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''Err..'' Ashi couldn't even complete her sentence before Yuvi just held her hand to his mouth and gently kissed it. All she could do was stare. She was shocked, surprised, bewildered, and she had to admit, momentarily lost. 

The feel of Yuvi's lips on her hand was..undeniably magical. She just shook her head, calmed her suddenly spinning brain down, and mentally slapped herself for acting so bimbo-ish. She pulled her hand back, all the passion gone, replaced by anger. 

Ashi didn't like anyone coming close to her without her permission. And this, in front of everyone, was just insane. 

''Watch it, dude!'' Ashi stood up from the table and banged her chair hard. ''How dare you...?'' She snapped. 

Yuvi's twinkling eyes were gone..replaced by the blackness of nothing. His eyes looked threatening, those black pupils showing nothing but a void, emptiness, scary emptiness.

Ashi forced her gaze away from his eyes and shot him a threatening glare. And before he could say something, she walked away from the table, leaving everyone, including Meher, to stare at both of them, jaws hanging, eyes wide. For the first time, someone had dared to behave like that with Yuvraj Dev. 


Debby, The ultimate wacko and psycho, the Ashi and Yuvi who are hell bent on ruining each other's lives..THEY ARE BACK. Embarrassed

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guys.. i knw its supposed to be short, but then no1s joining in and then the story will go nower>>
and as long i have loads of TIME, ill continue with long ones!!
please do continue soon!!!!!
part 17

Ashi forced her gaze away from his eyes and shot him a threatening glare. 
And before he could say something, she walked away from the table, leaving everyone, 
including Meher, to stare at both of them, jaws hanging, eyes wide. 
For the first time, someone had dared to behave like that with Yuvraj Dev. 

leaving uv with his mouth open, staring at her, she walked towards her new room..

on the other side tia with her angel pri, came to meher who was still confused with the scene tht she just saw.

tia liked meher whn she frst saw her,she was tall pretty and quite decent..

 'i shall mend her choices later' she thought.

"heyy meher, look, this is tia, we r in her room, remember i spoke to u about her!!" gasped pri,

"heyy tia!!" said meher with a shocked, confused, tensed smile..

 so many emotions going in her, she just cldnt express one.

"whtsit babes?? wht makes u so tensed??" asked tia with ants in her pants

meher had no friends, it was just coz she shared all of them with uv, and after all tht hppened between ehm, no1 trusted her.. she had no choice but cry down to tia..

she told her bout the entire scene.. false to truth..

tia was upset, upset with meher and uv, uv was stupid she thought, but meher?? hw cld meher add up to tht stupidity.... date uv's own best friend?!??!?!?!??!?

"u deserve it meher.. tumne uv ke saath sid ko bhi punish kar diya, and now u think tht u still love uv?"

"nah tia>> i dnt love him, it was just tht, at tht point of time, he was cute, and i liked him, thts it..but the prob is tht, after all this drama, unknowingly, ive fallen for sid!! but he thinks i used him and stuff, and>>> arrrhghhhhhhhh!!!"

"i dnt knw wht to do now.... help me tia!!!" she sobbed!

there on the next table she saw an attractive, well-proportioned and imposing appearance of strength, a handsome man, staring at her beauty, her smile, he went up to her and asked if he cld share her table, tia replied back with a smile,

"hello, hum hai ranveer, naye hai is skool mein, aur aap?

"haan, hum bhi!!" said excited pri, she thought of carrying the torch for ranveer before she knew ranveer had just been staring at tia..

on the other side, ashi met her 2 new room mates...

mariya priya and vrinda.

it was quite late now, all of them wer tired, ashi never trusted anyone, but didnt bother to knw more bout her mates..

'there are 5 more years to knw them, besides am too sleepy, y did i even take all tht shit from tht fake HEMAN!!! aargh!! tmrrw ill show him who anvesha ray bannerjee is!!"

thousand things going on the back of her mind.. not knowing which emotion to follow.

she was totally cheesed off with her new "HOME" rolled her eyes and closed them with a new mission in her mind!

