Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Epi 34-15/12-Analysis and Discussion

-tehreem- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:09am | IP Logged
Heya guyz..Hug
For ppl who love the show n love analyzing herez a common pour in & share your views/thoughts about the episode/show..
Few rules to keep the discussion flow nice. :)

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.


Note : Since there are few more options to be considered  for the name of the thread we will give it a few more days and then announce the name in the weekend thread.   Will discuss about that later in the thread.   For now pour in ur thoughts abt the episode.

i still have to watch the episode so
the episode was sad on the whole but still it had some good and happy points in it which i'll come to later on
soo the episode started with the emotional talk of arohi and DJ where arohi pored her heart out infront of her DJ i am glad she was more consered for arohi rather than the family respect
i love the bond arohi shares with her DJ where she can tell her anything W*Hout hestitating even her feelings for arjun when she knows that this is wrong and it cant happen but as she said love has its on rules
atleast arohi considered this fact that people can lie but feeling cannot lie
and thanx god DJ didnt go on and on about arjun's character she was just stopping arohi without uttering a single word for arjun
I am loving the characters of DJ and rashi in today's episode because these are the only 2 people who know about arjuhi's feeling for eachother
Arjun you said it right arohi is hurt beyond repair because she trusted you blindly without hestitating once but you broke that trust by not telling her about yourself may be if she heard this truth from you she wouldn't have reacted the way she did now but i know she is going to understand your point very soon.....
This singhania name is creating alot of problems for you both it is a big hurdle in your milapOuch
This rudra guy is just pissing me mean can this guy getAngry
And yes you said it right rudra ..once everything gets settled between arjun and arohi ,arjun is going to start loving his life without caring for what you say him.Big smile
Aray ahluwalia's please dont starve yourself for arohi pata nai kab tak bhooka rehna par jaye tum logon koLOL
So dadu ji is planning a big party for his lovely grand daughter
i am loving itBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
Chalo ji pehle kam log thay jo aik gauri madam bhi aa gayi arohi ka brain wash karne ke liyeAngry
but i loved the answer which arohi had for herEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
"itna pyaar ke batana mushkil hai ke muje us ke jhoot ne zayada dard dia hai ya us ki judai ne"
tht made me do "oye hoye" in the endEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
A song from my side on the ending
Jeeyain to jeeyain kaise
Bin aapke
Lagta nahi dil kaheen
Bin aapke
Kaise kahun bina tere zindagi ye kya hogi
Jaise koi saza koi badua hogi
Meine kia hai ye faisla
Jeena nai hai tere bina
Jeeyain to jeeyain kaise bin aapkeHeart

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:36am | IP Logged

I did not watch yesterday's episode but I don't think I missed any point today. We see that DJ and Arohi have an emotional talk wherein Arohi confesses that she loves Arjun. DJ, as expected does not approve of this and warns her not to utter such a thing ever again! Arohi does realise that Arjun never did anything 'wrong' with her: he didn't harm her, didn't torture her, didn't take advantage of her. I don't blame her for not realising she was kidnapped! Though she somewhere does appreciate that Arjun did not do anything which he could've done, she is not ready to forgive him because after all he broke her trust, he betrayed her, deceived her. He touched her heart, her soul and she trusted him with her life. She will never be able to forgive him not because she's angry with him, but because she's genuinely hurt. And a hurt person is more unforgiving than an angry person.
Arjun also realises that even though he never harmed her physically, but as he himself said, that breaking trust never makes a noise but it hurts very badly. He could read her eyes, they had only one question: Why? He had no answer. He just knew that even though the roots of the bond they'd formed in the few days they were together might have been a lie, but the bond was very much true, was very much real.
Rudra can sense that Arohi has, somewhere, influenced Arjun into loving life. He's started believing that life is beautiful, its worth living, its worth giving a chance. Rudra, of course, doesn't appreciate this. He knows that then kind of work Arjun is engaged in, he must not find a reason to live! Loving life will only spell doom! Thats why Rudra never gave Arjun a chance to look at life at its best, to realise how much life has to offer.
Arohi's family is just as shattered as Arohi herself. Their day is incomplete without Arohi's constant 'bakar-bakar'. And the only thing worse than having Arohi out of home is having a 'ghunsum' Arohi at home! Life seems abnormal, suddenly duller without Arohi's chirpiness. Kya ho gaya humari hansti phudakti Arohi ko?Cry
And of course, Arohi has no idea what shattered her: Arjun's lie or his separation.

