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SS: Home Coming Epilogue pg 125 Arpil 1 (Page 43)

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i liked both ur ffs i.e., ek pal nd tis one too...........

plz pm me wen u update both...........

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers!! Embarrassed...hope you all started the year off with a BANG!

before i get to the update...i have a few things to pls bare with me...

#1: i really...REALLY appreciate that you guys wait for my updates and are interested in reading my writing...really i do! it means a lot...but please understand i have other commitments as well...when i see comments like "update now"..."havent you tested our patience" ..."update already" really annoys me! its like the person is demanding an update...when i see comments like that...i delay on purpose..i evil sucks cuz everyone ends up suffering...i dont mind you requesting shreya sure youve seen the tantrums...but be nice about it...try not to order me (or other writers) just saying...

#2: im sending out PM's for the update but bare with me cuz as per IF policy...only 60 pm's per hour and im updating both ff's...
Big smile

#3: this update is so long that IF cant support i had to post it in two posts LOL i want equally long comments!!

Part 5

As Maan drove to the hospital he kept a smile plastered on his face, made small talk with Geet and tried to remain as calm as possible given the situation. On the inside he was sick with worry and bordering on having a full blown anxiety attack. Had it not been that he worried about Geet's reaction to his reaction, he'd have broken down right after the call. As soon as Maan had heard Meera's voice and its note, he knew – he just knew – that things were not right.


He couldn't let Geet know anything yet because he didn't know anything yet. For all he knew he could simply be over reacting to nothing. She was in her final trimester and the last thing she needed was stress from his freak out. He needed her to be calm and for that to happen, he needed to be calm.


But what if? What if something was seriously wrong? What if there was something wrong with the baby or if there was a complication in Geet's pregnancy? What if …just what if?


Maan was brought back from his trance when he felt a hand no his shoulder. Turning, he saw Geet's eyes filled with concern, looking at him intently.


"Maan, are you ok?" she asked. "What's wrong?"


"Nothing…nothing," he said as he smiled.


From the look on her face, he could tell that Geet didn't buy it.


"I was just thinking about how much my life changed in the past 24 hrs…that's all," Maan lied.


"It is a lot to take in, isn't it," Geet said.


"But its great," Maan reassured.


A few minutes later Maan pulled into the hospital parking lot. He got out and proceeded to help Geet out. He walked absent mindedly when he felt Geet slip her hand into his. He hadn't realized that he instantly squeezed her hand and held on tight. The thought of losing her was screaming at him no matter how hard he tried to ignore it.


They approached the nurses station by the plaza that housed the doctors offices.


"Could you please page Dr. Singhania," Maan said.


The receptionist at the station did as asked.


Maan turned to face Geet who was taking in her surroundings when he saw Meera come around the corner down the hall. He discretely shook his head indicating that she shouldn't come yet. He was happy that Meera understood what he meant because she quickly slipped into the lounge.


"Geet, why don't you go and wait in Meera's office. I'm just going to check on a critical patient of mine," he said as he walked her to the office.


"Ok, sure," Geet readily agreed.


Once he had her settled, he stepped out and headed for the lounge where he found Meera waiting.


"What's going on Meera?" Maan asked.


"Let's go to my office Maan," Meera suggested as she checked her buzzing pager. "We can talk in there."


Meera turned to walk out but Maan grabbed her hand to stop her.


"Meera please, tell me what's going on," Maan pleaded.


Everything about Meera at that moment told Maan that everything was definitely not alright.


Meera took a deep breath before she spoke.


"Geet has gestational diabetes," Meera said.


"What? Are you sure?" Maan asked.


Meera simply nodded her head in agreement.


Maan took a minute to absorb what he'd just heard. A million more concerns, worries and questions popped into his mind.


Meera's movement caught his eyes.


"Don't tell Geet," Maan said.


Meera looked at him in shock.


"Don't tell her because she will just worry and that isn't good for her or the baby…please," Maan pleaded.


Meera put a hand on his shoulder and smiled slightly.


"I know you love her and are worried for her and the baby," Meera began. "I appreciate and respect that…really I do…But I won't lie to my patient Maan."


"But…" Maan tried to argue.


"More over I won't lie to a mother. She has the right to know…she needs to know what she's fighting against so she can protect her baby."


With that Meera walked out and Maan quickly followed.




