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Res!! :)
Liz, awefum part!! Clap I love the misunderstanding here.. It's perfect! :D I am going next...pahlease. I have this idea in my mind for Ranveer's get together in his room! :)
I loved Jas & Ashi's part too .. Aha, the dandiya fight! LOL Mujhe tumhaare 3 foot ke boyfriend ke saath mwah mwah karne ka koi shauk nahi hai!! LOL

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ommmggg....uvi ne bolaaa..eventually he admittedddd....yeahhh yippieee..PartyDancingParty...i m so happy...but one questionQuestion ....
abhi ashi n uvi ek dusre ko kab bateyengee????Day Dreaming Day Dreaminglolxx.

n kahi kabir k weekend wali baat se koi problem naa aaa jayeCry..aaj ranvir bhi na wrong timingAngry...lolxxx

i loved this episode....i was immagining all those was like watching an episode in my mind..lolxx...well done..eliza..Star

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Part 113

Outside the shed.

There stood an angry jasmine staring at ashi with the letter in her hand..

"anwesha bannerjee ray.. will you keep your eyes off my boyfriend?" she stormed

Ashi smirked at tht.. she knew this was going to be great fun.. how she missed her cat fights in school.. she wouldn't miss them now! "eyes off your ex-baby-boy-whatever? Excuse me miss jas-ooos!"

"anwesha, stop interfering in my life and mind your own business.. jasoooos mein nahi! Tum ho! Y did u go to my place?"

"aah… ur place… or ur ex ex boyfriends place?? And btw.. yuvi is my business.. u understand.. I WILL INTERFERE WEREVR WENEVER IT CONCERNS UV!!"


Rolling her eyes, "MUJHE TUMHARE TEEN FOOT KE BOYFRIEND KE SAATH MUAH MUAH KARNE KA KOI SHAUK NAHI! And wer as meher is concerned, if uv loves her.. he will get her!!  And babe.. aren't you scared of mr. yashwant dev?? Seriously girl, he I not the type ud like to mess with.. after your break up with both the guys, u dnt have a place to go to.. and to add on yashwant dev torture.. aah!!" taking the letter from her hand.. "to add up to your jinxed day… u want to mess around with me too? No rite baby.. coz agar anwesha ko koi pasand na aaye, toh usey bhaggu bhi nahi bacha sakte!" ashi snapped back crumpling the letter into a ball and fixing it right inside jasmine's mouth..

She looked back, winked at jas, who was still wondering wht just happened.. and went ahead gasping, "meher"


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PART 114

It had been Meher all along, Ashi gasped. From everything that she had thought, out of everyone that she had expected, Meher hadn't entered her mind at all.

Of-course it was her, she snapped. Meher had been the main target all along. Ashi was a pawn, just a pawn used in this game Yuvi played to spite Meher, to get her back. He loved Meher, he had always loved Meher.

 Tears brimmed in her eyes as she realized how stupid she had been to even think for a minute that Yuvi would love her. He could get the hottest girl in town, and she was just a bratty punk.

No, she wiped her tears. She wouldn't lose her self-esteem for a guy. That's the worst thing she could do. She will be strong. She will move on. But first of all, she will help Yuvi get the girl he loved. Despite everything, he was a friend. And she would make sure her 'friend' doesn't have to go through heartbreak the way she is.

She looked at her watch. 10:20 pm. Damn. She almost forgot about the get-together. She washed her face, and forced a smile.


Yuvi smiled. Ranveer was telling him about the surprise he has planned for Tia.

''Here'' Ranveer took the ring out and showed him. ''And I'll give her this ring if she says yes to my proposal.''

Yuvi grinned. ''That's later, bro. How can you be so sure that she will say yes?''

''Why won't she?'' Ranveer raised a eyebrow at him. ''She loves me, Yuvi. Everyone sees that. When you love someone, you can't hide it. It comes out, sooner or later. And I love her too, more than my life. This ring will make sure we are together, forever.''

Yuvi tensed. ''You can hide your feelings if you want.''

Ranveer shook his head. ''You can't hide your love, banna. Sooner or later, the world will see. She'd see. By the way, why are you getting so tensed?'' He noticed sweat forming on Yuvi's forehead. ''Are you hiding your feelings, banna?''

''Huh? No. I-''

''If you like someone, tell them banna. That's the only way. If you just sit there, scared of rejection, you might lose the only precious thing in your world. Just because you didn't dare to reach out for it when you had a chance.'' Ranveer smiled encouragingly.

''What if she doesn't think of you that way, Ranveer? I mean, I can't risk losing her. She's really special to me.''

