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Time for replies!Tongue
Thanks for the suggestion, my dad's a bit busy at work right now, so we usually watch SK during or after dinner when he takes his 'rest' time, so once things are a bit more quiet at work for him, I'll show him all the imp deleted vids. I know he'd enjoy them. Eesh! The BRC version sounds really gruesome, why don't I remember it?Confused Hmm, prob because I saw the MB epis over and over so I remember those well, but I only saw the Krishna Leela epis once cause I did not like the presentation of them too much. I agree about Ugrasen. It was refreshing to see the noble 'Kingly' side of him, how no respectable King backs down from a fight which involves family honor. Most other movies show him as a weakling 'oldie'.
You're right, Shah Nawaz really was perfect as Nand, he was so softhearted and sweet, and also one cool dad to Krishna and Balram.Thumbs Up
Thank God for the original Yamuna version! I wish they did use this one, it's so much shorter and the song, like you said, does sound more olden dayish. Even Aish commented that the new Yamuna song sounded a bit 'modern day', very different from RJ's usual oldie tunes. And that was Pinky Parikh as new Yamuna Devi? That's what I thought initially too, but comparing her to Rukmini, where she enacted the role so gracefully, I did not think both were the same.ConfusedLOL What went wrong?
Lols at the need for a midwife to confirm baby's gender.LOL Another funny part of that episode was Devaki pairing up the girl with Kans's son in an attempt to save her.ROFL Aish and I were cracking up at that, as it is SO something our own mother would do.LOL
I agree about letting the baby fall to the floor. That was harsh!Shocked But maybe the floor was not really as hard as it looked onscreen? The Sagars are not sadistic, so I thinkg maybe they placed soft pillows or something beneath the carpet and masked it to look like the least, I hope so.
So they extended the baby massacre too?? Why?Confused Some of these editions don't make any sense to me. Anyhow, you're right. NDTV's Ayodhyavasis were also good actors, just don't remember that epi too clearly to comment further.
I know, I really love these motherly love descriptions that Devaki and Yashoda give throughout the show, they're really beautiful and thought provoking.Day Dreaming
The music was very nice and lilting, esp the ones that had stotras in them. I felt as if most of the tunes were taken out of Ramayan, but when I tried to pinpoint the exact songs, I realized that a good number of them were original RJ creations, like Devaki Maiyya's Mehendi ceremony, Yashoda Maiyya's Godh Bharai, Nand Ke Anand Bhayo, Jai Kanhaiyya Laal Ki, Krishna's Naamkaran, Balram's birth, etc. From what I've watched so far though, I think my favorite is Jai Sankarshan, Jai Balram, and Krishna's Naamkaran ones, sooooo beautiful.Day Dreaming The "Krishna Krishna Krishna" chant of the devtas is still going through my head. And from the epis I saw yesterday, Ek Jogi Aayo Ri became one of my new fav songs.Day Dreaming Will talk about it further in the following entry.
Eesh! I knew I forgot something. You know how much I loved the flowers scene from when I first saw it on dailymotion, Devaki Ma's expressions were just so cute.Big smile And of course, the guards' attempt to pick all of them up was hilarious.LOLLOL All the Gokul Nand/Yashoda scenes were adorable, including the baby shower, that pink sari is sheer gorgeousness.Day Dreaming And the Krishna/Narad convo is another fav of my dad's and mine, really sums up the 'meaning' of God, if in fact a meaning exists.Day Dreaming
VD's temporary release from jail almost reduced me to tears, esp since I knew they were going to go back in eventually.CryCry And the way in which their shackles were freed was just sooooo cruel, but I loved Devaki's blessings to the guards afterwards, really shows what a great woman she was.Clap No one today would have done that to someone who put them through so much suffering, she's truly another example of the ideal woman.Clap Wonder what that women who wrote that book on RS's heroines would say to how he portrayed Devaki Maiyya.Wink 

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Thanks so much, dear, sooooooooooo glad that you're enjoying these entries.Hug I'm having fun writing them.Big smile
Yes, the story of Sridhar is one of my favs too, love the way Naradji explained Krishna's love and forgiveness to him.Clap And def Naamkaran songs and scene were simply cute, the baby who played Krishna was just soooooooooo cheerful.Star And thanks for the name of Utkach, it's kind of hard to remember.LOL
Yes, Lola too told me that the actress was Pinky Parikh. I liked her as Rukmini, but I felt she was kind of unsure doing Yamuna Devi's role. The song was sweet, it just didn't sound as 'olden day' to me as RJ's other compositions, more like the songs used in the new mythos if you know what I mean.