While Geet waited for Maan and Meera she couldn't help but browse the books that lined the shelves of the book case in the office. She had picked a picture book that simply held the most adorable pictures of babies. Geet couldn't help but smile at every picture. She placed a hand on her swollen belly and felt so excited. Soon she'd have a baby – a daughter – who would have rosy cheeks, pouty lips, tiny fingers and tiny toes. She was lost in her thoughts when she heard the door click and watched Maan walk in behind Meera.


"Hi Meera," Geet said cheerfully.


Meera simply smiled.


"Have a seat Geet," Meera said.


At the same time Maan said, "You should sit Geet."


She eyed the two of them as she took a seat in front of Meera's desk. Maan quickly sat next to her while Meera sat in her chair on the other side.


"How are the results Meera?" Geet inquired. "Everything ok?"


The instant Meera looked at her Geet's hear fell. The look in Meera's eyes was enough to tell her that Meera was about to say wasn't gong to be good.


"What's the matter?" Geet asked, suddenly tensed.


Neither Maan nor Meera said anything.


"Someone say something," Geet ordered.


Meera flipped open Geet's file.


"Your test results show that you have gestational diabetes," Meera said.


Geet looked on confused.


"Diabetes?" she asked. "But I've never had diabetes."


"Gestational Diabetes only occurs during pregnancy, often resolving once the baby is delivered," Meera said.


"That's good, right?" Geet asked, "Nothing to worry about."


"It's not as simple as it sounds Geet," Meera said somberly.  "Geet, have you had nausea or been tired lately?"


"Well…yes but doesn't everyone?" Geet asked. "I figured it was just morning sickness."


"Morning sickness usually disappears after the first trimester, it usually doesn't last this long."


As Meera proceeded to tell Geet about gestational diabetes, Geet took it in as best as she could.


Gestational Diabetes was not something that could be spotted without testing because symptoms include nausea, vomiting, increased thirst, urination and fatigue. If left untreated or unmonitored it could seriously affect the baby. The baby could be born either over weight or under weight, jaundice and even respiratory distress syndrome or hypoglycemia.


"But we can monitor her glucose levels," Maan said. "We can get her insulin if needed."


"Of course you can. I've already set up an appointment for you two to see a nutritionist who specializes in nutrition for pregnant women. I'm gonna set you up with a monitor so you can check Geet's blood sugar level daily," Meera said.


"Good. That's good," Geet said.


"Your diet isn't what worries me Geet," Meera said. "It's the possible outcomes that you need to worry about."


"What do you mean?" Geet asked.


She thought that the diabetes was all that was wrong. What else could there be?


"When I did your exam your blood pressure was a bit high. I figured it was because you were on edge about having your first prenatal exam," Meera explained.


"Now you don't think that's what it was?" Geet asked.


Meera shook her head.


"One of the side effects is pre-eclampsia, a condition where the mothers blood pressure is severely elevated," Meera said.


Meera explained that about 10% of pregnant women experience pre-eclampsia but 13% to 39% of women suffering from gestational diabetes have it. She explained that if Geet were to become pre-eclamptic they would have to induce labor or deliver the baby via C-section to prevent from suffering from eclampsia which leads to serious seizures.


"Geet, if you have any unusual swelling or think you have heart burn you call me or Maan right away, you got that?"  Meera asked.


"Yes," Geet said.


"I'm serious Geet. Those are signs that tell you something is wrong, you need to pay attention."


"I will," Geet said.


After a moments pause, Meera continued.


"There's more Geet," she said.


Geet's eyes filled with water. There was more. How? How much worse could it get?


"All of these increases your chances of placental abruption."


Geet simply looked on.


"What is that?" she asked.


Geet pretty much had an idea of what it meant but she had to be sure.


"That is when the placenta detaches from the uterus cutting off the mother from the baby," Meera explained. "Because you already have high blood pressure it increases your risks to 44%."


Geet's hands went cold as she listened to Meera say that if this happens they'd have to deliver the baby prematurely which could lead to complications like low blood oxygen levels and even brain damage.


"If you feel any kind of unusual pain, or you think you feel contractions that wont stop or if you have any bleeding you need to call 911 right away," Meera said.


Geet simply shook her head. At this point there was too much information being thrown at her sending her into a daze.


