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3 Idiots - Nok Jhok ko ab Rok Rok...Maahi Ve!! (Page 12)

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 12:40pm | IP Logged
abey oye ... atki record ...!!! maine tujhe issey aagey aur kuch nahi sikhaya kya ????
i love you and all .. but bas ab !!AngryAngry

Originally posted by LavZ

Originally posted by -honeydew-

kitne ajeeb ristey hai yeh thread pe ..
kitne ajeeb rishte hai yeh thread pe
ek pal main mummy hai
doojey main beti hai ...
ek pal saalie hai
kabhi aur saheli hai ...

jab episode bura ho toh
Vinu pe sab toot padte hai ....!!!
Mere Choti Misti Momma da best!!! ApproveHug

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Originally posted by LavZ

Kya Khabar Thi Jaana Mujhe Pyaar Ho Jaayega.....

Dil Tumhare Liye Bekaraar Ho Jaayega........

Yeh Teri Nazar Yeh Teri Nazar.....

Le Gayi Mann Yeh Mera Teri Baali Umar....

Maan Jaa Dilbar Maan Jaa Dilbar...

O Jaane Jigar O Jaane Jigar...

Le Gayi Mann Yeh Karari Karari Nazar...

Maan Jaa Dilbar Maan Jaa Dilbar.....



Helo phamily....
CVS - Grt work as usual....ClapClap njoyd da epi


kyon ho khafa itne aye huzoor

hum se kaho ho gaya kya kasoor

bolo kuchh toh bolo meri lehraati daamini

par yeh toh bata mujhe, chaandaniya

yeh kaise huaan meri, chaandaniya

kahi chain na de yeh dil ki lagi

tere pichhe phire liye dil ki lagi

ruk toh kahaan chali

oh oh oh chaandani aaya hai tera deewana

oh oh oh chaandani suno toh jaane jana na'..

Yeh kaunsa rule aagaya hai!!!!LOLRules r meant to b broken Maan'aap hi hai jo Geet ki har baath chup chap maan lethe hai'who kahan aapki koi bhi baath maanthi hai''Joru bani nahi'abhi se Ghulam ban gaya''Tongue

"Aap kissi deewar se shaadi kar rahe hai ya kursi se shaadi kar rahe hai'mujhse shaadi kar rahe hai naa'.tho main tai karoongi"'"Aap bhi mere choice hai"!!!!!ROFLClapClap WONDERFUL!!! Lage Raho Ladki''ClapThumbs Up

Finally'Anni is da one goin to meet Mr.Rathod'..nice'.Mr.Rathod gets to c Miss Khurana'..anothr Lub istory in da makin'..Wink

Chod kar raah mein jaoge tum agar
Cheen launga main aasman se tumhe
Soona hoga na yeh, do dilon ka nagar

One doubt Ver is Nakul???ShockedConfusedNakul ban gaya SureshConfused'..MSK gvs da fone to Suresh'.n asks him to reach n Outhouse n gv da fone to Geet aftr all dis he tells he wil call widin 5 min'..chalo Suresh Babu..Red bull peelo'.u need wings''.LOL

Secretry ke ehsiyath se'..n she cums in wid a notepad'..n he asks her to wait'she waits outside'EmbarrassedClap

He tries to mak her undrstnd bt she is angry..aur jayaz bhi hai yaar'

da decoration matrls fall on dem.....decorations r used durin celebrations ven der is happiness all around'.bt dey ver fightin'.. der future lyf wil b similar  '.filled wid happiness bt lik in nyones lyf'..des happiness will cum wid a pinch of unhappiness''
i remember a similar sequnz'.ven Maan was angry wid Geet n shouts at her in da Outhouse n da decorations fall on dem aftr dis sequnz v got a beautiful confession wala scene wid da taveez moment'.so I wd hope to c Maaneet mak up fr dis fight wid a similar beautiful sequnz'..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Arjun aur Anni ka Humraaz'..ShockedConfusedLOL

