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||My OS gallery - Teri Meri Kahani|MN|PG. 26||

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This started with a single OneShot but I'm turning it into a MayUr/ArTi OS Gallery...
enjoy reading...Embarrassed
Hey, guys... I wrote this OS, while studying... But eventually i got bored and the result is this...Tongue Okay i know i have lost it, i have examz coming up in 2 days and her i'm witing an os on ArTi.. Confused
But still do read... It my first OneShot or actually the first time i wrote something... And of course it was on ArTi ( Arjun & Rati) but it has MoNaya, too...Do take a look... And give me ur honest feedback... I know it probably will have lots of mistakes but still do read... And yes do press the like button only IF u like it... Okay enough blabbering...Big smile 
 It's kinda long... I know but still do read...Ouch
 ArTi OneShot
Mjht has ended and ArTi are dating' They have been dating for a while now' You can say As Nupur & Mayank's relationship has progressed that way ArTi's has also' Moreover, Sanaya & Mohit are also going out' Now the gang is meeting again, a get together...

Rati entered the club, dressed in a gorgeous blue dress, strapless with black high heal with matching blue earrings and her hair left open with some curls at the bottom and some light make up on' In other words, she looked gorgeous'

She looked around the club and in a corner, she spotted Mohit, Sanaya and Abhishek. She smiled when seeing them and started walking towards them.

Sanaya was wearing a long green gown (The same as in the Mjht wrap-up party) and Mohit in white shirt and blue jeans, and Abhishek in blue jeans and black t-shirt. Sanaya stood up when she saw Rati and immediately hugged her'

Rati, it has been soo long, I missed you.

Missed me? When do you have time to miss me, when someone has taken over ur mind 24/7'? And even when sleeping I guess you only dream about him'Smiling mischievously at MoNaya. She giggled while high fiving Mohit'

S: Ratii, Sanaya whined,no but I truly missed you. At least on the set we met at least once a day but now even not that anymore'

R: Ehm... Well we could meet if "someone" ehm' had not been "busy" with ehm' "Someone" else...

S: Rati'

R: Okay, sorry' Btw, I'm really happy for you guys you told about your relationship on National TV... Congrats Sanu' Again, she hugged Sanaya...

M: well thank u' Sanaya and I are now comfortable with it so we decided to make it official'

R: What ur getting engaged? Rati said sounding shocked but still excited

M: Oye, Ms. Pandey calm down' I didn't mean that Official' matlab Fans or media wala Official

R: Oh' Pehle kehte na, waise he khush kara diya' Nupur said a bit disappointed with a hint of tease'

A: Excuse me I'm being ignored here if u didn't notice'

R: aww' Abhishek, she said while greeting him and giving a side hug after that everyone were seated and just started chatting causally while waiting for other'

While talking Rati's eyes were always stuck on entrance waiting for someone special'  And this didn't go unnoticed by the others'

All: ehm ehm'

Rati turned to them and all three of them had this teasing look' The we-know-who-ur-looking-for look.

M: Rati who are u looking for? Mohit said with teasing clearly visible in his voice' Are u waiting for someone special? Hmm?

N: Uhm' No' haan... mera matlab hai haan. Main Navina ko dhund rahi thi abhi tak aye nahi na,

M: Oh' so u are waiting for Navina? And?

N: and what?

M: I mean Navina and?

R: I'm waiting for Navina who else?

M: OH so ur waiting impatiently for Navina' Hmm' Maine tumhe Navina ke liye itne betaab nahi dekha'?

R: Woh' Woh' Woh to hoga na, pehle hum sets par milte the aur ab toh bohat dher hoagie hai miley he nahi'

Before anyone could reply, Navina came'. Everyone hugged/greeted her and they continued talking while teasing Rati when she said something related to Arjun'

While talking Rati stood up to get drink for herself she asked everyone else and they said they wanted cold drinks only she was about to go when she hear a very familiar voice saying..

UV (Unknown Voice) Ek Cold drink mere liye bhi' please.

