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3 Idiots - Nok Jhok ko ab Rok Rok...Maahi Ve!! (Page 20)

Pari76 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

a for aadat
b for baaraat
c for chand
d for dhadkan
e for ehsaas
f for farmaish
g for guzarish
h for haq
i for ishq aur imtehaan
j for jigar
k for kasish
l for lamhey
m for mohabaat
n for nautanki/ Nautanki ka idol Nissar Wink
o for  odhni
p for pyar
q for qurbaani
r or rishta
s for saajan
t for tamanna
u for umr bhar ka saath
v for  mera vinuHeart
w for wada
x for x-tra love, hugs, kisses and moments 
y for yaadien
z for zaroorat

ABC of Maaneet/Vinu ki Nihu waali Prem Kahani!!

When DMG comes visiting Geet....!!

Pyar hai ... 
Issi liye toh takraar hai ....!!

Maan loves her soo much he wants her all to himself ... He doesn't perhaps realise she wants the same too !! being a girl she may not be able to say it the way he does ... but she finally lost it today !!That was the crux of the episode intertwined with cute sequences here and there ....

Scene 1:
The decorations coming in ...

Perhaps good times are on their way in terms of celebrations ... Maan thinks of Geet, and then he thinks she must come to him .. but he knows she cant on her own, so he makes sure she does ... if not as hone waala pati as the boss... !!! SMARTIE Smile

Scene 2:
Geet and Maan

Woh aa toh jaati hai, but she gives it back to him ... she behaves just the way a secy is supposed to !! He melts lekin, she is effected, but she remembers she is hurt, she cant lose focus! 
But she is right ... He is so blinded by his love for her, he doesnt seem to see her love for him !!! How typical .... 
The decorations falling all over her, with her not taking the fone, is symbolic of their future life together, where he will shower her not just with material gifts but with loads of love, in his abode, in his heart .. and hence they chose his room to bring out the scene ...!!!

Scene 3:

Annie and Rathod

He see's her and she has not !! that means everything is planned ! SmileSmile Arjuns mastermind is at work .. and the trap is laid .. and the mix up of the files has to have some outcome...and it being the budget file cant be ignored !!!

Scene 4:

Maan and Staff

Hawaaldaar Maan Singh's mental state is a mess... usne gift nahi liya toh sare office ko fone dediya LOLLOLLOL
beta Maan, shaadi ke baad bacche ke liye Mana karegi toh kya karoge???WinkWink
Abhi ke liye ... it was aww so adorable ... shows to what lengths he can go to make her happy and to be with her ... ah ah!! offcourse without realising she wants to perhaps do the same too ... lagey raho beta ... i like where this is heading ....  the madder, and crazier the fight ... utna hi awesome and rocking hoga unka making up waala scene ...

waise ... aise karoge toh .... sacchi main aaloo ke paranthey banake khilaane padenge .. shaadi ke baad .. to make her khush .. Embarrassed

As the shaadi is nearing, dono ko pata nahi chal raha kya kare .. issi liye ladh rahey hai ...
Ab Geet take a promise from him, these are all the fights you have had in your share ... shaadi ke baad no ladai ... no jhagda ... dher saara pyaar !!! 

It was another nice episode and i like the flow ....!!!
I only hope Dev gets a graceful exit ... like i said somewhere before ... I want Dev to bring Geet's parents as her wedding surprise for all the mess he created in her life ..
The last time, she got married no one knew, and her parents were silent witnesses to the whole thing ... Today ... the whole world is there at her wedding but her parents aint .. she may not say it .. but to a girl her parents are her biggest support system .. and if no one, her babaji should be here .. i loved the father-daughter scenes ... and the aangan bachpan waala gaana ...!!CryCryCry
So, basically hota yeh hai, he tells her, he doesnt want to mess her life anymore ... he says, he is ready to go to jail now, and before that he wanted her to have a complete wedding this time...!! and she shouldnt suffer cos of him!! 

I will miss Abhinav .... I remember meeting him once, when i went to the DMG set, he was sweet and nice ..!! he talked about bikes and stuff ...  Smile Infact maine Geet usi ke liye dekhna shuru kia tha .. feels sad to think  he is leaving .. i wish him all the luck !!  Also Perrneet if she is quitting ... Hope she finds good work else where ...