Lol at the age difference between Yashoda and that Gokul Vaasi. Wonder how she felt being called 'Chachi'.ROFL 
I too liked the Putna story, it was filmed very well.ClapClap Yes, Vilas Raj was very good as Kans, though my sis did not like him.LOLLOL She always pictured him more as a menacing serious-minded tyrant, while I pictured him as a rather stupid, selfish, and gullible tyrant. So while I was able to accept Vilas Raj in the role of Kans, she wished someone more serious had played him.
Anyhow, really enjoyed reading your reply! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.Hug  This thread has become one of my favs thanks to all of you.WinkBig smile
Thanks a lot, sweets, so glad you like the concept.Hug I'm really enjoying this serial a lot, I love it as much as Ramayan already.Big smile
Thanks a lot dear!Hug
Thank you so much, Pari, read when you find the time, and that too if you want.Embarrassed

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While going thr' yours and Lola's posts, just thought to add my (slightly different Wink) point of view about Yamunaji's Song (hope you won't mind Embarrassed): you know, I Loved the Expressions of Pinky Parikh, found no problem in her performance, in fact, I Love to watch her in this sc. She always has this tendency of focusing more on facial expressions Embarrassed, which could be noticed in later episodes also. I feel, here she had some steps/movements pertaining to dance also (like in the line 'Godavari tat par kutiya chhavaayi'). I just Felt her Eagerness to touch the Feet of the Lord thr' those actions! It is slightly different kind of role/acting '. Guess, the acting was done in a normal set, those Blue effects Unhappy were added later. LOL!ROFL Seems like I am defending Pinky ROFL Embarrassed' I am Soo Attached with her from her later episodes with SDB Day Dreaming Embarrassed'.
Actually I also Love the Lyrics of this song, specially these lines:
Dekhi dasa Bhagwan muskaaye
Charan kamal jal maahi badhaaye
Jamuna ji phuli na samaaye
Dhovat charan param sukh paaye.
And then again here:
Jamunaji ki prem prit ki rini swayam ko maan
Gokul jaate jaate de rahe ashwasan Bhagwan
Gokul jaate jaate aise kehne lage Bhagwan
Hey Praan priya Yamuna hum dete hai vachan...
And when Yamuna says- 'Prabhu tumhare bina reh na sakungi/ Baat takungi'- I love all these lines, music and expressions!!!
LOL! I think I would better post it in the Lyrics Thread LOL' I just LOVED the lyrics, actually all the lines are so connected that I couldn't find a particular line or two to quote, so it became kind of lengthy LOL'
And I forgot to write about Shukdevji. I liked his performance as well, he reminded me of Prahlad- both the child actors seemed to be Serious, Peaceful and Knowledgeable. The roles they performed were 100% convincing to me. I loved all the sc.s of Shukdevji with Parikshit, the child actor acted exactly in the same way a sage would behave.
Hey, Yashoda's God bharai is one of my fav songs! Also 'Nand ke aanand bhayo'- these songs just spread Happiness!! Love to watch them sing and dance!!
RSji's commentary after 'Tu Dheeraj Mat Haar' (the link given by Lola) is Just Awesome! No words are enough to express the message he delivers there!!
And completely agree with your view regarding Devaki blessing the guards after their temporary release!!  