"Geet…" Meera called to her.


Geet looked at her trying to focus.

"Geet, I need you to hear me out. You have to pay attention," Meera said. "You feel any of these symptoms and you call 911 then you call me, got it?"


"Yes," Geet mumbled.


"If you don't Geet it will hurt the baby. When the placenta detaches it means the baby isn't getting anything from the mother. If we don't get to the baby fast enough you could deliver a still born baby," Meera said.


Instantly Geet clasped onto Maan's hand as she gasped and tears filled her eyes.


Just hours ago she was happy and her baby was fine. But now…now her baby was at risk of dying because of these complications. Geet shuddered to think what would have happened if she'd never known about all this and something happened to the baby because of her ignorance.


"Geet, I don't mean to scare you," Meera said softly as she came around the desk and squatted next to her.


"I know," Geet said.


"I'm telling you because you need to know how to protect your daughter Geet. As her mother it's your responsibility to protect her. Pay attention to what your body and your baby are telling you," Meera said.


"I will," Geet said, "I promise."


Geet cradled her belly with one hand.


"I won't let anything happen to our baby."


"Above all else you have to avoid stress because that is the trigger that could set everything off," Meera said. "I suggest after you see the nutritionist, you go home and rest."




Maan has sat there quietly was he listened to Meera give Geet her prognosis. The minute Meera had told him about the gestational diabetes, he knew what the possibilities were. He may not be an OB/GYN but he still remembered everything he learned in med school and during his rotation at the hospital.


As if that worry wasn't enough, now he had another one. When Meera had mentioned the word 'home', he began thinking – where was he going to take her? He couldn't take her back to her parents house, no way was he gonna take her back there.


Meera and Geet walked ahead of him as they headed towards the nutritionists office. He was in a trance of sorts. He would have ran into the wall had Meera not grabbed his hand to stop him.


"Geet, you go ahead Maan will be in shortly," Meera said. "Don't worry, I'm just going to tell him about some things to buy for you."


Geet nodded solemnly and went inside the doctor's office.


"Ok, what is it?" Meera asked, worry laced in her voice.


"Geet can't have stress. There's nothing to hide from you Meera, I told you everything. I can't take her back home," Maan admitted.


Meera rolled her eyes.


"That's it! You nearly gave me a heart attack. Here I was thinking something else was going on," Meera said.


"It is a big deal Meera. No matter how much money I spend there is now way I can get a place for us today. It takes weeks if not months to get a house or apartment," Maan said frustrated.


"I've got the perfect place for you. It's a loft, three bedrooms, 2.5 baths and fully furnished," Meera said. "It's yours right now."


"What? How?" Maan asked.


"It's my place."


"What? No…no," Maan said, "We could never impose."


"It's not an imposition and before you say no again, hear me out!" Meera ordered. "It's too far from the hospital and you know how much I hate traffic so I end up at my parents house all the time any way. I've been planning to sublet or sell it. You two need it and I think its perfect."


"But…" Maan began.


"Look, you know it's the best solution for your situation. Even if you did get a place today, you would never be able to furnish it and no way are you taking Geet to an unfurnished home. Do you want her to sleep on the floor while being 7 months pregnant?" Meera asked.


Maan sighed – he knew Meera was right.


"Thank you so much," Maan said as he hugged Meera.


The worked out the details quickly so that Maan could join Geet inside.


Inside Maan listened intently at what the doctor had to say about Geet's new, very strict, diet. He literally took notes – he wasn't taking any chances.


After they finished, Maan informed Geet about their new living arrangements as they walked to the car. Maan had a few things to do before they went to Meera's place.


"Maan…" Geet began as he exited the freeway, "I thought we were going to Meera's place."


"We are," Maan said.


He knew she realized they were headed to their respective homes.


"Just a quick pit stop before we go," Maan said to relax her.


He pulled up to the Handa residence. He quickly got out and helped her out. Taking her hand he led her up the stairs. Just as he was about to open the door bell, he felt Geet grip his hand hard. Knowing her emotions were on edge, he squeezed back.


As soon as they entered, Naintara came at Geet with her arms open.


"Oh thank God you're home Chutki," she said as she took Geet into her arms.


"How is everything?" Maan's mother asked.


"How is Geet and the baby?" Pammi Aunty asked.


Maan ignored them all. Of course, now they cared.


