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hello everyone!

To the title- I was confused between the one I put; 
and "aap bhi meri choice hain"LOL
So how many of us are pretty much disappointed with the epi and thought of it as useless?LOL

Yep..mostly, my emotion was that too..but then I realized that it does make a lot of sense

Maan and Geet are moving into the relationship that will bind them together..for 7 janams.
These tiffs raised some important problems that will effect their relationship.

1.Geet has told Maan..and us so many times in Mahi sessions that "woh kitne achhe hain...woh mera kitna khayal rakhte hain"

Romanticizing their relationship.

Yes..MSK is thoughtful and does think about Geet and only Geet but he does get moody if she doesn't appreciate his efforts..
He wants things to be taken in some way and Geet takes them in the opposite way and he can't bear that she misunderstands him after knowing him so well.

So..the 30 minute rule was imposed on them to make them realize the importance of conversation and spending quality time together. How to maximize conversation and sharing love when they have a dearth of time.

I am not married of course, but I think after marriage, responsibilities increase and it sometimes gets difficult to find time for each other...this is a preparation for that situationLOL

2. yeh meri shaadi hai...

there is not only ME in a relationship.. but HUM as well. If they are becoming a unit officially..they have to be united front of family- his, hers and everyone else's tooLOL

MSK- main tumhari choice achhe se jaanta hoon
Geet- aap bhi meri choice ho

BARRY- I love YOU for this dialogue!!Clap

3. Aap kise bula rahe ho? Secretary ko ya Biwi ko

Maan's way of talking to Geet has been like that because she is his secretary still.
He needs to show a marked difference in the way he talks to Geet everytime to avoid confusion.
Please- I don't mean that it's not clear but..his manner of speaking needs to change a bit now that she will be his wife..things need to change

He of course has no idea what she's talking about but he wants her to come so he uses the role of his dominanceLOL
See- he knows biwi bolega toh...she will call him..HAHA

Maan needs to ask her to come..not Command her.

Frankly..I would not like it if the guy I'm supposed to marry tells me to do this do that...
she will be his equal..not his inferior in marriage. He needs to treat her as such in the way he speaks to her, haan!

Why do I feel I'll get Dandas today?Confused

anyway..moving on.

Yes..Its back and a big symbol

the phone became a v unique symbol of MIS-communication..usually seen as communication...for Maneet it ended up being the opposite.

their impatience with each other and rising frustration that either is not understanding the other is shown using the device of COMMunication.

the issues they have- is that they are not yet delving deeper.

Trying to fit each other in the ideas they have moulded of each other after knowing, they will have to constantly change and evolve each other's expression.

Fumbling and grumbling, they are getting ready to walk on the path of a lifetimeEmbarrassedLOL
It's not easy...they will have to learn to give in, but never give up.

The cell phone also becomes a symbol of that. The drive...MSk will NOT give up in trying to communicate with Geet...and Geet also tries hard to clarify what the situation really was.

Linked to the theme of communication-
Geet was upset MSK didn't tell her about the 30 minute rule-lifting
well- he needs to share everything with her now.
HE needs to SOON tell her about Arjun

There were also blessings in the form of decorations again...well..that's all for that..colorful blessings and all..LOL

I liked that scene which followed..minus the convo..LOL

1 thing- Before Geet enters the room..MSK just gets a call at that time..and he feels slightly bad as he sees her standing outside.

Remember the scene before their fight at the office that led to MU?
Maan gets a call from Adi and distracted leaves Geet?
Well..This has to change .
he needs to listen to her.

Office- sc
Poor guy- buys cell phones for everyone.. so that she accepts itLOL

I liked how he says he appreciates them all for the profits..HAHA

Manisha-MSK convo- was hilarious!!

ADiiii- yay!! me loves you (proposal part 2!)

