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SS: Home Coming Epilogue pg 125 Arpil 1 (Page 6)

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u come up with such wonderful ideas and present it flawlesslessly with ur terrific writing...........

its truly amazing


looking forward for next part


plz cont soon



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Great start.....please update soon.

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Good story..... y dey r hiding geet.

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hey is part only posting cuz Guli's been harassing me...Confused...this is what happens with your bff happens to be an IF member too way...happy reading...cant wait for comments and you ms. mchopra...this update is longer than the giving it within 24hrs so i want an ever more lamba comment WinkWinkWinkWink

NOTE: read with caution Tongue

Part 2

Maan looked at her face – it was the same as it had always been. Sweet, innocent and beautiful.




He remembered when she'd gone from being simply "Chutki" to "Geet". Geet had been the youngest amongst them all and from birth she had garnered the nickname Chutki. She raised all sorts of hell starting in elementary school about wanting to be called Geet and not Chutki. Nothing worked though, everyone continued to call her Chutki. He remembered what she'd said as she entered her senior year of high school and had turned 18.


"I'm 18 Mamma, I'm not a girl any more I'm a woman," Geet had said.


When she'd first said it Maan and everyone else had laughed their butts off. Chutki, a woman…no way! She would always be the adorable Chutki for him. She was so innocent, she was a book worm, over achiever and a complete nerd. But that's what made Chutki who she was and everyone loved her for it. Sure they teased her to no ends for choosing to stay in her room and read all day instead of watching a movie, but they didn't mean it. She would always be Chutki. Boy was he wrong.


Six months later, Maan was in for rude awakening. It was prom time and after lots of persuasion by Naintara, Geet had finally agreed to go to the prom with one of the guys from her physics lab class. It was all good and fun Maan thought – it was about time she had a social life. Naintara and both their mothers had gone all out – hair, makeup, dress, shoes and jewelry. The night of her prom when Geet came down, Maan was dumb founded. She was dressed in a navy blue, one shoulder gown that flowed nicely and hugged curves Maan swore he'd never seen before. They took pictures with her date and all. Maan didn't know why he suddenly felt a pant when the boy held her hand to put the corsage on. He had brushed it off.


However, when the prom pictures were out Maan couldn't ignore the intense fire of jealousy that burned him. The pictures had one pose where the Geet and the boy faced each other, her hand resting on his chest as he held her at the waist. Another pose had then standing back to back with mischievous smiles on their face. But it was the last picture that really hit him. The last picture was of Geet standing with her back against the boys chest and his arms around her waist holding her close. The smile on Geet's face was so sweet and so genuine. Of course the pictures taken by friends with their cameras of Geet having her first slow dance had just killed him.


He had tries to put those feelings away and he had tried to brush past it but he couldn't. He now saw her in a new light that even surprised him. He knew that she was one of a kind, he knew that he could love her, he knew that he could easily spend the rest of his life with her – and it freaked him out. Maan had even tried to give subtle hints to her but she was so lost in her own world that she never noticed. She'd even began dating that stupid boy from her physics class. Maan had to bit his lip every time he saw them together.


It wasn't until her senior year grad night rolled around that everything blew up and came to light. Grad Night was to be spent all night at a theme park with your friends. Maan wasn't an idiot, he knew perfectly well what exactly happened on Grad Night. He had asked her not to go because it wasn't safe but she paid no heed. She'd argued that there would be chaperone and other security. He tried to make her understand but he couldn't – she was so thick headed. Finally he erupted.


"I don't want you to go Chutki," Maan had said.


"Well we don't always get what we want now do we," she had replied as she claimed up the stairs with Maan trailing her.


Enough was enough; Maan had grabbed her arm and pulled her inside her room shutting the door.


"What are you…" she began but Maan put his hand over her mouth silencing her.


"I don't want you to go," he repeated.


Geet pushed him away and began walking away when he had grabbed her hand.


With his back to her he said, "Geet, I can't let you go."