Anni Is waitin to meet him bt everything goin da wrong way''everythin is stopping her frm meetin him'tellin her'.beta rukh jaa'..or elz u vil regrt it'.stop!!! no she is MSK's sis'chalo jao beta n get wateva is destined fr u'u r askin fr it!!!LOL...yeh GHSP mei Humraaz?!?!?!ShockedWink


KC pe Mobile phone ki baarish!!!ShockedLOL

Wah'kya baath hai'.Geet rejctd da fone n da whole staff gets hold of a new fone'..he has decided to gv her a fone'.by hook or crook he wil get it done''Embarrassed


Teri meri taqraaro se bana dil ka yeh rishta hai,
Aaina jo main dekhu to tera chehra hi dikhta hai,
Jab se mujhe tu mili''

Dey fight lyk cats n dogs'bt dis is da basis of der relation'.des fights get dem closer to one another''Embarrassed

Now dat Maan has shoutd at Geet ovr da fone'I doubt iff she wil accept it'she had told him'she doesn't wnt da fone coz she noes he wil shout at her ovr da fone too'..ab kya karoge Maan???how wil u manofy her??Winkiss baar kuch hatke ho jaye' holdin hands,no liftin chins'..kuch alag'..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Mr.MSK - yeh ishq nahi aasaan bas ithna samjh lejiye...aag ka darya hai aur doopke jaana hai!!!!LOL(KKKG ka dialg haiWink)
Loads of luv,

Love the Take Lavu.....Beautiful as Usual....but for me somehow Maaneet seems to be stuck...and not progressingSmile

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lily_k25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dolphinUSA

Most memorable shaadi...hmm let's see what we have here.

Maaneet just got up to take pheras. "Ruk jao. Yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti". They saw NT approaching them. Annie and Dadima run to hold her in place, both pulling her arms on either side, while she tries to move forward. Seeing this, Maan signals the pandit to read the mantras fast. Everything happens in fast forward thence. Maaneet seem to run around the holy fire, pandit rapping the mantras, audience throwing phool on Maaneet fast fast.

Arjun comes in and sees what is happening. He starts walking towards Maaneet but its too late. The 3 monkeys along with Adi have already bridged the gap towards him and are now holding him grounded with all force. Maan quickly fills Geet's maang, puts on a mangalsutra and they exchange warmalas. Once they are done, everyone else is all smiles but NT and Arjun. Maaneet hold their tongue out and do a thumbs down to them. Defeated, they both ease out and when everyone lets go of them, they run towards the mandap. But before they can reach Maaneet, everyone else is running behind them and so instead of going after Maaneet, they run in circles around the mandap to get rid of everyone following them. Tired, they all stop to get a breather and that's when Maaneet again pull their tongue out wiggling their thumb before running out of the hall themselves.

P.S. - Please pardon the order of the events. I am not I don't know what comes first and in which order.

*Dol is running away from all the jootis and tamatars. She probably won't come back until Kullu has calmed down*


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LavZ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

beta, dont you think papa smells really nice !!! thats what i meant by yummy !!! koun sikha raha hai tumse yeh sab beta?
tumhare nani aur uski maa tumhe bigaad rahey ...
agle hafte se tum unke ghar nahi jaogi ..
jaao home work karo ...!!Angry

Originally posted by LavZ

Originally posted by -honeydew-

you mean yummy , mummy ????EmbarrassedEmbarrassedWink

Originally posted by -RushTrip-

tere jeeju pops sounds like coco pops...

ready to  eat cereal...
who is givin ideas to whom??LOL Mommmyyyy...... mere Jeeju pops is yummy?!?!Winkisshhhh besharamLOL...kuch tho khayal rakha karo....bachche hai yaha pe...
Nahiiii...mujhe naani ke paas jaana hai * stamps her foot on da ground n gives a determind look *.....aap naa mujhe hamesha datthe rehthe ho....Crymujhe home wrk karna hai...tho aap yaha kya kar rahe ho...aapke begair mei HW kaise karun??Ouch

Edited by LavZ - 15 December 2010 at 12:43pm

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

iska matlab, jo post maine tumhare liye likha .. tumne woh padha hi nahi ...???? Confused

Originally posted by rickks

Hi Guys....Kya ho raha hai????

