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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 11:25am | IP Logged
I am gonna read it Jaanu, slowlyyyy! Cause u know how lazy I am LOL But this is a wonderful thread you have started :-D Keep it goingg! =D

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys! I finished editing the Saturday and Sunday entries, so please do read those before I form a new entry once we get another episode in.Wink And I'm so glad you all like this idea and are getting inspired to create your own diaries for the other shows, can't wait to read them as well!Hug And now for the individual replies...
Thanks a bunch for the missing videos, hun!Hug You're a sweetheart for uploading them on youtube, and for finding the uploaders who already did. Lols, I'm glad I made some new points, I was afraid I was being too repeptitive from our prev convos, but since no one else read them, I decided to just post all my thoughts.LOL
Lols, Shukdev's tiny little rag might also have been the reason, hopefully the weather was warm during shooting.LOL And yes, I agree with you about Kans' character development being butchered by the editing. I was especially disappointed that they had skipped the whole poilitical meeting with Vasudev's kingdom and Ugrasen's kingdom. It was where Vasudev's engagement with Devaki had been finalized, and also where Kans's inner character came to light. Not to mention that my dad, who is rather interested with India's historical politics, would have enjoyed that scene a lot.
Hindi movies actually showed the baby being bashed?ShockedDead Are you kidding me??? I never saw a Telugu Krishna movie before where the baby being killed was shown. The most they ever showed was in shadow format, much like this serial with the other babies. I agree that this subtle yet intesely emotional way of showing Devaki's pain and desperation outdoes any gory detail. Gory stuff often ruin the meaning of the scene. And you're right about the baby. He/she was just sooooo tiny that I really hope the Sagar team and the actors handled him/her carefully while filming the scene. The baby could not have been more than a month old in real life.
And agree about Ugrasen's imprisonment scene. Though the whole fighting and stabbing looked a tad bit fake to meEmbarrassed, the scene in general was taken well and the fury and anger on Ugrasens's face was a definite welcome to the way many movies portrayed him as a weak King frightened of his own son. And thanks for the details on all the missing scenes. I remember seeing them on dailymotion, but also that I was confused because of the lack of subtitles. Having the subtitles while watching it on DVD, it is soooooooo much easier associating names to the faces, that I do not mixup Akroor, Chanoor, or Garg anymore.LOL
Thanks a lot! I'm esp looking forward to the Krishna Leela epis. They've always been my fav part about Shri Krishna's life, all the way up to Kans Vadh and the liberation of Devaki and Vasudev.Smile
Thank you so much, Jhanvi!Hug I've always loved keeping diaries, but I'm just so lazy writing about myself in a book, cause nothing exciting ever happens in my life worth noting down.LOL But with mythos, so many people love them that I know my words will not put someone to sleep (hopefully).LOL Yaaaaay, def looking forward to your diaries on Meera and new RamayanDancing, will prob start Meera with you so we both can share our thoughts.Tongue Definitely, do well on your finals first, and then join us again on Monday.Thumbs Up
Heyyy Anku, long time no see!Hug I'm so glad you like the thread, thank you so much!Big smile Sureee, read when you have time, can't wait for your inputs.Star

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Posted: 15 December 2010 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
You're welcome sweets Hug Lols yes, you can totally tell the difference between what your wrote then w/o the subtitles and the reactions now, it's more than worth it LOL Will have those 2-3 vids on Kans's wedding up with subtitles next week, you'll see they were pretty important in making the stuff that followed more coherent. But that particular court scene does have subtitles, do show it to your dad some time... and oh no, most of the mytho movies show it the same way in slhouettes (except BRC who showed it on camera and even kept bloodstains on the walls Dead but the babies were clearly fake so it wasn't as awful as it sounds)... I meant violent/gory scenes in general that are supposed to get a reaction out of us but the goriness and loudness takes away from the emotion unlike it did here (e.g. Sunny Deol, Akshay Kumar, and Sunil Shetty's action movies from the early 90s LOL). And yeah re: the Ugrasen-Kans scene the fighting itself was pretty fake, but the fact that we saw some planning and some aggression rather than a seemingly impromptu declaration by Kans of "hmm... I think I'll dethrone dad today!!" like we see/read elsewhere made more sense and was more entertaining. Now onto the new entries...