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Thursday, December 16, 2010 @ 7:28 PM
Dear Diary,
Today, we covered episodes 15, 16, and 17 in Shri Krishna. Episode 15 began with the Naamkaran of Shri Krishna, and it was truly one of the most beautiful episodes ever.Day Dreaming I loved the meaning of the name 'Krishna' that Maharishi Garg gave, and the following song which came was so melodious and beautiful. The chanting of the Devtas at the end of the song, "Krishna Krishna Krishna, Krishna Krishna Krishna" was running through my head ever since we saw that episode, and still is. Also, the expressions on Gargacharya's face after naming Krishna were just so natural and sincere. The actor truly did a spectacular job portraying his character, you could really see the pride and happiness that Garg felt for being the one to name Bhagwan Krishna.
The following scene, where Kans finds out from his soldiers that Nand and Yashoda's son was named secretly and becomes suspicious, was well done. I felt it was one of Vilas Raj's best scenes, he really portrayed Kans's fear and insecurity well.Clap And when he decides to interrogate Vasudev about the eighth baby's true gender, because he knows the latter would never lie, it had my mom, dad, and me nearly sitting at the edge of our seats with anticipation, because we knew something would happen and Devaki and Vasudev would not be let off so easily. It also had us suspecting that the time had probably come for Vasudev and Devaki to be jailed again.
Episode 16 began with Garg Muni revealing to Vasudev that Nand and Yashoda's son is really his and Devaki's eighth baby. Another truly beautiful episode.Day Dreaming The happiness on Vasudev's face when he learns of Balram's and Krishna's names is priceless, and when Garg Muni lifts the illusion that Yogmaya had placed in his head, the tears of happiness on Vasudev's face nearly had us crying as well. Sunil Pandey did a fantastic job in this scene, esp when he returns to the Palace later on and finds the soldiers in his and Devaki's chamber. The way he takes control of the situation and does not show one ounce of fear is truly noteworthy.Clap As for the dialogue between Kans and Vasudev, it had us riveted to the screen. Vasudev's intelligent answers were just so perfect and witty, and you could tell that they were infuriating Kans as much as awing us.LOL That scene had me thinking, 'Kans supposedly said he would let Vasudev go if he told the truth, but even when the latter did he went back on his words and threw him in jail, loser!' Kans could take a lesson or two from Vasudev in my opinion.WinkLOL
Next came the scene where Kans confronts Devaki and forces her to tell the truth, but even when she does he is not satisfied because her answer is not the one he is looking for.Angry So he orders his soldiers to throw her in the Bandi Grah with Vasudev as well. The Jab Se Hue Re song with Vasudev thinking of Krishna is just sooooooooooo sweet, and the expressions on Sunil Pandey's face are just perfect.Clap It makes it seem as if he really is the baby's dad, the way his face lights up with pride and joy every time he thinks of Krishna.Day Dreaming The following conversation between Vasudev and Devaki is another favorite.Clap Really love the way Vasudev comforts Devaki and tells her to count her fortunes instead of misfortunes, and then the way he reveals the truth about Krishna, and how Devaki faints in his arms out of shock....everything about that scene just bespoke perfection and emotion.Day DreamingDay Dreaming And the cute way in which Vasudev and Devaki interact in that scene is just so realistic and adorable, esp the way Devaki Maiyya hyperventilates about their fate and starts chattering away without stop, and poor Vasudev tries to think of a way to tell her that their eighth baby is alive and kickin'.LOL As Lola and I discussed through PMs, they seemed so like the typical desi couple in that scene, where the wife does all the talking and the husband tries to get a word in edgewise.LOL It's def one of those scenes we'd never tire of seeing over and over and over again, and as Lola would agree, a very siggyable scene.Wink
