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#Devil's Den#What an IDEA Maanji (Page 2)

bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Episode Analysis prior to episode airing

Cryptic Clues

- Vertigo, claustrophobia, schizophrenia - choose any one

- Inane, Intrepid, Interesting - there can be only one of those not all three and not even two

-  Someone is gotta sing the song or all else have to wallow in self pity

- See it now or never - there can be only one option here - if I see it now and still don't like it then never is a good option

- Can I take tolerance, patience and all these to another level - yeah!! If it is tested time-and-again or a time-tested formula that never wanes.

- Critics are waiting for a chance, throw a bone at them and we shall all run behind it tearing it to shreds BUT BUT BUT the art is in doing something that even a critic cannot pinpoint as that ONE

If you cannot do it right the nth time, there's always an N+1th time, right!!! So chill, there is still tomorrow before we go crying to the mortuary.

Some important points on the frills

1 - Change MSK's tailor/stylist - the guy or gal is cutting the cloth too overfine!! MSK looks like a schoolboy and the vest as well as the pants are too short or may be GC is growing taller and fatter LOL . Put Maan in jeans and white shirts or else put him in Bandh galas with white shirt inside or put him in 3-piece suits from now on, we do want to see some variety on that guy. Make him classy and not so antsy pantsy.

2 - Make Arjun work on his acting

3- Annie is improving and from day one I was okay with her entry and I do think the gal has potential

4. Stop repeating the scenes or recreating the scenes, ask your story writer, script writer to do some CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE work. Enough of rehashing the plot time and time again. Enough already!!!!

5. Come on get out of the drab style of direction and execution, some NOVEL and NEW ideas need to be implemented

6. Change the Camera angles those are boring me to wit's end

7. Get outdoors please, the sets are becoming claustrophobic

8. Direction is lacking punch and brilliance

9. Bring back Swati Pande as I think this present crop of CREATIVE people just do not get MSK's character.

10. New promos are needed that are classy like the JA sequence promos and the Salsa promo

11. Marketing is gone for a toss from the Channel

12, Get logic back in track. Your creative team lacks basic logic and basic rational or basic math fundas in sketching a role, in introducing new characters, in sketching a plot, in plotting a track, in building a track, in thinking up newer and better ways of storytelling.


PS: Some of the items are addressing the Channel and PH and are not about creativity at all

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:18am | IP Logged

After so long time watching full of entertaining episode, thought I am fed up with some particular things...

- Maan and Geet's nok jhok, was missing a lots their funny scenes, but seriously this is enough, why such repeats of scenes all time? Their romance should be taken into an other level, who can believe that these two r getting married?........
- Annie is such a fool, I have a strong feeling that Gurgaon's file might end on Arjun's hand and it might brings Maan in troubles.......
- Waise, what to say about the new writers, why such copycat scenes from films? The kiss blow scenes on the mirror is a copycat from film (Humraaz)........
- The Manisha scene was so funny LOL, I am glad they r getting at least to realise how much funny these three idiots, they should show more scenes on them, Romeo was not there today Cry
- Finally Maan decided to not be too kanjoos by gifting all mobiles.......
Over all, today's episode getting 8/10, 2 marks less for the repeats of the scenes, filmi scene which is not suitable even for Annie Angry

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-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Ishq Ne Kar Diya Hai Nikamma,
Log Kehte Hain Ki MSK Kisi Kaabil Na Rahe,
MSK Kehte Hain Ki Wo Koi Aashiq Nahi Hai,
Jo Ishq Me Khokar Duniya Se Gaafil Na Rahe


This one is for those who recently and shockingly fell in love

Dawa Bhi Kaam Na Aaye Koi Dua Na Lage
Mere Khuda Kisi Ko Pyar Ki Hawa Na Lage
Kuch laila Bani Kuch heer Hue
Kuch Juliet Kuch Shiri Hue
Iss MSK  Ki Chahat Mein
Jane Kitnee Kudiya Barabad Hueen


Coming to the epi

Maanisha nd MSK ka cross connection
While Geet is still in mode of rejection
MSK ka toota dil
Upar se mobile kharidne ka bill
Else where NE set her hair and blew a kiss
And arjun's dil said yeah man she is the right miss