a) lol @ the observation of Nand Baba's reaction to baby Balram... yeah, I noticed as well... too cute LOL Overall he's so peppy and happy and energetic that his scenes are really a treat to watch. And I really love the intro music to Jai Sankarshan Jai Balram before Narad appears... it's soooo sweet, I wish it was longer.

b) great description of the Janmashtami sequence... that dialogue of Moksh-versus-loving relationship is one of the major messages in the Bhaagvat (we get it in RCM too, with reference to Dashrath... Sagunopaasak moksh na lehi), and it is echoed in the Gopis words to Uddhav later on... really beautifully done and Paullomi's playfulness when saying "if that's what I wanted, wouldn't I have asked for it before?" was cute. Perfect contrast with chilllll SDB. And the new redone Yamuna sequence is indeed a huge downer, that's Pinky Parikh (later seen as Rukmini) playing her in an incredibly hammy way. The original one had a different lady as her, way more subtle, and the song (super sweet and village-y and not filmy-sounding like the new one) was less than one third as long!!! Isn't the point of editing to make things shorter Confused Check it out and compare, lemme know whatchya think:

c) as for the leela with Yogmaya later on... always cracks me up that the gender's such a surprise to VD, did they really need a midwife to figure that out LOL But it was worth it because Vasuji's pleading expression before the mean lady snatches the baby from him is sooooooo perfect Cry And of course, Vilas Raj going bonkers was quite entertaining LOL

d) lol @ Aish's comment about Yashoda's childbirth LOL And ditto @ your reaction to the super cute baby-Balram-bows-to-Kanha scene... never seen babies that talented Shocked But were you as shocked as me seeing how they let the poor kid fall off the bed to signal to Rohini that Kanha's home?? Not very nice LOL But anyway the scene and the lyrics of the song that played over it were really really cute Day Dreaming

e) that baby massacre sequence is another one that the editors have counterintuitively extended - it was originally a 3-4 minute scene with much fewer screams and protests. But, it certainly has impact. And really nice tribute you gave to those extras who sent the soldiers off and running when they tried to get to Nand Baba, it was well deserved... you're right, it's a special quality of Sagar productions that even the extras are so into character. I mentioned the same about NDTV's Ayodhya vaasis during Uttar Kand, they were also really good.

f) lovely take on the Nand-Akrur-VD scene as well, the line you mentioned is one of my favs - "woh mera na hokar bhi jeevit to rahe, bas... mujhe aur kuch nahin chaahiye"... "even by not being mine, as long as he's safe and sound... that's all I want" really shows us how selfless and pure her love was, without any sense of possessiveness or envy. Love it.

g) RS's explanation of the Putna incident was indeed interesting to watch, both entertaining and meaningful since the RadheShyam convo and the song that follows both emphasize how merciful God is and how everything he does is with a reason, and is best for us. The song itself is one of my favs, very lively and devotional at the same time.

h) in other comments/questions: any further reaction to the music so far? Particular songs' music and/or picturizations that stood out? And a couple of other scenes I'd love to hear your reaction to: VD's touching post-"miscarriage" convo where they're trying to make sense of why it happened, the flowers in the prison one Wink, Garg-Akrur's subsequent convo on how God can very well take care of His devotees so Akrur need not worry, Yashoda's baby shower, Narad and Shri Krishna's convo (following ballistic Kans who saw Vishnu in his water jug) about how God appears to each one in the form they dwell on (jaaki rahi bhaavna jaisi), and VD's temporary release from the prison followed by their homecoming. Dish please Tongue

