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SS: Home Coming Epilogue pg 125 Arpil 1 (Page 125)

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"Aarav get the door," all of the men in the room yelled with their eyes still glued to the television set.


"Hey! Why me?" Aarav asked.


"Cuz…you're the youngest son," Dev said as he popped another cheese puff into his mouth.


"But…" Aarav began to complain.


"Oh!" they all yelled as a car exploded on the screen.


"Just go you goof!!" Ishaan said.


"Ishaan," Yash admonished.


"Sorry…I mean, just go Aarav," Ishaan said as he corrected himself.


Grumbling and complaining, Aarav finally went to open the door. As he was walking out of the room, the wives entered the room.


"What you are you ladies doing here?" Maan asked.


"We just came to see what you guys were up to?" Geet said as she placed a quick kiss on his cheek.


"Well…" Maan began only to be cut off.


Aarav returned soon with the surprise visitor in tow. Behind Aarav trailed a 28 year old man. He was tall, slim and well built, with black hair, deep brown eyes and some facial hair. Maan looked at the man confused because he knew that man rather well. The visitor was actually one of his former interns and now residents. He was one of the most promising of his cardio-thoracic residents.


"Dr. Arora, what are you doing here?" Maan asked as he got up. "Is it a patient? I didn't hear my pager."


Maan picked up his pager from the table to see if there was something he missed.


"Dr. Khurana…I…umm…I'm not here on work related issues," Daksh said rather nervously.


"Ahem ahem," Ishaan said from behind.


"Of course," Maan said as he turned to face the family. "Everyone this is Dr.  Arora, one of my residents. Dr. Arora, this is my family."


Maan stood silently was everyone greeted him with a quick hello.


"Daksh beta, how are you?" Geet asked with a smile.

"Good Aunty, good…" he answered.


Maan looked at Daksh with a confused look. Since when had is resident began calling Geet 'Aunty'?


"Can I get you something to drink or eat?" Meera asked.


"No…no, but thank you very much," he said.


Maan was getting more confused. Why were they acting like they all knew Daksh?


As Dev switched off the TV, Maan moved closer to Daksh.


"Not to be rude, but why are you here Dr. Arora," Maan asked.


"Daksh…please call me Daksh," he said.


"Ok, Daksh why are you here?" Maan asked.


"I uh…wanted to uh…talk to you…if it's uh…possible," Daksh said.


"Sure, lets got to the den," Maan offered.


"No actually, uh…I'd uh…I'd like the family here," he said.


"Why?" Maan asked.


Maan watched as Daksh looked down at the floor.


"Maan, why don't you sit down," Geet said.


"What?" Maan said not hearing his wife.


"Sit down, trust me," she said.


Maan was suddenly very cautious. His wife had that gleam in her eyes when she knew he wasn't going to like the next thing that was going to happen. He went back to the couch where Dev and Yash already sat. Ishaan and Aarav sat on the floor in front of them while Rahul leaned on the sofa handle. What made it all unnerving was the fact that Geet, Meera and Naintara stood very forebodingly behind them with unsettling smiles on their faces.


Daksh stood silent.


"Well spit it out boy," Dev encouraged. "We haven't got all day."


That last bit earned him a smack from Meera.


"Dr. Khurana…I mean Uncle…I mean…Dr. Khurana," Daksh fumbled. "I'm actually here in regards to…uh…your…uh…your uh…"


"Wow, seems like 'uh' is his favorite word," Rahul whispered to Aarav and Ishaan.


"Boys," Yash warned which quickly shut them up.


"I'm here in regards to your daughter," Daksh said rather quickly.


"Which one?" Maan asked.


It wasn't an odd question because he treated Riya, Payal and Naina like his own children.


"Roshni sir," Daksh said.


"You know Rosh Di?" Ishaan asked.


"Sure he does, through rounds at the hospital," Maan said. "I even introduced you two."