Her heart skipped a beat, when she heard his voice. It was like music to her ears' it had exactly been 1 month 4 days and 6 hours since he left for Goa with his friend on a small vacation'She wanted to turn around and hug him tightly and never let go. However, she controlled her emotions turned around with a smirk on her face'

Hmm' Look who's here' Well late comers apni drink khud laye' and with that, she turned around and went to the other side of the club to the bar'

Arjun's POV

Wow' was the only thing that came to his mind' God how can someone look so damn gorgeous every time. He looked at her as she turned she was wearing a blue dress,she was looking ndamn hot' and for second he lost his mind. If they weren't in a club, and they weren't surrounded by people, Arjun had no idea what he could have done. He smiled at his thoughts, but he came out of his trance when he saw her leaving.  He smiled to the gang and went behind her'

Someone was clearly still mad. Well it's time to patch up.

He went behind her, she stood there looking like an angel by the desk while the bartender was giving her the drinks.

He went behind her and hugged from the back. The club was pretty full, and it was pretty dark so one couldn't see anything'

Arjun, kya kar rahe ho. Rati said shocked by his actions..

Pyaar he answered sweetly.

Arjun choro, koi dekh lega toh kya kahega...

Hmm...He turned her around, and now she facing him.

Yehi kahega ke ek ashiq apni mehbooba ko mana raha hai'

She slightly smiled at the words he used but soon changed her expressions back to angry one again.

Still seeing no response from here, he continued...

Okay' I'm really really sorry baby' please mujhe maaf kardo'please...

At last, Rati broke the silence and spoke...

Tum ne kal phone kyun nahi kiya' she said while playing with the collar of his black shirt'

Woh mein bohat tired tha aur thora busy bhi' baby you know na'. before he could complete his sentence Rati spoke'

Accha' toh tum Mohit aur Sanaya ko phone kar sakte ho lekin mujhe nahin? She turned sideways

Baby it's nothing like that...Woh Sanaya or Mohit mein ek choti si fight hui thi toh issliye unho ne phone kiya tha' Aur waise bhi maine sirf 2 min he baat ki thi...

Lekin tum mujhe bhi toh  2min ke liye phone kar sakte the na ? she told him harshly...

He hugged her from the back and whispered softly in her ear. "Tumhare se baatein karne ke liye 2 min bohat kam hai issliye nahi kiya" He turned her and looked her straight in the eyes and continued. Main tumse directly baat karna chahta tha tumhari aankhon mein aankhein daal kar...

Lekin phir bhi agar baat kar lete toh tumhara kya jata? Arjun tumhe pata bhi hai ke maine tumhe kitna miss kiya... One month 4 days and 6hours' Har pal har lamha tumhe he yaad kiya. Aur tum' kher choro' and she turned sideways again...

He turned her around, she was looking down he made her face him'

He looked directly in the eyes and said' I'm really sorry'Baby' It won't happen again I promise...

She looked deep down in his hazel brown eyes, the honesty and sincerity in his eyes' she simply smiled in response and by seeing her smile his face lit up' Before he could say anything, she quickly hugged him tight and he didn't take a second before he hugged her back' They stood like that hugging each other, not caring about the world... After few minutes, Arjun felt something wet on his shoulder and he realized she was crying, but he let her cry because he knew those were tears of happiness'

Rati on the other hand was feeling very content in his arms. She felt very secure very safe in his arms, she got tears in her eyes, tears of happiness' she missed him really bad and now being in his arms felt like a dream come true, the frame was just perfect...

After few minutes, they broke apart'

As they parted, Rati looked down while blushing. She just realized what they were doing and where they were'

Arjun looked at her blushing and feeling a bit uncomfortable, so to make the environment a little lighter he decided to tease her a little.

He leaned closer and tried to look into her eyes' Waise Ratz' Ab toh sab kuch kar liya hai ab kyun blush kar rahi ho. Hmm?

Main, main kahan blush kar rahi hoon' she said still looking down'

Accha toh tumhara chehra inta lal kyun ho raha hai? hmm?  why are u looking like a red rose' A beautiful rose...Wink

And with that she blushed even before' "Jun" she whined while playfully hitting him on his chest.

Oye hoye'  Jab tum blush karti ho to aur bhi khubsoorat lagti ho, he said while making her even redder'

Jun stop teasing me' choro na' waise tumhe yaad aaj kaunsa din hai'she said while smiling excitedly...

