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Troubled Hearts with Immense Love !!

Anu-Reddy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 December 2010 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
Came back home and caught up with the episode and this is the first time I felt sad that I missed my oppurtunity to write an update. The episode was good but the last scene just plain right wonderful and amazing. It moved me to bits and here's how I perceived it......
1) Suresh bhai saab was itching for some pitayi and so goes and on and on abt how Nakku and his love story was some amar prem kahani LOL.......... Dont ask me who Amar is , even iam trying to decode that  LOL .
2)  "Jagadmba", "Bappa" "Aaayi shapath" all said and done, now its "Guru Maharaj" for us LOL
3) Do u want to know why Suresh made his entry? No srsly u want to? Tongue. Because Baaji rao kaam kaam chilaraha tha naa isiliye . Nahin samjhe? LOL. Yaar look at his expressions when Suresh was bak baking LOL. All he needed was some knife or some gun in hand LOL. Suresh wouldve counted his last, right then and there LOL. Kala ka plan utter flop hojatha in mins LOL.
4) Suresh said he pilaoued Santra to Ganpath and got hold of Nakku's patha LOL and Baaji's expression was like "Oh srsly? Looks like we need to buy a truck load of santra's then, lots of pathas need to be found" LOL.
5) Loved Baaji's "Tere ko nahin patha tu kiski biwi par ungli utaraha hai" . Baaji is supporting Nakku and in turn is making sure his friend's izath stays intact. Dost ho tho aisa. Patha nahin humare Dutta ji ko kab samaj ayega yeh sab Ouch
6) Totally loved Baaji's belief in Nakku. All Nakku had to say was that the man is lying and Baaji got onto his work, rolled his sleeves and pushed the guy off the main door LOL. Kissa katham LOL.
7) Kala lets everyone at that Pagalkhana that she will tell Dutta abt the happenings in her own style LOL and all as expected agree to it, including Nakku? LOL . U mustve heard abt weighlessness, but did u ever witness brainlessness?Tongue Watch it at LTL free of cost LOL.
8) Finally some cooking-wooking happened at that pagal niwas?Shocked LOL. Chalo teek hai LOL But then whats that look on Kala's face when Nakku was serving her food? LOL. Kahin Kala Man-Eater tho nahin bangayi?  LOL.  Srsly go watch that scene and tell me exactly what was going thru kala's brain at that pt of time LOL Nakku ke moo mein moo daal ke dekhrahi thi LOL bechari ko darane ka acha plan banaya Kala ne LOL.
9) BTW why is it that only the three witches were having dinner? LOL.  What is AS eating these days?Shocked Pallu? LOL.  Ya we can forget abt  Kishore as he is still going thru theerth-lag LOL, nahin samjhe? TongueYaar just like we have Jet-lag he has Theerth-Lag ,samja karoLOL and Ofcourse the neglected members Baaji-Madhu, are neglected like always . No nayi baath so chodo LOL.
10) Finally after the long wait, we have our Gadha at home and walking off in eshtyleeeeeeee LOL. Kal ka style marne ka jo bhoot hai woh still chaalu hai u see LOL. Anyways Kala asks him to have food with them and look at the way he looks at Nakku. Now what does that mean? LOL. Nakku hai tho khana nahin kayega kya? LOL Waise hi ek bada thaali lekar ek spoon chaktha hai khane ke naam se, woh spoon bhi nahin kayega kya ab yeh LOL.  Style marne keliye tho energy chahiye Dutta ji, khana tho khayiye aaphi ka khoonpasina wala kamayi se bana hai woh khana TongueLOL
11) Kala is seriously one evilish woman. She cant even see her bro have a peaceful meal. Look at the way she signals Ullu abt the letter. Oh how can anyone be so outright evil Ouch.
12) Kala ki nautanki katham Dutta ki shuru LOL . The board outside PN should read, 24/7 Nautanki Niwas LOL.  Anyways Nakku tries to serve Puranpoli but Dutta wants to eat dahi instead LOL. Do u know want to know why? TongueBecause Dutta doesnt want to eat Nakku ka haath ka bana Khana LOL . Par koi Gadhe ko yeh samjhaye that for Dahi milk needs to be boiled and Nakku the head maid of that house, might have done that too LOL. Shayad thab yeh dahi bhi nahin kayega aur sirf paani peeyega LOL
13) Leela insists that Dutta should eat Nakku ka haath ka bana "Purapoli" and Dutta kind of agrees ?Silly Shocked . Why? . Isnt it an open secret at PN that Dutta aur Nakku ki banahi rahi?. I was quite surprised by this gesture of Dutta. Shayad mann hi mann mein he wanted to eat Nakku's haath ka bana khana but aise hi was showing his attitude LOL.
14) As all his meals are jinxed so was this one LOL. He doesnt even put one bite in mouth and there comes the letter breaking open the window pane LOL.  The mansion from outside seems so big, with such a big lot and all . So how can someone throw something at the window from outside? Shocked May be someone took a chopper, to throw the stone at Pagal Niwas is it?LOL.
15)  Suds does what he can do the best LOL, read a letter LOL. No srsly Iam amazed at his letter reading skills, u know with those nice pauses, suspence, weird looks and all LOL . He should contemplate on reading letters for others as his side business , what say? LOL.
