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she watched him cautiously,he said nothing.Not a word..
"ohkay...look ashi.i really need you at this cant just decide on your whim and fancy ki u wanna back out of the deal..its a DEAL...not some rubbish that you can chuck" said yuvi..trying not to plead but somehow not managing to evade his desperation for her to be ready to fake date again( wat a sentence lmao)
"wat makes you think that ill help you ha?
"okay wat happend to u ..abhi tak toh thik thi..sudden change kyun hua psycho..cold feet ya mere paas aane se darti ho?"
 at this ashi again threw the little stone at dare he think that she desired him?? who is he ...trying to messs with my head...mingle my*she silently resolved* not any more..
"i think tum day one se mujhe koi floosy bimbo samajh rahe ho..bcz  maybe i was trying to find a friend in YOU will play by rules in your game...." ashi said in a steely,determined and serious tone..
yuvi was fumbling for words..or even sounds..because he couldnt really afford to lose ashi...because even despite the mission he couldnt really let her go away..he was so much dependent on her..she was a part of his daily routine now..he loved when they were close...that unspeakable feeling of warmth and chemistry..aah! he had to fix this...
no yuvi..their is no way in hell that im ever gonna trust you will noe have to deal with ME at my worst..
bring it on U n I are offically on the war front !..thought ashi with grasp of determination

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Debz! NOOOOOOOOO! Such a SMALL part. Cho Chmaaaaall. Ouch I want more! I want M-O-R-E!! :( :( :(
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''What rules?'' Yuvi raised a eyebrow as he looked at Ashi.

She had a grim and determined smile on her face. ''Number 1 -You won't try to touch me again.''

Yuvi's lips curved in a smile. ''Why not?''

''Cause I don't want you to. Period.'' She frowned.

''Fine.'' He muttered. ''I won't touch you. But, let me add something. I CAN touch you when we are in front of my or your parents.'' He grinned sheepishly.

Ashi opened her mouth to interrupt but Yuvi continued. ''It is a deal, babes. And I am supposed to be your boyfriend in front of them. Gotta make it convincing.'' He winked.

Ashi thought for a second, and nodded. ''Okay. But only in front of Sonia.''

''Agreed.'' Yuvi said. ''What about the other rules?''

''Behave normal with me.'' Ashi added. ''No male chivalry, or gentlemanliness, if that makes you happy. I don't want anyone holding the doors for me, pushing the chairs out, and etc etc.''

''So .. '' Yuvi grinned. ''I can move the chair and see you fall on the ground and laugh. And, I can bang the doors on your face. Very ungentleman-like. But if that's what you want, okay.''

Ashi frowned. ''You are impossible.'' She shook her head. ''And that's it, for now. Be yourself, and stay away.'' She said angrily.

''Fine. Whatever you say.'' Yuvi threw his hands back in defeat. ''But the fake dating deal is on, right?''

''It's on.'' Ashi grinned. She looked at her watch. ''We are late.''

Yuvi sighed. ''You and your rulebook! Let's get going.''

''Are we walking?'' Ashi frowned.

''You are walking.'' Yuvi grinned. ''Since you just asked me to be  myself, I would be a jerk and not ask you if you want a lift.''

''But ..''

''Remember, you asked for it.'' Ashi gritted her teeth as she watched Yuvi  winking at her and driving away.

''I so hate that psycho!'' Ashi muttered to herself as she was left alone on the deserted street at 10.30 in the night. There was no taxi or vehicle in sight. What am I gonna do now? She thought.


Don't kill me for this. I'm still laughing at what I wrote. ROFLROFL Liz, I'll update again later tonight. I'm not done yet. Big smile

PS - Can we do something like .. Ashi not reaching home?, & Yuvi worried as hell? Please. Please. Please. :)

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Originally posted by _Akanksha_

Don't kill me for this. I'm still laughing at what I wrote. ROFLROFL Liz, I'll update again later tonight. I'm not done yet. Big smile

PS - Can we do something like .. Ashi not reaching home?, & Yuvi worried as hell? Please. Please. Please. :)


she deserved tht!!
i loved wht u made uv do to her!!
accha, so am getting more from u... and then u do it ur way, wer ashi wnt reach home!!

i have amazing plans in mind wer ashi's rules will go to the dogs>>>LOL

so am waiting for u to continue, then ill go
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PART 97 

Yuvi's lips are twitched smugly as he parks his car outside Ashi's house. This should teach that wacko a lesson. He grinned as he opened the house and greeted his mom and Sonia aunty.

