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part 44

''Ermm.. Ashi. I'm cold. Could you, like, stay close to me for the night?''

waaaaak* she threw up again on him, this time its not on his shirt, its on him.. all he wished was tht it wld all be a dream this time..

"wacko!!!" he yelled.. ashi was on the floor, sleeping?!?!? unconscious?!??! w/e he thought, 

"ashi, baby, kya hua tumhein??" he cursed himself for forcing her to drink.. all he needed now was water, 

it  was raining heavily outside, he noticed a well, he had to do it this time, he didnt think much, went inside,got the dirty pot, cleaned it, 
filled it with the water from the well, cleaned himself and went in with water for ashi.

he sort of dried himself, wore ashi's jacket again, picked up ashi and put her on the bed

"uv... uv, mujhe bohot thand lag rahi hai"

"ashi, baby.. utho.. yeh lo, paani peeyo" with tht he made her take a few sips

then he pulled out the bedsheet, rolled it around her and hugged her back

'wacko, plz jaldi se theek ho jaao; he said to himself

"umm hmph!!" she stomped

"accha ashi, tumhein neend aa rahi hai kya??"

"nahi uv, neend kyun aaegi??"  she sings,"abhi toh mein jawaan hoon!!" "hmm" "main mamma nahi hoon jo itni jaldi so jaongi"

"accha!! ashi..."

"hmmmmmmmmm" being quite loud this time

"achaa, tumhe pata hai, tum  kispe so rahi ho?!??!"

"hmmmm... YUVRAJ DEV ke strrrrrrong strrrrong......."(repeating the r's) and she tripped again

yuvraj cldnt believe wht this wacko has done to him, making him smile this way and on the other hand making him do anything to save this redhead

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Meeko IF-Rockerz

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part 45

ashi woke up again, crying loudly

"ab kyaaa?"

"aur paani doo naaaaaaaaa" she cried again

"lo, lo... yeh lo aur paani aur baitho chup chaap!"

"tch... sirf paaani?? uv am hungry, mujhe kuch khaana hai"

"ashi, baby, we have our canned stuff, par opener nahi hai naa.."

"opener ki kya zarurat... abhi toh maine kahaa ki tum kiiiiiiitne stong ho!!!" she giggled

"kya? tumhe pata hai tumne kya kahaa??"

"ofcourse psycho, tumhe kya lagta hai? am not in my senses? dimaag kahaan hai tumhara?? oh.. tch.. srry, bhool gayi.. dad ke locker mein hoga, wahi sambhalke rakhte hoge nah!!"

'looks like she is okay now.. thank god ur fine ashi' uv said to himself

"accha chalo, ashi, tum so jaao, nahi toh kal jaldi uth nahi paogi, we need to save time rite!"

"ohk, we will save time!! but... uv!!! wen will i get it back?"

"get back wht?"

"duh uhh!!! time!!"

"wacko, ur drunk.. so jaao" saying this he caught his head"heyy bhagwaan!!! mujhe maaf kar do, aaj ke baad, main kisi ke saath aisa nahi karunga!!"

ashi giggled back at this,


"mujhe maaf kar do bhagwaan ji, plz, main aisa waapis kabhi nahi karunga" he faked it too


"kyunki mujhe issey sataana accha lagta hai" he grinned!


"nahi, maine kab kahaa, ki mujhe ashi pasand nahi??"


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Elizaaa...Why do you write so cutely!? Like..OMG. I loved it chooo muchhh! Damn I love your parts!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Yuvi looked at Ashi. She was grinning from ear to ear.

''Haan bhaggu, mujhe Ashi achi lagti hai.'' Yuvi grinned back at her.

Ashi giggled and continued in her fake bhaggu voice. ''Toh tumhein usse satana acha kyon lagta hai?''

''Jab uska poora face uske baalon ke colour jaisa ho jaata hai na, totally red, and jab she stands there not knowing what to do about me, and jab gusse mein vo mera gala dabane ki baat karti hai, I like that a lot about her. Isliye mujhe usse satana acha lagta hai.'' Yuvi smiled.

''Wow!!!'' Ashi's jaws dropped. ''Hi-five! Main bhi tumhein isliye tease karti hoon, 'cause I like your sarcastic expressions, your snorts, your rudeness, your everything.'' Ashi hugged him tightly. In her mind, she thought, Haan haan Yuvraj Dev. Games khelne mujhe bhi aate hain. 

He didn't get a chance to say anything. Ashi pressed closer to him and he could feel her breath on his neck, her arms around his waist.

Ashi broke the hug. '' don't want to hug me back?'' She made a puppy dog expression. ''You said you liked me.''

''I do like you.. a lot.'' Words escaped his mouth, even before he could think. And before he could think again, Ashi took his arms and threw them behind her waist.

 ''If you like me, hug me!'' She snorted. And Yuvi pulled her into a ribs-crushing passionate hug. She was thrown aback. She didn't expect him to do this. He's a good player.. she thought. Yuvi hugged her so intensly, so passionately, like he was so desperate, like he could do anything to keep her in his arms forever. And for what seemed like hours, he didn't let her go. 

