Yuvi nodded.

''Aww.'' Vrinda smiled. ''That's perfect, Yuvi. I mean, I'm sure she likes you too! You know when you left, she had become so restless. She missed you so much.''

Yuvi's face darkened. ''She does not. Kabir told me she loves someone else. Besides, she spent a weekend at Kabir's house.''

''What?'' Vrinda snapped. ''That's not true, Yuvi. Ashi never spent a weekend at his house. She was with me for the whole time. I'm sure there is some misunderstanding.''

Yuvi got up, and looked at Vrinda. ''Are you sure?''

''Yes, she was with me. I'm totally perfectly sure.''

Yuvi's face lit up, but then he sighed. ''But she loves someone else.''

''Do you know his name?'' Sid asked.

Yuvi shook his head sadly. ''No.''

''Then it is you. I'm damned sure it's you, Yuvi. I'm sure she loves you.''

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..uv's concern...omg..that lost ashi feeling i loved thatHeartHeart...he was crying...n saying i only care about this one girl...awwwwwwwwwHeartEmbarrassed
finally usse pata chala ...yeh k confusion khatam hui....PartyDancing
i hope he realizes that he has to show his feelings to ashi...
he can't loose her like that...

n good job ashu...i like the way u wrote this part....with lots of dialogs...ClapThumbs UpThumbs Up

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ROFLpart 116 comment had to start like this
bhot maxa aya yeh part pad kar....lolx uv ki cuteness..n mishcievousness cuteeee...n so adorable....EmbarrassedHeartHeart
par mere liye tou VRINDESHWARI star thi..lolxx..kahin se bhi ...she was behaving like a kid....lolxx
lizzie kya likha hai..pehle tou esa lagta hai k vrinde ..uvi n ashi ko bej rahi hai ...nahi VRINDE mate tou khud bhi sath mai aa rahi hain. ...n i was like HAIN?? ROFLROFL 
fir uvi  mere hath thande ho rahe hain ....n bahan bhi VRINDE bich mai tapak gyi aaj full on kebab mai haddi ROFLROFL

n ashi ki irritation...loxl..vinde tum nahi hoti tou abhi tak baggu ko lash mil gyi hoti tumari..ROFL
stars and clouds ..great...!!!
vrinde counting stars...!!!
hath thande hain na!!
lash baggu tak phuncni!!

lizzi teri wackoness kissi kaam ayi TongueROFL

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ashu!! you manage to write these scenes without any problem.. llike even without any experience.. and tht to soo freaking well.. i get so addicted t ur parts tht i cant control myself from read it the second and third time..
ashi gets crushed by his hugs was the highlight!!
and the way it was written toh mashaallah!!
uv ur hurting me* so reminded me of riddhima and her repeating dialogues.. lol...
i liked!! and then she feeling bad looking at a sa uv! awww!!
this is high time they tell each other tht they love each other.. they better confess soon.. thank god one more misunderstanding is over.. tht she wasnt with kabir this weekend!!
aah! finally!!
sooner ashi will also learn tht yuvi doesnt love meher.. love sid as usual!! he and his expressions make me his BIG BIG fan!!
<3<3 he is so damn cute.."bhaggu knws" he imitated* ahahahahahha!!
thankfully maate didnt act like a kid this time.. she let uv knw tht  
1)ashi wasnt with kabir
2) ashi missed uv wen he wasnt there
3) its uv whom ashi loves!!

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finally two more parts left to read .... will surely complete it by tomorrow ...
enjoyed every bit of this FF till now and i am sure will do so in the coming parts too ... you guys have an amazing talent at writing ClapClap keep it up Tongue

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Part 119

''Now don't try and deny it.'' Sid cut Yuvi short before he could say something. ''I am the loveguru, dude. Have you ever seen how Ashi looks at you? Have you ever noticed how you look at her? It's obvious love, man. No point trying to deny it.''

''I wasn't going to deny my feelings, Sid.'' Yuvi kept a hand on his shoulder. ''But .. Ashi?''

''As I said, it's visibly love, dude. Don't worry.'' Sid grinned.

