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SS: Home Coming Epilogue pg 125 Arpil 1 (Page 20)

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 12:54pm | IP Logged

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jaz i see u..ab how much time more..

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Jaz..itna mat tarsao yaar!

I wanna read the ending to this! The suspense is killing me already. :(

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wow! i knew it! fab writing! nbow maan can explain to everyone how dat happened :p

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 4:58pm | IP Logged im finally here with part 3! Big smile...i know i promised it a while back but been soooo to make up for it...this part is long and and a special starting a new FF on check it is the link

Ek Paal

now to this is the next installment

Part 3

All she could do at that moment was stand there and weep to her hearts content. She'd been fighting tears since the day he'd left, but now there was no holding her back.


From the moment she'd found out she was pregnant, she'd been scared. She'd been scared of how her parents would react and what society would say. She'd been scared as to how she'd do this all by herself, scared of not being able to keep her baby safe. But what scared her the most, is how Maan would react when he found out. She knew she couldn't tell him while he was away – he couldn't have any distractions. Distractions out there meant death and that was not acceptable. She'd wanted to tell him, she had wanted to share with him this news but she couldn't. As the days passed her fear increased. What if he came back and didn't want this baby? What if he came back and blamed her for what had happened? What if this situation caused her to loose him?


She'd had all those fears pent up in her heat and didn't have anyone to share it with. Everyone had deserted her – even her mother. She had no one to share her fears with, her joys with, or her apprehensions with.


On top of all of that, she knew that every day the man she loved was putting his life on the line for thousands of innocent people in a far away country and there was nothing that she could do protect him. The fear that something could happen to him and he'd never return to her – those fears alone paralyzed her nearly every moment of every day.


Now, seeing him standing there she couldn't help but weep. She wept in fear, in frustration, in joy and in relief. All these emotions mixed in her heart and in her mind.


"I'm sorry," she heard herself repeat over and over again.


Suddenly, she found herself enveloped in warmth. She stood in the embrace of a man she'd prayed for these past seven months. She stood in the embrace of the man she loved and instantly she felt calm. She wrapped her arms around him as she continued to weep.




Seeing Geet pregnant was one thing that he still hadn't been able to react to, when suddenly she burst into tears and kept apologizing. Seeing her in such a state hit him hard. He suddenly felt like someone was putting weight on his chest and he couldn't breathe. He couldn't see her in tears let alone weeping in such a way.


Without saying anything he simply took her into his arms. He knew that she needed it, but he needed to hold her himself. He'd been away for seven months and it was only the thought of never seeing her again that made him keep on his toes and fight hard to stay alive.


"I'm so sorry," Geet said.


At this point he was brought out of his thoughts as he pulled away from her. Looking at her, he saw that she had her face turned to the floor.


"Geet…" he began but was quickly cut off.


"I'm so sorry," she repeated once again. "I should have told you but I didn't want to worry you while you were away. I know this changes your life and I don't know what you think of it. They told me…they told me to just get rid of it but I couldn't. I know it would have made our lives easier but I could never do that. I'm so sorry for doing this to you. If I hadn't begged you the night before you left none of this would have happened. I just was so overwhelmed and scared. And I swear…I swear to you…the baby is yours."


Maan's eyes widened in shock. How could she say such a thing? Why would she say it?


He held her by the shoulders and gently shook her back to reality.


"Geet…" he called. "Geet…Geet…"


Finally, she stopped babbling and looked up at him.


Maan gently cupped her face in his hands.


"Geet…I know…I trust you. Never…ever doubt that," Maan said.


Fresh tears filled her eyes and spilled over and Maan drew her back into his embrace. He felt her instantly cling to him.  They stood there in each others embrace, no words exchanged – simply taking in the others presence. After a while they broke apart.


Maan looked around wondering where they could sit because this room had only had pillows. As he took in the room he realized, everything was changed. The pillows were replaced by a small twin bed, the book shelves had been removed and replaced with portable closets, and in one corner was a small desk with a laptop. He didn't have time to think about why everything was changed, but he had a fairly good idea.


Taking Geet by the elbow Maan guided her to the bed and helped her sit. He saw a bottle of water on the desk so he got it for her making her take a few sips. Once he put that down, he grabbed the chair and sat facing her.