"ashi! Get ready for school!" vrinda shouted for the hundredth time tht day. 

Ugh. I f**kin hate the first day of school. she thought bitterly. 

'Today I would be starting my junior year at mauriya High School. 

"hmmmmmmmmm." she looked next to her bed to see maria sleeping in a tight ball.

'she can sleep all day, but I have to go to school. Lucky thing.' 

mp had an off today, some issues with her admissions, and was given a n off for 3 days

"ashiiiiii, now!!! get up!!" She repeated.

ashi slowly dragged herself out of the bed and walked into her bathroom.

After a quick shower, she wrapped a towel around and walked back into her room.

yuraj dev was leaning against the doorframe, eating a bowl of cereal. 

"What the hell are you doing in my room?"

"What it looks like?" He raised the bowl higher.

she sighed heavily, realizing that he was eating her cereal.

It would be better for her if she showed her grief and didn't cork up her feelings she thought

"jumbo let you in didn't he?" 

He grinned and nodded. 

he had nothing to do with ashi, he didnt want to know if he liked her or not, he just had a mission in his MIND, mission MEHER!!

meher was not important for him, never ever, guess tht was the only reason why he cld forCE himself on ashi!! be around her and iritate her, 

he never wanted to know if he liked it wen she was iritated, if he liked to see her red face with red and black strands of hair falling off on he eyes, if he liked it wen she wld stand still wen she was angry and didnt knw wht to do with him!!

she wrapped the towel tighter around herself. "Can you get out so I can get dressed?"

"Nah, i think I'll watch." he smirked.

"Get out."she shoved him out of the room and locked the door.

she got back to her ashi sense, and knew how to get rid of this loser>> she thought of a plan, a plan wer he wld hav  to find himself out of the depth....

she ended up putting on some black shorts and a black juicy hoodie with some black and white nikes.

When she walked downstairs, uv was still waiting for her

"Don't you know to leave when you're not wanted?"

"I know you want me, so I ain't goin nowhere." he grinned.

she put her hand on her hip "Excuse me?"

"ashi, you and I both know you want this." he smirked.

"Boy please, you aren't my type." He actually was, but he was damn arrogant.

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''Aww come on. Don't you get tired of this shit? Or wasn't that push yesterday enough? LEAVE ME ALONE.'' Ashi snapped at him when he sat next to her in the class. 

For a second, Yuvi's gaze darkened, obviously remembering the humilation he had to go through yesterday. This girl had dared to mess with Yuvi, she will pay for it. He forgot everything about his mission, and his anger consumed him.

''Listen, Ashi. I don't want anything to do with you what so ever.'' Yuvi grabbed her by her shoulders and glared. ''I am here only because Jumbo and your mum has asked me to be here! Who do you think you are, huh? All that attitude for what? You ain't some miss India, miss universe whatever. You are just a arrogant little big-headed snob. You call everyone else a loser, huh? Look at yourself in the mirror. You have no friends. It's not because they are below you, its because you like to fly in the air everyday. I come here to help you, and what do you do? Snap at me, glare at me, threaten me.. You wanna be alone, right? Well, that's what you'd get!'' He stood up from the chair, grabbed his stuff, and moved to the corner table. 

The whole class could only stare at him, including Ashi. They couldn't remember the last time they had seen him so angry, so consumed by rage that he forgets where and what he's supposed to be doing. Ashi blinked, narrowed her eyes, and forced her gaze at Yuvi. The old happy, mischevious, twinkle was replaced by the same emptyness and blankness she had seen yesterday, the blankness she hated to see..


I know it's a small part. But I moved the story a little bit. Smile Amazing part, Elizaa. Hug
Debby, you are writing next.

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PART 19 

Ashi couldn't force her gaze away from him. He sat there, eyebrows deeping, frown creasing his face, cheekbones puffing. He looked up and met her gaze with a icy stare, and then broke it and humphed. Ashi couldn't help but smile. He looked so adorable.