Nahi i am still reading.....ConfusedConfused
rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -RushTrip-

Awwww..another saccharine sweet epi...mujhe diabetes ho jayega... and considering my age..i need some..real... drama..not this...silly nok jhok...ab..bahut hua
i know where this is sab..pyar takraar..will continue till sangeet..and then

maine pyar kiya type of "i love you" cliched..yaar..koi bolo Ved ki nahi hamien 2011 ki love story chahiye...

i am happy dil maange more!!

 Maan's regressing...he wants to talk on the phone, she wants to talk on phone so what is stopping them?? their stupid egos??

now i am not saying that their romance needs to be x rated but..please...thora..romance...of the grown up variety...even without touching...i am sure...looks expression...can do the trick...
they did it in Peen Loo!!

yaar thora aur logic...i far up can the confetti fly, i mean i have heard of death defying acts..this is was like gravity defying..and after was repeat of what is done earlier??

chalo ab mein kaafi tukai kar li.. now some praises...

ikraar karna mushkil hai
inkaar karna mushkil hai
mehboob se mohabbat ka
izhaar karna mushkil hai

ho kitna mushkil hai dekho
iss duniya mein dil lagana...
ho yaara dil lagana....

that was the cute part...loved that...even..daadi and Ani..expressions...

Now for symbolism...Clap

Ani's clothes getting stained while she is going to the Event management is that despite her best efforts the marriage preparation will have obstacles and her reputation will be tarnished and no guesses for who is going to do it...Arjun...
who will first make her fall in love with him
though looking at precap he still does not know who she is...(or does he?) and likes the girl but once he comes to know... that the same girl he met in parking lot and near the elevator or where ever that no one else but Maan's sister, he will want to use her to seek his sister's revenge.. i thinking cliched as well?? who knows CVs might have something up their sleeve!!

i would want that despite knowing everything about Ani and his plans..they should back fire for he falls in love with the girl and he then will turn the world upside down to make reparation to her and her family and learn that..his sister lied by omission...

will be back for...more..

yaar..bhel puri khani..hai....chatpati... you know...waise..bhi..pregnancy mein..Geet ko kuch katta meetha khane ka mann toh karta hoga..

kya Maan..uske liye..kuch...kachche aam..le aayega?? ya achar??

ya phir bhel puri??

yaar..i want some scenes like that..

she uses mobile phone at night to call him and say..mujhe kuch khatta khana hai..aap le aao

par mein tumhare mayke..nahin aa sakta..

toh mein sasuraal to aa sakti hoon...

and..then...he feeds her achar..with his hand..i know..messy but oh so sexy..and her licking off the achar..from his fingers...

yaar...kuch..khatta ho jaaye..!!

Vrushu beautiful take...Loved the parts underlined.....exactly the way i feel

The Bhel puri seq Awesome...Its high time they start showing something more than thses baseless Nok-jhoks

Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

kitne ajeeb ristey hai yeh thread pe ..
kitne ajeeb rishte hai yeh thread pe
ek pal main mummy hai
doojey main beti hai ...
ek pal saalie hai
kabhi aur saheli hai ...

jab episode bura ho toh
Vinu pe sab toot padte hai ....!!!

Woh kameena aye toh koi toot padey uss pur....Woh danger ka sign daikh kur bhaag gaya....

rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -honeydew-

a for aadat
b for baaraat
c for chand
d for dhadkan
e for ehsaas
f for farmaish
g for guzarish
h for haq
i for ishq aur imtehaan
j for jigar
k for kasish
l for lamhey
m for mohabaat
n for nautanki/ Nautanki ka idol Nissar Wink
o for  odhni
p for pyar
q for qurbaani
r or rishta
s for saajan
t for tamanna
u for umr bhar ka saath
v for  mera vinuHeart
w for wada
x for x-tra love, hugs, kisses and moments 
y for yaadien
z for zaroorat

ABC of Maaneet/Vinu ki Nihu waali Prem Kahani!!

