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Duh-uh I am not asking you to edit...and maybe I am the only one who didn't like re...I was just saying my yaaa!! Its fine reee! Tongue I am not blaming you guys or anything!! Tongue As for AY being together...they always are! Wink 

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Okay, Nappy, I got your point.. But ab jo ho gaya vo ho gaya, right? Ab se you are with us, no? Embarrassed

Lizzie, you wanna go next now? I can see your green batti on. Big smile

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Ashi followed Kabir outside to his tent. 

Ashi - (Pulling the flap and getting in) ''Woah dude, you have got a whole home studio around here!!'' (Taken aback by the sight of two gigantic speakers, a high class mixing studio, a stereo, and loads of CD tracks) 

Kabir - (Smiling) ''Well, yeah. I love music, you know? I love music to be there with me all the time!''

Ashi - (Grins and looks at all the CD records) ''These are all so awesome! I'm so spending my vacations right in this tent listening to all of this music!'' (Turning back to Kabir who was still standing at the entrance) ''How on earth did you get the permission for this!?''

Kabir - (Tilts his head, and hesitating) ''Erm.. Ashi, I didn't want people to know this..but.. '' (Meets her gaze) ''I can trust you, right?''

Ashi - (Smiles warmly) ''Ofcourse you can trust me, Kabir!''

Kabir - (Smiles back) '' know? I don't want anyone to know this..not even Yuvi''

Ashi - (Snaps) ''Why on earth do you think I'd go and tell Yuvi about this?'' (Bites her tongue as she remembers the whole fake dating fiasco)

Kabir - (Confused) ''I thought...he is your boyfriend, right? And you won't like to keep secrets from him!''

Ashi - (Sighs) ''Listen, yes, he is my boyfriend, but he respects my personal space!'' (Smiles) ''He's cool like that!''

Kabir - ''Okay.. well, my dad, he is doing business with Mr Jambwal, so I get some premium permissions that others don't get!''

Ashi - (Snapping as soon as she digests it) ''But that's not fair, dude! Are we to blame if our dad ain't a freakin businessman?''

Kabir - (Holds her by the shoulders) ''Calm down, Ashi! Calm down!''

Ashi - (Rolling his eyes) ''Fine..fine..I'm alright!'' (Looks at the studio again) ''Besides, it's cool! Doesn't anyone else question you about this stuff?''

Kabir - (Smiles) ''Nobody else knows about this stuff! You are the only one that knows.. the only one I trust with this!'' (He holds her hand) ''I can trust you, right?''

Ashi - ''Err..'' (Looks at the hand again but doesn't try to wriggle out of his hold. Instead, she looks up and smiles) ''Yeah..sure!''


Yuvi was dancing with Jasmine and laughing away. At that moment, he saw Ashi with a guy going out of the party. Wasn't hard to recognize her - being the only red-head n all.  Ashi!! Damn. He had been trying to find him for so long, and there she was, following a guy to his... tent. What the hell is she doing -  going to a guy's tent!?

Yuvi - (Leaving Jasmine's arms) ''I will be back!'' (His eyes were fixed on Ashi and the guy and he walked off from there)

Jasmine - (Trying to call after him) ''Yuvi...yuvi? hello?'' (But he didn't stop)

Yuvi followed Ashi to a guy's tent. He stood outside the tent, as he watched their figures.

Damn, what is she doing? And who is in there with her? 

He mentally froze when he heard Kabir's voice. He saw Kabir's figure moving towards Ashi and keeping a hand on her shoulders from outside the tent.

He clenched his fists and moved to the door. He pulled the flap up a bit. He saw Kabir holding Ashi's hand and Ashi smiling. He put the flap down. Something inside him was burning. This annoying feeling called jealousy crept up in him as he recalled Kabir holding Ashi's hand.

Why was he being so paranoid? She wasn't his real girlfriend, and she could do whatever she freakin wants! He has no right to question her as long as they ain't in public!

He frowned and made his way back to the party.


Something inside Ashi's mind mentally snapped and she left Kabir's hand. 

Kabir -(Following Ashi's gaze to the tent flap) ''Ashi, what's wrong?''

Ashi - ''I saw someone there.. Kabir!''

Kabir - ''Calm down, Ashi. Nobody is there, look!'''

There was no one there, but Ashi was sure she saw a familiar figure walking out. Could it be.. Yuvi

Ashi - (Walking out of the tent) ''I gotta go, Kabir!''

Kabir - (Trying to stop Ashi by holding her arm) ''Wait..where are you going? Don't you wanna listen to the music?''

Ashi - (Smiles as she loosened his grip on her arm) ''I gotta go back to the dance!'' (Looking outside at the people dancing) ''I need to find someone!'' 

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I will try Anki!! That day toh I was bored...but since this semester is going to be easy...I guess I can be here...if my brain works! Tongue

Nice part...I might continue before going to bed...lets see how my brain works! If i don't go tonight...then u guys can go coz i wont be able to tomorrow! Tongue

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part 70

yuvi came back searching for his partner

uv-"err.. jasmine?"

jas-"yeah.. uv!! wer did u dissappear???"

uv - "to get a rose for this beautiful jasmine, whos my partner tonight" he grinned

"aww.. thts so sweet of u uv!" and she hugged him, uv didnt let her loose, he continued their dance having her so close to him..

meanwhile ashi was busy looking for someone and...

"aah!! ouch! cant u look and walk? this is supposed to be a dance floor, not ur personal treadmill, stop pushing!!" gasped jas, still in uv's arms..

