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NivRen: Aab Toh Forever (Page 49)

zarmeeno IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 4:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by milee1014

Kya hua aaj phir say sab log gayab hai, I am sure ki Navi,Anju,Zarmeeno,Ketty,Shova,Ashly are into this Mystery they are the real stalkers not Viren nor CC.LOL
On serious note, where are you guys I did not see any analysis from anyone.
Navi,hope you are feeling much better dear.
Yes Milee I'm the stalker as I'm so jealous of Nivi and want her out of Viren's life coz he is mine. U nailed it sweetie.

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 4:07pm | IP Logged
Zarmeen you said it jaan I know we already have the split personality disorder

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Shayafan Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 4:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by gmann2010

Originally posted by aashvee.raheja

Originally posted by gmann2010

@Rach and @Aashvee mind blowing stories guys. Can't stop laughing. Rach I am glad you are back with your humor. ROFL

I still have to read through 3 pages, let me do that and I will be back.

Ketty, Ketty, Ketty,Hug where did you disappear jaanuCry I was missing youCry
Zarmee is also missing againCry

Hey Aashvee, you and Rach are cracking me up. I can't stop laughing reading your theories. You guys can definitely make a block buster comedy with pinch of horror and drama.

VD has a split personality who knew? LOL

@Rach loved your answer about what Nivi will tell to Divya tomorrow. ROFL

I think nothing serious sort of going to happen as in SBB/SBS segment, they were normal and I guess those scenes where after Divya-Nivi convo.

You girls are crazy. am laughing from the past 15 minutes reading your posts. my husband will surely send me to pagalkhana if not Viren and Nivi. Loved your analysis and jokes too LOLLOL
On the subject of Nivi's reply to Divya, i do think that doesnot end on a happy note coz if u see the SBB segment they both walk down the stairs but dont smile at each other, infact DD doesn't smile so i can safely assume she is still angry with Nivi...

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Ok girls I am back after watching a beautiful episode. Kya episode tha simply beautiful. As we wanted our NivRen are talking these days, I hope this continues.
Divya, from the beginning I liked her for being sweet to Nivi & Yash. Yes, I hate her for being dumb & selfish but just by being nice to Nivi & Yash my hate cancels out. Today too, I liked her concern for her sister. I am wishing, maybe I should wish upon a star in the night that Divya finds out the truth tomorrow and their won't be any rift between sisters. Because right now both need each other in this pagal khana. Divya needs Nivi's help to become a perfect lifepartner for Sid and prove herself to be worthy of his love and at the same time Nivi needs atleast one member from her family to be on her side. yes, Nivi has Viren and Vandana, Sid on her side but its different they are her inlaws, she needs somebody from her family and who better than Divya who is in the same house.(Me & my dreams)
1.The continuation of CC and her scheming, I don't know when this woman will learn but what else can we expect from a Evil Witch (I think of Professor Umbridge)
2. Viren pulling Nivi downstairs and telling her he wants to take her somewhere, it was so sweet he just won't listen to her and says nothing doing you will feel happy the place I am taking you and poor Nivi is scared of MIL and her intense looks but her husband will not take No for an answer. I liked how he not even bothered to tell his mom that they are going out.
3.Nivi kept on asking him where are you taking me and he just says patience madam you will know but atlast gives in and tells her that I want to keep my promise I made to you to bring big smile on your face. Here I liked how Nivi as soon as she sits on the bike places her hand on Viren without him asking her, she is getting a little comfy with him.
4.Naintara dadi & Hema's convo was good too. This Hema for her nothing matters only her daughter and dadi so sweetly and same time requests her to take some things for Nivi. Dadi's whole world revolves around Nivi.
5.As soon as she arrives at hospital poor Nivi got worried maybe something happened to dadi and asks him and Viren is so childish first he says yes and then says Yes everything is first class. Yesterday he listened to Divya saying about mothers and Hema calling Vandana to send somethings for Divya on KC so he wanted Nivi too get the same blessings from her grandmother who is her mother, he is so sweet(Now tell me how can he be psychotic, such a sweet guy)And Nivi's answer was simply beautiful this shows how much sanskaar she has and when Viren heard her say that now she is part of Sood family and she has some limits and can't cross those the pride in his eyes were so visible. He was so proud of his wife and that he got such a beautiful & sanskari wife, I think he was proud of his choice of love too. The way Nivi says me & dadi are inseperable, I always have her blessings lets leave with a smile on her face, Viren asks her oh you got smile on your face and her reply was so sweet, she gave the answer he was looking for that its just only and only because of him(here we see the Nivi, Vandana always talks about how she knows everyone wants)she got that smile and Viren was so content and happy that she told him what he wanted to hear at the same time he put that smile on his face. I also liked how Nivi told him in the beginning that she is always happy that he gives her what she always wants.
6.Dadi feels Nivi's presence, this is called mothers intuition. And I liked the dialogue dadi used here "woh ek tandi hawa ka jokha hai" that is teh reason Viren is pagal about her because he needs that cold air breeze always on him.
7. VD-Divya-Nivi-Viren scene: Oh Divya is so childish, poor girl is worried about fasting and Nivi is all happy for her sister, really Divya is born with silver spoon, she got everything mother,MIL and Sid(whom she loves) and here comes Viren jumping like a kid and wants to eat something but Tayiji doesn't give him anything and asks him not to utter anything related to food tomorrow as both her DIL's are fasting for KC and Viren again goes into romantic mood and asks Nivi "Tum bhi Mere liye" the way he looks at her is so dreamy, and Vandana is all happy for Viren & Nivi. I like her in this regard, she is the only one who understood Viren really loves Nivi and she is happy for Nivi that she got a loving husband who will take care of her.
When Divya disturbed his convo with his wife, he was like oh Kabab mein haddi, and the way Divya asks him to support Nivi and her too and not to say anything about food tomorrow, he says ok but I won't promise. Bhabhi Devar are just so childish, their cute nok jhoks are so good. (this is the other reason I don't want CT's to spoil Divya's character with rift track)
8.VD-Divya-Nivi-CC: I am sure from the day NivRen got married Vandana is reliving her past. Everyday looking at Nivi and how she is being treated Vandana must be reliving her newly married days. Evil Witch never changes but I think she is planning something big with that Pendant.
But if you see both Vandana & Divya are so hurt looking at Nivi's stance.
9.Nivi-Divya-VD: This scene was so emotional, the way both Divya & Vandana made Nivi smile is so good. And VD blessing them that they always be happy and also fill the home with happiness. It was so sweet.
10.NivRen scene: Nivi is selecting her sari and here comes her husband looking at her, suddenly she feels his presence and is little embarassed as she was busy selecting sarees and says "tum" and Viren asks for what she is getting ready and she tells him tomorrow is KC, Viren asks so your are really fasting his expression here is killing. She says yes, every married lady does it and moves aaway from him and he asks her so what is in it for her husband, the way he was smiling was so good, he was so teasing her(he already knew she will do it but teasing her because it means she accepted him as her husband)Nivi replies its for husband's happiness and long life, he asks her just by doing this thing will husband be happy, she knew what answer he wants and she smiles a bit there if you notice and she tells him its a ritual an don't ask me why?
Viren says why are you doing this as you didn't follow any ritual even with your marriage she was a little hurt there but he smiling comes towards her and says I won't be happy if you are just doing as a ritual. Then she tells him its only one day she can do anything for him please let her do it, Viren says ok for it but says one day you will do it for my love. (This guy is so confident that he will make sure that she will fall in love with him) and she just looks on.
11.Morning scene: As we don't do KC I don't know much about it. Is it a ritual to look at your husband's face in the morning before starting the fast. I am asking this question because both Nivi & Divya did the same.
But in that scene I liked how she covers him with the blanket and when she looks at his face she a smile on her face. And I have to say Viren was looking so damn handsome here smiling in his sleep. Maybe he was dreaming about Nivi.
Same goes with Divya, she thinks that today I am doing fast on your name hopefully today you will be mind completely. (Here again I was thinking with this dialogue, maybe she will know the truth tomorrow, maybe I am wrong) then she remembers dadi's chunni and goes to NivRen room. The way she was all happy and calling for Nivi is so sweet just couple of days before she was all mad at Nivi.
She saw NivRen sleep seperately and she thinks why is that. (I was just thinking Divya please use your brain and remember all the incidents you will know the truth)
12.Mandir scene: Nivi's prayer was so genuine. That she respects him from her heart and wants his happiness and long life. That respect will soon change to love, because that's how love for your partner starts in a married life and their's will be love story after marriage.
And the mystery continues, I don't want to talk about it. I still believe its CC doing it will wait and watch what CT's have in store for us.
Over all it was NivRen filled episode and so beautiful, they started communicating.