''And Yuvi, I have a suggestion, just in case you ain't sure if you wanna risk losing her.'' Vrinda smiled.

''What?'' Yuvi turned towards her, confused.

Vrinda looked at Sid, and he winked. ''A love test. Perfect.''

''A love test?'' Yuvi rolled his eyes. ''Dude, what are you on about? Would you mind explaining, please?''

''Fine. Fine. See.'' Sid grinned. ''If you love someone, you don't like to see them getting close to someone else, right?''

''Right.'' Yuvi nodded.

''For example.'' Vrinda added. ''You love Ashi, and you felt jealous when you saw her with Kabir.''

Yuvi nodded. ''Come to the point.''

''Okay, dude. Kitne impatient ho tum.'' Sid frowned. Yuvi glared at him, and he continued. ''Okay, so us logic ko follow karte hue, if Ashi loves you, she won't like to see you getting close to someone else too, right?''

Yuvi raised an eyebrow, and looked up at Sid and Vrinda to meet identical sheepish grins on their faces. He chuckled. ''Perfect, dude. A love test.'' Even the thought of Ashi turning green and purple on seeing him getting close to someone else made him smile.

''See.'' Sid raised his collars proudly.

''Ahem Ahem.'' Vrinda coughed, and Sid added. ''Okay, the credit goes to Vrinda. Ab the main problem..who should be the girl?''

Yuvi looked at Vrinda, but she backed out. ''No, I can't lie in front of Ashi. She'd catch me in a jiffy and you know it.''

Sid shrugged, and Yuvi nodded. ''Well, you're right. We need someone Ashi would never suspect of lying. Someone she already thinks I am attracted to.'' He looked up at Sid. ''Meher, Sid. Meher. She will be perfect. Ashi already thinks I love her, and this time, I will have you two, too, to help me keep an eye on Ashi, to find out if her jealousy meter rings or not.''

''That's a good idea.'' Sid chimed in. ''But, one problem. Would Meher agree?''

Yuvi nodded. ''Vo sab tum mujhpe chod do. Ab bas ek baat  yaad rakhna, Ashi loves me. And this time, she'll be the one who will prove it herself.''


Next day in the cafe

''This is where it all started.'' Yuvi took a chair as Sid, Vrinda and Meher joined in. ''To start with, I wanted to use Ashi to spite Meher.. and now.'' He laughed. ''I am using Meher to spite Ashi.''

''Love makes you do unbelievable stuff, my friend.'' Sid patted Yuvi on the back, and winked at Vrinda. She blushed.

''Okay guys.'' Meher smiled. ''I'm in. I have always looked at you as a friend, Yuvi, and now when you need me, there is no way I am going to refuse.'' She kept her hand on his, reassuringly.

''Thanks, Meher. You are a sweetheart.'' Yuvi smiled as he was about to take his hand out from under hers. But he saw Ashi coming in from the entrance, and he gripped her hand tighter instead, and signaled that Ashi has come in.


She yawned, as she hadn't gotten enough sleep last night. So much for that 'adventure'.

She smiled as she remembered how concerned Yuvi had been for her when she was unconscious. But then, she frowned, remembering how he was the one that pushed her in the first place. ''Aise psycho se sirf main hi pyaar kar sakti hoon.'' She muttered to thin air.

She entered the cafe, hoping to find some nice warm coffee, and hoping to find him. A smile caressed her lips as she thought about him. Her eyes scanned the cafeteria, and she found Yuvi in the corner table, sitting with Sid, Vrinda and .. was that Meher?

She felt like a blow had hit her stomach. She gripped the edge of the counter to steady herself as she ordered some coffee, and turned her back towards the table.


''Arre, ye toh bhaav kha rahi hai.'' Yuvi muttered angrily when he saw Ashi turning their back towards them.

''Lagta hai isne humein dekha nahi.'' Sid scratched his head.

''I have an idea.'' Vrinda said. ''Let's call her here. That way, we can all point out her jealous reactions, and she won't even have nowhere to hide.''

''Good idea.'' Sid said. ''Ashi.'' He called out loudly.