"NT," he called forcing her to break the hug. "I need you to take Geet up and pack her things."


"Ok," Naintara said.


She didn't ask any questions, she simply guided Geet carefully up the stairs.


"I'll be right back," Maan called to them as they ascended the stairs.


Naintara turned back and nodded her head.


"Maan, what's going on?" his father asked.


"What is the meaning of this?" Brij Uncle asked.


Again, Maan ignored their questions. He simple waked across the street to gather his own belongings.


Fifteen minutes later, he had loaded his things in to the car and headed back to the Handa residence. Waking in he saw both sets of parents in the living room. The men were pacing across the room while the women sat on the couches. He was about to head up the stairs when he saw Naintara coming out of the kitchen with a tray in her hands. On the tray was a sandwich, glass of water and some carrot sticks.


"Just something for Chutki," Naintara said before Maan even asked.


Maan smiled.


"Could you come back after you give it to her, but don't tell her I'm here yet," Maan requested.


Naintara agreed as she quickly went up the stairs. Maan waited in the den for Naintara. When she returned he explained everything that happened at the doctors office, the proposal and them now moving into Meera's house.


"You can understand why I don't want to leave her alone even for a minute," Maan said. "I know it's a lot to ask, but could you move in with us?"


Naintara smiled and placed a reassuring hand on Maan's.


"I'd be happy to," she said. "I'll go help Chutki and then pack my stuff."


"I'm sorry for you having to put your life on hold for us," Maan said.


"I'd do anything for Chutki," Naintara said. "All that matter's now is the safety of my sister and my niece."


Maan couldn't help but smile when Naintara had mentioned her 'niece'.


A short while later, Maan rushed up when he saw Naintara and Geet at the top of the stairs. He took their bags as Naintara once again guided Geet down the stairs.



continued below

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Geet spent the rest of the day mostly lounging around while Maan and Naintara unpacked and got the three of them moved in. Late in the afternoon Meera joined them so she could pack up her things and shift to her parents house. Geet was going nuts between simply sitting and watching TV or pacing up and down the house.  The most they'd let her do was take a tour of their new home.


Meera's house ' their new home ' was a three story loft situated in a nice quiet area far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The first floor consisted of a spacious living room, large dining room, kitchen, and patio. The second floor housed 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, while the third floor had a guest bedroom and an office/library space.


It was only after she nearly threw a tantrum that Maan let her cook dinner for the four of them. Taking into consideration her new dietary restrictions Meera suggested something simple like pasta and a salad. Geet sent Maan out for essentials that she didn't have. Once he was back she began cooking and felt oddly at peace. She loved cooking and experimenting ' it took her mind off of everything that was going on. It was late into the evening when they all sat down for dinner. Once Meera left, Naintara resided to her own room while she and Maan spent a half hour reading the book Meera had given them.


The next morning Geet woke up with the sense that everything was going to be ok. She stretched when suddenly a wave of nausea over took her. Putting one hand over her mouth she climbed out of bed and burst into the bathroom where Maan stood shaving. She made it to the toilet just as the contents of her dinner spilled out.


"Geet, what happened?" Maan asked.


She could tell by the sound of his voice that he was scared but she couldn't answer him.


"NT!" Maan yelled, "NT come here quick!"


Next thing Geet knew her sister strolled in yawning.


"What? Why are you yelling so early in the morning?" Naintara asked as she entered the bathroom.


"Something's wrong with Geet, we need to take her to the hospital," Maan announced.


Finally Naintara's eyes focused and she took in Maan clad in only track pants and nothing else.


"Geez!" she said as she rolled her eyes, "Before you go yelling for people you might want to put a shirt on."


"Stop messing around, this is serious," Maan scolded.


"No its not," Naintara and Geet said at the same time.


"Its just morning sickness," Geet said as she wiped her mouth.


Naintara left.


Geet quickly rinsed her mouth and then brushed her teeth. She felt much better after splashing some cold water on her face. As Geet came out of the bathroom, Naintara walked back into the bedroom.


"Here," Naintara said as she handed Geet a small pouch.


Geet felt relief as she took the pouch and held it to her nose.


"What the hell is that?" Maan asked.


"Laundry detergent," Naintara said.


Neither she nor Naintara offered an explanation.


"Someone please explain," Maan requested.