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:25am | IP Logged
Lets see how maan manaos geetBig smile
Aap bhi meri pasand ho ROFL was the dialogue of the day..
MSK and Geet knok jhok and Annie taking advantage..
MSK abhi bhi attitude... Geet mere paas aaogi and then sends a new servant with the Khurana uniform?
 Geet is really hurt that he does not share things. MSK needs to open up and speak to her now.. Geet he has not told u the most imp thing abt daadi taking charges back.. wonder how u will react when u know that?
She wants the phone but does not want him to scold..Hmm
Repeat of the  decoration bit .. again??
NE calling MSK to Rathores ka office?? and giving geet ka vasta..
NES scared of cockroach as well??
NE doing strip tease?? and kissing herselfConfusedAngry
OK KC actually made a profit ??
MSK bought the whole company cell phones and geet a special one
finally a Maanisha scene and MSK angry again and now Geet to manao him?
I think Geet just go hug him and patch up now..
CVS When will msk tell geet abt daadis decision?
Maan needs to tell Geet abt Daadis decision .. actually he needs to ask Geet not tell her
Dev needs to be punished

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Some things that need imrovement!

Maan's clothing, oh man its getting too short and tight!  W*H, he still wears the same things when the delhi track started!  Please change now, its getting hideous!  Love to see him in casual clothes, but give him proper business attaire! 

Maan's eye makeup, r u trying to turn him into a surma gopal!  I know he played Ram, but come on people, again its looking very bad!

Same old repetitive romantic scenes, show us something different, not just confetti, propping the chin up and tying doris, we want more action in the romance element!

Also, please do not recycle un seen scenes from last sagai!  That's a closed chapter, keep it shut forever!


Just read the update!  Are the new creatives using copy and paste feature from PC's for scenes now!  Seems like it to me!Angry  God forbid viewers lose interest with recycled stuff and wow NE, what a let down she is!Ouch

Today's episode, what touched my heart today!  Nothing to write about today cause 90% of it was recycled!

Loved it when Geet gave it to Maan and said yeah and u r my choice too!  Bechara Maan just shut up!

Loved Geet's dialouge to  to Maan, touched my heart.  She said yes, I wish I have a phone too, I also want to speak to you when I desire to, but what good is that if u gonna taunt me all the time!  MSK just stood there, it is his fault for coming home and showing her his tewar, Im glad Geet told him good, he will not make the same mistake again, at least I hope not!

Loved Maan's last lines, wow so touching, he says to Geet maybe u don't want to talk to me, but my heart wants to talk to you!  This killed Geet instantly!  I had tears in my eyes at that point! 

She will manao him with flowers tomorrow and they will have a nice session in the parking lot!  Per new FB pictures!

What I want to see between the two!

The next fight between the two should be a hoo haa session and Maan pinning his Geeth down on the hard wood and then they can have some passionate moment!  Nothing better then floor! Embarrassed

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:32am | IP Logged
1. Get Maan some new clothes. If you do not have the money we will start a contribution fund. Tongue

2. I am getting annoyed by the lack of creativity shown by the new crop of CVs - they are coming up with lame, hare-brained and completely predictable plots that can only send the criticism soaring to the skies and your TRPs embarking on a journey to the center of the earth. LOL LOL LOL

3. LET ME MAKE ON THING CLEAR. I ENJOY WEDDINGS. IF YOU SCREW THIS ONE UP WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU. Maan and Geet have to be happy on their wedding day. The girl has been through so much that is the least she deserves considering all that she has gone through.

4. DO NOT GO THE BANKRUPTCY ROUTE. I don't trust your new crew to execute anything. They cannot even write a new track without people asking a million questions - and why wouldn't they - we have siblings appearing out of thin air.

5. TREAT YOUR SEASONED ACTORS WELL - Parneet Chauhan is a much better actress and has better screen presence than the girl playing NE. You did not utilize her skills and talents well and you are the losers. You have never utilized any of the cameos effectively except for Pari.

6. NEVER LOSE THE POSITIVITY SINCE THAT IS WHAT ATTRACTED PEOPLE TO THE SERIES IN THE FIRST PLACE. You are showing too much of NT and her bro. Why don't you show some fun and masti in the office?

7. DEVELOP PARALLEL TRACKS WITH EXISTING GOOD PERFORMERS INSTEAD OF BRINGING ON NEW ONES WHO CANNOT ACT. The guy who plays Adi Sir is great and so are Pandeyji, Manishaa and Romeo. Utilize their talent and showcase it.

More later Big smile

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shreya_l IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:42am | IP Logged
Nayi subah, naya rule aur naya jhataka,
Shaadi se pehle tohafe na lene par hai ataka....
Dadi bulayen Geet kehke jara in gehno ko dekho,
Maan se na raha jaye, Geet ke peche chale aaye...
Kar rahein hain vinati akele baat ke liye Mobile phone hain laye.