She looked back to see Sid waving at him and asking her to join them. She looked at Yuvi. He was totally ignoring her. He had Meher's hand in his, and he was whispering something in her ears, and she was laughing.

She waved back, ignoring the jealousy rush she felt inside.

''Come here.'' Vrinda called again.

''But-'' She began to protest, but Vrinda's glare cut her short. She shook her head and walked forward, trying very hard to keep her gaze away from Yuvi and Meher, but failing badly.

''Ashi, come join us.'' Sid shifted, and smiled.

''Erm, Sid. I have some important work to finish.'' She said, and looked at Yuvi. He hardly noticed her presence. Even Meher didn't look at her.

''Important work baad mein karna, it's Saturday, chill. Sit down.''

''Okay.'' She sighed.

''Un dono ko dekh rahi ho.'' He looked at Yuvi and Meher, and grinned. They were sitting right opposite them. ''The new lovebirds in town. Yuvi proposed her, and she agreed. How sweet, no?'' He looked at Ashi.

''Uh ..'' Ashi didn't say anything, but looked at the two of them. She clenched her fists and forced a smile, ignoring the waves of pain ripple throughout her. ''Yeah..'' She nodded, realizing that Sid was still waiting for an answer. ''Sweet. They are really sweet together.''


Sid was confused. Ashi was showing mixed signals. A part of her was sending 'Oh I am so jealous' reactions, while a part of her seemed relaxed.

''Ashi, do you really think they look good together?''

''Obviously.'' Ashi smiled. ''He loves her, she loves him. Perfect couple.''

Yuvi was noticing her every reaction, every movement from the corner of his eye. He didn't miss her clenching her fists, he didn't miss her forced smile. He had seen her when she looked happy, relaxed.  And this wasn't it. She was disturbed ' if not everyone, then he could surely point it out. He looked down at her hands, they were still clenched. Her other hand was fumbling around with the jean pockets. She stopped fumbling and gripped the edge of the table instead. Common signs of nervousness awkwardness or, or.. jealousy. He smiled. 

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LOLjealous anvesha ray banerjee?LOL
u showed it so well.. its quite difficult to show a jealous ashi, coz like u see in remix, her jealousy is shown differently.. pw is a kind of an actor, woh jealousy bhi mast lagti hia, and i cld see our abr jealous..Embarrassed u described it so well.. i cld feel pw acting tht way, lol.. i knw i sound insane, but girl, i cant help if ur written piece made me think tht way..Big smile
i so am this sid vrinde fan!! vrinda thot uv wld choose her to jalao ashi? lol... maatee>>LOL
sid the lurve guru!! and uske love life itni sooni sooni kyun?LOL
ashi ka mast waala dialogue- is psycho se toh sirf mein hi pyaar kar sakti thi.. lol
and the way yuvi understands every bit of how she feels, evn sid and maate couldnt..
uv noticing her upar se neeche!!!
i so loved tht part...
meher is all in for helping uv?!?!??!LOL hmm... wht a charmer he isLOLWink
wer r our other gang can we have them in the canteeen tooo.. mein jaa rahi unko bulaane.. ad wer the f**k is jas??
usko sabhak nahi sikhaya uv ne? argh... she needs to be thought a good dam lesson!!Angry

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PART 120

''Oh, babes, you are looking so pretty today.'' Yuvi ruffled a hand through Meher's hair.

''Thank you, sweetheart.'' She smiled. ''You are looking so handsome, too. My fruity-tootyoH.''

'' candy-mandy.'' Yuvi said loudly. ''What the heck?'' He whispered in her ears.

''What? Ain't normal couples supposed to behave like that?'' Meher whispered back.

''Erm. No.''

''Erm. Yes.'' Meher retorted loudly.

''Huh?'' Ashi looked up at them, to meet Yuvi's frown and Meher's ''oops'' expressions. ''What's wrong?''

''Aww, nothing.'' Yuvi took her back in her arms. ''We are just having our first fight, that's all.'' He smiled sheepishly at Ashi, who just nodded.

''Vaise, Ashi-'' He started to make a conversation. ''Tum yahaan kab aayi?''