''Hello mama.'' He kissed her cheek, ''And hello gorgeous.'' He took Sonia's hand and kissed it.

''Hello Yuvi'' Sonia smiled. 

''Where's Ashi?'' Suman looked around behind him. ''Wasn't she supposed to come with you?''

''She's gone to complete some work, mama.'' The lie came out smoothly, and he smiled - almost grinned. ''She should be here any minute now.''

''But Yuvi.'' Sonia frowned. ''It's almost 11 now. And she shouldn't be outside all alone. It's too late.''

''You are concerned about her safety?'' Yuvi laughed. ''I am sorry, but Sonia aunty, of all people, you should know better. Ashi can kick a guy's nuts if it comes to that. Usko kuch nahi hoga.''

''Haan .. but-''

''Okay. Okay. Relax.'' Yuvi smiled. ''She is at the school, and she will be here in about-'' He mentally calculated the distance from that bar to his house. ' ''20 minutes. 30, to the max.''

''I hope so. I never knew my son would turn out this unresponsible.'' Suman frowned angrily.

''Arre, I am sorry, mama. Chill. I will go and pick her up if she doesn't turn up any soon, okay?'' Suman still did not smile. He went upto her and held her hand. ''Okay?''

''Okay'' Suman smiled. ''Should I get the dinner out?''

''No, Suman.'' Sonia smiled. ''We should wait for Ashi, right Yuvi?''

''Yeah.'' Yuvi shrugged. ''We should wait for Ashi.'' He leaned back on the couch.

Tick tock. Tick tock. There was complete silence for 30 minutes. It turned 11.30 and Yuvi shot the clock a impatient look. Can't it move a bit slow? He looked back to the door. Ashi kahaan reh gayi? Itna time toh nahi lagna chahiye.

''Dekho, Yuvi, kahaan hai vo? Abhi tak vaapis kyon nahi aayi? Vo akele hai kya?'' Sonia asked. She was worried.

''Erm.'' Yuvi hesitated. He was contemplating if he should call Ashi or not. He sighed and picked up his phone. ''I'm going to call her.''

He moved to the other room and called her. Switched off. He tried again. Same response. Damn her. He threw the phone to the bed in frustration. He looked at the clock. There were only 15 minutes left to midnight. Almost an hour she had been missing when it should only have taken her roughly 20 minutes.. Ashi, where are you? He sighed as he ruffled a hand through his hair and picked up his car keys. I gotta find you.

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 Ashi shouted curses at each and every language she knew at the speeding away car. One car. In 20 minutes. And it just moved past her, ignoring her every plead for help. 

Damn Yuvi. She frowned. Khud ko samajhta kya hai? He left me all alone in this area. All alone. At 12 in the midnight. Talk about a ideal boyfriend ..

She kicked a stone in frustration. Moron. Loser. Psycho.

She walked forward. The road came to a crossing. Left, right or straight? She thought. There was complete darkness on the right side. She could hear people on the left. People. Drunk? Dangerous people? The road that led straight ahead was empty, but lighted. Light. Empty. Safe?

She shook her head. Obviously she should take the left road, where she can hear people. And she can handle any dangerous drunkards, she thought, and clenched her fists. She might even find someone to help her. She started moving on the left road. She could hear people shouting and hooting at the far corner. There was a crowd. She stopped and thought about her decision again. Should she really take this way? She gritted her teeth. If only Yuvi hadn't put me in this mess in the first place, now I am going to get out of here myself. She stomped forward. To her surprise, there wasn't a crowd there. There were about 3, no 4, people on the roadside bench. They had something in their hands. Alcohol. Drunk people. She snapped. Just like she thought there would be.

She ignored them and kept moving. She was scared, she had to admit it, if not to everyone, but to herself. She felt the man's eyes turning towards her. She didn't know what they saw in her, since she never turned that way. Her steps turned fast, and she crossed the edge and turned.

She heaved a sigh of relief. Relief. Phew. She smiled and started walking again. That was easy. She kept moving. After about 10 steps, she heard crunching of leaves behind her. They instantly stopped, as if the person realized their mistake and stepped off the leaves. She walked again. Footsteps. She was sure she heard them. Someone was following her. Damn. For an instant, relief surged through her. Yuvi? Is this one of his another plans? She clenched her fists. He is so dead. She turned around, and the person she saw – It wasn't Yuvi.