"The smell of Tide laundry detergent makes her nausea go away," Naintara explained.


"Are you serious?" Maan asked.


In response Naintara simply pointed to Geet, who was looking at Maan with a smile on her face.


"Ok, I'm going to go make breakfast," she said as she got up.


"NO!" Naintara and Maan yelled at the same time.


Geet was so startled that she fell back on the bed.


"You are going to stay up here until further notice Chutki," Naintara said.


"Why Di?" Geet asked.


"There are reasons which we are not going to tell you," Maan said.


Geet knew that glint in his eyes ' he was planning something.


"What are you two up to?" Geet asked as she narrowed her eyes.


"You will know soon enough," Maan said as he tucked Geet back into bed. "We will bring anything you need to you but you cannot come down."


"But'" Geet began.


"No 'buts'," Maan said.


"Di'" Geet pleaded.


Geet was shocked when her sister simply shrugged her shoulders and left the room.


No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get anyone to tell her what was going on. Even when Meera came by, she kept quiet. It was driving Geet insane.


No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get anyone to tell her what was going on. Even when Meera came by, she kept quiet. It was driving Geet insane.


Around 4pm as Geet came out of the shower, she saw that Meera and Naintara had descended into her room with tons of stuff ' dresses, make up, hair products, jewelry. It looked like a high school girls bedroom before prom. She asked what was going on but they completely ignored her. She asked to see Maan but they didn't let her do that either.


Knowing that there was no winning against these two, Geet simply went with the flow. They blow-dried her hair, did her make up, and dressed her in a mostly red and white anarkali suit that clenched right above her belly and then flowed down. They left Geet to put on red and gold teardrop earrings, a matching pendant and her hands were adorned with white and red bangles, while they got ready themselves. Nearly half hour later Naintara and Meera were dressed in white sarees.


"Chutki, you wait here for a minute ok?" Naintara said as she walked out with Meera.


"Not like I have a choice," Geet complained.


It had been fifteen minutes and no one had come back. Geet was fed up so she opened the door to an eerily quiet house.


"Hello'" Geet called as she stepped out into the hall.


 Geet proceeded to the stairs and what she saw took her breath away. The entire down stairs was decorated in red and white ' red roses and white Lillis, read and white ribbon, red and white balloons and streamers. By the landing that led to the patio was a short, balding old man dressed in a grey suit. Geet looked at found Meera talking to a handsome man dressed in a black suit ' it was probably her boyfriend Dev Chopra, a lawyer. When she spotted her sister, she called out.


"Di'" she said softly.


When Naintara looked up at her, she simply smiled and then proceeded up the stairs.


"What's going on Di?" Geet asked as Naintara reached her.


"Be patient Chutki."  That was all her sister said.


As she was guided down the stairs by her sister, a movement caught her eye. From the small den off to the right, Maan emerged. Geet couldn't help but stare. She'd never seen him in a tux before. As she descended the stairs, he smiled at her and her breath caught.




Maan knew he was grinning like a fool but he didn't care. As ee watched Geet approach him, only one thought was in his mind ' God she looked gorgeous! She was glowing like an angel, his angel. As Naintara handed her off he took her hand.


"Maan'" Geet began as she looked around, "What's going on?"


He intertwined his fingers with hers as he placed a kiss on her hand.


"We're getting married," Maan whispered in her ears.


He'd heard her gasp and knew that he'd pulled off the surprise flawlessly. He had always wanted to marry Geet, now with the baby on the way there was no stopping him. He knew she wanted a big traditional Indian wedding full with pundit and pheres, but he also knew that in the state that she was, she'd die of embarrassment and shame. So he went for the next best thing. He had called up Dev and asked him to draw up the marriage license and arrange for a justice of the peace to preside over their marriage. Dev had happily obliged. It didn't take any convincing to get Naintara and Meera on board because just like him, they too wanted Geet to have a memorable wedding.


Naintara came to Geet and handed her a lush floral bouquet made of white lilies and blood red roses, all held together by a white satin sash.


"Surprise," Naintara said as she walked off to join Meera, who was beaming as she looked on.


Maan placed Geet's arm through his as he walked with her down to where the justice of the peace stood. As he began to speak, Maan and Geet were lost in each others eyes. As they both said 'I do' tears filled not only their eyes, but the eyes of all present.