Episode 16 ended with Maharishi Garg being summoned to Kans's palace by his Mahamantri (what was his name again? I know it was not Chanoor, but forgot the other one), and then insulted by Kans. That whole scene was also very well done, especially by the man who play Garg.Clap The way he gave Kans both an amused and ashamed glance by his lack of manners and ethics was just priceless, and the dialogue afterwards where Garg Muni teaches Kans the Dharma of a Brahmin and Kshatriya was very interesting. The entire time, I was like, "Go Gargji! Take that, stinky Kansipoo! Hahahaha!"LOL Lols, I'm crazy, I know.ROFL And when Kans's Mahamantri tells him towards the end of the scene that it would be stupid to try to detain Garg Muni forcibly, because Rishis possess power beyond that of the understanding of Kshatriyas, I was thinking, 'this guy has more brains than Kans, perhaps it was a good thing that he was not the King'.LOL
Episode 17 began with Banasur summoning the rakshas Trinivat to Kans's chamber, and then Kans sending him to Gokul to kill Krishna (when will the idiot learn?Geek). The entire episode was well done, esp by Damini. She portrayed the anxiety and fear of Yashoda very well in this scene, and when Trinivat carries Krishna far away from Gokul, her screams and cries were so natural.Clap Before beginning SK, I admit that I did not like Damini as Yashoda that much, because I felt she looked a bit old, but now after reading some of the Bal Krishna parts in the Bhagawatham, and then seeing this show, it is obvious that Yashoda was supposed to be very old by this time, because Krishna was born very late to Nand and Yashoda. I like Damini now, she did a good job with Yashoda's character. Anyhow, the way Krishna kills Trinivat and then lands gracefully on the mound of flowers was just too cute. Loved the baby's expressions.LOL And the Krishna/Yashoda 'reunion' afterwards was adorable, def another siggyable moment.Clap
The scene afterwards, where Banasur tells Kans to wait for a long time before attacking Krishna again, so that everyone lets down their guard, was another great scene.Clap I esp loved it because it meant Kans would be out of the story for awhile.DancingLOL Sorry, as much as I like Vilas Raj in the role, the character is too annoying to bear with for long.LOL Anyhow, the next scene was the one which I was waiting for for a loooooooooooooooong time, Soja Lalla Soja!DancingDancing It started off with Devaki Maiyya imagining the development of Shri Krishna, wondering whether he can talk now, sit, crawl, etc, and then Lord Krishna coming to her in the jail cell because he knows she wants to be given a chance to put him to sleep. The short but sweet conversation between Vasudev and Devaki beforehand was also adorable, esp the way Vasudev shushed her anxiously before the guards hear her chanting Krishna's name.LOL I was sitting there thinking, 'that's not very nice, Vasu, let the poor woman enjoy her happiness in peace, she sure does deserve it.'LOL Ah well, she avenged her 'insult' later.Wink The entire song, despite hearing it so many times already, made me feel emotional all over again.Cry It is truly one of SK's best songs, I could listen to it all the time. And one thing I really loved about that song was two of the guards' sympathetic glances at Devaki. It shows that not all the guards were completely loyal to Kans, some probably only supported him out of fear.Ouch Oh, and before I forget, I would like to mention that I loved the part where Devaki shushes Vasudev when he wakes up in-between the song, afraid that he will wake up the baby, and Vasudev gives her both an exasperated and amused look and reckons that either he or she must be dreaming. Poor guy.LOL I suppose Devaki considered this the best way to avenge her insult.LOLLOL
The following conversation between Golok Krishna and Radha, where Radharani asks Krishna why Vasudev could not see him, was another beautiful and important teaching.Clap I really loved how Krishna said that he is beyond the restraints of knowledge and logic. How only true bhakti melts his heart into appearing before his devotess, and how one must let go of the confusions of logic and common sense when trying to reach God.Day Dreaming This is a great lesson many people today can (and should) learn, esp those who argue that God is not real because he does not follow logic. If only the poor things knew....