You didn't even notice me coming here. Ashi thought, sadly. ''Duh uh Yuvi, jab tum Meher ke saath apni first fight karne mein busy the, main tab aayi.''

''Oh.'' Yuvi nodded thoughtfully. ''You know? Main Meher ke thoughts mein itna gum ho gaya tha, ki I didn't notice anyone coming here. Not even Sid and Vrinda. I love her so much.''

''I love you too, darling!'' Meher added, smiling, and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Yuvi turned around to glare at her, giving her a That-wasn't-a-part-of-the-plan expression. She just shrugged her shoulders. ''Gotta make it convincing.'' She mouthed. He frowned.

Ashi smiled distantly. She knew she couldn't keep sitting here any longer. Sooner or later, one of them would notice the smile plasted on her face is fake. And these tears.. She didn't know how long she could control them. She had always known Yuvi loved Meher, but she still felt there was a hope for them. A hope. It had all come crashing down to her today. What about all the moments they had spent together? Were they nothing? Nothing.

''Erm, guys, I gotta go.'' She started to sit up, but Yuvi held her hand. A jolt of electricity went up her arm.

''Where are you going?'' He asked, boring his gaze into hers. She looked away. ''I have something important to do.''

Before Yuvi could say anything else, her phone rang. And she was grateful for the interruption. ''Hello.'' She answered eagerly, and signaled at them that she would be back.

''Hey, Ashi.'' A familiar voice greeted her.

''Kabir.'' Her face broke into a smile – the first genuine smile since the morning.  She looked back at Vrinda, avoiding Yuvi's gaze. ''I will be back. It's Kabir.''

Yuvi stiffened at the mention of his name. The joy reflected on her face hurt her more. Why couldn't she be that happy to see him, instead? He dropped Meher's hand.

''Don't give up just yet.'' Sid encouraged.

''Yuvi, go for it. She was obviously jealous. And remember the formula? If she is jealous, she loves you.'' Vrinda smiled.

Meher squeezed his shoulder. ''If you love her, go for her, please.''

Yuvi looked back at all of them, and he felt so grateful that he had friends like these. Friends who understood him. Friends who helped him. Friends who never wanted him to give up, no matter how difficult the path is.

He stood up, determination sparkling in his eyes, and he followed Ashi to the shed.


''Kabir, I am missing you so much right now.'' Ashi said, sadly.

''I miss you too, Ashi. What's up with you and Yuvi? Kuch baat bani?''

A lone tear trickled down her face. ''Kabir, he..'' She paused.

''Ashi?'' Kabir said, worried at the change in her tone of voice. ''Ashi, are you crying?''

''He loves someone else, Kabir.''

''Oh.'' He sighed. ''I know how you feel, Ashi. Watching the person you love, love someone else. It hurts.''

''And I  know how you felt, Kabir. I know how you felt.'' She couldn't stop the trail of tears falling down her face. ''I am sorry.''

''You have already apologized, Ashi. Don't do it again, please. I love you, Ashi. And it is not your fault.''

''I wish I could love you, instead, Kabir. Instead of loving that psycho.'' She snorted. ''It would have been much easier.''

''But you love him, Ashi. That's that. Tell you what? Love him with no regrets. No hesitation. No demands. Loving someone is a wonderful feeling, Ashi. You don't need him to love you back to be happy. You love him, and that's more than enough.''

Ashi smiled. ''You are damn sweet, Kabir. Trust me, you will find a girl that will love you.''

''Like you love Yuvi?'' He asked.

''Like I love Yuvi.'' She repeated, wiping the tears off her face. ''And thanks to you, I have no regrets about it anymore. I love him, and I love the feeling of loving him.''

''That's my girl. I will see you soon, Ashi. Gotta go now. Bye.''

''Bye.'' She hung up. Her body rustled through fabric as she turned around. He was right there, standing so close, close enough to touch. He had this indecipherable mask of emotions on. She couldn't tell if he had heard her. She couldn't tell what he felt at that moment. All she could see were his eyes, boring into hers. He moved his hands up to cup her face. ''Ashi.'' He muttered softly, his voice barely audible. 

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