When DMG comes visiting Geet....!!

Pyar hai ... 
Issi liye toh takraar hai ....!!

Maan loves her soo much he wants her all to himself ... He doesn't perhaps realise she wants the same too !! being a girl she may not be able to say it the way he does ... but she finally lost it today !!That was the crux of the episode intertwined with cute sequences here and there ....

Scene 1:
The decorations coming in ...

Perhaps good times are on their way in terms of celebrations ... Maan thinks of Geet, and then he thinks she must come to him .. but he knows she cant on her own, so he makes sure she does ... if not as hone waala pati as the boss... !!! SMARTIE Smile

Scene 2:
Geet and Maan

Woh aa toh jaati hai, but she gives it back to him ... she behaves just the way a secy is supposed to !! He melts lekin, she is effected, but she remembers she is hurt, she cant lose focus! 
But she is right ... He is so blinded by his love for her, he doesnt seem to see her love for him !!! How typical .... 
The decorations falling all over her, with her not taking the fone, is symbolic of their future life together, where he will shower her not just with material gifts but with loads of love, in his abode, in his heart .. and hence they chose his room to bring out the scene ...!!!

Scene 3:

Annie and Rathod

He see's her and she has not !! that means everything is planned ! SmileSmile Arjuns mastermind is at work .. and the trap is laid .. and the mix up of the files has to have some outcome...and it being the budget file cant be ignored !!!

Scene 4:

Maan and Staff

Hawaaldaar Maan Singh's mental state is a mess... usne gift nahi liya toh sare office ko fone dediya LOLLOLLOL
beta Maan, shaadi ke baad bacche ke liye Mana karegi toh kya karoge???WinkWink
Abhi ke liye ... it was aww so adorable ... shows to what lengths he can go to make her happy and to be with her ... ah ah!! offcourse without realising she wants to perhaps do the same too ... lagey raho beta ... i like where this is heading ....  the madder, and crazier the fight ... utna hi awesome and rocking hoga unka making up waala scene ...

waise ... aise karoge toh .... sacchi main aaloo ke paranthey banake khilaane padenge .. shaadi ke baad .. to make her khush .. Embarrassed

As the shaadi is nearing, dono ko pata nahi chal raha kya kare .. issi liye ladh rahey hai ...
Ab Geet take a promise from him, these are all the fights you have had in your share ... shaadi ke baad no ladai ... no jhagda ... dher saara pyaar !!! 

It was another nice episode and i like the flow ....!!!
I only hope Dev gets a graceful exit ... like i said somewhere before ... I want Dev to bring Geet's parents as her wedding surprise for all the mess he created in her life ..
The last time, she got married no one knew, and her parents were silent witnesses to the whole thing ... Today ... the whole world is there at her wedding but her parents aint .. she may not say it .. but to a girl her parents are her biggest support system .. and if no one, her babaji should be here .. i loved the father-daughter scenes ... and the aangan bachpan waala gaana ...!!CryCryCry
So, basically hota yeh hai, he tells her, he doesnt want to mess her life anymore ... he says, he is ready to go to jail now, and before that he wanted her to have a complete wedding this time...!! and she shouldnt suffer cos of him!! 

I will miss Abhinav .... I remember meeting him once, when i went to the DMG set, he was sweet and nice ..!! he talked about bikes and stuff ...  Smile Infact maine Geet usi ke liye dekhna shuru kia tha .. feels sad to think  he is leaving .. i wish him all the luck !!  Also Perrneet if she is quitting ... Hope she finds good work else where ...

The story has balanced out well finally !! aur aaj ke liye yeh bhashan lamba ho gaya...

I am dying to see the takraaar turn into a hot hot making up moment !!! ROFL


THE ABC of Maaneet World is AWESOMEClap....
Beautiful Take sweet-heart but i see DMG in the Making why are they doing this????.Cry

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