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SR FF - Kuch Khaas - Chap 26 pg 87 (Page 4)

PraSha_SidMa Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 1:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zeenia

Interesting start! Do PM me when you continue!
OOOO, m so happy you found it interesting! Big smileStarBig smile Expect a PM from me very soon!

PraSha_SidMa Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 1:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by monty22

it was nice. it's a different concept plzzzzzzz PM me . when u update.
keep it up.
I'm glad u enjoyed my new concept Big smile, and thankful for ur comment Wink.
WIll do my best to live up to ur expectations Big smile
PraSha_SidMa Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sidma_love

Nice start !!!
it seems quite interesting & ur writing is not at all boring
So continue soon....

Plzzz PM me wen u update...
Yay for my writing not being boring. Dancing Thanks so  much!

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PraSha_SidMa Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by veena_rocks


nyc start

cont soon

add me 2 ur pm list

hellooooo there!! Thanks for the comment, and will cont ASAP. Big smile
QueenbeePallavi Goldie

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 2:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PraSha_SidMa

Originally posted by QueenbeePallavi

lol...please like it???...ofc we like it and as many people are going to like it...continue the fic sooner...
nice kickoff and good BG...
PM if possible regarding the update
Srsly, I never expected to get so many like!! And as u guys have fulfilled my desire for my post getting 'liked', will definitely update ASAP. LOL
And I'm glad you enjoyed it, and ofc I'll PM u Big smile
my pleasure anushka