The story has balanced out well finally !! aur aaj ke liye yeh bhashan lamba ho gaya...

I am dying to see the takraaar turn into a hot hot making up moment !!! ROFL


If I go by character, I would say the last two episodes made Geet look like a fool because she is the one who said that they should talk and sort out their problems so that they don't have any misunderstandings.

Why should Dev bring the same parents who learned to live without her?  The same parents who barely stood up for her? The same parents that stayed in a abusive home and allow their daughter tobe abused instead of taking her and leaving?  I hope that her family does not show up at the ending.
May be to a girl whose parents and parents by deeds and not title would be her support system,but in Geet's case her support system is Maan Singh Khurana and no one else.
I also think that the creatives have taken a horrible path regarding the story.
This is just my POV.

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preetgurti IF-Stunnerz

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knock knock
koi hai ?

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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I was searching for this thread for the past half hr...finally found it.... LOLLOLLOLLOL
Vrush has been asking me to come to this thread for a long time but i was just too busy with work n had stopped visiting IF......
will be more regular now.... so jumping in here .....
@Nargis and Vrush...i was reading thru the old dens.... very old ones.... august,..... n gals i really miss ur posts..... those days were golden days of the show..... any way am gonna start my stint at 3I thread by pasting what i posted at devils den......

Edited by deniac - 16 December 2010 at 1:33am

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 1:34am | IP Logged
haay haay CV mujhse khafa hain..... not that i dint like today's episode but i dint love it.....
well the breakfast table scene kept the continuity intact...... but maneet fight over who will go n  meet Mr Rathode n their reasoning for that was sad.... really sad.... The best dialogue so far in the series came today......
Maan not wanting geet's choice for wedding decoration as he knows her choice...... LOLLOLLOL
Geet replying back saying Aap meri choice hain...... ROFLROFLROFLROFL
Maan Singh Khurana the kanjoos ki bolti band..... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Geet's anger on Maan is justified... he never speaks anything directly....while she speaks her heart out directly..... Geet has no idea why maan was angry with her last evening .... she wants the mobile so that she can speak to him whenever she feels like but is scared that he will again end up fight with her on fone as well....
I like Maan's determination that he will make sure she takes the fone... the decorations falling on maneet scene was a bit unnecessary....
they needed to show maneet dialogue and reason for their fight.... CVs maneet have reached a stage where they can fight and be angry on each other coz they r missing each other but they can have a mature conversation as well.... it is time to show them discussing how their life will change post marraige....time for maan to tell geet that she needs to stop calling him sir.....
Instead when geet is expecting he wants to talk to his wud b wife...maan thinks she will be angry that he is ordering his wud b wife to come to his he calls for his secretary.....
Geet being angry on him behaves exactly like a good secretary ...standing outside his room while he takes the fone call.....
Maan reasoning out with geet bout y not take the fone.... geet telling him she doesnt want to hear him yell at her unnecessarily even on fone.... maan telling her that 30 mins curfew is off.... geet getting pissed that he told her bout it coz she brought up the topic else he wunt hv told her at all...
Well Maan what u hvnt yet told her is the most important thing in her life... Daadi's decision to take back the case against NT... Maan hasnt yet discussed that with Geet....
CVs can u please show some matured discussion between the 2??? bout the case...bout what geet will do in office after marriage.... bout her future education.... bout maneet themselves.... i mean enuf of chaand sitare talks.... can v see maan telling geet bout his family.... something bout his childhood?? can we see geet craving for some food in the middle of the night???
Anyway - lets proceed.... Annie n her climbing 8 floors for the mtng with Arjun... well to get the required file, annie used Geet's name in front of maan n maan readily agreed.... now its showing that Geet is Maine Super Kanjoos's weak point.... anyone can get anything done from him in Geet's name....  
Annie getting paint on her clothes.... yuck.... but still wants to meet Arjun...well well...the gal isnt as snobbish n brattish as i had thot on the first day of her entry....
hmmmmm office.... Maine Super kanjoos gifting everyone with a mobile fone as their profits have been super..... ShockedShockedLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL...... profits??? convertile car churayi...n now saying u made profits??? car bech diyi kya?? n gifts for all??? kyon ji.... only Geet works....pura office to nikkamonse bhara pada hai.... n gift...well well...another tactic to make sure Geet accepted kanjoos's gift....
Geet actually mann hi mann muskura rahi hai ke Munda uski wajah se itna sab kar raha hai...
this is another part i loved.... Manisha din like his fone color n wants to exchange the blue fone with geet's red fone.... geet bade pyaar se apne fone ko feel kar rahi thi n manisha pulled it from geet's hand... UDP calls geet on her fone to talk to her... n Manisha answers the call...
MSK - mera surprise tumhe kaise laga? ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Manisha's expressions here were toofan.... Hot hot boss calling him n speaking in the husky romantic voice.... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Maan's realisation that its manisha on the line n not geet...making him every angry that she doesnt even care bout the gift he gave her.... geet snatching the fone from manisha n telling manisha that she liked her fone n din wanna exchange n then trying to explain to maan what happened.... well the episode ended with an angry Maan....
Precap - ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Annie is kissing her image.....haan koi aur to use kiss karega nahi... so khud hi kar rahi hai.....
CVs - its time now geet speak to maan.... n manao him a bit romantically.... n its time maan talk to her bout NT n case....
Overall - a bit of filler episode.... but not bad.....