"Yes…yes sir you did," Daksh said.


"What about Roshni?" Dev asked.


Suddenly, Maan watched as Daksh began to fidget.


"You see sir, uh…the thing is uh…I uh…" Daksh stuttered.


"You uh…what?" Ishaan asked, causing the boys to giggle


Maan watched as Daksh closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


"I want to ask for Roshni's hand in marriage," Daksh finally said.


The initial shock took a few seconds to wear off.


"You what!?" Maan, Dev and Yash suddenly yelled as the got to their feet.


Even the boys sat up straight, the shock clearly visible on their faces.


Everyone noticed the step back that Daksh took as the three grown looked at him murderously.


"My baby…" Maan said in a menacing voice, "You want to marry MY baby!?"


With every word he spoke Maan took a step forward as Daksh took a step back.


"Just who do you think you are coming in here asking for our Roshni's hand in marriage?" Yash asked.


"I'll have you thrown in jail!" Dev yelled. "I know people!"


There was a slight chuckle behind them.


Maan turned and looked at Geet.


"Did you hear that Geet? Did you? This…this boy…wants to marry my daughter!?" Maan roared.


Maan was expecting Geet to be just as upset as he was, if not more so. But instead of anger or confusion, Geet seemed happy. If the smile on her face was any indication, he's say she was more than a little happy.


"Aarav honey why don't you take Daksh to the kitchen and get him something to drink," Geet said as she came around the couch.


"Ya chootu, get going," Ishaan said.


"This is grown up talk," Rahul said getting more comfortable in the love seat.


"You boys go with them," Meera said.


"But Massi…" Rahul began to complain.


"Now," was all Naintara said that had the three sons of the family headed out with Daksh.


As the men, Maan, Yash and Dev began to pace, the women, Geet, Naintara and Meera simply came and sat on the couch ad watched their husbands begin to freak out.


"Maan calm down," Geet said.


"Calm down!? What do you mean calm down?!" he asked. "Some boy just came in and asked for my little girls hand in marriage…how am I supposed to CALM DOWN?!"


"She's not your little girl any more," Geet said. "She's grown up, you know."


"This isn't time for fun," Dev said.


"What do we know about this boy any way?" Yash asked.


"Lots actually," Naintara said, but it clearly fell on deaf ears.


"What do we know other than the fact that he's a doctor and his name is Daksh Arora?" Dev asked.


"Like what about his family, his parents?" Maan asked.


"Doesn't have any, they died when he was 10," Geet said.


The men looked at her shocked. How did she know that?


"How did he go to school? Does he have loans? I mean, I don't want Roshni going into something that will only give her burdens," Yash said.


"His parents left him enough money to cover the costs of his schooling, so he has no loans," Naintara said.


"Great, he's a spoilt trust fund baby who doesn't know the importance of money," Dev said.


"He got a partial scholarship so the left over money from his trust fund was donated to the Make A Wish foundation," Meera said.


That left Maan and the other men speechless and grasping for other issues to bring up.


"What about siblings?" Yash asked.


"None, he's an only child," Naintara said.


"What does he know about Roshni? I mean I don't want this to be a spur of the moment thing. How did the meet?" Maan asked.


"You introduced them at the hospital," Geet reminded.


"What does he know about her?" Dev asked.


"Everything," Meera said.


"Have they been dating? If so, how long?" Yash asked.


"Three years," Naintara said.


"What!? Three years!?" the three men yelled.


This was not going as he'd hoped, Maan thought.


"How do you know so much?" Maan asked.


"She's told us," Geet said.


"What? She told you…all of you?" Yash asked.


"Well…" Meera said. "All the girls."


"Why didn't she tell us?" Maan asked.


"Because you three probably would have killed him," Meera pointed out.


"Can't argue with that," Dev said with a smirk.