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PraSha_SidMa Senior Member

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Hello dear readers!! Hug
I am extremely gratified with all your response, therefore i'm giving you a new update right now!
Hope you like it! Cheers!
Chapter 2:
The morning rays of the sun woke Riddhima up from her unusually heavy sleep. As her eyes opened, her head was pounding, no doubt an after-effect of her idiotic venture last night.
Everything rushed back in a drowsy manner, as her brain was fuzzy. But as she sat up in bed, she realised she was in a familiar looking room, in a comfy white bed, but definitely not her and Shilpa's apartment.
Suddenly she remembered "Shilpa!!! She'll be so worried! And I missed school! No wait, it's Saturday, but I have to tell Shilpa where I am!"
Getting out of bed, she looked around for her purse, even though she half expected it not to be there. Relieved, she saw it right on the table next to her. Taking her mobile out, she was panicked to find that its battery was dead.
She took a moment to calm herself down. Where was she? Why was this place familiar? Who got her out of that horrible place? She blushed when she remembered her drunken comment to her mysterious saviour. No doubt it was his house, but she didnt fell bad or anything. She was immediately overcome with gratitude that he hadn't only saved her from those rough voiced men, but had also not taken advantage of her weak state.
Thinking that she should get up and find the phone, she stumbled unsteadily towards the door. Once outside the room she bumped into someone and nearly fell over but the someone grabbed her around the waist quickly before she fell. About to mumble a sorry and thanks, and blushing furiously, Riddhima looked up to see whoever it was.
Staring down upon her were soft, dark brown eyes that took her breathe out of her. She stared back unknowingly, and the spell was broken when the possesser of those eyes asked, in the same voice she remembered slightly from yestersay, "Are you alright?" He loosened his grip on her and let her go altogether, seeing that she had regained her balance.
"Yes I'm fine, sorry about that," said Riddhima, her blush increased tenfold when she realised who it was.
It was Siddhant Modi, brother to her sister's best friend Suvarna, and one of the hottest guys in school. Even though they sat in most of the same classes, neither had spoken to each other before. He was the type of guy whom girls used to stare openly when he passed in the corridors (Hey! Sid definitely is THAT cute and hot!)
 "Oh my God, Di you're awake!"
Riddhima turned around and saw Shilpa coming down the stairs, with Sue right behind her. NOW she remembered why the house looked familiar. She had been here a couple of times with Shilpa, but she had never been there when  Siddhant was there as well. Or at least, she had never seen him if he had been.
R: Oh Shilpa, tum yahan?
Sh: Oh yea. Sue ne kal call ki thi ke aap yahan ho. Passed out or something. Aap bhi at least message to kar sakti thi! I was worried sick!
R: Woh.. battery nahi thi... and i was ummm.... uh
Sue: okay people, since evrybody is awake, lets have breakfast! I'm famished!
R: What were you guys doing if you haven't even had breakfast yet?
Sue and Shilpa threw guilty glances at each other. "Nothing" They both said together.
Sid replied for them: "Actually, I believe they were trying on each other's clothes or something. Shilpa came up with a trunkful of something or other before you were awake and-"
Sue threw a cushion at him. "Meanie," she muttered.
Sid smiled fondly at his sister as she and Shilpa headed to the kitchen. This left him and Riddhima alone, so he turned to her. "I don't think we've ever met officially before. I'm Siddhant Modi." This was completely unnecessary as nearly evry girl in the school knew this name.
"Riddhima Gupta," was the reply. "And umm, I want to thank you for, you know, what happened last night."
Siddhant became more serious. "Oh, you're welcome I guess."
R: How'd you know I was there?
S: I didn't. I was driving by and.... saw you. You were right near the window, and, well, sort of looked like you needed help.
R: (thinking: God, how embarassing) and then said "Oh... right." She felt embarassed as another part of last night came back to her. She screwed up her courage and asked Sid "What was that you told the.... people there last night?"
Sid now looked a teeny bit embarassed, "Well, I just lied that you were my girlfriend.... You know, make things easier. I hope you don't mind. It was just on the spur of the moment you know-"
Riddhima, strangely relieved, cut in "No, no it's completely fine. I understand...."
Sid: I'm glad.
Rids: (trying hard not to stare at him and failing, said softly) Yea....
Behind the kitchen door, Shilpa and Sue were trying to listen to the conversation going on b/w the other two.
Sh: There! I told you they weren't secretly dating!
Su: Aww crap! And they look so good 2gether! DO you think we should try to set them up?
Sh: Totally! Maybe one day then they'll get married, and we'll be officially related!!
Su: Great idea! Here's the first step. You sit with me at the table. That way they'll have no choice but to sit with each other!
Sh: Sweet!
They then went to put breakfast on the table. And quickly sat down on two of the four seats that were set together.
SR turned around and saw the edibles on the table. Only then did Riddhima realise that she was really hungry. She hadnt eaten anything since last afternoon.
The 2 friends were chatting lightly about trivial matters, but were both secretly glancing at their respective siblings, who were seated together, but not seeming to notice anything wrong. Usually, Ridz would have died rather than sit next to a guy her own age or older (no matter how hawt), but she seemed relaxed at the moment. This in itself was shocking enuf for Shilpa.
Halfway through eating, Riddhima dropped her spoon. She and Sid bent down at the same time, and their hands touched near the spoon. They both looked up at each other, their fingers still touching, and *eyelocked* subconsciously by both parties (sorry i couldnt help putting that in). Shilpa and Sue stopped talking and nudged each other in excitement.
Struck by the silence, Ridz withdrew her hand and picked up her spoon quickly, blushing again. For some reason, Sid enjoyed her blushes (lol). She didnt look so lifelss then.
After breakfast, Riddhima asked shilpa when she intended to go. Shilpa put on a grieved expression and said that much as she wanted to leave, she couldnt do her homework all by herself and needed Sue's help.
Exasperated, Riddhima said, "And what about my work? I have homework too you know."
"Oh but I brought your stuff here. I figured you could study with Sid since you're both in the same grade." Shilpa's innocent answer was reasonable enough.
"But -but" said Riddhima looking around for a valid excuse, "I'm sure Siddhant will be busy on the weekend. I can't just come in here and demand  a study group! And- "
"On the contrary I have no problem with you studying with me," said Sid calmly. "I'm sure I dont have anything special on my schedule today. If you want to go its alright. Just wanted to let you know that i'm okay if u want to study here" (BTW, this kind of thing is casual enuf in the US)
Riddhima knew the thing which I put in brackets but she was a bit shocked. So surprised in fact, that she blurted out without thinking, "But it's Saturday! DOn't you go out on dates or something-" She bit her lip. Oh crap!! What had she just said?!?!?!
Sid's eyebrows shot up in surprised amusement. "I don't have date today." (LOLLOLLOL)
"Oh right," said Ridz, embarassed again. "Sorry, I didnt mean to say that. It just-"
"Slipped out," said Suvarna, nodding. 'It is kinda shocking that someone as cute as my superboy doesn't usually date. Stupid right?"
"Oh, shut up Sue," said Sid, in exasperation. 'I think we had plenty of discussions on this issue and didn't we reach a conclusion?"
"Oops! Oh yeah of course." said Sue, her hand on her mouth. She gathered up some dishes and went to the kitchen.
Shilpa, now very excited, said, "So are you gonna study here?" Her innocent gol gol ankhein were too hard to resist. Riddhima said slowly, "Yeah i guess. Why not?" (Thinking to herself and inwardly cursing Shilpa: Its not like I have a choice anyway. Plus Sid is compatriot too, so it cant be that bad......)
"Yay!" said Shilpa. "C'mon Sue! Let's go try on more - umm i mean let's go do our work!"
"On my way," said Sue from the kitchen.
Coming up: Study date!!! (sort of) Embarrassed
PMs are on their way! Big smile Love u all!!! Hug
All the best.
Anushka Cool

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Ovi_Tanni IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 3:12am | IP Logged
Yay....m first here to comment ur update...its awsome n totally different i loved y dint give me pm...plzz pm me n continue soon...i wanna knw wat happent in next....

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monty22 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 3:13am | IP Logged
it's fantastic.....sue & shilpa bonding is riddhima's shy mode....Blushing
i m excited about next part....SR  will study together....Wink LOL
don't forget to PM me.......

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