"Rings please," the justice called.


Maan took the ring Dev held out and slipped it onto Geet's fingers just above her engagement ring and kissed it.


"I'I don't have a ring for you," Geet said.


"Yes you do," Naintara said as she reached and handed Geet the gold band.


Taking the ring, Geet slipped it onto the ring finger of his left hand.


"I now pronounce you husband and wife," the justice declared. "You may kiss the bride."


You didn't need to tell Maan Singh Khurana twice. He leaned forward and placed his lips on top of hers. He couldn't help but smile because she tasted like strawberries. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her in slightly as her arms braced against his chest. Maan pulled away before it got too out of hand.


"Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Khurana," Meera said as she came and hugged them.


"Thank you guys for everything," Geet said.


"The look in your eyes and the smile on your face is thanks enough," Naintara said as she pulled Geet into a tight hug.


The rest of the night was spent talking, laughing and eating. It was past midnight when they all got up to leave.


"Wait wait wait!" Naintara called as she raced down the stairs.


"What happened NT?" Maan asked.


"We can't end the night without the couples first official dance," she said.


Dev was helping Meera into her coat as Naintara put a CD inside the player and pressed play.


The song Everything, by Lifehouse began to play.


Maan walked up to where Geet sat and placed his hand in front of her.


"May I have this dance with the most beautiful woman in the room?" he asked.


He was rewarded by a slight blush that crept onto Geet's cheeks as she took his hand.


Pulling her up, he held her as close as possible. They began to sway with one another, oblivious to the fact that everyone else slipped out.


A minute later they were interrupted by a bright flash. Looking to where the flash came from he saw Naintara holding a camera with a grin on her face.


"Sorry'it's for the album," she said as she ran back up stairs.


Maan held Geet closer when she laid her head on her chest, as they danced in each others arms.


Later that night in their room they slept in each others arms.




The next morning Geet woke to once again find a smile on her face. As she drew her hand up and looked at her wedding ring, she felt that smile widen. As she got up she prepared for her usual morning sickness but amazingly it didn't come. She saw that Maan was already up because he was going back to the hospital today. She got up and got ready before venturing out.


As she approached the stairs she could smell mushrooms and eggs. Her stomach grumbled telling her she was hungry.


"Good morning Mrs. Khurana," Maan called to her, while he took a bowl from the cabinet.


"Good morning," Geet said as she took one step to come down the stairs.


The robe she was wearing came under her feet and slipped. Geet gasped as she heard Maan.


"Geet!" he yelled.


Geet closed her eyes as she heard glass shatter.


A pair of hands steadied her and felt the brunt of her weight stopping her from falling.


Opening her eyes, Geet saw her sister.


"Chutki are you ok?" Naintara asked still holding onto her.


Before Geet could answer, Maan arrived.


"Geet, are you ok?" he asked as he looked at her worried.


"Yes'I'm fine," Geet said in a shaky voice.


"What the hell were you thinking?" both Maan and Naintara yelled at the same time, startling Geet.


Maan guided Geet down the stairs and led her to the kitchen.


"I don't want you going up or down the stairs without someone to help you," Maan said.


"But'" Geet began.


"This is not up for debate Geet," Naintara said.


Geet sat quietly and began nibbling on the omelet Maan had set in front of her.




Before she knew it, two weeks had passes since Maan had returned and her life had completely changed. They had all adjusted to this new life. She monitored her diet, paid attention to what her body was telling her, but what put her mind at rest was that every few days Meera would come and examine her just to make sure everything was ok. So far, so good ' and God willing, that's how it would stay.


She was now 30 weeks along, only a few more before she had her baby girl. As nervous as she was about the delivery, she couldn't be more excited. Same went for Maan who had taken Geet shopping and had it been up to him, he'd have bought everything an anything from Baby's R Us.


For some reason this particular day Geet was not feeling like she wanted to do anything. She had suffered some morning sickness that wouldn't go away even with her pouch of detergent, she had slight heart burn that kept nagging at her and her back was hurting just a little. She just wanted to stay in bed and watch movies. Of course she also wanted to eat pints of ice cream but that was not going to happen. Instead she had to settle for frozen yougurt with berries ' which is exactly where Maan was at this moment.


"Ok I got it," Naintara said as she walked into the room waving a DVD.