She had stood shocked. It was the first time he'd called her 'Geet'. She'd always been Chutki to him and every one else.


He finally turned around and pulled her close. "Do you understand what I'm saying?" he asked.


She looked at him blankly and before she could say anything, Pammi Aunty called out to her. Later on that afternoon he'd asked Naintara if Geet was still going to Grad Night – apparently she was. That night, his family had been over for dinner when he'd noticed Geet's cell phone on the living room table. He nearly panicked at the thought that she was out all night without a phone. Naintara quickly put him at ease saying Geet was upstairs sleeping because she was sick. Under the pretense to see if she was alright, he went to meet her.


Walking into her room he saw she wasn't there. There was only one other place to look, the attic. Climbing up the stairs he entered Geet's heaven. The attic was decorated in green and purple, her favorite colors. Two large book shelves lined two walls, while paintings hung on another. In the middle of the room were four large sitting pillows, a lush fleece blanket, a table and lamp.


"Geet," he called.


Looking up and seeing him, she instantly tensed.


"You didn't go?" he asked.


"No, was feeling sick," she answered as she got to her feet.


"Oh really," he said, unsure of what else to say.


She was walking past him when she stopped and stood by him.


"Do you understand what I'm doing?" she asked him.


Shocked, Maan turned around to see her big chocolate eyes looking at him. She then quietly left the attic and went to her room leaving a dumb founded Maan.


And so their relationship had begun – their secret relationship. There was a six year difference between them and it seemed like a big deal. She was 18 while he was 24. They met openly in front of everyone because they were friends. They went out on dates with everyone because they were friends. In the darkness of the theater he held her hand; sitting across from her at the restaurant he played footsies. When they were alone for a second he'd steal hugs and kisses. At night they'd talk for hours in her attic. It was bliss for the next five years.




Maan was brought back from his thoughts when he heard a car drive past the house on the street below. Not much had changed between them as their relationship progressed. They'd already been friends, they had already cared for each other – everything was just more special and meaningful now.


As he took in the rest of her body, his mind had instantly traveled to the night before he left for tour.


*~*~*~*~*~*Flash Back *~*~*~*~*~*


Maan had gotten the call just three days before and it was killing him. He'd signed up on impulse for the Army Reserve, never really thinking that they'd call him to duty. When he received the call there was only one thought on his mind – Geet. How was he going to tell her? Of course it didn't help matters that she was away at a leadership conference as part of her sorority from grad school. She'd forgotten her phone and only called once a night to talk to her family.


He had wanted to be the one to tell her when she got back but he was paged to the hospital when one of his patients took a turn for the worse. He had rushed home trying and hoping that no one told her that he was leaving. He was too late. Maan walked into the kitchen just as his mother and Pammi Aunty were cooking.


"So good to have you home Chutki," Savita said. "Too bad that you're home coming ties in with Maan's farewell."


"Maan's farewell?" Geet asked as she bit into a cookie and sat on the counter.


"Oh, that's right you don't know do you?" Pammi Aunty added. "Maan has been called to report for duty for the Army."


"What?" Geet said.


"Maan why don't you explain," Savita suggested.


As she turned around, Maan could not only see the shock in her eyes but her anger as well. The rest of the day she avoided him and deliberately stayed away from him. Maan too got distracted in packing and making all final arrangements to have his patients followed by a fellow colleague.


It was 3am when he finally snuck into the Handa residence to see Geet. He went to Geet's room and was surprised to find her bed empty. Knowing where she was, he silently went to the attic. Sure enough, she was there cuddled in her robe holding onto a teddy beat he'd given her. As the moon light streamed in, he could see that tears stained her face.


"Geet," he called.


She looked at him and instantly wiped her tears.


"What do you want?" she asked bluntly.


"We need to talk," he said as he closed and locked the door behind him.


"What's there left to say? You've decided that you're leaving. You didn't feel it necessary to tell me. So go…just go," she said.


