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Someday ?!? That day BETTER come soon. 

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part 98


Soniya's place


The look in soniya's eyes made the devs blood run cold. Still, in the dining area, soniya was fidgeting with her cellfone, nervous and broke out in a cold sweat. She nearly had kittens when she'd hear the clock ticking.. "half past one" she sighed


 "am sorry soniya, I still cant believe he is my son, no sense of responsibility, how could he leave anvesha alone.. aur ab fone bhi nahi utha raha' bewakoof.." said yashwant dev making a disgusting face.


Suman (calming soniya)- "sonu, uv gaya hai na.. ashi mil jayegi usey"


Soniya was restless, "suman.. mujhe lagta hai hi hame jaana chahiye unko dhoondne'" picking up her car keys "main jaa rahi hoon"


"uski koi zaroorat nahi hai mamma.. mein koi bacchi nahi hoon jo ghoom jaaoongi!" ashi entered


"yeah right.. bacchi nahi hai.." uv whispered back with a small grin on his face


"mamam!!! Kahaan reh gayi thi?? Maar daalogi kya mujhe?? Mein kitini darr gayi thi" wiping her tears, she kissed her mamam hard.


"mamma' aashi.. mamam nahiii...mammaaaaah..'" ashi whispered back "bas karo.. yahaan mat shuru ho jaana abhi!!"


Yashwant suddenly blew a fuse at uv, "yuvi' kahan thi ashi? Tumne usko akela kaise chod diya tha?" he caught him by his shoulders and shook the hell outa him.

"err' uncle..woh.. uv and I had a small argument, aur woh mujhe akele.. sunsaan sadak pe, chod ke a gaya.. " ashi made a puppy dog  face and added fuel to the flames, blinking back at uv.

"oh rehne do mr. dev, ashi bohot shararti hai isi ne kuch gadbad ki hogi' yuvi will never leave her alone.. I know" soniya smiled to which uv nodded, "chalo, bohot bhook lagi hai, lets go have our dinner"


They finally are seated with the guests in the spacious dining room, and a spirited discussion springs up between soniya and yuvi. "so soniya aunty, whts with your latest project?? Oh btw, completely suits u.. u actually look like a 17 year old!"

"with all the possible surgeries, who wouldn't?" ashi blew her top

"aww sweetheart, did I say u look old wen u frown?" winked yuvi,.

"no yuvi, can I ever LOOK OLD, if my moms just 17?" ashi snapped back, to which everyone smiled.


The conversation was cool on the table, yuvi as usual trying to crack jokes with soniya and ashi snapping back at him, making him look like a fool. Yashwant does not join the conversation but watches ashi closely, as he looks he sees a strange expression come over her face. She is staring at her bowl, her face muscles contracting slightly. With a slight gesture, he catches soniya's attention and looks at ashi.


"wht is it ashi? Whts upsetting u? kha kyun nahi rahi ho?" questioned soniya, "is tht kabeer annoying u again?"

Yashwant (confused)- "kabeer? Who kabeer? Do u have a new student in ur class uv?"

Uv ' "err.. haan dad."

Ashi (looking at soniya)-"heyy bhaggu, aaj sabko kya ho gaya hai?? Is it some question question day?? Kabeer mujhe kyun annoy karega?? Its just tht am tired.."

Yashwant (to uv)- "new admission.. hmm.. troubling ashi' ill take care of tht, ill see to it tht he is out of the school soon"

Ashi (flies off to handle) ' "duh uhh mr. yashwant dev, I can take care my problems alone, I dnt like people interfering in my business.."

Soniya (whispering)- "ashi!! Behave!!"

Yashwant dev looked quite furious, completely cheesed off with ashi's comment

Soniya (bending over backwards)- "uff.. yeh aaj kal ke bacche, mr. dev, u dnt worry for her, she can handle her problems alone, aur ab, yuvi bhi toh hai na uske saath.."