He looked at her smiling from ear to ear' But he looked confused' Aaj' aaj kaunsa din hai?

She looked at him a bit surprised but still smiled' Hmm' very funny' Mazak band karo na, batao aaj ka din kya hai'

Arey haan aaj toh' Saturday hai'

She smiled, as he started but as he completed she frowned' He looked serious, no smile no giggle' Did he really forget'?  Tears started welling up, how could he forget? Today? She looked up at him he looked "Maha" confused' So he did forget'

Mayank POV

What did I do now?... What happened to her smile and the glowing face'? And what's that is she crying' Omg what happened to her' He got more confused and really worried for her'

Rati what happened? And what's so special today? He asked with utmost sincerity and worry

She turned around wiped her tears and smiled'

Nothing Jun' I was just kidding she smiled but he it was forced and fake'

Yah right...God! Ratz' When she knows, she can't lie to me why does she do it' And that smile, "FAKE" written all over it... (Arjun thought)

Umhh... lets got they must be waiting, she took the drinks and went to their table and Arjun followed still worried for her'

When they reached they saw it empty' They looked at the dance floor and saw everyone dancing' They must have been bored waiting for them'

Woh sab toh dance kar rahe hai' uhm...let's sit'

Come baby let's dance, deko sab wahan hai' come he said almost dragging her by her arm' But she objected'

Jun I really don't want to' Uhm not well, I really wanna go home' So I think I'm heading home' But u enjoy go dance'

Why what happened'And no way, I'm coming with u'

Nahi, please stay, everyone will feel bad if both of us go' And yeah u at least enjoy'

He still felt unsure' Are u sure you'll be fine'

Yup' Okay I'm going bye good night'take care' She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and left'

But before she left Arjun noticed tears in her eyes' She was crying, and it was because of him... But why he didn't know?

Rati's POV
Rati stepped inside the house, putted her bag away and dropped herself on the couch. Her apartment was dark, and it was filled with silence. She buried her head in her knees tears started flowing out. She cried her heart out' just sitting there, how could he forget?

Still hugging her knees and crying out, she didn't know for how long she sat there. She didn't get how he could forget. She knew Arjun had this habit of forgetting thing, but a special day as this? Yeah true enough he came back from Goa today itself but still Today of all days'? Tears started making their ways again.. Suddenly her cell buzzed, and with no interest at all she picked up

R: Hello'

V: Hi, Rati beta It's me Vaishnavi'

R: Vaishnavi aunty, Namaste' Aap kaisi hain? It's been so long'

V: yes it certainly have, waise how are you and Arjun? Vaishnavi spoke with a mischievous tone

R: Rati consciously blushed by aunties question. Only Vaishnavi knew about her and Arjun's relationship. How u may ask? Well to tell a long story short,

Rati & Arjun was in Rati's make up room, they were basically romancing, and they hugged, it was long and passionate that they didn't hear the knock on the door, and without any answer came in Shilpa Maa aka Vaishnavi and from the sight she saw and a confession from the duo she got to know. Not many knows about ArTi actually none excluding Vaishnavi. She had always been a support system for both, and like in the serial, she was caring, and guided them through the fights they had.

R: I'm fine aunty, and Arjun too'

V: Arrey haan I totally forgot why i called' Happy Anniversary beta,Smile

R: Aunty aap ko yaad tha' And thank you'

V: of course yaad tha Rati beta' lekin tum itni udaas kyun ho? Aur Arjun tumhare saath nahi hai kya?

R: Nahi aunty main theek hoon' nahi who Arjun nahi hai, who aaj hum sab Mjht ki gang bahar get together par gaye the aur who meri tabiyat theek nahi toh islsiye main agaye'

V: oh' Ab kaisi ho

R. I'm fine'

V: achha ' Waise Rati beta'.