Geet-maan convo 2 was impulsive...haha...poor guy..ek toh manisha mili when he was expecting Geet.
and Maan said he at least wants to talk to her.
I would add Always..keeping in mind his stalker tendenciesLOL

Barry- dialogues thode weak ho rahe hain!
*energy ke liye jhapkisses*

NE- poor girl..she tried so hard to reach the miting on time...well..look at all the're not supposed to..chhodo! but no..perseverance  hain haan!

And when MSK starts shouting at her..she knows what to say...NE knows GEET ki khushi are the magic words that will make this guy even kill himself...and so she gets her work done..and MSK is coming to take his important file..which isn't as imp as "geet ki khushi"

Some questions-
1. precap- please don't tell me this is the filmy he really going to her after her uh..adjusting of clothes?or is he deciding if he likes them or not?LOL
No offence- I love Arjun's bangs!

2. When is MSK telling Geet about the case?

3.When did MSK work enough to make profits?LOL

4. Will Arjun get into MSK's good books..or meet him at least cuz of the file...the file is important isn't it?LOL

This epi was not a bashing of MSK at all..I love him as much..

And yes, I didn't like the episode too much..but I did understand a few things that were tried to be portrayed.

GC,dd- excellent but DD- do take care seemed v v tiredConfused

Annie, Dadi- develop more.
not together..I guess annie's track is now going to be with Arjun's 

But what Annie did- played on Maan using Geet's name..v interesting...
so..what could be MSK's weakness- here is what i think..thoughts triggered by the conversation in Den

Geet and Maan through all those mirror symbolisms had been shown as becoming in a way each others' reflections.

As pram rightly said- ur biggest strength can be your weakness

MSK's hubris and his love for Geet can be exploited..because his pride is excessive and his love may be seen as uxoriousness

so...playing on both of these, Arjun tries to make use of this balance between his pride and his love..the resulting misbalance may lead to his fall..but then Geet's love will become a strength for him to regain his pride...

and balance can be restored

is it too twisted?ROFL

That said- the bickering seemed to be grating..not entertaining..not non sensical but just not up to the mark.
Like- I can almost say I did not like the episode much because of the execution.

That's all for today
I'd give it a- 6.5

I hope tomorrow is better!

love to all!

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page 3- zee posts spoiler pics
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page 6- the case of the file 
page 8- weakness discussion, anj wisely advises to not judge by the trailer and watch the movieWink
page 8-20- we still talking about weakness.and what could be MSK's...Big smile
some devils unhappy with the non-creative creatives

page 24- minnie.reet suggests Geet talking to her family..
some discussions on that in proceeding pages

page 25,26- Geet's remembering of her parents

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The importance of Evil

Yep. You got that right. Evil is as important as goodness..tell me why?Embarrassed

Let me give examples to begin withWink

Light or the source of light- that supreme energy that flows through us all and creates us all.
What is it if not the absence of darkness?
Light- which illuminates is the opposite of that which makes us blind and ignorant.
If we didn't know what darkness was...would we appreciate light at all?

After a dark dreary night, sunshine is the best thing that could happen to you.
Looking around for something in the dark- we search for the light that we can SEE

Lets take this forward a bit- Light which is seen as POSITIVE and a source of INFORMATION is always therefore placed against DARKNESS- absence of information..that which hides.

The supreme Energy is seen as LIGHT and it's source. God. The Creator.
 I go to Milton here- before I jump to HomerEmbarrassed

Milton said a lot of things..and I really don't like him for being misogynist...but he created one of the most commendable villains in literature- Lucifer- the evening star- the brightest in the sky..more beautiful than the SUN

This angel could make the SUN burn with envyLOL that's how bright he was.

God- of course- the Creator...the benevolent god who loved Adam and Eve.
Adam and Eve loved God..all creatures worshipped God.
Lucifer was well-loved.
but Lucifer had ambition. Excess of it. 

A fight ensued between Lucifer and his followers AND God and his angels.

