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Originally posted by _Akanksha_

Elizaa!! I'm teeny weeny confused right now. Why did Ashi wake up all red and swollen and crying? Did she come to know about Yuvi's game plan already? Or is it a unsolved mystery? And dude, I love Yuvi!! How adorable!! Embarrassed

Awesome part(s), babes!! I'll continue soon. Hug

wait... lemme continue..i told u na am in remix mode... jab main nahi thi tab toh likha nahiLOL
ab chup chaap baitho aur pado..
and the thing tht she is all red and swollen and crying iscomign up next

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Jaldi continue karo, Liz!!! =]
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part 57

ashi had to meet uv asap... she had to tell him tht she never hated him, she had to let him knw tht they cld always remain friends.. she left her cup of coffee and headed towards the boys dorm.

back at the dorm

"uv, banaa, aap theek hai? aapi maa aai thi, aap mile unse?"

"haan, aur tum kaun?"

"dude.. he's ranveer sisodia, apna class mate hai" came in nakool and sid

"heyy ranveer!" he welcomed him with a half smile, he was still back in the thoughts wer his mom gave him her peice..

nakool- "accha uv, tumne ashi ko fasaa liya na??? meher tum dono ke baare mein kaafi pooch rahi thi" 

sid- "haan, hume nakool ne bataya, ur gonna get bk on meher and ur plans.. par kya ashi? kya yeh possible hai?? poori raat tumhare saath bhi rehkar tum usey fasa nahi paaye, lagta hai ashi par tumhare koi plans nahi chalenge... god!! tumhara naam sunkar hi wohitna chid jaati hai, subah dekha tha na usse, mujhe maarne daudi thi"

"banaa.. hume nahi lagta aapko aisa kuch karna chahiye, if u want to teach someone a lesson, y break the other's heart?? i mean, ashi ne toh tumhare saath kuch galat nahi kiya, aur waise bhi, aapki aur unki daal kabhi nahi galegi, woh aapko bhav bhi nahi deti, meri baat maniye, unse saari baat bata dijiye, am sure she'll help u by pretending tht she is dating u"

"plz ranveer banna, uvraj dev ko koi bhav na de, aisa ho nahi sakta, tum sab ko kya lagta hai? ashi tum sabke saamne batadegi ki ussey mein pasand hoon?? nah, kal usne khoop pi thi, and thts wen she told me tht she likes me, poora time mujhpar gir rahi thi, aur gundon ke saamne yeh bhi kaha ki woh meri patni hai.. is sab ka matlab kya hai??"

"iska yeh matab hai" ashi flung the doors open leaving the others shocked"ki main tumhe hate nahi karti.. and tht def doesnt mean tht i like u>> meri zarurat toh poori duniya ko hai, tumhari help karne mein mein peeche kyun hat ti?.. tumhe muje bataana tha na uv.. all bout meher"Ouch

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Yuvi - (Frozen) ''Aa...Ashi''

Ashi - (Snapping her fingers in front of his face) ''Nahi, Ashi ka bhoot!''

Sid - (Sweetly) ''Kya aap humaari madad karengi, Ashi ji?''

Ashi - (Rolls eyes) ''To hell with that fake sugar stuff, okay? Main tumhaari madad zaroor karti, if you had asked me for it! Not like this, chori chori chupke chupke mujhe use karke!''

Ranvir - (Pleading) ''Please Ashi, please, Yuvi needs you, please!!''

Ashi - (Pretends to think and looks at Yuvi) ''Tumhein kuch kehna hai?''

Yuvi - (Tensed) ''Ashi, listen, jaisa tum samajh rahi ho, vaisa kuch bhi nahi hai!''

Ashi - (Holds a hand up to stop him) ''Relax Yuvi, vahi puraane dialogues, vahi fake tears! I know better than to trust you again!''

Sid - (Interrupting) ''But you said you'd help us!''

Ashi - (Snapping back) ''I said I'd have helped you if you had the guts to ask me on my face!''