''Love is not about taking, banna. If you love her, you care of her, and you support her through everything, your love is true. She will understand that. And trust me, she will appreciate it. She might even start having feelings for you after coming to know about the extent of love you feel for her.  But letting her know is important. It's more important than faking friendship with her for the rest of your life. That's insulting your feelings, and your feelings are too strong to be insulted.''

''You don't know, Ranveer.'' Yuvi shook his head. ''I would have told her if I didn't know what Kabir told me today. She .. she spent the weekend with him. And after that, why would she appreciate and accept my feelings? She loved him, Ranveer. Loved him enough to spend the weekend with him. And now .. kabir says that she loves someone else. I don't stand anywhere in her life anymore, Ranveer.''

''Who are we talking about here?'' Ranveer asked, confused. ''I thought we are talking about Ashi, but she didn't spend the weekend with anyone. Who is she, then?''

''She-'' Yuvi tried to speak, but a knock on the door interrupted their conversation.

Ranveer smiled and opened the door. Tia and Ashi were standing outside, smiling.

''Come inside.'' Ranveer opened the door for them, and shut it lightly behind them.

Yuvi and Ashi's eyes meet. Both of them were totally confused as for how should they react. Both of them felt betrayed. Ashi felt cheated, used, and exposed of her feelings in front of Yuvi. She felt that she had been a pawn all along, and he never actually cared about her. Yuvi felt cheated too, since he felt strongly about her, and she loved someone else. She even spent a weekend with the guy he hated. They avoided each other's gaze when Ranveer proposed to Tia.

''Ab Ranveer ko poori life is Timbo ke saath rehna padega. Ranveer dude, I feel sorry for you.'' Ashi smiled pityingly

''Whatever.'' Tia humphed. ''Atleast Tia is better than this punk. I feel sorry for Kabir. God knows how he handles you.''

Yuvi's smile faltered as he heard Kabir's name, and Ranveer noticed that. Before he could say anything, Ashi sadly interrupted. ''We broke up, Tia. ''

''Oh.'' Tia said, lightly. ''Tia is sorry, Ashi. Tia didn't know about this.''

''It's okay.'' Ashi answered.

''Did you love him, Ashi?'' Tia asked.

Ashi looked at Yuvi for a minute. He tossed a careless look, but really, he wanted to hear her answer. He wanted to know if she loved Kabir or not.

''I did not love Kabir, Tia. He was special. A good friend. But I never really loved him.'' She smiled ' but it didn't reach her eyes.

''Bullshit.'' Yuvi muttered. ''If you didn't love him, why did you-?'' He paused. He couldn't say that in front of Ranveer and Tia. He couldn't insult Ashi like that. He tore his gaze away. ''Nevermind.''

''Why did I ' what. Yuvi?'' Ashi asked, tensed.

''Nothing. Whatever. Forget it.'' Yuvi answered.

Ashi looked at Yuvi, confusion sparkling in her eyes. He avoided her gaze, sipping his soft drink.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Ranveer coughed. ''Okay, time for some music, guys! Tia, will you do the honour of dancing with me? And Yuvi, Ashi, no excuses. Everyone dancing.'' He smiled, as he put the music on, and took Tia's hand in his.

They tried to protest, but he glared and shut them up.

Ek din, ek din, teri baahon mein,

Nigaahon mein,

Khyaalon mein aaunga,

Kho jaaunga,

Ek din tera ho jaaunga.

Yuvi looked at Ashi for a minute, and then slowly extended his hand. Ashi took it, as he pulled her closer. He slowly twirled her around, before pulling her closer again, and keeping a hand on her waist. Ashi placed a hand on his shoulder.

Ye dil toh na keh saka,

Ye baatein.

Ye dil toh na keh saka.

Yuvi searched Ashi's eyes. He could see the same passion, the same desire rippling through her senses. Then why did she spend the weekend with Kabir? Then why does she love someone else? He shook his head in frustration. He wanted to tear his gaze away, but the affection in Ashi's eyes held him there. They twirled left and right, body touching, so close. He could feel the memories of the kiss sifting in front of him. The feel of her lips around his. Before he could think it over, he leaned his head down to kiss her.

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OHMIGOD!...ur my angel once againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn did U,lill baby..manage a passionate scene like dis???????????????????????????????
omg omg omg omg..d last para aki..was im still numb from the adowable butterflies goin upar neeche in my tummy!!!!!!!!!!
lizzieeeeeeee...i loved ur both ur also in my angel list!!!!!
ur my big mumma angel..!!!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwieeeeeeeeeeee..loved d ashi ranveer convo..d dandiya fight convo..lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
fab partssssssssssss!