Lucifer- the most beautiful angel whom God loved as his own son..maybe more.
GOD- no descriptions needed

Milton did something brilliant- TO show the greatness, the power of God..he made an opposite adversary who could stand up against God...who could give takkar to God..
Complete anti-thesis to God then- Dark against God's light.

MY point is- to ensure that his readers understood GOD and how beautiful and powerful GOD is- how GOOD- Milton created Satan- extremely beautiful and charming..but uses Satan's beauty to describe the evil in him.
Its a perverted beauty.

MAan Singh Khurana- The Hero. In the Graeco-Roman, Aryan tradition.
The bravest, albeit kanjoos the GOOD MAN...(yet Man) who has a weak point- he LOVES and CARES.


Dev.A cold- hearted rapist. Who can destroy a girl's entire life...who doesn't love anyone but himself..who out of weakness of character rapes this girl and abandons her..never taking the responsibility of his crime.

Suddenly- he turns positive...who would trust?
From where did this positivity flow?
The man- who loves himself ..who is fond of his family...till they are pleasant with him..who was pretty jealous of MSK in the beginning. Suddenly turns positive. Right. give me a break.

Ah...but if not...he's as devious as attractive..because he has sold everyone his theory of positivity.
Imagine the collective shock- Dev was playing with everyone...he never changed..he felt repentant but not really...It was just how his mood was that day..
He had let the jealousy overtake him
like Satan
"Evil- be thou my Good"

Maan- realizes that Dev is repentant. Forgives him. Lowers his shield. He won't do anything.
and then..Dev starts to tempt Geet.
Well- of course, Geet isn't tempted..but he does convince her of not hating him entirely...
He drives a wedge between them...and MSK realizes it.

MSK needs to now gather his resources.
MSK has been given a set-back.
He needs to use all his resources to fight back for GOOD and for LOve.

Its a war of LOVE between MSK and Dev...between Good and Evil.

MSK whose love for Geet is creative
Dev- whose lust for Geet is destructive.

Dadi - in a dilemma...maan trying to make her understand and finally leaving it to her to choose...she who doesn't want to choose

The Hero- suffering so much.
Geet- the protagonist.genuinely THE HERO of the show- suffering the most...realizing that she's caught in the cross-fire...she's the reason..feeling like she's Helen..but never one to watch from the wall- Teichoscopia ..not for her...she is a warrior..she fights...and she has been fighting.. fighting for love...with her love...and yet..suffering...

my basic question is this- 

How can MAAN's stature of HERO be justified if it isn't compared and pitted against an ANTI-HERO?
The ultimate villain...equal and opposite to Maan Singh Khurana..
And only 1 man can be that- Dev Singh Khurana.

Milton had said 
"cloistered virtue is no virtue at all"

If there isn't a negative- will the value of the positive ever be understood?
If there is no struggle...will there ever be groW*H of goodness and love?

If there is no NEgative will MAAN's role as a hero be fully shown?

Dev therefore-
mustn't be killed off unless he'll return as he should be- negative
OR- he should at least NOT Get a happy ending. because- it makes no sense .
not shown as such...the fault is collective. where is his redemption and where did it even come from?