 "haan, yuvi toh hai hi.. but ill have an eye on tht boy.." smiled yashwant, "and on you two too"

"so soniya.. I guess we should take your leave now, kaafi der ho gayi hai" sighed suman, "and kal ki subah ki hi flight se, humein jaana hai"

"kya? Kal? Aur mein kahaan jaao? Am not coming with u guys to delhi" snorted yuvi

"tumhe aane ki zarurat bhi nahi hai, tumhe abhi ham school drop kar rahe hai" said yashwant

Soniya could see the displeasure in yuvi's eyes, she wanted him to spend some time with her mamam, as she knew, ashi's happiness lied in this,

"err.. mr dev, yuvi yeh weekend hamare ghar per eh sakta hai, if u really don't mind" smiled the real social butterfly

Ashi- "WHAT!!"

Yuvi (taking a leave of his senses) -"ofcourse aunty' dad ko kya prob ho sakti hai? Ill stay here the weekend, right dad?"

Ashi(to herself)- "no!!"

Suman (cutting in)- "haan.. koi problem nahi hame' we shall come and meet you on Monday!"

Yashwant (going closer to yuvi)- "I hope u behave ur self son.."

The devs took a leave and soniya went along, escorting them tho the car.

Ashi pulled yuvi towards the stairs and gave him THE look "psycho' come to your senses, u cannot stay in my house' have you lost it?"

Yuvi, calmly going upstairs, "aww sweetheart' can u lend me YOUR room?"

Ashi ran upstairs as well, standing in front of him, with her hands shooting outside, trying to stop him, "what? Wht did u say?"

Yuvi smiled, "I just asked if u can lend me ur room tonight.."

"how about.. NO!" snorted ashi..

Yuvi, siding her with one hand, took a step forward "I AM TAKING IT THEN!"

"NO!" (taking the same position as before)

Yuvi heard some footsteps coming towards them, realizing tht it must be soniya, he just slipped his hands into ashi and hugged her as if she had been anxiously waiting for this with her hands wide open..

"aww'. I am happy tooo!!! Weel spend so much time together" he said, making sure tht soniya could hear him..


Ashi pushed him and went straight down to soniya

Ashi (with her eyes wide open)- "mamma' have u lost it' uv yahaan nahi reh raha!"

Soniya-"ofcourse reh raha hai!"

"mom.. aap paagal ho gayi hai' yuvi is going back.. I dnt want him here"

"I clearly saw wht u wanted and wht u didn't.." she teased


"mamam, its ok baby.. I can see it in your eyes tht u want him here' mujhse sharmaneki zaroorat nahi.. maa hoon main tumhari.. sab samajhti hoon!!" smiled soniya giving her a half hug and taking her upstairs wer uv was.


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Awww, Liz, AWESOME PART!! It was worth all the wait! :D Yashvant's feelings are a mystery though .. and is he gonna kick Kabir out? Let's see! :D I'm going next! :)

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Originally posted by _Akanksha_

Awww, Liz, AWESOME PART!! It was worth all the wait! :D Yashvant's feelings are a mystery though .. and is he gonna kick Kabir out? Let's see! :D I'm going next! :)

aah!! ive kept up to this mysteriouspan in him, coz i dnt want to look at him as a bad character... am this happy happy types, so if u wish to make hm grey/evil..go ahead, am ok with itLOL
i put the angle of yd kicking kabir out, so tht, its easy to throw k out wen we dnt need himm... evil me!ROFL

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''But mom!!'' Ashi grunted. ''I am not going to meet that psycho! I am going to MY ROOM.'' She stomped off.

''Mamam!'' Sonia called after her.

Ashi kicked the clothes on the floor in frustration as she opened the door.

''Tum!'' She snapped when she saw Yuvi bent on her dresser table, taking stuff out and having a look around. She hurried on and snapped the drawer shut. ''And what do you think you are doing here?''

''Ashi, ow! My fingers!'' He rubbed his palm. ''Tumhaara toh poora iraada tha to leave me handless!''

''Shut up!'' Ashi snapped. ''And get out!''

''No.'' Yuvi smiled. ''Sorry, but your gorgeous mum wanted me to spend some time with you. So, she asked me to wait upstairs for you. I knew that you won't want to meet me, and you will just walk straight back to your own room, so here I am! And I was just having a look around, you know? Just like that.''

''Just like that!'' Ashi mocked under her voice. ''Bloody loser. You can't just walk into my room and look at my stuff, you know?''

