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NivRen: Aab Toh Forever (Page 79)

anjubala IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by milee1014

Sab ki halat bohut karab hai,
Sorry guys see I am so lost in NivRen that I forgot to say Missed you all.
Anju, How are you doing. Still need to read the posts and watch the show. Just watch all the segments and I am lost. I just want to watch the segments till monday.
I think the part where viren kisses Nivi's finger and holds her is all dream sequence. The rest all is real and Bole chudiyan will be real too I think.
Anju you are right "yeh jodi kamal ki hai" is the best segment.Embarrassed
When will monday come? I am so hyper today definitely my husband will say did something happen in your show. He reads me just like Viren reads Nivi.

Milee, mere browser mein SBB/SBS and UME khule hue hain and baar baar sirf wohi dekh rahi hun. I am loving their scenes and this is how I am going to paas my weekend looking at these segments. I am really crazily in love with them. I have seen today's episode few times to see each and every expression and have described them. 
One thing that I forgot to mention is that CC was kind of surprised and was trying to think hard that why Viren is forcing to go to office with Sid?? Look at her expression when after Sid says that OK come with me but eat breakfast and Viren say nahin chalo, der ho rahi hai. And CC's eyesbrows kind of shrunk in her thought process....She is like what is this guy upto but I am sure she did not figure out that her son has kept fast for his wife. 
Girls, do you think Viren will tell Nivi that he has fasted for her on Monday? How will he tell her?

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharma.nat

I Know jaanu that's why I am so happy we want to see KC dance sequence but I have a question why can't for one day only they show Nivi completely happy without CC or DD or anyone hurting her. I mean is this required that somebody has to be kabab mein haddi in her happiness.
You didn't answered my question sweetu.

Sorry sweetie missed that. According to me, in obsession so far no body tops Divya. First choice from your list. LOL

You want Viren said that he will never leave Nivi alone from now onwards when he came back. I would really love if he has to go back to delhi for some work and he takes Nivi with him. I just want them to be together and no kabab me haddi. Wink

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by NivRenFan

Did u girls check out the latest additions in the gallery section. Sabh ke snaps hai and one of them is of Neha in a bit different avatar. Must say she is a natural beauty. Love her 

Yes, she looked beautiful in that pic. Her smile is really cute.

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anjubala

Milee, mere browser mein SBB/SBS and UME khule hue hain and baar baar sirf wohi dekh rahi hun. I am loving their scenes and this is how I am going to paas my weekend looking at these segments. I am really crazily in love with them. I have seen today's episode few times to see each and every expression and have described them. 
One thing that I forgot to mention is that CC was kind of surprised and was trying to think hard that why Viren is forcing to go to office with Sid?? Look at her expression when after Sid says that OK come with me but eat breakfast and Viren say nahin chalo, der ho rahi hai. And CC's eyesbrows kind of shrunk in her thought process....She is like what is this guy upto but I am sure she did not figure out that her son has kept fast for his wife. 
Girls, do you think Viren will tell Nivi that he has fasted for her on Monday? How will he tell her?

Anju I would like Nivi to figure it out rather than Viren telling her. Once she find out she should ask him about it. And right now no one has clue why Viren was in so hurry to goto office today. LOL

Both Nivi and Viren really look cute in all KC scenes. Did you see CC dancing? lol

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tamushi Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharma.nat

Viren loves Nivi passionately so how can he be angry on her. He can't be angry on Nivi even if she does biggest blundersWinkLOL so this is just a small mistake.
Who according to you shows most Obsessed behaviour
1. Divya towards Sidharth
2. Sidharth towards work
3. Nivi towards Divya
4. Viren towards Nivi
My Answer: Nivi towards Divya (In Nivi-Div-Viren scene too Nivi was continuously looking at Divya but not towards Viren.)

I think it's Divya towards Sid. from painting blankets, running off to getting jealous, sending flowers like a diwani  - for me it all indicates unhealthy obsessiveness.