Before she could continue, there was a bell at the door'

V. achha theek hai tum dekho main rakhti hoon, shayad tumhare liye acchi khabar hai...Bye beta

N. Bye'

She cut the phone and went towards the door, who could it be at this time? Arjun? But he's at the Gt na...(Get together)

She opened the door and was surprised to see an angel standing at the door'

A cute little girl, dressed in a white frock, and the sweetest smile holding an envelope and a red rose'

G: Yeh apke liye didi'

R: Mere liye, kis de diya'Rati asked a little confused'

The little girl pointed toward her, silently saying to Rati to bow down to her height... as she did, the little girl kissed her cheek and ran away smiling of course just after giving her the envelope and rose'

She opened the envelope with great curiosity and found herself smiling after reading the card'

To Rati'

A card From an Angel to an Angel,

Main aur meri tanhai aksar ye baatein karte hain

Kyon aisa hota hai, kisi ke liye kyon dil rota hai.

Sab log kahete hain ki aisa hi hota hai,

Aakhir kyon aisa hota hai..?


Main aur mari tanhaai aksar ye batein karte hain,


Jab paas hote ho to kuch keh nahi pata,

Jab door jate ho to tum bin reh nahi pata,

Dil bechain sa ho jata hai, dil bekaraar hota hai,

Aakhir kyon aisa hota hai...?


Ur Admirer'

She couldn't stop smiling, only Arjun could send her these stupid cards and make her smile. Before she could even go away again, there was another bell'

She opened the door to her apartment again there again was a little girl, dressed an angel, but before she could say anything she ran away. Leaving behind a gift type of box with another Red rose'.

She took the gift inside and opened it. It was a beautiful black anarkali with white-silver embroidery, and some heavy work' with matching silver earrings' A with it was little note'

A red rose, to a girl who turns red every time I look at her'

And the dress is for u' You know how gorgeous u look in black' Like in the ITA awards night' Wink

Come meet me at *some park*' I'll be waiting (sorry don't know any parks in India...Ouch)


Urs and only urs' Admirer'

Rati put the note back and looked at the dress it was truly beautiful. She though of Arjun seeing her in this dress, and blushed at her own thoughts. She took the dress inside to change. She fixed her make-up after the constant crying combed her hair, and let it be open' (Just the way he likes it) A final glance and she took her car keys and went out' While driving she thought of calling him and thanking him, she knew she wouldn't be able to do it there' She called him up and after lots of waiting, he finally picked up'


A: hello,

R: Hi, Jun. it's me Rati' Why is it so loud there?

A: Oh, hi baby, I'm still here at the club that's why' Why did u call? U got home safely na?

R: Ur still at the club? She was utterly shocked' If it wasn't Arjun then who sent her the cards and the gift'

A: hey, u there?

R: ehm' Yah I  call u later u enjoy' Bye

A: Oh, okay bye'

After she cut the call, she was still confused' She knew he was at the club, there so loud music and she could hear people in the background. However, if it wasn't Arjun then who she though? After a lot of thinking she though it may be some fans, and when someone can do something so sweet for her, then why just don't go for sometime and come back.

When she arrived, she stepped out of the car, it was pretty dark and she could see some lights some candles type of light at a distance. As she walked closer, she was mesmerized by the beauty of the place' There was a path of rose petals, at the sides, there were many candles, and on the top, it was lights, which really looked like stars' The place looked heavenly. And as she stepped on the rose petal path, rose petals started falling on her, she kept walking, and enjoying the moment. It was just an amazing feeling. As the path ended, it was this huge circle surrounded with ross and at the edge, there were lit several candles. She was admiring the beauty of it all when some kept his hands on her eyes'


S: Guess who?

Without thinking for a second she answered

R: Jun?

He removed his hands and she turned around, he was lil disappointed... Not fair baby... how do u know it's me every time? Arjun said

R: I don't need eyes to see, my heart can trace you even at distance...

Arjun was truly spell bound by her answe that he kept looking at herm she looked so gorgeous...& then they shared an eye-lock' Both staring at one another not caring about the world around them just lost in their own world...

After some time it was Arjun who broke the eye lock and Rati just looked down blushing. That's when she realized that Arjun was indeed standing before her but how?

She playfully hit his chest'

R: U liar, tumne to kaha tha ke you were still at the club. Huh? Toh yeh sab kya hai'? She asked him with fake anger'

A: Liar aur main? Shocked He said while continuing his nautanki... Han toh main club mein THA lekin jab meri Jaan he chali gaye toh mein wahan kya karta...? He added with a smirk'

And by this she turned even more red'

A: waise Ur looking'he stopped in mid sentence

R: By the incomplete sentence, she looked up and softly said looking like what?