"Geet…" Maan began only to be cut off by Geet again.


"I'm sorry. I should have never pressured you that night. If I had just let you go then…" she said.


Now it was Maan's turn to cut her off.


"You didn't force me to do anything Geet. It was my decision just as much as it was yours," Maan said.


Geet looked at him as she wiped the tears from her eyes.


Taking a deep breath Geet asked Maan a question that he'd been asking himself the moment he saw her.


"Do you regret that night now?" she asked quietly, her face down cast once again and her hand resting on her swollen belly.


"Geet…Geet…" He called to her.


When she refused to look at him, he used his finger to lift her chin so that she was looking at him.


"That night was the most magical night of my life," Maan began. "That night I expressed my love to the woman that I love with my whole heart and soul. I know that we're not married and some people may see that as wrong but not me. You're my soul mate Geet and every second I spend with you I treasure."


"But this…," Geet said as she caressed her belly, "…this is not something that we had planned or expected. We were in the heat of the moment…now we're left to face the consequences."


Maan held her hand tighter as he spoke again.


"No Geet," he said. "That night when we came together we created a miracle."


Gently Maan placed his hand over Geet's as they touched her belly together.


"I could never regret that miracle. We are not left to face the consequences of our decision, we are left to welcome the symbol of our love…our blessing from God," Maan said as he kissed her gently on her lips.


"Do you regret it?" Maan finally asked.


"No never!" Geet said instantly. "This is your baby…this is our baby. How could I ever regret that?"


Maan smiled and breathed a sigh of relief – they were on the same page. Sure neither one had planned for Geet to get pregnant, they had been stupid not to use protection. But this was not the end of the world. They'd always planned on telling their families about their relationship once Geet was done with grad school. But this was life, you take one day and one situation at a time – it didn't always go as planned. And sometimes the surprises that life throws are you are the best things that could ever happen to you.


"But Geet…why are you up here?" Maan asked. "Why is everyone lying about where you are? What happened?"


Suddenly, Maan felt her tense.




Geet was afraid that he'd ask those questions. She was afraid that she wouldn't have anything to say. She didn't want to tell him how her family had abandoned her, she didn't want to tell him that she'd suffered the morning sickness alone – she didn't want to tell him that she'd been terrified all by herself.


He must have sensed her apprehension because he said, "Geet, what happened while I was gone?"


She still stayed quiet.


"Ok," Maan said, not wanting to push.


He changed the subject.


"When did you find out?"  he asked.


Taking a deep breath, Geet began. "The month after you left I was late…and I'm never late. I put it off to stress from finals and stress of you being so far away. I got so involved in my final project that I didn't realize I'd skipped my period all together. When the second month rolled around and I skipped again, I took a test at home and then went to the clinic on campus. The doctor confirmed that I was about 7 weeks along or so."


"And then…" Maan pressed.


"And then…I knew I couldn't hide this fact so I had to tell my family…" Geet said.


And so the story began.


Geet explained how she had been so scared and alone when she had found out. One part of her was ecstatic because she was carrying Maan's child – a symbol of their love. On the other hand she was afraid at how her family would react. As modern as they may seem her parents were very traditional and sex before marriage or a child out of wedlock was just not acceptable. The day she had told them, the Khurana's had been present as well. Geet knew that her parents would need to support of their best friends in this matter.




"Chutki Beta, what's going on?" her mother Pammi asked.


"Yes, why have you called us all here as if you're going to make a big announcement," her father, Brij asked.


"Oh my God!" Naintara yelled, "Don't tell me…you got kicked out of grad school because you're on the latest edition of 'Girls Gone Wild."


The whole family laughed at Naintara's joke, everyone except Geet.


"Di please," she said. "Stop it."


"Uff hurry up luv," Gurinder Uncle said, "I'm starving and your mother made my favorite matar paneer."


"Come on you guys, this is clearly important. Or else Geet wouldn't have gathered us like this. Chutki, take your time," Savita Aunty urged.


Taking a deep breath Geet began.


"Mamma, Papa…I'm…I'm…"


Suddenly her mouth went dry and she could barely speak.


"I'm pregnant," she finally blurted out.


Everyone sat studded into silence.