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tamushi Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by milee1014

Originally posted by sharma.nat

Why are you crying loads and loads, I am just hyper, need to read all other posts and watch the show too. I was watching the segments and needed to come here and vent my feelings. Be back and talk to you. Please don't cry dear.*HUGS*

alle ale mera baby kahe ro raha hai, online nahin thi isiliye answer nahin kiya. Ab kar diya.
Ab khub sara muskurao chalo chalo jaldi se.Big smile

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aashvee.raheja Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
Hey girls Hug

Here's my severely jumbled thought-process analysis for todayEmbarrassed

Nivi is sitting in S's place at the BT...where Viren was not allowed to sit that day...Wow, Nivi, sitting opposite YD, and you still have an appetite. You are strong, as your better half will tell you in some time:)))

YD has her "resembling human" face this morning. Chalo, at least KC ke din, YD is trying to behave well. There is no sneer on her face as she addresses her grand dils, she even almost nods at Nivi. Must be scared of dadaji. Arre instill some fear in this choti bahu of yours, CC, nothing and noone seems to scare her too much.

Ha ha, when YD tells her grand dils that they can't eat or drink anything until the chaand comes out, CC looks at Nivi for a second as if she's gladly force feed her some zeher:))

Viren comes and says "hi everyone" and nivi is looking at him with a small smile, she can't help smiling hearing him/seeing him. Nor can we. (Only our smiles are so wide, they threaten to split our faces wide open:)) He burst in on everyone (including us) like a ray of golden sunshine. He looked extremely edible:)) Delicious!!!!! Hmmm, I think I'm developing some psychotic tendencies meself. All this obsession:))

Okay so Viren got up early to come look at his wife:)) And he dragged S below???? Okay!!!!

and S is looking at Nivi as Nivi is looking quite affectionately at Viren. And DD, obviously is eating S with her eyes. 

YD (cause she has her human resembling face on) looks mildly amused at her chota pota (awww,

while CC has her "OMG why is this boy so crazee about no akal no shakal?????" expression on. She also has somewhat of an indulgent expression as well directed towards Viren. Well, he is super adorable.

V is teasing all the ladies: kaisa chal raha hai appka "vrat" with teasing emphasis on vrat? cutie:))

VD questions him fondly as to whether they have come to trouble her bahus. And at this point Nivi is again looking fondly at Viren...

At this point, when V turns to S to support his statement, it seems to me as if he kind of sees S looking at N. I dunno, for sure, I'm overanalysing, just freeze 00:49 (part 1) 

V says that only he has come (to trouble:))..he he, trouble has never seemed sweeter, dear V)  S has been brought along (DD not happy about the fact that S had to be forced to come) to see what a difficult task his wife is undertaking to make his life happy-happy (DD gets happy again on hearing this, her attention span and thinking power is restricted to about two seconds anyway:)

[oh! V, seeing you and hearing you makes us also very happy-happy...lage raho...]

CC continues to chew her food properly. She was remembering her etiquette lessons, small bites, chew slowly, blah blah....Now if you had focussed on understanding how to differentiate between right and wrong instead of going to dining etiquette class, how much happier a place the Sood house would have been.

When Nivi is trying to open the tin of puris, S, who has been sneaking looks at her anyway, offers to help and helps, V is not looking angry or obsessed at the moment. But DD, is most upset that her adored S is opening tins for Nivi. Yes, S, didn't you know, opening a tin for a lady who is not your wife is a most dastardly crime (capital offence) resulting in death by cutting off your head in certain alternate universes where dumbness is the only criteria for existence. So, S, my advice to you is get yourself a good lawyer. 

S opens tin with a smile of achievement. DD not happy and CC, the snake, of course has noticed discontent on DDs face. Is there anything that escapes you CC, except the fact that your son is going to also keep a vrat for his adored wife. Hah!!!! 

Meanwhile V, who can zone in on any unhappiness with his radar has detected something amiss with DD. So he asks her to eat up quickly...:)) And look, Nivi is again favouring V with her fond look. Be careful Nivi. You can't be so happy in one episode. Why it's been all of 1 minute and 45 seconds into the episode and you are still having a smile on your face. Cool:))

VD is asking V and S to go away and leave the girls in peace. 

V tries to protest. He would like there to stand and drink in his fill of his lovely wife. 

And S again sneaked a look at Nivi, I think. 

YD also thinks that she has had her human resembling face for too long. After all it's already been 2 whole minutes. Gosh!!!!

So, YD starts getting back usual extra terrestrial face...not completely but you get the picture.

While Nivi is looking affectionately at our cutie...Don't blame you Nivi jaanu

YD can't resist..."Viren" she says in her mildly displeased tone and V gets the idea. He's ready to leeave

He leaves with a teasing retort, they don;t need our help, they are quite strong. The "hai na?" at the end was so cute, I am still smiling. Even S is amused, the brothers walk off. Nivi still has a smile and it's all because of V..Yay!!!!