16)  "Tu meri hai Nakkusha"  and the look on D-N's face was dreadful Ouch. Poor souls, so much in love and so many ppl plotting to seperate them.  Suds goes on and reads the letter, "Tune mujhe ghar se nikala par mein wapas ayega". Dutta's head goes down. He doesnt even try believing the letter. He understands that something else is happening which he cant understand. His expressions were very plain and no J  or , sad or no doubt wala expression there. Thank god for that Smile. Suds continues , "Tera jaaneman suresh" and Dutta feels a pinch in the heart at that line. Someone is calling himself Nakku's sweetheart and Dutta doesnt like it. Its not because he doubts her but because someone dare call his love theirs and it was going down well with him. Hence that lookEmbarrassedDay Dreaming.
17) The only Q Dutta has after that was , "How did someone without my permission enter my house?" and I have to admit I loved him for that. He was being at his best there. He has no Qs regarding that letter or its contents. He doesnt believe in it. All he knew was some stranger entered his house  and he was actually concerned abt the ppl of his house and their safety and hence the Q. 
18) Kala tells the whole story ofcourse acting all lovey-dovey and caring LOL. Loved how Dutta's expressions change from anger to sad and Nakku's from sad to anger. They were swaying in emotions and srsly what an amazing epi it was from this point on till the endEmbarrassed
19) Kala's line, "Jhoota , Makar, 420" and I was like, "Wow, Iam impressed u are so bang on describing urself so perfectly" LOL.
20) Dutta stands with a sad face, head down while Kala continues to pour petrol in their already burning lives.  Loved the look on Nakku's face when Kala lets Dutta know that the man alleged Nakku of eloping on the day of marriage.  All Nakku needed was a chappal to throw at Kala at that lineLOL.  Kala's way of hinting at Dutta to suspect Nakku, "Shak math karna uske charitra par. Jaise tera ek atheeth hai uska bhi hosaktha hai" and look at Dutta. He didnt like it at all. He had no such Qs abt Nakku's character and he infact didnt want anyone else to talk abt her like that either. But then how does he  stop Kala from saying it?. Thats why he tries to do it the other way round, says he doesnt care abt her past and she is free to go wherever she wants as per her wish. This was the exact same thing he told Baaji the other day and this is the same thing he did today. He loves them but is too proud to accept. He wants to back Nakku but cant say it out loud, so does what tries to shut Kala off by saying he cares less for Nakku. Poor Nakku's heart broke listening to that and Kala had an evil smile. But both couldnt see the tears in Dutta's eyes when he was saying that. He was breaikng within and it was quite evident from his lookCry.
21) Best scene of the day : Dutta walks in, closes the door and has a recap of Kala's words and the way he moves his head away when he remembers Kala's "Nakkusha ne use dhoka dediya" and the way he holds onto his brows depressed by Kala's words, "Nakkusha ke charitra par shak math karna" lines was making it quite evident, He didnt like what Kala said downstairs. That is it.  Nakku walks in with , "Saab" and look at the way he doesnt even look at her but walks front, making room for her to come in. He knew Nakku will walk in, He sensed her coming and he knew she would want to justify herself. So walks in and he doesnt stop her, lets her talk as she needed to. Nakku's "Aaj aapke ghar mein meri charitra par meri niyath par ungli uti  ......... Aur Aap?" . Dutta's walk away from Nakku, is indicating that he too didnt like it go so far. He didnt like himself letting it go so far. He never could see someone Q his Nakku's character and today he was feeling miserable because he couldnt do much when the world around was taunting his wife's character. Nakku continues, "Aur aapne kahan mein jiske saath chahu chelijaou. Yahi hai nakusha aapke liye?". Right Q and answer from Dutta a strong exhale. He is mad at himself, What will he tell her. He said it because he wanted to prove to kala that such things dont bother him as his and Nakku's relation is at an altogether different level and his intentions were seriously misunderstood by Nakku.  Dutta understands that its not Nakku's mistake to misunderstand him and hence he has nothing to say but stand mum and bear Nakku's painful Q's.  Nakku's words, "I thought u will think of me as a human atleast" and the slight look he gives nakku , meant "I dint know this. Is that what u ever wanted?". Nakku's best line of the day, "Par aaj jab meri izath pe, Uske", the pain gushing out of her words, eyes said it all. Her words which hurt him the most, "Its a matter of mins to call someone characterless" ... Dutta knew what she was saying, infact he feels the same and thats why that walk away from her as he though promised to stand by her in kith and kin today couldnt do much to save her honor. He is defeated in his own eyes what can he say to Nakku. So moves away yet again. Nakku isnt going to leave him so soon will she?, so she follows , asks , "What made u think that I would want to go with someone else?". Dutta has no answer because he knwos she loves him dearly.  