"You found 'Message in a Bottle'?" Geet asked.


"Yes!" Naintara said.


Geet sat up eagerly while Naintara put the DVD into the player.


Naintara then joined Geet by the foot of the bed as the movie started, just as Maan walked in.


Maan had his phone plastered to his ear and was talking about some patient so he simply opened the lid of the container before handing it to Geet.


Looking at the frozen concoction, Geet frowned.


"You forgot to get the crushed Dorritos," Geet complained.


Naintara looked at her in disgust.


"Must you put chips in your frozen dessert?" she asked.


"Its soooooo good!" Geet insisted.


Naintara sighed.


"There's some in the pantry, I'll get it for you."


Just as Naintara was about to get up, Maan used his hand to indicate that he'd go since he needed quiet for his phone call.


Naintara got comfortable once again.


A few seconds later, Geet called out, "Di'.."


She heard Naintara groan.


"Yes Chutki?" she asked.


"Umm'I need some water," Geet said.


"I just got you'" Naintara said as she turned around.


Geet innocently held up an empty water bottle and smiled, to which Naintara couldn't help but roll her eyes.


Naintara groaned again as she got up, put the movie on pause and left the room to get the water.


Geet had just taken a mouthful of her treat when suddenly she didn't feel right. She had swallowed when suddenly a sharp pain ran through her mid section. It was so strong and sudden that she gasped and dropped the container on the bed spilling everything.


Geet's mind began to panic when suddenly everything was crystal clear. She'd been feeling what she thought was heart burn that radiated to her back ' it was epigastric pain, one of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia. The back pain that she passed off as due to the extra weight attached to her body, could have been contractions that Geet hadn't paid attention to.


"Oh God," Geet whispered as she pulled the sheets back and fumbled to get out of bed.


It was then that she felt something wet.


'It's the frozen yogurt.'




Maan had just finished calling in new orders for one of his transplant patients when he saw Naintara coming down the stairs.


"What are you doing down here NT?" he asked as he ended his call.


As soon as Naintara rolled her eyes, he knew Geet had sent her on an errand.


"Queen Geet and her never ending requests," she said as she came around the island.


Maan began to loosen the tie he wore was Naintara pulled out two bottles of water from the cooler.


"She needed water," she explained.


"Oh crap!" Maan yelled. "She asked for Doritos."


Immediately he went into the pantry and took out a small bag of Doritos. This was by far the weirdest of Geet's cravings ' frozen yogurt with Nacho Cheese Doritos.


Maan heard Naintara shudder.


"How does she eat that?" she asked.


"I have no idea," Maan said as his expression mirrored Naintara's.


Naintara rummaged in the fridge and pulled out some grapes as she asked, "What's the score for the big game?"


Maan, who happened to be passing the living room, stopped in his tracks.


"I totally forgot there was a game today!"


Without wasting time he grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.


"Shit!" Naintara complained as she joined him by the couch. "Michigan is loosing."


Maan watched the replay of the latest play with Naintara complaining about the referee.


"Maan'" he heard Geet call.


"Ya'" Maan replied, not looking away from the TV.


"Di'" she called.


"I'll be right there Chutki," Naintara said.


She didn't take her eyes off of the TV either.


"Di'I don't feel'" Geet began.


This time Naintara looked.


"Chutki!" she yelled.


Maan winced in pain as he felt Naintara's nails dig into his arm.


"Jeez NT, go get a manicure'" he said.


As he followed her gaze he was not happy at what he saw.


"Geet! How many times have I told you not to come down the stairs yourself? Just wait there, we'll be right up," he said as he turned back to the TV.


Maan had to keep reminding her everyday to wait for help. That one scare a few weeks ago was more than enough.


"I'I don't feel so well'" Geet said in a shaky voice.


"Geet!" Naintara yelled.


Surprised by Naintara calling Geet by her name, Maan was sure Geet was trying to climb down the stairs.


"Geet please'" he began, but his voice died.


Maan's blood suddenly ran cold as he watched Geet crumble to the floor.


He ran past Naintara dropping whatever he held in his hand.


"Geet!" he yelled as he climbed the stairs.


He reached her just as she was about to roll down.


"Geet! Geet!" he called, trying to wake her.


Gently he cradled her head in his lap, as he knelt down on the stairs.


"NT, call 911!" Maan ordered.


