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no debby cannot go next!
debby isnt in d zone..dat leaves ???Tongue

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Winkohk guys.. am going next!!
ive got this mast waala idea, and u guys dnt interfere..Wink
am sure u guys will like it..
filhal thodu busy.. but this is my part, which is reserved, u guys have no opt but to wait!!
love u all!!!
Heart  Heart Heart Heart

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Liz, I'll update tonight after you! :) Abhi toh .. I need to update Forbidden .. I'm coming on YM && you are gonna give me ideas for Aarav-Yuvi's faceoff. ;]

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oye hoye..ashu ....romance mai tou tussi great ho ji...chemistry n all ji....maxa aa gya...

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part 116

Ashi nodded. ''She told me it is-'' She blinked her tears back. ''- She told me you love Meher.''

"Meher?" yuvi whispered, "jas told u its meher?"

"yes" she turned back.

Yuvi couldn't believe his ears, he had just received a text from jas.

'I understand yuvi, I completely understand, and am with you, nomater what!' it said

 And all this while he thought that jas understood him, and would stand by him forever. He still couldn't understand how to explain things to ashi. He had never loved meher, he never even liked her. She was just another statement for him. But, ashi.. she meant the world to him right now. With his back to the wall, he stared at her, she refused to turn back, and something made him sure that ashi didn't like the fact that he'd love meher. The only thought of this would send a shiver down his spine. And even if it wasn't what he was thinking, what was it? What's wrong with ashi? she's got a face like a wet weekend. Was it the kiss? What was it? "ashi.. it isn't like the way it looks.. jas has messed it all up.. look at me ashi, plz" he said

Even at the worst of times she could put on a brave face, but why was it so difficult this time? She turned back with a fake smile stuck. "yuvi, its all okay.. am sure u thought it was meher all along, and u kissed me.. I know you are going through a bad phase, I understand" she kept her hands on his shoulders and pressed them, the assuring look on her face with her own issues made her look more adorable. All that yuvi could do was smile at her, and that smile, confirmed ashi of his feelings towards meher. "anwesha!" he rolled his eyes.

"aaaaaaahhhh" hey heard a scream from behind, who was it.. yuvi hid right behind ashi, asking her to save him, "I don't want to get suspended.. I need to talk to u" he whispered. In a minute, the lights were switched on.

"uv, tum… tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?" shouted vrinda.

"oh maate, stop shouting.. kya hua?? Where's mp?" ashi went up to her, she could see tears flowing through vrinda's eyes. Vrinda heaved a sigh and hugged ashi. She hugged her tight and cried hard. She was going restless, she cried into her chest and collapsed. Yuvi quickly got some water for her, they both couldn't understand what exactly was happening to vrinda.

After a while, vrinda got back to her state. She was fine now. Ashi was on pins and needles while she waited for vrinda to speak. She hadn't looked at yuvi for even once. This was since then, wen she saw vrinda in that state, and yuvi was all the more concerned for vrinda. Ashi looked at him and smiled. "thanks" she  blinked.

"ashi" murmured vrinda.

"maate,u just scared the hell out of us.. what happened? Wers MP?" she asked while she rubbed her back.

"mp left, she's gone with her guardian, you weren't there last night, where did u disappear?? I had a very bad dream!! And why is yuvi in our room?"

Yuvi went up to her, he touched her soft head and said, "sixth sense vrinda.. I knew you'd need your friends.. so I got ashi for you." He smiled.

They all sat there, with vrinda, cheering her up, talking to each other, yuvi cracking jokes with vrinda, and ashi quietly keeping her ear to the ground, making sure that she is aware of all that is happening and being said. It would be better for her if she showed her grief and didn't cork up her feelings. She would quietly react to the situation by smiling. It was getting late now, it was time for uv to go back.. yuvi looked at his watch and looked back at her, to which she nodded.

"so ladies, I guess its getting late, and I should leave" he said waving his hand.

"err..yuvi, wait, ill come along.." ashi looked back at vrinda "vrinda ill just be back in a while. Don't worry, ill be back"

"am all good ashi.. but look at the weather..its so pleasant outside.. why don't you go for the 2am walk on the grounds?" vrinda replied

Ashi looked back at yuvi who immediately got hot under the collar. He looked up and threw a smile.

