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Originally posted by elizaa

anki... aaaj toh tum hi mujhe maar daalo!!!
ashi ko uspe gira diya? lol!!!
and i loved the part wer soniya grins and says ashi ya ashu....
ashis fustration!! ufLOL

but ashi is LOVING all the closeness with uv, loves to be in his arms!! clear dikhta hai yaar!!
ab sonu ka kya reaction!!
kabir ka calling time bhi accha tha, am sure ashi didnt want to talk to him, just coz of uv, he preteneded tht she was eager to talk to tht roadside romeo...

aaj jaan toh jaa hi chuki hai meri... miya epi, then samisha and now yushi!!!Embarrassed
kasam se kal tum logon  ko meri dead body milegi, woh bhi with a big grin pasted on its face!!Big smile

aaj mein nahi likhh paaongi... itna bada shot diya tune, firse kehti hoon, book toh likh hi le tu, best sellers mein se ek pakka!!!
ashi overheard uv's talk, she is so damn interested in him and his doings... khud chain se kha nahi sakti!!LOL

now tht she has got a doubt, she will nt trust uv more Ouch

am going to read it again.. plz DND!Embarrassed

Nahiii!! Aaj tujhe likhna hi padega! Pahlease! Pahlease! Pahlease!! OuchOuch

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online aa pehle...
miya dekha?

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Originally posted by elizaa

online aa pehle...
miya dekha?

Pehle tu promise kar ki tu likhegi! Big smile

Haan! And scene download bhi kiya! You can SO expect a MiYa VM from me by the end of this week! :D

-EDITED-  Liz, I need to get my dinner.. And I promise I'd be online after that! Smile

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debileena.. u wish to cont then cont from them entering the college, mein wahaan tak likhoongi...
orelse just wait for my part!!
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part 86    

Just then, the car skidded right to a abrupt crossing. Ashi was leaning on Yuvi and she ended up falling on top of him.

Yuvi found his hands suddenly entangling around ashi's waist, her eyes wide open and refusing to move.. her face- mature yes - but even so, fragile,  a fragile thing, that he couldn't get his eyes off. He remembered watching her, the time since they first met. he then touched her gently on his forehead to smooth back her fringes, gently kissing her caringly on his cheek, and her heart pulsating quickly.

What was she do, she couldn't believe how she felt about him. Was she meant to give him up just like that? or go back to her flow of emotions?? She lay there, looking at his features and his expression he was creating, his lips were affectionate and silky and were so kissable, thoughts gathering again round her mind.. ashi didn't know what to do for the right reasons..

Keeping her hands on his chest, feeling his loud heart beats, she distanced herself and went back to her seat to the extreme right.. All of a sudden uv began to wake up from his time-out, intensely she gazed into his deep brown eyes and he freed her from anxiety and reassured her everything would be fine. He shifted to the extreme right, quite close to her holding her hands he said, "yeh loh tumhara fone"

"uh.. haan fone'" she look at it, kabeer was still online, 

"h.e.llo.." she hesitated

"haan ashi' itne time se line pe hoon.. I cldnt hear anything, whts happening? Is tht loser annoying u? kahaan ho tum log? Main aa raha hoon!!" he replied from the other end.

"haann.. kabir... woh'" she hesitated

"shona! Fone mujhe do!"  with tht  ashi handed the fone to soniya

"mamam?" confused soniya " tumne pehli baar meri baat suni.. aise hi fone de diya??" she winked

Soniya-"hello! Kabir! Haan bolo kya hua?"

Kabir-"uh! Kuch nahi aunty, bas aise hi fone kiya tha.. hum bas pohonch his gaye, ashi kab pohchegi?"

Soniya-"tum uski tension mat lo, uv hai uske saath, he'l take care of her.. chalo, mera film city aa gaya, I need to rush.."

Kabeer- "kya? Aap nahi aa rahe, ashi akele hai?"

Soniya- "off foooh!! Paagal ho kya? Sunai nahi deta? Kaha na, uv hai uske saath," rolled her eyes and whispered " ab tum wapas cal mat karna, don't disturb the love birds, tum samaj rahe ho naaa??" and giggled

Kabir-"jee aunty, bye"

Soniya- "mamam, yeh lo fone, uv- he wnt disturb u again, chalo sweethearts, g2g!! dinner tonight!! Uv remember??"