Maan, Yash and Dev listened in shock as Geet filled them in on everything. Apparently Roshni and Daksh had been dating for a while now. Roshni had kept her mother and her aunts in on the loop from the very beginning. Maan didn't know why he was surprised, Roshni had been close to Geet since she was a teenager – they were best friends. Roshni had introduced Daksh to her mother and aunts after a few months of dating when things got serious. Geet even explained how the girls had been treated to lunch by Daksh a few weeks ago where he told them his plans for proposing to Roshni after she returned from her trip.


"What do we know about him though? Like, what kind of person is he?" Dev asked.


"He's sweet and considerate," Meera said.


"He's kind and caring," Naintara said.


"He's the kind of person that actually volunteer at the homeless shelters on his day's off," Geet said.


"He's definitely not hard on the eyes," Naintara said.


"Right!?" Meera agreed as she laughed.


Geet walked over to Maan who was standing whit his arms folded across his chest. It wasn't until he felt her touch against his arms that he looked at her.


"And most importantly," Geet began, "He loves her."


"But…" Maan began to complain.


"He loves her for who she is, he's never tried to change her," Naintara added.


Maan stood silent, refusing to budge even one inch from his stance.


"They are so young," Maan said adamantly.


This got a chuckle from Meera and Naintara.


"Says the man who married my pregnant 19 year old sister when he was in his early twenties," Naintara mocked.


He felt Geet pull him to the love seat where she made him sit. Then, kneeling in front of him, she took his face into his palm and spoke.


"He loves her now, like you loved me then," Geet said as she referenced their early beginnings.


That caught his attention, Maan looked into Geet's eyes.


"How can you be sure?" he asked.


"I know, I'm her mother and I'm a woman. I see the way he looks at her. It's the same way, you looked at me," Geet said softly.


Maan was surprised when she leaned in and places a soft kiss on his lips.


"It's the way you still look at me," she said with a smile.


Maan felt his shoulders slump as he sighed.


"Do we even really get a say?" Dev asked.


"Ya, it looks like you girls have already made your minds," Yash added.


To that, Meera and Naintara simply smiled.


"Safe to come back?" Rahul asked as he popped his head into the room again.


"Yes," Meera answered.


Maan watches as Rahul and the other boys filled into the room with a scared looking Daksh behind them.


"So, what's the verdict?" Ishaan asked.


Naintara came forward and walked towards Daksh with a smile on her face.


"Get out your best suit Dr. Arora," she said. "You've got a proposal to get ready for."


"Really!?" Daksh asked. The shock of actually being accepted by the three fathers present in his voice.


Geet, Meera and Naintara all nodded their heads feverishly.


"Do I have your blessing?" Daksh asked. "I know how much Roshni loves her family and how much her family loves her. I could never do anything without her families blessing?"


"Of course you have our blessing," Geet said.


"Dr. Khurana, do I have your blessing?" he asked.


When he gave no response himself, Maan saw Daksh walking towards him. He came and stood in front of Maan.


"Do I have your blessing Sir?" Daksh asked again.


Maan was silent for a few seconds before he replied.


"You have our blessing," Maan said rather irritated.


"But do I have your blessing sir?" Daksh asked, stressing 'your'.


Maan was already annoyed so Daksh pushing his buttons didn't help. Maan shot to his feet.


"Don't push your luck Dr. Arora!" Maan roared.


He heard gasps go around the room as Yash quickly came to his side.


"Maan…" Yash began as he put a hand on Maan's shoulder to calm him.


"I can imagine what you're going through," Daksh began.


"Don't you dare…" Maan said.


"Every time I see another man telling her a joke causing her to giggle…you know, the one where her nose crinkles…I get jealous. I'm generally a calm and sensible person, but at times like that, I have the sudden urge to throw him through a window," Daksh said.


Maan listened intently as did everyone in the room.