Anyhow, the next part is also one of my very favs: Shivji going to Gokul!Day Dreaming The song that Lord Shiv sings, Ek Jogi Aayo Ri, is so beautiful both in terms of words and tune, that I immediately downloaded it into my mp3 player and kept hearing it over and over. That whole scene was so beautifully taken. I loved Yashoda Maiyya's protective nature, while at the same time felt soooo bad for Lord Shiv, whose kindhearted expression and soft pleading with Krishna's mother, made me want to tell Yashoda, "It's not a rakshas this time, God really came to your doorstep," but obviously that would have been silly.LOL Anyhow, all in all a very beautiful scene which is totally siggyable.Clap And I plan to take a large pic update of that soon too, so be prepared, folks.Wink Oh, and before I forget, I want to mention that I totally LOVED Devi Yogmaya's presence in the scene. Her heartfelt expressions and acting really added to the emotional depth of the scene, loved whoever played her!Clap
And moving on to the next scene...Krishna learning how to walk! That too was very cute, and the song that played during it, "Hari Ko Maat Sikhaave Chalna" was also a great melody. The baby was adorable, and Yashoda Maiyya's simple yet sweet delight in seeing her baby walk was adorable. The following scene, where Krishna grows up even more and Yashoda Maiyya feeds him Maakhan, is another great favorite. I saw this scene before many times, as I've always loved Makhan Chor Krishna both in paintings and movies/serials, but it was such a delight seeing it all over again, esp in HQ quality. The child immediately won my mother's heart, and he was such a pro at acting that it is a pity his stage did not last that long. The Makhan Chor song following that scene was also very cute....really loved this entire scene so much.Day Dreaming Bal Krishna is my favorite part of Krishna Avatar.
This episode ended with Krishna eating dirt while Yashoda Maiyya is bathing, but I will talk about that in the next entry as the next episode shows the majority of that part.
Jai Shree Krishna!

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 Lali,  Hug
Yes, yes, ENJOYING your entries Dear Day Dreaming! LOVE Everything about SK! Will keep on writing lengthy posts LOL'.
Hey, agree about your view of Kans! I too think he was a stupid kind of person, not a serious person like Jarasandh LOL'
You know, I couldn't understand the Old/New Music of RJ Unhappy Embarrassed. Actually I'm listening to them since last yr only, so my ears are still not tuned to the minute details, will be able to identify that after some more years, I guess Smile.
Now about your latest entry (16 Dec):
I have already written about Naamkaran ceremony... One of my most favourite episodes of SK... I LOVE everything about that scene! Specially- 'Antar gati jo bhayee lakhi swaami/So jaanat bas anataryaami' and 'Nahi shakti nahi samarthya mai matiheen hey Purushottama/ Nij sharan leeje bhakti deeje/ Dosh truti keeje kshama'... A DIVINE scene indeed!
Yes, Vilas Raj definitely has done a really good job here! Really convincing as Kansa Star
And same for both the parents- they have acted Sooo..  Well that we all just FEEL their emotions! We get involved in the story! They are Sooo.. Simple and Realistic! Star Star Star

I guess (not sure though Embarrassed) here is the sentence- Satya ko kisi pramaan ki avashyakta nahi hota, Satya to swayamsiddha hota hai' - Just LOVE Vasudevji for that sentence!Star

'Jab se hua re' is indeed a sweet song and there is also the Bliss of a Devotee  where he says- 'Jeevan Dhanya hua' The Music is really great!

Completely agree with your expression Star ' It makes it seem as if he really is the baby's dad, the way his face lights up with pride and joy every time he thinks of Krishna.Day Dreaming The following conversation between Vasudev and Devaki is another favorite.Clap Really love the way Vasudev comforts Devaki and tells her to count her fortunes instead of misfortunes, 

I just Love the person who acted in the role of Gargyacharya! He has just EVERYTHING needed to be Conveyed through the character! He is like an Embodiment of Devotion! I Love all the scenes of Gargyacharya and this interaction with Kans as well!
Yes, Dear I also noticed the expressions/ emotions of Yashoda when Trinavart took Krishna away! That sc. is really good in special effects, we really FEEL that a storm is going on in Gokul! And I Love Yashoda also, your observation is correct Dear, she was quite aged at the time of Krishna's birth acc. to the org story.
Oh yes, that character of Kans is there because of the need of the story only! Big smile' I too get Irritated with Kans on screen. In the coming episodes you'll notice the same thing, specially after Radha-Krishna Prem Leela, when we return to this world of Politics' It is just Angry Thumbs Down'. '.
I too felt that the guards definitely had sympathy towards Vasudev-Devaki'  Just recently we had that sc of Devaki blessing the guards, so all those small acts of greatness by the couple must have been remembered by the guards'  Guess it was just their job to keep a watch on Vasudev and Devaki, they were bound by their duties Unhappy.