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Sorry for being MIA for a while. It's not my fault. I have been having a tough time coping up with a sister I never had. Confused ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. I just go to know about her a week back. Geek And since then she has been eating my brains up. She says I don't remember "gossip" sessions with her. Question Someone tell me how will I remember about things which never happened in the first place? Stern Smile Plus, this girl has made me, the Maan Singh Khurana, a stealer. I had to steal a red convertible from Meera and say that I got it for her. Amen, who would want to spend a dime for a person who is "NON-EXISTING" right? I DO NOT HAVE A SISTER. PERIOD! It's just that I do not want to hurt the poor girl's fillings so I kinda play the whole bhai-behen drama along with her. After all, Maan Singh Khurana is a GOD...HAAN! Cool COOL right? But I don't say it. People think I am one so I play along with them too. After all i care about aweryone's fillings.
Now coming to Geet. Disapprove She knows that I am numero uno KANJOOS. And i still bought a phone for her. But she did not accept. Broken Heart 
Everyone doesn't know, but the K in my surname actually stands for KANJOOS and not KHURANA. We only changed the name coz Khurana Constructions sounds better than Kanjoos Constructions.
Ye GITH kabhi nahi samjhegi ke Kanjoosi mere khoon mein hai....even the MOON can give witness for my kanjoosi....yes I always keep the Moon as a witness. Wink ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
Coming to the main point. She keeps on hurting my fillings. For her, I had to gift aweryone in the Office a mobile. Does she have any idea how much it cost? I got them from CHOR BAZAR but still....Ouch ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page. Will Geet ever understand recession is still not over? I guess one has to pay for marrying a teenager who never went to college. D'oh
-Maan Singh KANJOOS
LOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.LOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.LOL ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
For episode:
Maan- Main tumhari choice achi tarha se janta hoon.
Geet- Aap mere choice hai.
this was the best dialogue in this show by far  
kisses to Geeta's BJ  for this dialogue no u nasty means BARRY JI...Geetu's BJ

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Dear Geet Writers, 

Congratulations on the new show! 

What new show you ask...well...since the week of Black Friday, Geet HSP as I knew it seems to have gone in to hibernation and what I see these days is a brand new show with new characters...albeit they are in the old one-outfit thousand color avatars plus you also seem to still like recycling old screenplay tracks like always! 

Anyways...this seems like a new show to nayi show mubarak!

Now...coming to today's episode...some quick thoughts! 

Maan - Geet @ Breakfast: Unhappy Felt very redundant to me. Also...what was with the editing of the scenes today? When the camera was positioned behind Geet & Maan, it seemed like they were facing Daadi & NES. But when the camera was facing them, Geet and Maan were facing each other...Ermm...what was that?

Maan - Geet in the BR: So we get to see super-woman Gith in action again! She throws the book in to the random box with so much force that the decoration thingies flew high in to the air and kept falling...and falling and falling on them! Basic Physics anybody? 

Also...what was with Geet's eyes nearly overflowing like the River Ganges in this scene? What was so serious that you had Geet look like somebody had died? The reactions you gave her, including the storming out, was so over the top that had you aimed for any higher, you would have been on top of Mount Everest! Wacko

NES & Maan: NES walking around calling Maan with what were very obviously empty files...was that too much scene prep for you guys?  Stern Smile

NES in NEB's office building: Did I hear NES say Baba Adam...say what? We are in to dialog recycling now are we? Is this part of some "green" brain-cell saving endeavor in your know save your brain cells and waste ours by using the same old lines and plots? Then there was that minor bump with the painter-guy in the stairwell that got paint or whatever that black stuff was on all the strategic spots on NES...ughhhh!!! D'oh None of the spots she had stains on had anything to do with the manner of the thakkar with the random painter dude. Confused

Geet & Maan @ KC: From where did Geet suddenly land up in the office? Other than that...this was the only watchable scene of the episode for me.

Overall: Not my kind of episode! Thumbs Down Thumbs Down 

BTW, how many more random domestic help type dudes are you going to introduce in the Khurana was Suresh today...ROFL. I see you...naughty Daadi-O! ROFL

Finally...I will leave you with a thought about yesterday's episode!

Why oh why did you have Maan be more interested in Geet's reaction to his list of 30-minute plans yesterday when he should have been telling her about Daadi agreeing to withdraw the cases against Naintara? Given the history of misunderstanding between these two characters and the relationship stage they are in, should that have not been top of the mind for Maan? If you did that purposely to create some disagreement during the wedding...let me say right now that it would be a predictable and cliched path to tread on! Stern Smile

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Today's Episode was a likeable filler for me...Whole Episode was dedicated to the Mobile CompanyLOL but I hv no complaints becuase I remember we all cribbed about Geet getting a mobile and so today when CVs dedicated the whole episode to Mobile fiasco,I don't think I hv the right to complainROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

My only complaint is that certain scenes r getting repitative nowOuch..I don't mind the simple nok-jhoks of Maaneet because thats natural before marriage and these two hv some issues between them which needs to b sorted out before marriage through these small nok-jhoksTongue but at the same time I want to see some passionplay and sexual tension between the two which is also very natural between a couple before their marriageWinkEmbarrassed..So CVs I hope u people r listeningAngry...