"I've only been in her life for a few years. I've only loved her for a few years and already I feel this sense of protectiveness and responsibility towards her, like I could strangle someone who dares to make her cry," Daksh continued. "You…you're her father you feel what I feel to the nth power. You've given your life to make sure she stayed healthy and happy and…loved. I may not be what you pictured your son-in-law to be like and I may not be what you expected. But Roshni…Roshni is more than I ever dreamed of. True to her name, she is the light of my life. If I die tomorrow…"


"Daksh…" Geet said softly.


Daksh turned to look at Geet who stood next to Maan.


"If I die tomorrow…I'll die a happy man knowing that not only did I love a remarkable woman…but that she loved me back," Daksh said.


Maan stood silent as he felt tears from Geet's eyes fall on his arm as she held on to him.


"Roshni's told me about how she came into this world. She's told me how the two of you fought against all odds and fought against death just so she could live. For that alone I respect you like no one else. Every child should be so lucky to have parents that have half the love you have," Daksh said. "Her happiness lies in her family's happiness…in her parent's happiness. I could never do something that her family wasn't happy with because that would hurt Roshni."


"Oh…" Maan heard Naintara say softly.


He also heard Meera sniffle somewhere in the background.


"Roshni is a miracle and I'm asking your permission to have that miracle be a part of my life. You're her father, she's your little girl…and while I have Aunty's blessing, I won't take the next step without your blessing Sir," Daksh said adamantly.


Maan looked at the man that stood in front of him. He had been right, of course. The first though in Maan's mind when Daksh had asked to propose to Roshni was that Daksh was going to take his little girl away from him. His little girl…away from him…the thought alone terrified him.


"Have a good evening," Daksh said as he turned to leave."I'm sorry to have intruded."


"Maan…" Geet pleaded.


As he had listened to Daksh talk about Roshni, Maan knew, in his heart, that what Daksh spoke was the truth. He truly loved Roshni and as a father, what more could he ask for?


"Wait," Maan said.


Maan looked at Daksh as he turned back around.


"You…" Maan began but stopped.


He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


"You have my blessing," he finished.


The smile that spread on Daksh's face was so genuine that it made his eyes sparkle. That annoyed Maan. Just because he gave his blessing didn't mean that Maan had to like Daksh. He knew was begin childish but he didn't care.


"Eee!" a scream came from behind Maan.

Before he knew it, he was pushed aside as Meera, Naintara and Geet all rushed ahead to hug and congratulate Daksh.


"Chachu, did you really just say yes?" Aarav asked as the boys came and all stood by Maan.


"I can't believe it…Roshni Di's getting engaged," Rahul said.


Daksh was soon gone but the girls were still falling over themselves in excitement.


"Oh my God, our baby is going to get engaged," Geet gushed.


"Mrs. Roshni Daksh Arora," Meera said.


"Ah! I love the sound of that," Naintara said excitedly. "It rolls right off your tongue."


"Mrs. Roshni Daksh Arora," the three women said in unison.


Maan stood in a like with Dev and Yash next to him. The enormity of what he'd just agreed to finally hit the three of them together.


"I think I'm having a heart attack," Maan said.


"I think I'm having a stroke," Dev added.


"I…I think I'm going to have psychotic break," Yash finished.



*Continued Below*


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Roshni had come downstairs hours later with her sisters, mother and aunts. They had all decided to make it a fancy family dinner just for the heck of it, so they all got dressed in their best suits and sarees. As usual, Roshni got roped in to do everyone makeup, while Riya was in charge of hair. Enjoying time like this with all the people that she loved was perfect. The time flew by and before they knew it, it was already 8pm. Roshni had just finished the final touches on Riya's makeup and headed down to join her family.


As she descended the stairs she was surprised at what she saw. The house was decorated with flowers, red roses, and candles. The ambience was perfect and amazing.


"Why so fancy Mamma?" Roshni asked as she entered the kitchen to see if the ladies needed help.


"Oh, just cuz," Geet replied.


"You never know what can happen," Meera said.