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the image
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 @ 6:56 PM
Dear Diary,
Today, we began the 4th DVD of Shri Krishna, which started with the tale of Sridhar, the corrupt Brahmin whom Chanoor brings to Kans as the right man who can kill Baby Krishna. The episode was interesting, especially when Sridhar prays to the statue of Shukracharya that his mission may prove successful. When the statue of Shukracharya falls down, he does not realize the significance of it till it is too late. I liked the cute little interaction between Baby Balram and Baby Krishna, where they decide that to kill this man would be to invite Brahmana Hatya, so to cripple him would be best. The subsequent events where the secret demon in Sridhar's hand dies and later on he becomes crippled were quick paced and to the point, which I especially liked.Clap I dislike it when serials/movies elongate the doings of rakshasas when they happen quite quickly in the books, so RS's handling of the rakshasas so far is really noteworthy.Clap Even my dad said the same thing, that one of the main differences between old and new serials (mytho/non-mytho)  is that in the old ones, the events happened quickly and we got to see more information displayed in one episode itself, while in the new ones, most of the episode is dominated by eyelocks and/or elongating thoughts of the characters.
Anyhow, I realy loved the way in which Nandraiji forgave the corrupt Brahmin, you could really see the kindness and softness in his expressions, and my respect for his character grew tenfold after seeing this scene. And the following part where Shukracharya rebukes Sridhar and calls him a disgrace to the entire Brahmin caste, and feeling pity with Sridhar's plight, Naradji advises him on the right path to liberation, were both also interesting. Great episode altogether.Clap
But that's not where the episode ends. There's the story of Kakasur (is that his name?) whom Kans orders to kill Krishna, how he failed, and then the story of that bodyless rakshas, Utkach, who was actually the son of Hiranyaksha but got cursed by a sage to lose his body, because he was using it to cause havoc and distress. Both were also well taken, and both Baby Balram and Baby Krishna did an amazing job throghout the episode. Their expressions were just perfect for their respective role. Balram's was always the serious 'I'm warnin ya' kind and Krishna's the jolly amused one.LOL Choooo cute!
The following scene where Nandraiji and Yashoda Mata go to Rishi Shandilya for blessings was also sweet, especially when Yashoda Maiyya explains to Shandilya that a mother will always be worried for her child even if he is God, because she takes it in the sense that all of us have God inside us, but we still protect each other from harm, so mothers will always be anxious over their children.Day Dreaming And I also loved the scene where Devaki Maiyya stitches two pieces of clothing for Balram when she hears that Gargji is going to Gokul, because she does not know how big he is and wants Maharishi Garg to decide.EmbarrassedLOL Her expressions were just soooooooooo cute, and her similar description of a mother's love was equally sweet. Somewhere in between was the scene where Krishna got his first Mor Mukut, and that too was just adorable. The baby seemed really excited with the crown, and he in general was such a cheerful child.LOL Baby Balram's reaction to the crown was also so cute, too bad poor Nandraiji and the others could not guess the true meaning of his tears.LOL
Maharishi Garg's sadness over the fact that he will have to perform Lord Krishna's Naamkaran secretly was poignant, and the naming of Balram towards the end of the episode was so cute. I just loved the expressions on Maharishi Garg throughout the episode, whoever played him did extremely well!ClapClapClap He seemed so into his character just like the others. After the actor who played Valmiki in RS's Ramayan (was he Vijay Kavish, same as Lord Shiva?), I think this actor is my fav munivar. And it seemed as if Baby Balram was giving him a look that read, "Look mister, you had better give me one cool name or else!"LOL  Jai Sankarshan, Jai Balram!
Before this serial, I did not know much about Balram, so I also loved Sheshji's avatar as Lakshman more, but I think the character of Balram is beginning to grow on me thanks to this serial, though he is only a baby still.
Lols, that's it for my rant today. Till next time then!Hug Hope I didn't forget anything important in these two episodes.

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LOVING these entires Star Star...  guess you know it quite well LOL... Will write in detail later. Reading of your entires of 11 and 12 Dec are still left...  Now just wanted to write about Shridhar incident and Naamkaran ceremony.

Shridhar Inident is my fav because the way Naaradji explains Shridhar that KRISHNA did it for his (SHRIDHAR'S) own good'so that he can do 'PRAYASCHITTA ' in this birth itself and at the end will attain MOKSHA . This has been the LORD'S gift to him. I loved this part and also wrote about it in Orkut Thread on SK. Everything about the Lord is Soooo Meaningful!!!