''Errm.. Yuvi, do you plan to keep on hugging me forever?'' Ashi choked. ''It's pretty...tight.''

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aww, aki!!
this was toh.. idk yaar
and hw many times have we made ashi fall on uv, and hug him tight in this trip?? itni baar mein toh pyaar ho jaana pakka hai!!
hai na??
jab dekho ashi is all on uv, bechaara he!
but i can see hw much he likes it wen she is all over him!! his passionate hugs... awwww!!
accha, btw, ill be continuing after say 10th, am going on a vacation, i shalll meet u online and will cont reading, so plz u guys, keep updating, wen i come bk, ill rite on for ages pakka!!
and if in case, i get a chance, i'd rite from there too!!
will miss this cc btw!!

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part 47

''Errm.. Yuvi, do you plan to keep on hugging me forever?'' Ashi choked. ''It's pretty...tight.''

"mmmmmmmmmmmm..... and i like!" she continued

"I'd like to do this often, if you don't mind," he said, standing back up straight to his full height. 

"You want me to get drunk often?" she asked, chuckling a little.

"No, no, not that, just'hang out sometimes?" he asked, flustered.

"and get lost in jungles rrrrrite?"she nodded, still dazed and he left her standing there, 

her heart beating so loud she thought he could hear it as he walked away.

"uv!! kahaan jaa rahe ho??"

"to get equipments to open ur cans, tum waise bhi unwell ho, upar se u wnt be able to rest untill u eat something... i can hear ur stomach making noises till here"

"no silly, its my heartbeat tht u can hear" she blushed and stopped, wht was she doing?? line maroing on this guy, 

'no... ashi, come back, ashi yeh uv hai.. u cant let him knw tht u like him!!' she snapped'I have never kissed a boy, had a boyfriend and basically the whole package. Never done it. It just didn't fit into my life. masti and music are my two favorite things. I live my life to the fullest and play music with a lot of passion. That's just what I do. That's just who I am. thers no place for uv in my life.. come bk ashi..... come back' she said to herself,

"ur heart beats?? ah haan!! still ull need food to keep tht heart beating!!" he chuckled

 she couldn't get too carried away at all. A relationship would ruin her plans for the future. 'Who am i kidding?' she thought. 'Why would he go out with someone plain as me - why am I thinking this? I don't love. At all.' she mentally slapped herself and refocused on uv trying to break the can with knives he managed to find in the hut, he evn took some help from the stones he found.

finally he managed to break the can open and he served her some spaghetti,

"lo ashi, kuch kha lo, phir baat kareinge" 

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Aww, Lizzu, awesome part, babes. Embarrassed Vaise you are right, itni baar mein pyaar ho jaana chahiye..but again, this is Ashi and Yuvi you are talking about! Wacko and Psycho.. Do you think they are going to give in to their feelings THAT easily? Embarrassed

Debby, you wanna go next?

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Ashi - (Taking one bite and smiling) ''Yum. I love spaghetti.''

Yuvi - (Smiling) ''I can see that.'' (Looks outside the window) ''It's still raining, Ashi, and we have almost 4 hours till sunrise. What do you wanna do now?''

Ashi - (Swallowing the food in her mouth) ''Before we go, I need to change my clothes. I need a shirt which is not ripped apart.'' 

Yuvi - (Grins) ''Why? It's better this way''

Ashi - (Frowns) ''Shut up you wacko pervert. Now, close your eyes and turn around that way. I need to change.''

Yuvi - (Smirks) ''I'll watch''

Ashi - (Threatening) ''Turn around before I rip your throat off with the same knife you used for opening the can''

Yuvi looks up at Ashi and she looked perfectly serious. She would kill him.

Yuvi - (Throwing his hands back and giving up) ''Fine. Change. I'll turn. And close my eyes. Happy?''

Ashi - (Comes close to check) ''Are you sure?'' 

Yuvi nods.

Ashi walks to the opposite side of the room and threatens him again, ''I swear, if you turn around, you won't walk alive out of this place. And I'm drunk, I can do what I say.''

Yuvi - ''Wow, you are scary, Ashi. I told you I won't turn. Now hurry up. And besides, it's too dark here. And the lantern ain't on either. I can't get a look even if I want to!'' (Snorts)

Ashi changes her shirt and ripped jeans and pulls a jacket out of her bag. She turns around and smacks into someone head-first. It was too dark to see who it was.

Ashi (Grabbing the man by his neck) ''Yuvi. I told you. Stay at the opposite corner. Now you are dead.''

Yuvi - (His voice echoing from the other side of the room) ''I'm right here, babes. What happened?'' 

Ashi looked at the guy with terrified eyes. She still couldn't see his face. And Yuvi was nowhere to be seen in the dark.

Yuvi - (Worried) '' Ashi, ashi what's wrong? Ashi...I'm turning the lantern on, okay? Ashi...''

He turns the lantern on to find...

(To be continued Big smileBig smile)


Haha, okay, sorry for this part! Really sorry.. But I wanted this.. Make the guy whatever or whoever you want him to be.. a goon, someone from the class, whatever whatever. Embarrassed

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