Roshni could tell that they were hiding something. They were probably planning a surprise for her or something, so she let it go.


"Ok…" Roshni said. "So how do I look?"


She spun around giving everyone a look at her olive green and violet embroidered churidar suit. She wore the dupatta against her neck, had dangling earrings on her ears, her hair was done simply in large curls and her makeup had been kept to a minimum. The final touch had been a rhinestone studded bindi on her forehead.


She stood with her arms in the air and a smile on her face waiting for everyone opinion, and living in a house with so many women, everyone always had an opinion.


Her mom approached her with an odd smile on her face. It wasn't a sad smile or a happy one…it was more of a bittersweet one. She was surprised when her mother caressed her cheek.


"You look beautiful baby," Geet said.


Roshni was shocked as such a somber response; she could have sworn she saw tears spring into her mothers eyes. What was going on?


Just then the doorbell rang.


"I'll get it," Roshni offered.


"No!" all the women in the kitchen yelled.


"You sit Di," Payal said, "I'll get it."


Roshni was sure something was up. Never, ever, had Payal volunteered to do anything at all. Roshni watched with confusion as Payal bounced out of the room with a grin on her face. As Roshni turned back to the ladies remaining in the kitchen, she noticed they all wore similar grins.


"Can I help?" she asked.


"Sure honey, help me cut the salad for dinner," Meera said.

Roshni went to the counter and began cutting cucumbers as instructed. She hadn't been paying attention to anything but the task at hand.


"Roshni," she heard some one call.


Looking up, she was shocked to find that she was alone in the kitchen. Everyone had disappeared.


"Di," she heard her cousins and siblings call.


"Rodi," came Naina's sweet voice.


"Roshni could you come into the den for a minute," she heard Naintara call.


A frown crept onto her face as she put down the knife, quickly washed her hands and walked out of the kitchen. As she made her way towards the den, she saw an odd glow coming from it – it looked like the light from flames.


"What's going o…?" she had began to ask but the words died as soon as she entered the den.


The room was decorated with candles, roses and a faint instrumental music played in the background. She saw her family gathered along edges of the room. On one side stood her brothers and sisters, on another were Dev-Meera and Yash-Naintara.  In the middle stood her parents, her mother smiling and her father looking serious, yet at peace.


"Guys this is…" Roshni began to say again.


A movement from the corner of her eye caught her attention. turning around, her jaw fell to the floor when she saw Daksh step out of the shadows.


"Daksh…" she said, in a whisper.


Only the girls knew about Daksh and her relationship, none of the guys knew yet. Most importantly, her father didn't know. She knew that she was 'daddy's princess' so she wanted to break the new of her relationship to him properly, when he was ready for it. But now that Daksh was here, did that mean that they knew?


What is he doing here? More importantly, why was he dressed like that? Daksh was dressed in a black suit, which he paired with a white shirt and black tie.


Without saying anything, he came up to her, took her hand and dragged her to the middle of the room.


Her boyfriend was standing in a room filled with her family – a room filled with all the men of her family. Suddenly Roshni was scared, no she was terrified. Not for herself but for Daksh because those men were going to kill him.


"Daksh…" she began as she tried to pull her hand out of his grasp.


What he did next, caused her to suck in a breath and hold it.


Daksh bent down on one knee.


"What are you doing?" she asked.


"I never believed in love at first sight," Daksh began. "After meeting you, I had to rethink my stand on that. When I first saw you, I felt my world change. I didn't know if it was love, but I knew that you were a very special person and that you were going to change my life."


"Daksh…" Roshni said in a whisper.


"As I got to know you, I fell more and more in love with you. I fell in love with your smile, your laugh, your eyes and your heart. I fell in love with your beauty, with your wit and your intelligence," Daksh continued. "You bring out the best in me and make me want to be a better person. I cannot imagine my life without you by my side every step of the way."


"W…what are you saying?" Roshni asked as she heard her voice crack.