Damn. Bad idea to turn around. She muttered as she saw one of the drunkards behind her. He looked old – very old. 40, maybe? This was no time to think about his age. What should she do? Run? No way. She wasn't running like a coward. The drunkard realized that he had been spotted and he begun to move swiftly towards her. Run. Run. Run, Ashi. We can worry about your reputation later.

She turned around and started running. She was better in it than she thought she would be. She smiled with self-pride, but that smile vanished as she heard running footsteps behind her. Damn, was he running too? He is 40, he needs to lie down on his bed with his crutch lying on his side. She snapped angrily as she turned another corner.

Headlights. She saw headlights of a car. Great. She grinned and ran in front of the car. She leaned on the car for a minute. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. ''Help.'' She knocked on the window. ''Help.'' She looked behind to see the drunkard on the corner, glaring at her  and at the person in the window.  

Someone got out of the car behind her. ''Gaadi mein baitho!'' He whispered. His voice was strangely familiar. She turned around. Yuvi.

''Yuvi!'' She herself didn't quite know what she felt then. It was a mixture of relief, joy, anticipation, and anger. She had this urge to hug him tightly, and she had this urge to scream at him and pull his hair out. She could just stand there and stare at him awkwardly.

There was a rage in his voice she hadn't heard before. Well, she had, once. When he fought with Kabir. But this was stronger. Pure hatred. And his eyes had gone black. He was angry, and his rage reflected in his eyes. His mouth was turned back in a snarl, as he moved towards the drunkard.

She wanted to call out to him, to stop him. But a part of her was enjoying this. He got me in the mess, now let him deal with it. She crossed her arms and grinned.

He moved towards the drunkard, facing him. The man moved his fist to punch him, but Yuvi stopped it from making contact. He gazed in his eyes for a moment, and fell down to his knees.

''Aap theek toh hai na? Isne-'' He pointed to Ashi. ''-Isne aapke saath kuch kiya toh nahi na? Aap theek hai na? Hai na?''

The drunkard looked confused and he pushed Yuvi  away. He again held his legs. The drunkard scowled. ''Get off me.'' He said, and turned behind to walk the way he had come. ''Aaj kal ke bacche.'' He muttered to thin air.

Yuvi stared at him for a second, the cold fury back in his eyes. He turned to Ashi, saw the confused and annoying expression on her face, and he started laughing. He held his stomach and laughed till tears came out of his eyes as he walked back towards Ashi and his car.

Ashi raised a eyebrow at him. ''What was that all about?''

Yuvi wiped the tears off his face. ''Come on, Ashi. I leave you alone for a minute, and you end up having a drunkard at your tail.'' He laughed. ''Well, nobody can resist you. Especially after knowing what you taste like.'' He winked.

Ashi rolled her eyes. ''That reminds me ..'' She punched him in the stomach.

''Ow!'' Yuvi held his stomach. ''You wacko!''

''Well, you psycho! You left me all alone, deserted. You deserve this.''

''I think I deserve a thank you for saving your life.'' Yuvi scowled in pain.

''Saving my life?'' Ashi snapped. ''Yeah, thanks a lot! Tumhaare bina main kya karti?'' She muttered angrily.

''You are welcome. And besides, you asked for it, remember?''

''I DID NOT.'' Ashi growled. Yuvi raised a eyebrow, and Ashi snapped. ''Fine. I did. I take it back. I take my rules back. Do NOT EVER LEAVE ME ALONE IN THE NIGHT AGAIN, understood?''

''Understood.'' Yuvi smiled. ''Want a lift?''

Ashi sighed. ''Yes please. I am starving after all that excitement.''

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as u said this ones the best uve ever writtenn!!!!
awwwwwwwwww ashi!!!! poor doll, woh darr gayi? huh? r u serious? she got scared???
and the famous aamir preity scene.... u killed it!!! so many updates for the day?? whtt is it ashu?? 
the last one was a killer as u know..
and u knw wht, i cheated and looked down to see the name of ashi's savior then, and thn i see KABIR?
u wld be so dead if it was kabir.. u just saved ur own freaking life!!LOL
uv actually kneels dwn to tht buddha!! and the oldie is like, aaj kal ke bacche!!!a hahahahha!!!
wer do u get so much wackoness from ashu?? whts with it??
and. adn. and...she punches him again?? i guess thts really not enuf!LOL
and yeah!!!
THANKS, thanks for finishing the QA sessions of y they r still fke dating, and for the latest one.. wht is it? yeah her freaking rules!!
uff uff aasshhii!!!!
am in love with this uv!  jee haan!!!!
with this uv too..
next its me.. 

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