Yuvi - (Frowns) ''Would you have helped us if I just went to you and said, ''You know what? Ashi, whatever happened between us was fake, it was part of my gameplan, you know? Now, would you forget whatever happened and continue to help us in our mission Meher?''

Ashi - (Sighs) ''Probably! Atleast you would have been truthful'' (Starts to walk away, but Yuvi held her hand) 

Yuvi - (Whispers) ''Ashi, please listen to me''

Sid - (Gets on his knees) ''Please help us get revenge from Meher''

Ashi - (Smiles warily) ''I'll think about it'' (Looks at Yuvi and leaves)

Ashi blinks back her tears and run towards her tent. Her cold and indifferent mask was wearing off, and she needed to let herself out in private, where no pair of eyes can see her. She reached the girls washroom and stood there for a moment, staring at her reflection in the mirror.

Why am I doing this? She had to. There was no way around.

There was a way around. Show Yuvi HIS place. After what he's done to you, why are you helping him? I don't know. Maybe I need him, if only as a friend. 

Why do you need him? Anwesha Raj Banerjee does not need anyone! He was just a guy. Just another guy. She recalled all the moments she had spent with him in the jungle. They had undoubtedly been special. But.. 

She wiped the thoughts off her brain, and blinked back her tears. There was only one way Ashi was getting through this, and that is, to face him. To show him that he meant nothing to me for the whole night. And the only way to do that? To help him. 

She took out her phone and typed a message, ''Im in for the game plan''. She hesitated for a moment, and then pressed 'Send'. 

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part 59

She took out her phone and typed a message, ''Im in for the game plan''. She hesitated for a moment, and then pressed 'Send'.

'i always knew it, didnt i?? i knew it was all fake... i knew this wasnt him, my fear of losing all this in one go, has come true.. i figured this out wen i came back.... didnt i?? oh ashi.... y did u then built hopes?' she asked herself

'enough.. ashi, enough!! uve been crying since the time ur back, i knw u figured out stuff late, but wht diff shld tht make to u?? u dnt love him... do u?" snapped in vrinda,

wiping her tears,"maate, tum pagal ho. hw can any1 fall in love, just in few hrs?? tch, i dnt love him, just tht i took him as a friend and he broke my trust"

"ashi... y do u care... ull keep getting new friends throughout ur life... u dnt need such losers in ur life... now snap out of this mode and think ur way.. the 'ashi' way.. u need to teach uv a lesson." consoled vrinda

"hmm.. lesson.. not now, tht will be wen we reach mauriya" she smirked

"par ashi, aaj toh sirf sec day hai trip ka... 5 aur din baaki hai.. tab tak kya karenge?"

"tab tak uv ki help karenge maate... yaad nahi hai?? meher? revenge? uv ke liye mein itna toh kar hi sakti hoon!" she grinned again

"MAMAM!!!! SHONA!!!!" soniya shouts,

"mammaa!!" ashi goes and hugs her tight

"shona munni!! kaisi ho tum?? raj ka fone aya tha, tum theek ho na jaan??"

"haan mamma, main theek hoon" and she hugged her bak

"kya hua love? looks like something is wrong" asked worried soniya>

"nahi mamma, kuch nahi, jus tht i missed u!"

"accha, toh mamam!!jaldi se mujhe kiss karro!!"

"mamma!! mamam nahi, aashiii!!!! aur bas karo aapka drama, yahaan aapko maate ke siwaay koi nahi dekh raha, aur maate bhi senti nahi ho rahi, look she is laughing mom!!" pointing towards vrinda

"aah!! ab lagta hai meri shona theek hai!" she gets bak to her kissing mode. mwah mwah mwah...... "bas karo mamma"ashi screeched

"accha, mumma, plz dnt leave, we shall go bak together, like.. 5 days more, plz mom!!"