"Roshni Khurana, will you marry me?" Daksh finally asked.


Roshni was taken aback. Daksh had just proposed to her. To say she was shocked would be an understatement. She was a storm of emotions inside. She was happy, ecstatic, that the man she loved wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. What more could she want? But then, on the other hand, she needed to make sure her family supported her relationship. If one of then, any one of them, had doubts about her and Daksh, then she'd walk away. Sure she loved Daksh, more than she thought she could. However, she loved her parents more than anything in the world. The lengths they went through for her, throughout her life, she could never do anything they didn't support.


She looked around the room to find her siblings all smiling at her and giving her the thumbs up. She saw her aunts wipe tears from their eyes, while her uncles simply offered her smiles of encouragement.


Looking to her parents, she saw her mother gripping onto her father. A smile on her face as she too wiped tears from her eyes. But then, she looked at her father. Her father, Maan Singh Khurana, stood there, stiff and somber looking.


"Papa…" she said so softly that no one heard it.


She had began pulling her hand out of Daksh's grip. It didn't surprise her that he didn't hold on, because he knew that she would never do anything against her family.


Just before she pulled her hand away entirely, she saw her father blink his eyes slowly and give a faint smile. She knew what that meant.


Roshni slipped her hand back into Daksh's. Looking back down at him, she saw him staring back at her waiting for her response.


"What do you say?" he asked with a smile. "Will you make me the happiest and luckiest man on the planet?"


Now it was Roshni's turn to wipe the tears that she failed to stop, while a grin spread across her face.


"Yes…" she said softly. "Yes, yes, yes!"


The room rang out in cheers, applause and whistles as everyone rejoiced.


Roshni felt Daksh take her into his arms and she hugged him back, holding him tight.

When the broke apart, she watched as he fished in his coat for something. He soon produced a black velvet box. Opening it, he exposed a large princess cut diamond solitaire. She had her hand over her mouth as he slipped the ring onto her finger. She admired it for a second before throwing her arms around him again.


"I love you," she said.


"I love you too," he replied back.




Geet watched as Maan stood behind the shadows and watched as everyone blessed and congratulated Roshni and Daksh on their engagement. She knew this was hard for him, as it would be for any father. Watching your baby girl take the next big step in her life that you were not part of could be hell on any parent. But Geet knew that Maan was not just any parent. He was Maan Singh Khurana – father to Roshni Khurana. Roshni had always been his proudest accomplishment and Geet knew it. From the day she'd been born he'd been fiercely protective of her, and with good right. As Roshni got older the protectiveness didn't decrease, it increased. If Roshni sneezed he was ready to take her to the ER, if she fell and had a scrape he was ready to call in a specialist. When she was in school, if she needed to stay after school for something he was right there, parked out front waiting. It didn't matter that she was a grown woman because for him, just like for her, Roshni was going to be a baby always - their miracle baby.


Their miracle baby had come a long way from the ICU of the hospital. She had flourished into a beautiful, mature, intelligent and loving human being. And now, that miracle baby was all set to start her life with another man being her support and her strength. Geet knew that was not sitting well with Maan.


"How are you holding up?" Geet asked as she joined him in the shadows.


He looked at her, surprised.


"I'm fine," he lied.


"You're the father of a 25yr old daughter and you still can't lie to save your life," Geet said with a giggle.


She watched his shoulders slump when he sighed.


"She's our baby Geet…my baby," he said in a depressed voice. "She's moving on with her life and…"


He stopped talking as he placed an arm around Geet pulling her in close.


"I feel like she's slipping away from me," he finally finished.


"I'm not going anywhere Papa," they heard Roshni say.


Looking up, Maan and Geet were surprised to find Roshni standing in front of them with Daksh next to her. The two of them bent down and took Maan and Geet's blessing.


Geet smiled as she went and hugged her daughter and future son-in-law.


"Congratulations honey," she said.