Naintara maneuvered past Geet to go and get her phone.


"Geet honey'wake up sweet heart," Maan pleaded.


He heard Naintara's footsteps return and suddenly halt as she gasped.


"Maan," she called.


"What?" Maan asked, not looking up.


He was completely focused on Geet. He had to lift her but also had to make sure he didn't hurt her.


"Maan'" Naintara called again.


"Damn it NT, what!?" he yelled.


He looked up to see Naintara was pointing to something behind Geet. Maan raised himself slightly to see behind Geet.


What he saw made his heart stop.


A small puddle of blood, which grew in size by the second.


Maan felt like he couldn't breathe, like he couldn't move and like life as he knew it was over.


"No'God please, no!"


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hey babeji im here!!!!!!!!!!!! finally!!! whoops!!! i like commented on everything except for this one and this one is like the main one!!!LOLLOLLOL

so anyways babeji.. i basically told u wat i thought wen i talked to u over the phone!! thanks for clarifying all the medical terminology!!!!! we know u aint ekta and u have logic in ur ffs!!!!LOLLOL which make sense as well!!!

but omg!! u ended off in the most horrible place ever!!! i mean now u can just end like that and i wen i read it u didnt even have a the end!!!! eeks!!!!!!!!AngryAngryAngry i was like omg wheres the rest!!!! and then u were like this is the last part omg if that was the last part i wouldve killed u!! cuz clearly starting the new year u really wanna get killed dont u!!!!!AngryAngryAngry now missy u better update soon!! i want the next part pronto!!!

and remember wat i said i want that family punished!!!!!Big smileBig smile

luv u babeji!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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plz PM me too dearSmile

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ok well i just realised i hadnt gotten back to this ff to make a mark in commenting but defo my comments wouldnt be half as good as shreya's...jeez she sure knws how to u hehehehe
erm seen a u'll be updating part 5 soon - i'll save my comment til then and then write a looooooooooooooong comment just for u
hehehehehe so i'm reserving this space
SmileOk firstly let me just say.........i randomnly came across your SS and since u sed it would be like 3 or 4 parts - i said - never mind lets have a read because i was trying to hold back from starting any new FF reading because of the huge backlog i have of the uni work sitting idle on my table. LOL
i would like to add that i had rightfully guessed that Geet was pregnantTongue - hehehehehe my mind had a weird hunch - from the point where u said 7 months Confused- for some random reason - i duno y, n i also had a hunch he had felt her presence at the airport too when she came to see him. and then all the lies coming his way - oh dear how pathetic...................
but im glad u made their ahem ahem sooo sweet and loving.....Embarrassed....and the fact that he took a stand against the harsh attitude his famo n her famo were having towards herAngry
im sooo glad NT is a goodie person here and is supporting geet well!!!!Big smileBig smileBig smile
i love her for thatBig smile
and the proposalEmbarrassed was soooo cute.........omg that was like dreamy hehehe
but omg omg omg the fact that theres complications - at first i had no idea what she was talking about but the name just seemed scary enough and then wen u mentioned it in detail -it was as if my heart was sinking..............i was feeling soooooo bad for her
NAHI NAHI NAHIIIIIIIIIIIII plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont do this to us........i dnt think i will be able to stand the fact that she's lost her child or sumthing - maan ko itna dukh nahi milna chahiye - oh nooooooooooooo
omg omg omg hyperventilates - i hope all is goood...................the tears are on their way.............
thank u soooo much for the pm.......................and omg omg omg................. i love it........hope that when you do continue - it wont break my heart............cant wait for more
keep it up xSmile

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jnawazcharmed ones

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luv angel
luv angel

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Hey I've read it all it's absulutlyy amazing.
The emotions you portray is just tooo good, and I love the concept! Like Naintara in the SS too!
The first part 5 is just too good! I'll edit after Reading the second part! Keep up the Fab work!



OMG that was amazing I've read it again and I cannot wait till the next part. I hope Geet is all good! And loved the wedding, so cute. Maan is just perfect, love every part of this update! And even though you just updated, if it's not too much to ask do continue soon, and drop me a pm next as well please!
Thanks and keep up your amazing Writing.
Oh yh please could you pm me the links to any of you Other Maaneet FF's I would love to read them!

*Alisha* Embarrassed

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