See, Nivi, you got the cutie. You lucky lucky girl. Now, love him back soon or he will turn into an obsessive psychotic lover. 

YD and CC look at each other, using secret code that they are done with eating. And they leave. Good!!!!!! YD must need to turn back into the extra terrestrial reptile she is [I mean how long can we expect her to remain in her human resembing form???? be reasonable, folks:))] and CC, of course needs to slither around a bit and make some more evil plots.

Nivi is eating happily and DD is shooting unfathomable glances at her.

Okay looks like DD is crossing over...welcome Darth Divius...

she's trying to tell nivi that they are in that house doing their first kc for two "different" brothers...nivi nods and wonders what DD is going to say. We are not wondering because we have seen the precap:)

But even though I knew what she would say, I was shocked at how she said it. What happened to make her say this? DD is clearly psychotic with multiple disorders, so clearly an identity disorder and also maybe some convoluted form of amnesia where she forgets what happens every six hours or something and has the ability to retain only certain things in hear head. And she is clearly obsessive about S because he just opened a tin for Nivi and she got upset:((

So, she knew that S loved Nivi once upon a time...

She knows S does not love her at the moment...

She knows V loves Nivi very much

On the basis of the sleeping arrangements she knows that Nivi does not love V (and Nivi hasn't said anything to dispute this)

She has seen that Nivi knows about S's jogging timings

S has seen that Nivi remembers that S likes adrak wali chai

Therefore, naturally, DD has come to the conclusion that Nivi has followed her to the Sood house with ulterior motives. So that, everyone whom Nivi loved is close to her, namely, DD (DD does have her priorities right. She has to come first...always:) VD and...drumroll....SIDDHARTH...with full emphasis....[Hello DD, what about NT? Nivi's father? yash? Did she not love them?]

I mean, come on DD, this is Nivi, your little sister, who has always done things for others, who never thinks about herself. You yourself told S this. yesterday, you were also sorry when she was upset about not getting sargi from CC. So, just because you find Nivi is not sleeping with Viren, you just tear into her like this. Badly done, DD. What you could have done (if you wanted to) was ask Nivi if there was some problem. Did Nivi get into a fight with Viren or something. or tell her that you went to her room and saw the sleeping arrangements. So, what's happening Nivi? Ask with concern and ask nicely. Was this any way to attack your sister. Bad DD.

Poor Nivi. She didn't see this coming. And DD was mean. Telling her that she came into the house because she loved S and wanted to marry him. Ungrateful girl, have you forgotten how you wanted to commit suicide and Nivi saved you and told you not to loose hope. Was Nivi just playacting with you???? Bad DD:(( Crucio, Crucio, Crucio....

Anyway, Nivi, there, all your sacrifice was in vain. DD is telling you that she is not happy. next time, please do not do anything in life because that is the best solution for DD. Do things in your life because it is the best thing for you. learn.

Okay this statement confused me. "First I didn't know anything but now I know that whatever is happening there is some reason behind it" What triggered this statement from DD????

And here comes Nivi's knight in canary yellow (looking so good, Sylvester would assume he's tweety and eat him up...*giggle*) looking upset and do I detect a little hurt? 

I guess it is hurtful for Viren. he knows Nivi doesn't love him. But surely, he doesn't want the fact shouted out from rooftops. And now that DD knows, S will know, HL and P will know, who knows, Hl might tell NT too. And if S knows, then who knows what other complications might arise?)

Love how V handled DD. With what command, he told her that it is he and only he who has the "right" to ask Nivi why she married him and whether she loves him. Loved his dialogue delivery here. But I have to say, even when Viren gets angry, I love the control he has over his words and tongue. he never goes OTT. he says what is necessary but he says it so well. There's power in Viren and I can sense it. And I love the way he always glances at Nivi before he gets into a confrontation. 