Coming to today's Episode...
Things I loved
  • I will say the best Dialogue of the whole series came todayBig smile...MSK telling Geet "I very well know your choices" and Geet in reply saying "Maan Sir..u r also my Choice"CoolThumbs Up...MSK was totally clean bowled today with Geet's one huge bouncerROFL..
  • MSK-Geet nok-jhok in MSK's room was a good one...I liked the way MSK said "Letter is for my hone wali Biwi"Blushing..Watch his bedroom eyes thereEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Geet's anger is valid in this case..MSK always hv this habit of jumping to conclusions and taking his frustation out on his loved ones without knowing the other side of the storyOuch ..yesterday he showed his anger on Geet thinking she rejected all his 30min ideas only to later realise that it was Dadi who rejected it allLOL;Its high time MSK stops treating Geet like his private KathputliLOLTongue and even Geet should try to interact with her Dusht-Danav like a typical demanding fianceWinkTongue;In short both hv serious communication problem and try to hide their fillings most of the time in their nok-jhoks and this is what they need to rectify before marriageBig smile...
  • MSK finally proved to the world that he is not Maha-Kanjoos Singh Khurana by distributing mobiles to his entire staffROFLROFLROFLROFL;Even though I hv serious doubts about the quality of those mobiles...hopefully they r not from any Chor-Bazaar or second hand mobiles from any nukkadROFLROFLROFLROFL;But this goes on to show the extent to which the grt MSK can go to make sure Geet accepts what he wantsWinkEmbarrassed
  • MSK-Manisha Mobile Golmaal was hilarious especially the way Manisha tries to line-marofy on MSK via mobileROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL..nice comic touchThumbs Up
  • MSK's ultimate confession that "His heart wishes to talk to her all the time whether she likes it or not and thats the purpose of giving her that mobile"Thumbs Up;Even though he says it in anger to Geet but the strong emotions and feelings behind those words were quite evidentEmbarrassed;The guy who always lived in his own shell and never bothered to give any clarification to anyone is today doing his heart confessions to someone like a complete despoTongue..Love ke Side effects I guessROFLROFLROFL...
  • Annie is trying copy the Geet act..falling ..tripping..everything going wrongErmm..CVs this way Viewers will never accept this character if she does the same stuff which Geet already did earlierConfusedLOL
  • Precap was a complete carbon copy of the Humraaz film sequence...CVs try something new plss if u hv really planned Arjun-Anvesha love sagaSleepy...and I really dunno how will MSK become bankrupt if Arjun romances AnveshaROFLConfused...
  • Few scenes r looking repitative now...sometimes it seems even the actors GC and DD r getting tired of doing same scenes...plss CVs bring in some new and fresh Maaneet scenes which viewers hv not seen yetEmbarrassed
  • Can we get a complete costume-look makeover for both Maaneet before marriage nowTongue...Soorma needs to go from GC's eyesAngry and DD should get some variety in her dressing nowAngry
Few Pointers I would like to make...
  • MSK's weakness is NOT Geet...remember the episode which happened after KBM fiasco where MSK said "You r my STRENGTH"Big smile...MSK's weakness is either his own family..that is Dadi+Annie or his own over-confidence that he is Mr.Perfect can b termed as his biggest weaknessSmile..Yes NT declared that Geet is MSK's biggest weakness but did MSK agree with her ??Ermm..NT is the negative element in the show who needs to b proved wrong by MSK and that can only b done when its proved that Geet is not MSK's weakness but strength and mayb this Arjun track will prove it... Evil Smile...Weakness is someone who makes a person become a Loser whereas Strength is someone who makes a person become a winner in lifeThumbs Up...So if MSK's weakness takes him to the verge of bankruptcy then MSK's strength which is Geet will make him hit the jackpot at the right time/...mark my wordsCool
  • Coming to the file...well that will b Arjun's first step to win MSK's confidence and get into a friendship with himEvil Smile,....Annie will forget the file in Arjun's office and then either Arjun will go on to return that file to MSK or MSK will come to meet Arjun in his office and he will return the file thus getting into MSK's good books and mayb getting an entry pass into the office as well via DadiEvil Smile
  • Will MSK go bankrupt ?...Remember he is the hero whom viewers lets not all become a tubelight and let Arjun play the game bright till MSK sets him straight and fightCool
My Episode Rating:7.5/10...It was a mobile spl filler episode today..nothing major happened as far as the story is concerned but few dialogues stood out for me ...Especially Geet's "Choice" dialogue and MSK's "My heart wishes to talk to u" dialogue...Thumbs Up