Uv-"haan aunty, ive informed mom!"

"good boy!!" she pulled his cheek and winking back at him "ac on hai, fir bhi bohot garmi ho rahi hai na??"

Yuvi grinned back "haan, just coz I see this hot actress in our car.." looking at ashi " or shld I say two!?!? one hot babe... and the other, a hot head!!" shuffling his gaze to ashi.

She stared at him coyly "duh uh mamma, jaao ab, warna koi doosri actress dhund lenge aapke directors!"

Soniya shrugged "doosri actress?? Hah!! Soniya ray ko koi replace nahi kar sakta' looks like u want to spend some quality time with the driver.. tabhi mujhe bhaga rahi ho??"

Ashi narrowed her eyes, "driver, chalo' mamma yahaan nahi utregi, who bhi chal rahi hai mauriya.. chalo chalo.." she tapped his back

"aah.. rukho.. maarna hai kya mujhe?? Ashooo gussa mat ho na shona!! mein jaa rahi hoon, raat ko milte hai!!" kissed her mamam and left.



Two hours later---------------------------

Ashi trying to look out of her window, her hands folded around her chest, mumbling the song tht she heard last night, 'deewaane  raheinge hummm' dewaane hai hum mmmm.."

Yuvi (breaking the silence)- "so u liked the song?"

Ashi (no movements in her posture)- "duh uh!! Didn't I tell u last night?"

Yuvi(smirked)-"oh yeah u did, but I didn't tell u one thing'"

Ashi (turning around) '"what??"

Yuvi (calmly)- "your voice!"

Ashi (lovingly)-"really? Wht about it?"

Yuvi (sarcastically)- "nothing much.. u can give tough competition to alanis morissette, both are equally hyper!!"

Ashi(narrowing her eyes)- "I take tht as a  compliment, thankyou!"

The conversation was cool in the cab, but the atmosphere was sizzling, both laughed at the same time and gestured at each other as their shoulders crashed..

"FINALLY!!! BACK TO MAURIYA!!" uv looked at her and sighed.

chal pohcha diya unko mauriya.... edited*


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''Yeah!'' Ashi smiled.

Yuvi got out of the car and held Ashi's door open for her.

Ashi rolled her eyes, ''Chauvinist much?''

''Chauvinist?'' Yuvi frowned. ''I can't do anything without you snapping at me, can I?''

''Erm ... nah.'' Ashi grinned. ''You brought me in this mess, and now you deal with me!''

Yuvi let out a exasperated sigh, as he closed the door behind Ashi.

''Okay, erm .. I'll see you tomorrow for classes, I guess.'' Ashi smiled.

''You forgot about the dinner, right?'' Yuvi grinned. ''You are coming over my place, tonight ... and-''

''And?'' Ashi interrupted, confused.

''And I have a surprise for you!''

''What kind?'' Ashi frowned. ''Look, Yuvi, your surprises are more of a shocker to me .. and they are seriously discomforting. Out with it, right now!''

Yuvi shook his head. ''Atleast show some gratitude, for once? Yuvraj Dev is planning a surprise for a girl for the first time in the history of the Maurya School. It needs to be grand-' He whispered slowly in her ears, ''And don't worry, I bet you'd love the surprise''

Ashi pushed him back by keeping her hands on his chest. ''Rightt! But I'm telling you .. do something wrong, and I will break your legs''

Yuvi frowned, ''Wrong, as in?''

''As in .. '' Ashi coolly answered. ''Trying to get close to me and all. Like you did in the car!''

''Oh that .. !!'' Yuvi's grin got wider at the memory. ''That was something, wasn't it? I mean .. I am a good actor!''

Ashi grinned, ''And you inherited it from my mum. That makes you my adopted brother, no?''

''NO!'' Yuvi yelled. ''Pyscho.. You just called your boyfriend your brother!!''

Ashi rolled her eyes. ''It's not like you are my real boyfriend or anything, so get a grip.''