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sharma.nat

This answer is biggest suspense mystery I guess jaan she will say Divya you are stalking me how come you know we are sleeping separately. As you know Viren has multiple personality disorder when he loves me he come on bed and when hates me go to couch and sleep there. What could I don with this obsessed lover.Wink
Rachu, you cracked me up big time.LOL

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aashvee.raheja

Oh! No! I have to go off to sleep...Cry Why am I in the wrong TZ????Cry

catch you tomorrow all...Hug

Ketty, jaanu, i feel like i haven't met you in agesEmbarrassed
Zarmee, same thought, miss you, hopefully, catch you tomorrow jaanuEmbarrassed

Anju, Milee, Navi, Ketty, shovee, Zarmee, Mahi, waiting for your analyses and povs. 

Aashvee, sorry dear it was such a big post. you can read it when you wake up its on pg 49
Good Night & sweet dreams

Edited by milee1014 - 16 December 2010 at 4:16pm

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 4:22pm | IP Logged
Rachu, Aashvee you both are on a roll today, I am getting stomach pain reading and laughing your stories & posts. Thanks a ton for doing this.
@Zarmeeno, ok if you want Viren for yourself what will your hubby say. Did he read it while your writing as you said he was right beside you. Becareful dear, nahi toh pagal khana yaad rakhna.Actually we all girls shouldn't even go to pagal khana, if we go to Sood house its a big pagal khana.LOL

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 December 2010 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
@Milee wonderful take on today's episode. I hate Divya but in today's episode, I like her concern for her sister. I am sorry but Aashvee has put this idea of split personalities and now i see every one having one, Divya has major one, you don't know when she is sweet sister or turn into green monster.

I said the same thing that how concern Viren is about Nivi's happiness, psycho can't think of her having blessing of her dadi before KC.

I loved VD-Divya-Nivi-Viren scene, at the end of the scene Nivi had a cutest smile when VD commented about bhabhi-devar rishta.

I felt for Nivi when she was sad about sargi. Dadaji gave a warning yesterday but nothing works on CC, how come she is not afraid anymore. She should at least pretend to be good. But anyhow loved VD for doing that, she truly loves Nivi as mother.

Nowadays we see Nivi smiling at Viren and that's a improvement. I hope her trust soon convert to love.

This time I am praying for CC plan whatever she is scheming about pendant  to backfire on her. I don't know how long RS is going to show us evil winning.

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