ALL the Golok conversations are just amazing!! We can discuss on and on about the message delivered by them!
Just Love ALL the episodes of SK ' Shiva's Visit, Dirt eating, Yashoda's motherly affection ' can write on and on about SK  Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Friday, December 17, 2010 @ 8:01 PM
Dear Diary,
Today we completed Episodes 19-21. In Episode 19, it showed a small recap of Bal Krishna eating dirt and Yashoda Maiyya chiding him to open his mouth. Before I begin with the events which followed, let me mention that I just loved the whole convo Yashoda Maiyya had with the women of Gokul beforehand when she complained about Krishna becoming a Makhan Chor the day before and eating so much butter that she had been afraid he would get indigestion.LOL The child's expressions were just choooooooooooooooo cute I cannot explain how many times I watched and rewatched that episode. Especially when he yelled out, "I did not eat any butter!" in a grumpy tone when he realized that his mother was complaining about him, we all just burst into laughter.LOL Damini's expressions were really natural as well, especially when she was trying to hide her amusement because she does not want Krishna to know that she is secretly enjoying his naughty little leelas. I'm really loving her as Yashoda Maiyya.Clap
Anyhow, moving on to the next scene....when Krishna opens his mouth and shows his mother the entire universe in it, Lord Krishna (the adult one) appears and Yashoda Maiyya takes on the form of her past life (don't remember the name if it was mentionedEmbarrassed). Krishna then explains to her that she is being given the chance to see and experience all his divine leelas because it was the wish of her past life, but that because she also wished to love and chide him as a mother, she will forget everything Bal Krishna showed her in his mouth because once she knows that he is God, she could never love him like a mother, but would worship him like a devotee. Lord Krishna then difines terms like illusion, love, etc, and then requests Yogmaya to erase everything Yashoda Maiyya just saw. A great scene worth watched over and over.Clap But one thing I did not understand was....if Yashoda was not destined to remember any of this, why did Bal Krishna show her the universe in his mouth in the first place? What was the point of such an event? I was always confused....Geek
Oh, and one scene I forgot to mention but which I loved was the scene before all this happened, where Dharti Mata appears to Bal Krishna, touches his feet, and becomes saddened by the thought that she has nothing to offer him. Lord Vishnu then appears and tells her that he will eat the dirt she has to offer, taking it to be the sweetest of all food. Really really loved this scene a lot, as it explains why Krishna, who knew he was God since he beginning, ate dirt like any ordinary boy. Lovely scene! I would strongly recommend people who did not watch this show to at least watch this scene, really beautiful!Day Dreaming
And now comes the part where Krishna grows up! The child actor again changes, this time to a boy who looks about 4-5 years old. He was just adorable and perfect for his role, really loved him a lot.Day Dreaming His scene starts off with Devaki Maiyya envisioning Krishna and Balram's development, and concurrently in Gokul they are strolling through the streets and playing cheerfully. All the Gopis are transfixed by the divine form of Shri Krishna, and they just stand staring at them and envisioning him as her own son. The song that comes during this scene is also very nice and melodious.Clap
Next, the part where Shri Krishna demands Yashoda Maiyya to feed him Makhan comes. Yashoda Maiyya tells him 'no' because she is busy, but Shri Krishna keeps on insisting. Yashoda Maiyya becomes annoyed with him and tells him to sit still, but frustrated by her work, Shri Krishan throws a rock at the pot of butter tied to the ceiling so that it falls to the floor and breaks into tiny pieces. An enraged Yashoda Maiyya chases him out of the house with a long painful looking stick raised above her head, ready to strike him with once she catches him. A giggly Shri Krishna makes Yashoda run all over the yard while older Shri Krishna cowers in fear up in Golok. Radharani is amused and asks him what is the matter, and Lord Krishna tells her with childish fear that a mother's whack is very hard, and that Yashoda Maiyya's whack is plain nervewrecking. This scene was just adorable, esp SDB.LOLLOLLOL His expressions were so cute and natural.Clap
Yashoda Maiyya eventually catches up with Bal Krishna and decides to tie him to the motar nearby. Naughty Shri Krishan teases her further by magically shortening every rope that she attempts to tie around him. A frustrated Yashoda glares at him and wonders what is wrong, and Shri Krishna innocently offers to tie himself. When he does so very easily, Yashoda is convinced that he must have played a prank on her on purpose and is further exasperated. The Gopis are all horrified by what she is doing and try to convince her against it, but Yashoda is quite adamant that her son should learn to be obedient. Up in Devlok, Narad sings a lilting tune about the Lord of the Universe getting tied up like an ordinary boy...very nice song, and the tears in Naradji's eyes looked so genuine and sincere.Clap Another great scene I loved!