Before Yuvi could say anything else, Kabir pushed him out of the way and stood in front of Ashi. ''Where were you?" He demanded.

Ashi answered coolly, not even wincing a bit. ''With Yuvi''

''And why were you with him?'' He pointed at him, angrily.

'''Cause my pyaari si superstar mom wanted me to come back to school with him.'' Ashi tried to dodge out of his way. ''Any more questions?''

Kabir stopped her by holding her arm. ''Why are you doing this, Ashi?''

''Doing what?'' Ashi turned around with a puzzled look on her face.

''Pretending like you don't like me .. And defending Yuvi n everything. You are my girlfriend, Ashi. You need not fake date with anyone else. I want you to be with me!''

''Girlfriend?!?'' Ashi snorted. ''Since when? From what I remember, we met only a day ago. And you haven't even asked me out, yet.''

''Yeah, but-'' Kabir hesitated. ''-We like each other. And that's what matters, right?''

''No'' Ashi reed her arm from his grip. ''I might like you, Kabir, and I'm not going to deny that. But I don't like guys who think that girls are their private property, and they can make her do whatever they please, which is, in this case, me spending time with Yuvi''

Yuvi winced at his name. He had his fists clenched for the whole time and he swore he could have hit Kabir when he blocked Ashi's way, if he hadn't stopped himself. ''What?''

Ashi snapped at Kabir. ''Yuvi is my friend, and my ''supposed'' boyfriend. We have a deal. And I'm not going to back out of it. Either accept it, or leave me alone.''

''But Ashi, why can't you just break this goddamned deal?''

''Because Anvesha Ray Banerjee does not back out of promises. I promised him, and he is my friend. He needs my help, and I am certainly going to give it to him. Now, if you excuse me..?'' Ashi glared at Kabir, and walked away. Kabir made no move to stop her.

''Ashi .. '' Yuvi called after her and he was about to follow her when Kabir angrily interrupted. ''You will face the consequences, Yuvi!!''

Yuvi muttered. ''Let's see about that!'' He turned around and gave Kabir a challenging glare before running after Ashi to catch up with her.

He looked at nearly the whole school when someone told her that Ashi had gone towards the storage room.

''Ye wacko bhi na.. Storage room hi mili, of all places!!'' He muttered whilst walking towards the room. He paused outside and raised his ear to listen to the noise inside. He could hear someone stomping and cursing.

Not in her best mood, is she? Yuvi winced. He raised his hand to knock, and stopped. He narrowed his eyes, smiled, and opened the door and walked inside.

''Stupid overprotective psychos!'' Ashi muttered under her breath as she flunged another box across the room.

''Ashi'' Yuvi was shocked at seeing the mess Ashi had created. All the boxes were lying in the corner of the room while the chairs were turned upside down, and some clothes lying on the chairs were torn apart and in shreds.

''Ugh! Tum ho! Aao! Andar aao!'' Ashi dragged him inside and made him sit at the chair angrily. ''Only you can answer my questions right now!''

''What questions?'' Yuvi was looking around the room, at all the havoc she had created. Was she really that upset for Kabir? He didn't feel good about it.

''Why are all of you guys such overprotective obnoxious jerks?'' She snapped and settled in a chair in front of him and ran a hand through her messed up hair. ''I came home with you, what's the point of making such a big deal about that? And what was the whole point of hitting you, and then coming back to me and not even apologising, just snapping at me, and pretending that I'd listen to whatever he says!''

''Are you really that upset about him?'' Yuvi asked. His voice was tensed, full of emotions even.

''I don't know'' Ashi was confused. ''I like him, Yuvi, but I totally hate the way he is behaving. I want him to respect me and my feelings, you know? I thought he would understand this, understand my deal, but .. no! All you guys have to be the same!''

''Why don't you talk to him about it?''

''Talk to him about what?'' Ashi snapped. ''I can't! I told you that I absolutely hate the way he goes around and thinks that I will be the one to make it up to him, to listen to him, and to wag my tail behind him. He needs to apologise to me. He needs to apologise to YOU! But I am not denying I like him, Yuvi.''