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-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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Welcome Gouri...

to the world of madness.... each idiot is unique..but part of a whole...

hope you like our brand of idiosyncrasies

-honeydew- IF-Sizzlerz

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welcome to the thread gouri ... 

now is the time to show us how mad you can be ...

ur time starts now!!

Prove ur an IDIOT !!

come on! 

DO it now !!

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Originally posted by Pari76

 December 15th      

         What utter stupidity? What utter crap???  Today's episode was another filler, but very tastelesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

         Logic was out the door.

         There was episode continuation.

         Execution was horrible.


Three Best things in today's episode:

1.       Episode continuation.

2.       Geet saying to Maan that he is her choice.

3.       Manisha-Maan phone scene.


Everything else pure nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1.       CVs and Nissar and Channel seem to want GHSP to go down the drains. 

2.       The rumor that once surfaced rung in my ear this morning as I thought of yesterday's filler episode and I read the TRPs.  There was a big production house that wanted their show to be number one and Starone was supposedly asking GHSP Team to take second rank. 

3.       Why haven't the creatives allow Maan to tell Geet why he was upset yesterday?

4.       Why haven't the creatives allow Geet to ask Maan why he was upset yesterday?

5.       Maan's and Geet's relationship has become a mature one and therefore they should work out issues/problems in a mature manner.

6.       This is so ridiculous to come after the fact that Geet had a mature conversation with Maan where Geet was the one that spoke; that from now on they'll discuss their problems so that they don't have any more misunderstandings/arguments. 

7.       Didn't Dadi and Anwesha find out Mr. Rathore's first name?  Maan also did not question who is Mr. Rathore and his first name.

8.       This name should always ring a bell for the Khuranas and Geet!

9.       Why isn't Pinky, Geet's best friend not involved in Maan's and Geet's wedding planning?

10.   Why isn't Meera, a good friend og Geet, not involved in Maan's and Geet's wedding planning?

11.     Why hasn't Geet been told by Maan that NT's brother is here and his name and his request and that Dadi agreed?

12.   Anwesha's outfit was cute.

13.   The cell phone idea was great, but the execution was horrible.

14.   Why all the repeat scenes like confetti falling on Geet and Maan? We had already gotten this indicating marriage.  If to keep the audience reminded that there is a wedding happening, there are many better ways of doing so.  Like showing everyone at Khurana's house busy preparing for the wedding.  Showing Geet with Dadi at the stores shopping, even including Anwesha.

15.   Is NT hatching her own plans as her trust in Arjun has gone sour?  Wow, I hope so. What a nice twist this would be' dare I wish'

16.   Where is Meera?

17.   Whereis Dev?

18.   Where is Sasha?

19.   I like that Maan gave Adi the first phone as Adi is his most loyal employee above all.

20.   For Maan Geet is more than an employee even before they had relationship and before they  named to their relationship.

21.   CVs and Nissar are dragging the wedding! How long are they planning on dragging wedding for?

22.   They are trying to build the Arjun-Awesha track before the wedding.  Why? hmmmm'..

23.   Geet looks pale? Are they preparing for the MC track? Or is Drashti not feeling well?

24.   Are creatives trying to give audience calmness before the "bomb" explodes?

25.   Will the try to use the Arjun-Anwesha track to help them in the future when GC goes to Nach Bailey?



Within the rubbish of today's episode lies a couple of hints.