"sure baby, uv never asked me to wait anywer around u.. hope things r fine, koi tumhe tang toh nahi kar raha naa??"she kissed her again

pushing her back "theek hai, aap jaao.. par MERA DIMAAG MAT KHAO!!"

"oh ho!! gussa kyun hoti ho.. ill wait! ill just go get my bags from the car"

"mom???? aap aapke bags kyun leke aaye the??"

"baby.. coz miss karna mom ko bhi allowed hota hai!!" and she left leaving a big smile on her dotty's face, ashi knew tht only soniya cld do this

ashi also knew it for this time, whtever it is, wenevr needed, her mumma will always be there aroundEmbarrassed

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part 60

"hello bacchon!! mein soniya ray, aapke classmate anwesha ki mom! trip kaisa chal raha hai??"

The arrival of the actress caused quite a stir in the village.

all "accha"

soniya excited* "accha?? sirf accha?? mein yahaan tumhara trip ko dhamaka bannane aayi hoon, ive got gifts for all of u!! chalo mere saath!!"

"pri!! yeh soniya kitni acchi hai na.. as in tia ko yeh us bhoot anwesha se bohot acchi lagti hai, love her fashion sense!! dekho yeh combi unpe kitna accha lag raha hai!" whispered tia

"lagta hai yeh anwesha adopted hai!" exclaimed pri, "lagta nahi pri.. yeh adopted hi hai" tia giggled.

on the other end, uv was still in the dorm, at the window sill, still lost in some thoughts, thoughts he couldnt figure out..

all the students wer called in the hall and wer asked to get ready to get to the beach, it was almost noon now, every1 was excited, to feel the sun after this cold night, except two souls, who had lost the sense of feel, who knew sitting on ice or fire at this moment wld hurt less, all of them got to the beach. 

ashi left for a walk, she was far away, far away from the resort,  ashi gathered her feelings in her brain, while sitting peacefully on the warm golden sand, the breezy light wind all around her. Not bothered if the sun rays burned her delicate shoulders, she thought of her life and the confusion she was in. 

Active around her were cheerful children playing and laughing in the shimmering sand, parents resting and watching their contented children. Tears began to flow her slim face, like raindrops dripping delicately to the ground. 

ashi had come here so she could gather her feelings, think things over, and to sort her dilemma out, but she was not succeeding in her task. She was mystified, but she knew she was very regretful. She did not want this to happen at all. She could not even memorize how and when it happened. . 

She dried her wet face, gradually got herself up from where she had been sitting for almost three hours and was to leave for the resort wer suddendly her heart pinched wen she heard her name again,



 "wer were u? wht r u doing over here, everyones been searching for u, ur mom is worried"

"cut the crap heman! mamma knws am here, so stop pretending, bolo kya hua? mujhe kyun dhund rahe the?"

"arey, wacko! mujhe tumhara msg mila, tum mere plan mein mere saath ho na?"

"psycho! kahaa na haan, ab jaao"

"jaao kahaan? tum chalo saath, meher ko dikhana nahi?"

"hmmmmmmmmmmm" she let out a long sigh "chalo"

"ashi rukho" he caught hold of her "ashi... wanted to clear out things.. look... whatever i started with, up there in mauriya, being extra sweet and caring, all tht was planned, i agree, but now, after the jungle epi.... its not the same i feel for u. u do make a diff in my life, tht was not at all fake, i really like u the way u are, and i really wish to remain friends with u!" he exclaimed,

she turned around "cut it uv! y so many explainations? i can see whts true and whts false now, so chill, and moreover, wer r still friends, isnt tht the reason y am helping u" she blinked in her tears, turned, and then smiled..

"oh thank god!! i thot tht i completely lost u after tht kaand!" and he hugged her tight

"kaand!!" she nodded and gave in..

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god i have to read so much..ill read aftr 13 only chickas...=(

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Originally posted by luv_wacko

god i have to read so much..ill read aftr 13 only chickas...=(

take ur time... but try coming back soon, hw r ur papers going btw?

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