Nakku takes this moment and explains  why she had to paint herself black. Loved the "thinking" look Dutta had at that scene. Finally itseems to me that he started thinking abt it. Hope he goes and traces the issue out and understands the motive behind Nakku's dark avtar. He seriously needs to do something for his love. He was always on the "take" side, its now for him to "give" something for his love, her izath back. She concludes, "I lied to u so u called me a traitor, well and good but with someone else........". The tears roll from her eyes finally and this our Gadha cant stand, can see the way he though hating himself for trying to shower love/concern on her, yet unable to back himself off, says, "I never said I doubt u" . What a relief that was. He wants to tell her , hug her , wipe her tears off and assure her that such baseless rumors and such things from others dont bother him and will never get him to doubt her. His pain was evident in that clip. Nakku asks the right Q, "But u didnt say that u dont doubt me either". Dutta doesnt feel like he has to answer that as the Q for it doesnt arise. No one can Q him abt his belief in Nakku.  Dutta insists that he is allowing her to stay because she is a women.  Patilwaadi ki aurthaein yeh baath sunlenge tho socho kya hoga LOL. Nakku insists that Dutta loves her, "Why did u come to me when I called u at hospital" . Dutta's look was giving it away. The way he looks back at Nakku with moist eyes, what else can he say. He loves her , his hearts shouting it thru his eyes.  He cant take his eyes off Nakku now. He is amazed by her belief in his and her love. The way he keeps looking at her, when she is saying, "Why did u quench my thirst at jungle? U are trying to be indifferent but u love me". Dutta cant look any more in her eyes, because how can he lie to her looking into her eyes?. So he takes his eyes off, looks away.  Nakku asks "Tell me u dont love me". Her heart was breaking while asking that because his answer is gonna shake up her heart. Dutta without realising what effect his words will have on Nakku's heart, says, "That day will never come by . That Dutta who had a heart is never to be seen. Ur words dont reach my ears anymore". Now wait and read the same line again, Nakku is asking him to say that he doesnt love her and he says "That day will never come by" LOL, Dutta then says the Dutta who had a heart is dead LOL, but he is the same guy who said love will never happen to him before but then we all knew what happened after that LOL. Irrespective of looks he fell for a dark maid, and that too head over heels. Love happened and he didnt even know. His words atre jinxed and he is just bluffing here.  Then he says, "Ur words dont reach my ears" but then shouldnt the words reach heart and not ears? LOL. Duta was meaning that her words were reaching his heart and not ears LOL . Nakku khamaka sad hogayi LOL since she is babi ki bachi naa isiliye LOL .
22 : Dutta breaks Nakku's heart with his, "I dont care where u live. Ur here because ur a woman". How hollow can his words get? . He cant even look into her eyes while saying it. This guy is so proud of himself that he cares nothing when its abt his heart. Iam glad Nakku finally broke the shell and said that she will comeback to that room only when he is ready to accept her back as his wife. The look on Dutta's face was worth watching. He didnt see that coming. He really didnt think that she would ever walk out of his room. It surprised him but then his brain did wonders, didnt allow him to stop her from walking out.
23 : Nakku walks out. Dutta keeps looking at her. Two souls , immensely in love but seperated by circumstances and prejudices. Tears roll of Nakku's eyes. She believes that he will call her back one day but not sure when that day will come by. Her heart heavies up and tears roll down her eyes. Dutta realises what pain he bought upon her and still mum and sad. His demeanour towards Nakku was like a rock, but then his look was like a lost soul.  The immensely sad exhale he gave at the end was out of helplessness , abt his ownself than anything else. Hope he gathers some courage to breakopen his shell. Its high time and he needs to do something abt the evility growing in his house.
24) Madhu's role is cheesing up a bit. Thank god for that and glad she decided to talk to her bro instead of taking it all with head down. She needs to speak up as she has nothing to loose. She started off from a zero (no family) and she at worst will be left at it, Zero. That shouldnt deter her from voicing her protest, phir Dutta hi kyun na ho saamne. Loved how she was making sure D understands that his love is visible and ppl around are not blind to believe in his fake hatred.
MR , MV just rocked and rolled in today's episode. Sply MV was amazing when Kala was poisioning Dutta's brain at Table and then totally adored MR and MV at the last scene.
Hope Dutta takes a hint from Nakku's words and goes to figure out who that Suresh is and who is behind his entry. Dutta seriously needs to use some brain atleast now. If he believes Nakku cant be what Suresh claimed in the letter ,than he needs to go solve it and clear her name infront of PN ppl. It may not matter for him what others think of him and Nakku, but it sure will matter to Nakku as its the Q abt her character here. High hopes haan? LOL
Was typing this all day LOL, didnt get to complete and hence the delay in post. Would love to read ur comments on it though Smile