"DUH UHH!!are u sure this is a DANCE FLOOR? i thought u mistook it for MAKING OUT FLOOR!!" screeched ashi

"ashi!" taking off his mask

ashi (shocked)-"yuvi?? you?? and whos this?" pulling out her mask

ashi and uv cldnt get their eyes off jas, she was so heavenly, dark sparkling grey eyes to go with her pale skin and silky hair upto her waist with say 8-10 purple streaks

jas-"uh! anwesha.. srry, didnt knw it was u, anyway... hello, am jasmine and your uv's girl.. rite?"

ashi(still shocked)- "yeah, and ur still into uv's arms in front of HIS GIRL, jasmine.."

jas-"oh, its nt like u saw anwesha, we were just dancing, btw, u can call me jas!" she quiped.

"ashi..." came in kabir "lets go dance?"


"err.. heyy, am jasmine.. and ur?"

"kabir" least interested

"hello kabeer, wld u like to dance with me for a while, lets leave the love birds alone for some time??" and she winked at ashi

"well.. sure" he replied and left with her

ashi-"uv.. mujhe lagta hai ki hume jas aur kabir ko bata dena chahiye bout our fake dating."

uv-"wacko, pagal ho kya? ab toh mere dad tak ki baat pohonch chuki hai tht we both r dating, the whole skool knws xcept our close friends, yahaan tak tia ko bhi nahi pata coz she is friends with meher... poore plan ka band baj jayega.. we CANNOT  tell them!" he pressed her arms

ashi-"psycho.. leave me... tum apni heman giri kisi aur ko dikhao.. every1 cld see hw u wer behaving with jasmine... i dnt want to look like a fool here.."

uv-"kyun wacko! tum, tum bhi toh uss.. uss loser ladyfinger ke saath uske tent mein koochi koo kar rahi thi? wahaan kisi ne tumhe dekha nahi?"

ashi-"oooooh.. mujhe pata tha, i knew it i saw someone, stop following me psycho!!! and btw no1 knew we were there, so its none of ur business!!" 

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Lizzie, awesome part, babes!! I just LOVE jealous Yuvi & Ashi!! EmbarrassedBig smile Nappy, are you going next?

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part 71

yuvi(pulling her closer)-"i was not following u.. do u get it... just tht i saw 2 shadows coming closer, and thot it was meher.. par dekha toh it was maharaani anwesha ray bannerjee with her current crush, trying to break a deal!!"

ashi wriggled and just then kabir pulled ashi out of uv's arms.

"deal? oh, tht is it.. i always knew there was something fishy" kabir smiled

ashi- "oh.. no kabir, its nt wht ur thinking.. i mean... me and uv, i mean to say..."

kabir-"cut it out ashi, i knw everything now, and i have no problem with this fake dating business..."

"problems? wht probs shud YOU have kabir? y r butting in, this is between me and ashi. so YOU- back off!" uv snapped.

"yuvi, chill, itna hyper kyun ho rahe ho? dnt worry, we wnt tell anyone.. we both r with u guys, dnt u see, kabir and ashi like each other.. so tht IS kabir's business!" came in jasmine.

ASHI snapped back at jas  -"duh uhh!! mujhe uv se baat karni hai.... AKELE MEIN! chalo uv!"

ashi knew she had burried all the bitterness in her heart. again she felt a sense of pain. she cld see tht jas liked uv, 'but tht shldnt bother me' she thought

'kahaan jaa rahe hai hum wacko?" uv managed to say while ashi was busy taking him somewer wer ther was no1, they finally stopped after the long walk

"yahaan!" exclaimed ashi

uv turned around and saw tht he was bk on the beach... he remembered how upset ashi was wen he saw here her the other day, he cld also see hw much she liked this place, they wer bk to the place wer the whole fake dating deal strted..

"ab tum meri baat suno, jas and kabir, both of them knw the truth, i evn knw tht u've got some sorta liking for jas too.. on the other hand evn i like kabir.. aint things very clear uv?"

"huh? no!" replied uvConfused

"heyy bhaggu!! uv tum kitne duh uhh ho!! i mean to say tht in front of the world ill be dating u, but then ull help me to meet kabir and ill help u with jas... only if u want to.." she added

uv-"wacko!! pagal ho kya? tumhe kya lagta hai? kisi ko pata nahi chalega?"

ashi-"haan, agar sirf tumhara brain involved hota, toh SAB ko pata chal jaata, coz tumhara 10grms ka brain wnt be able to take so much pressure, but dnt u worry uv dear!! anvesha hai toh kisi ko pata nahi chalega!"

uv-"alrite then, am in for it.. god!! tht juni..  jas.. did u see her? isnt she hawt!! nvm... oh btw, the last dance piece with me.. ur fake bf.. alright?"

ashi - "kya farak padta hai uv, no1 will recognise us, masks!! u remember?"

uv (grins)- "the last piece is without the masks.. didnt soniya aunty tell u tht?"

ashi (holding her head)- "heyy bhaggu!! mamma aur unke last min plans.. psycho chalo ab!"


i knw its tooo long.. bear with it!!LOL

but ill cont after u do ur bit!! pakka

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Reserved! Big smile

I reserved this part only for the comments! LOL Btw, LOVED it! Embarrassed Aww, Ashi & Uv at the beach! And damn Jas and Kabir know about their fake dating deal now! Angry But that's what I suggested you, right? Tongue

Awesome part, Lizzie! Lemme update the index! Smile

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