"What?!" Naintara yelled.


"This is a joke right? Some sort of sick joke?" her father asked.


Tears already filled her eyes and all Geet could do was shake her head in the negative.


"How did this happen?" her mother, Pammi, asked softly.


"Well we know HOW it happened!" her father yelled as he began pacing around. "What the hell were you thinking!? How will we face the community now?! You have ruined our reputation!"


The tears now fell freely from her eyes.


"How far along are you honey?" Savita Aunty asked.


"S…seven week or so," Geet answered quietly.


While everyone tried to take in the information that Geet had just given, Naintara and Savita Aunty came to her trying to comfort her. Naintara brought Geet a glass of water while Savita Aunty led her to the couch so she could sit.


"Look," Gurinder Uncle began, "…it's not the end of the world. Chutki is still early in her pregnancy. The easiest and best solution is to get her married to the guy."


Her father and Gurinder Uncle talked it over with their wives and everyone seemed to agree.


"Who is responsible for this mess?" Brij asked.


Geet kept quiet. She knew that she should tell them the truth but she feared that no one would believe her. Where was Maan and where was she – they didn't match. At that moment she made up her mind that she wasn't going to reveal who the father of her baby was. Most of that decision had to do with the fact that Maan wasn't here to defend himself or explain himself. He was the golden child for both families. Maan was the son that Brij never had. He was also a doctor with a bright future that would make any parent proud. She didn't want any one thinking that he'd 'messed around' with her and left her. No, she wouldn't tolerate anyone pointing fingers at him, especially while he was away.


"Who is it?" her father asked again.


Geet kept quiet.


"Tell me who it is Geet or so help me God…" her father roared.


Geet flinched at the mention of her name. Her father only called her Geet when he was mad at her. He hadn't called her by her given name since she was at least 10 years old.


"Chutki, who is it? Tell us?" Naintara pleaded as she squeezed Geet's hand in reassurance.


"I can't," Geet said.


"You can't or you wont!?" her mother suddenly asked.


"I won't," Geet said in defiance.


"Geet!" her father yelled as he came at her with his hand raised.


Instantly Naintara and Savita Aunty stood in front of Geet blocking Brij, and Gurinder Uncle stepped in front of him to stop him.


"Brij! What are you doing?" Gurinder Uncle yelled. "She's your daughter…she made a mistake."


"NO! She isn't my daughter! No daughter of mine would make such a disgusting mistake!" Brij said.


Sobs broke in the room and everyone was surprised that those cries came from Pammi.


"Where did I go wrong?" she cried.


Savita Aunty went to comfort her friend.


"I thought I had raised my girls to be smart and cultured. But what has she done," Pammi cried.


This only brought more tears to Geet's eyes who found herself enveloped in a hug from her sister.


"There's only one solution," Brij said as he straightened up and looked directly at Geet. "You have to get an abortion."


Gasps were heard from everyone in the room.


Now, Geet could no longer remain quiet.


"No!" she yelled.


"You don't get a say!" Brij roared. "You're going to have that abortion and then this horrible nightmare will be over!"


"No!" Geet yelled again as she got to her feet, one hand protectively lying over her stomach. "I won't kill our baby. I won't do and I won't let you!"


With that said she ran to her room with Naintara calling out to Geet as she followed.


*~*~*~*~*~* Back To Present *~*~*~*~*~*


Maan sat with his hands balled into fists and anger flowing through his veins. They had wanted to kill his baby!? How dare they!? Sure they hadn't know it was his baby but still. The thought that they'd insist on taking the life of an innocent child that had no part in anything made him sick to his stomach.


"Why didn't you tell them that I was the father of your child?" Maan asked.


He knew that if she'd told them that, everyone would have just shut up!


"How could I?" Geet asked. "You weren't here to defend yourself. And I couldn't bare anyone questioning your integrity."


"But Geet…" he started but became silent.


He didn't want to argue with her over something so trivial. What was done was done, no point in rehashing the past.


"But…how did you end up here?" Maan asked as he looked around the cramped room again.