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Leandra IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2010 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Awesome post anu

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left_forever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2010 at 9:06pm | IP Logged

Anuuuuuuuuu...was so eagerly waiting for a post from you...finally got one

u knw even this line had stuck me wen he said "that day wont ever come" to Naku's question that say u dnt love me. I remembered the scsne wen Dutta had asked Naku wen she rejected his proposal tat tell me u dont love me and today Naku asking same question to D. last time Naku kept quiet on Dutta's question and tis time Dutta replied saying tat day wont ever come...wen i will stop loving you...wowwwww...these love birds r jst amazing

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2010 at 9:20pm | IP Logged
Great Post Anu :)
Yup, the episode was amazing :) Loved the last scene to pieces and my heart broke into pieces looking Naku. She needs some serious wooing now, and Dutta coming after her. Knowing his ego though, he wont, lets see how the CVs play this track.

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blueopal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2010 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
thanks  for  the  update  di..........
am  very  big  fan  of  ur  writing  n  ur  amazing  writer,u  describe  all  the  emotions  ,emoted  by  the  actors   very  well,i  liked  the  way  u  command  abt  their  acting  n  after  reading  ur  updates of  LTL,am  again  rewatch  the  episode  n  notices  the  place  which  ur  mentioning , n  even  for  the  expression   u   gave  me  the   meaningful   words,i  just  loved  ur  updates  u  di..........

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kadduu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 December 2010 at 10:19pm | IP Logged

I love reading your updates!!! and as usual enjoyed this one thoroughly!! LOL
love the humor and also the way you put those emotions of characters into words in your posts... your interpretations and descriptions of the Dutta's expression from Tasha scene is superb...Smile
Rocking episode and rocking update ....! Dancing

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desigrl414 Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2010 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
i absolutely loved the last part today between dutta and nakku! you could see how hurt they both were, and how much love they both need! i can't wait for the day the two finally get it!! i felt so bad for nakku today, really felt for her!

btw where was everyone else at the dinner table? do kishore, baaji, madhu, aayi, annay, leela and sud's son/daughter (sorry i forgot if they had a son or not need to eat? Why was it just the evil 4 of the house. also leela, roops, and suds are really starting to irritate me with their don't have much of a role. i have to say i lol'd when suds was pointing his gun and went to see where the noise came from, after the rock hit the window. you can tell he's a beginner. dunno if he really knows how to use the gun.  

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pbtghosh Goldie

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Posted: 14 December 2010 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
22 : Dutta breaks Nakku's heart with his, "I dont care where u live. Ur here because ur a woman". How hollow can his words get? . He cant even look into her eyes while saying it. This guy is so proud of himself that he cares nothing when its abt his heart. Iam glad Nakku finally broke the shell and said that she will comeback to that room only when he is ready to accept her back as his wife. The look on Dutta's face was worth watching. He didnt see that coming. He really didnt think that she would ever walk out of his room. It surprised him but then his brain did wonders, didnt allow him to stop her from walking out.
only one word appropriate for dutta 'bewakoooff' (Utpal Dutta style)LOL

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