DD, I have some advice for you. If you know what's good for you, you will let things be. Don't try to create problems with Nivi and S. Viren looks nice and charming now. But I have to tell you a secret and show you a TB article. Viren's an obsessive psychotic lover and if anyone gets in between his love for Nivi, he will not rest until that person or thing is destroyed. So tread with care. Why don't you take S and go off for your honeymoon. We, at the NivRen thread will offer to sponsor your honeymoon in the North Pole for an igloo stay. You will have one polar bear for company. Please don;t get jealous of that polar bear if he tries to be friendly with S, okay. because polar bears can be dangerous, just looking out for you. NOT:))

I'm sure that Nivi was also upset, a little for Viren as well. because, when he said that it does not matter if nivedita does not love me, it is enough that I love her...beyond limits, she knows that no matter what he says to the world, she knows that he is waiting for her to love him back. Right now, she can't help it because love cannot be made to order even if the recipient-to-be is so utterly wonderful. But, Nivi, open your heart and listen to your heart, I'm sure Viren is already there. You just have to acknowledge his presence, Nivi, jaan.

I loved how NT asked "What about Nivi and Viren?" Even hearing their names together makes me happy. Every day, I slip further into the oblivion of fanaticism and dangerous obsession.

Looks like HL also has a multiple identity disorder as well. What's with psychosis and the characters in this show:)) She was really very sweet today. And she made NT also very happy today. I shall just be cautious and reserve judgement though. But she gets brownie points for making NT so happy today. Loved the happiness that spread across Nt's face when she saw the nice stuff that was going to be sent for Nivi as well.

Nandu comes in happily and wants to take away the breakfast. And look at what Nivi's doing. She's peeling an apple or a guava and cutting it....Viren was eating fruit the last two times I saw him at the BT. Oho Nivi, well done. Cutting fruit for Viren. Good, I like it:)) When VD asks Nivi where Viren is and she doesn't know, look at CC's look. As if to say "God! Why did my son have to marry you? You absolutely don't care about him and he's bonkers about you?"

Well, CC, nor do you, really. At least when she does acknowledge her love for him, she will leave no stone unturned to love him. Look at you. You call yourself a mother.!!!!!

When Viren says that he will leave with S, Nivi looks upset. I've cut fruit for you, she doesn't say. But its okay Nivi. We guessed:)) She probably thinks he's upset because of what just happened. CC is wondering "Ab mera pagal beta kya kar raha hai?"

VD, ever motherly, awww, she is shweet, wants Viren to eat and asks Nivi to serve him. Nivi is only too willing and I love the way Viren jumps in with his "Arre, I'm not eating anything." Nivi looks shocked. 

VD is also shocked. Viren, I think that tum usually daba ke khate ho. That's why everyone is shocked you're skipping breakfast:)

Viren wants to go off quickly to office with S before anyone questions him about not eating. But all in vain. S also sweetly tells him to eat and that it's okay if he is late.

Now here, it may be just me but it could also be that Viren thought the most effective way to get S to drop this eating this would be to lay out his insecurity. I'm not saying he doesn't harbour the insecurity. Of course he does. But I think he said it because he just wanted S to drop the breakfast thing and leave the table with him. Nivi looks thoughtful and worried. I hope Nivi does not think that Viren is starting to get bitter because it's S. I think she's worried that the earlier confro with Divya is in his mind and thats why he is not eating breakfast. 

Or maybe Nivi is also super smart and she has understood that Viren also wants to fast for her.:))

But I have to hand it to S. He handled the situation very well. S is really a good person, I think. 

But, I also feel that S's character has much more to play out as well. What they do and how they do it is upto the creatives. 

And I also think even S talks to Viren as if he is a child to be indulged, to be handled with care. I wonder if S also knows about Viren's obsessive nature. But if he knows, he would have cautioned Nivi, would he have not????

And when Viren insists on leaving right away with S, CC is wondering what Viren is upto? Clearly, this is a first. Viren has never missed breakfast before:))

I love that VD is so caring about Viren (when CC couldn't be bothered even to ask Viren why he was not eating?) [Unless she knows because he has told her or something:))] and loved the way Viren quietened her with a hug. I think he also wanted to placate her for what he had said to S a moment ago. He didn;t mean to upset VD. And the attempt to bring everything back to normal with that light hearted "if I eat here, your two bahus will eye my food with buri nazar". Even DD couldn't help smiling. Inspite of the fact that he had shut her up right and proper just some time back.