Maan listened horrified as Geet explained how after her refusal to have the abortion, her father had banished her to the attic because he had no desire to see her face. If Brij would have had his way, Geet wouldn't even be living in the house, she'd be on the street somewhere. It took a lot of convincing on Pammi's part to get him to agree to let her live in the house. She hadn't come in front of her father since that day. In all honesty, she hadn't even come down from the attic at all. Only when she needed the bathroom, which is when she came down. She stayed in her little room nearly twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Her mother checked on her every once in a while, but it was Naintara and  Savita Aunty that took care of her the best they could. They brought her food, did her laundry, kept her entertained. They were the only ones that were talking to her. Naintara had even brought cocoa-butter for Geet's stomach so that she wouldn't get stretch marks. Every night Naintara would come up with new books or magazines. Then they'd spend an hour or so talking while she massaged cocoa-butter on Geet's expanding belly.


Naintara was the only one that Geet had been able to share the small joys of her pregnancy. The baby kicking, her food cravings – things like that.


In the time that they spent talking, neither Maan nor Geet had realized that a new day had begun.


"Can I?" Maan asked.


Geet saw that his hand was hovering over her belly.


"Of course," she said as she guided his hand to her swollen belly.


Maan had so many emotions going through him as he felt his baby move for the first time. Instantly he had fallen in love with this innocent angel. A thousand dreams popped into his mind. He was excited, he was amazed and above all else he was proud. He helped create that little life inside Geet – he was damned proud.


Sure this wasn't how he'd planned his life, but that's what life was about – it wasn't about plans, it was about living. All his plans went out the window the moment he saw Geet round with his child. Now the only thing that mattered was them. Now, all he looked forward to was this little angel coming into the world safe and sound.

"You didn't get any sleep," Maan pointed out.


"It's ok," Geet said with a smile. "I've been taking the best are of our baby that I possibly could."


Instantly, a thought occurred to Maan.


"Geet, have you been keeping up with your check-ups?" he asked.


Geet fell silent.




When she shook her head in the negative, Maan's heat fell. Being a doctor, he knew just how important prenatal care was for not only the unborn child but for the mother as well.


"Why Geet?" he asked, his voice laced with concern.


"Papa wouldn't allow it," Geet admitted.


"What?" Maan asked.


Maan's blood boiled as Geet went on.


Geet told him about the time, in her third month, when Naintara had made an appointment with an OB/GYN for Geet. They were walking out of the house just as Brij Uncle was walking in. According to Brij Uncle if Geet was going to have this baby, there was no need for prenatal care. His reasoning was that maybe something would happen and Geet would have a miscarriage.


"Who the hell does he think he is?!" Maan roared.


The man that had been his idol and his mentor had fallen from grace – and how!


Maan was terrified at the fact that for the past seven months Geet hadn't been seen by a doctor. None of the usual tests were run to see if the baby and Geet were ok. He was stricken with worry and fear. Fear for Geet and for their baby.


Getting up he pulled out his phone and dialed a number. The call was short. He quickly dialed another number and began speaking.


"Meera, it's Maan," he said. "I know it's early but it's an emergency. Look I don't care if you just worked a 36hr shift! It's important damn it! Yes…I'll explain later…meet me at the hospital in half hour. Thank you."


Hanging up he took hold of Geet's hand and pulled her up.


"Get dressed, we're going to the doctors."


Maan left her to get changed. He had to go home and pick up something and change into something else himself. When he'd left no one had been up, but when he came back he could see Pammi Aunty in the kitchen cooking while Brij Uncle sat at the table reading the paper.


Maan stormed in and headed towards the stairs without a single word.


"Good morning Maan beta," Brij Uncle called.


"Where's he off to in such a rush?" Pammi Aunty asked.


"Probably to see NT," Brij Uncle added.


"But I'm right here," Naintara said as she popped in from the living room, still dressed in her pajamas. 


Maan climbed the stairs to the attic and opened the door to see Geet sitting on the bed, her hands in her lap.


"Are you ready?" Maan asked.


Geet nodded her head. As she got up Maan saw that she was dressed in a t-shirt and sweats. She must have sensed his confusion because what she said next answered the question he hadn't even asked.


"I don't fit into any of my other clothes any more," she said, embarrassment visible on her face.


"No one took you shopping for maternity clothes?" Maan asked.


Of course they didn't, he answered himself. They wouldn't take her to the damned doctor; they sure as hell weren't going to take her shopping.