Just then, her mind mentally popped and snapped back at her. What was she doing? What is Anwesha Banerjee Ray doing? She was never the type of a air-headed snob who behaved rudely with people. She was angry with her mum for bringing her here..But she was never a kind of girl who would just snap at wrong people for no reason. 

Her mind pushed through all the moments that had happened since yesterday. He saved her from falling, he showed her around, he helped her meet new people, he brought her to her classes..And what had she done? Glared at him, asked him to stay away, humiliated him in front of everyone..for what?

She mentally slapped herself and sighed. She had to make it up to him. She never liked people behaving wrong with others for the heck of it. And what she had done.. There was no reason behind it.

''Okay class.'' Sir said. ''Since there are only a few people here right now, and most of them are on their vacation, we have decided that we shouldn't miss out on any fun. Afterall, it's not you all's fault that you couldn't go anywhere outside..So we have decided that we would go to a lake, near the forest, for a week's stay.. Camping, Bonfires, Music, Masti, Fun!''

Ashi grinned. A camp. Perfect. She'd make it up to Yuvi....somehow

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Kanky, Eliza, someone from both of you needs to continue! Debby won't be here a while, so HURRY UP, k?

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Originally posted by Akanksha0701

Kanky, Eliza, someone from both of you needs to continue! Debby won't be here a while, so HURRY UP, k?

babes, so srry, just caught up with weddings, christmas, new yrs preps!!
ill update in 3-4 hrs, 4 sure!!, if ne1 else wants, can cont now!!

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part 20


"Perfect" ashi grinned.. She'd make it up to Yuvi....somehow. 

ashi and the rest rushed to the rooms to pack their bags,  ashi and maria priya sat camly while vrinda was quite hyper,

"ek poora hafta?!??!?! Ek poora hafta jungle mein, uff!!"

"duh uh!!" Ashi gave it back," tumhare liye lake hai vrindeshwari, mein aur MP jungle mein jayeinge" teasing vrinda while giving a high 5 to mp!

"haan maate, u chill, ull be safe near the lake with the other bimbos around u, teeya and her gang will also be there, y do u worry, and for the adventure part, ashi'. Mere paas bohot saare plans hai!"


MP was a young girl who lived in an orphanage, she had many friends, was quite friendly and wld spread a smile wherever she went, vrinda was also an orphan, but lived with her maasi who was the canteen incharge in mauriya...

Ashi quite liked both of them coz of their simplicity, MP, whom she now called boxer, was totally her types, very sporty, adventurous, daring and quite friendly'

whereas vrinde, whom she called maate, coz she was quite hyper,  the weakling amgst them.

Boxer and ashi wer quite excited for the trip, it was totally their type*

Vrinda had no choice, so she left the excited ducks alone in the room and went to meet tia.

In no time the whole class gathered to leave mauriya  and for the fun to begin,

All of them headed towards the jeeps, but ashi and boxer wer nowhere to be seen.

Mr. Raj, who was their trip incharge, escorted the students to their respected jeeps.

"Raj'yaar, kitni der lagegi, chal nikalte hai!!" 

' rukh jaa uv, kuch students abhi tak aaye nahi hai!!"

Mr. Raj was uv's cousin who was in mauriya due to Yashwant Dev's reference.

 "chod yaar unko'. Kaun nahi aaya hai??"

"koi mariya priya aur anvesha ray banerjee...."

"oh!! I shld have guessed it, tht wacko!! Lets leave her, am not going in the jeep with her, four long hours, and tht red head>> never"

"uv!! Chill>>> listen, dnt act like a kid now.. btw, do u know them??? Oh wht a silly question, she'sur classmate, right>>"

"classmate' yeah!! Whatever!"

uv was left with no choice, he had to wait for tht arrogant dumb red head, he knew, tht wenever she was around, things wld go wrong!!

but this time he thought, When things go wrong thisa time, ashi wld have to bear the brunt of his anger.he was not going to tolerate any of her bulls**t this time, he didnt care if meher had learnt her lesson or not, but he defenately wanted to get ashi back to earth! 