"aah..  ashi…. the lovely climate, beautiful stars… wow!! Are u guys going?" she asked for the tenth time.

"yeah, ofcourse.. if u say so.. am sure itll b great!" he kept a stiff upper lip.

"err… chalo, chalo ashi!"

"arey.. its gonna be fun… and am not going to miss this.. ashi aur mein, hum dono ayenge!! Chalo yuvi!!" she held his hand and pulled him out of the door.

All he felt was if he could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Ashi rolled her eyes, "stars and clouds!! Great!!" and followed them.


"ashi pata hai…. Mujhe sapna aaya tha ki meri cat ne……."

Ashi and yuvi were busy stealing glances, and making sure, they were listening to vrinda's they had mixed feelings throughout the walk, they were so wanting to talk to each other, the anxiety was killing them both. The light rain was falling by the time they reached the campus. Vrinda was obviously admiring the weather, and then they finally set off across the campus.. at first, they were silent. They could only listen to some voices, which seemed to be vrinda's. sitting on the tank, vrinda strted counting the stars, and yuvi began complaining about his cold hands. yuvi held out his hands, telling ashi to feel how cold his hands were. Without thinking, ashi reached out to touch his hand to see how cold it was. She was surprised when he took her hand in his. She realized he had tricked her into holding his hand. She didn't mind in the least.

"haan yuvi!! Tumhara haath kitna thanda hai!!" said vrinda, holding his other hand, which hit ashi's panic button, making her leave his hand..

"chalo naa.. we r here on a walk, hum baithe kyun hai.." vrinda said cheerfully.

"maate, agar yeh koi aur hota na, abtak uske lash bhi bhaggu ke paas pohoch gayi hoti.. be happy tht ive left u in a state tht u can atleast count your stars"

Vrinda was shocked at this sudden change in her reaction, "arey? maine kya kiya..suno na aashi… I want to go to the opposite side of the library.. where we can see the pool.. plzz plzz plzz" and pulled ashi along. "yuvi… tum bhi chalo!" she shouted.

Yuvi shrugged his shoulders, put his cold hands in his pockets and continued walking.

p.s ashu-this part is specially to make u smile!!


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whos updating next???

not me ofcourse ,will do when im back...aki will u go next doll?

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OMG, Liz, That part is so adorable! Embarrassed  I absoultely ADORED AY in this part! Embarrassed Debs, I am going next.. And I have this idea for another Remix CC after we finish this one.. We will give it a Lost + Hum Tum inspiration.. what say? That is .. Ashi, Yuvi, and we can take any four more side characters .. from or not from Remix, doesn't matter. And we can show something like .. They all don't know each other, took a plane, and crashed in this lonely island .. and only 6 of them survived. We can show AY as wacko pyscho here.. which we can't do in Forbidden .. and then we can give it a Hum Tum take.. Goodbye kabhi mat bolna, kyonki zindagi bahut lambi hai .. n all. What say ? :)

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PART 117

Yuvi stood there and watched Vrinda dragging Ashi towards the pool. He reluctantly followed. He didn't want Vrinda to be there. For some reason, spending this night with Ashi alone, in this weather, in this light rain .. it seemed perfect.  He shook his head at his fantasies.

''Dekho na Ashi, kitna sundar lagta hai ye paani in the moonlight!'' Vrinda gazed dreamily at the outdoor pool.

''Mata Vrindeshwari, dikhne mein sab kuch acha lagta hai .. Abhi ismein jaaogi tab pata chalega ki asli mein kitna gehra and kitna thanda hai!'' Ashi made a show of trembling, and Vrinda glared.

''Toh miss wacko paani se darti hai?'' Yuvi walked up to her and snorted.

''Dar? ME? No way! Main toh sirf bol rahi thi .. kyon? Ab bolne pe bhi tumhaare pyaare pita ji ne tax laga diye?'' Ashi crossed her arms across her chest and humphed.

''Oh come on Ashi .. Chalo, let's prove Yuvi wrong. Yuvi, I bet Ashi can go in this water right now .. Haina Ashi? My friend is not scared of anything! Right?''