He took her hand and helped her take one stair at a time as the ascended the stairway. The thought of her going down the stairs by herself sent shivers down his spine. What if she fell and no one was home to help it?


He guided her down the main stairway that led to the second floor just as his parents were coming in.


"Maan what are you…" his father began.


He heard his parents both gasp.


"Oh my God…he knows," he heard his mother say.


Suddenly he felt Geet tense and stop half way down the stairs.


"It's ok Geet, I'm here," he reassured her. "Be careful."


Just as they reached the first floor they were joined by Geet's parents and Naintara. Maan saw Geet quickly step behind him, fear clear in her eyes.


"What is the meaning of this?" Brij Uncle asked.


"I'm taking Geet to the doctor," Maan announced.


"Why? What happened?" Naintara asked and was quickly at Geet's side. "Is everything ok?"


"That's what I need to find out," Maan said.


"Why are you helping her Maan? After what she did…" Brij Uncle said.


"Please…" Pammi Aunty said.


"How could you leave her up in the attic, in this condition to fend for herself? Especially you two," Maan said looking at the two elder women. "You are mothers yourselves. You know how hard pregnancy is on your body and your emotions. Yet still you left her in a cold attic…all alone."


Maan watched as both women hung their heads in shame.


"And YOU refused to get her medical treatment?" Maan said, this time talking to Brij Uncle.


"We don't even know whose baby it is," he tried to defend himself.

"That's beside the point," Maan said. "The point is that your daughter is pregnant, she is alone and she is scared. Instead of supporting her when she needs it the most you turned your backs on her!"


"After what she did…she deserves it!" Brij Uncle yelled.


"Please…stop it…" Pammi pleaded.


"No! Why should I stop?" Brij Uncle asked. "She didn't think once before committing such a big sin. God knows whose bas***d child she is carrying!"


"Enough!" Maan roared.


Everyone was shocked at his sudden outburst.


"The child is innocent and definitely not a bas***d!" Maan yelled. "Just because Geet didn't tell you who the father is doesn't mean he doesn't exist!"


Maan took hold of Geet's hand and began to approach the door.


"The baby is mine," Maan said as he paused at the door.


Everyone had a look of disbelief on their faces.


"Geet is carrying MY child," he repeated.


"Maan…………" his mother, Savita, began.


Maan raised one hand to silence her.


Pointing his finger and each person he said, "If anything happens to Geet or to my baby because of care you neglected to provide…so help me God I'll never forgive any one of you!"


Saying that he led Geet out of the house slamming the door behind him. As the approached his car, Maan's gut churned.


He didn't know why, but hew as afraid that something was truly wrong. Geet hadn't had any prenatal care which could spell disaster for the baby. No one had been monitoring Geet's health and that could spell disaster for her.


Maan had always trusted his instincts – not only when he was in the operating room but also while he was away at war. This was the first time he prayed that what his instincts were telling him weren't going to be true.

now bring on the comments! Wink

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peek a boo!! guess who's here??Embarrassed me!!! woot woot!! but im hiding from ur mother!!! or else she will kill me!!! but its not my fault!!! i gave u a xmas gift!!! i was doing my job!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

so anyways... oh wow!! mann... aww he's such a cutie!!!! and poor geet... boy her father is rough on her! but i wouldnt blame the man!!! its not his fault that his daughter is a besharam!!!! LOL but haila i know u did it again u and ur damn endings!!! ugh!! u know u make us go through this suspense and i know that u dont have the next part ready but im telling u... u better make it fast!!! cuz me waiting!!

haila i want to know dammit 1st ss where i dont know the story and it kills me!!! ur so mean to me!! CryCry please continue soon!!!

luv u babeji!

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Damn Jaz that was a bloody awesome update!!!

Sorry for nagging you about it..we all know you must've been busy this weekend.

But seriously, it was worth the wait. Maan coming to Geet's rescue. Why do I have a feeling that Maan's instincts are NOT wrong. =\

Eeks..I already can't wait for your next update!

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Awesome update!!! Luved Maan's reaction and his support for Geet.  How he responded to the family...crisp, straight-forwards and full of the anger they deserve.

Hope you update again soon Smile

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