P.S. Can anybody kindly explain to dumb little me why a girl's character is stained if she gets kidnapped?? As if its her fault!Ermm 

Memorable quotes:

Arohi: Usne mere shareer ko nahi, mere mann ko chhooa tha!
Arohi: Dill ke apne rules hote hain. Dimaag chahe jitna bhi kahe ki yeh galat hai, lekin jab dill apne par aata hai, toh kissi ki nahi sunta.
Arohi: Insaan jhoote ho sakte hain, par ehsaas jhoote nahi ho sakte!
Arjun: Jab bharosa tootta hai toh awaz nahi aati, bas dard hota hai.
Arohi: Pata nahi mujhe uske jhoot ne zyada dard diya hai ya uski judaai ne.

The passion of Arjun and Arohi's love will only increase when everything gets cleared out and they will fight all obstacles and surpass all hurdles just so that they can be togetherEmbarrassed

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:39am | IP Logged

LOVED IT.  Day Dreaming  u all thinking why I am not sad,   this epi gave insight to so many things,  Arohi admitting she still loves him as much as she hates Heart , Arjun  lost in her thoughts that he doesnt even notice RPSEmbarrassed (thats right  rps u are gone man) ,  and   RPS getting a clue of  what arjun is going through. Thumbs Up.  

Loved arohi's convo with DJ and arjun's with raashi. Thumbs Up  as arohi starts saying usne mujhe chua with a smile ,  DJ's expressions change Thumbs Up  , I like how arohi puts it ki usne mere  man ko chua ,  dil ki apni rules hote hai hai and how  on whatever was true from his side is shadowed by his  lies that she is not able to make out the difference and accepts she loves and hates him at the same timeClap.  while arjun is thinking  that she hates him , he is not able to forget  her questioning  eyes,  but he doesnt tell his sister the  truth  that he too  loves herEmbarrassed.   Both of them accepting that  they are changed ppl now.   The pain and love very brilliantly put across by karan and  kritika. Clap
(I really wonder why so much emphasis is being put on  'did he touch you' ,  as in did u both cross limits, I mean the family should be aware of that but it should not put a limit on her life,  I thot those days are gone behind and now all that matters  is the girl safe now or not .  are the cvs planning  a future track based on this, I hope not , right now  the way they are showing the  effect of reality is really good.)

Arjun's identity is surfacing Thumbs Up ,  while arjun says  to his sister that he will never deter from his family Embarrassed ,  RPS thinks differently,   Infact he  knows arjun better than  anybody  else.  He is aware arjun  is deprived of love  and  when he finds it and  commits  to this love it wont be good for  them ( I mush say his evil mind is brilliant).   He  is aware of arjun's feelings for arohi  and his evil mind at work  , not good Ouch. (tum jitna bhi try karo rudra unko alag nahi  kar sakte, unko kismat ne already mila diya hai )  The actor is excelent  again  with his lines and acting. 

Highlight today -  Both of them remembering each other.   Arohi knows Arjun wanted to say ILU Heart.   As he remembers  her ILU he says 'I am sorry'  Embarrassed  and a tear rolls down   while
she is saying I can never fogive you  Ouch ,   loved the scene Clap ,   their hearts  are so much connected Clap.   Flashbacks and bg score good Thumbs Up   ( but I still think they can use something else other than kal ho na ho tune, it was used in PKB already) ,     and there is  no need to say karan kritika were fab here. Clap

Family scene was good, everybody deciding to make arohi   happy  Thumbs Up (everyone acted well here Clap)   and gauri trying to cheer up arohi with a girl tonic  did chachu get a hint abt what might cheer gauri up if needed?Wink.    When gauri says 'sharm aati hai ki maine kabhi usse pyar ki thi'  Angry   dont think she will hate arjun when she finds out later  that arjun is a genuine person and arjuhi are in love   she will go back to her on/off mode Silly .  

I love arohi's last   line 'itna pyar ki , mujhy uski jhoot ki jyada dard hai ki  uski judaai ki'  Embarrassed  wish arjun can listen to this line,  he is  under the impression she hates him.  today hearts did not break instead got connected a little again.  Thumbs Up.