"Don't be like that Geet," Maan said as he sat next to her.


"Clearly I'm not important enough for you to consult or share in this decision," she said as she got up and stood by the window.


"You're the most important," he insisted. "You know how much this means to me and to Brij Uncle."


She stayed silent.


"It won't be for long," he said as he got up and stood behind her.


A long silence followed.


With her voice cracking she said, "I'm scared."


His heart broke at her comment as he enveloped her into his arms.


"Shh, it's ok," he soothed as Geet began to weep.


"I can't let you go. What if something happens to you?" she asked between her sobs.


"Nothing will happen to me," Maan assured. "You're gonna be praying for me and I know God won't ignore that."


"People are killed out there every day, I won't be able to live if anything happened to you. I'd just die!" Geet said.


"Don't say that," Maan admonished. "Nothing will happen."


"You promise?" Geet asked.


"I promise," Maan answered.


"You'll come back to me?" she asked with her eyes lowered.


Maan smiled, and then with one finger raised her chin so that she looked into his eyes. "I'll always come back to you."


He then leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips. As he began to pull away, he was surprised that Geet held onto him and deepened the kiss. Soon his hands were in her hair as she pressed her body against his. Moments later Maan broke free and pushed her away.


"Stop it Geet," he said panting. "Stop it now before I lose control."


He turned to leave but she held his hand.


"Don't go," she pleaded.


Turning he looked into her eyes as they looked back at him unashamedly.


"Do you understand what I'm saying?" she asked him.


Maan let out a soft groan as he pulled her to his body and took her lips once again. He pushed off her robe and top as she pulled off his t-shirt leaving him bare chested and her in only her bra. Pulling apart he lifted her into his arms and carried her to where the lush pillows were laying. He laid her down and marveled at her beauty under the moon light – she was breath taking.


Maan hovered on top of her as he asked, "Do you understand what we're doing?"


In response, Geet simply pulled on the taveez, which she'd give him once for his protection, bringing him closer and kissed him. That was the only answer Maan needed.


Pretty soon they were skin to skin – all clothing discarded in a pile on the floor. His lips caressed hers while his hands roamed around her body making her crazy with desire. Soon his lips followed the path his fingers had traced – her neck, her shoulders, her navel. Geet's hands traveled lower from his chest…lower and lower…and lower. He grabbed her hand before she got too far.


He positioned himself above her as she looked away. Even in the darkness he could see her blush.


"Look at me Geet," he ordered.


Shyly she turned her face so their eyes met.


Then, slowly and gently, he entered her. She gripped his arms tight, arched her back and gasped as he broke through the final barrier. Maan remained still for, waiting for her body to adjust. A moment later, she looked at him and he knew. He began slowly, setting a pace for her which she met with enthusiasm.


To drown out her moans Maan took her mouth into his. He buried his face in the crevice of her neck as the intensity built. In turn she clawed at his back and bit at his shoulders until they could take no more and were pushed over the edge.


They lay in each others arms covered merely by the fleece blanket that had been there. Maan planted a trail of kisses down her neck and on to her shoulders as she tilted her head to allow him access.


That night they slept in each others arms – the most peaceful and content sleep either had ever had.


Maan's eyes opened just as the first rays of the sun began to break through the horizon. Checking his watch he knew he had to leave before anyone went looking for him at home. It was already 5:30am, his flight was in a few hours. He moved, trying not to wake Geet.


"You're leaving?" he heard her call.


"You're awake," he said surprised.


"Of course," she said as she smiled at him.


He kissed the top of her head as he said, "I need to go before some looks for me at home or before someone wakes up here."


She simply nodded her head in agreement.


Maan got up and put his clothes on while Geet lay there still covered in the blanket.

"Do you have any regrets Geet?" Maan asked.


She looked at him shocked.


"Of course not!" she answered instantly.


He breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't regret what happened one bit, but he was afraid that Geet was swayed by her emotions.