Yuvi felt upset. Very upset. He felt like someone had just punched him in the chest with a blow so hard it threatened to drown out his consciousness. ''I .. I will be back'' He stomped out of the room, upset at her .. and upset at himself for feeling the way he was.

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 part 88

In uv's room



Yuvi tried his best to lay his eyes on his book when sid and nakool entered

Nakool (throwing a pillow on uv)- "dooooode!! Kya kar rahe ho? Reading book??? Not cool!! Aaj there's a private party at sid's uncle's club at 6.. tum jaake ashi ko invite kar lo!"


Uv (closing the book)-"mein nahi aa raha.. tum hi jaa ke invite kar lo anvesha ko'."


Sid (confused)-"dude.. ashi se koi panga hua kya? U have to come with her, u remember the deal right'."


Uv (snapping back)- "deal? Yeah right! i'll be there, par ashi ko mein nahi, tum bolo"


Sid (rolling his eyes)- "haan' aata hoon bol ke!"


Ranveers room-


Ranveer-(closing the door)- "tia, aap yahaan kya kar rahi hai?""


Tia(snorting)- "tia ko shauk nahi hai tumhare room mein aane, camel.... Tumhein batana tha ki aaj raat ko private party hai, sid ke club mein"


Ranveer (grinning)- "hum toh aa jayeinge.. aap kya humein date pe bulane aayi hai?"


Tia (rolls her eyes) '"puhleez dehati, tia knws tht u already have a date for tonight, jasmine.. tia can see everything, and btw, am going with uv' tia bohot classy hai, tum jaise gawar ke saath nahi jayegi"


Ranveer (smiled and turned around)- "yuvi? Isn't he dating anvesha? Why wld u be his date tonight?"


 "puhleez camel.... Yuvi tia ke liye kisi ko bhi chod dega, friends come frst.. par tumhe kaise pata?? tum toh gawaar ho na.. yuvi has already asked tia.. and us junglee redhead ke saath kisey jaana hoga" and she stormed out of the room.


Ranveer (scratching his head)- "tia, tia, suniye toh"



Uv's room


Uv felt relieved when sid finally entered the room. He was so anxious. He didn't even know why he was feeling that way.. he could feel blood rushing to his head again.


"wht is it sid? Wht did she say? Is she coming??" he quipped


"dude.. who keh rahi thi ki.."


"ki what??" the silence was killing yuvi


"ki, she had a word with kabir, and he has apologized and is to do the same with u, he'l be here any moment to talk to u coz he is very upset with his behavior" gulped sid


"heh!! Tht was to come'. Finally tht pothead realized.." smirked yuvi.


"and.... And he is taking ashi out right now, so she wont be coming to the pub" he continued


"WHAT?" he quickly took his fone to make an important call, when he got a text.. it was ashi


Ashi- "uv... have to go with kabir'..... have a date with him.... he is sorry... Plz manage.... mamma will come and pick us up from the pub by 9.30.... ill be there by then..... so dinner done!"


'alright' he said to himself sympathetically when tia pushed sid and entered

Yuvi (shocked)- "tia.. wht is it? Are you alright love?"


Tia (looking straight into his eyes)-"tia is alright, yuvi, u have to be tia's date tonight, and and tia doesn't care wht u do with tht wacko. Throw her out, kick her or murder her...... if u want help, tia will help u........ tia can murder anyone right now!!"


Yuvi (worried and holding her hands)- "tia.. I hope everything is okay"


Tia (holding on back)- "tia is fine.. you are my date tonight.. yuvi..... yes or no??"


"ofcourse tia.. dnt worry, we will go together.." yuvi sighed


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 part 89


At the party..

Yuvi (holding tia in one hand and a glass of beer in the other)- "ranveer and jas haan??"


Tia (snapping back)  "yuvi' stop drinking.. and wht do u mean by- ranveer and jas? Tht bi**h has no life.. frst u and now ranveer...... u guys just dnt have any sense.."


Uv (half drunk)- "tia baby!!! Jas is hawt, u cannot blame ranveer for tht.."