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Reserving after a long time n that too on page 1...........LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
haay haay CV mujhse khafa hain..... not that i dint like today's episode but i dint love it.....
well the breakfast table scene kept the continuity intact...... but maneet fight over who will go n  meet Mr Rathode n their reasoning for that was sad.... really sad.... The best dialogue so far in the series came today......
Maan not wanting geet's choice for wedding decoration as he knows her choice...... LOLLOLLOL
Geet replying back saying Aap meri choice hain...... ROFLROFLROFLROFL
Maan Singh Khurana the kanjoos ki bolti band..... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Geet's anger on Maan is justified... he never speaks anything directly....while she speaks her heart out directly..... Geet has no idea why maan was angry with her last evening .... she wants the mobile so that she can speak to him whenever she feels like but is scared that he will again end up fight with her on fone as well....
I like Maan's determination that he will make sure she takes the fone... the decorations falling on maneet scene was a bit unnecessary....
they needed to show maneet dialogue and reason for their fight.... CVs maneet have reached a stage where they can fight and be angry on each other coz they r missing each other but they can have a mature conversation as well.... it is time to show them discussing how their life will change post marraige....time for maan to tell geet that she needs to stop calling him sir.....
Instead when geet is expecting he wants to talk to his wud b wife...maan thinks she will be angry that he is ordering his wud b wife to come to his he calls for his secretary.....
Geet being angry on him behaves exactly like a good secretary ...standing outside his room while he takes the fone call.....
Maan reasoning out with geet bout y not take the fone.... geet telling him she doesnt want to hear him yell at her unnecessarily even on fone.... maan telling her that 30 mins curfew is off.... geet getting pissed that he told her bout it coz she brought up the topic else he wunt hv told her at all...
Well Maan what u hvnt yet told her is the most important thing in her life... Daadi's decision to take back the case against NT... Maan hasnt yet discussed that with Geet....
CVs can u please show some matured discussion between the 2??? bout the case...bout what geet will do in office after marriage.... bout her future education.... bout maneet themselves.... i mean enuf of chaand sitare talks.... can v see maan telling geet bout his family.... something bout his childhood?? can we see geet craving for some food in the middle of the night???
Anyway - lets proceed.... Annie n her climbing 8 floors for the mtng with Arjun... well to get the required file, annie used Geet's name in front of maan n maan readily agreed.... now its showing that Geet is Maine Super Kanjoos's weak point.... anyone can get anything done from him in Geet's name....  
Annie getting paint on her clothes.... yuck.... but still wants to meet Arjun...well well...the gal isnt as snobbish n brattish as i had thot on the first day of her entry....
hmmmmm office.... Maine Super kanjoos gifting everyone with a mobile fone as their profits have been super..... ShockedShockedLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL...... profits??? convertile car churayi...n now saying u made profits??? car bech diyi kya?? n gifts for all??? kyon ji.... only Geet works....pura office to nikkamonse bhara pada hai.... n gift...well well...another tactic to make sure Geet accepted kanjoos's gift....
Geet actually mann hi mann muskura rahi hai ke Munda uski wajah se itna sab kar raha hai...
this is another part i loved.... Manisha din like his fone color n wants to exchange the blue fone with geet's red fone.... geet bade pyaar se apne fone ko feel kar rahi thi n manisha pulled it from geet's hand... UDP calls geet on her fone to talk to her... n Manisha answers the call...
MSK - mera surprise tumhe kaise laga? ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Manisha's expressions here were toofan.... Hot hot boss calling him n speaking in the husky romantic voice.... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Maan's realisation that its manisha on the line n not geet...making him every angry that she doesnt even care bout the gift he gave her.... geet snatching the fone from manisha n telling manisha that she liked her fone n din wanna exchange n then trying to explain to maan what happened.... well the episode ended with an angry Maan....
Precap - ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Annie is kissing her image.....haan koi aur to use kiss karega nahi... so khud hi kar rahi hai..... i think all in Khurana family believe in self help... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL (Ann - i am remembering the picture....the table.... ROFLROFLROFLROFL...self help....ROFLROFLROFL)
CVs - its time now geet speak to maan.... n manao him a bit romantically.... n its time maan talk to her bout NT n case....
Overall - a bit of filler episode.... but not bad.....
Some important points for Dev track
Once can truly understand the What Happiness is if she/he has experienced saddness.....
To know what is light u need to know what is dark.....
to really appreciate goodness u need to know what is bad 
thus good n evil are always needed for balance and to appreciate the importance of the positive things in life.....
every good or evil needed to be rewarded too....i say eveil needs to be rewarded too as without eveil, one will never understand the 'GOOD' .
Dev = evil (cold blooded, self centered rapist)
Maan = good (caring, unconditional love)
Maan needs to be rewarded with happiness in life... = Geet
Dev needs to be rewarded with punishment.... life time imprisonment....
everyone shud get what they deserves and dev deserves only severe punishment..... not happiness..... so please CVs do not even think of a happy ending for DEV.... a Culprit shudnt get off without serving his deserved punishment..... if Dev gets a happy ending, it will be victory of the evil over the good......