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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Today's episode was sad, but at the same time really good and was much needed.
We predicted a few people to be close to Arjuhi and those came out to be true today. Arjun is close to his sister and he did open up to her today. Arohi is the closest to her DJ and then her dadu, but since she knows dadu will hate hearing this, she told DJ who was there to take care of her.

Arohi opened up today, and she told DJ everything...what she feels and what her heart says and that DJ herself said that the heart has no boundary. The fact that Arjun is Arjun Singhania will not be accepted by her family. DJ told her that this is wrong and she can't think about Arjun like that even though her heart is saying so right now. But Arohi knows her heart wants to be with Arjun, her mind says to hate him because of the betrayal and here we see a confused Arohi, she doesn't know what hurts the most, the distance from Arjun or the fact that he broke her trust.

Arjun opens up to Rahsmi (correct me if i'm wrong about the sisters name) and this is the first time Arjun has opened up to somebody after Arohi. She is the only one in the family who understands him, the others use him for their own benefit Angry today Rudra proved it that he only brought Arjun home from the streets was because he has the same fire in his eyes as him, and now he is scared that they are going to loose Arjun who is the pillar for Rudra's business empire, or well Gangster empire. The bond between Arjun-Rashmi was really nice to see, she understood right away something was wrong. Gosh i just loved his lines today, especially when he said that he has learned that when you break somebodys trust, not one but two people get hurt, one is the person whose trust you break and the second is yourself. A girl who is scared of the dark trusted him blindly and even handed her life to him. The look in Arohi's eyes were saying something else and her mouth something else. She was looking into his eyes and saying that she feels betrayed, she is broken and she is hurt really bad.

The flashback scenes Clap especially with the KHNH sad tune playing in the BG Clap that was executed really well. Arjun was feeling so guilty and Arohi was feeling confused but she knew she didn't want to forgive Arjun for breaking her so bad, but again she knows she has loved him but she hates him just as much. Arohi knows that the heart wins over the mind so rather than thinking about whether she even loves him or not, she just wants to know what pains more, the distance or the lie? I am sure its the distance from him because she knows even though the person was fake the feelings were real. that realization was needed, that line of Arohi was what made me really proud of her. She listened to her DJ so well she gave a reply back to her saying well you yourself said that if i fall for someone, i will not be able to control my heart Embarrassed

Gauri - I actually liked her today ConfusedLOL finally she spoke something thing i really didn't like was that if she can suicide for Arjun and claim to love him so much, why couldn't she believe that Arjun is a nice person but Arjun Singhania isn't. IF he was such a bad person, he would have taken advantage of her easily since she had fallen for him instantly, and she herself said she didn't care about Arjun's life, she knew she loves Arjun. Yes, i know you will say it wasn't true love like it is from Arohi's side, but IF she can go to such an extend of killing herself there must have been something so good in him that she could take such a drastic step. Arohi is now really confused as to how to tell her best friend, Gauri about her love for Arjun which is genuine. She is the one who said all those bad things about Arjun and now she claims that she loves him. How will she tell her best friend? I can say this, girls don't take too long to start arguing no matter what kind of friendship it is LOL if two girls like the same boy its like World War 3 LOL that reminds me of Peyton and Brooke from One Tree Hill but here none of them were married...Brooke being Gauri and Peyton being Arohi; that probably made no sense if you have no idea about the show. LOL

Rajvir - Shocked did i see a smile on his face????ShockedShockedLOL aww he smiled when Gauri talked to him about girls cure, i think he was genuinely happy that his wife is taking care of his niece and making sure she feels better, even though his relationship with her is edgy, at least he knows that Gauri is a nice person who can take care of Arohi in such a situation where he would feel awkward. But, I think he might just be ready to give Gauri a chance in this relationship now that she realized that Arjun is Arjun Singhania.

Ahluwaliya's - a very sweet family, and a very caring family. Though I think the cast is so big they need to get everyone a good screen space, like today finally i heard Arwind's wifes name whose name i have forgotten now LOL but ehm throwing a party? Confused that sounds bizzare...but again Ekta mata is known for throwing parties in her show or else how will these two meet? hmm but i doubt they will they have a good talk, again Arohi will blast him off, maybe chachu will see him trying to talk to Arohi and blast him off Confused lets see...always parties bring out a twist in the stories, lets see what this will do. Amrit?? JAGRATAH??ROFLare u serious woman??
ROFLROFLbut she's a very sweet mom, i love watching her scenes, a typical desi mother who will be like meena kumari ROFL

oh i almost forgot, Arjun's "mom" finally spoke up today Partyfinally that lady came in screen and got some dialogues even though Mohan Kapoor stole the scene LOL