Tia (snorted)  "hot???? My foot... uv, whts wrong with your taste??? Hw can u like tht wannabe hottie?? Come with me... we need to go and dance... Straighten up uv!!! CHALO!"


Tia managed to take yuvi to the dance floor. She found it to be hot and sticky and cld hear really loud thumping music and was kind of dark, she released uv's hand and uv danced along..

he tried looking around, wer he found things loud, he cld see dangerous weird ppl in a corner deep in the party goin upstairs in a room there.

He blinked hard and joined tia. In no time uv exchanged partners with ranveer and was having a great time dancing with jasmine.. music continued to fill in the room she saw yuvi's handsome face in front of her,  

There was a dangerous rage that burned out of his eyes, "ashi.." he said in a voice no louder than a whisper and as frightening as a snake'

When uv saw the confusion in jasmine's eyes, he sneaked his arms behind her back, and settled it on her waist..pulling her closer to his body.

 "ashi isn't here' no fake deal today'." He whispered hard into her ears'

god.. hw he loved this scent, he caught her hard and kissed her earlobe.

Yuvi?? was this uv?? Jas was a bit surprised by yuvi's gestures , but she liked it at the same time. "I like being with you'" he continued.

Excitement filled her senses, and she pressed his mouth to his ears and murmured, "Be quiet.."


she took him to the bar area, looked deep into his eyes and kissed him hard, laying her hands all over him passionately, and he gave in on the first go. Ashi had just entered the pub with kabeer and her eyes rode to the dark corner of the bar area..


"kabeer.... Is tht yuvi?" she stumbled


"aah! Ofcourse, wht else to u expect from tht ba**ard.. anyway baby, I need to leave, u carry on with your dinner, and ho sakta hai toh stay away from tht ba**ard!" he grinned


"yeah, bye kabir" and she hugged him back.


Ashi stepped closer to check if it was really yuvi, she could feel red hot blood flowing down her veins, she was breathing hard "let me go catch him red handed" she said to herself, wen tia just barged in and shook the hell out of uv, she had seen ashi coming in'.


 "YUVI!! Wht r u doing????? u have come here with tia, u cannot insult tia like tht, come along!! U are drunk!!" pulling him away and looking at jas, " get lost u purple monster, u creep, y do u have ur eyes on the ppl am close to.. frst ranveer, and now uv?? Go get your own guys u monster'. Shooo shooo" and pulled uv


Ashi (smirked) ' "hah! Timbo to the rescue' your lucky uv, timbo saved you.. evn this timbet knws whom to hang out with.."




On the other end, Vrinda and sid had seen the whole scene.

Vrinda (worried)- "sid, inka kya hoga?? Ashi and uv are dating rite?"

Sid (scratching his head) '"uh haan.."

vrinda (shaking sid) "kya sir khuja rahe ho?? Ab kya karein?? Ashi toh uv ko maar dalegi.. sid, I heard uv calling tht chick 'ashi'!"

Sid '"WHAT?@?!?!?"

Vrinda- "haan, I guess he must have thought jas is ashi'. He is drunk!! Pata nahi, mujhe kuch samaj nahi aa raha'"

Sid (still thinking)- "are u sure. Yuvi ne 'ashi' kaha?"

Vrinda (smacking him)- "haan duffer' mein wahin thi wen he whispered"

Sid- "phir humein hi kuch karna hoga vrinda.."

Vrinda- "haan.. par kya' sid tumhare pub mein koi empty room hai?"

Sid- "haan hai, upar, ek khali hoga, but its unsafe, dusre room mein drugs ki dealing hoti hai!"

Vrinda(scared)-"drugggggs????haan, toh hame kya lena druggggs se?? we shall lock both of them in the empty room and they shall sort out their differences.."

Sid-"its unsafe"

Vrinda-"ashi will manage.. you dnt worry.. and soniya aunty will come after 2 hrs to pick them up'"looks at her watch "we have less time, u get uv, ill get ashi' go!"


Vrinda and sid finally managed to lock the two of them in the room..


Ashi (shocked) - "YUVI!! U?????"

Yuvi (equally shocked) - "ASHI!!! U??"


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