Dadi batayen Maan ko shaadi ka kaam de diya ek company ko,
Samay le liya MD se Milana hoga aaj unse.
Geet bole voh chali jaayegi, mil ke sab tay kar legi.
Maan kahein shaadi hai meri....isliye marzi chalegi meri.
Shaadi aapki hogi mujhse nahin kisi mej ya kursi se,
Main nahin hoon but samajho is baat ko turant.
Tumhari pasand ki mujhe hai khabar, na ho tum besabr.
Pasand meri hai acchi..aapko bhi to chuna hai maine sacchi..
Dadi aur Anvesha dekh rahein hain yeh tamasha...
Anvesha ne kiya elaan jayegi voh, dono na hoon pareshaan.
Dono ko yeh baat pasand aayi...phir se karni hogi lagi bujhayi.

Store room sa lage Maan ka kamara,
Har taraf hai samaan bikhara.
Geet bhi idhar chakarayi,
Soche nahin chalane degi unki koi manmani.
Dono ek doosare se naraaz,
Is beech Geet ko hua ehsaas.
Mobile na leke kara apna nuksaan,
30 minute milne ki pabandi ne kar diya hai jeena haraam.
Maan ne lagayi nayi tikdam,
Phone diya naukar ko, kaha Geet tak pahuchaaon ise ekdum.

Guftugu dekho inki...
Bulaya hai biwi ko ya chahiye secretary?
Maan ko na aaye kuch bhi samajh...
Kaun sa naya hai fitoor iska hai achraj!
Secretary sahiba aa jayein yahan,
Aapse hai kuch kaam karwana...
Poochein kyon yeh tede sawaal?
Phir hoti hai unpe behaal...

Dekh ek duje ko machle dil,
Phir bhi Boss Secretary ki tarah rahe mil.
Chitti jayegi Geet ke pass ab usi ke haat.
Maan poochein bas ek sawaal, kyun karti ho mere tohfe se inkaar.
Geet bole na jaane kya hai baat,
Kyon rahte ho sada naraazagi ke saath.
Mera dil bhi hota bekal, milane ko tarasata hai har pal.
Tohfe se aapke nahin inkaar, pata nahin kyon jhagadte yunhi bekaar?
Shart nahin ab koi baaki, Yeh baat kyun mujhse chupayi...
Yun khafa ho chali gayi Geet,
Phone to lena hoga tumhe sochein Geet ke manmeet.

Anvesha chali Rathod se milane,
Galati se aa gayi galat file haath mein.
Karti hai bhai se minnatein,
Le aayein voh file uske liye meeting mein.
Bhabhi ka naam le bhai ko pataya,
Lift bhari dekh seedhiyon ka saath apanaya.
Cockroach dekh phisali voh,
Din aaj ka hai kharaab samajhti hai voh.

Maan hain karmachariyon par meharbaan,
De diya sabko ek moblie phone eenaam.
Yeh ho raha sab Geet ke liye...
Tareef hain kartein sabke kaam ki,
Eshaan na samajhein ise koi,
Yeh hai tohfa unke lagan ki.
Saath hai unhone har dam nibhaya,
Isliye yeh tohfe ka khayal unhe hai aaya.

Khushi hai Geet ka pasandida rang chunane ke liye,
Geet ko aakhir mobile phone dene ke liye...
Manishaa ka dil Geet ke phone pe aaya,
Usne apna phone Geet to thamaya.
Itne mein phone ki baji ghantti...
Maanisha bole Maan ne mujhse baat ki.
Geet ne jhatpat phone vaapas thamaya,
Maan se baat karne ka vaqt aaya.
Par ab Maan ho gaye hain khafa,
Kehtein hain ab bhi pasand nahin aaya tumhe tohfa?
Tumse batiyaane ko karta hai mera dil,
Par tum samajhti nahin mujhe is kaabil.

CV's krupaya na dikhayen wahi din raat,
Kuch naya ho isse banegi baat.
Maaneet ka rishta hai anokha!
Phir wahi dikha kyon dete humko pakaConfused

Rishton mein kuch hain jaroori baat,
Jo rakhni chahiye har kisi ko yaad.
Chupana nahin hota hai accha,
Baatein aamane saamne hoon to rehta dil saccha.
Ek hi baat pe kyon ladayi karwate ho yaar?
Kuch aage badhao yeh pyaar ka bukhar....Embarrassed

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palluluvsmaan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 8:50am | IP Logged

You were the reason why I started smiling again
you were the reason why I started dreaming again
you were the reason why I could forget my worries
All I used to do was drooling over you while eating berries
But the recent changes in you has left me with lot of queries
Hoping to see Old MSK again

Waiting to fall in love with you all over again....................Embarrassed

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