''I can.'' Yuvi grinned, and took out a blue velvet diary from his pocket. He flipped it over. ''Who knew Anvesha Ray Banerjee writes dairies? Certainly not me.'' He opened the first page.

''No!'' Ashi pushed the diary shut. ''Don't you dare. I am serious, Yuvi. Don't mess with me, and give that back! Give that back right now.'' She screeched like a wild cat.

''How about no?'' Yuvi shook his head. ''Tsk tsk tsk. Poor Ashi.'' He laughed as he pulled the diary out of her reach.

''You wacko!'' Ashi moved to get the diary back but he pulled it out of reach everytime. ''I swear you ain't gonna walk out of this place alive!''

Yuvi chuckled as he moved towards the bed. He was now standing on the opposite side of the room with a smug look on his face whilst Ashi just stood there frowning.

''I hate you!'' She muttered.

''I love you too!'' Yuvi smiled. ''Now ..'' He opened the page again, but he was sent crashing back to the wall as Ashi pulled his collars.

''Don't mess with me!'' Ashi whispered angrily as she took her diary out of his hands.

''Woah, wildcat, chill!'' Yuvi brushed dirt off his shirt as Ashi moved away. ''It was just a diary!''

''It probably was not just a diary! It means something more to some people, you know?'' Ashi scowled.

''Fine. Fine. Im sorry.'' Yuvi apologized, but Ashi just turned away.

He walked upto her. ''Sorry.'' He smiled.

Ashi turned around and frowned. ''Get out!''

Yuvi shrugged his shoulders. ''If that's what you want.'' He walked upto the door. He opened it to find Sonia outside, smiling.

''I was just about to call you two!'' She said. ''I have a shoot tomorrow, so this house will be all yours. If you want, you can spend time alone.''

''No, mom.'' Ashi snapped. ''We are not staying alone.''

''Yeah ..'' Yuvi added. ''We are inviting some friends over for a party. If you don't mind.''

''Oh why would I?'' Sonia smiled. ''I trust you two completely!'' She whispered in Yuvi's ears. ''Don't invite Kabir! I don't like him. AT ALL.''

''Okay aunty!'' He smiled.

''Whats with the mystery?'' Ashi raised a eyebrow when she saw Sonia muttering something in Yuvi's ears.

''Nothing, mamam! I was just telling him to take good care of you. That's all.'' She looked at the watch. ''Oh god, it's 2. I need my beauty sleep! I suggest Yuvi, you go to your bedroom, too. It's quite late. Besides, you need to be fresh for your party tomorrow.''

''Yes, mama. You are completely right. Yuvi should go. Bye Yuvi. Have a great night.'' Ashi glared, as she turned behind to go back to her room.

Yuvi just sighed and shook his head. ''This chick is so unpredictable at times!'' He muttered. ''It was just a diary!''

He followed Sonia to his guest bedroom.

He couldn't sleep. His thoughts kept wavering to Ashi, again and again. Whenever he closed his eyes, he would get the vision of him kissing her, of the closeness they shared, of her madness, of her intensity, of her unpredictableness. He sighed. This was no use. He threw his pillow away in frustration and got up.

I can't sleep. He looked at the watch. 3. Would Ashi be sleeping yet? Well, there's only one way to find out. He grinned and put his shoes on. Time for some action.

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Originally posted by luv_wacko

what a life! ashi fumed at her mother..and d hopelessness of the situation..she couldnt frankly figure out...HOW and WHY....did her life turn this way..
"mummaaaaaa" ,she started to sonia ray cut her across...
" shona,please try and away most of the time..and i cant leave u alone..isliye u have to go to boarding school.."
so with a shrug and a martyered air of resistence...ashi stomped into the princi's office.....

was just going through the parts!!
ang guess wht i found...
the winner of 'the smallest part ever written"Embarrassed
debileeena.... babes.... we want more from u....Wink
issey dekh ke toh thodi sharam karoLOL

p.s whosoever id doing part 100... its supposed to be THE MAHA PART..Embarrassed

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Liz .. Update!! Jitna humne socha tha .. Utna update karo! :D

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99 parts cmpletd. .waoow. .i read only 42 parts till nw . .u guys r fab. . Hug

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