She pulled apart from them and waited for Maan to say something but he remained silent. It wasn't until she jabbed him with her elbow that he spoke.


"Ow…ya  ya…ok…congratulations," he said half heartedly.


"Papa…" Roshni began.


Like Geet, she too could read Maan like a book. His emotions were written all over his face and his stiff body language. Geet watched warmly as Roshni hugged her father from the side.


"Smile Papa…" she encouraged.


Maan didn't respond.


"Be happy Papa," she said. "I'm loved by an amazing man."


At the mention of man, Maan's eyes shot to Daksh who seemed to flinch slightly.


"I know I'm moving on to a new phase of my life with someone else, but don't think that I'm leaving everything behind," Roshni said pulling away from Maan and looking at him.


"Hmph," was the only response Maan generated at this time, his arms folded across his chest.


"You will always be my Papa," Roshni said. "You will still be the person I call if I have a flat tire or if I need directions or if I'm in any kind of trouble."


Suddenly, there was a spark in Maan's eyes and a smile spread across his face.


"Promise?" he asked.


A smiled spread on Roshni's face that mirrored Maan's.


"Promise," she said softly as she rose to her toes and kissed his cheek softly. "I love you Papa."


Finally, it seemed like the sun was breaking past Maan's gloom as he took Roshni into his embrace.


"God bless you," Maan said as he cradled her face in his palm.


"He already blessed me when he gave me you and Mamma as parents," she said as tears glistened in her eyes.


Maan turned to Daksh and stared him down.


"Promise to keep her happy and never let her cry," he ordered.


"Of course, I promise," Daksh said immediately. "I'll never hurt her."


That seemed to satisfy Maan as he gave a curt nod of his head, and then patted Daksh's shoulder with his hand. With that he walked away, because while no one else caught it, Geet had seen the tears that swam up to his eyes.




Dinner had been a loud affair with everyone throwing in their two cents about possible wedding ideas and what not. Everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the evening, while Maan had kept a close eye on Daksh. Every move Daksh made, every word he said, it all entered Maan's brain and he analyzed it. It was really frustrating that he had yet to find something wrong with this man that Roshni was going to marry.


Everyone was now gathered in the den again while the ladies brought out dessert and coffee. Dev and Yash were playing out some battle on the Wii while the boys, including Daksh, cheered him on.


A short while later, the ladies returned with the food. Roshni carried the tray of coffee, while Riya carried the desserts. Naina was holding the cream and sugar, while Naintara and Meera brought plates and utensils. Geet followed behind with napkins and a pitcher of water.


"Can I help?" Maan heard Daksh ask.


Turning his head, Maan saw Daksh begin to approach the ladies.


"No, no sweetie," Naintara said. "We got it."


"Are you sure Aunty?" he asked.


"Absolutely and you best start calling us Massi," Meera replied.


It was then that Maan saw something. While Roshni made the coffee, Daksh watched her. It was at the moment that Maan saw something familiar in his eyes. Daksh had respect, adoration and love for Roshni. The way Daksh looked at Roshni told Maan that Daksh would never hurt her and that he'd never be able to live without her. Maan knew that look all too well, because it was the same look that he had for Geet.


In his heart Maan knew, he knew that his daughter had made the right decision. He knew that she'd be happy and loved. After all, that was the point to everything wasn't it. Since the day she'd been born that's all they'd ever wanted, for her to be happy and healthy and loved. And now…she was.

He felt an arm go around his waist, looking down he found Geet snuggled close to him as she offered him a cup of coffee.


The two of them stood silently watching Roshni and Daksh talking to each other. He had leaned in to whisper something to hear causing her to laugh. She then looked at her ring and suddenly wiped tears as she smiled and laid her head on his shoulder as she looked as her ring.


"He promised he wouldn't make her cry," Maan said irritated.


He heard Geet chuckle next to him.


"Those are happy tears," she pointed out.