Once Shri Krishna finds himself alone, he sees two trees off in the distance and recognizes them as the Gandharvas who were cursed by Narad Muni. I forgot the Gandharvas' names, but they got cursed because of their lack of modesty while bathing with their wives during Naradji's visit, and Naradji cursed them that they would become trees for ages and be exposed to all sorts of seasons and the pains associated with each of them, till the day Shri Krishna comes and liberates them. Knowing this, Bal Krishna jumps off the mortar, gets down on his knees, and crawls all the way up to the trees with the mortar rolling behind him. When he bends the trees with the mortar, the curse disappears and they retain their Gandharva bodies. The Gandharvas pray to Bal Krishna and return to their heavenly abode. I've always loved this story in Krishna Leela since I was young, so enjoyed watching it in the serial.Clap The child was so cute as well.
The story again jumps a few years, so that Shri Krishna is now 7-8 years old. The actor once again changes to a child who did really well portraying his respective leelas, and he was just adorable throughout his episodes, loved him!Day Dreaming His first episode starts off with him stealing butter from the Gopis' house, them catching him, and then making him dance for them as retribution after kissing his cheeks sore. Poor kid.LOL The dance he does looks just like something any of us would do in such a situation: half-heartedly and with a pout.Wink But the Gopis love it nonetheless and begin dancing around him with relish. RSji commentary about this scene, telling us that these Gopis were sages in thier previous life who wished to get Shri Krishna as their son, was really interesting, especially the way he explained how it would be pointless for Lord Vishnu to incarnate himself a multiple number of times to satisfy each ones' wish separately, so he did these little Raas Leelas to satisfy the Gopis' desires.
Young Krishna's conversation with his friends afterwards was hilarious, totally reminded me of my own childhood at my elementary school's playground.LOL The boy with barely any hair in general reminded me of my best friend: devious, cute, and amusing all rolled into one. This scene was just adorable, but it also made me cry at the part where Shri Krishna tells his friends that he will not steal butter for them any longer because he gets tormented by the Gopis every time, and the boys all cry saying that they're from poor families which never get the luxury of eating butter on a daily basis like him. The mournful expressions on the children's faces were just so natural and made me all emotional.Cry The child who played this Krishna interacted very well with the kids, and every one of his scenes just seemed so natural. There was absolutely no trace of any stiffness or uncomforableness in him, very cute child.Clap I really loved the next scene as well, where Krishna and his fans break into that old man's house and form this little plan to steal the butter right atop his bed.LOL Whole scene was just hilarious, esp the background tune and the children's expressions. It reminded me of the Makhan Chor scenes in old black and white telugu mytho movies. And the following scene where one of the children gets punished for sneezing and getting them caught was also hilarious, poor kid.ROFL It reminded me of the harsh playground punishments my mom and dad told me about when they were children. And before I forget to mention, Krishna's cunning conversation with Yashoda Maiyya afterwards where he sweet talks her into believeing his 'innocence' and the Gopis' 'lies' also reduced my family to laughter. That child was such a cutiepie, we found ourselves almost believing his words though we knew Shri Krishna's Leelas back to front.LOLLOL Natkhat Nanha indeed!