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Awww, thanks a lot, Debs. I'm glad to know that I'm not the devil anymore. LOL But.. I'm telling you .. Kisi guy ki entry ZAROOR hogi .. Evil guy .. Abhi nahi.. toh kabhi aur sahi! :P
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u just work on d concept i gave u..evil pana fir seeeeeee
grrrrrr kiddo..d only evil in dis story are der own feelings which they can neither show nor hide!..!

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PART 115

 The kiss was so sudden that no one could see it coming, not even Ashi. Her eyes dashed open wide with alarm, but as soon as his lips touched hers, it was all alright. It was like floating on a cloud in her own ninth heaven. There was no one around her, just Yuvi and her.

The kiss was gentle and soft. Ashi felt weak in her knees. She felt dizzy. It was like, all of her senses had gone numb, all of her body parts had been drained out of energy, and all she could feel and taste were his lips.

Yuvi, on the other hand, was totally numb, too. He hadn't planned on this. All he had thought was a simple peck on the lips. Affectionate. Caring. Gentle. But he had no idea when the kiss turned passionate and intense. He couldn't stop now. He wanted to live in the moment, not caring about the consequences. He wanted to know what it feels like to have her.

 Ashi was overwhelmed by the kiss. And when it turned intense, she broke it, tears forming in her eyes. She had no idea that Yuvi could have this strong effect on her. She knew she loved him, but the intensity of her feelings scared her. The intensity of the kiss that just happened scared her. Her mind was spinning. Figures in front of her eyes were blurry, but she could make out the confused and broken state Yuvi was in. She could make out Tia and Ranveer, staring at them, Tia shocked, Ranveer smiling, as if he knew all along that we were going to kiss. She couldn't take it no more, she needed to get a grip. She left the room, teary-eyed, confused, lost.

He couldn't believe what he'd just done. He had kissed her, in front of everyone. And she had kissed him back. For a minute, everything seemed perfect. She kissed him back. She liked him. Maybe, maybe she loved him. But then, he saw her, tears all over her face, eyes wet, cheeks soaked. And he froze. She was crying because of him. Did he-, did he do something wrong? He shouldn't have kissed her, he shouldn't have. Was she upset? She was crying, that's all he knew, and she was crying because of him. He shot Ranveer an apologetic nod, and ran after her.

Ashi dashed into her room. It was 12 PM. MP and Vrinda were asleep. Good. Atleast she won't have to answer their questions about the condition she was in. He had kissed her, in front of everyone. Why? Why did he kiss her when he loved Meher? And she had responded. She felt good. And she kissed him back. What must he be thinking? Had she lost him?

Yuvi rushed after her. He stood outside her door. He could hear quite sobs. She was still crying? Why? Why did I kiss her? She must be feeling so bad. What must she be thinking? What kind of a loser I am. Have I lost her?

He needed to confront her. He couldn't walk away like that. Without knocking, he opened the door and slowly walked in. It reminded him of that day where he had walked in Ashi's room when she was writing her diary, muttering curses about him. He had planned to scare her, and she had hit him on the head with a bat. And then, she had been so worried for him. A smile lit his face. That was the last time he and Ashi had behaved normally. Ever since he returned back from the trip, there has been total awkwardness between them.  His feelings for her had totally changed. Was ranveer right? Had she sensed it too? Is that why she was staying away from him?

She walked out from the bathroom. She could feel a presence in her room. He was here. She could sense it. The beating of his heart. The light sound of his breathing. ''Yuvi.'' She called out. No response. She turned around and sighed. ''I am imagining things now.''

He was right there, behind her, close enough to touch. He gazed in eyes soulfully for a moment. ''I'm sorry.'' He said, gently. ''I know I shouldn't have kissed you, I'm really really sorry.''

Ashi looked away. ''It's okay. I mean, it wasn't all your fault. I kissed you back, too. And I shouldn't have. It's my fault. Im sorry.''

Yuvi cupped her face in his hands. ''Ashi-'' He tilted her chin up to face him. ''Why did you kiss me back?''

Ashi smiled involuntarily. ''Why did you kiss me in the first place? You love someone else, right?''

Yuvi sighed. ''You love someone else too. Kabir told me.''

Ashi tensed. ''What did he tell you?''

''That you love someone else. He didn't tell me the name.''

Ashi sighed with relief. ''Jas also told me about the person you love, Yuvi.'' She answered, looking at him straight in the eye. ''And don't worry, if you love her, you will get her. I'm with you.'' She squeezed his hand tightly, though tears threatened to break free any moment.

''Did she tell you the name?'' Yuvi smiled, wiping tears off her face.

Ashi nodded. ''She told me it is-'' She blinked her tears back. ''- She told me you love Meher.''

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