Where's Shefali?? and Billu-Makrand?? did the 3 go to enjoy the sunset in Sarhali because our Arjuhi didn't get to go? Embarrassed the two monkeys can decide who wants Shefali there LOL or Shefali can pataofy both

Awesome episode, it really made me sad to see Arjun-Arohi cry Cry, but then again it was a very well executed episode, really looking forward to how the two finally clear out their misunderstanding, doesn't seem like it will be a stretch tho. Big smile

hahahah i couldn't forget using
ROFL today, i missed them ROFL i didn't get to use it for Monday's but i did today Dancingand well Tuesday i didn't write anything Ermm LOL

i enjoyed todays episode Embarrassed it's nice to watch some of these scenes rather than just those ones we have been till now, though i have enjoyed those a lot
ROFL and i miss Arohi's bubbly character a lot Unhappy

Karan and Kritika i don't think i need to say this, ClapClap fabulous acting by both Embarrassed

PS: like i promised, i would do a long one today, i did LOL and i think i have used alot of emoticons today

I hope you enjoyed reading
ROFL sorry i have missed this emoticon alot and since the episodes aren't anything like ROFL worth right now they are all Cry i still have tried to find some amusing things so i could use ROFLEmbarrassed

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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dono hi ro rahe the aur sabko rula rahe the so sad reservedCryCry

arohi ki vajah se uske family me kisi ne khana nahi khaya n thank god arjun also has someone in his family who cares for him his sisSmile

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kkrock Groupbie

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Aweee...wat a heart touching episode it was. Arohi n arjun both were crying :"((((( n da actors were portraying da emotion so well , dat i too started crying wid dem.. M happy dat arohi realised ki she is hurted nt just coz of arjun 's truth bt also coz she is away frm him... Hope 2 c both of dem 2gether again...

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aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:26am | IP Logged
Cry really felt sad wen arjuhi criedCry
lyked dj's n arohi's cnversation....
"usne mujhe zaror chua hai "........ n arohi's stand ws good !! her mind says to gt arjun who lied to heart still loves him Embarrassed
n she knws dat deir relation wasnt a lie... dere ws smthng unknwn !!
omg thank god !! atleaast she dint feel arjun's love was a lie .......... dats true loveWinkDay Dreaming
aluwalia's r realy lovely .... hw swet dey also felt sad wen arohi ws quiet .. n dey even refused to have beakfast coz of d absence of arohi Smile
bt dis singhanias AngryAngry HATE DEM !!
i thoght rudra has sm sort of love fr arjun .... bt no Dead!!
arjun s nt ready to lave his family bhind at anycost !!
bt wat ds singhania's has fr arjun !!
ek taraf michael even tried to kill arjun Shocked
poor arjun Cry
d way arjun opened his mind infrnt of rashi ws really touching !!
she too knws dat her family only ruined arjun's life.... she might b knwing dat her family was using arjun fr dier benifits ........... !!! n never loved arjun !!Cry
                           also wat arjun said ws rite.. a heart break doesnt make any noise .... Cry
arjun n arohi r meant fr each otherHeart dis separation only make dem undrstand dat dey cant leave each other.......... 
liked :
    kal ho na ho heart beat version !! (it always haunted me W*H prasha scenes Ouch nw have a reason to love dis song ..... cz nw it reminds me arjuhi Hug
    gouri's actions to make arohi hapy (hmm althoh it dint wrkd out, rajvir lyked it so nt bad beta.... aise hi karo.. u ll win ur hubby's heart atleastLOLLOL)
    rashi's attitude twrds arjun (atleast dere s sm1 who cares abt our boy 
    arohi's family........Ermm
dislyked :
     mr n mrs   RPS .... hw rude ?? always ruined arjun 's life
anyways arjuhi made me ccry Cry
n last wrds by arohi ws eally gd 
          wat makes her sad???? arjun's lie or his seperation????? 
"beta both !! coz he s ur love ur life ur everythn...... so hw can u b happy wen he s nt W*H u ??
                            nw w8ng fr next epiSmile
so gdnite guyss

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kkrock Groupbie

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 9:30am | IP Logged
The story is going sad rite dis track is gud 4 da show,..

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