1.       Geet telling Maan that he is keeping secrets when he tells her that Dadi's half hour rule is no longer indicates Maan and Geet will have misunderstandings regarding Maan keeping the secret of Arjun and his request of dropping charges against NT and that Dadi Ma agreed to this.


2.       Anwesha taking Maan's client file with her and that particular client that he had a meeting with today, seems like this will be Arjun's key to attempt destroying Khuranas and Geet.


3.       Anwesha seems to be the weakness of Maan or even Geet as even Anwesha knew that if she took Geet's name, Maan would calm down.  It showed that Maan would leave everyone and everything for Geet as we have seen many indications of this before.


Precap:  I am not gonna speculate.


A.      Wardrobe


         Can you please give Geet different styles, different colors, and different patterns of Indian outfits to wear? 

         Stop giving her the same style and same pattern outfit.


B.      Makeup and hair


         Maan  is a guy and while I understand that you like to use eyeliner to bring out his eyes, it is too much.

         For Maan you should use black-brown or brown and put on little or simply don't use.

         Geet's make up needs to be changed.  She is fair in complexion.  So warm (minus beiges and peach type colors) and cool shades would be nice. 

         Different hair styles would be nice.  Yes she is supposed to be simple, but simplicity does not equal boring.  There are other simple styles which her hair can be styled.



My speculations' (Addition is a)

a.       NT is structuring her own plan as she has lost trust in Arjun. She trusts herself more than ANYONE ELSE.

b.      Arjun will use Anwesha to get to Maan, but will fall in love with her in the process.

c.       NT's sentence to Adi will come into play once again "loyal employees of Maan Veerji, he'll need them."

d.      From Maan's repetitive dialogue about "as long as he is there nothing will happen to Geet" makes me think that may be for whatever reason he won't be there once due to circumstance and something will happen to Geet.

e.      NT brings in Sameera'

Here is what needs to happen'  (No changes)

1.    Who was NT's helper that dropped the chandelier which was supposed to kill Geet?

2.    The entire story of the entire Khurana Family and Family Members need to be told now.

3.    Anwesha needs to inquire about her bro Vicky and his wife NT and also Dev's Mom and Dev's sister.

4.    Dev needs to tell Maan everything that has happened from time he came out of jail because of NT to present including his deal with NT for exchange for family freedom.

5.     GEET NEEDS TO START CALLING MAAN "MAAN". (caps for emphasis only)

6.     I want to know exactly when and where NT got POAs, cause it wasn't when Maan was in the


7.     Dev and Meera should go and speak to MSK regarding NT.

8.     Geet needs to give a public statement to the press saying that "she misunderstood the

 situation and acted rash.  Maan is nothing like Dev and Maan is and will always be reputable.   The answer to your question is yes, Maan and I are getting married."

9.     I would like to see Dev slap NT with open palm then bring back to another slap with back of hands.

10.  Sasha needs to be put out of commission once and for all.  She should not have another hand

in causing any more damages to Geet or Maan as for an employee she has already got away with too much.

11.  Dev's mother and sister need to be mentioned as part of the criminal crew and be punished


12.  Geet needs to know Meera's true ties to Khurana's family.

13.  Maan needs to become the ferocious tiger.  Remember his words to NT that if she made Geet

                  cried he would take revenge for each tear drop.  I don't think NT can pay this debt in its'

                  entirety in this lifetime.

14.  Maan still needs to know

                           i.   That NT poisoned Dadi's mind

                         ii.   That Dadi kicked Geet out of the house.

                        iii.   That NT lied to Geet about him not wanting to see her

                       iv.    That NT lied to Geet about the taveez and again Maan not wanting to see her

                         v.   That NT moved him from his original hospital room in order to prevent Geet from seeing

 Him and that she stopped Geet at the door of his hospital room from entering to see him.

                         vi. That Sasha is the reason why the story came out at the office.

                        vii. Nasty Attitude insulted Geet and threw her into the pool.

                      viii. Sasha is working with NT and locked them in store room.

                         ix. Maan needs to know Pindi was working with NT.











bravo many sawal ...but no jawab darling

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