And about the Naamkaran Ceremony- it has been my MOST FAV sc Star Star... I just LOVE the expression of Gargyacharya Star,  the meaning of the name Krishna Star and specially the two songs- 'Baal roop dekhe..' and 'Shakti kahan jo mai kahun...' They are Pure Bliss to me always!

And that Rakshas without body was Utkach (of course Lola will definitely write about it in her next post Big smile ), Loved that story also- how the Lord cares to keep the promise made by His Devotee- amazing! Actually ALL the sc.s of SK are Sooo Significant that I can keep on writing about them and still won't get satisfied ever Big smile...

Oh yes, that Jhapla sc by Devaki is very very emotional,  filled with Motherly Affection/Concern!!

Glad that now you can differentiate between Chanur and Banasur LOL

Ok, now I 've read all the entries and going backwards while commenting Embarrassed Embarrassed ROFL

Entry of 11 Dec- You know,  I LOVED this new Yamuna song-  'Charan pakaahre bina...'  and the actress also, she is our Rumini (Pinki Parikh), I just love to watch her on screen. Yes, Lola has the org. version, I've heard it only once, will listen to it again today from her link Smile.

12 Dec Entry - Regarding Loyal residents of Gokul-LOVED your comments Dear!!!Clap  I specially remember that person who went to Nand baba and consoled 'Yashoda chachi'- that persons seemed to me of the same age as Yashoda ROFL

Nand meeting Kans is a very very nice sc, I remember that sc quite well, the way Nand is shown behaving properly/sincerely acc to his true nature and the way Kans behaved (that is.- hiding his true nature)- these two opposite characters are very very clearly shown!

Yes, I also Love the Putna Story! The way He cares for the simple wish of His Devotees...same as the case of Utkach!! These sc.s  are so emotional to me that I  can't write long descriptions on them Embarrassed

And now the entry of 10 Dec- I also loved the way Kans was afraid of Snake (Sheshji) at night, he acted well in those sc.s . And specially the sc where the Lord appears in his room, I LOVE that sc Sooo Much that I pause my DVD and keep on looking at the Blue Lord for a long time in that sc.  They truly portrayed the 'Virodha Bhakti' in Kans. Vilas Raj did a good job in SK. 

And yes, when Sheshji comes to meet the Lord in Golok with the song 'Darshan Do..' I love that sc, also the short song of Yogmaya- 'Mayapati Kamalapati..'  after that sc is very good.

Regarding Garbh Stuti- what can I say!! I LOVE that song!!! Star

The Political backdrop is shown in a detailed way in SK ,which was necessary for the audience to know the exact situation when Krishna appeared, as His appearance had a lot of significance not only in the emotional sphere of common human being but also in the Political sphere of Mathura also. The way RSji has combined both the spheres and represented the 'Purnavataar Roop' of the Lord is truly Awesome! That is what makes SK so Special!!!

Rohini's taking shlter in Nand Baba's place is another fav. sc of mine, I love the character of Rohini. And the way she reacts after knowing about her sudden pregnancy is really very very touching! 

I love the sc of Yashoda's darshan of Yogmaya  in her dream. She becomes so Peaceful/Contented after that dream! I Loved her in that sc! 

Same is the case with Devaki after she has the Lord in her womb, the way she feels Peaceful and Strong at the sane time- is a sc. worth watching! Star Star  Taking Refuge in Him/ Total Surrender/ The element of God in us bring forth the positivity in us- this sc represents it too well!! Th' the concept of Surrender is not applicable to Devaki- Vasudev (they are way beyond it, about which I recently came to know in a discussion with Lola Smile) but just wanted to refer to the element of positivity thr'  that sc Big smile Embarrassed.

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Woooowwwwwwwww di wonderful concept!!!!
Thanx for sharing ur experiences.....feel so obliged to be a part of dis divine journey with U!!!

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wow loved ur diary entries Janaki !!!!

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hey seems good ...  sorry dint get time to read  all
but surly read  it completely soon Tongue

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