"Crying is crying," Maan said like a pouty child.


Again they fell silent as they watched the kids all gather for details about Roshni and Daksh's relationship – first date and all that.


"Ishaan was right," Geet said.


"About what?" Maan asked.


"Roshni," Geet said. "We always did have the best homecomings…in the form of a marriage or baby…today we have Roshni's engagement."


Maan looked down and saw Geet looking up at him with a smile.


Maan remembered his homecoming years back, after his tour in Afghanistan. It had been then that he'd found out Geet was pregnant. Next to Roshni coming home from the hospital, that had been the best homecoming.


"Ya, I guess he was. We always have the best homecomings," Maan said.


He looked at Roshni, his baby girl, smiling with a new sparkle in her eyes.




The End

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See...i told you i make it worth it when i make you wait...this last part of Home Coming was definitely the longest thing i've ever written...he he...

so i hope you all have enjoyed this story as much as i enjoyed writing it...for the first time i've fallen in love with a character that wasnt part of the show...and a character that was a major part of the story yet not there for the bulk of it...of course i'm talking about Roshni EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...dont know about you guys but she definitely stole my heart...he he...

so now a question...would you guys like to read up on Roshni's life...i mean...i have ideas that id like to share in the form of a few one shots for let me know...if interested i'd love to work on them...of are going to have to wait until after my state exams are over and i get licensed...if you all can wait...i'd be willing to give it a shot...

once again...thank you all for your wonderful and encouraging comments...the mini andolans...and yes...even the threats...i know it comes from love...ha ha...and seeing that this is the last part of Maan and Geet journey with Roshni (for now)...i would appreciate long comments Wink


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Dude me here again!!!! Wow!!! Im soo good!!!!LOL

Okay so omg....... homecoming..... lmao i was laughing.... Epi was soooo funny!!!!.... Dude like literally i thought that it only happens in india where the whole clan comes to the airport..... with like 5 cars..... LOLLOLLOL but here its lax and u have the whole mob... they actually paid for parking to park their cars in the structure.... and i wonder whos car she went in!!!LOLLOLLOLLOL cuz im pretty sure they didnt come in 1 huge van... well its ur ff anything could happen.. even a 12 seater!!!
dude the bean burrito.... i was soooo lost until u told me over the phone im like thats sooooo random!!!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
omg i luv daksh.... hes sooo cute!!! yup he's sooo right for her.... unlik the guys.. who are like hell no!!!! man who needs brothers wen u have group like these guys...... cuz really.... they make it up for everyone!!!!!!!!!!........
Love the way how maan was pouting!!!... she will be 50 and the dude will still be like where are  u going? LOLLOL she will be like out.. while u babysit my kids!!!!LOLLOLLOL oh man priceless!!!!!!!
aww the proposal.... poor chick was scared out of her mind!!!!!LOLLOL i would be too.... i can imagine that scene with all of u guys there........ LOLLOLLOL
loved this ff... even though... i had no idea wat was gonna happen!!!! i dont do well with secrets!!!!AngryAngryAngry i cant believe u kept ur mouth shut!!!!!!! uff!!!!!! but anyways.. its ended!!!!!!!!! but it was awesome!!! luved it!!!!!Embarrassed
luv u babeji!

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shradzz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
HugHugaww thanx for da epilougeEmbarrassed

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mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Wait my lappy is out of battery i need to search for the it was WONDERFUL...lamba comments on the way...

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realraul2307 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 1:25am | IP Logged
Day DreamingAWWWW...Sigh........that was beautiful..... U know i printed out ur story and whenever im having a bad day I read lift myself up....That was so beautiful,i wish it had gone on forever...Thank you for such a beautisul story!Hug

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 1:29am | IP Logged
i absolutely loved it.................
omg the best epilogue ever................
everything was perfect............i thought u cud submit ek paal for the competition but this wud b the best choice for the competition

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