Edited by deniac - 15 December 2010 at 11:58am

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AnjanaYYZ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 7:54am | IP Logged

De Gripe!

We want something different!  When we get something different then we scream that its inconsistent!  Give her a mobile phone, you cheapos!  We rant and when they cave, we groan about it!  Oh!  How the Noddles must moan hearing us drone!  ROFL ROFLROFL  They must want to go the customer ain't always right, go fly a goddarned kite!  

De Diatribe

Editing is near perfect!  Barry is alert and awake! Ved is teaching class on miscommunication not miscarriage!  So wat all is wrong?  Its de lapse of imagination - its Nissar & Maan that are imperfect.  The confetti scene was so not value  

De Strife

Scene 1 was continuation of confusion.  Geet is confused about pregnant Maan's mood swings and Maan is confused at the seemingly random rejection of his gift.  Lightered and layered bickering seemingly about nothing but, truly about Maaneet's inability to properly communicate effectively while managing the organic obstacles of family life!   Scene 2 also started of right with Maan wanting to set it alright with his secretary-cum-wife.  For him there is no difference - it's one person right?  Alas, wat he conveniently ignores is the power imbalance he creates when he opts to be boss instead of a confused fiance.  It was pitch perfect upto the random confetti?!  Was there a need for it?  Does Maan still need an excuse to touch her?  Scene 3 at the office again it was a grand gesture in keeping with MSK's corporate character, so I have no complaint about it.  And his first call to her and Manisha's response and Maan's reply to her was perfect balance of humour and romance.  

Edited by AnjanaToronto - 16 December 2010 at 1:49am

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