He took a step closed and whispered in her ear'

Ur looking

R- Ravishing

A- Adorable

T- Too Hot

I - Incredibly' Gorgeous'

R- Really?

A- Kyun saboot chahiye kya? He leaned closer to her and inched forward to her lips when' She pushed him back'

R- Nahi' she said  fast while looking down blushed'

He saw that she seemed uncomfortable so he decided to change the topic'

But before he could say anything she spoke'

R: Uhm... Tumne mujhe yahan kyun bulaya? Even though she knew it by now, she wanted to hear it from his mouth...

A: close ur eyes'

R: what?

A: arrey don't ask just close ur eyes'

She closed her eyes' And he turned her' and after few seconds he said'

A: Now open ur eyes and look at the sky'

Rati was a bit confused but did as he said, and as she opened her eyes, she got the biggest shock in the life'

She couldn't utter a word' she just kept looking at the sky'

She turned towards him... while smiling whole-heartedly'

R: Jun' yeh... tumne'

A: happy anniversary Rati'

She just smiled and said

R: Happy anniversary to u too' and then they looked at the sky together where there was firework' and it between it was written "Happy 1st Anniversary Jaan" Embarrassed

R: Toh tum bhule nahi the'

He turned her and looked into her eyes and spoke'

A: Yeh din main kaise bhul sakta hoon' Aaj ke din ek angel aiy thi meri zindagi mein... Meri angel... Waise yeh toh main kabse plan kar raha tha' Even in Goa' But it wouldn't have worked without Vaishnavi aunty' he said honestly

R: what Vaishnavi aunty?

A: haan, maine plan to kiya tha lekin kuch time chahiye tha, aur issliye maine aunty ko phone kiya ur unse help maangi'

R: kaisi help Rati asked confused'

A: Tumhe thora sa busy rakhne ke liye aur woh unho ne kiya'

Out of an impulse, Rati hugged him, and it didn't took him a second to hug her back'

After few minutes, they parted'and Arjun spoke'

A: Rati...main kuch kehna chahta hoon'

R: toh kaho na?

A: woh aise nahi...

He bent down on his knees took her hands in his and said'

Rati, since the day you came in my life, my life has never been he same. I don't know what you did but you changed me, of course to the better. And I don't now how when but I started liking you, maybe more' You were different from any other actress I worked with, u were down to earth, kind hearted, very friendly, but still fun-loving, and full on nautanki.. Both chuckled' And since the day you entered my life, it has never passed a minute where I have not though about you' How 2 years with your presence, affection and warmth passed by I have no idea' The only thing I know is that' I Love You, Yes I Love You I do and always will' After a second of silence, he continued' Ms. Rati Pandey would you make me the luckiest person in the world' Will You Marry Me?

Rati's POV

Aww' he's such a sweetheart' Wait what is he doing? Is he' is he going on knees' omg' is he going to'to'to propose' omg he indeed is'

During the whole proposal, Rati smiled whole-heartedly. And she even got tears in her eyes' Tears of happiness'

And when his said the last line' Taking out a beautiful silver ring, Ms. Rati Pandey would you make me the luckiest person in the world' Will You Marry Me?

She didn't utter a word' the only thing she could was too nod, and give one of her most gorgeous smiles'

He looked pale while talking, and the end he looked very nervous. However, when he saw her smiling, he smiled back with his dimple smile, slid the ring on her slim finger and immediately hugged her. And there they stood for a while hugging, not caring of anyone.

At last, they parted, and Rati was blushing and looking down, so how could he let a chance like this go out of his hands, a chance to tease'

A: Waise baby.

She looked up confused of what he was going to say'

R: hmm'

A; Maine tumhe wish bhi kiya, itna bhara surprise bhi diya' And on top I proposed' Lekin'

R: Lekin kya? She said with a confused expression'

He leaned closer to her and said'

A: Mujhe apna Anniversary gift nahi mila'

R:Oh god' I totally forgot'Woh ghar se nikalte nikalte bhul he gaiy.. Sorry she said innocently with a cute pout.