Is Nivi upset that Viren left without saying bye to her????? or is she still thinking about DD???? *rolls eyes*

S sweetly nods at DD and they both walk away,  DD carrying his dabba. Be careful DD, tomorrow you will be jealous of the dabba because S is touching it too lovingly or something. Idiot!!!!!:)

S is sweet. He basically asks DD not to bother with the fast and to eat if she is hungry. But DD tells him loads of nice things and S looks happy. Does anyone think S does not want DD to keep this vrat for him? 

Viren is grinning and he can hear everything:))  I think he rolled his eyes once too at one filmy dialogue. Come on Viren, she's taking inspiration from you. Main apne chaand ko dekh raha hoon and such:)) You are a one to talk!!!!!:))

V does everything so confidently. Even driving...Sigh. I'm crazy about him. Nivi, wake up girl....

S-Divya: Well DD is taking initiative, roses and sweet words. I idid say, once, didn't I that roses are the sood flower. Except that carnations and orchids for CC and orchids for DD. But DD has gauged that S's fav flower is a rose. Chalo. S, I think is happy with DD's taking initiative.

Nivi, Nivi, Nivi, stop being so nice. DD does not want any of it. You are only going to get hurt.

And Darth Divius crossed the line here, she was downright cruel to Nivi with that "That is yours. I never eye other's posessions/things." because she meant that Nivi is eyeing S who is DD's. DD, you so need to be thrown down from that pedestal you have put yourself on. And to think we can't expect much from you anyway. With your suicidal tendencies, if the truth comes out, you will just opt for the easy way out.

CC comes slithering in with two bags, her expression lighting up as she senses discord and sees pain on Nivi's face. It must be in her "top things to do every day"  (1) Breathe (2) Make Nivedita cry (3) Watch Nivedita cry (4) Make evil plots by the minute (5) Slither around following everyone and keeping an eye on everyone

Nandu of the curly bangs and "oily love" (credit:  Shovee) fame comes in beaming and he's bought the shagun for Nivi and DD. And he's calling them didis today. Shocked face. Arre, nandu, these are your bhabhi's, badi bhabhi and choti bhabhi. You call S and V bhaiyya no? Inko kaise didi banaya???? nandu has been plotting in his oily head...Hmmmm:))

CC switches the sherwanis (with an evil smirk!!!! Oh! Boy!!!) after making a long speech about how the pink one is for S and the cream one is for V. And N the B gets the task of taking the bags and keeping them in their proper rooms.


The function is on and DD is looking very angry. She refuses to look at poor Nivi. Nivi is looking absolutely gorgeous. Wow, when Viren sees you today, he is going to go very crazy...oops, I must choose my words properly, he he he:)))

And the music changes (dramatic music comes on) and Viren is pulling Nivi into the BR. he wants her to help him with his Sherwani. Yes, Nivi....we egg Nivi on. We also want to see Viren getting into his sherwani..ahem...cough...cough...

Viren takes out the box with the grey cover (that CC had switched on to the pink sherwani) and opens it. Nivi looks on.

Okay, here's what I think.

When Viren opens the box, it will be a cream sherwani...:)))) Ask me why???? because nandu had eavesdropped on CCs conversation. And nandu's personal opinion is that S will look nice in pink and V will look nice in cream. So, nandu opens the boxes and looks inside. He sees the pink Sherwani for viren and frowns, switches the sherwanis according to his personal preference for his "Bhaiyyas" and then he keeps the cream for Viren and the pink for S...ROFL....

Seriously, I have no clue what CC is upto? What will be the outcome of this? I am so scared actually about next week. What will be the thing that sets Viren off. He has been so nice about everything until now, I am really worried something very big is going to happen. Koi dhamaka hone waala hai.

Okay, shaking off sad thoughts, Creatives, I beg of you literally BEG of you...please give us a dreamy HUG in the dream sequence. A not-a-particle-of-air-in-between hug between our darling NivRen. Please you are scaring us so much with all these obsession and psychosis articles and you are going to drop some bomb on u next week, so we DESERVE some happiness and please give us a proper dreamy HUG between NivRen in the dream sequence. Please, show some mercy on us tortured souls....NIvRen Hug, NivRen hug, NivRen hug, NIvRen hug....Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 December 2010 at 3:35pm | IP Logged
Hey Aashvee, your post is hilarious. I can't stop laughing. I was waiting for your analysis. It is like a comic take on every episode. I was getting pissed at Divya and CC today and was thinking about you to give your take on those two. I loved every expression and adjective you used for them. ROFL

Thanks sweetie for making me laugh. Hug

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