"jungle, lake, insects, danger!!" he smirked!

'i'd make sure tht she'd carry this chip on her shoulder!!'

the late lateef ashi came down running with boxer..

"y r both of url so late??" asked raj,

"duh uh!!! shock nahi hai hume late hone ka!! girl problem.. u see" winking bk at mp,

"btw, who r u?"

"mr. raj, your trip incharge!"

"cmon girls, dnt waste time now, get inside the jeep, fast!! fasT!!!"

uv sat on the front seat next to raj, ashi left without ne option had to sit behind and the journey began!!

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part 21

after a while, ashi just cldnt take it any more,

"duh uh!! sir>> r we going for a funeral?? its a long journey, and am aready bored" saying this, she broke the silence

"wacko!! wht do u wish to do then?? play kho-kho??"

"heyy bhaggu!! looks like uv's brains have already reached the destination, he thinks ppl refer to him as SIR??"

"uv, am talking to mr. raj, but thn if u cannot live without talking to me.. u can come and sit next to me, for the next 4 hrs, i can tolerate u!! but mind u.. only the next 4 hrs" saying this she tugged uv's back asking him to sit next to her,

 to which uv rolled his eyes trying to say ;you wish!!"

ashi knew, this wasnt enuf, she had to make it up to him, she knew deep inside he was a nice guy, she also knew, tht she never hated him... but she didnt knw if she liked him or not..

just then the jeep stopped with a sudden jerk,

"hello. yeah this is mr raj.. oh..okay, alright, sure, no problem, ill be there....yeah.. sure, okay, bye!"

"okay guys, listen>>>" it was raj again,

"i just got a call from mr.jambwal, maria has to go back to mauriya, i dnt have any details to why, but it seems to be serious!! so uv, just drop me and maria on the main road, we shall manage going back, u take miss banerjee to valhalla, u knw the way right, be careful, keep in touch, ill be there in a while, cme on guys..make it fast!" he snapped/

every1 including ashi wer shocked, mp didnt want to miss this trip but was all the more scared of hw SERIOUS the situation was up there at skool.

uv didnt want to be left alone with this wacko, but ashi for this time had mixed feelings, was sad tht mp wldnt be there to share the fun.....and wht bout their plans?? all gone to the drains, but uv!! she cld make it up to uv now, he was nt at fault wen she behaved with him tht way.. she thought!!

"wht?? have u lost it bro?? am not going with this wacko anywer, we all will come with u and drop mp to mauriya and then go back" shouted uv,

"uv.. dnt act stupid, ull come with me, and then wht?? wht bout the students who'll reach valhalla, they'll be all alone, with those dumb drivers, hw much can we tust the drivers, and moreover, no1 knws the area except u, dnt act like a kid now, this time its my order!! chalo, drop us on the main road!"

uv dropped mp and raj on the way and called ashi on the front seat.

"no, am fine.. quite comfortabe" she teased.

and the typical GUY dialogue "i am not ur driver!!" didnt come..(lol!)

"alright!!" he said instead.

At an increasing rate of speed, fast and then even faster went the jeep, 

he thought tht wld panic ashi!! but ashi wasnt the types he thought,

 "faster!! faster heman!!!" she sang!

uv stopped again, now with a smile on his face he came out of the vehicle, 

"ashi.. come in the front" he was still smiling! b4 ashi cld react, she got a call!!

"ashi, wer r url?? vrinda here! everythings fine rite.. we cant see url anywer.."

"maate, maate, chill! we r coming"

"but whts happening??"

"whts happening?? hmm.. our car just stopped with a jerk, and the jerk just got out of the car!!" saying this she smiled at uv!!

"ok maate, bye, we r coming!! chill!!"

"miss anvesha ray banerjee........"

ashi knew, she strted it again, she had to end it.. she knew... but just cldnt help it, hw she loved teasing uv!! hw cute he looked with the shade of her hair on his face!!

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