A: it's ok' Tum abhi bhi mujhe mera gift de sakti ho' Mere pasand ka gift' he said mischievously

R: Kya?  Rati answered softly'

Arjun leaned closer to her' And looked her in the eyes and the shifting his gaze to her delicious lips' and inching closer he said this and then he locked her lips with his, and her hands some how found their way to his hair, and ruffling them. And they shared a long and passionate kiss'

And there they stood the future Mr. & Mrs. Arjun Bijlani. A day that didn't start off very well had its happy ending...

The end... Embarrassed

Hope you like it... And do tell me how it was...
ArTi OS - page 1
MayUr I promie - Vaadha raha - page 10
Mothers Day - page 14
Silent Nights - page
Teri Meri Kahani - page 26

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its awesome ,loved it.

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amazing OS loved it lots.......

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superb os laiba
I loved the concept.Hug
I liked the convo between rati and monaya
congo for ur first os
The dialogues were awesome.
good attempt.Thumbs Up

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Takk for meldingenSmile

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Laiba, say the this really your first OS???LOLLOL

I swear it doesnt look is AWESOME yaarBig smile
ArTi, MY GOD!!!! They always are soooo cuteee....and your OS toh was wonderful, amazing and sooooo sweeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt...hayeeee their first anniversaryEmbarrassed

Keep writing is all i would sayBig smile

Way to gooooooooooooooClapClapHug

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Originally posted by shubhie

its awesome ,loved it.
Thank You... Smile
Originally posted by hemaaiyer

awesome os
Thank You... Smile
Originally posted by daniella05

lovely os!!!
Thank You... Smile
Originally posted by Varsha.Arti

Thank You... Smile
Originally posted by stuti123

amazing OS loved it lots.......
Thank You... It nice to hear u liked it.. Smile
Originally posted by rosecutie

superb os laiba
I loved the concept.Hug
I liked the convo between rati and monaya
congo for ur first os
The dialogues were awesome.
good attempt.Thumbs Up
Thank youu...Smile Hug
thanks alot for linking... Well it just came up.. but glad to hear u liked the dialouges... Smile
Originally posted by lovelycactus

lovely os...
Thank You.... Smile
Originally posted by Taani96


Takk for meldingenSmile
awww.. Takk, jeg er glad du likte det... Jeg var litt usikker, om du likte parret s, burde jeg sende eller ikke, men jeg gjorde det likevel... Men takk, det var frste gang... EmbarrassedHug
Originally posted by amyluvsmayur

Laiba, say the this really your first OS???LOLLOL

I swear it doesnt look is AWESOME yaarBig smile
ArTi, MY GOD!!!! They always are soooo cuteee....and your OS toh was wonderful, amazing and sooooo sweeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt...hayeeee their first anniversaryEmbarrassed

Keep writing is all i would sayBig smile

Way to gooooooooooooooClapClapHug
Amna... Thank You soo much... Hug 
Honestly it is... I don't know how it was... but yes it my first try...Embarrassed
Thaanksss... Hug 
I know they have this effect on everyone... Day Dreaming
I'm happy i liked it, i didn't expect to get such nice feedback... Embarrassed Thank you for liking...
But u get the honour for this OS... My biggest inspiration were u... U know u wrote an OS on Mjht re-union...? Well it that os there was this tiny MayUr scene were Nupur got a lil mad with mayank... Wahan se... i got an idea of writing on ArTi... So actually all credit goes to u... Embarrassed Hug
And i will... Embarrassed and thankss once again.... Big smile
& Thank you everyone,... I didn't expect this much feedback... I'm really happy u liked the OS...Embarrassed Big smile
& Thanks to evryone who pressed the "Like" button... Embarrassed 

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MayUr [ArTi] Paradise#172 ~Uff Teri Ada~

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Author: safeplacetoland   Replies: 1102   Views: 42266

safeplacetoland 1102 42266 29 May 2010 at 4:28pm by safeplacetoland
yeh tumhari kahani hain humari kahani

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Author: MagicLantern   Replies: 25   Views: 2811

MagicLantern 25 2811 19 April 2010 at 10:28pm by Aaru77
MayUr VM on Teri Meri Yeh Zindaggi [Post Shaadi]

Author: safeplacetoland   Replies: 8   Views: 965

safeplacetoland 8 965 16 April 2010 at 3:50am by safeplacetoland

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