"Good, because I don't either," he said as he bent down to kiss her.


Now Geet got up and began putting her clothes on as Maan put his shoes on.


"I know I don't say it enough but…" Maan suddenly hesitated. "…You know I love you…right?"


Slipping her top over heard she walked up to him with a smile on her face.


"I know," she said. "I do too."


Maan pulled her into his arms and kissed her before sneaking out.


A few hours later when it was time to go to the airport, Geet had refused to go. She made excuses about school projects taking priority. Maan knew the real reason she refused. She would be bawling her eyes out as he left and she didn't want her family to ask questions. When he'd come dressed in his uniform, she already had tears in her eyes. She'd given him a simple good bye in front of the family.


At the airport, as Maan watched other soldiers say good bye to their wives, fiancs and girlfriends, he felt a pang of jealousy and pain because Geet wasn't there. As they waited, something – a reflection - caught his eye. Looking at the direction it came from, Maan saw it was Geet. She stood outside the main terminal.


Making an excuse Maan walked out to meet her.


"I thought you weren't coming?" he teased.


"How could I not?" she asked as her voice cracked.


"Don't do this to me Geet," Maan said as he enveloped her into his arms. "I can't see you cry. How am I supposed to leave you like this?'


"Then don't go," Geet wined as she held him tight.


"Flight 784 Los Angeles to London is now boarding," the announcer called.


Maan and Geet still stayed in each others embrace.


Five minutes later the announcer came on again, "This is the final boarding call for Flight 784 Los Angeles to London."


"I have to go now Geet," Maan said as he stepped back.


Geet's eyes were red and brimming with tears as she said, "Be safe."


"I will," Maan said.


"I mean it! You make sure you stay alive Maan Singh Khurana or else ill bring you back to life and kill you with my bare hands for leaving me," she threatened.


Maan chuckled at the comment.


Kissing her lips he turned to go but was stopped by her hand holding on to his.


"Come back to me," she said.


Maan stepped towards her again and placed a kiss on her forehead.


"Always," he said.


With one final kiss he turned away and walked inside, his heart breaking with every step.


*~*~*~*~*~*Back to Present*~*~*~*~*~


That had been seven months ago. He'd last seen her seven months ago.


When he had left her, he'd been heart broken. While he was away from her, he'd fought like hell to stay alive for her. And now that he was back, his reality lay shattered all around him.


He took her image in. Her once slender body was how curvy. Her once flat stomach was now swollen.


"Geet," he called. "You're pregnant."


Tears rolled down her face as she said, "I'm sorry."


She then wept silently.

ps: some of you had guessed...hats off to you...and i tried to keep the content as tasteful as possible...didnt make it vulgar or overly detailed...

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omg!!! wowzers!!! damn!!! i sooo didnt expect that!! i hate it wen you do that to me!!! 1st u write a new ss and u dont tell me about it and then u torment me cuz i have no idea wats gonna happen!!!!!! CryCryCryCryCry ur so mean!!!

but omg!! thank god mann is the father!!LOLLOLLOL i mean who else can it be!! cuz then no one would read the ss!!!!!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL and u know im right!!!!

but wow!!! these two wat a besharam couple!!AngryAngry uff no values i tell ya!!!! and now shes preggers!!!!...... his reaction was funny!! she couldve been like no i was depressed cuz u left so i gained weight!!LOLLOLLOL cant really hide the belly!!!LOLLOLLOL but haila u have to continue soon cuz the whole thing was a fb and i want to see his reaction!!! cuz u only gave us like a couple of lines!!!! me want more more more!!!!

plz cont soon!!!

luv u babe!!!!Embarrassed

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OMG She really was pregnant??
Thanks a lot yaar
Loved the update
Please try to update soon
Love you

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she's pregnant ok... but why is she apologizing? they're in love, it shouldn't be a problem or maybe I'm just being delusional....; amazing as always  continue soon please!ClapClap ClapClap

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