''Err.'' Ashi tried to protest, but Vrinda continued. ''Come on Ashi, ek chota sa dip .. and anyway, is Yuvi ko bhi bata chale, ki Ashi kis mitti ki bani hai ..''

Ashi stood there, facing Vrinda. Her back was towards Yuvi. She started to say something, ''But Vrinde, I cant-'' She was cut short by Yuvi grinning and pushing her in the pool.


One moment, she was out there, trying to protest, to tell Vrinda that she can't swim. The terrible truth of her life, but yeah, it was true. She had always had a phobia of water, ever since she almost drowned in the Kids Pool when she was 1. She had never been able to forget it, to overcome it. Ironic, right? I mean, we are talking about Anvesha Ray Banerjee here, the fearless flamboyant brat, and she's saying that she has such an ugly weakness.

But the next minute, she was pushed into the pool. The person was so strong that she had no time to catch herself before she plunged into the pool. She couldn't even scream since she had frozen out of fear of what's gonna happen next. The water was all around her, closing her in, swallowing her and blocking her eyes, ears and all other senses. Her whole body had gone numb, and her brain felt like it had stopped from all the panic, the fear, and the anxiety. She couldn't even muster the energy enough to move her arms and legs. She just lied there, letting the water swallow her, giving in to the darkness ..


''OMG, Yuvi, ye tumne kya kiya!?'' Vrinda screamed as Yuvi pushed Ashi in the pool.

''Chill Vrinde!'' Yuvi smiled. ''It's Ashi we are talking about, she will be right outside, chill.''

''But you shouldn't have thrown her! Kahin use kuch ho gaya toh?''

''Kuch nahi hoga! It's just a swimming pool. She will be outside any minute now.''

He looked back at the pool, and at his watch. They waited for about 2 minutes. The pool had gone quiet – deadly quiet. There were no ripples or any sign of movement that indicated that a person was trying to struggle and come out of the water. Infact, the water stayed calm, still, like a satisfied predator after closing in on it's prey.

Shit. ''Ashi'' He called out to the deep water, but nothing or no one answered. He looked at his watch again, then he fastly took it off and gave it to vrinda. He took his jacket off, too. ''Vrinda, take them.'' He eyed the pool. ''I need to find her.''

''But, Yuvi, the water is so deep and cold. Agar tumhein kuch ho gaya toh?''

''Ashi is not answering, damn it.'' He answered. His mind was spinning with worry and impatience. Ashi, please come back. Answer me.

He jumped into the pool before wasting another second.

The water started closing in on him as soon as he jumped. But he was a experienced swimmer. He cut through water like a knife cutting through a cake. Gracefully, he dipped inside and looked around for any sign of Ashi.

''Find her, find her'' His brain was screaming at him to find her. But Vrinda was right, the water was too deep. He blinked his eyes as he dove in another corner.

His eyes dashed to every corner. He could see ..something. someone. He could see her hand. ''Ashi!'' He swam towards her, crashing through every wave and ripple coming through him. It seemed a impossibly long distance. He finally reached towards her, and patted her gently on her forehead. ''Ashi, ashi!'' He carried her gently and came out of the swimming pool, Ashi in his arms.

He laid her down on the floor. ''Vrinda, she needs help. Go get someone. Fast.''

''Uh ..'' Vrinda's mind was scrambling with panic. ''Okay, wait, I will be back.''

Yuvi was calm now. But his every sense etched with worry. However, he knew being panicked would be of no help, infact, it would make matters worse.

He patted her on her forehead and cheeks. No response. He checked her pulse. Low, but there. There. He closed his eyes, and sighed. Damn me. Why did I push her? Why didn't she tell me she can't swim?

He looked down at her, at the frozen statuey figure under him. He suddenly remembered something he had learned in ninth grade. If a person ain't breathing, they try to manually insert air into their lungs. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

He took a deep breath, and pressed his mouth to hers. For what seemed like hours, he kept pushing air into her mouth, inhaling her sweet scent in. He closed his eyes as he sat back.

She blinked, and coughed water out. His hands moved to her chest, pushing, trying to get the water out of her body. She coughed some  more, and slowly opened her eyes. Before she could say something, react, or even breathe, he pulled her into a tight embrace.

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