Next scene was when Krishna and his friends decide to punish the Gopis for always tattletaling to Yashoda Maiyya about their little escapades. The way they broke the Gopis' pots sitting on trees was so cute and funny, but alas! Poor Krishna got caught (or perhaps he let himself get caught, for who can catch God?Cool). The ensuing scene where they go to Yashoda Maiyya with their 'proof' and complain to her was very well done as well. All the actresses who played the frustrated Gopis were well chosenClap, and Damini's expressions of shame and anger were superb as well. The scene afterwards where Yashoda Maiyya decides to beat Krishna into obedience and Krishna sees a snake on the floor was very emotional, you could really see the mother/son interaction and love between the two, loved it!Clap The way Krishna told Yashoda, "even the snake was scared of you!" was hilarious.LOL And I absolutely adored the 'Mori Maiyya' song afterwards where a tired and frustrated Yashoda does not know what to do with her son and Krishna tries to convince her that he is innocent. The lyrics and meaning of the song were just superb, and the scene in itself is definitely siggyable.Clap
Another one of my favorite scenes from this part of Shri Krishna Leela is Krishna playing his first flute, sooooooooooo beautifully done.Day Dreaming I'm def doing a pic update of that soon once I find the time. The man who played Dhanwa, Krishna's flute teacher, was a great actor himself and the melody he played before Krishna came was just so lilting and beautiful, downloaded it to my mp3 player at once!Day DreamingDay Dreaming And the scene afterwards when Krishna summons Saraswati Ma and plays his first tune was just mesmerizing as well, really loved the whole God and devotee theme of the scene. I just have one this scene written in the Bhagawatham or was it one of RS's created scenes (which are beautiful and meaningful, but fictional all the same)? If it's from the Bhagawatham, could someone please give me the adhyaya it was written in?
The short family dinner afterwards was also a cute scene, loved the way Yashoda Maiyya calls Krishna a "Maha Chor" and says that though everyone else in the village thinks him to be some Devta or Gandharva, he will always remain one of the biggest, naughtiest thieves to her.LOL And the part immediately afterwards where Krishna summons Radha with his flute had me jumping with joy. Finally Radharani enters the story!Dancing I just love Radha and Krishna's Leelas, so I was sooooo happy when Radhaji was introduced. The young girl who played her was soooo cute and innocent looking. She actually looked a bit like my sis Aish did when she was younger, a bit chubby but cute all the same.WinkLOL 
The way Radharani bounded forward when she heard the sound of Krishna's lilting music, and her restlessness upon feeling the desire to meet this mysterious flute player, were all well portrayed by the girl.Clap I also loved the scene afterwards when Vrishabhanu and Radharani come to Gokul with the rest of Barsana's elders to discuss Holi plans with Nand and Yashoda. Krishna and Radha's first meeting was adorable, and the 'Yug Yug Ke Saathi Hai Dono' song was really beautiful and melodious. The short scene afterwards where Yashoda Maiyya tells Krishna to introduce Radha to his friends but never to let go of her hand lest she gets lost was cute as well. Krishna's innocent questions had me laughing along with Yashoda Maiyya.LOL
Can't wait for the next episode! I really hope we watch more SK sometime today or tomorrow, esp since it will have the fruit seller story which I love so much.Day Dreaming

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.anishaa. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 10:23am | IP Logged

I caught up on your journal entries, I can see you're enjoying SK Big smile It brings back memories of when I watched it, I started after I came back from India in '09 and finished earlier this year Day Dreaming Wish there was more so I didn't have to stop  Cry LOL I'm so glad you're keeping a diary of all this and sharing your experiences with SK Smile Makes me want to rewatch Day Dreaming 

I also loved watching Shivji come to Gokul and I recollect Yashoda maiyya being reluctant to give baby Krishna to him for darshan, but then finally he did.
The baby is sooooooo cute!! Day Dreaming LOL LOL LOL Smile 
In the future, if you haven't watched it already, the fruitseller episode is really touching and I loved watching it, even though it was kind of sad <3
Personally, I felt that Pinky Parikh as Yamunaji was really great, I enjoyed her portrayal and felt she was being affectionately mischievious with Bal Krishna, like a mother. I watched the video of the original Yamunaji, and that was nice too Big smile
Can't wait to see what you post next Smile

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